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October 31

Hannigan-Denisofaroos? Alyson and Alexis take baby Satyana out on the town dressed as matching kangaroos for Halloween! Massive adorableness follows!
More TV Vampires than you can shake a stick at. Both Spike and Angel get top mentions in this Toronto Star article about the popular movie and TV shows "that continue to vamp it up."

October 30

Trailer for the Dr Horrible fan prequel 'Horrible Turn'. This fan effort will be out on November 10th.
Trailer and poster for Charisma Carpenter's new movie 'Psychosis'. Just in time for Halloween. More...
20 hottest male vampires. "The Vampire Craze: An In Depth Analysis Of The Hottest Male Vampires", Angel and Spike made the list.
Quotes needed! Whedonesque needs your help (yet again). The quotes section that appears in the top right hand side of the page needs to get updated with more Dollhouse dialogue. So please do post your favourite lines from 'Epitaph One', 'Echo' and the first four episodes of Season Two. More...
Why I Watch has Dollhouse shirts available. Proceeds go toward fan efforts to promote the show.
Is Kurt Sutter referencing Dollhouse? TV By The Numbers thinks so. This is a strange little article, but you have to hand it to Sutter. He certainly has some good points.
The Big Damn Replica now available for pre-order. Only a thousand will be made, so you better get it soon if you have the money. More...
(SPOILER) Interview with Brian Lynch about 'Last Angel in Hell' aka Angel Annual #1. Brian Lynch: 'the whole movie is very Jerry Bruckheimeresque'.
The best and worst Doll personalities. Television Without Pity looks at "the imprints that kicked ass and the ones that fell flat".
'An Education' starring Olivia Williams Released Today. Olivia Williams stars in the new film 'An Education', which has been released in UK cinemas today. More...
Variety reviews "V" premiere. "... The pilot busily races through too much business, but it dangles a tantalizing array of plots, and features a knockout performance (in more ways than one) by Morena Baccarin as the cool, beguiling alien leader."
"Locked In" Trailer. Formerly "Valediction". Co-Starring Eliza Dushku.
Nathan in London being a Complete Hero. Nathan Fillion to appear at Guards Chapel, Wellington Barracks, London on Nov 6th for the Complete Hero public artwork project. More...
Dollhouse to air in the Czech Republic. Local TV "Prima COOL" will start to air the show from the 27th November under the title (translated into English) "House of puppets". Cool, huh? More...
Eliza Dushku to appear at Toronto Comic Con. This'll be taking place on March 26th-28th of next year.
What couples argue about when they watch Firefly and Serenity. It's the "Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal" essay taken from "Serenity Found".

October 29

The Paley Center NY "Vampire Weekend," November 13-15. Includes screenings of the BUFFY reunion and ANGEL cast/crew panels. ETA: yes to be clear folks Paley is screening previously-taped events - BtVS panel from '08, AtS panel from '01. More...
Juliet Landau at Silver Snail Comics. Juliet Landau will be appearing at Silver Snail Comics in Toronto, Ontario Canada on Saturday, November 21 from 7PM - 9PM. More...
Hand embroidered dinosaurs and Wash quote. Brilliant needlework from TiLT creations on flickr. More...
NBC ordered six more episodes of "Chuck". Bringing the current total for this season to a very reasonable nineteen! This is looking good for a possible third season premiere in Jan or Feb. More...
Dollhouse off the air in the UK until New Year. Dollverse was told by Sci Fi UK that the show will take a break after "Belonging" airs on next Tuesday.
Buffy makes list of top 10 vampire dates. Gee what a ..."surprise."
Another Mutant Enemy Crossword to pass the time. Maybe this will make up for no Dollhouse. Number 7 in a series.
If Sunnydale were Riverdale. Blogger Chris Sims discusses how Archie(!) totally ripped off Buffy. Would you believe Veronica Lodge as the Chosen One? More...

October 28

John Cassaday explains the Astonishing X-Men in motion. Artist John Cassaday explains to Marvel Spotlight the process that turned Astonishing X-Men: Gifted into a motion comic.
Serenity charity screening in Salt Lake City, Utah on Thursday. Games, prizes, food, fun, friends, and Serenity.
Top 10 Chosen Ones. Buffy makes the top three in a list of chosen ones.
Trailer for The Mighty Macs. [Formerly Our Lady of Victory] starring David Boreanaz.
A Dollhouse season one quiz. Courtesy of the Sci Fi Channel in the UK. Can you be your best and get 15 out of 15?
Happy birthday, Tim Minear! The producer, director, and all around swell fellow turns 46 today.
Wired Magazine on the "Great Geek Debate": Joss Whedon vs. J.J. Abrams. Do we have to choose? If so, go vote your conscience.
Free midnight showing of the Buffy musical this Friday in Indianapolis. You'll be able to sing along with a live cast at the Fringe Building on the 30th.
Astonishing X-Men: Gifted episode 1 out now on iTunes. $1.99 will buy you 13:38 worth of Joss Whedon, John Cassaday and Laura Martin's superb X-tale in motion comic format. More...
Buffy wins poll for best Halloween TV shows. TV Without Pity put together a list of the top ten Halloween TV shows. "Halloween", which introduced us to Ethan Rayne and featured Oz still looking for Willow, and "Fear Itself", featuring Anya in a bunny suit and Giles with a handy tool, tied for first place. Episodes from "Bones", "Supernatural" and "How I Met Your Mother" also made the list.
Empire's 100 Sexiest Movie stars include some Whedon alumni. Eliza Dushku comes in at #26, Amy Adams at #25 and Sarah Michelle Gellar at #11. More...
First look at the ship from the fan film "Browncoats: Redemption". You can download it as wallpaper for your desktop.
Venice Magazine talks to Eliza Dushku. A nice, extensive interview with our Dollhouse star about what Quentin Tarantino thinks of Tru Calling, how Dollhouse and "The Target" came about, Hollywood, the universe and everything.
Sci Fi UK interviews Dichen Lachman. Fun little talk about her career, her acting on Dollhouse and how to get the writers to spoil something.
The official Astonishing X-Men music video. Marvel are going all out to promote today's release of the motion comic.

