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March 31

(SPOILER) For the discussion of Terminator 2029 by Zack Whedon. Come discuss Zack Whedon's work in the Terminator universe as he tells the tell of Kyle Reese before he's sent back in time. More...
Felicia Day talks Dr. Horrible Sequel to MTV. She's heard there is a title.
(SPOILER) Interview with David Boreanaz. He talks about Bones' 100th episode and about directing an episode of the aforementioned and Angel.
Mayor Wilkins featured in IMDb Poll of the Day. Which TV mayor would you vote for? More...

March 30

Making of a Comic: The Guild #1. See the first six pages of The Guild comic go from the script, through pencils, inks, etc., to the final product.
Behind the Scenes with Nathan on his show, Castle. Nathan's take on a behind-the-scenes tour with some Nathan flair to boot! Also available on More...
Fandom Charities auctioning off signed Whedonverse items. Two Dr Horrible posters, a Once More With Feeling poster, and a book by PJ Haarsma are up for grabs. They're signed by the likes of Joss, Nathan, Felicia, Alan and Amber. More...
Castle Renewed for 3rd Season. Nathan Fillion's 'Castle' has been picked up for a third season by ABC. More...
Juliet Landau talks with Andrea Romano. Juliet offers up another interview to promote her new documentary film about Gary Oldman's creative process, Take Flight.
Happy Birthday Dru! Juliet Landau turns 45 today!

March 29

"I Will Wear a Tuxedo on That Day". Zack Whedon contemplates metamorphosing into a comics writer, fleshing out a beloved but not particularly beknownst Terminator character, and starving to death on a deserted island with his choice of music.
Good character development includes the all-important "F*@% Yeah" moment. io9 takes an in-depth look at one of the key elements behind what inspires character investment in an audience. Multiple Firefly and other tangentially Whedon-related examples cited.
Mad Atoms puts Browncoats to the test against four other major sci-fi fandoms. A handy-dandy reference chart of 5 major sci-fi fandoms, including Firefly, Star Wars and Star Trek. More...
(SPOILER) Preview pages for Buffy Season 8 #34. Part III of "Twilight" out next week.
The first episode of 60B-Cast compares Dollhouse's "Echo" & "Ghost". For its premiere topic, this new podcast discusses both the original and broadcast pilot episodes of Dollhouse, and argues for "Echo" as the better version to introduce the series.
Archie Comics to parody Buffy. Get ready for Betty the Vampire Slayer vs. Vampironica.
Titan Books announce writers for the Firefly: Still Flying book. Jane Espenson, Ben Edlund, Brett Matthews and Jose Molina are each contributing a story. There's also the finalised cover art and more details about what's inside the book. More...
Nathan Fillion channels The Force. A brief snippet of an interview with where Nathan Fillion responds to some "Stupid Questions"... More...
The AV Club gives a shout-out to the Castle Firefly shout-out. The weekly Inventory feature includes Nathan's Firefly clip on Castle.
IF magazine interview with David Boreanaz. It's the series 5th Season and David is still digging Bones. He talks about directing the 100th episode, priorities, and career.

March 28

Seth Green at Wrestlemania XXVI. Seth was seen sitting behind the commentators in the audience earlier this evening. He previously hosted an episode of WWE Raw last summer.
Congratulations to Clare Kramer on her new baby girl! According to the twitter of Clare's daughter Gavin (@babygk)-- Clare's the proud mama of a second daughter born five weeks ago, named River Marie.
2010 Can't Stop the Serenity Charity events has 32 registered cities already. Australia, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom and United States.
Who's your icon? J.J. Abrams v. Joss Whedon.
Mark Lutz's tribute to Andy Hallett. As seen in this week's Angel: Lorne comic book.

March 27

Nicholas Brendon meet and greet in Columbus, OH! On May 1st, Packrat comics in Columbus, OH will be having a meet and greet with none other than Nicholas Brendon! He will be on hand to sign autographs and take pictures as a part of their Free Comic Book Day event. Click the link for more details.
Dollhouse S1 and Firefly on Netflix Watch Instantly in April. Joining Netflix's previously announced streaming of Buffy and Angel.
Simon Helberg Interviewed about Dr. Horrible sequel. Simon talks with IGN about the sequel and the fandom.
Nathan Fillion's Birthday is today! He turns 39 today. Happy birthday Captain!

