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July 31

Serenity & Dr. Horrible Charity Screenings taking place in Pittsburgh today. Still lots of events to happen this year. More...
(SPOILER) Joss Whedon meets the press on the 'Dollhouse' set. Television Critics Association peeps talked Dollhouse today. The main link goes to HitFix. There's also The Star-Ledger, iFMagazine and shortly others. All should be considered spoilery for "Epitaph One" and season two.
Ask Nathan Fillion and Morena Baccarin about their hot shows. Got any "burning questions"?
(SPOILER) io9 interviews Joss about Dollhouse and Cabin in the Woods. Hard-to-hear video of the interview is in two parts toward the middle and bottom of the article. Quotes are interspersed throughout the article.
Science Fiction's Scariest Priests and Preachers. Nathan Fillion makes the list from his role as Caleb in Season 7 of Buffy. More...
(SPOILER) We are so [expletive]. The uncensored version of the title is revealed in this interview with Maurissa Tancharoen. It was the subject line of the email Joss sent when Dollhouse was renewed. (Spoilers for 'Epitaph One').
John August cites Joss Whedon, regarding quotations from books. The screenwriter for Go, Titan AE, Big Fish and more brings up Big Purple when asked on his blog about the rules for having a character reference preexisting text. More...
Wired Joss/Eliza Comic-Con Interview. Joss vaguely outlining what's going on in DH Season 2, and Eliza not knowing anything he's talking about.
Eliza Dushku's WET has a viral video. Featuring some singing dead people, killed by an unseen Eliza. More...
Hijinks Ensue comic about Jamie Bamber as Dollhouse Guest Star. Other BSG guest star ideas as part of Lo-fijinks mini-comic series this week.
Tim Minear Wrote Episode Two of Dollhouse Season Two. David Solomon ("Out of Gas") is directing. More...
Celeb guests toast Blucas. Congratulations to Marc on the occasion of his wedding to film producer Ryan Haddon last Saturday. More...
'Not Very Christian Of Me': The Escapist Faith of a Lost Shepherd in Firefly. If you want to refresh your memory about Shepherd Book, it'd do no harm to read this academic paper (PDF reader required). For my money, it's the definitive look at Ron Glass' character. More...

July 30

Firefly shines brightly for writers. Geekdad recaps the 'Lessons of Firefly: Learning from the Works of Joss Whedon' workshop held at the recent Romance Writers of America conference. Is Firefly's brief life span part of its appeal?
DVD Verdict reviews Dollhouse: Season One. A very in-depth, highly favorable review, but it's a screener copy, so no discussions of the extras, besides commentaries. More...
Joss talks about Dollhouse and a certain TV series he stood in line for. Airlock Alpha posts video of Q&A with Whedon on the carpet to the EW/Syfy party at Comic-Con.
More from James & Sullivan Marsters. Just added to his YouTube page. James has posted 2 more clips of his son, Sullivan playing some accoustic instrumental songs on his guitar. Titled 'Movie 9' (there is no description since this was just posted) & 'Polar Bear'.
Remember the Zack Whedon-penned one-shot Dark Horse announced at the Comic Con, slated for November release? Here's a sneak peek at the artwork. More...
(SPOILER) Nervous Circus sings to Felicia Day. Not what anyone expected as Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon's follow-up to last year's "Favorite Food Songs", but here you go. Semi-NSFW spoilers for aspects of parts of Felicia Day.
Drew Z. Greenberg writes for Warehouse 13. Drew wrote the latest episode, "Claudia" which is now available on Hulu. More...
(SPOILER) New Preview Pages For Buffy Season 8 #27. Part II of Retreat. The first two pages were released a couple of weeks ago but now we have new pages added.
Vote for Buffy or Firefly (or whatever) in the Guardian's "what's the best TV show of this decade?" I have no idea whether this is UK only or not. The Wire is currently in the lead.
Iyari Limon's film "Maquillaje" now available on DVD. Unreleased film from a couple of years ago.
Halo 3:ODST Preview, starring Nathan Fillion. A new preview video of the upcoming Halo 3: ODST video game, narrated by Nathan Fillion who plays one of the main characters and whose likeness appears in the game.
Vampires suck. And it's apparently Angel's fault. A somewhat different take on the original vampire with a soul.
Buffy star is dangerously hot! UK newspaper The Sun's first coverage of Dollhouse since February,and I wonder why! More...

July 29

Joss and Eliza video interview about "Epitaph One". They talked to MTV during the Comic-Con about why the episode was made and how it fits into the continuity of the show. Can not be viewed in certain countries outside the US.
New tv shows for Marti Noxon. The first project is an untitled HBO series about 70s feminism and Diane Keaton is tapped for the lead. The second one is a small screen adaptation of Guillermo del Toro's vampire book "The Strain".
Crew of Serenity Makes EW's List of Sci-Fi Characters You'd Love to Pal Around With. Our ragtag "Firefly/Serenity" crew make the cut in Entertainment Weekly's rundown of characters from sci-fi that you'd love to be friends with.
Spot two of our fave couples on today's IMDB poll. The vote today is on favourite human-vampire couples and guess which two Whedonverse pairings show up... (poll now closed).
Anna Pickard's review of "Briar Rose". Anna reviews Dollhouse Episode 11: Briar Rose this week. More...
What question would you like to ask Seth Green? Current TV in the UK are going to be interviewing Seth Green to promote the release of Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode 2 and are looking for questions from fans.
What imprinting skills would you want? The Dollhouse cast and crew do their best to answer the question in this extra that's on the DVD. And there's another great intro by Joss, just how many had he done by that stage?

