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December 31

Serenity & Dr. Horrible singled out in Geekscape's Best of The Decade list. Author for the site, Jim Pellegrinelli lists the best pop culture had to offer these past ten years (Comics, Film, TV, The Web). Includes spoilers for other properties and some language. More...
Happy New Year from Whedonesque! Things to look forward to in 2010: the last three glorious episodes of Dollhouse, Twilight's reveal, Joss' Glee episode, The Cabin in the Woods trailer and hopefully Dr Horrible 2 and word about Joss' next project.
Whedon's Brunettes: Dark, Dainty, Disturbed and ... Disturbing? Pretty, fragile, damaged and dangerous -- what's the connection among these traits in female characters who occupy an important role in a number of Whedon works, and what's behind their creator's fixation? More...
The top 300 best selling comic books of the 2000s. Just about every issue of Joss' Astonishing X-Men run makes the chart as do the first three issues of Buffy Season 8.

December 30

An Open Letter to Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen. A writer requests more YouTube fun. More...
(SPOILER) Press Release for Dollhouse 2x12. This is the penultimate episode of the series titled "The Hollow Men" and it will air on January 15th.
Buffy Makes Matt Roush's Best Of The Decade list. Comes in at #13.
"Stage Fright" one of the Worst Sci-Fi TV Moments of '09? io9 includes the season one episode of "Dollhouse" in its countdown of the worst moments in science fiction and fantasy television of the year.

December 29

Two Whedon Comics Among io9's 100 Favorite Comic Covers of the 2000s. The covers for Astonishing X-Men #2 (John Cassaday) and Buffy #3 (Jo Chen) made the top 20. More...
Happy birthday, Eliza! Our favourite Rogue Slayer/Doll is 29 today.
Five things that transformed television this decade. Number three - well you're looking at it. More...
Miracle Laurie Talks Dollhouse. She stars in the pilot of Cabonauts and here she gives a fun interview with the producer, talking about Dollhouse; Joss, Eliza and more.
'Once More With Feeling' makes the Guardian's ten best episodes of the noughties. "The all-musical episode proved that by season six, Buffy The Vampire Slayer could do pretty much anything it wanted to."
"The Cabin in the Woods" Honorable Mention for Future Horror to See. ShockTillYouDrop honors "The Cabin in the Woods" on their countdown of their most anticipated horror films of 2010 regardless of the fact that it has been pushed back to 2011.

December 28

Alyson Hannigan and Felicia Day are near the top of the list for Wired Magazine.
"If Eliza and Sarah were combined into one person..." Alyson Hannigan tweeted this picture of a girl that looks like a Buffy/Faith hybrid! More...
(SPOILER) Press release for Dollhouse S2.11 'Getting Closer'. This episode will air on January 8th.
Sideshow Collectibles talks about new Buffy line. We'll get Buffy, and most likely Faith (whose sketch looks like Jo Chen's first Faith cover) and Willow. More...
Dollhouse nominated in the Brazilian podcast "Run to the Hills Awards 2009". In a poll about the most strange/terrible things of 2009, Joss' show is placed, alongside with TSCC, as a TV show that could have lasted more. More...
(SPOILER) Full Scott Allie Slayalive Q/A For Buffy Season 8: Willow One-Shot.

December 27

Tweeter Vote Wall Contest - Best of Twitter 2009. "Here we honor the best of the best on Twitter for 2009. Who do you think deserves the top honor? Will it be somebody famous or somebody that's about to become famous? There's only one way to find out". Vote for our Eliza (elizadushku)!
A week of Serenity on the Big Screen in Seattle. Anybody already been or going? More...
Adam Busch, Common Rotation, Amber Benson & Tom Lenk appear on WNYC. Sun. Dec. 27, 8 PM EST, 5 PM PST. You can listen to them live from the WYNC website.
Geekscape lists Enver, Dichen & Dollhouse among the Best TV of 2009. "One hour a week this good from a network is hard to find. And thanks to all you philistines, if I want to see seasons three through six, Iíll have to raid a DVD store in an alternate universe." More...