October 27

After its December run, Dollhouse set to return January 8th for 2010 episodes. The Futon Critic is reporting that after the December episodes air, the 4th, 11th and 18th, the series is scheduled to return on Friday January 8th in its original timeslot of 9:00pm.
Willow and Tara and doors. An interesting blog post about the use of doorways throughout the Willow Tara relation. Fascinating stuff!
Vampire Reunion Video. Angel and Buffy (not the original actors) make cameos in this college humor sketch. More...
(SPOILER) Can you consent to being a Doll? In the wake of "Belonging", io9 asks Maurissa Tancharoen. Plus bits about that episode itself.
The Occulterers - America's premiere ghost hunting team. The comedy web series which stars Camdem Toy and James C. Leary went online yesterday and there's new episodes out every day this week.
Brand new video interview with Nicholas Brendon. Wherein he talks about getting "Buffy," talks about Joss Whedon, talks about his upcoming one man show, and shouts out to me!
"Buffy" among those who turned monsters into allies. io9 takes a look at 10 icons of horror whom have gone from the dark side to that of big damn heroes. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," needless to say, makes the cut.
Sci Fi UK to air new Dollhouse episodes before Fox? The official website of UK's Sci FI channel lists Dollhouse episodes 2x05-2x07 in its schedule for November, when the show will be on hiatus in the US. More...
31 Classic Halloween episodes and specials. Both Angel and Buffy episodes make the list.
The Five Scariest Episodes in TV History. Guess what BtVS episode comes in at #4?

October 26

Marti Noxon finally gets to write a Halloween episode. As long as we're passing around the Halloween congratulations, the woman who made sure Buffy kept fighting the good fight while Joss was adding Angel and Firefly to the Whedonverse co-wrote the "Halloween episode" of Mad Men that aired last night. More...
Nathan Fillion joins the Salute to Firefly Event in LA. The 3rd annual Creation Serenity event has just sent out an email confirming his appearance. The event is Nov 21-22 with Baldwin, Baccarin, Tudyk, and others. More...
(SPOILER) Tonight on ABC - It's the Halloween episode of Castle. Nathan Fillion + Buffy & Firefly references = win. More...
Top 5 Underdog Shows on TV. Guess which of our favorite shows made list...
When galaxies collide! Felicia Day talks science in this NASA Public Service Announcement about our impending doom.
Cost of an ad on Dollhouse versus other Friday shows. For those interested in the business and numbers side of things. More...
(SPOILER) Mad Men's Christina Hendricks on Joan's Big Moment. Brief Q and A with the lovely former YoSaffBridge.
DVR figures for the third episode of Dollhouse season 2. It went up from 1.0 to 1.4 in the 18-49 demo, an increase of 40%.
"I made this last night and next week someone is going to be murdered in front of it". Or to put it another way, it's that painting from 'Belonging'. Check out the artist Brooke Reidt's website for more of her work (via @MoTancharoen).
"Priya Song" - inspired by the Dollhouse episode "Belonging". The singer-songwriter says "Er, this song was written at two in the morning immediately after watching Friday's episode of Dollhouse. No, really." And you know what? It's really good too.'s Gold Box Deal of the Day - Angel Complete Boxset. Angel: Seasons 1-5 Collectors Set on sale for $52.99 with free shipping.
Dollhouse season 1 comes to ITV4, UK terrestrial digital TV tonight at 9pm. Haven't seen this posted anywhere else on the site, but the UKs digital TV viewers can watch Dollhouse on ITV4 every Monday, starting 9pm tonight. More...

October 25

(SPOILER) IDW's Angelverse comic books for January. There's cover art and solicitation info for Angel #29, Angel: A Hole In The World #2 and the Fallen Angel Reborn tpb (the Illyria crossover).
5 Questions With Tahmoh Penikett. Tahmoh talks Dollhouse, Battlestar and THE cult following (that's us BTW).
Would Airing "Epitaph One" Bring More Viewers to Fox? Joanna Weiss of the Boston Globe thinks viewers have demonstrated a fondness for dark dystopian delights.

October 24

(SPOILER) Los Angeles Times review of "Endgame" starring Chiwetel Ejiofor. The British telefilm about the end of apartheid in South Africa airs in the U.S. this Sunday night on PBS. Glowing description of Mr. Ejiofor's performance.
Summer Glau cast in a Western. The Legend of Hell's Gate: An American Conspiracy is currently filming in Summer's home state of Texas. The film follows three outlaws on the run. Summer plays Maggie Moon, a member of a family who cross paths with the outlaws. More...
Vampire Wars: Who's the Best Evil (Yet Hot) Vampire? E!Online wants to know which evil, sexy vampire is the best. In this poll, Spike is up against True Blood's Eric Northman and The Vampire Diary's Damon Salvatore.
Neil Patrick Harris adds another musical villain to his repertoire. Last night he battled the Dark Knight himself as the Music Meister on Batman:Brave & Bold animated series.
THR: Dollhouse ratings drop back down. "Dollhouse (2.1 million, 0.8) was down 20% in the demo from its last episode two weeks ago."