July 28

Looking for Your Favorite Whedonverse Celeb? Find their Twitter Info Here! Whedonverse has a nicely laid out page that displays all the Whedon-relevant twitter contact information. More...
Felicia Day, "V" Winners in Comic-Con Buzz Wars according to io9. Article lists 10 projects/people who (unlike many) came out of Comic-Con San Diego with more buzz than they came in with. V (with Morena Baccarin and Alan Tudyk) and Felicia Day come in at #3 and #5 respectively. More...
Summer Glau shooting comedy pilot, Good Morning Rabbit. Here's what Summer's up to these days. More...
Whitney Matheson recaps the Pop Candy Comic-Con meetup. And comments on Joss' French Fry aroma.
Juliet Landau talks "Angel" comics and other projects at SDCC. She also reveals that she will be recording a song based on Spike and Dru.
Pajiba reviews The Guild (and Felicia Day) rather favorably (nsfw). The movie/TV/book/pop-culture review site Pajiba has discovered The Guild, and in an effort to expand their geek horizons, devour it in one sitting and write a review for the "unwashed masses".
(SPOILER) Discuss the thirteenth episode of Dollhouse. There seems to be a growing consensus that 'Epitaph One' is the best Dollhouse episode to date. What say you?
(SPOILER) Discuss the original Dollhouse pilot episode 'Echo'. Better than 'Ghost'? You decide.
Joss appears on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Fallon tries to sell his "The Recharger" character to Joss, and other geek-gods like Stan Lee, Carlton Cuse, Damon Lindelof, and Geoff Johns amongst others. All at this year's Comic Con. More...

July 27

(SPOILER) David Messina interview and Angel comic previews. There's a David Messina interview, an "Angel: Only Human" cover, a whole bunch of full color "Only Human" pages, B&W covers and pages from previously published stuff and our first look at Ediie Hope (A character design page and a full color pin-up).
Another Eliza and Joss interview from Comic-Con, this time courtesy of EW. Michael Ausiello does the honors.
Dollhouse Season 1 DVD release Tuesday. Don't forget to pick up the Dollhouse DVD...even if you got one at need a loaner copy don't you? Christmas presents?
Melbourne, Australia CSTS Screening - Sunday 30th of August. Venue, Time and Cost are still TBA though.
Buffy vs Torchwood. Big Spoiler if you have not seen Torchwood: Children of Earth.
V-The Series Audio Interview with Morena. Morena spoke to Ed Gross about all things V while at Comic Con. More...
Sean Maher cast in new film. Sean Maher has been cast in Timing, a romantic comedy with a twist. Maher will play Connor, the love interest of Jesse, a gay man whose romantic life is uprooted when his estranged son returns home in the middle of Jesse and Connor’s marriage proposal. More...
FOX to release "Virtual Echo" application. No word on when (you can be notified if you give them your email), but it will apparently be a program that allows you to, "Interact with Echo and explore elements of the Dollhouse like never before." More...
'Revelations' - un fan film de Buffy contre les vampires. A bunch of French fans get together to do a 40 minute Buffy episode. It's actually quite endearing with strong production values (there are English subtitles). More...
(SPOILER) Joss and Eliza talk Dollhouse Season 2. An E! Online-post containing a video interview with our two Dollhouse-masterminds talking (spoiler-free) about Season 2. The text under the vid, however, spoils a bit what role Jamie Bamber gets to play in "Vows" and what circumstances that happens in.
Michael Ausiello talks to Felicia Day. They talk about The Guild, Dr. Horrible, and her role in Dollhouse.
Battlestar Galactica's Jamie Bamber to guest star on Dollhouse season premiere. Bamber himself, via his personal publicist, seems to have confirmed this Comic-Con rumor. ETA: Michael Ausiello confirms (with mild spoilers). More...
(SPOILER) Advance peek at some of Brian Lynch's covers. For us mortals who didn't get to see them at Comic Con.
Megamegamegabot! A trailer for Fran Kranz's upcoming web series "Megabot". It is oddly awesome.
Dollhouse Season 1 DVD promotion: a great example of Twitter Marketing. A UK business blogger comments on the use of social marketing resources in the online marketing of the Season 1 DVDs. On a related note Newsarama, compares the different promotion strategies used at Comicon by Fox for Dollhouse and Universal for Heroes. More...
"I love Firefly, I love Serenity. They're excellent". David Tennant shares his love for the 'Verse at Comic Con.
Joss Whedon's Amazon intro for the Dollhouse DVD. His English accent has to be heard to be believed.