December 26

Dr. Horrible gets a Special Achievement Award. This was in the "Best Viral Videos of the Decade" section. "It would be unfair to put an Emmy-winning production by a beloved director on the same playing field as giggling babies, so we have to single out Joss Whedon's tuneful, stunning creation as a phenomenon unto itself."
Pre-order the Dr. Horrible maquette from QMx. "It seems only fitting," says QMx, "that the first authorized and fully-licensed Dr. Horrible Animated Maquette is of the man with the PhD in Horribleness himself." First in a series of limited-edition maquettes.
Kokatu graphs the science fiction masters of the decade. A "best of decade" comparison that isn't a list. There are points and charts!
IMDb polls TWOP's "favorite physically badass ladies of the decade." Guess who's in the running.

December 25

Astonishing X-Men Gifted tpb with motion comic DVD out in June. Not a bad concept. In other news, Merry Xmas :).

December 23

Marvel Comics "What If's" the Whedon/Cassaday X-Men run. Neither Joss nor John contribute to the book, but it's still an interesting re-imagining of what they created together.
(SPOILER) Promo pics for the second last ever episode of Dollhouse. Episode 12 a.k.a. "The Hollow Men" looks awesome. And look, there's promo pics for episode 11 "Getting Closer" as well.
Brad Meltzer discusses his work on the penultimate arc of Buffy Season 8. The latest IGN Comics Buffy Season 8 comics interview features Brad Meltzer.
(SPOILER) Angel Annual: Last Angel in Hell discussion. The last "Angel" comic from Lynch and Mooney hits today as does the last issue of the Angel: Only Human mini-series.
(SPOILER) Seven ways Dollhouse could have been great. A SciFi Wire OpEd piece offering an assessment of the show. "Rooting for a Joss Whedon show is like rooting for the Chicago Cubs." More...
Trailer for Syfy series Riverworld - with added Tahmoh. It's due to hit screens next year.
(SPOILER) For the discussion of the Willow one-shot comic. It's written by Joss with interior art by Karl Moline.
(SPOILER) Trailer for Tim Minear's upcoming Dollhouse episode. I start fighting a war -- I guarantee you'll see something new. The best TV of the decade. FTA: What can you say about the vampire series that launched a million vampire series? How about, "This one didn't suck"? More...
Trailer for 'Knight and Day'. Co-starring, among many, Marc Blucas!
TWOP's Decade in Review: Our Favorite Scripted TV Shows. TWoP continue their 'Decade in Review' with a countdown of their favourite scripted shows. Buffy features at number 13.

December 22

(SPOILER) Preview Pages Of Angel Projects To Come. Chris Ryall teases art from Franco Urru for two different upcoming Angel projects.
Pop Matters Talks Buffy: When TV Became Art. Robert Moore ponders how Buffy changed genre, narrative, and the role of women.
The Most Badass Women of the Past Decade. TWoP gives us a list of butt kicking chicks of the decade that include a little blond from Sunnydale and a Terminator.
45 indelible moments from 2009 TV. Includes some of our favourites, such as Topher meeting Bennett, Dexter's Thanksgiving, the BSG finale, and Barney Stinson's video resume.
(SPOILER) Rick Fox moves into the Dollhouse. Eliza's real life beau has a minor role that gives away a HUGE plot point. Spoilers for other casting as well.
Video trailer for first dedicated Dollhouse convention. Sweet! You can find more information here.

December 21

(SPOILER) Buffyfest Scott Allie Interview. Plus an unseen page from this week's Willow One-Shot.
Kristy Swanson donates designer dresses to Clothes Off Our Back. The very first Buffy, Kristy Swanson, donated 44 memorable ensembles and an astounding 41 of them sold on the Foundationís site.
Article on Made-for-web productions includes Dr. Horrible. Article from the associated press on the future of internet productions, reported on CP24's website.
(SPOILER) IDW Angel Solicitations For March. Angel #31,Angel Special: Lorne and Angel:A Hole In The World #4 are all out in March 2010.
Dr. Horrible & Firefly's Wash named among the Top 10 Characters of the Decade. The list was created by author and Time Magazine writer Lev Grossman.
DeKnight gets some Whedony company on his new series 'Spartacus'. Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon will be joining DeKnight on the series. Which cable channel Starz's has already renewed, before the pilot has even aired.
(SPOILER) Preview Pages For Buffy Season 8 #31.
Buffy Season Eight #23 Signed by Tom Lenk for Charity. Buffy Season Eight #23 signed by Tom Lenk. Benefits go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. More...

