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January 31

Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Blu-ray gets a release date on Amazon. It'll be out on May 25th. Will it have the good Doctor's Emmy appearance as an extra? More...
Felicia Day's Dollhouse Q&A. Felicia posts her answers to numerous fan questions on her blog regarding her Dollhouse experience. Spoilers for those who haven't seen Epitaph 2: Return.
Former Dollhouse staff writer Andrew Chambliss joins Twitter. Tweet.
"Dollhouse was a great deal of fun to work on," says one of the two composers. Interview with Mychael Danna about composing music for movies and television shows. More...

January 30

Nicholas Brendon to appear at Orlando convention. Nick will be at BloodLust May 7-9. Additionally, his play starts tonight.
Eliza Dushku is no. 60 on's Top 99 Women 2010 Edition. Christina Hendricks also comes in at no. 58.
Ratings for 'Epitaph Two: Return'. Not like it really matters at this point, but... More...
What the papers say about the last ever Dollhouse episode. The A.V. Club gave "Epitaph Two: Return" an 'A-' saying it was "a thrilling, twist-filled hour with real emotional resonance". TV critic Alan Sepinwall said it was "an imperfect but often moving finale". E! Online consided it "to be plenty rewarding for faithful viewers" but thought a lot of it "felt very silly". The MTV recap believed that the finale "was about as good as could be expected" and HitFix declared that "it's a very, very good episode of television" but "[it] won't sit proudly alongside the "Angel" finale as one of the all-time greats". And finally TV Overmind says "this wasn't an ending for everyone" but concluded that "it has been one helluva run".

January 29

(SPOILER) Discuss the Dollhouse series finale. It's the endgame. If you missed the episode, you can watch it for free at the Fox site and Hulu and buy it on iTunes. More...
(SPOILER) Behind the scenes pics from the Dollhouse finale. An unexpected treat just before the show kicks off.
See Serenity on the Big Screen Friday & Saturday in Houston. At Midnight, which means Houston Browncoats can discuss the Dollhouse Series Finale before, in line or afterwards. More...
More details about Tim Minear's work on Gene Roddenberry's "The Questor Tapes". In an interview with Newsarama, Rod Roddenberry states that Tim Minear and Ron Howard's Imagine Television are working on realising the vision of Gene Roddenberry's "The Questor Tapes". The story features an android whose memory tapes are incomplete, and like emotion-deficient Trek mainstays Data, Spock and Q, is searching for his humanity.
5 things I'll miss about Dollhouse. A list from Popwrap at the NY Post.
Juliet Landau's directorial debut will "Take Flight" on Feb 25th. That is the date it will be available to order on DVD. For information on the documentary visit
Priya's painting from "Belonging" is up for bid on EBay. All proceeds benefit Children's Hospital Los Angeles. There's some background information on the painting in the description. Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon say some nice things about Dollhouse fans as well. More...
(SPOILER) Ten reasons why we'll miss Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. produces a very comprehensive list. (Spoiler tagged cause of the three preview clips for tonight's finale).
Tony Head on Jonathan Ross' BBC 2 Radio Show. He will be a guest on Jonathan Ross Radio 2 show tomorrow morning. More...
(SPOILER) Matt Roush reviews the series finale of Dollhouse. Minor spoilers for the finale included.
When Forrest met Caleb. Leonard Roberts will guest star in a two-part episode of "Castle" to be aired in consecutive dates on March 21st and 22nd.
(SPOILER) Dollhouse 2x13 is up on Amazon Video. Presumably in error, but it's there. ETA: looks like it's been taken down.
Nets Salivating Over Actors from Canceled, Bubble Shows. Article on high demand for "Ugly Betty" actors for pilot season mentions "Dollhouse" as another show casting directors are eager to gain cast members from.

January 28

Eliza Dushku on Dollhouse and its demise. She talks to the LA Times about the cancellation, her role as producer, the Echo/Caroline dynamic and the Friday night death slot.
Neil Patrick Harris to host adaptation of game show The Cube. Not satisfied with a successful sitcom, various hosting gigs and guest stints, NPH takes on yet another job. ETA: Get tickets to see him filming the pilot in London by clicking here.
(SPOILER) Clips from the Dollhouse finale. How good was the first preview? Want more? Here's the second preview and the third preview. The three clips are also up on Hulu. More...
Buffy Season 8 and Dr Horrible win some Diamond GEM awards. "Dark Horse Comics' Buffy the Vampire Slayer hit a double-header for the Oregon-based publisher, with issue #22 awarded Licensed Comic of the Year and the Season 8 TP Volume 4: Time of Your Life winning Licensed TP of the Year". And the Dr Horrible DVD won Audio/Visual Media of the Year.
Amy Acker on post-cancellation Dollhouse. Some insight on Saunders, and the ever-widening world of Whedon alums. Spoilers if you aren't caught up to 2.11.
Thirty gloriously geeky actors and directors. Apparently there's some sort of mathematical basis for the rankings. Anyhow, Joss storms into sixth place , Felicia Day comes 14th and Nathan Fillion is 22nd.
Gina Torres in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths gets discussed by voice director. Andrea Romano has been responsible for casting other Whedon alums in previous DC Comics animation projects, including Justice League Unlimited and following direct to DVD movies.