March 26

Buffy meets Lost. Does the Island seal up another Hellmouth? More...
Charisma Carpenter signing this weekend in NY. Charisma will be signing on Long Island this weekend at ICON 29 in Stony Brook. ETA: And a Q&A with her from the event can be found here.
Eliza Dushku updates charity auction. New auctions include a 10 minute video chat with Eliza herself, and signed, personalized photos.
(SPOILER) Buffy Zone update at Dark Horse. Jane Espenson writing the Riley one-shot. More...
Trucker will be part of Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival. Nathan's co-starring turn is part of Roger Ebert's festival of film he feels got a short shrift when released. More...
Alan Tudyk: Legend in the making. "For the Great Unwashed, he’s a classic know-the-face-but-can’t-quite-place-him. So, he’s That Guy." The blog talks about Alan being one of the next titans of supporting actordom, the likes of Harry Dean Stanton and M. Emmet Walsh.

March 25

Nathan makes another top 25 list. Those offended by crude language are warned. ETA: Christina Hendricks and David Boreanaz also appear.
My Girlfriend's Boyfriend trailer. Tom Lenk plays Alyssa Milano's brother in this romcom. Trailer looks half decent.
Official site for Buffy/Angel composer Christophe Beck launches. Sound clips, news, and more. More...
Gina Torres to guest on Warehouse 13. This in addition to Sean Maher and Jewel Staite appearing on the show. Fab news for Firefly fans.
Why I Hope Dr Horrible Stays on the Internet. Self-explanatory...
Don't miss out the Joss Whedon Day at Puzzle Hub! Puzzles about Joss, all day long!
John Scalzi - Would you want to live in the world of Serenity? He also discusses Star Wars, Star Trek and The Matrix.

March 24

Juliet Landau talks with Harry Groener. To promote Take Flight, her documentary exploring Gary Oldman's creative process.
(SPOILER) For the discussion of a special issue of Angel: Lorne. A tribute to the late Andy Hallett. More...
Video interview with Olivia Williams for She comments on Spaced, The Ghost Writer- there's even some Joss talk.
Emma Caulfield has been added as a guest of honor at C2E2. It's Chicago's newest giant comic and entertainment show!You can meet your favorite ex-demon at the PopCult and Devil's Due booths. The show is at McCormick Place and runs April 16-18, 2010. More...
Felicia Day interviewed about 'The Guild' comic. Felicia's comic (issue 1) 'the Guild' came out today, and it is really sweet. I loved this interview, but I loved the comic even more. More...
Dollhouse video review. I've never seen these podcasters before (I'm not sure they've posted anything before), but I enjoyed their enjoyment of Dollhouse. And I'm looking forward to their review of Firefly. More...
(SPOILER) IDW's Angelverse solicitations for June. Includes Angel #34, Angel:Barbary Coast #3 and Spike:The Devil You Know #1.
Q&A: 'Firefly' star Jewel Staite on Reavers, 'V', and Clooney. She talks about her strangest experience on Comic Con, V and her job as an actress in general.
Q&A with Gina Torres: "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths". She also remarks on the amount of Whedonverse actors involved in DC Comics animation projects.

March 23

Happy birthday to Alyson Hannigan. She turns 36 today. More...
Tom Lenk strikes a pose. Buffy's last-standing geek gets a little chic for's "Prints Charming" pictorial. There's another picture and a brief video, too.
Sue Sylvester talks about Neil Patrick Harris. A new Sue's Corner promo for Glee discusses 'sneaky gays'.
Patton Oswalt: great Browncoat or Greatest Browncoat? Got to hand it to this guy, fanboy'ing all over Whedon during his Dollhouse gig and landing a job writing a Wash-centric FIREFLY comic.
Article about the film, 'Endure'. Clare Kramer's latest film project debuted at the Tampa Film Festival.