December 20

Roger Ebert names Trucker, co-starring Nathan Fillion, among year's best. The film finds itself on Roger's 2009 wrap-up list in the independent films section.
Photos from the Dollhouse wrap party. Maurissa's been tweeting pictures from Friday's wrap party. Linked here is Joss and Eliza on the dance floor. See her Twitpic page for more. More...
(SPOILER) Preview pages for the new Angel comics out Wednesday. Comics Continuum has preview pages for both Angel comics out on December 23: Angel: Last Angel in Hell Annual #1 and Angel: Only Human #5. More...
A Guide to Navigating Workplace Politics. The L.A. Times looks at TV workplaces old and new in a photo list, and includes Dollhouse.
Sean Maher's new movie Timing: exclusive script snippet and interview with a producer. Dalliance Films, the company behind Sean's upcoming film, Timing, have very kindly offered to share exclusive content with, in an ongoing collaboration covering the film's development process. Check out this page to read a Q&A with producer Keith Sweeney, and to read the first of a monthly series of Timing script snippets.

December 19

Sean Maher to guest-star in The Mentalist. The episode is called "Bleeding Heart"and it is scheduled to air January 21, on CBS. Additionally, I have no link for that yet, but Sean will also be guest-starring in an episode of FOX's new series, Human Target. More...
Last night's Dollhouse ratings. As expected. More...
Metacritic lists Serenity as one of best-reviewed sci-fi/fantasy films of the decade. It comes in at #15.
The worst Christmas present Olivia Williams ever received. As told to The Guardian.
What the papers say about last night's episodes of Dollhouse. The A.V. Club reviewer gave both episodes an 'A' and thinks that "Dollhouse will be remembered long after itís gone". iFMagazine gave 'Stop-Loss' a 'B' and 'The Attic' a 'A-'.'s Ken Tucker said "it was a great night for Dollhouse if you're a Victor and/or a DeWitt fan. As who among us is not?" And the Pioneer Local reviewer wrote that "these were just very epic episodes, and the dialogue was on fire". More...

December 18

Happy birthday, Kristy Swanson! The original Buffy turns the big 4-0 today.
(SPOILER) Julie Benz Appears on "The Soup" to discuss "Dexter" finale in a humorous, but morbidish spoof. More...
(SPOILER) Discuss the ninth and tenth episodes of Dollhouse season 2. Thought the previous two-hour events were stunning? You ain't seen nothing yet. And if you missed them, the episodes can be watched for free at the Fox website and Hulu and can be bought on iTunes.
(SPOILER) John Cassaday enters the Dollhouse. The comic book artist speaks about directing the second of tonight's episodes of Dollhouse. He says "if you're a fan of the show, you gonna love the episode".
Dr. Horrible named one of the decade's best geek moments. Joss's web creation is added to list of triumphs for the 2000s. More...
(SPOILER) Enver Gjokaj previews tonight's episodes of Dollhouse. He also drops some hints for the three remaining episodes that will be shown in January. It's a gift of an interview for those who love big juicy spoilers.
Angel #28 sells out, goes to second printing. "After just one day in stores, Bill Willingham's first Angel issue has sold out, and IDW Publishing will rush a second printing to market."
Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll Trailer co-starring Olivia Williams. Biopic on the late Ian Dury, in which Ms. Williams plays his wife. More...
Production wraps on indie film starring Alan Tudyk. Alan will apparently appear in an indie film which focuses on the parents of an 18 year old who shoots his classmates in a high school massacre, then kills himself.
iF Magazine interviews Harry Lennix. Boyd speaks! On his theatre, film, and Youtube projects. Not to mention the shock that was Dollhouse season 2.