January 27

Dollhouse makes Zap2It's Top 32 WTF? moments for January. Zap2It admits it went "WTF?" when Rossum's previously unidentified founder was revealed in the penultimate Dollhouse episode. Serious spoilage if you haven't seen it yet, so catch up already!
ABC Orders More Castle! ABC has ordered 2 additional episodes of Castle, bringing this season's total episodes to 24. More...
Fox airs tonight American Idol episode featuring NPH as guest judge. His involvement in the reality show was revealed back in August. He might also appear in next week's "Best of the Rest" episode.
Alan Tudyk on Dollhouse's demise. "Joss Whedon shows, in my experience, they're awesome and then Fox cancels them".

January 26

"Showing people the proper etiquette of being disgusting." That's Brian White, one of the film's stars, describing Drew Goddard directing The Cabin in the Woods. No plot details in the Cabin portion of this interview.
Merlin season two will be aired in the US on SyFy starting April 2. Season 1 is getting an encore US run on SyFy in March, and the DVD of season 1 releases in the US on April 20.
Michelle Trachtenberg on the cover of Complex Magazine. The issue hits stands February 8th. More...
Joss says "I do hope to create something in this calendar year". He also talks about Dr Horrible 2 and his upcoming Glee episode (and whether Neil Patrick Harris will guest).
(SPOILER) Buffy cover for issue #35. Buffy artist Georges Jeanty reveals cover to issue #35! More...
Signed Dollhouse 'Epitaph One' script ebay auction for Habitat for Humanity. Signed by Eliza, Enver and Tahmoh, all the money will go to Habitat for Humanity International. Auction ends Jan. 31st
Official Dollhouse auction gets updated. Neural disruptors and wedges! And Joss' chair back. And lots of other non-clothing items. All drool-worthy.
(SPOILER) Sean Maher on Human Target tonight. Sean Maher guest-stars tonight at 9pm on FOX, in an all-new episode of Human Target (Embassy Row). Canadians actually got to see this last night - what did you think? More...
The hiring of Jayne in 'Out of Gas' as performed by Kinetic Typography. More classic sci-fi scenes done in this manner can be found in this SciFi Wire feature.
Drones gets high praise at Slamdance Film Fest. Slug Magazine calls Amber Benson and Adam Busch's new comedy, "One of the biggest crowd-pleasers of Slamdance 2010, this film uses actors and location to craft something unique in American cinema."
Carpe Noctem: Interview with Jackie Kessler. New interview with Jackie Kessler about her involvement in the Tales of the Vampire DH MySpace website and the dark story she wrote for it.

January 25

Bid for a Jayne Little Damn Hero signed by Adam Baldwin. All proceeds go to The Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation.
Buffy Season 8 Volume 3 is a 'Great Graphic Novel for Teens'. The American Library Association picked Drew Goddard's 'Wolves at the Gate' arc as one of their graphic novels that met "the criteria of both good quality literature and appealing reading for teens" in 2010.
The Whedon lunch gets Full Frontal Nerdity treatment. Remember how we all got off on Joss having lunch? The story made it to the comics, but looks like fandom is the real story.
CBS renews How I Met Your Mother for season 6. More Aly/Neil goodness in 2010-11!
Bid on a chance to visit the set of Nathan Fillion's show Castle. Just read on about two chances to bid on a set visit to ABC's Castle to benefit the Relational Center in Los Angeles.
Other auction: Ebay Auction 2
Spartacus premiere ratings set Starz record. Great news for Dollhouse alumns Steven DeKnight, Andrew Chambliss, Tracy Bellomo, Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon.
Christina's gown "safe and boring"? NY Post compares and contrasts ("and critiques!") gowns worn by actresses who attended both awards ceremonies. More...
Win a signed 'The Guild: Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?' Poster. Donate $30 to Help Haiti Heal by Jan. 30th and be entered for a chance to win an 11x17 poster of The Guild cast in their avatar outfits from their music video. Autographed by the six main character (Felicia, Sandeep, Jeff, Robin, Vince and Amy) but also Riley (Michele Boyd), Dena (Tara Caso) and the Director of S2 & 3 Sean Becker. More...
Alan Tudyk talks Firefly's cancellation, Serenity and the Wash spin-off comic book. And his proposal to Joss about his idea for a Firefly prequel is probably the funniest thing you will hear all day.
Pics of Joss Whedon at last night's Producers Guild Awards. He was accepting the Vanguard Award for achievements in new media and technology. If you look at the "Backstage and Audience" section, you'll seen some photos of Joss and a very dapper Neil Patrick Harris.