July 26

Tony Head voted 8th most loved UK voice. Something nice to see over your morning cup of tea, anyway.
Dollhouse, David Boreanaz & Seth Green in New FOX Shoot Photos. New Photos have surfaced for the FOX So Fresh 2009/2010 season. Featured are the stars of Dollhouse (except for Harry & Olivia), David Boreanaz & even Seth Green.
(SPOILER) David Boreanaz's Comic-Con apology video. David Boreanaz, sadly couldn't make it to Comic-Con for Bones over the weekend but posted a video saying that Jaime is almost due and that they are having a girl. More...
Miracle Laurie and James C. Leary in the Cabonauts Trailer. They are two of the guest stars in the first space taxi cab comedy musical to hit the web. More...
Olivia Williams turns 41 today. Surprised this wasn't posted yet. Happy Birthday Olivia! More...
(SPOILER) Radio Askew podcast talks to Jed Whedon. A phone interview conducted on the first day of shooting Dollhouse Season 2. They talk about "Epitaph One", the show in general (and it's retooling), Dr. Horrible, Twitter, Comic Con and Jed's music. The only spoilers are about the setting and casting of "Epitaph One". More...
(SPOILER) Jane Espenson urges Whedonites to watch Caprica. Jane Espenson is quoted at the bottom of a BSG-related article, urging Whedon fans to watch Caprica.
(SPOILER) Full IDW Angel panel report from Comic Con. Covers the Dru two parter, first story info on Angel #26-27, the Angel annual, Angel:Only Human, the Spike series, Fallen Angel:Reborn and even more news about Willingham's Angel run. More...
(SPOILER) Joss and Eliza video interview at Comic Con. The first minute of the clip has the two beauties sharing minor spoilers for the second season, in about the same vein as the ones they shared on the panel.
Video of the Dollhouse panel at Comic Con. If you couldn't make it, you can now watch the panel online. There's seven parts in all, so here's parts two, three, four, five, six and seven. And also has a great pic of Eliza and Joss as part of their Comic Con Portrait Gallery.
(SPOILER) A Comic Con interview with Jane Espenson. She speaks to SCI FI Wire about the Cylon mindset in Battlestar Galactica's 'The Plan' and what it's like working on 'Caprica'.
"My inner monologue when I grunt is Joss Whedon". Fab quote from Adam Baldwin at the Chuck panel. There was also some fun Firefly banter between him and Zachary Levi. Mildly spoilerish for the third season.

July 25

Bill Willingham to write Angel. This is great news as his Fables series is one of the best comic books in recent years. There's an interview with him about the writing gig at Comic Book Resources.
Echo Alert interview with Miracle Laurie. The new episode of the Echo Alert podcast features an interview with Miracle Laurie as does The SciFi Diner Podcast.
Trailer for Stephen DeKnight's Spartacus: Blood and Sand now online (NSFW). This is the trailer that premiered yesterday at the Comic Con panel. More...
Joss talks about Cabin In The Woods and Buffy comics. He also talks about working in different media.
Dark Horse's Scott Allie reveals the next wave of Whedon comic books. There's info about the Dr Horrible comic book, the three part Shepherd Book tale, the Patton Oswalt penned Serenity one-shot, the Willow comic book and The Cabin In The Woods tie-in. More details can be found over at Buffyfest. Coverage of today's Dark Horse panel which includes details about the much talked about Buffy season 9 can be found at Comic Book Resources and Newsarama.
Titan's still flying with Firefly. Remember last month when it was discovered that there was going to be a third Firefly Official Companion book and we all wondered what it would contain? Well Titan Books has now officially announced 'Firefly Still Flying' and more details are revealed.
Fran Kranz and Dichen Lachman talk Topher and Sierra. Nice little video interview conducted at Comic Con.

July 24

(SPOILER) Blast Magazine recaps the Dollhouse press conference. This took place just before the Dollhouse panel. Lots of good material from Joss.
(SPOILER) io9 recaps Epitaph One at the Dollhouse panel. ... and Joss spills other golden magic beans about what's to come in Season 2. More coverage of the panel and the reviews of the episode can be found at E! Online, BuddyTV, Alan Sepinwall's review site,, TV Guide, The Watcher, the TV addict, /Film and
Today at Comic Con - the Dollhouse panel. It kicks off at 4pm PT with a showing of 'Epitaph One' followed by a Q&A with Joss and Eliza. Hopefully there will be live coverage via our Twitter account and our Posterous site. At 5.15pm there will be a solo Joss Q&A which should last 45 minutes. ETA: And the big Dollhouse news is that John Cassaday of Astonishing X-Men fame will be directing an episode and Alexis Denisof will guest in season 2 and if all goes well Summer Glau too. More...
Christian Kane's twitter. Christian Kane is on Twitter as confirmed by his Leverage co-star Beth Riesgraf (who was confirmed by one of the show's producers a few days ago). It's officially @ChristianKane01.
Dark Horse's Scott Allie confirms 'The Guild' comic book. And Felicia be writing it (the press release can be found here). And speaking of The Guild, the Whedons were out in force at today's Comic Con panel.
Happy Birthday Summer Glau! The amazing actress turns 28 today. More...
(SPOILER) Dollhouse episode 2.02 casting call. Casting call for the second episode of season two.

July 23

Teaser posters for 'The Cabin in the Woods'. Three in all and they're very knowing.
'Participate: The Revolution of Fan Culture' - a documentary. A very interesting look at fandom, features some great quotes from Joss.
(SPOILER) Charisma joins Legend of the Seeker's Season 2 premiere. From Comic Con, comes the news of our very own CC getting another gig in genre land.
Dr Horrible comic book coming out later this year. It's part of Dark Horse's One Shot Wonders which highlights the company's "biggest characters and properties in standalone comics". Presumably it'll be a collection of the online Dr Horrible comic strips.
Female Power Icons in Pop Culture at San Diego Comic-Con. MTV Movies Blog has a write-up of the panel which featured Sigourney Weaver, Eliza Dushku, Zoe Saldana and Elizabeth Mitchell. More coverage over at and Variety and here's a pic provided by Eliza.
Seth Green is today's Pop Candy featured reader. Seth, who's in San Diego to promote Adult Swim's Robot Chicken, fills out a Q&A.
Joss comments on 'Man on the Street' fight scene. I09 has an exclusive clip from Joss introducing the DVD and commenting on that pretty impressive fight scene from the sixth Dollhouse episode.
A list of the deleted scenes on the Dollhouse Season 1 DVD. The 23 scenes were recently classified by the British Board of Film Classification.
The Cabin in the Woods official site goes live. And there's a little Flash teaser for all to enjoy plus a logo as well.
Titan goes down down to the woods with Whedon. The publishing company officially announces The Cabin In The Woods tie-ins.
Happy Birthday, Charisma Carpenter! Our Queen C is a year older, today.
Deadliest Fantasy Warrior: Xena vs. Buffy. The Torch matches Buffy and Xena against each other. More...
Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon's "Remains" Available From iTunes! Those who would not, could not download the song that closes "Epitaph One" from Amazon now have an alternative.
Another Top 10 Buffy episodes list. Carley Tauchert of Den of Geek's best episodes of Buffy list. More...