December 17

TV critics have their own Dollhouse lunch. A conversation between Mo Ryan, Alan Sepinwall, James Poniewozik about TV, where they talk mostly about Mad Men and Dollhouse. Contains somewhat spoilery discussion of season three of Mad Men. More...
Teaser trailer for Emma Caulfield's new film "Shadow Play". It's a thriller which also has Elliot Gould in it.
(SPOILER) Ausiello has a casting spoiler for the series finale of Dollhouse. Major spoilers for other shows here as well.

December 16

Vote for Dollhouse actresses to be included in top leading females poll on E! Online. Adelle, Echo, and Sierra all have a chance to make it into E's "Girl on Top" leading female character poll! Julie Benz, Alyson Hannigan, and Christina Hendricks are options as well, for their non-Whedon shows.
EW mentions Nicholas Brendon's run in "Santaland Diaries". But the magazine asks: Is he your pick for the ideal Crumpet? More...
(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #28. The writer of Fables tackles Angel, this should be a very interesting read.
It's the last ever day of Dollhouse filming. Eliza Dushku marks the occasion.
Buffy Season 8 on MTV's List of 2009's Best Comics. Our favorite slayer makes the year's best list as "Best Licensed Series".
Nick Brendon Tweets. Confirmed via his website, Nicky is now tweeting on his Twitter account.
Nathan Fillion and Castle co-star Stana Katic interview each other. A past interview has Eliza Dushku, Tahmoh Penikett, Enver Glokaj and Dichen Lachman talking Dollhouse and another has Morena Baccarin and her "V" cast mates discussing that show.

December 15

Jo Chen's BtVS #25 makes the 50 Best Comic Book Covers of 2009. And at Number 4, no less. Issue 28 made IGN's 100 Covers of 2009 as well.
(SPOILER) The /Filmcast praises Summer Glau, Alan Tudyk and Dollhouse. 14 minutes and 28 seconds into episode 80 of the film news and entertainment podcast, co-host Devindra Hardawar laments the cancellation of Dollhouse. More...
Anthony Head & the cast of Merlin donate signed DVD's for charity auction. The signed DVDs are Auction Items 11 & 12. More...
Dollhouse among top Twitter trends of 2009. It came no 5 in TV.
(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8 #33 solicitations. Posted at Comic Book Resources (hi-res; originally posted at Comics Continuum) along with solicitations for other Dark Horse products. Scroll down if you want to check out the solicitation for Felicia Day's The Guild #1. Featuring a cover by Jeanty as well (excellent likeness of Felicia).
(SPOILER) Buffyfest's Bill Willingham Interview. Angel #28, the start of Willingham's run, is out tomorrow.
Have you seen this two men? Badger and Cobb reunite.
Cooking with Alyson! Everyone's favourite comedy goddess (see what I did there?) will be appearing on Gordon Ramsays Cook-along! More...
(SPOILER) Buffy Boards Q/A With Georges Jeanty. Georges does confirm something specific about Twilight.
Dollhouse season 2 on sale at iTunes USA. For a limited time 99 cents an episode, $1.99 for HD.
(SPOILER) Julie Benz discusses season four finale of Dexter. Major spoilers, be forewarned.
Neil Patrick Harris and Chiwetel Ejiofor nominated for 2010 Golden Globes. Neil is nominated for supporting actor in a comedy or musical series for How I Met Your Mother, and Chiwetel for best performance in a made-for-television special or miniseries for Endgame. More...
Paul Cornell blogs about this year's favourite things. Doctor Who writer Paul Cornell discusses his favourite new books, films and TV shows, including Dollhouse.
(SPOILER) Dollhouse series finale is "crazy & wonderful" says Felicia Day. Spoilers for Epitaph One and the finale title. More...

December 14

io9's Greatest SF Movies of the Past Decade. Serenity gets described as "one of the most audacious, most memorable, science-fiction films of all time".
Robotic doppelgangers for sale! It looks like someone took some notes while watching BTVS' "I Was Made To Love You" episode. Eep.
ABC's Happy Town trailer. It's Twin Peaks meets Amy Acker.
Chicago Tribune's Top TV of 2009. Straight from the pen of Maureen Ryan, a little recognition for our beloved, televised, two-season identity crisis.
(SPOILER) Promo stills from Dollhouse 2x09 and 2x10. Stills from the last two episodes before the holiday hiatus (pretty major spoilers).
Things I Am Grateful For. A heartwarming, spleenpiercing holiday happy list from one of America's pre-eminent procrastinators. More...
Felicia Day interview about The Guild, Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse. She (and fellow Guild cast members) talk about the upcoming The Guild comic book, the possibility of more seasons of The Guild and Legend Of Neil and a painful incident while filming Dollhouse.
(SPOILER) Review/recap of Bill Willingham's Angel #28. The Fables writer's Angelverse debut comes out this week. In related news, there's also interviews with Bill Williams (who writes the backup Angel strip) at League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen and Buffyfest.