January 24

(SPOILER) Georges Jeanty Slayalive Q/A for Buffy #31. Major spoiler talk about Twilight's identity is discussed.
Happy Birthday Enver Gjokaj! He turns 28 today. More...
Happy Birthday Stephanie Romanov! Raise a glass for truly one hell of a lawyer. More...
Jayne Cobb is My Boyfriend T-Shirt. Available in beige or green. I believe the Serenity Kanji Patch is new too.
Nathan Fillion jokes about Serenity sequel. Comic News Insider recorded their "Best of '09" podcast and asked for folks to call in with picks. Nathan called in and left a hilarious message! I know people will want to know the time stamp (56:20 - Simon) but it's really a great show as they cover Sci-Fi shows/films as well as comics and their top of '09. Check the whole episode out!

January 23

Video of this week's Leverage episode featuring Mark Sheppard. The best part of the clip is the Mark and Christian fight scene.
Cover art for the first two Buffy omnibi posted by Simon & Schuster. Interestingly, they don't use the familiar BtVS logo, nor do Buffy or any other characters appear.

January 22

Jonathan Woodward joins Twitter. Our favorite vamp psychiatrist has joined up. As verified by Amber Benson.
Firefly keychain available for pre-order. Fans were very enthused when they heard about the keychain at the start of the year. The price has now been unveiled and it's a steal at $9.95. And each one you pre-order gives you a chance to win a chrome-finished keychain (one of a kind).
Spartacus first episode available for worldwide online streaming. It's created by Steven Deknight (Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse) and other Dollhouse writers on the series include Andrew Chambliss, Tracy Bellomo, Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon. It airs tonight on Starz at 10pm.
Helping Haiti Heal - a multi fandom webcast event. This is a four hour show scheduled for tomorrow at 2pm EST. The aim is to raise lots of money for Partners In Health. More...
(SPOILER) First look at James Marsters on Caprica.'s Ausiello has the scoop.
(SPOILER) Jane Espenson speaks about Caprica's gay character. "It's time for sexuality to be incidental".

January 21

The Logo Channel's best Buffy moments. There's three photo categories to peruse: the Most Comedic, the Most Dramatic and the Most Sexy.
Vote for the dress Christina Hendricks should wear to the SAG Awards. Every vote counts and supports Degree’s donation of $50,000 to Clothes Off Our Back. Hendricks’ red dress will be auctioned off by Clothes Off Our Back after the award ceremony.
Tooned up Buffy, Willow & Glory figures and original sketches auctioned for a good cause. The National Cartoonists Society Foundation is holding an auction on eBay to raise money to help the family of cartoonist, Tim Hodges. More...
Scott Allie podcast interview where he talks about Twilightgate. They don't reveal the actual spoiler so it's safe to listen to for the unspoiled. He also gives some newish info on Buffy Season 9 in relation to season 8. More...
TV Guide's 15 best midseason replacements. Buffy is number four.
Dr. Horrible Inventions! has put together an absolutely adorable compilation of Dr. Horrible fan crafts for their "Fandomestic" section. What are your favorite Horrible crafts on the web?
Two more seasons of Robot Chicken ordered. That's 40 more times you'll see Seth Green and friends messing about. More...
Vote for Nathan Fillion in the Twitter Oscars (Shorty Awards). The Shorty Awards honor the best creators of short-form, real time content. You need a twitter account to vote.
Nathan Fillion talks Firefly, Dr. Horrible and Why Kids Need to Read. Audio interview with's Geek Dad.
Dollhouse's Fazekas and Butters become "Cutthroat". ABC has greenlit a pilot that centers on a single mother who keeps up appearances in Beverly Hills by secretly running a drug cartel. Both will exec produce. More...
Tim Minear in talks to produce Gene Roddenberry pilot "The Questor Tapes". That's according to the Roddenberry Productions press release.

January 20

Tony Head talks about his new play and supporting his children's desire to act. He talked to ITV's This Morning about his latest role at London's Old Vic in the award-winning play "Six Degrees of Separation", his initial concerns about his daughters' acting ambitions, and his pride in their burgeoning careers. More from the interview can be found here. More...
Did NY Times distort a photo of Christina Hendricks? Gothamist makes a case for the NY Times having deliberately distorted an image of Christina Hendricks to prove its "point" about girls with curves. I'm not necessarily nuts about the dress, but the woman wearing it is hot, hot, hot!
Amy Acker is living in a very 'Happy Town'. Amy talks Angel, Dollhouse, Cabin In The Woods and her new show Happy Town.
Sean Maher Interview. Sean talks about becoming an actor and his early career, the Firefly experience, and auditioning for Dollhouse.
(SPOILER) Jossverse guest stars in Grey's Anatomy. J. August Richards and Sarah Paulson to guest in Grey's Anatomy.
(SPOILER) Jenny Frison's Cover For Angel #33. Chris Ryall posted it in honor of Jenny Frison's birthday.

