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February 28

Simon Helberg appearing on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight. Tune in to CBS at 12:35 Eastern standard time.
Nathan Fillion Fun & Fearless in NY and on the View Monday. "Fillion has headed to New York for the Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Male of the Year party and while in New York will appear on "The View" which airs Monday March 1st." More...
5 (imaginary) movies about your favourite childhood games. Fun article suggesting cult directors' takes on movie adaptations of board games. Read down to No. 1.
Netflix subscribers can now watch Dr. Horrible instantly. If you subscribe to Netflix, you can instantly watch Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog on your computer or -- if you own one of the many Netflix-ready devices -- on your television. More...
Rafael Feldman co-stars in the play "Salam Shalom" which opens March 6th. The play is a Romeo and Juliet love story between a Jewish man and a Palestinian man, set against the backdrop of the Arab-Israeli conflict. There is an opening night gala March 6th that a few tickets are left for. More...
NPH makes his theatrical directing debut with a production of "Rent"! It all goes down at the Hollywood Bowl August 6th through 8th.

February 27

(SPOILER) Georges Jeanty Slayalive Q/A for Buffy #32. Some interesting hints about upcoming issues. Spoilers For Twilight's identity in this.
(SPOILER) Tales of the Vampires: Carpe Noctem Part 2. Early look from UGO before it hits MySpace Dark Horse Presents.

February 26

Happy Birthday Adam Baldwin! He turns 48 today.
Great Geek Debates: Han Solo vs. Malcolm Reynolds. Curtis Silver of Geek Dad weighs in on the debate. There is voting at the bottom, of course.
Eliza planning feature film with Joss. Hollywood Life doesn't have much info, but quotes her as saying: “I think we’re going to work on a kickass feature together that we’ve been thinking about for a few years.” More...
IFmagazine interviews Juliet Landau. The actress talks about her new Gary Oldman documentary, promo interviews with genre actors and posing for Kat Von D. Then there is another interview over at Buzzy Multimedia Blog.

February 25

(SPOILER) Podcast Interview With James Marsters. An interview with James Marsters talking about Caprica and other roles. More...
Video: Juliet Landau interviews Armin Shimerman. Discussion of Landau's documentary "Take Flight," "Buffy," "DS9," the creative process and the fact that synogogues have gift shops.
Felicia Day Joins As Guest Podcaster On IGN's Keepin' It Reel, Episode 77. A podcast on the weeks movie news. More...
Vid of the definitive replica of the Firefly-Class Transport, Serenity. Shipping now. Those of you on the layaway plan can see what the first owners are going to see. More...
Eliza Dushku to Host "We Live in Public" Screening in LA. To celebrate the release of We Live in Public on DVD and VOD the documentary will be screened simultaneously in Vancouver, LA, Denver, Chicago, New York & Atlanta as well as on the web.
"Priya's Painting" prints now available for pre-order. Goes for $180, and only 200 will be printed. Will ship first week of April. Measures 22 by 30 inches. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Los Angeles Children's hospital in tribute to Hunter Marlowe Voelker.
Happy Birthday Drew Goddard! He turns 35 today. More...
The sofaDOGS Podcast Interviews Juliet Landau. Hosted by Whedonesque member and all around good bloke kungfubear, this interview focuses on Ms. Landau's new documentary about Gary Oldman entitled Take Flight.
Seth Green Engaged! Everyone's favorite Werewolf is planning to be single no more. More...
Dr. Horrible joins Glee club! E!'s Kristin confirms episode with Neil Patrick Harris is now being written. is having a sale on Fox DVDs. This includes several of our favorite Whedon shows.
It's Alexis Denisof's Birthday today. Like the title says it's Alexis' birthday, and I wish him a very happy 44th birthday.
Felicia Day on G4 Attack of the Show. Felicia comes on AOTS and talks about The Guild season 3 and the prequel comic she wrote :). More...
Castle finally comes to the UK! Alibi has bought the rights to Castle. No dates announced as yet, but the subsidiary of UKTV is showing it on its crime and mystery channel.
An interview with Felicia Day. Conducted earlier this month, she discusses a broad range of topics from The Guild to gaming to female role models.

