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"Vampire cowboy? Vampire fireman? Oh! Vampire ballerina!"
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April 17

L'ennui Pour La Buffy. (A Weariness for Buffy) A very good little short film about a troubled Buffy fan. Contains spoilers on "Serenity". More...
Point/Counterpoint: Does Firefly Still Matter? In which two io9 writers debate the show.
Throwback Thursday with the Avengers: Age of Ultron cast. #Gorgeous.
(SPOILER) A couple of Irish reviews for Avengers: Age of Ultron. says the movie "is pacey at its running length, funny when it needs to be, scary when it can be and not ashamed of what it is - an all-out comic-book blockbuster". And the Irish Examiner has some reservations but calls it an "enjoyable superhero feature, another impressive feat from Marvel".

April 16

(SPOILER) Buffyverse Season 10 solicitations for July. Angel & Faith #16, Buffy #17 and the Vol. 3 TPB for Buffy Season 10.
(SPOILER) Final episode titles for the rest of SHIELD Season 2. Scroll through ABC's May Sweeps programming to read the titles and brief descriptions of upcoming episodes including the two-hour season finale.
(SPOILER) New artwork for next week's AoS episode "The Frenemy of My Enemy". Latest EW portrait and interview with Jeffrey Bell is up. Mildly spoilery if you don't want to know which characters feature.
Cabin in the Woods lawsuit: Legit or Lame? A thorough analysis and critique of the specific charges of plagiarism being brought against Joss and Drew in the Cabin lawsuit.
Happy birthday, Sean Maher! Our good doctor and unscrupulous villain turns forty today.
Number of movies left on The Avengers' contracts for the MCU. The article discusses how many more times we will see the actors in their current Avengers roles.
(SPOILER) How Age of Ultron handles destruction better than Man of Steel. Joss talks with Vulture about the amount of city leveling destruction in comic films and what that means for the heroes in his film.

April 15

Joss Whedon on super heroes, killing characters, and existing outside the pop culture mainstream. Q&A with Whedon from Mental Floss.

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