December 13

Buffy The Vampire Slayer makes No.19 on Hitfix's TV's Best of the Decade list. "When it came to "Buffy," after refreshing my memory of the 77 episodes in contention, I decided that I could justify the show's position based on only two episodes, if nothing else. And fans probably already can guess which two."
"Drones" to play at the Slamdance Film Festival. The independent film, co-directed by Amber Benson and Adam Busch, has been accepted by the prestigious fest. More...
Echo Simplified (by Windows 7). Scarred by the previous ad? Well you'll know what to expect then.
Don't forget to watch Nicholas Brendon in 'A Golden Christmas' tonight on ION. Nick will be starring in ION's very first TV movie, starting at 9/8 p.m. central. Plus, stop by his website to partake in the discussion thread while watching the movie or afterwards.
Mashable names Mutant Enemy one of top companies reinventing TV online. The Social Media Guide cites Mutant Enemy as a company "well-positioned" in television's more internet-driven future. More...
Dr Horrible Commentary soundtrack is coming. An official soundtrack of the addictive Commentary! The Musical is coming our way, maybe before christmas says Dr Horrible's twitter account.
iFanboy highly recommends Astonishing X-Men for X-Mas. 18 minutes and 32 seconds into this special episode of the video podcast, the boys discuss Marvel's Omnibus collection of Joss Whedon's run on the classic characters, calling it "The best the X-Men's been since the 80s', and nothing since then." More...

December 12

The Best Science Fiction Films of the Decade. SciFi Squad's end of decade assessment: "Serenity is the best space opera since The Empire Strikes Back..."
Ratings for last night's "Dollhouse". It averaged just under 2.41 million viewers with a 0.9 demo rating. More...
TFAW's Christmas Sale includes Serenity Items. Things From Another World has Serenity Items priced from 20-50% off for Christmas. Some really Shiny bargains listed on the site. More...
What the papers say about last night's episodes of Dollhouse. The A.V. Club reviewer mentions the broadcast problems and gave 'Meet Jane Doe' a B+ and 'A Love Supreme' an A-. iFMagazine said the first part was sometimes "more expository than engrossing". CinemaBlend's recap noted the "definite divide" between the episodes and TV Squad said 'Meet Jane Doe' was "good" and thought the ads during 'A Love Supreme' were somewhat telling.

December 11

(SPOILER) Brad Meltzer Buffy Season 8 Interview At MTV Splash Page. Two preview pages for issue 32 as well.
(SPOILER) Discuss the seventh and eighth episodes of Dollhouse season 2. Tonight's two episodes are "Meet Jane Doe" and "A Love Supreme". And if you missed the episodes, you can watch them for free at the Fox site and Hulu and purchase them at iTunes.
The top 10 time-shifted primetime tv programs of 2009. According to Nielsen, Dollhouse came joint tenth with a 44.9% increase in viewership.
Firefly tops brilliant-but-cancelled decade list. Alan Sepinwall names Firefly at the top of his "brilliant-but-cancelled" list in his decade roundup. More...
Not A Doll - a new site. WhyIWatch has created another Dollhouse influenced site. If you still need to buy Christmas cards and presents there are many items for sale. Plus ALL proceeds go to charity. Read about the real life issues that Dollhouse highlights and see how you can assist.