March 22

(SPOILER) The Return of Kitty Pryde. Contains a pretty decent deconstruction of how Kitty was used during Joss' run. More...
Enver Gjokaj talks Point Dume, Dollhouse. Everyone's favourite man-doll discusses his new web series and his Dollhouse experience.
RedEye's Best TV Character Tournament 2010. Candidate list includes the Whedonverse's own Adam Baldwin for Chuck and Neil Patrick Harris for How I Met Your Mother. More...
Robert O'Hara's, 'My Place in the Horror'. D.B. Woodside's latest film project.
IF magazine interviews Mark Sheppard, Part 4. In the final part of the exclusive interview the actor talks about his experiences on BSG, Supernatural, Dragon Age: Origins and doing conventions.
(SPOILER) Part Two of Scott Allie at ECCC 2010. The second part to an earlier video. He continues to talk about Season Nine and also brings up Dr. Horrible, Angel and other Dark Horse projects.
(SPOILER) An epic interview with Scott Allie. The transcript of Mike Russell's wide-ranging interview with Scott Allie about the Whedonverse, comics, and sundries. Plus: hear how the Twilight reveal fiasco went down. Marked spoilers mainly for artwork from the upcoming Serenity comics. More...
(SPOILER) James Marsters in the Caprica midseason finale (clip). A preview clip with James and Polly Walker from the Caprica midseason finale, "End of Line," which airs this Friday (March 26) at 9/8c.
"The meaning of Buffy" - an essay on relationships in Buffy. Marguerite Krause argues that relationships are the centre of Buffy - and that the Willow/Tara relationship was the ultimate relationship, the only one that didn't fail.
Serenity Blu-Ray only $12 on Amazon. I believe this is a lowest price that has ever been offered for this. Ships on March 26th.
First episode of "Previously on Point Dume". Available on Funny or Die, the first "recap" offers over-the-top-acting and shirtlessness that do not disappoint.

March 21

Extreme Back Art. Stumbled across this while looking for an image of the "Angel" logo for a project. More...
Positive (4/5) review for horror film Red White & Blue. Starring Amanda Fuller, AKA Eve from Buffy Season 7.
Firefly added to Zune marketplace. Firefly has now been added to the Zune and Xbox marketplace.
Fan vid of TV Themes pays homage to Firefly. A fan, in duplicate of himself as it appears, performs a medley consisting of themes and openings from a collection of TV shows. Good work, with a nod to Firefly's theme at 3:55. More...
IF magazine interviews Mark Sheppard, Part 3. In this part, the journeyman actor talks about his name works on the small screen and what to expect from him in the future. Part 3 of this 4 part interview.
Creation Entertainment Salutes Firefly, Buffy/Angel & Dollhouse. November 6-7, 2010 in Los Angeles. "...4th Annual Convention saluting the work of Joss Whedon, this year expanding to cover all of Joss' television shows..." Guests still TBA.
Nathan Fillion accepts his Fun Fearless Male Award. Courtesy of Cosmopolitan Magazine. More...

March 20

Angie Hart on collaborating with Joss Whedon. Australian singer/songwriter Angie Hart talks about her solo career, her favourite TV shows and collaborating with Joss Whedon on the song "Blue" for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
How to make your own ice planet. Includes step by step instructions, photos, and a suggested menu of Firefly-themed flavors.
The top 25 SFX tv shows. The SFX website wanted to know what their readers' favourite SF and fantasy shows were. Angel came in at no 17, Firefly at no 3 and Buffy at no 2.
Happy Birthday, Bianca! The Slayer turns 31.
The Dr Horrible Comic Book App for your iPhone. Buffy Season 8 to follow?

March 19

Sex advice from Whedonverse fans. An exploration into what Whedon shows tell us about sexuality. (Possibly not safe for work)
Amazon sale: Up to 53% off on Whedon shows. Sale ends March 22. Includes Buffy, Angel, and Dollhouse S1, as well as Tru Calling for Eliza enthusiasts. There will also be a Gold Box Lightning Deal on "a favorite from Joss Whedon!" today (i.e. Saturday) at 10 am PDT. ETA: It's the Angel Complete Box Set going for $54.
Neil Patrick Harris thinks the Dr. Horrible sequel will be on the big screen. NPH speculates on the future of Dr. Horrible: "I don't know what their plans are, but I don't think it will be on the Internet."
Enver Gjokaj talks about his new web series "Previously on Point Dume". He describes it as "Twin Peaks meets Clue". And there's another interview with him at HitFix. More...
"A world without love" - an essay on family in Angel. Jean Lorrah compares Angel to the Greek tragedies.