February 24

(SPOILER) Video interview with Gina Torres about Justice League. From the Paley Center event. There are also photos!
The top ten Whedon villains. There's the writers' choices and then those villains as chosen by you.
Get Mal's Coat? Yes please! Looks like you can pick up a replica of our Captain's very shiny browncoat.
7 Actors Typecast in Bizarrely Specific Roles. Cracked notices the roles that Melinda Clarke played on Firefly and C.S.I..

February 23

Third omnibus volume of Buffy novels announced. It is scheduled for release in November, and will collect the novels Carnival of Souls, Blooded and One Thing or Your Mother.
Vote on the Can't Stop The Serenity promotional art for 2010. Voting ends next Monday, March 1 and they'll announce the winner the same day. 17 entries to choose from.
Firefly Blu-Ray Box Set on sale for $36 and Dollhouse Season 1 for $28. Deep Discount has a sale on select Fox Blu-Ray titles. All include free shipping.
Interview with Amy Acker. She discusses a wide variety of topics, including those dealing with Angel and Dollhouse.
IF magazine interviews Mark Sheppard, Part 2. He talks about working on Dollhouse, Firefly, and Warehouse 13.
New Stuff For Dollhouse Auction. Ebay has added more new items!! Includes Eliza Dushku and Tahmoh Penikett's chair backs, NSA dossier and badges, brainscan transparencies, the Briar Rose book, and more lovely clothes and shoes.
Gina Torres discusses Superwoman and being a fan of Wonder Woman. She also mentions several of her recent and upcoming roles and is asked about Firefly at the end.
Olivia Williams - "I don't think Joss will ever do another TV show". She adds "[Joss] wrote all my scenes because he was the only writer who could do the English thing without me sounding like I had a rod up my arse". Olivia also talks about what it was like working through the cancellation.
'Cat's Claw" by Amber Benson is released today. The second book in her Calliope Reaper-Jones trilogy has hit bookstores. She's appearing at Mysterious Galaxy tonight in San Diego for a signing. She'll also be appearing at Boston Comic Con (along with Christopher Golden and Thomas Sniegoski) on April 10th-11th. More...
The greatest moments in Dollhouse - a poll. If you don't see your favourite Dollhouse moment listed in this poll to mark tonight's airing of the last three episodes on SciFi UK, you can always suggest it as a comment. More...
Then/Now: The Cast of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'. Fox News gives a look at what the cast has been up to.
Early details for Leverage Season 2 DVDs slated for May 25th release. Starring Christian Kane and also features Mark Sheppard in a recurring role. The show has already been renewed for a 3rd season on TNT.

February 22

TFAW "Winter Steals" Sale Now Offering 70% off Serenity, Buffy, and Angel Tchotchkes. You can page through 15 pages of 70% off stuff or Search Serenity or Search Buffy .
(SPOILER) "Spike: The Devil You Know" miniseries announced. Written by Bill Williams and art by Chris Cross. Cover and page shown.
American Cinematographer talks to John Cassaday. About, of course, helming the Dollhouse episode "The Attic". Includes his sketch for the tree.
Literary works that should never be adapted to film or TV again. The AV Club cites Buffy Vs. Dracula as a reason why the novel Dracula should finally be left alone by Hollywood. More...
Young Jewel Staite in Party Mania... meets alternate reality Spoony. The Spoony Experiment transforms a board game VHS tape featuring a young Jewel Staite (Kaylee) into a comedy sketch, set in an alternate universe. More...
Bruce Timm - "I would jump at the chance to work with Joss on something". The animator and producer tells Newsarama that Joss is "at the top of my list of people that I think would do a great job with these characters". In related genre goodness news that came out today, J. Michael Straczynski describes Buffy as "one of my favorite shows of all time".
(SPOILER) The Guild #1 preview. Courtesy of Comic Book Resources.
Bizarre TV Deaths. MSN's list includes Buffy's death in "Prophecy Girl".
(SPOILER) Preview pages for Buffy Season 8 #33. It comes out next week.
Nick Brendon and Dichen Lachman to appear at Comicpalooza in Houston. The event will be held on the weekend of March 26th-28th.