January 19

Fan auctions Firefly DVD signed by Joss and 15 cast members for Haiti. A UK based Firefly fan is auctioning a Firefly DVD cover with 15 autographs including Joss. 100% of the proceeds to be donated to Hollywood Unites for Haiti. The DVD cover is signed by Nathan Fillion, Morena Baccarin, Jewel Staite, Sean Maher, Adam Baldwin, Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk, Summer Glau, Ron Glass, Michael Fairman, Christina Hendricks, Richard Brooks, Jonathan Woodward, Mark Sheppard and Joss Whedon.
Official Dollhouse memorabilia auction continues. 16 new items up for bid, including Bennett's bathrobe, Ms. Lonelyhearts' dress and shoes, and Whiskey's white gown from Epitaph One.
(SPOILER) IDW Angel solicitations for April. Angel #32, first issue of Angel: Barbary Coast, and the conclusion to Angel: A Hole in the World.
Why Dr. Horrible 2 has to go now or we'll lose it for a year. I say: all good things come to those who wait. Sci-Fi Wire reports on NPH comments.
(SPOILER) Preview of Zack Whedon's new Terminator Comic. First five pages of the comic, obviously spoilery for the first five pages. More...
(SPOILER) Scott Allie Slayalive Q/A for Buffy #31 and the Twilight reveal. MAJOR SPOILERS for Twilightgate. Not surprising this was a major topic of the Q/A.
Happy Birthday Buffy! Seems like only yesterday that little Buffster was fighting off vamps during her sophomore year of high school. Our favorite slayer turns 29 today. More...

January 18

Joss and NPH to reunite- on Glee? Ausiello says they're waiting on the okay from CBS. More...
A review for the Big Damn Heroes Handbook. A fresh look at the newest piece of the Serenity RPG.
Peace Fund Charity Auction for Haiti featuring Nathan Fillion & Tony Head autographs. The Peace Fund is auctioning signed Nathan Fillion and Anthony Stewart Head photographs to raise money for Haiti relief.
Zack Whedon on his new Terminator comic (and the next Dr Horrible title?). "I also see my family every now and then, and when I do, the talk often turns to 'Doctor Horrible 2: Carnal Indulgences.' That's all for now!".
Dollhouse: (Briefly) The Best Show on Television. A PopMatters writer argues that the show "has turned out to be a rich, complex, and fascinating successor to Buffy and Firefly".
Whedon vet Steve DeKnight is head writer of 13-part series "Spartacus: Blood and Sand."
Upcoming big Buffyverse bibliography. A "massive bibliography" on everything ever published about Buffy or Angel, to arrive in 2010. More...
Neil Patrick Harris talks about his directing debut. It happens in tonight's episode of How I Met Your Mother. Contains brief description of the episode.

January 17

Christian Kane to appear on Good Morning Texas, Jan 18th. Christian tweeted about his appearance, "Doing Good Morning Texas tomorrow Jan 18th @ 8:20 am. Channel 8. WFAA in Dallas.. Hope y'all can tune in." Update: The video is on the site linked, now for those who missed it. More...
James Marsters attending DragonCon 2010. James' official website confirmed today that he will once again be attending the conference being held September 3-5 2010 in Atlanta, GA.
News from the TCA press tour: A Joss Whedon show on FX? John Landgraf, the network president, says that he'll be having lunch with Joss in a couple of weeks (as a result of Joss' representatives calling and scheduling). Landgraf says "I have enormous respect for him".
Clips from Alan Tudyk's new movie "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil". Looks like it could be an excellent send-up of a certain horror genre.

January 16

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8 artist Georges Jeanty on the Twilight reveal. He also talks about why he thinks Season 8 will "stand as one of the most important seasons of the series".
Amber Benson and Adam Busch on the Kevin Pollak Chat Show. This Sunday, Jan 17th at 5PM (PST), Kevin interviews Adam, Amber, and members of the cast (and crew) of “Drones”.
411 Mania interview with Charisma Carpenter. Promoting "House of Bones" (premiering tonight at 9PM on SyFy) She discusses which Angel co-star got her in the door for the casting of The Expendables and which Angel scene she showed Sly Stallone to get the part.
Can't Stop the Serenity's 2010 Promotional Art contest. If you win then your "design will be featured on t-shirts, posters and promotional material".
Last night's Dollhouse ratings. From Mark Berman.
What the papers say about last night's episode of Dollhouse. The A.V. Club reviewer gave 'The Hollow Men' an 'A-' and the HitFix recapper described the episode as "eerily well-done" and a "balls-out Shakespearean tragedy". TV Squad said it was "an enjoyable episode, but not as much as last week's" and the MTV reviewer thought the show "has had an amazing streak of episodes dating back to "Belonging," but I think that "The Hollow Men" was the weakest of the bunch". And finally, io9 makes a reasonable stab at explaining what the episode was all about.
Dollhouse Season 1 DVD and Blu-ray is Amazon's Deal of the Day. That's $17.99 for the DVD and $25.49 for the Blu-ray.