July 22

Buffy props to be auctioned. The news agency Reuters reports that 20th Century Props is liquidating its inventory and putting them up for auction. As a result, many props from Buffy are up for grabs. If you look through the auction house catalogue, you'll find tables, chairs, lamps, clocks, barstools, couches, chairs, a jukebox, a pool table, figurines and an oversized cheeseburger from the show. More...
MySpace Dark Horse Presents, Volume 3 trade paperback released today. Contains Buffy Season 8 stories Harmony Bites! and Vampy Cat Play Friend, as well as Serenity: The Other Half and Moist: Humidity Rising.
(SPOILER) A Guided Tour of Dollhouse Season 2! TV Guide Magazine interviews Joss about season 2.
Christian Kane talks about the late, great Andy Hallett. "Andy was a great friend of mine. We went all over Europe together. He was a good friend and a really good guy…It's hard for me to talk about, I get really choked up... He was such a great guy and I really hate that he passed".
First day of shooting on Dollhouse Season Two! So says Maurissa Tancharoen. More...
Fox to promote Dollhouse DVD/BD via banner ads that tweet. Apparently the ads will run through August 3, display Eliza's tweets, allow users to tweet about it directly from the ad, and after screening some user tweets could appear in the ad as well. Click here to view a demo of the ad (spoilers for 'Echo').

July 21

Ken Levine blogs about how they DIDN'T use his pool for Dollhouse... Ken Levine (of Cheers and M*A*S*H fame) blogs about a call from a Dollhouse location scout.
Sideshow previews 'Tooned-up' Faith. One of the new product announcements for Comic-con. More...
At last - The Final Reveal. At long last, the Firefly Ship Works are officially releasing the details on their years in the making, screen-accurate replica of Malcolm Reynolds' own Firefly class transport ship Serenity - aka "The Big Damn Replica."
Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku signing at Fox booth. Friday evening after the panel Joss and Eliza will be signing autographs at the Fox booth from 6:15 to 7:00 p.m. This is your chance to get your brand-new Comic-Con Limited Edition DVD/BD signed by both producers! More...
Dollhouse episode 10 blogged by the Guardian's Anna Pickard. Anna's a bit disappointed. More... reviews V pilot. Includes mentions of Alan Tudyk and Morena Baccarin. More...
Dark Horse's Buffy Gelaskins for your iPhone. What will they think of next?
Jane Espenson, The Plan, Caprica, Dollhouse. The Flick Cast talks to Jane about, well, those things. Dollhouse bits at the end, mostly about smaller budgets in television.
Programadas para el perigo: Dollhouse gets a premiere date in Latin America next week (excluding Brazil). It will premiere on CanalFX on July 28th at 10pm. The link is to theme site which includes the trailer, show on tv in recent weeks. Premiere date in Brazil is August 13th, also at 10pm. More...
Associated Press discusses urban fantasy and Amber Benson's new novel. The AP has an article about "urban fantasy" and the supernatural romance. They talk briefly with Amber about her novel and the appeal of the genre.
QMx shows pictures of the new Little Damn Hero. Jayne Cobb gets a limited run of 1,000 pieces – get in early!
"Open Graves" starring Eliza Dushku scores a SyFy debut. The independent horror film (seeking distribution since 2006) "Open Graves" co-starring our very own doll herself will premiere on SyFy on September 9, 2009. Check out a promo trailer for the film at this link.

July 20

SDCC: Buffy Zone Update. On the eve of Comic Con, Scott Allie gives his latest Buffy Zone update.
Trailer for Olivia Williams' new film, "An Education." Available over at for your viewing pleasure. More...
Why The Ladies Love Vampires. Article discusses recent increase in vampire fandom and the attraction that vampires seem to have, especially for women. Buffy nod on second page.
Promo Stills for SMG's "Veronika Decides to Die". Believe the film will be opening next month in Brazil.
J. Scott Campbell Dr. Horrible sketch. J. Scott Campbell, artist on comics such as Gen13 and Danger Girl, does an awesome sketch of Dr. Horrible. More...
Serenity Makes Sympatico MSN's "Greatest Space Movies of All Time" List. In honour of the 40th anniversary of the first lunar landing, Sympatico MSN's Entertainment department have chosen 15 of the greatest space-related films. Our beloved BDM comes in at No. 6! More...
Maurissa Tancharoen at Mortified. There are actually two YouTube videos here, and she is very funny. More...
"Remains" (the song at the end of 'Epitaph One') available at For $0.99 you can get Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon awesomeness in mp3 format. It's also available at

July 19

Fury of Solace Continues the Adventure with New Video and Comic. Inspired by the Evil League of Evil contest, Emmett Furey has turned his entry into a continuing multimedia series. Click here for episode 2 (in comic form).
Bad boy Spike. Rating of the top 20 'bad boys' of TV includes Spike.
Emma Caulfield now on Twitter. She joins many other Whedonverse alumni. More...
Dollhouse and feminism. This ain't living takes a look at the depiction of human trafficking, prostitution and personal identity throughout the first season. More...