October 23

"Mercy" co-starring Michelle Trachtenberg gets picked up for full season. Nurse Dawnie has gotten picked up for a full-time shift on NBC.
What the papers say about last night's Dollhouse. Best episode to date? The A.V. Club gave 'Belonging' an 'A'. The reviewer said it "certainly has some of the best material Dollhouse has yet delivered" though there were reservations. TV Squad went with "it delivers one of the best episodes of its run". The LA Times' Showtracker thought "the episode was great, to say the least". And finally CinemaBlend sez "best episode of Dollhouse ever. More...
(SPOILER) Promo for the first two-hour Dollhouse "event" in December. Regardless of what Fox are calling the next two episodes, they look like stunning television.
Logan, UT + Dublin, Ireland CSTS Charity events this weekend. More...
(SPOILER) The Fascinating No-Consent Fantasia of Dollhouse and Mad Men. New York Magazine's Emily Nussbaum compares the depictions of sexual power in Dollhouse and Mad Men's recent episodes.
(SPOILER) Discuss the fourth episode of Dollhouse season 2. How dull was last Friday without Dollhouse? And next month? *shudders*. Anyhow the show's back tonight with a corker of an episode. It's called 'Belonging' and it's written by Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen and directed by Jonathan Frakes (yes him off Star Trek: TNG). Enjoy. And if you missed it, you can now watch it for free at Fox On Demand and Hulu and buy it on iTunes.
(SPOILER) Newsarama interviews Zack Whedon for upcoming Dr Horrible comic. "I think it will be fun for people to read that are fans of the show".
Fox confirms official Double Dollhouse December schedules. io9 contacted a Fox rep about the actual Dollhouse airing schedule for this December. More...
(SPOILER) A brief clip from tonight's new Dollhouse episode, "Belonging". And a promo from Why I Watch!
James Marsters will not be at the HUB 3 event this weekend. From his manager, "James had a spill on the set and took a bump to the head and was advised by doctors not to fly for a few days. He is resting and feeling much better (although somewhat guilty)."
What to Gain from "Glee" for "Dollhouse?" io9 suggests three areas in which Joss could take what he learns from helming "Glee" to take back and apply to his "Dollhouse" duties.
Inara Beaming Her "V" Message to the Human Public. Morena Baccarin talks to both Sci Fi Wire and The Wall Street Journal about her new-found alien ways. The Wall Street Journal interview can be found here.
13 kick-ass moments from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. "This list is about kick-ass moments; moments that make you want to jump out of your seat and shout, "Hell, yeah!"
It's Not Hallowhedon Without A Couple O' Demons. Mark Lutz (Groo) and James Leary (Clem) are added to London's Hallowhedon Guest List. More...
(SPOILER) You should watch Dollhouse! Thoughts from a tv critic and fans. First, Daniel Fienberg of HitFix describes the trials and travails of being a critic who keeps telling people to watch Dollhouse even as he himself frustrates over particular episodes. Second, The Dollhouse Podcast discusses why people should be watching. More...
Enver Gjokaj ranks #8 MVP on TWoP. Television Without Pity's TV MVP's "who often don't get enough recognition. They are not only team players, but they are usually the best part of their given series -- and in some cases the only reason to bother tuning in at all."
"10 TV Shows You Have to Watch to Understand the World". BtVS comes in at #1.
(SPOILER) TV Guide Magazine's Matt Roush reviews tonight's episode of Dollhouse: "Belonging" . "Itís easily the most compelling, surprising and emotionally turbulent episode so far this season." Herc at AICN also reviews it here. More...
Neil Patrick Harris in negotiations to lend his voice to Fox new animation project "Rio". The story follows the adventures of a nerdy macaw who lights out from his small-town Minnesota cage for the exotic Summer Olympic city of Rio de Janeiro, is scheduled for an April 8, 2011, release.
Angel and Spike make #3 in 10 Top Pop Culture Vamps list "As portrayed by the talented (and let's be honest, sexy) David Boreanaz and James Marsters, these obsession-inducing vampires shared a bloodline, a passion for a certain petite blonde Slayer, and a clear love for leather and gel."

October 22

TWO CDs featuring Tony Head to be released! The CD "BandAGEd TOGether," which I mentioned here earlier, finally has a release date. More...
QMX announces the first place winner for What Serenity Means To You.
New Promo for webseries The Occulterers starring James C. Leary and Camden Toy. Coming this Monday (just in time for Halloween) this comedy web series about ghost hunters features Buffy's very own Clem (James C. Leary) and special guest stars the wonderful and creepy Camden Toy. More...
(SPOILER) Casting call for Dollhouse 2x10. The episode was written by Jed & Maurissa and has a very intriguing title. Filming starts on November 2nd with John Cassaday on the director's chair.
The TV Addict pens "An Open Letter To Joss Whedon." In which the question on all our minds is aptly expressed. Update: Joss comments.
Anthony Head's radio comedy 'Bleak Expectations' returns for a new series. It'll be on next Thursday on Radio 4.

October 21

More pix and short article on Nathan Fillion "Castle" book signing. IF Magazine has a little piece on the Barnes & Noble event that was held Monday. Mention of Captain Hammer.
The worst (and weirdest) vampire products. Yep, some Buffy merch ranks high on the list.
(SPOILER) Georges Jeanty Slayalive Q/A For Buffy #29. He gives lots of little teases about upcoming issues.
Fox to bench Dollhouse for November sweeps. Michael Ausiello reports on his Twitter: "Exclusive: Hearing FOX will bench DOLLHOUSE for November sweeps and air back-to-back eps on Friday night in December." Futon Critic has some information on what will air instead.
Captain Reynolds vs Vampires. In the preview for next Monday's Castle episode, Mal goes up against a few undead Americans. EDIT: holy crap, there is also a sneak peak in which he NAMECHECKS BUFFY. Nerd heaven, indeed.
(SPOILER) Spoilers and reviews for upcoming Dollhouse episodes. E! Online has some strong spoilers and good reviews for the next couple of Dollhouse episodes.
(SPOILER) Changes at the 'Dollhouse'. Summer Glau speaks to Zap2it about her recurring role on Dollhouse.
Zack Whedon on Dr Horrible's appearance at the Emmys and more. There's some great info about the Dark Horse webcomics and the upcoming Dr Horrible one-shot. Oh and you'll find out what form the prequel to the Dr Horrible sequel will take.
The top 5 hunk of junk spaceships. Serenity lands at number 3.
(SPOILER) Chicago Tribune reviews this Friday's Dollhouse episode. They say Belonging "is one of the most emotionally compelling hours the show has ever done". The following weeks episode is described as "a rock 'em, sock 'em slice of twisty mythology. The episode .. is a conspiracy theorist's dream, and it promises even more enjoyably messed-up developments to come."
Joss Whedon and Fabio Moon's 'Sugarshock' out this week. The Dark Horse one-shot collects the three chapters from the MySpace Dark Horse Presents website and also has "never-before-seen character designs, page layouts, and promotional images". Also out this week is John Byrne's 'Angel vs Frankenstein' comic book and the Spike omnibus.
Sci-Fi's Best Second in Commands. Top ten list of the greatest number 2's in science fiction. The number one spot is particularly awesome.
Dollhouse receives attention on Australia's ABC Television. Dollhouse received some love on comedian John Safran's latest project on Australia's ABC, "John Safran's Race Relations". The first episode (which you can watch here) features Dichen Lachman as a participant in an unorthodox experiment. More...
Odd Trailer for Joss Whedon penned "Astonishing X-Men" motion comic. Behold the weirdness, courtesy of io9.
Guardian review of Dollhouse's 'Vows' and 'Instinct'. Anna Pickard looks at the first two episodes of Season 2.
Who's the best vampire series heroine? E!Online is having a vote to find out the best Vampire series starting off with the best Heroine. Between Buffy, True Blood,and Vampire Diaries. More...