March 18

Whedonopolis video interviews from "Castle" Paley event, including Nathan Fillion. I think the link title contains the relevant info :)
Juliet Landau interviews David J (of Bauhaus) on video. The latest in Ms. Landau's series of video interviews.
CBR's ECCC 2010: Dark Horse Panel Report. Covers Buffy, Serenity, Dr.Horrible and Dollhouse. More...
Eliza Dushku auctions swag for charity. A live auction containing items belonging to Eliza is now underway on ebay by fanporium auctions. Proceeds will go to the Camp Hale Alumni Association. More...
(Vote) Castle Still in the Running for Hulu's "Best in Show" Competition. Currently Nathan Fillion's show, Castle is in a 50/50 dead heat with the Simpsons. If Castle wins it will face off against the winner of Community v. Parks & Recreation in the semi-finals.
Marc Blucas co-starrer "Animals" finally to be released. The long-delayed indie supernatural horror-thriller "Animals" co-starring our favorite ex-Initiative soldier will be unveiled direct-to-disc on June 15, 2010. Hit the link for a plot synopsis and trailer.
Amber Benson comments on the Buffy reboot movie. She tells On The Red Carpet "And I am like it's not really Buffy without Joss. So I wouldn't be in unless he was in."

March 17

Nathan Fillion 'Castle': Top Quips From Paley Salute. So who got to go? Sounds like everyone had a good time. There's a Hollywood Reporter article as well.
Enver Gjokaj Has a New Webseries: Previously on Point Dume. Enver will be producing as well as starring as Bron the Landscapist in the production, which we can now confirm will be an exclusive for More...
'The Next Word' - a short film starring Camden Toy and Bonita Friedericy. The 2 former guests of the 'verse star in a comedic tale of theatrical disaster.
(SPOILER) TFAW presents part 1 of Scott Allie at ECCC 2010. Allie talks about some basic scheduling stuff: the 3-month break between #35 and #36, the Patton Oswalt penned "Serenity: Float Out", the Riley one-shot, some hype-building for Joss' finale. Also, the cliffhanger... it pertains to Buffy "Season 9", and cuts off at the worst possible moment. Wait for Part 2.
(SPOILER) Amy Acker is pivotal. Human Target star Mark Valley discusses Amy Acker's character along with the show itself. Light spoilers peppered throughout so take care.
In honor of Saint Patricks Day- The 12 Hottest Redheads of All Time. Our Mrs. Reynolds is #1.
IFmagazine interviews Michelle Trachtenberg. The actress talks about playing a nurse on the NBC series 'Mercy', researching the role and the Gail Berman/Buffy connection
(SPOILER) For the discussion of Angel #31. Released today. More...
The Bronze is one of 18 classic movie/TV bars. So says Entertainment Weekly.
Felicia Day talks Dollhouse, The Guild and the Dr Horrible sequel. Very enjoyable interview over at
Nick Brendon allegedly tazed and arrested in Venice, CA. TMZ has the news. E! Online has a similar write-up.
The Periodic Table of Sci-Fi Film and Television. Firefly gets the symbol Fy. A bigger version of the print can be found here.

March 16

Latest Dollhouse props for auction, with a mystery.... Why is one prop described as "Ivy's Doll/Active file"? More...
Eliza Dushku a presenter at charity performance of 'Sing!' on March 20th at the Orpheum Theater in downtown LA.
Jane Espenson writing an episode of Game Of Thrones season one. She will write the sixth episode of the new HBO series, as a freelancer.
(SPOILER) Interview with Felicia Day about bringing The Guild to comics. Plus two preview pages of The Guild #1
Why Firefly was too awesome to live. An interesting article, with good theories about why Firefly & Serenity should have been hugely successful, but weren't. Includes a "reason" for Serenity's Box office failure that I've not heard before. (And that I disagree with) More...
(SPOILER) 5 page preview of Angel #31 which is out tomorrow. First look at David Messina's cover for this issue.