July 18

(SPOILER) Covers for Angel #25 (the colored Urru cover and two others). Look under 18th July entry.
Happy Birthday, Jed Whedon! One year ago, Jed Whedon celebrated his birthday by posting Act III of Dr. Horrible. This year I hope he took the day off.
Top 7 Sexiest Women of Fantasy. The Torch has a list of the seven sexiest women in Fantasy. Check out which slayer is on this list as well.
(SPOILER) "Echo" - A review. The reviewer calls the original Dollhouse pilot "heart-stoppingly beautiful and noir-tastic". Another review also questions the decision to scrap "Echo".

July 17

(SPOILER) Recap and review of the Dollhouse episode 'Epitaph One'. A detailed look at the mysterious 13th episode.
(SPOILER) Georges Jeanty's cover for S8 #29 up on Dark Horse site. Georges' homage cover revealed! It's rather hysterical (take that any way you want to).
'Once More With Feeling' screening in Houston this September. Amber Benson will be making an appearance at it. So that'll be a pretty cool event to go to.
Joss Whedon: A Sing-Along, Screening and Q&A. In NYC on September 21. Joss will host a screening of Dr Horrible and special guests will also appear at this benefit for 826NYC. More...
Dark Horse Comics booth signing events at Comic-Con. Amongst the Dark Horse booth signings are Jane, Georges, Joss, Zack, Jed, and Maurissa. The schedule means Joss et al are there on Saturday as well, not just Friday.

July 16

Screen Junkie's Top 15 Magic Babes. Why is the woman in the Number One spot no surprise?
Dollhouse Blu-ray available for $23.95 at That's half the price of what it costs at and 9 Canadian dollars cheaper than the regular DVD boxset. More...
Joss talks Emmy nomination. Great interview over at SCI FI Wire.
An Evening on the Set of "Browncoats:Redemption" Production Fundraiser and Wrap Party. The cast and crew of "Browncoat Redemption," the Firefly universe fan movie for charity, is inviting everyone to come out and help them celebrate on Friday, July 24th 2009.
Joss on Meebo. There's a whole lot of video here about Dollhouse, and aside from lots of Joss's beard there's also much mirthfulness fun awaiting.
(SPOILER) Five page preview of Angel #24. This is the first part of the Drusilla story which is penned by Juliet Landau and Brian Lynch.
Harry Potter fan activism article gives nod to One True b!X and CSTS. Our b!X and the Can't Stop The Serenity screenings get mentioned about halfway down the article.
Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog gets nominated for a Emmy! In the Outstanding Special Class section, it got nominated in the Short-format Live-Action Entertainment category. Congratulations to everyone involved in the making of the musical. More...

July 15

"Welcome to Shadow" - a new Blue Sun Travel Agency poster. Adam Levermore's latest artwork depicts Captain Malcolm Reynold's home planet. 100 special prints of these will be made available for purchase at QMX's booth at Comic Con. More...
Buffy 'End of Days' Animated Maquette is EE's Deal of the Day. This item is the Entertainment Earth Twitter Deal of the Day! Normally retailing at $99, today it's $49.99. More...
Amazon's Blu-ray Blowout includes Serenity. It's only $16.99 + shipping. Any who haven't got it yet should take the jump (not to mention the boatload of other cheap Blu-rays in this sale, such as the crazy-cheap 2001 for 10.99). More...
Free Revival Screening of OMWF! The El Cid Lounge is showing the Buffy Musical this Saturday in California, courtesy of Hollywood Outdoor Cinema. More...
Nerd Apocalypse Survival Guide. Our favorite nerdy girl at The Park Bench provides a list of essentials we nerds should have on hand in case of apocalypse, including Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog soundtrack and David Boreanaz blow up doll (for in case it floods, of course!).
Dollhouse DVD UK release date. The Region 2 DVD will be released on 7th September 2009 and not the 14th as previously reported. More...
James Marsters talks about his role as Buzz Aldrin in Moonshot. There are lots of print and online interviews with JM around at the moment in the lead up to the anniversary of the moon landings but this one is especially nice. More...
James Marsters' July Q&A. This month James talks about acting, music, history and, more importantly, about ice cream.
(SPOILER) Fallen Angel: Reborn artist talks Illyria. The historic Angel/Bete Noir crossover comes out in comic book shops today. And if you want to try before you buy, then there's preview pages over at Comic Book Resources and Newsarama.
Aaron Sherman reviews Dollhouse Season 1. Summary: "So, is it worth buying the season one DVDs? Yes, I believe it is."
Christian Kane's series Leverage Season 1 DVD out now in the US. Which includes a nice shout out to Joss in the commentary from the producers on the episode "The Snow Job". Then tonight marks the premiere of Season 2 of Leverages tonight on TNT at 9pm ET. More...
Buffy fans rejoice! Dollhouse has hit its stride. Lucy Mangan catches up with Dollhouse in today's Guardian and looks forward to season two.