October 20

HD Nation hearts Serenity on Blu-ray! 2 minutes and 46 seconds into this episode of the online tech series all about High Definition, the hosts briefly show their love for the BDM, calling it a "feel-good movie". More...
Nicholas Brendon in one-man play, back on Criminal Minds. Nick will be starring in The Santaland Diaries for the Blank Theater again and will soon be returning for not one but two episodes of Criminal Minds. More...
Trailer for 'The Expendables', featuring Charisma Carpenter. And almost everyone else who's ever been in an action movie.
Castle picked up for full season. ABC has picked up a back-nine order for Season 2!
Live interview with Legend of Neil cast tonight - including Ms. Felicia Day. At 6:00pm Pacific (9:00pm Eastern) Sandeep Parikh, Tony Janning, Mike Rose and my favourite tiny fairy Felicia Day will be answering our questions, chatting, and enjoying some nice snacks. Twitter things with hashtag #legendofneil to interact.
John Cassaday talks about directing Dollhouse. The acclaimed comic book artist reveals how he came to get the gig and what it's like directing episodic tv.
Joss Whedon charms SciFi Wire. SciFi Wire shares with us the witty and charming note written by Joss that was sent with screeners of the next two episodes of Dollhouse.
Nominees selection for the 2010 People's Choice Awards is open for voting. You can vote for Dollhouse (Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show), NPH (Favorite TV Comedy Actor) and Alyson Hannigan (Favorite TV Comedy Actress). If your favorite's not there, you can enter your own suggestions as well. More...
Miracle Laurie talks to Echo Alert. A video interview at the Big Apple Con about the challenges of playing Madeline, Uke Box Heroes and possible fan-initiatives to promote Dollhouse. Whedonesque gets a mention too. And there are more very good interviews with her over at Buffyfest and The Flick Cast. More...
(SPOILER) Another Dichen Lachman interview about Dollhouse. This time from SFX.
Dollhouse season 2 premieres tonight in the UK. The SciFi Channel will be showing 'Vows' at 10pm and then 'Instinct' at the show's normal time of 11pm. In related news, ITV4 will be showing the first season on Mondays at 9pm starting next week.

October 19

The Cleveland Show wishes for more Buffy on TV. 11 minutes and 39 seconds into the latest episode, a giant, talking Bear (named Tim) prays to the Big Sky Bully to bring back the live-action adventures of The Slayer. More...
Why I Watch releases promo for Friday's Dollhouse. This week's Sierra-centric episode gets its own fan promo designed to help draw in viewers as Dollhouse returns from its one-week baseball preemption.
Reed Diamond on Castle right now. Sharing the screen with Nathan...
A Dr Who writer reviews Dollhouse. Paul Cornell looks at which shows from this year may get nominated for next years Hugo award. There might be spoilers about some characters if you are some way behind on a show. More...
Joss Whedon to direct one of the back-nine episodes of GLEE. I feel like crying tears of joy right now. Update: Joss comments.
(SPOILER) A juicy tidbit about an upcoming Dollhouse story line. There's even a poll for you to vote on how you think it is going to come about.
(SPOILER) Preview of Angel vs Frankenstein. First we had the Spike vs Dracula mini-series and now we have this new one-shot. It's penned by John Byrne and will be out this Wednesday. More...
(SPOILER) Promo pics from Dollhouse 2x06 'The Left Hand'. There's some great ones featuring the guest stars.
Breast cancer auctions feature some familiar faces from the Whedonverse. To finish up Breast Cancer Awareness Month, has posted new auctions to benefit The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer... including breast cancer bears with autographs and photos of Joss, Nathan Fillion, Miracle Laurie, Camden Toy and Stacey Scowley. More...
DVR figures for the second episode of Dollhouse season 2. It went up from 0.9 to 1.2 in the 18-49 demo, an increase of 33%.
Accessability: essay on sharing creative content. This essay mentions Joss Whedon and Felicia Day (amongst others) for creative internet native works. More...
(SPOILER) Preview for Buffy #30. The final part of Jane Espenson's 'Retreat' arc will be out on November 4th.

October 18

Nathan Fillion Heat Wave signing in Los Angeles this Monday. He will be signing that instant NY Times Bestseller with his pic on the backcover. More...
New trailer for Endgame (starring Chiwetel Ejiofor). According to the IMDB, the film will have a limited release in the U.S. on Nov. 6 and a TV premiere (?) on Oct. 25. More...
Is that Joss Whedon? A familiar face makes a guest appearance in the first issue of Bendis' and Oeming's relaunched series POWERS.
Tahmoh Penikett joins the AIDS Walk Los Angeles *today*... There's still a few more hours to donate to "Team Frak Ups" led by Katee Sackhoff (also including Tricia Helfer).

October 17

Christian Kane adds more tour dates for October. Nashville, TN show on Oct 27th and the Austin, TX on Oct 28th. For the Austin event get "$3 discount at the door if you have an Austin Film Festival badge or ticket stub. This is the special afterparty for the film THE DONNER PARTY."