March 15

Cory Monteith praises Joss, NPH. Interview with Cory Monteith (Glee) touches on what it's like working with Joss. More...
Nick Brendon Meet and Greet Album. The first photos are rolling in from the Nick at Night Meet and Greet held this weekend! More...
Juliet Landau interviews Amy Acker. Amy discusses the diversity of working on a show like Angel and more.
Happy Birthday Alan Tudyk! He turns 39 today.
James Marsters March 2010 Q and A. Questions range from favorite amusement park ride, food, society vs individual, and dying.
(SPOILER) 'Serenity: Float Out' Solicitation. It comes out in June. Also Buffy Season 8 mugs! More...'s Top 50 Lesbian and Bisexual Characters. Willow comes in at 7, Tara at 15, Kennedy at 49.

March 14

Pre-order the next 3 Dresden Files books narrated by James Marsters. That's Changes, Dead Beat and Blood Rites.
(SPOILER) More details about Summer Glau's character "Orwell" in The Cape. Courtesy of KSiteTV. In addition to the Hollywood Reporter's original article, see also for even more info as well as for a script review.
Trailer for "A Root Beer Christmas" starring Kristy Swanson. Kristy Swanson stars as 'Martha Evans' in A Root Beer Christmas. More...
These rebels have a cause (dreamy bad boys on film). Pike love. Finally.
Buffy on MuchMusic. Our favorite slayer returns to Canada weekdays starting March 15th. More...

March 13

James Marsters joins Hawaii Five-O pilot. His Facebook page has announced he'll be the bad guy in the remake of the classic '70s show. He's still expected to be be at Wondercon in San Francisco in three weeks. More...
Twitter Actor Of The Month. Vote for your favourite Actors on Twitter. James Marsters, Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, Christian Kane and Nicholas Brendon are representing Whedonverse Men and in Actress Of The Month representing the women are Julie Benz, Alyson Hannigan and Felicia Day. More...
Happy Birthday Mercedes McNab! She also celebrates being in the business for 20 years today. More...
Eric Balfour stars in new Roger Corman monster film. Dinoshark debuts on SyFy tonight at 9:00 PM EST.
Vote for the Worst Character in the March Madness tournament. Buffyfest is doing a March Madness tournament for the Worst character of the Whedonverse. They're starting Round 2 now. More...

March 12

Juliet Landau talks with Dawn Didawick. Juliet interviews Dawn Didawick (for you Buffy fans…the Mayor’s real life wife). In her series of interviews of the creative process of those she admires.
iFMagazine interview with Christian Kane. Talking his new album, "Leverage," Con-Con and a shout-out to "Angel" fans.
Win an autographed Serenity Atlas of the Verse. The "Slice of Sci-Fi" podcast is giving away an autographed copy of the Serenity Atlas of the Verse Volume 1. To enter, just send them an e-mail by March 28.
Summer Glau becomes crime-fighting blogger in NBC pilot. The Hollywood Reporter says Glau will be part of "The Cape" as a blogger named Orwell who helps the hero fight crime, and even gets into the battle herself. The show is about an ex-cop who's accused of a crime he didn't commit, and becomes a costumed hero to clear his name.
Buffy and other Superwomen of Modern Myth. are examined in this book from Jennifer K. Stuller. Buffy gets a lot of coverage. The author is a member of the Whedon Studies Association.
Firefly for $17.99 now on DVD, later on Blu-ray on Amazon Gold Box. Amazon's Gold Box has the DVD coming up on sale at 10am PST and the Blu-ray at noon PST today. Prices TBA. DVD is $17.99
Steven Spielberg to direct Drew Goddard's new script? It's called 'Robopocalypse' and it could be Spielberg's next directing gig.
Get your Firefox Firefly Persona now. There's also Dr Horrible, Angel/Angelus and Captain Hammer.

March 11

Define Interesting - the t-shirt. A very funny and clever QMx t-shirt.
(SPOILER) Over-Seasoning Buffy. Does the television concept of a season really work for the comic?
Alan Tudyk joins Rockford Files. EW's Ausiello on the latest casting for the remake. More...
First pic of Ms. Riding Hood. SyFy has released the first picture of Felicia Day from the set of Red.
Amy Acker to appear at Wondercon. She'll be appearing at a Q & A for the screening of Happy Town on Saturday, April 3rd.
Zack Whedon tells "Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale". He talks to Comic Book Resources about this highly anticipated project.
'Veronika Decides to Die' DVD available for Amazon pre-order! Our favourite Slayer's movie is finally coming out... More...