January 15

(SPOILER) Preview for the final episode of Dollhouse: 2x13 Epitaph two. Looks like a pretty amazing final episode!
(SPOILER) Discuss the twelfth episode of Dollhouse Season 2. Tonight's episode is called 'The Hollow Men'. And if you missed it, you can now watch it for free at the Fox site and Hulu and buy it at iTunes.
Jackie Kessler talks more about her Buffy Season 8 webcomic. The first part of 'Tales of the Vampires: Carpe Noctem' was previewed last week. And the second part will be appear at the MySpace Dark Horse Presents site on February 3rd.
(SPOILER) Second trailer for Adam Busch & Amber Benson's new film, "Drones". This one was edited by Toby Wilkins, Director of last year's critically acclaimed horror film, "Splinter".
Serenity named as an underrated sci-fi movie masterpiece. puts the film at number 3 on their list. More...
Joss Whedon says "Goodbye" to the Dollhouse. The latest part of Comic Book Resource's interview with Joss. More...
(SPOILER) Dollhouse interview with Olivia Williams. According to the header, this interview was conducted pre-cancellation. Spoilers seem mostly for stuff we've seen, but tagged for those who are good at making inferences and/or not yet caught up.
Dollhouse finale delayed from Jan 22nd to Jan 29th. ...due to Haiti telethon on a slew of networks. A more official link will come soon. Update: There's a thread over at .org for planning fan efforts to help.

January 14

Throne of the Slayer Maquette available for pre-order. The exclusive has an extra scythe.
Vid of Nathan Fillion on Regis & Kelly from 1/11/10.
Felicia Day talks about her new Guild comic book. She also reveals that, "While a fourth season of "The Guild" has not yet been picked up by Microsoft," she is "in the process of planning storylines".
'Dollhouse has become a thing of beauty'. Interesting article about the show's early flaws and the show's current brilliance.
(SPOILER) Buffyfest eloquently sums up "Why IDW's Angel Comic Still Matters". " matter what happens in a Dark Horse galaxy far, far away, right here, right now, IDW is putting out compelling stories that are worth reading."
January Q&A From James Marsters. Diving: Scuba vs. Sky and the ultimate smackdown between hipbones and throats. A whole day early, even.
Eliza Dushku interview in the latest issue of MF Magazine. There's a Julie Benz feature as well. Good way to start the day.

January 13

Sarah Paulson Makes An Appearance on Law & Order: SVU. Our favorite reaver-eaten scientist appears tonight and in the repeated episode on the 23rd.
Christian Kane Opens New Website. Launch comes just in time for the return of Leverage tonight on TNT. Some of the photos used on the new site was taken by his co-star Beth Riesgraf.
(SPOILER) Joss Whedon on Buffy's future, Twilight's reveal and Spike's fate. It's the second part of his Comic Book Resources interview.
Beth Grant tells a short li'l story about Joss. In the A.V. Club's Random Roles column, Beth Grant (Ghost Mom in Angel's"Rm w/a Vu") tells a little story about a meeting she had with Joss (interestingly enough, for something not-Angel). Scroll down to the section about Speed to read. More...
(SPOILER) IDW's Chris Ryall answers your questions. All those burning issues get an answer. More...
(SPOILER) Amy Acker spills some beans about the next Dollhouse episode. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Er, headline. More at The TV Addict. is open for business! Right now there are just two signed photos to purchase, but apparently more items are coming soon. This is actually legit, Emma herself created it and posted the link on her Twitter account. More...
(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #31. Titled 'Turbulence', this one-shot Season 8 story is written by Joss.
(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #29. It's the second part of the "The Crown Prince Syndrome".
(SPOILER) Geeky Reflection on the New Buffy Villain. An indepth look at how the big reveal could impact on the verse.
(SPOILER) News on IDW's next Angel miniseries. Brian Denham, Angel's current artist, posted this link on his Twitter. It's apparently the covers for the first issue of Angel's past adventures out in April 2010.
More Dollhouse props and clothes up for auction. Twelve items this time and they include Echo's dress from 'The Public Eye', Adelle's teapot set, one of Whiskey's dresses from 'Epitaph One' and Bennett's shoes from 'Getting Closer'.
Buffy Season 8 nominated for GLAAD Media Award. It got nominated in the "Outstanding Comic Book" category (which it won last year). More...