October 16

Another Leak From Within The Dollhouse. This time from Mr Topher Brink.
SMG's Pilot The Wonderful Maladys not picked up for series. Word from Nathan Corddry who would have played her brother is that HBO have passed on the pilot. More...
Tonight: Joss and Felicia visit the Egyptian Theatre in LA. They'll be having a "discussion" after screenings of Dr. Horrible and The Guild season two. The fun starts at 8:00 Pacific. More...
Astonishing X-Men motion comic to get outdoor premiere in New York. It'll premiere on a three story high screen at MarvelFest in Union Square on October 28th.
Nathan and Eliza Promote "Make a Difference Day". The October 18, 2009 issue of USA Today Weekend Edition features Nathan and Eliza on the cover (along with some other folks) to promote a day of volunteerism on October 24th. Nice quotations...
Dr. Horrible (somewhat) finally, officially available in Germany. now lists it (with a release date of Oct. 8, 2009). So for those in the de, at and ch areas, who didn't already order it via the U.S. site, here's your chance.
(SPOILER) Dichen Lachman talks Season 2 ahead of its UK premiere. A nice interview with Dichen, discussing Sierra, Victor, and Neighbours!
"Joss has the best fans in the world". Fab interview with Dollhouse's Fran Kranz.
Why I Watch Dollhouse - a fairy tale promo. It's the latest fan effort to promote the show. The video is also on YouTube if you want to share it or embed it.
Dude, where's Seth Green's Butterfinger? Seth is promoting a new contest from Butterfinger, with the grand prize being a $10,000 gold candy bar, plus you get to go to LA to meet him. More...

October 15

The one comic book that Joss Whedon reads. Why it's 'The Walking Dead' by Robert Kirkman.
Dr. Horrible Charity Screening in Salem, MA this Friday. The Cinema's website is Cinema Salem.
Is real science catching up to Topher ? New Scientist reports that a Laser has been used to create false memories in fly brains. More...
(SPOILER) Buffyfest's interview with Brian Lynch Part Deux. In this 2nd part Brian discusses 'Last Angel in Hell', Spike, and Drusilla.
Emma Caulfield posts on the BtVS Facebook page. In a global post wishing everyone a "Happy Coming Out Week" on the Facebook page, Emma replies and posts her thoughts about Buffy fans. She also posts her own topic here. More...
James Marsters answers your October questions. This time questions range from "Do you doodle ..." to "Favorite City ...".
Another memo from Adelle DeWitt. The plot thickens.
IFC Interviews Nathan Fillion. 'Captain Tightpants' talks "Trucker," the Whedonverse and more.
Advertise Dollhouse - A fan campaign to promote the show. It's a fan-effort designed to be "a clearinghouse for promotional materials" for Dollhouse, aiming to raise money for Facebook and ads promoting the show. The next campaign is about the start on 10/19, and it's still looking for donations.

October 14

(SPOILER) Fox's schedule for November features all-new Dollhouse episodes. Seems like the once expressed possibility of preempting the show during November sweeps isn't coming true: Fox has released airdates for episodes 2x05 till 2x08. Episodes descriptions featured, beware of spoilers.
Miracle Laurie interview with MediaBlvd Magazine. She talks about her role in Dollhouse and past auditions, an upcoming webseries called The Cabonauts, and Uke Box Heroes. More...
Emma Caulfield to work with Marti Noxon again. She'll be on Marti's new show 'Gigantic'. Emma tweets that she is "super excited to be a part of her vision". More...
Chiwetel Ejiofor talks '2012'. Long time, no Chiwetel interview. The movie is out on November 13.
(SPOILER) Buffyfest blog interviews Brian Lynch about all things Angel. Part 1 of 2 covering Angel #26, #27 and the Angel Annual.
Paley Center for the Media holding TV Vampire (s)Takedown. Go vote for your favorite TV Vampire; Angel, Spike, Darla, and Dru all on the list. More...
Top Ten Educators. Short list of the coolest and toughest teachers in fiction. More...
Buffy and Angel make the list of top 10 TV couples. Along with Mr and Mrs Prescott and Richard and Judy, of course!
(SPOILER) Casting Call for Dollhouse 2x09. The episode starts filming on October 21st and will be directed by Félix Alcalá, who was also the director of 1x08 "Needs".
(SPOILER) Can Summer Glau save Dollhouse? TV squad does not think so.

October 13

Down for the Count: Dracula's Greatest Comics Appearances. The Count's recent BtVS appearance makes the list.
A memo from Adelle DeWitt. A well timed leak from inside the Dollhouse?
Paste magazine calls Dollhouse S2x03 "phenomenal". The article is called "On chaucer; gender, sex, and power; and a postmodern concept of self".
The median age of Dollhouse is revealed. It's 43.
TV's Steamiest Lesbian Kisses. Guess who beat out the other gals.
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is out now. With music composed by our good ol' Firefly composer Greg Edmonson. More...
Marc Blucas' new film -- starring Tom Cruise -- has a new title. For all you Marc fans, his upcoming film co-starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz was previously known as "Wichita" and is now known as "Knight & Day."
'Drives Us Bats' music video featuring Neil Patrick Harris. Taken from the October 23rd episode of 'Batman: The Brave and The Bold'.
Celebrating Angel's 10th Anniversary. In the first part of this retrospective, a Sequential Tart writer looks back the show, the characters and the episodes they loved the best.

October 12

Gina Torres on "FlashForward" Ep. "137 Sekunden". I just finished my weekend Hulu queue, and was surprised to see a member of the 'Verse on ABC's FlashForward.
David Boreanaz on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson ... Tonight. (Meaning early a.m. Tuesday)! Info maybe more useful for West Coasters, but you can probably still catch DB on the East Coast if you tune in or Tivo by 1 a.m. -- he's listed as the first guest. More...
Marc Blucas joins the cast of 'Lie to Me' tonight in a recurring role. Shawn Ryan tweeted, "New episode of LieToMe tonight! Buffy alum Marc Blucas guest stars and we introduce a new visual device we call "Lightman POV" or L-Povs!"
All 13 episodes of Dollhouse season two to air. So says Fox scheduling chief Preston Beckman. That's the good news. Quotes from Joss and friends for the rest. We'll see. (Edit - by we'll see I meant we will see what happens - not if they will actually air).
(SPOILER) Scott Allie's full Slayalive Q/A for Buffy #29. Another month,another issue and another great Q/A.
(SPOILER) Promotional Photos for Dollhouse 2x05 "The Public Eye". This episode features Alexis Denisof and Summer Glau's first appearance. It will air October 30th.
Dollhouse makes enormous DVR gain. "The "Dollhouse" premiere jumped a stunning 50% when seven-day viewing is added" says The Hollywood Reporter's Live Feed - higher than any other show during premiere week. News of good. By comparison, lead-in 'Brothers' got 0% DVR gain.
21 great sci-fi insults. Includes a few from our favourite shows...
Mercedes McNab appearing at Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Convention. This event will be held from the 23rd to the 25th of October.