December 10

James Marsters stars in tonight's Radio 4 play "Then We Came to the End". He plays "The Voice". Reed Diamond of Dollhouse fame also appears in it. The play will be on at 9pm, listen to it live here. More...
The Canadian Press names BtVS among best shows of the decade. "From the stark soundscape of 'The Body' to the exuberant musical numbers of 'Once More, With Feeling,' 'Buffy' was one of the few shows to willingly play with form while establishing a female heroine who was sexy, smart, funny and strong."
BuddyTV 's Best Ships of 2009. 3 guesses which pair came it at #15... More...
TWoP's Most Valuable Performers of 2009. Which doll do you think made their list? Take a wild guess...
Would Vincent Kartheiser make a good Riddler? MTV seem to think so.
(SPOILER) Big Buffyfest Interview With New Angel Editor Mariah Huehner. Talks about what's coming up for the ongoing Angel monthly and Spike monthly plus new preview pages for Angel #28. The second part of the interview can be found here. More...
Mass Effect 2 voice cast video. Adam Baldwin, Michael Hogan, Seth Green and more announced to be in Mass Effect 2. More...
(SPOILER) Watch Felicia Day be a teacher. Who sings. It's a clip from Monday fall finale of Lie To Me, which has Felicia all over it.
IDW to release an Andy Hallett/Lorne tribute comic by John Byrne. A final send-off for Lorne who will no longer be used in main Angel continuity after this and a fitting tribute to Andy Hallett. More...
Mark Sheppard announces a guest star arc on Chuck. Reuniting Mark and Adam. No more details, other than his arc will start with the 12th episode, according to spoilertv. Chuck starts its 3rd season Jan 10th.
(SPOILER) Five clips from this Friday's episodes of Dollhouse. "Meet Jane Doe" and "A Love Supreme" look like they will be top-notch viewing.

December 09

Buffy syndication gears up in the US. Buffy reruns coming to LOGO and MTV January 2010.
Michelle Trachtenberg gets praise for Mercy role at TV Worth Watching. Featuring picture of Michelle in Hello Kitty scrubs. More...
Bid for a highly collectible Dark Horse Fun Pack. The Portland Mercury is auctioning off a big old comic package for charity. The pack includes a lithograph signed by Joss Whedon, a Dr Horrible comic book signed by Zack Whedon and Joëlle Jones and a page of original artwork from that one-shot. More...
Interview with Anthony Stewart Head. It's about Merlin.
Trailer for "Drones" - directed by Amber Benson & Adam Busch, starring Jonathan Woodward. Also featuring music by Common Rotation (band Adam Busch is in) and trailer features brief glimpse of Mr. Busch as well.
Thank Shawna Trpcic. The Dollhouse Thank You Album takes a rest on Shawna Trpcic's desk. Thank her for helping get bobw10 onto the set for the deliveries last Friday in the photo comments and here. Great photo.
Danny Strong: One of the Few Successful Actor-Writers. Our very own Jonathan makes Movieline's list of ten notable actors who have also made a successful go of it in the related field of screenwriting.

December 08

Comic book sales figures for November 2009. ICv2's sales estimates for November 2009 have been released. More...
Fox Axing "Firefly" One of the Top Ten Sci-Fi Disappointments of the Decade. io9 considers Fox's decision to end "Firefly" (among other short-lived quality shows on the network) one of the top ten most disappointing moments of the aughts.
Time's Top 10 TV Episodes of 2009. Click to see which episode of Dollhouse made the list. More...
Buffy and Sci-Fi Class at Michigan State University. AMS 450 - Major Themes in Pop Culture will be offered this spring at MSU with a focus in BtVS, The Terminator, and Aliens. More...
Happy Birthday Simon Helberg! Raise a glass to celebrate Mr. Helberg's 29th. More...
Bid for a Captain Mal Reynold's holster prop replica. This special one of a kind auction is being organised by the California Brownooats and all proceeds will go to The ALS Association. ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord, patients in the later stages of the disease may become totally paralyzed.
iTunes Rewind 2009 best media of the year. "Epitaph One" is included.
Serenity on the big screen Thursday Night in Raleigh, NC.
Reviews of Buffy essay collections in scholarly journal. The latest issue of The Journal of Popular Culture has a couple of Buffy-themed reviews which are certainly an interesting read. You need to sign up / be a member of Wiley InterScience to read the whole articles, but can get the gist from the abstracts. More...