February 21

Dollhouse Epitaph Two: The Return - alternate endings. Umpteen send-ups of the final Paul/Echo scene.
Happy Birthday Dichen Lachman! Raise a glass for one of the most recent additions to the Verse. More...
The Ghost Writer featuring Olivia Williams now playing in New York and Los Angeles. It will be playing in other major US cities February 26.

February 20

The close-to-final table of contents for "Joss Whedon: Conversations". In a nutshell, it's Joss' greatest interviews collected in a book. More info about it and the "Television Conversations" series be found at David Lavery's website. More...
Battle of the Fox Hotties. Echo is currently losing--let's vote her up! Also Seeley Booth is in Round 3 of the men's version.
"Mars Needs Women" - a Firefly essay. Taken from 'Serenity Found', this essay looks at why Firefly is the cure for science fiction's problems.
The top 10 Whedon heroes. Quite an interesting list with some characters you might not expect to see. The writers are also looking for help in choosing the best Whedon villains. So go and make your voice heard.

February 19

Firefly lands #23 spot in IGN's Top 25 Blu-ray Releases. Serenity, oddly, does not appear - maybe they thought that by including Firefly they were adding it by extension.
Gina Torres Introduces a clip from her upcoming Animated project. She'll voice the role of Superwoman in "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths".
Happy Birthday Anthony Head! He turns 56 today.
What if Joss was in the BtVS comic? Some Comics Alliance silliness, envisioning what various comics would be like if their creators added themselves to the stories. Scroll down for Mr. Whedon.
Quotes needed! Whedonesque needs your help for the nth time. The quotes section that appears in the top right hand side of the page needs to get updated with more Dollhouse dialogue. So please do post your favourite lines from the last nine episodes of Dollhouse season 2 (so that's from The Public Eye to Epitaph Two: The Return). More...
Two more Dr. Horrible 8bits from Doctor Octoroc. The main link goes to "My Eyes", but here's "So They Say".
Several Whedonverse Characters are TV's Cutest Geeks. This list from Buddy TV includes Fred (or is that Dr. Saunders?), Willow, and Bennett among the cutest geeks on TV.
It's a Miracle Laurie. A video interview with the Dollhouse star conducted at last year's New York Comic Con.
A very thorough video interview with Alan Tudyk. A great eight minute chat about Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, Firefly, PG Porn, Beautiful Boy and V.
Morena Baccarin and Julie Benz get nominated for the 36th Saturn Awards. They both feature in the "Best Supporting Actress in Television" category.

February 18

Michelle gets down with her bad self. James Vanderbeek posted this candid video of little Dawnie showing off her mad rapping skills. (May be NSFW).
Alyson Hannigan-Denisof does hour of power with Kyle and Jackie O. Aly talks about that pesky death rumour, her dog trying to get in the tub during Satyana's birth, knowing NPH since the Doogie days, and more! More...

February 17

Forbidden Love: five TV hook-ups that left fans fuming. Willow and Tara top the list. Spoilers for last week's Chuck.
(SPOILER) IDW's Angel comics for May. Angel #33, Angel: Barbary Coast #2, Angel Volume 6 hardcover (collecting Angel #23-27 and Last Angel in Hell), and the trade paperback version of Spike: After the Fall.
Jose Molina Chat Transcript. Interesting insights into the life of a writer/producer. Also his new Firefly story will do some dwelling inside Mal’s head.