July 14

Starring: TheChosenCollection as Buffy! YouTube Channel "The Banana Cheeks Army" pokes fun at one of its Buffy-fan members.
(SPOILER) Cover art and plot details for Buffy #29. The fourth part of Jane Espenson's arc will be out in October. And fans of Sugarshock will be pleased to hear that they'll be able to buy it in single issue format that month as well.
Characters who say what the audience is thinking. IO9 takes on those characters that break the meta-barrier between audience and show. More...
"Dollhouse is fundamentally a drama of isolation". Alyssa Rosenberg, author of the Dollhouse critique 'Joss Whedon and the Real Girl', writes about how the sixth episode changed her view of the show.

July 13

Operative's Sword from Serenity For Sale. The owner is selling the movie prop on eBay, complete with a certificate of authenticity, due to "fun" economic times. More...
Season 7 of "Ace of Cakes" features Serenity. One of the cakes featured in the season opener for "Ace of Cakes" is an amazing flying replica of Serenity. Including the two side engines made of Rice Krispies. The lucky recipient tells her story here, along with some awesome pics over there. More...
Michelle Trachtenberg's "Mercy" will premiere Fall. Recently rescheduled from midseason. More...
"I was thrilled to get the call about the prime-time Emmys". Neil Patrick Harris speaks about becoming the host for the Emmys. Though there is a dilemma about which voice he should use for it.
Felicia Day is the July/Aug Covergirl at All Things Girl. Part 1 of Melissa Bartell's interview with Felicia Day for All Things Girl.
Chart positions for Tales of the Vampires and Angel #22. ICV2 has the rundown of June's comic book titles and the vampiric one-shot has done particularly good, to be a one-shot, in an extremely number one-filled month.
The Cabin in the Woods: The Official Movie Novelization. A listing for the book has appeared on In related Cabin news, /Film reports that there might be a sneak preview of Joss and Drew's movie at a press only event at Comic Con.
Happy Birthday, Fran Kranz! He is the ripe old age of 26 today.
Vampires, and the Sluts and Virgins Who Love Them. Latoya Peterson looks at current vampire romance trends and finds that she prefers Buffy.
Can Dollhouse survive a second season? Den of Geek ponders the matter.

July 12

DVD Talk reviews the Dollhouse Season 1 DVD. It's a review of the screener copy (which lacks Disc 4).
Dr. Horrible Goggle Cardstock Masks. Another California Browncoats Comic-Con 2009 Exclusive and also available to every attendee of their screening of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. More...
Jed Whedon's Streamy Award and interview. Because Jed's award was on an earlier night we didn't get to see it presented, so this is finally available showing us that presentation and giving us Jed's thoughts. It is a fun video that almost no one has seen yet. More...

July 11

That Joss Whedon Comic Con schedule in full. Friday 24th reads like this - 4.00 - 5.15 pm Joss and Eliza chatter about Dollhouse and 'Epitaph One' gets shown in all its glory. And then at 5.15pm, Joss will talk about his Dark Horse projects for 45 minutes. Oh and make sure you're around on Sunday for the Once More With Feeling fan screening. More...
Drew Z. Greenberg joins Jane Espenson's Caprica. So says Jane herself on Twitter just a couple of minutes ago.
Awesome TV Family Bracket - Seeding Poll. is conducting a seeding poll to determine the head-to-head matchups for their upcoming 'Most Awesome TV Family' contest. A whole host of Whedon/Whedon-related show families are potentially in the running.
Update: Sweet sixteen round now in progress. More...
Firefly Executive Story Editor/writer Jose Molina working on Castle Season 2. Jose wrote the Firefly episode: Ariel and co-wrote Firefly episode: Trash... wrote some non-Firefly shows too like Without a Trace and Law and Order: SVU. More...
Seth Green to host RAW. Seth Green has been announced as the guest host on Monday Night Raw this week.

July 10

(SPOILER) Another clip from "Epitaph One". This time via Maureen Ryan's "The Watcher" blog from the Chicago Tribune.
Jason Palmer's SereniTees. There is even a pink one! And a tank top and olive green raglan top.
Benson, Busch, Carpenter and Caulfield in Orlando. The foursome will be among the guests at the Orlando Mini MegaCon on August 22nd and 23rd.
Underground Artist 11th Hour Teams Up with QMx. There's a shiny new tshirt design featuring our favourite ship.
Happy Birthday, Chiwetel Ejiofor! Everyone's favorite Operative turns thirty-five today! And it's Ron Glass' birthday too! More...
Willow Rosenberg is one of's favorite lesbian sidekicks. Our favorite red haired witch takes the number two slot in this list of go-to girls.
(SPOILER) Joss Whedon talks about 'Epitaph One'. He tells that the 13th Dollhouse episode "is a little bit insane".