December 07

Tim Minear becomes showrunner for Shawn Ryan's new show "Terriers". It's part of Tim's new two-year deal with 20th Century Fox.
10 Small Screen Masterpieces from Joss Whedon. A thoughtful list of one fan's top 10 favorite Whedon TV moments, from Buffy to Dollhouse, with stops in-between.
(SPOILER) Watch With Kristin reveals casting detail for Dollhouse series finale. Spoilers for other shows as well. More...
When Riley met Caleb (sort of). Marc Blucas guests in tonight's episode of Castle, titled "The Fifth Bullet".
When TV Became Art. Emily Nussbaum of New York Magazine writes of television in the 00s. "But for anyone who loves television, who adores it with the possessive and defensive eyes of a fan, this was most centrally and importantly the first decade when television became recognizable as art, great art." Several references to Joss.
"If they can't remember, they can't enjoy it." Maclean's argues that no one would ever want to become a Doll, apparently for the reason I've quoted for the post title here.
Five reasons why I continued to watch Dollhouse. A Sequential Tart writer explains.
Alexis Denisof cast in ABC Family pilot "Pretty Little Liars". Bianca Lawson ("Kendra") will also be joining in a recurring role. More...
iF Magazine interviews Enver Gjokaj. A nice little Q & A with our golden boy, Enver. Unfortunately not recent enough to talk about certain recent tours-de-force, but still very charming with lots of Dollhouse acting insight.

December 06

(SPOILER) Promo for next double bill of Dollhouse (2x07 & 2x08). Here's the trailer for next week folks. More...
Questions needed for the ultimate Buffy fan quiz. If you remember SciFi UK's Buffy quiz from last month, people thought it was a bit easy and as suspected questions 8 and 9 were indeed incorrect. So as a result, SciFi UK want to do a new quiz with hard questions submitted by you. More...
Firefly on Amazon UK's '12 Days of Christmas Sale!'. Get 69% off! Get a nice Christmas present..for yourself! Region 2 may only be viewable inside Europe.
Dollhouse Simplified (by Windows 7). Cringe-tastic Fox advert.

December 05

Dollhouse (alternative) opening credits for season 2. This is a fan work, but that's how I think the opening should look like (I mean Dollhouse is clearly an ensemble show).
Dollhouse ratings for eps 5 and 6. Predictable.
Happy birthday, Amy Acker! She turns thirty-three today.
What the papers say about last night's episodes of Dollhouse. The A.V. Club gave 'The Public Eye' a B+ and 'The Left Hand' an A, saying "all in all, a great night for the show, with intimations of greater nights to come". CinemaBlend went with "the back-to-back eps felt more like one big, super-sized episode of awesomeness". TV Squad said the first part was "as truly an excellent episode of Dollhouse" and called it "one of its strongest installments yet Ė a cool and exciting hour of TV". And's Ken Tucker called the second part "the single best edition of Dollhouse ever". More...

December 04

11 things you don't know about Joss. Fox Broadcasting suddenly made Dollhouse-related use of its YouTube account today in honor of the show's return.
Miracle Laurie says thanks to our thanks. Courtesy of Twitpic, here's a shot of some inappropriate starches.
It's not a death ray... Random awesomeness at The Pancake Project!
(SPOILER) Discuss the fifth and sixth episodes of Dollhouse season 2. It's the beginning of the end. And if you missed the two episodes, they are now available to watch for free at the Fox site and Hulu and can be purchased individually on iTunes (SD version only, HD versions are "season only"). More...
This American Life Live Show Now Available on DVD. The This American Life Live Show, "Return to the Scene of the Crime", featuring Joss performing "Heart Broken" is now available via DVD!
Blue Sun Travel posters set (series 2) available for pre-order. Shiny! Especially the Bellerophon poster.
Felicia Day lends her voice to Guild Wars 2. Trailer for the game at Kotaku. More...
Adam Baldwin discusses 'Chuck,' video games, and Chevy Chase. Nice interview in wherin Adam talks about work, charities, being a sci-fi icon, and kissing Zachery Levi.
(SPOILER) AICN's Herc says tonight's Dollhouse is the best season 2 installment so far. Lots of spoilers and talk about the rest of the season - so spoilerphobes beware!