February 16

Joss to team up with Morgan Spurlock for Comic-Con documentary? Um... so claims E! Online. What? Neither Spurlock nor Whedon have commented on this, so I doubt the truth of it, but... well, here's the article.
Lost's Final Season = Buffy Season 7. Movieline's article "6 Ways the Final Season of Lost is Just Like the Final Season of Buffy" highlights some striking similarities. Spoilers for the recently aired episodes of Lost's final season.
More from the official Dollhouse auction. Lots of clothing this time, plus a few cool props.
Marc Blucas cast in ABC pilot 'True Blue'. From the Initiative to San Fran detective.
IF magazine interviews Mark Sheppard, Part 1. "One reason Sterling shows up so often is that he’s played by Mark A. Sheppard, who has become one of the kings of genre television acting, with recurring roles not only on Leverage, but also on Dollhouse, Supernatural, Firefly, and BSG, to name but a few."
Katee Sackhoff - "I dreamed of being Buffy in high school". She tells E! Online "I wanted to be Sarah Michelle Gellar. I'm in a really fantastic spot as far as my high school dreams go."
Inside Wesleyan's stage adaptation of Dr. Horrible. The director reveals what it's like to put Joss and co's internet hit on the stage.
(SPOILER) Preview pages for Angel #30. It's out this week.
Most Sizzling TV Couples of All Time. Vincent Kartheiser and Captain Tightpants both make the list. Not together, of course.
Nicholas Brendon Updates His Audioblog. Talking about his recent treading of the boards as well as the upcoming meet-and-greet.
James Marsters Q/A from the SFX Weekend event. Some very good questions and answers from James.

February 15

Olivia Williams talks random roles with the AV Club. Nice mentions of Dollhouse, Joss, and the fans, including this site. More...
The Guild season 3 DVD available to buy on Amazon. Also includes the "Do You Want To Date My Avatar" music video (which has 7.7 million views on Youtube, btw). Somebody give this girl a TV show deal, already.
Geek Valentines: "I Love You, Joss Whedon". While searching YouTube for something (anything) tagged with 'Joss Whedon' I ran across this lovely Valentine tribute to Joss. I've checked and it doesn't appear to have been posted and rejected already.... and I thought other fans would get a kick out of it (I did). More...
Report from the SFX weekender featuring James Marsters. As covered on The Guardian's website. JM just has a short bit at the beginning.
Christina Hendricks on the cover of New York magazine. The issue hits stands February the 22nd. More...
Anthony Head interviewed by Richard Bacon. Interview conducted to plug Anthony's new play, Six Degrees of Separation, which is running at the Old Vic. More...
James Marsters February Q&A. Unicycles, stuffed toys and dishwashing…
Ultradome: Buffy vs. Count Chocula. What it says in the title. Adjust expectations accordingly. Produced by, amongst others, Milo Ventimiglia.
"King Of My Heart" - the new Nathan Fillion/Martin Firrell project. A little bit more info about it can be found in this SFX report.
Scott Tipton and Elena Casagrande discuss adapting "A Hole In The World". A look at the making of the comic book adaptation.

February 14

Buffy wouldn't listen to Widespread Panic. The A.V. Club questions Buffy and Willow's taste in music.
Greatest TV kisses. AOL Television lists the greatest kisses on TV. Buffy makes the list with one of the hottest vampires out there.
Vote in the Watch with Kristin Happy Valentine's Day Shippers Tournament. There are several entries for Whedon shows. Vote early, vote often.
Alan Tudyk announced as guest for Hallowhedon 2. He joins Tony Head at this UK Whedon convention in October.

February 13

Review of Nick Brendon's new play. The LA Theatre Review looks at Nick's latest play - "Why Torture is Wrong, and the People that Love Them" as does Variety and the LA Times Blog. More...
Fran Kranz's 'Shades of Ray' on Hulu. Fran Kranz plays best friend to Zachary Levi (Chuck) in this romantic comedy/racial identity drama.
Happy Birthday Mark Lutz! He turns 40 today. More...
Dollhouse was one today. "Ghost" premiered on Friday 13th of February 2009. And here we discussed our first peek at the show.
Lisa Wiegand's Dollhouse demo reel. She was the cinematographer on the show during the second season. More info can be found at her website.
The Joss Whedon TV character name generator. Small Screen Scoop ponders on Joss' penchant "for naming characters by using the last half of their full first name".
Vampires - Why They Bite. A surprisingly (for BBC3) erudite look at the history of the vampire in popular culture. They don't get to Buffy until about 40 mins in. She broke ground because she was female and secular, apparently. Probably not available outside Britain, sorry. More...