January 12

The Improvised Joss Whedon playing soon in Chicago. It will be at the Gorilla Tango Theater once a week February 7-28. According to this A.V. Club article, it's "a big "what if" scenario in which characters from various Whedon programs ... meet each other."
Write something effulgent, see Spike sing. According to his official website, fans can submit their poems of four to fourteen lines to James for consideration to win tickets to his concert in London on Feb. 6.
Important Franchise Reboots, Both Good & Bad. Buffy the tv series is declared as one of the best reboots of all. Speaks on the matter of it being rebooted as another potential movie without Joss as well. More...
Reboot these Scifi shows next, Wired.coms readers plead. Wired magazine compiled a list of sci-fi TV shows ready for a reboot and first on the list: Bring back Firefly!!!
(SPOILER) Joss Weighs In On Twilightgate. Joss speaks to CBR about the controversy. More...
'Mutant Enemy U' - an essay from 'Serenity Found'. It's written by Loni Peristere. He was the visual effects supervisor on Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Serenity. It's a great read and educational too.
(SPOILER) Want to ask Chris Ryall, the IDW publisher, a question? Given the current state of affairs, Chris has very kindly consented to answer questions from the fans so things can be settled. If you've no idea what's been going on, then best stay away cause of spoilers. Anyhow the best 20 questions will be submitted to him tomorrow. Those who get picked will get a copy of the special "New Year's Eve" cover of Angel #28. So without further ado... More...
(SPOILER) Christian Kane's 'Leverage' returns tomorrow night on TNT. The link takes you to an IFmagazine recap of the first half of season two.
Musical number from "How I Met Your Mother"'s 100th episode. Always fun to see NPH singing and we get a bit of Alyson Hannigan as well.
Dollhouse is on TV Rantings Top Ten of 2009. It is #10. More...
Discussion of Dollhouse at website The Moth Chase. Very intelligent and interesting set of reviews/reactions to episodes beginning with "The Public Eye"/"The Left Hand." Some of my favourite writing on season two. More...
'Commentary! The Musical': the commentary. Emily Nussbaum comments on 'Dr. Horrible - Commentary! The Musical'. More...
The Guardian's top 50 TV dramas of all time. Buffy comes 22nd. "Grief, love, betrayal, nobility, self-indulgence versus self-sacrifice - Buffy gave us all this to think about, and some excellent punning too." More...

January 11

(SPOILER) Twilightgate Day 5 - the Dark Horse Dispatch to retailers. Bleeding Cool gets a hold of it - aside from the comments about the buzz and the reveal, Buffy #34 will have a "mature-themes notice". More...
(SPOILER) A comic book writer's reaction to Twilight reveal. A frank and forthright interview at Comic Book Resources.
Nathan Fillion is Super. Our Captain has joined the all-star cast of James Gunn's superhero film. Judging by character description, could his Dr. Horrible role influenced his casting?
Fox gives the final word on Dollhouse. Kevin Reilly explains why all the 13 episodes of season 2 will air despite the show being cancelled. Plus there's this quote --> "[Dollhouse] is a good show, it had a run, but obviously, that's that".
Why Joss Whedon's horror movie will be worth the wait. Bradley Whitford talks about "a fierce, crazy wonderful movie" which is Cabin In The Woods. 1 year, 3 days to go.
(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Scott Allie apologises for the Twilight reveal. He explains what happened after the cover art for #34 got seen by the fans. Hopefully this should put an end to the whole affair and we can all move on.
(SPOILER) Five page preview of Angel #29. The second part of Bill Willingham's Angel story comes out on Wednesday.
(SPOILER) Twilight-gate rumbles on (and on). Bleeding Cool reports on the latest fallout from the Buffy season 8 reveal.
The truth about Dollhouse's evil mastermind. Tim Minear talks to io9 about "Getting Closer."
More Firefly stories on the way. Titan is working with a bunch of people - including old Firefly writers - to bring us a series of new Firefly stories. Jane spills the beans.
"I'll be god-damned if I watch a show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Pat Rothfuss shares 7 reasons he is a Whedon fan and raffles off some nice collections for Heifer International. You can also donate directly and he will match funds by 50%. Auctions end January 15th. He's basically doing this to introduce people to Joss.
(SPOILER) Joss Whedon on Buffy Season 8 #35. Courtesy of Link contains very spoilerish images, if you haven't already been spoiled about the Twilight reveal. There are 2 covers by Chen.
(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8 #32 preview. Courtesy of Newsarama.
Chuck, starring Firefly and Angel alum Adam Baldwin, premieres strong. It is up a huge amount from last year's finale AND last year's premiere. Party time? More...
Marc Blucas Turns 38! Happy Birthday to Buffy's man in uniform!
"We Were Never Going to Be Desperate About It". In the upcoming return of Dollhouse to Sci Fi, Joss and Eliza talk about the origins of Dollhouse and the risks involved.

January 10

Felicia Day to appear at the Phoenix ComiCon. Also appearing with be Angel novelist Jeff Mariotte.
Six ways Sam Winchester is like Angel. Debbie McDuffee over at Clique Clack lists ways she thinks the two characters are similar.
Miracle Laurie's Uke Box Heroes album available on iTunes. Miracle Laurie's band Uke Box Heroes have released their self-titled album on iTunes. It is now available for download, as Miracle just twittered.
Dollhouse essay contest deadline extended. BenBella Books will now accept submissions until February 15 for their Jane Espenson-edited DH essay collection.