October 11

Congratulations to Our Mrs. Reyn- er, Arend! On Sunday, Christina Hendricks married her fiancť Geoffrey Arend, to whom she was introduced earlier this year by Mad Men costar Vincent Kartheiser.
BtVS Featured in "Most Scandalous TV Sex Scenes" list. Movieline's list of the most scandalous (network) TV sex scenes features a moment from "Buffy". Not necessarily the one you're thinking of.
Morena Discusses V and Firefly. This, in a pair of exclusive audio interviews at SciFiTVZone.
A man's "Castle". Nathan Fillion interview in IF Magazine. Talking about getting a second season, Firefly, and twittering.
(SPOILER) 5 page preview for Angel:Only Human #3. The issue is out this Wednesday.
You Can Own Firefly's Serenity for Just $2,495. For Browncoats with a bit of extra cash to spare: Here's a high end replica of Firefly's Serenity. It looks fabulous, but you'll need a pretty solid bank account, because it's going for $2,495.
Little Dawnie gets a little older! Michelle Trachtenberg turns 24 today! Happy Birthday!!
Recap of the Buffy season 8 panel at Baltimore Comic Con. Georges Jeanty, Jo Chen and Scott Allie were there to answer questions from fans. Amongst the Buffy tidbits, there's an update on the status of the Shepherd Book mini-series.
The Strange, Twisted, And Destructive Love Stories of Joss Whedon. io9's Stephen Goldmeier takes on Joss's propensity for presenting "messed-up" relationships.
Buffy season 8 interview with Georges Jeanty. He says the answers we are waiting for are coming as we enter the home stretch of season 8.
(SPOILER) Halloween episode of Castle will have a nice treat for Firefly fans. What a fine brown coat! More...

October 10

The top five Joss Whedon characters. Which characters feature on your top five list? More...
Improv show featuring Felicia Day broadcasting live online. Starts at 9pm PDT. Direct link to Ustream. Adult content. More...
Is Dollhouse the most intellectually engaging series on American tv? Do you believe you have a soul? Interesting analysis of how viewers approach Dollhouse and the type of questions Dollhouse brings up in the context of television over the last decade or so. More...
Another Dollhouse season 2 promo pic. And it's a group one, hark at that.
(SPOILER) LA Times talks to Enver Gjokaj about last night's Dollhouse episode. Some vague mentions of forthcoming episodes. He's so cool.
Dollhouse ratings for season 2 episode 3. Going up, from last weeks 0.8 in the fast nationals to 1.0 in the 18-49 demo this week.
What the papers say about last night's Dollhouse. The A.V. Club gave it a 'B+, saying "it was a clever, self-contained exploitation of the basic Dollhouse premise". Ken Tucker at loved it "All in all, one of the most enjoyable hours of the season". The TV Squad reviewer said it would have worked better if it had been aired as the second episode as originally intended. HitFix praised Tim Minear's script and added that 'Belle Chose' felt "like what the show should have been from the start". And a special treat, the script can be read over at Dollverse. More...
A chat with ... 'Dollhouse' star Eliza Dushku. You got asked to send in your questions, now see if they were asked in the interview with Eliza that happened only days ago. More...

October 09

(SPOILER) Promo for the next episodes of Dollhouse. Introducing a new cast member for episode 5, and teases on episode 4. How awesome does it look on a scale of one to awesome? Awesometastic. And the official press release for the fifth episode can be found here.
Ten TV spin-offs that were better than the original. #4 features the argument that Angel was, at times, better than Buffy.
(SPOILER) Chris Ryall celebrates 10 years of Angel. Posted on his blog are five preview pages of Angel #28 "The Crown Prince Syndrome," the first issue in Bill Willingham and Brian Denham's new arc entitled Immortality for Dummies. More...
Amber Benson's "Another Harvest Moon" Makes Its Hollywood Premiere! Well, okay, it's more Ernest Borgnine's "Another Harvest Moon," but Amber's in it, and you can order buy your tickets for the October 23rd premiere.
"Cabin in the Woods" delayed until January 14, 2011. "Cabin in the Woods" has been delayed until 2011 so that, wait for it... it can be converted to 3D. A article explains why this may not be a bad thing.
(SPOILER) Discuss the third episode of Dollhouse season 2. It's called 'Belle Chose' and it's written by Tim Minear and directed by David Solomon, the same people who brought you the Firefly episode 'Out Of Gas'. And the episode is now available to watch for free at FOX on Demand and Hulu and can be purchased at iTunes. More...
(SPOILER) Abandon All Hope as Mark Sheppard guest stars on Supernatural. Mark will be appearing on the last episode to air in 2009. The episode "Abandon All Hope" is writen by former verse scribe Ben Edlund. Spoiler for Supernatural.
(SPOILER) Enver Gjokaj talks about tonight's episode of Dollhouse. He says "it was definitely one of the biggest challenges so far". There's also some hints about episode four and what he thinks of the show's ratings for this season.
Official Dollhouse Twitter started posting. Follow @DOLLHOUSEonFOX for updates.
(SPOILER) On the Fly with Dichen Lachman. The TV Addict talks with her about her Aussie roots, the Whedonverse and what the future holds. Spoilers for episode 2x04 "Belonging".
SciFi Wire charts science fiction's hot/plausible scientists. Amy Acker makes the list for her work in the Dollhouse. Twice.
(SPOILER) Eliza talks with MTV about Dollhouse. Don't think that it's too spoilery but spoilphobes might still wanna stay away. There's also a video interview with her over at the New York Post site. More...
Article about Alan and his role in ďAn Evening Without Monty Python" in NYC this week.