February 12

Sarah Michelle Gellar: One of the Worst Abusers of Magic? So says io9, referring to her in the 1999 supernatural romantic comedy "Simply Irresistible" as one of the worst offenders in the abuses of onscreen magic.
Olivia Williams at "The Ghost Writer" premiere. Pictures of the HBIC looking stunning.
Being Spike - an interview with James Marsters. This SciFi UK interview was conducted with him last weekend. More...
Shuttle crew wakes up to Ballad of Serenity. NASA tweets about a very special wakeup call for the astronauts aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour. And the mp3 link to the wake up music can be found here.
Top ten tragic geek love stories, or, geek tragedies. A list of Geekdom's top tragic Love Affairs. Two obvious Whedon couples make the list. More...
From sidekicks to stars. Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine interviewed about their growth from Sidekicks to Leading Men. More...
SFX Magazine's one season wonders. It's not a list without Firefly.
"Love Saves the World" - a Buffy essay. Taken from "Seven Seasons of Buffy", this essay looks at redemption, survival and the Buffy family.

February 11

Comic book artists becoming Hollywood directors. Joss Whedon and John Cassaday comment on this current trend in Hollywood.
Fan recreates Dr. Horrible finale theme in old-timey video game style. More...
Erika Amato in new musical in New York. "Signs of Life" is a true story set in Prague on the eve of the second World War. Oh, and if you're thinking "Erika who?", read about her and her band Velvet Chain's connections with BtVS. More...
The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon loves Firefly. A link to a video from last Monday's episode, for everyone who missed the episode. More...
(SPOILER) Christian Kane's "Super Happy Power Go" commercial. Or rather his character Eliot's commercial within last night's episode of "Leverage." One of those must be seen to be believed things. Spoiler if you haven't seen the episode yet. (Link title edited for word order.) Please note: "Ray Chappell" is Eliot's nomme du caper for the episode -- that really is Christian Kane.
Nathan Fillion is nominated for a Shorty Award. He's among six finalists in the "Celebrity" category for use of Twitter. More...
Eliza Dushku at amfAR Gala. Pics of Eliza at the annual AIDS benefit at the start of New York Fashion Week.
Felicia Day and Neil Patrick Harris fight the undead with music. They are the lead voices in the coming Wii game "Rock of the Dead". More...
David Krumholtz cast as lead in new comedy pilot for Fox. The still not officially titled project is known in trades as "Untitled Ron Howard IRS pilot".

February 10

NPH cast in next DC Comics direct-to-dvd animation release: "Batman: Under the Red Hood". Keeping the trend of some Whedon alum presence in these releases, Neil will be providing the voice for Nightwing. Release date TBA.
Oz makes the list of Best and Worst Werewolves in Comics. Includes a quote of one of Oz's all-time greatest lines.
IGN Reviews Dollhouse Season 2. A mixed review for Dollhouse's second and final season.
Does Dollhouse feature zombies? Dollhouse gets brought up in a discussion about zombies on the Sunday Night Safran podcast. More...
Brian Lynch new non-Angel related webcomic. And here's the preview (originally published before the strip). More...
(SPOILER) Angel: Barbary Coast #1 preview. Courtesy of I count one new page. The description of the premise is pretty spoiler-ish.
Juliet Landau's Take Flight Twitter Q and A. Juliet will be answering fan questions regarding her Gary Oldman documentary, Take Flight, tonight (2/10) from 7PM - 8PM PST on Twitter. The documentary will be released 2/25. More...
"Veronika Decides To Die" to hit shelves in April. The SMG movie arrives on the 27th of the month.
Dollhouse auctions continue on Ebay. VIP Auctions posted more Dollhouse items. Includes clothes, jewelry, paperwork props, the earpiece imprinting tech from the finale, and Caroline and Topher's imprint wedges.