December 03

Alexis Denisof analyses Dollhouse. "It would be nice if morality were black and white, and sexuality were black and white, and right and wrong were clear as day and night, but they're simply not".
Reviews are coming in for Nicholas Brendon in 'The Santaland Diaries'. He seems to be winning many over with his "easy inviting charm" according to these reviews.
"Open Graves" co-starring Eliza Dushku Arrives on Disc February 23, 2010. Lionsgate will release this long-shelved (which finally got a premiere via the SyFy Channel a few months back) indie horror film co-starring our sometimes-slayer and sometimes-doll on the 23rd of February next year.
Hulu - Astonishing X-Men: Gifted, Episode 2. The story continues... In animated form... Which is neat.
Scott Allie talks Buffy #33 Obama spoof cover. "I think we're the only comics publisher not to try to sell comics based on the President's popularity, so I thought it'd be funny".
BuddyTV's sexiest man of 2009. Guess who BuddyTV chose for sexiest man of 2009! Please check out numbers 37, 14 and 10 as well! More...
The Watcher talks to Joss about...lots of stuff. Including Dollhouse, Fox's "twitchy" reaction to sexual themes, Dr Horrible 2, Glee, Terminator, Web ventures.
10AM Lightning Deal On Dollhouse Season 1 Blu-ray! Amazon are selling it for $27.99 for a very short time.
Merlin is renewed for its third season on BBC One. "The announcement comes as the second series of the Saturday-evening show continues to enthral audiences, pulling in a peak of over six million viewers and a 31% share." Cheers for Anthony and company!

December 02

Who is the greatest tv sleuth of all time? Angel is one of the options in the Paley Center's TV Sleuth Smackdown. Voting closes Dec 21.
Trailer for "Yes, Virginia" starring the voice of Neil Patrick Harris. Upcoming Christmas special stars the vocal talents of NPH, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Alfred Molina.
(SPOILER) Eliza Dushku teases final episodes of 'Dollhouse'. Along with the interview, there's some stunning clips from this Friday's episodes. Btw if you want to see the the clips in full, then click here (and scroll down).
Buffy movie without Joss? - "A very big mistake" says Alyson Hannigan. She tells CinemaBlend that she wouldn't appear in it even for a cameo role.
NPH is 'Frosty the Inappropriate Snowman'. Hey, kids! It's Barney!
(SPOILER) Joss gives working title of Dollhouse finale. Tweeting about an interview with Joss, the Chicago Tribune's Maureen Ryan reports that the working title is...
Editor Scott Allie talks about upcoming Twilight reveal in Buffy Season 8. Article title reveals which specific issue will have Twilight's unmasking. There's also a rather surprising reveal on the cover art.
Seth Green appearing on The Bonnie Hunt Show tomorrow! Catch our little werewolf on The Bonnie Hunt Show tomorrow in syndication.
The Ten Best Television Shows Of The Aughts. Firefly (of course) makes the list.

December 01

Dollhouse: Gone Too Soon. A wonderfully done fan-tribute Youtube vid that captures the docile aspects of an Active's life.
(SPOILER) Tahmoh Penikett teases the upcoming Dollhouse episodes. Spoilers for other shows as well.
Nicholas Brendon's holiday movie gets airdate, homepage. Nick stars in "A Golden Christmas" Dec. 13 on ION Television. There's also a preview for the movie off the network's homepage.
Jane Espenson Talks Buffy Season 8 And #30 Ending. Compares the ending of "I Was Made To Love You" to the ending of "Retreat."
(SPOILER) Press release for Dollhouse 2x09 and 2x10. Interesting stuff about some of our Dolls.
(SPOILER) If Supernatural reveals God, who should play him? Or her? Some of our heroes (Gina Torres, Summer Glau, and some guy named Whedon) as choices to play God in a possible upcoming Supernatural episode. More...
(SPOILER) Five page preview of the Willow one shot comic. The comic goes on sale December 23.
Jewel Staite to appear at Wizard World Anaheim, CA in April. She will be there with other Whedon alums Eliza Dushku, Juliet Landau, Doug Jones, and Camden Toy, April 16 - 18, 2010. More...

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