October 08

TV Squad doesn't believe in earning a doll's freedom! Discussion of November/Mellie's latest run through in the Dollhouse and her possible future use. Contains spoilers for last Friday's episode.
(SPOILER) Why Dollhouse should be saved. Maureen Ryan makes the case for the series continuing, chats with Jed Whedon and takes a look at upcoming episodes.
Eliza Dushku Ponders Live-Action Wet. Eliza tells MTV News that she's interested in a movie role as Rubi, her "working-class Lara Croft" character from Bethesda and A2M's Wet.
Eliza tweets about Why I Watch. "WHOA. Pretty cool."
Eliza Dushku on Jimmy Fallon. Fun, spoiler free interview in which Jimmy actually lets Eliza talk about Dollhouse, and then she beats him up as a thank you!
Five TV Shows We'd Love to See on the Big Screen. selects Dollhouse as one of the shows they would like to see a film version of.
Principal Wood is a daddy! D.B. Woodside's daughter, Dakota Tao Brooks-Woodside, was born on Sept. 1st.
(SPOILER) Two clips from Dollhouse 2x03 "Belle Chose". Dollverse has two interesting sneak peeks from the episode airing this Friday 9/8c on Fox. Another two clips can be found here and here.
(SPOILER) Roger Ebert gives Trucker four stars. "The supporting performances by Nathan Fillion, Benjamin Bratt and Joey Lauren Adams are precisely what is needed: direct, open, no 'acting,' good tone control." More...

October 07

Low ratings put "Dollhouse" in danger of going to the attic forever. Can fan efforts save it? More...
(SPOILER) L.A. Times interview with Tahmoh Penikett. Tahmoh talks about working on Dollhouse and shares his thoughts on playing Paul Ballard. Some light spoilers.
'Mal's Morals' - a free essay taken from The Psychology of Joss Whedon. Smart Pop Books are posting free essays from their books and this particular one is about Captain Malcolm Reynolds and moral pornography.
(SPOILER) Bill Willlingham on his new Angel arc "Immortality for Dummies". It's a very indepth interview with the Fables creator. So if you enjoy reading IDW's Angelverse comics, it's well worth reading.
(SPOILER) Eliza Dushku on Good Day NY. So, the interviewer was shocked to find that the season had already premiered. Yeah. Spoiler tagged for clip of this Friday's episode of Dollhouse.
Five questions with Jo Chen. The Buffy season 8 artist talks her work at Dark Horse and whether she's going to do any more of her own work.
(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #29. It's the fourth part of Jane Espenson's Retreat arc and we're promised manpads amongst many other things.
(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #26. It's written by Brian Lynch, with artwork by Stephen Mooney. The story looks like it could be a classic.
Why I Watch. The smartest show you're not watching.
Thirty four Firefly episodes based on Elton John Song titles. Glorious. There's no other word for it. More...

October 06

Alyson Hannigan's "American Pie" Audition Tape. Flash from the past. Language definitely NSFW.
(SPOILER) Plot info and cover art for Buffy #31. This Joss penned tale will be out in January.
The Joss Whedon quiz. Can you get 20 out of 20?
Eliza wants your questions! MTV and EW's Pop Candy will be interviewing Eliza tomorrow and they want you to send in some questions.
Grant McCracken on why Dollhouse isn't connecting more broadly. Grant McCracken's (an anthropologist) blog post commenting on the appeal of voluntary vs involuntary transformation. More...
Jenna Busch interviews Nathan Fillion at HuffPost. Along with co-star Stana Katic, he talks Castle, Dr. Horrible sequelage, and when to look for that Firefly Easter Egg.
A chat with 'The Guild' creator/star Felicia Day. PopCandy talks with Felicia about this season of The Guild, the Emmys, plus the influence of Dr. Horrible. More...
Dollhouse needs your help - a fan campaign. Join Activate Dollhouse's campaign to help spread the word about the show. More...
(SPOILER) Comics Continuum has a preview of Angel #26 with an extra page. 6 page preview of tomorrow's issue. For those that haven't seen another vamp with a soul in too long.
Topher Joins Twitter! Fran Kranz is now among the ranks of Twitter as Miracle Laurie confirms to us in her own tweet right here!
(SPOILER) Synopsis for the fourth episode of Dollhouse season 2. 'Belonging' sure does sound intriguing.

October 05

(SPOILER) TV Guide Interview with Tahmoh Penikett. TV Guide interviews Tahmoh about Paul Ballard. This is very character focused. Possible light spoilers.
GeekSix gives a primer on starting your own Serenity RPG. GeekSix Josh, the guy who gave Browncoats an online depot for RPG resources, gives his tips on a running a successful campaign in the 'Verse.
Profitability of Dollhouse vs. a House rerun. TV by the numbers breaks down hypothetical numbers for the profit a Dollhouse episode gives Fox vs. a rerun of House. More...
Ratings for Instinct: Finals are here! Dollhouse went a bit up in the finals. It had a 0.9 / 3 in the all important 18-49 demo and 2 million viewers. It's bad, but still better than a 0.8! More...
10 years ago today - Angel premieres on The WB. It was an amazing show. More...
Satyana Denisof flies plane solo, makes emergency landing. Okay, not really. But she didn't upset the other passengers either! Aly reports on her little ball of sunshine's first flight.
Dollhouse Essay Competition > Write > Win > Get Published (And Paid!). Smart Pop Books are bringing a books of essays about Dollhouse and are looking for contributions. The best bit (well apart from getting published and paid) is that the book will be edited by Jane Espenson.
James Marsters on Lie to Me tonight. James is guest starring tonight and Marc Blucas is on next Monday. If the rumours about a Bones crossover come true, the show will pull a Buffy boyfriend hat trick.
From Maestro to Mayor. Mark Metcalf is "The Master" of character acting.
Listen to the first episode of Angel Between The Lines. It's a fan audio drama set between Angel seasons 3 and 4. If you've followed Buffy Between The Lines, you know you'll be in for a quality listening experience.
Review of Pre-Buffy Joss Script 'Afterlife'. Script Shadow has a review of a Joss Whedon spec, "Afterlife," written in the early '90s.