February 09

Felicia Day and Zack Whedon do comics signing events at Golden Apple. For folks in the L.A. area.
Eliza Dushku to star in horror thriller film "Zoe". Our former slayer and doll will now be waitressing at a greek restaurant opposite Freddie Prinze Jr. and James Van Der Beek in this independent horror-thriller. Update: Eliza confirms it's just a rumor.
Wooden Echo Doll auctioned for Haiti relief charity. Another cool Dollhouse item in TV journalist Maureen Ryan's continuing auction of TV promo items per previous post.
Boondock Saints 2 available for pre-order. The sequel starring Julie Benz will be out on Blu-Ray and DVD on March 9th.
Felicia Day Lightsaber Fight. From The Jace Hall Show. More...
(SPOILER) Buffy meta on Buffy #20 "After These Messages..." . An interesting analysis and new reading of "After These Messages" ... related to recent developments in the comic. Spoilers abound.

February 08

(SPOILER) Dark Horse comics for May 2010. Including Buffy: Season 8 #35, Felicia Day's The Guild #3, and Zack Whedon's The Terminator #3.
(SPOILER) Full Scott Allie Q/A for Buffy #32. Spoilers for Twilight's identity are talked about.
Daniel Dae Kim takes lead role in "Hawaii Five-0" remake. The former Angel actor will be playing Detective Chin Ho Kelly.

February 07

QMX announces "Atlas of the Verse: Volume One". It's the official guide to the Firefly/Serenity solar system with an introduction by Tim Minear. Will it become the must-have item for Browncoats?
Ladies, Call Barney Stinson: 1-877-987-6401. (Funnier to listen here first rather than reading the transcription!) Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson in a hidden Super Bowl ad. More...
Happy Birthday Seth Green! He turns 36 today. More...
Dichen talks about living in LA and Dollhouse in Adelaide, Australia radio interview. Interview was done by local brekky team, Fitzy, Jules, and Claire for massive radio station Nova. Not bad for a show that only Aussie Foxtel subscribers would have on their TV screens.

February 06

Dollhouse ARG Continuing? Senator Daniel Perrin just tweeted "Investigating Cause of Explosion in Tucson." Is it possible that we haven't seen the last of Dollhouse ARG stuff? More...
(SPOILER) Julie Benz interview on AfterEllen. She talks about her storyline on Desperate Housewives as well as her time on Angel and Dexter. More...
Sarah Michelle Gellar's "Possession" finally being released. The long-delayed supernatural romantic thriller "Possession" (a remake of the 2002 Korean film "Jungdok" or "Addicted") starring our favorite blonde slayer will be released on disc March 9, 2010.
The demo reel for Lion Visual Effects. They did the special effects for Dollhouse season 2.

February 05

Dollhouse started with desire, but ended with paranoia. A one week post Dollhouse finale article by io9. Comments on the evolution of Dollhouse into an apocalyptic future. Compared with Firefly, being a show that was canceled too early and stories were left untold. Includes some Caprica spoilers. More...
"Heroes and Villains": another take on Dollhouse's second season. From her blog Asking the Wrong Questions, blogger Abigail Nussbaum critiques season two and the show as a whole, focussing on what she considers to be shifts away from some of the more intriguing elements of the first season. Spoilers for the entire series. More...
Emma Caulfield's film 'Timer' opens 34th Annual Cleveland International Film Festival. After a lot of speculation, Emma's new romantic comedy is given opening night honors. A "TiMER" (see photo in link) is a clock that is implanted into a person's wrist. Once in place, it starts counting down to the moment you will meet your soul mate and find true love. More...
(SPOILER) Scott Allie's commentary for Buffy #31 and #32. It's the start of a new monthly feature called "Behind Buffy Season 8" at Comic Book Resources. Amongst the insight into various panels, there's a teaser page from Buffy #33.
Man They Call Jayne listed among Best of Badasses. Everyone's favourite character with a town named after him makes The AV Club's list of Favourite Badasses.
Filming report from NPH's The Cube. A fan tootles along to see Neil laugh in a Horrible fashion.
David Krumholtz's memories of Serenity. Mr Universe reveals what it was like turning up on the last two days of filming.