March 10

Happy Birthday Mark Metcalf! He turns 64 today. More...
(SPOILER) Amy Acker to guest on "Human Target". Former Dollhouse star Amy Acker will appear in the season finale of the FOX show "Human Target".
Thirteen years ago today... Into every generation -- well, by now you already know the rest.'s brief look back at the humble beginnings of the show we all know and love. More...
Christina Hendricks is a (Barbie) Doll. Mattel is making Mad Men Barbie dolls, including one for Joan Holloway.
Patric Reynolds on the art of 'Serenity: Float Out'. Great interview about the upcoming Wash comic book.
Jewel Staite and Sean Maher re-unite for Warehouse 13. They'll both be guest starring in an episode that will air in July. More...

March 09

Poll - Who is your favourite anti-hero? Malcolm Reynolds, Spike and Angel go head to head with the likes of Dirty Harry, The Cat in the Hat and The Dude in Paste Magazine's Greatest Anti-Heroes poll.
Tickets on sale for L.A. premiere of "Drones". The film is directed by Amber Benson & Adam Busch, and stars Jonathan Woodward. The ticket page contains a trailer for the film. The screening is April 13 at the Egyptian Theatre and benefits the educational charity 826LA.
Juliet Landau interviews Sam Anderson on video. Or, to put it in Whedonese, the actress who played Drusilla interviews the actor who played Holland Manners. The newest in Ms. Landau's interview series.
(SPOILER) Giles: A Season 8 Retrospective. A thoughtful and engrossing analysis of Giles' character arc for Season 8. Spoilers through Issue #33 as it relates to an important revelation for Giles' character (along with the Twilight reveal).
(SPOILER) Jenny Frison's Cover For The Angel: Immortality For Dummies Hardcover. It will collect Angel #28-32. A little spoilerish for the arc if you haven't been following it.
Ausiello gives details on NPH's "Glee" appearance! A major Glee spoiler that involves Joss Whedon, Neil Patrick Harris, Matthew Morrison, and — no joke — Aerosmith. There's also confirmation that the "Smurfs" role in question is not Gargamel.
Ten stars who got their start on Nickelodeon. #3 and #5 are two of our favourite lovely ladies of the Buffyverse.
Short article on Christian Kane's new EP. Brief but highly complimentary piece with info on the album.
"Stolen (formerly known as 'Stolen Lives')" trailer. Kali Rocha and Morena Baccarin star in this film directed by Anders Anderson. More...
(SPOILER) Telling the Shepherd's Tale. Allie and Samnee on the original hardback graphic novel coming in November.

March 08

(SPOILER) Patton Oswalt adds a new chapter to the 'Verse with 'Serenity: Float Out'. MTV article about the upcoming Wash comic. And there's another interview with him about the comic book at Techland.
Evil League of Evil Official T-Shirt now available from QMx. Another Whedon goodie from Quantum Mechanix.
Preview for Angel: A Hole in the World #4. Penultimate issue of "A Hole in the World" and "Shells" adaptation arrives this week.
IFmagazine interviews James Marsters, Pt 2. In this part of the exclusive interview he talks about stage, music, his favorite works of science-fiction and why some Twilight fans don't like Buffy.
Win Dollhouse posters signed by Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku. Registration is required to enter the competition and it's only open to those in the UK.
Serenity fifth best sci-fi movie ever. According to an "as voted by you" list on the restyled SFX website. More...
Felicia Day is Red Riding Hood: Werewolf Hunter on SyFy in 2011. Syfy's plans to reimagine classic fairy tales into action movies continues with "Red". Felicia will play Red Riding Hood, who introduces her fiance to her family of werewolf hunters. When he gets bitten by a werewolf, she's torn between her duty and her love for him.

March 07

(SPOILER) Buffy #33 is iFanboy's Pick of the Week. The comic book discussion podcast talks Brad Meltzer's second part of his Twilight arc. More...
Amber Benson Video Blogs about Cat's Claw & Buffy. 5 videos of Amber "babbling" to her fans. More...
Neil Patrick Harris DID have an opening song for the Oscars. Seems the misinformation was misinformation.
Nicholas Brendon updates his audioblog. He discusses his upcoming meet and greet event next weekend and how there's still time to buy tickets to hang out and have dinner with him. He also discusses future projects, including an animated project. And talks about seeing the movie "Shutter Island", so fair warning for spoilers. More...
Newsarama interviews James Marsters about Caprica and Other stuff. Including his thoughts about the new vein of vampire shows.
This much I know: Anthony Head. He talks about enjoying the lines on his face and learning from animals. More...
The Whedon Oscars. Vote for your favorites! Edit: A big thanks to whyiwatch for creating this!