October 04

(SPOILER) Preview pages for this week's Angel #26. "Boys And Their Toys," Part 1 of 2 by Brian Lynch and Stephen Mooney. More...
Should Dollhouse Be Sent To The Attic? Both a criticism of the show and questions whether or not it would be better for the show to be allowed to be canceled. Also: TV Guide's Matt Roush is concerned about Dollhouse. More...
Has the Firefly Easter Egg on the Castle stage set been found? Nathan twittered about it and the hunt began. More...
Dollverse - 'Dollhouse at real risk of being pulled off the air'. If you want more Dollhouse, now would be a good time to volunteer your help. Earlier this weekend, some suggestions appeared at blank_dolls and the IMDB Dollhouse Board to try and boost the show's ratings.
The Dollhouse Initiative. A blogger explains what's great about Dollhouse and what you can do to help promote it. And if you have any ideas yourself, do mention them.
Sometimes substitutes are better than the real thing.'s TV critic Heather Havrilesky tells us why she thinks Dollhouse is the most exciting drama series this fall. More...
Buffy, Ballads, and Bad Guys Who Sing: Music in the Worlds of Joss Whedon. It's a collection of essays that looks at the music in Joss' works. The book has a release date of February 2010 and is available for pre-ordering at
BuddyTV talks with Enver and Dichen. They chat about the best and worst use for a Doll, what they'd use a doll for in their real life and what we can expect from Season 2. (Spoils only the already known upcoming guest stars.)

October 03

The Mail to give away 'Nobel Son' on DVD this Sunday. Eliza Dushku's movie is turning up as an exclusive DVD in the Mail on Sunday. As it hasn't yet been released in cinemas in the UK or on region 2 DVD, this is the first UK release. Catch it while you can!
Ratings for Dollhouse episode 2x02 "Instinct". The first report on ratings for last night's episode is in. They're at about what many expected them to be (but very few hoped.) Update with more info - THR has more.
(SPOILER) A video tour of the Dollhouse set with Eliza and Fran. It's a lot of fun but there are spoilers for upcoming episodes. Recap of last night's episode also on the page.
What the papers say about last night's episode of Dollhouse. The A.V. Club couldn't make up its mind whether to give Instinct a 'B' or a 'B+' saying "it's like those hit-or-miss early episodes, but mostly much better". TV Squad described the episode as "simply brilliant". The recap (warning - there is a spoilerish video on that page) praised Eliza saying she "give her best performance yet" but thought one aspect of the episode was "kind of inexcusable" . And the CinemaBlend recap raises some interesting questions regarding Echo and another character. More...

October 02

(SPOILER) Trailer for Dollhouse episode 2x03 "Belle Chose". It's written by Tim Minear.
Nathan Fillion discusses Castle on Fangoria Radio. The show first airs tonight at 10 pm Eastern.
Two page online comic for The Guild. As covered by AICN or jump straight to page one and page two. More...
(SPOILER) More on Cabin in the Woods Manga. Includes a first glimpse at two of the characters.
(SPOILER) Discuss the second episode of Dollhouse season 2. It's called 'Instinct' and it's written by the Reaper creators Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters. If you missed it, the episode is now available to watch for free at Fox On Demand and Hulu and can be purchased at iTunes. More...
(SPOILER) Promotional photos for Dollhouse 2x04. Just in time before today's episode of Dollhouse comes a bunch of fresh promotional photos for episode four titled "Belonging", which was written by Jed & Maurissa and airs on October 23rd.
Press release for the Virtual Echo app. The Dollhouse desktop program came out last week. More...
Dollhouse Season 1 on DVD for pre-order in Brazil. Both the DVD and Blu-ray are expected to be released in Brazil on November 5th 2009. More...
(SPOILER) TV Guide Canada's Top 50 Fall Guest Shots. TV Guide Canada's staff have compiled their list of the top 50 guest shots for the fall season. More...
The 20 Year Journey of "Toy Story". Empire chronicles the 20-year-long journey to realize 1995s "Toy Story" from concept to computer-animated acclaim. Praise for Joss Whedon's work on the film can be found on page 10.

October 01

Emma Caulfield's controversial cat webcomic. Emma and the rest of the Contropussy team chat to Newsarama "about the virtues of webcomics, how an animal cast can work for you, and what exactly the title means".
(SPOILER) Miracle Laurie returns to Dollhouse. Some details (very general) on Miracle's upcoming episodes. There's another interview with her over at Airlock Alpha.
All new Dollhouse season two advert. Since Dollhouse goes up against Stargate Universe and Ugly Betty tomorrow, FOX continues its multimedia campaign to tell people about Dollhouse with this trailer. (Which appears to be the only one aired all week).
Preview of Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. The video clip includes Gina Torres performing the voice of Super Woman. More...
'Victor: The Victor Davis Project' airs tonight in the US. It stars Angel's Mark Lutz (who also wrote it) and it'll be on the Hallmark Movie Channel at 8pm/7c.
Buffy buffs pay tribute to the vampire slayer. Megan Gogerty of "I Miss Buffy the Vampire Slayer" fame will be host to "Buffy Lives! A Buffy Tribute and Sing-a-long" at The Englert Theatre in Iowa City this Saturday. And it's free!
Clip from Astonishing X-Men: Gifted episode one. This motion comic which adapts Joss' X-tale will be available for purchase on October 28th. It's directed by John Cassaday and Neal Adams.
"The Booby Scare" featuring Alyson Hannigan among others. Breast Cancer Awareness PSA. Other actresses include Emily Deschanel, Kat McPhee, Minka Kelly and Jaime King. More...
Morena Baccarin speaks about her role in the ABC remake of "V". "I didn't have much training in playing an alien".

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