February 04

Echo Alert podcast interviews Miracle Laurie. The actress discusses the second half of Season 2, gives her thoughts on the finale and answers questions from fans.
Happy Birthday Robin Sachs! He turns 59 today. More...
Pictures from "Bones" 100th episode party with David Boreanaz. In addition to starring, David Boreanaz also directed this episode. And don't forget T.J. Thyne is an "Angel" alumnus as well, having played a recurring Wolfram & Hart lawyer in season five.
How Well Do You Know: Dollhouse, Season 2. Test your knowledge on Dollhouse season 2 with this 30 question quiz.
Nicholas Brendon announces "Nick at Night". Nicholas Brendon announces a one-night engagement to meet and eat with fans following that evening’s performance of "Why Torture Is Wrong, And The People Who Love Them". More...
Dollhouse - An exercise in paranoia. An interesting retrospective look at the show.
Happy Town gets a premiere date. Amy Acker's Happy Town gets a premiere date: Wednesday April 28, 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

February 03

Zack Whedon talks Dr. Horrible comics. And offers a tiny update on Dr. Horrible sequel. Courtesy of MTV.
Want to ask James Marsters a question? Sci Fi UK will be filming an interview with James on Friday and are looking for questions. So if any Whedonesque posters have a question for him, post it in the comments section.
(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #32. The first part of Brad Meltzer's "Twilight" arc comes out today.
The Haiti charity auction for Watch Us Care includes a few Whedonverse items. Including this Dollhouse/Firefly/Buffy package and several Battlestar Galactica items. More...
Dr Horrible production at Wesleyan University. It's running from the 11th to the 13th of this month and tickets are free. So if you live in Connecticut or thereabouts, why not pop along? More...

February 02

Top 10 TV shows that should be video games. Dollhouse makes #5 on's list.
(SPOILER) Interior art for so-far-unannounced Angel-related comic project. "This one obviously stars Spike and is being drawn by Chris Cross, with inks by Marc Deering".
Official Dollhouse auctions continue. This week's selection includes three labcoats, and some of the USB drive lanyards from the series finale Epitaph Two.
Jeremy Renner receives an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. Known to us as Penn in the Angel episode "Somnambulist", the nomination is for his role in The Hurt Locker.
Shout at the Devil - how Tony and James nearly starred in Reaper. Reaper creators Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters (who later went onto Dollhouse) talk about Tony Head and James Marsters auditioning for the role of the Devil on the show.

February 01

(SPOILER) IGN UK reviews Buffy Season 8 #32. Some mild spoilers about what to expect, but no big reveals. Very intriguing, though. Though Comic Book Resources' review was more mixed.
Amber Benson's "Cat's Claw" Feb. book tour. From her blog, "Yes, it's that time again. Time for weird old me to get in my car (then hobo hop a train & possibly a plane) and start trekking around the country schilling the latest installment of the Calliope Reaper-Jones series."
(SPOILER) Georges Jeanty discusses Buffy season 8. Nothing real spoilery, if you've read most of his Q&As with SlayAlive, or with any site really. But I tagged it just in case (ETA: Sunfire just brought it to my attention that the preview pages for #32 does warrant the tag).
"Drones" reviewed by Variety. "Its deft farcical performances, witty script and sure-footed handling (by two thesps-turned-helmers) could attract a cult following via fest, DVD and possible cable sales." More...
(SPOILER) How Buffy got her groove back. says Brad Meltzer's writing debut in Buffy #32 "is a return to form for the series".
'Tell Me Where To Sign' - a fan song. Fan's original song inspired by/about Dollhouse.
Another Joss Whedon World Ends. Slate Magazine mourns the demise of Dollhouse. "I admire Whedon's fearlessness in raising the stakes as high as they'll go, time after time." More...
Julie Benz guest stars in last night's Desperate Housewives. She first appears around 6:22 on the Hulu programme. According to imdb, her character Robin is scheduled to appear in next week's episode as well.

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