March 06

(SPOILER) The full and final Scott Allie Slayalive Q/A for Buffy #33. This will be the last Q/A that Scott Allie does at Slayalive but it was a big one.
Dollhouse - A Post Mortem. A lengthy article in which the author posits that Joss' work is becoming formulaic.
Buffy/Angel has made the final 16 Of E! Online's TV's Top Couples poll. It's Buffy & Angel vs. Ross & Rachel with Ross & Rachel in a slim lead right now.
Dollhouse season one is coming to Netflix Instant Watch. Like Buffy, Angel and Dr. Horrible, Streaming Soon has announced Netflix is soon going to offer Dollhouse on its instant streaming service. More...

March 05

Shawna Trpcic to be at WonderCon 2010. According to her Tweet, Shawna will be speaking at a Costume Design Panel. Though there is no program up on Wondercon's website yet.
Zap2It interviews Julie Benz. She talks about Dexter and her 'Desperate Housewives' character. Spoilers for Season 4 of Dexter.
Buffy S8 still the best selling "indie" comic!, Heidi MacDonald's new site, discusses Buffy comics sales figures. While the sales have been declining consistently since the beginning, the title is still selling some impressive numbers; around 47,000 copies sold in January. 25th overall is very impressive! More...
(SPOILER) Ron Glass talks to AICN about 'Serenity: A Shepherd's Tale'. A Q&A with Ron about his time on Firefly, and the new comic being written by Joss and Zack.
(SPOILER) Brad Meltzer talks Buffy's Twilight to Comic Book Resources. A very extensive interview about the last two issues, with obvious massive spoilers if you haven't read the last issue.
Trailer out for 'Beastly' with Neil Patrick Harris. The movie based on the story of 'Beauty and the Beast' will be in theaters July 30, 2010.

March 04

"Drones" by Benson & Busch to be featured at Florida Film Festival. Amber and Adam will also be attending the fest next month.
USAWeekend Interviews James Marsters. Caprica, Macbeth, character similarities, music and kids. And there's an exclusive interview with him at iFMagazine.
Amber Benson's "Chance" now on Amazon on Demand. Amber wrote, directed and starred in this 2002 independent movie that also features James Marsters and Andy Hallett. It can be rented for a week for $1.99 or bought for $9.99.
Happy Birthday David Fury! He turns 51 today.
A Turbo Date with Nicholas Brendon. Nicholas Brendon's appearence in the internet web series Turbo Dates. More...
The Vampire Diaries - Successor To Buffy? Yahoo! TV gives ten reasons why.
Christian Kane's album released next week as downloads on Amazon and iTunes. The album will be released on March 9th. The album contains 5 songs.
(SPOILER) More details on NPH's Glee role. EW's Michael Ausiello lists a plot summary and confirms that Joss is directing the episode.
James Marsters to attend Wizard World Cons in Chicago, Philadelphia and Austin. Apparently Eliza Dushku was going to attend their Toronto event...but now that is cancelled. Sigh. More...