July 09

Why are Rainn Wilson and Nathan Fillion meeting with DC Comics? Curious parties wish to know. Let the speculation begin.
(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8 #27 preview. 2-page preview courtesy of Dark Horse.
Review: Tom Lenk's Last Minute Show. Buffyfest's enthusiastic review about Tom's show at Don't Tell Mama's, containing some brief video (mostly audio) clip.
Inside the Dollhouse writers room. Photographic evidence of being back at work, fresh from the phone of one of the series' writers.
Eliza will be on GameTrailersTV tonight. It's on SPIKE at 12:30 EST. Interesting fact: Rubi Malone was modeled after Eliza before it was known she'd be voicing her.
California Browncoats Exclusive - Official Serenity Tshirt. The CA Browncoats do it again with an an all new officially licensed Serenity T-Shirt. This shirt features the Chinese characters for Serenity on the front and a small image of the ship Serenity on the back. It will only be available at Comic-Con 2009 from the California Browncoats. More...
(SPOILER) Casting call details for Dollhouse season 2 premiere. Find out about some of the characters who'll be turning up in 'Vows'.
Sci-fi Hotties of '09: The Women - Summer Glau & Eliza Dushku. Summer and Eliza get placed in EW's Sci-Fi hotties of 2009. Who would argue that? Tahmoh makes the male hottie list.
Vote for Your Favorite Joss Whedon TV Characters! Check out Zap2it's 'Greatest TV Characters' of the last decade poll and vote for your favorite Whedon-created character that fit any of the categories.
"SyFy" actively looking to develop the next space opera. "I’d love to find our version of, not specifically Firefly, but similar to what Joss tried to do with that in terms of, "lets recast the Western in space." Love that idea, and I love that show." More...

July 08

A new clever Mutant Enemy crossword. The puzzle Hub features the fourth Mutant Enemy Crossword and this version seems a tad tricky.
"Epitaph One" will be available on iTunes and Amazon VOD. According to Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune, the so-called "lost" episode of Dollhouse will hit iTunes on August 11. But it's reconfirmed that it apparently will not show on Hulu. ETA: That it also will appear on Amazon Video on Demand, as indicated by their tweet Thursday morning.
Amber Benson to Comic-Con. She sayeth by tweet: "Come say hey at Comicon! Sat. the 25th: 3pm - 4pm, Room 2: Monster Mash Panel & then signing at Convention Hall's Autograph Area 4pm – 5pm."
Sarah Fain and Elizabeth Craft on leaving Dollhouse. Fain told the TV Barn: "We weren't looking to leave Dollhouse, but Tim Roth really liked our script last season, so the studio wanted us over here. It's a little sad, but everybody on LTM is great, and we're working with Shawn Ryan again, which is always a good thing. Plus, we have a great office!"
Jo Chen interview at Slayerlit. Jo Chen gives an extended interview with Shiai of Slayerlit about her work on Buffy. tries to placate fans over Dollhouse DVD fiasco. The site says "we are actively addressing all issues. If you have been dbl charged, please call Customer Service and you will be refunded promptly" and "due to the heavy volume of traffic, the confirmation emails can be delayed upto 3 hours or more". A simple "sorry" would have been nice.
Joss will write and direct the Dollhouse Season 2 Premiere. Ausiello posted the bulletin on his Twitter.
Deadliest Fantasy Warrior: Joss Whedon's Vampires vs. Anne Rice's Vampires. So which will it be, the furrowed, fu-powered fiends of SoCal or the dangerously glamourific duo of N'awlins? More...
"I auditioned for Buffy at least a thousand times". Miracle Laurie talks about trying out for Joss' shows and whether she'll be back on Dollhouse next season.
Nathan visits the Bungie Podcast. Nathan, who voices the character "Buck" in Bungie's upcoming video game Halo 3: ODST, visits the Bungie studios to play the game and appear on the podcast. More...
Vote for your favourite Joss Whedon show. Make with the clicky over at Sci Fi UK. More...
First Look at Sarah Michelle Gellar in "The Wonderful Maladys". Check out our pregnant slayer on location in Central Park filming the cable pilot "The Wonderful Maladys."

July 07

BuddyTV's 50 Most Eligible Bachelorettes of 2009. Many Whedonverse ladies make the list.
James Marsters in "Moonshot": U.S. premiere date set for July 20 on History Channel. James Marsters plays Buzz Aldrin in Moonshot, a two-hour television movie about the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. More...
Dollhouse Season 2 Premiere moved back a week. The new season two premiere date is September 25th.
(SPOILER) First look at Dollhouse episode 13 'Epitaph One'. Worth waiting for.
Whedonverse actors featured in E! Online's list of Sham Yankees. You can vote on the accents of Dichen Lachman, James Marsters, Alexis Denisof and Juliet Landau.
A Whedonesque Competition - Win Dollhouse on DVD. Head over to to enter (registration required to enter but hey it's free).
Dollhouse now available on iTunes UK. A season pass will set you back £23.99 and individual episodes cost £1.89. More...
"Tucker & Dale vs. Evil " - a look at Alan Tudyk's new movie. The Calgary Herald conducts a brief interview with him as part of their set visit.

July 06

California Browncoats calling for Comic-con booth volunteers. No, unfortunately they can’t provide you a pass into the con. They do have some interesting information on returned passes.
An interview with costume designer Shawna Trpcic. You've seen her costumes on Angel, Firefly, Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and Dollhouse. And next February you'll be seeing her work in The Cabin in the Woods.
(SPOILER) 13 fun facts about "Epitaph One". Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune has seen it, and offers up some tidbits. Some un-spoilery production stuff, but other tiny bits you might not want if you're staying pure.
Tim Minear talks Alien Nation. Some great insights into the SyFy Channel show.
Reminder: pre-order your special edition Dollhouse DVD. At 10:00 AM PDT the Fox Store will open the DVD and Blu-Ray for preorder. Apparently--I believe this is a new addition--if you preorder, you will receive a sneak preview of Epitaph One.
Eliza Dushku narrates 'The Prophecy of the Sisters'. The audio book version of this teen gothic novel should be out in August (according to the publisher's website).