January 09

(SPOILER) More from Scott Allie on the Twilight reveal. Obviously major spoilers from the news that broke a day ago and spoilers for issue 31 which is out on Wed.
Does Dollhouse's Latest Head-Twister Actually Make Sense? Analysis of earlier episodes in light of Friday's revelation.
"I keep talking about trying to invite Whedon to come to an editorial-board meeting." So says Gail Collins of The New York Times (home to a number of Buffy fans) in some snippets from an interview conducted by Emily Nussbaum of New York magazine.
Captain Kirk in the Dollhouse? io9 mix and match the great scifi heroes to evaluate how they would fare in other franchises.
Fast National Ratings for Dollhouse 2.11 'Getting Closer'. According to HitFix, the show "fell to a 1.5/3 with 2.38 million viewers and a 0.8 demo rating". What does this mean? Not a lot really.
What the papers say about last night's episode of Dollhouse. The A.V. Club gave "Getting Closer" an 'A' calling it "another superb episode". The HitFix recap said "it was a good episode for all of the ensemble's members". TV Squad summed it up as "an episode that went from zero to sixty in under a second". And the CinemaBlend reviewer went with "is it me or was tonight’s episode of Dollhouse a complete and utter mind-frak?".
Connor and Cordy are named Worst TV Couple. AOL Television names the star-crossed pair one of the worst couples on the small-screen. They're among good company.
(SPOILER) Chris Ryall contributes to the "Who REALLY is Twilight?" debate. The main guy at IDW posts on his blog a teaser cover for a future series.. and makes us wonder whether they are in in the joke.. or not.. ETA: Brian Lynch tweeted earlier "Yes, came up with the idea last night, Franco drew it today. Dude is great. Kudos to Chris and IDW for putting it together".
Read the first part of 'Tales Of The Vampires: Carpe Noctem'. There's a related interview with the writer over at MTV's Splash Page. Looks like the story will be a very worthy addition to Buffy Season 8.

January 08

(SPOILER) Trailer for next week's episode of Dollhouse. This should whet your appetite for 'The Hollow Men'.
(SPOILER) Discuss the eleventh episode of Dollhouse season 2. Titled 'Getting Closer', this episode is written and directed by Tim Minear. And if you missed it, the episode is now available to watch for free at the Fox site and Hulu and is available for purchase at iTunes.
(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8 shocker - Twilight's identity is revealed. Shame we didn't get to find out about it in the comic book. More...
Why I Sang to Your Mother. In a story about How I Met Your Mother's musical 100th episode, Slate looks at how other television series worked musical episodes into their storylines. "Once More with Feeling" is 4th of 4 in their video slideshow.
Alexis Denisof chats about his new pilot 'Pretty Little Liars'. It's a supernatural series that ABC may pick up for the fall.
Dichen Lachman talks Dollhouse. The show, her favourite moments, the cancellation and her love for Firefly get discussed. All in all, it's a great interview.
Happy birthday, Amber Benson! She turns thirty-three today.
Commentary! The Musical is now available on iTunes! Apparently it's been out since January 5th. It's also available at iTunes UK, and as well.

January 07

(SPOILER) Angel Special: Lorne preview page. At Chris Ryall's blog.
Olivia Williams at a screening of Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, out today in the UK. "I'm never in films called 'Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll', I'm in things called 'Tea and Cucumber Sandwiches'..." More...
Vote for Sarah Michelle Gellar in Hello's Most Attractive Woman of 2009 poll. Get everyone with a computer, but only tell them if you know they will vote for her!!!
Syfy original movie House of Bones premieres January 16th. The movie stars Charisma Carpenter. More...
(SPOILER) Buffy #34 Soliciations. Holy moley, this must be an April Fool's joke. The Jo Chen and Georges Jeanty covers are wonderful, but VERY spoilery if they're the real covers for April's comics. More...
Nicholas Brendon joins The Blank's next play. He is joining the cast of Christopher Durang's play, "Why Torture Is Wrong, and the People Who Love Them", which will begin its run at the end of this month. More...
Official Dollhouse auctions begin. 20th Century Fox are selling off the props. At the moment you can bid for Adelle's shoes, Echo's boots, pendant and earrings and an outfit worn by Mellie. More...
Dollhouse's Australian Neighbours. Brief quotes from Dichen and Enver about it's like living in an L.A. apartment block that's full of ex-Neighbours stars. Enver also comments on the differences between Joss and Fox.

January 06

Felicia Day Blogs About Vanity Fair's Piece on Twitter and New Media. The piece featured her and other women. Fair to say, however, that she's not impressed. The article Felicia takes issue with can be found here.
NPH beats Barrowman in "Big Gay Battle". After a heated battle and many endorsements, NPH came out on top with 61% of the votes. More...
Alyson Hannigan wins the People's Choice award. For her role as Lily Aldrin on How I Met Your Mother, for Best TV Comedy Actress.
Dania Ramirez on Twitter! The actress that played potential slayer Caridad in three episodes of Buffy (and Maya during the second season of Heroes for any fans of that) joins the ranks of Whedonesque folks on Twitter!
iF Magazine interviews Adam Baldwin. AB talks Chuck season 3, fight choreography, working retail, and why he thinks fans like the show.
'Joss Whedon Is Our Master Now' - an article. Esther Kustanowitz explains why "Joss' experience, humor and energy will see us through the next decade". Extra material that cut for space can be found over at the author's blog.
'Sexual Rhetoric in the Works of Joss Whedon'. This collection of essays will be out later on this year. Topics include "the role of virginity, lesbianism and homoeroticism in the shows and the comics, the nature of masculinity and femininity and gender stereotypes, an exploration of sexual binaries, and a ranking of the Buffy characters on the Kinsey scale of sexuality". More...
Angel shout-out on last night's episode of NCIS. Did you notice the law firm of "Wolfram, Hart, and Donowitz"? More...