March 03

I still want to play Spike says James Marsters. Though he does point out that there's an expiration date on the return. has a recap from yesterday's conference call to promote James' appearance on Caprica. has details from a separate one-on-one call as well.
The A.V. Club does Serenity. In their section The New Cult Canon, the A.V. Club re-examines the BDM.
All seasons of Angel coming to Netflix Watch Instantly. Just like Buffy, Streaming Soon has announced Angel: The Series is coming to Netflix's streaming service. More...
Olivia Williams interview with She talks mostly about The Ghost Writer and then at the end, An Education and Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll.
Nathan Fillion wins Shorty Award in "celebrity" category. The link shows Nathan Fillion as winner of the category, but not much additional information.
(SPOILER) CBR interviews David Tischman. Writer of Angel: Barbary Coast sets up next month's premiere issue; includes preview pages by artist Franco Urru.
Zen and The Art of Mule Maintenance. QMx reveals their new project: The MF-813 Flying Mule.
Dollhouse finally airing in New Zealand. Better late than never, right? Season one starting in March, on C4.
Tonner releases Malcolm Reynolds Doll. Robert Tonner (a doll maker) has announced a "Browncoats Breakfast" and Mal doll debut at their convention this May.
Jewel Staite joins Warehouse 13. Via her Twitter. More...
Neil Patrick Harris is feeling blue....he'll be in the Smurfs movie. He'll play the lead live action character in the upcoming movie. More...
Parenthood: the old vs. the new. An article that discusses the old version of Parenthood (for which Joss was a staff writer) and, most interestingly, includes a video of his episode. More...
Juliet Landau interviews Kat Von D on video. The third in Juliet Landau's series of interviews talking to other artists (Kat Von D is a photographer/tattoo artist) about their creative process and Landau's documentary "Take Flight."
Wolfram & Hart: Example of Bad Villain(s)? io9's Charlie Jane Anders specifically points out our favorite law firm of "Angel" as an example of the worst kind of villainy.
(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #33. It's the second part of Brad Meltzer's Twilight arc (and yes it's that issue, the one everyone has been waiting for).
Buffy seasons 1 through 6 will soon begin streaming at Netflix Watch Instantly. The (very useful) fansite that figured this out is about to go out of business but you can subscribe to this other feed to keep tabs on the start date.

March 02

Buffy Season 8 Vol 6: 'Retreat' released this week. The tpb collects Jane Espenson's five part arc (issues 26-30).
(SPOILER) Dichen Lachman guest starring on NCIS: LA. She's gonna be in episode #117, entitled "Full Throttle." It is airing on Tuesday, March 9th.
(SPOILER) Buffyfest interviews Scott Allie about Twilight. Twilight's identity is mentioned, so beware spoilers. Includes an additional preview page at the end, where apparently "Giles explains the secret history of vampires and slayers." Interesting...
Neil Patrick Harris to perform during the Oscars broadcast. The Oscars won't open with hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. Instead, Neil Patrick Harris and Martin Short have been rehearsing a song and dance number to open the show. ETA: Neil tweets that this is misinformation.
The Complete DVD Collection of Buffy on sale at Amazon UK. The Region 2 DVD box set containing all seven seasons of Buffy is now available for £50.97 (72% discount) as part of Amazon's current "deals of the of the week" special offers.
Nathan Fillion hints at more than a sequel for Dr. Horrible. He says that he's "also heard of some kind of other accoutrements that are coming out aside from a sequel that we're planning on", but that elaborating on this would result in "a lightning bolt from god."

March 01

Amber Benson's Chance, Cat's Claw signings, and "Under Your Spell" Challenge. Amber blogs about her first written and directed film finally being available for purchase on Amazon, upcoming signings for her new book, and just what she'll do to top last year's "Macarena" video if 200 fans review Cat's Claw on Amazon.
Julie Benz cast in "No Ordinary Family" for ABC. Also mentions Fran Kranz joining NBC's "Friends with Benefits". More...
(SPOILER) Newsarama interview with Brad Meltzer. Coincides with this week's release of Season 8 #33. Note: interview does not name Twilight's true identity, but enough clues to figure it out. Includes some pages from the issue.
(SPOILER) Clip of James Marsters in Caprica. His debut episode airs this Friday.
Charity auction for a Codex staff made by Felicia Day. The Guild prop master Greg Aronowitz made a tutorial video, showing how to make your own Codex staff (part 1, part 2, part 3). Now the staff that Felicia Day made in the video is up for charity auction, supporting the Red Cross.
Vote for Dollhouse in Hulu's "Best In Show" competition. If the show wins its round, it'll face off against Burn Notice or 24.
Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day, and Horrible Turn get Streamys nominations. Amongst the many nominations for the second annual awards for web series: Nathan (Guest Star), Felicia (Writing for a Comedy, Female Actor in a Comedy, Ensemble Cast), and fan film Horrible Turn (Original Music). More...
Rare Buffy action figure up for auction to benefit Haiti Relief. Maureen Ryan's auction continues with tons of TV promo items. More...
Juliet Landau interviews Michael Rosenbaum on video. Another entry in Juliet Landau's series of video interviews talking about the creative process, this one with Michael Rosenbaum (formerly Lex Luthor of "Smallville").

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