July 05

(SPOILER) Scott Allie's Q&A for Buffy #26. You know the drill. The cool people at SlayAlive shoot Q's, the suave Scott shoots A's back.
Tom Lenk's "Last Minute Show" in NYC this week! Hey kids! I would love to see some of your shining faces at my show at Don't Tell Mama on Wed., July 8 @ 8pm! More...

July 04

Aids Walk Ebay Auction of signed Dr Horrible poster. Signed by Joss Whedon, Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day. More...
Greg Edmonson talks Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Composer Edmonson and Arranger Alan Steinburger talk with Leo Laporte about creating music for video games, a bit about Firefly and the tech of making music. More...
Photo Gallery: TV's Most Memorable Vampires. Another photo gallery of hot vampires, including two of our favorites.

July 03

$50,000 raised so far from 2009 Can't Stop The Serenity screenings. The global organisers say "we're well on our way towards our goal of $150k!". More...
Naming Serenity. The folks over at the Firefly Ship Works are seeking naming suggestions for their years-in-the-making, screen-accurate, model replica of Serenity which is currently in the final stages of development. More...
Nathan Fillion Vid Interview on his Halo: ODST role and playing Halo. Also here is a ODST game trailer clip featuring him. More...
"What if"... with Dark Horse's Scott Allie. "What if" explores the alternate reality-type scenarios of our favorite Buffyverse characters. Scott Allie answers the first "What if" question.
Inspire magazine interviews Haley Pullos. Who? Why, the young actress who portrayed Davina Crestejo in "Ghost", the series' first episode.
Michelle Trachtenberg is one of the "Hot New Stars Of NBC". New video interview with Dawnie on her upcoming nursing drama, "Mercy."

July 02

Buffy v. Edward creator talks about his popular mash-up. Men don't usually guest post on Women in Media & News. But Jonathan McIntosh is "an aspiring feminist guy," and WIMN's executive director says he's "following in the footsteps of Buffy's 'sire' - Joss Whedon ..."
Sunnydale is one of the worst fake cities on Earth. io9 has a list of the most unpleasant fake cities and towns that appear in scifi and fantasy. They include Sunnydale as a particularly dangerous location. Who can blame them? Surprisingly, they did not include Cleveland.
Buffyverse Comic Reviews interview with Scott Tipton. Scott chats about his history with IDW and Angel as well as his new project, an "A Hole in the World" and "Shells" 5-part adaptation, launching in November. More...
GeekSix posts their top five Firefly inspired songs. Sitting at the top? Our very own Jayne Cobb.
Win a Dollhouse Season One DVD set! Bashing In Minds is giving away two sets... one at random, the other for the best entry to their contest.
Not Fade Away #3 arriving in stores on July 9th. 5 page preview for the 3rd and final issue of the comic adaptation of 'Not Fade Away' being released next week.
USA Today guide to the various "rules" for modern vampires. Compares True Blood, Twilight, and, of course, Angel.
If Only These Were Real... Check out two very decent fan-made poster art (the first seemingly a full-on theatrical one-sheet and the second a teaser poster of sorts) for a real (i.e. Whedon-led) "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" film based on the season 8 comics. If only they were for real... More...
A review of the Dollhouse Season One DVD boxset. Since Fox doesn't want 'Epitath One' leaking before its Comic Con debut, the reviewers are getting sent 3 discs instead of 4. So reviews in the next few weeks will only be able to focus on the aired episodes and the commentaries for 'Ghost' and 'Man on the Street'.

July 01

Vampires - In Space! Or the Future! Or Both! "Fray" gets a mention in a list of alternative vampire tales.
Variety reports that Neil Patrick Harris is in negotiations to be next Emmy host. The deal is not closed yet for the ceremony which will be held on the next September 20th. UPDATE: EW's Ausiello reports that's a done deal. More...
Joss Whedon announces the Comic-Con Epitaph One screening. Dollverse has a video of Joss talking about the upcoming screening. Exciting!
"Now we get to really get dirty." Eliza talks Dollhouse season 2, Valediction, and Mapplethorpe with the Boston Herald. And look forward to a MySpace video documenting her Uganda trip. More...
Bones Season 4 Has A Release Date On DVD/Blu-Ray. It will be out on October 6th.The special features are included at the link.
Behind the scenes photos from Michelle Trachtenberg's new film. She's shooting Kevin Smith's "A Couple of Dicks" with Bruce Willis.
Sci Fi UK buys rights for Dollhouse Season 2. The article also reminds people that "Epitaph One" will air in the UK on August 11.
Eaglemoss series of Buffy figurines arrival in the US market. Originally discussed here, TFAW is listing them to start arriving on December 30th, 2009. You can find a preview from the UK release, here. More...
'Always Darkest' - A Buffy Season 8 Tale. The highly entertaining story by Joss and Jo is now available for your perusal.
(SPOILER) Preview of Joss Whedon and Jo Chen's Buffy Season 8 story. Jaw droppingly awesome. There's also an explanation as to why it won't be appearing on MySpace.
(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #26. Titled 'Retreat', it's the start of Jane Espenson's brand new Buffy season 8 arc.
(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #23. Fan favourites Lynch and Urru return for this Gunn/Illyria one-shot.
James Marsters announced for SFX Weekender event. This will be held next February in England.
Dollhouse episode 7 'Echoes' as blogged by The Guardian's Anna Pickard. She says it "seemed underwhelming in comparison to last week". Leah Holmes over at SFX Magazine gave 'Echoes' four stars out of five and praised the handling of Caroline's back story.

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