January 05

(SPOILER) Kendra and the Vampire (Diaries, that is). Former slayer Bianca Lawson repeats her guest stint on the fangy CW show. More...
(SPOILER) Promotional photos for the Dollhouse series finale. Enjoy! And these are INCREDIBLY spoilerific- you have been warned.
Neil Patrick Harris to be a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday January 6. Be sure to tune in! tags Spartacus: Blood And Sand as one of January's Best New TV Shows. "Could very well prove the Not At All Guilty Pleasure of the season." More...
'I loved guesting on Dollhouse' says Jamie Bamber. He tells Digital Spy "I was really fascinated to work with Joss Whedon and see how he does things, and also to work with Tahmoh because he's a great friend and I really enjoyed playing the character".

January 04

(SPOILER) Press release for the series finale of Dollhouse. The thirteenth episode of season 2 will air on January 22nd.
Buffy Season 8 nominated for Diamond Gem Awards 2009. Includes nominations in the following categories: "2009 Comic Book of the Year Under $3.00", "2009 Licensed Comic of the Year" and "2009 Licensed TP or HC of the Year".
Jane Espenson's interview with iFMagazine. Talking about the BSG sequel, Caprica, why she's on the show but no longer show runner, Buffy comics, Danny Strong, hiring James Marsters and more.
Carpe Noctem - the next Tale of the Vampires story. Writer Jackie Kessler tells Comic Book Resources all about her webcomic set during Buffy Season 8.
Best of the rest (those Joss lists in full). Cause the year was ending and the decade too, there were numerous lists that Joss' stuff appeared in. Here's some you might have missed. Airlock Alpha picked Joss as one of their top newsmakers of 2009. SciFi Wire chose scenes from 'Objects in Space' and 'Once More With Feeling' as part of their "12 favorite sci-fi and fantasy TV moments of the decade". Robot 6 @Comic Book Resources said Buffy Season 8 was one of the most important comics of the decade (comics commenter Tom Huxley said it was one of his top ten comics of the decade). And finally, Digital Spy's Tube Talk said Dollhouse was one of their top 25 shows of 2009.
Trucker DVD released tomorrow. I cannot believe this went nearly straight to DVD. Roger Ebert put it in his top 20 movies on 2009. Wish it had come to Phoenix.
Dollhouse Season 1 DVD wins award. It won in the "Best Extras" category in the six annual TV DVD Awards. More...

January 03

Buffy books to be re-issued in new collections. Buffy the Vampire Slayer #1 will collect "Night of the Living Rerun", "Coyote Moon" and "Portal Through Time". Buffy the Vampire Slayer #2 features "Halloween Rain", "Bad Bargain" and "Afterimage".
(SPOILER) Darla goes 'Desperate'. Julie Benz guest stars on Desperate Housewives. Spoilers for that show and the Dexter Season 4 finale.
Christian Kane and Mark Sheppard to appear at Con-Con, the event for "Leverage". The rest of the "Leverage" cast and a lot of other folks are announced as guests as well. The link is to the convention's official site.
A Dollhouse spoof. Awesome fan effort but it probably won't be everyone's cup of tea.
Dollhouse Season 1 on Blu-Ray for $27 at Best Buy. This is part of a TV set sale that includes HIMYM, Bones, Simpsons and Family Guy. Sale ends Monday 1/4/10.

January 02

Dr Horrible in Battle Royale for Man of the Decade. "...the battle's close, with Neil Patrick Harris and John Barrowman only separated by 20 votes." Until NPH and his Dr. Horrible buddies hit twitter with a call to vote. The vote is still going on, but Barrowman has since made his own twitter call to 'Torch' the Doctor.
The Firefly keychain. It's so tiny and shiny.
Herc Picks The Best TV Of 2009 and The Decade! Dollhouse comes in at number five.

January 01

The Guild Season 3 Now Available for Pre-Order. Felicia Day's Internet series soon to arrive on DVD.
Jo Chen (Buffy season 8 cover artist) art book. A bit pricey, but a must have if you're a Jo Chen fan. More...
Limited Dr. Horrible laser etched "plates". Buy all three (that form a triptych) or just one(check the seller's store). More...
Fans of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" should go to battle with "Demons?" io9's Sonia Zjawinski compares the new BBC American series "Demons" with our favorite blond slayer and proclaims it a successor of sorts.
Topless Robot's list of "8 Nerds Who Will Utterly Kick Your Ass". Our favorite (mostly) redheaded witch comes in at number seven. Contains some swearing.

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