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April 30

Vote for the ten greatest Buffy episodes. Logo will air the thirty episodes that get the most votes in June.
Neil Patrick Harris stops in at The Late Late Show. Our good Doctor makes a brief appearance to introduce a fellow magician for Craig Ferguson. More...
Happy Birthday Julie Benz! Raise a glass to celebrate. More...
(SPOILER) Emma Caulfield: I believe in lust at first sight. Another short interview with Emma as she promotes "Timer." More...
Remembering Andy Hallett - your help is needed. A fan is looking for stories/pics of Andy to put in a book for Andy's mother.
(SPOILER) Bill Williams on "Spike: the Devil You Know". Talks about his upcoming miniseries. More...
TV's Worst Towns: Why We Wouldn't Live There. Sunnydale features on the list from TWoP.
First Picture of Chris Hemsworth as Thor. This is Kenneth Branagh's superhero movie. Hemsworth is expected to reunite with Whedon, following "Cabin in the Woods", on Marvel's "The Avengers".
The Perfect Episode to End With. TWOP says: The Gift, in a series of slides discussing perfect ending episodes for various shows.
Slayage 8.1 now available. The new issue of Slayage is now up and running, with 5 great new papers including one looking at Buffy and Twilight- and not that Twilight, but the Cullen one.
The top six deaths in the Whedonverse. And there's so many to choose from.

April 29

Dollhouse Season 2 DVD Cover. According to Amazon... More...
(SPOILER) The Performance: Emma Caulfield in 'Timer'. Interview with the former Buffy actress about her sci-fi romantic comedy. More...
Joss 'not confirmed' as Avengers director. But Jon Favreau thinks he'd be a 'wonderful choice'.
(SPOILER) Scott Allie's Buffy Zone update. He hints at things in next week's issue 35.
Neil Patrick Harris is one of Time's most influential people of 2010. He's number 10 on the Artist's section of the list, and has a small write-up by Joss.
Eliza Dushku: NOH8 Campaign. Eliza has done a photoshoot for the campaign and their twitter account (@NOH8Campaign) has a preview shot.
FHM's Top 100 World's Sexiest Women 2010. A couple of our Whedonverse ladies made the list.
Check out pictures from Morena Baccarin's press conference in Brazil to promote V. You can read about the press conference in the following links which also include videos: Teleséries, Série Maníacos and Guia de Seriados. (Content in Portuguese) More...

April 28

(SPOILER) Amy Acker's 'Happy Town' premiered on ABC last night. Did you watch it?
(SPOILER) For the discussion of Angel #32. Let's talk about this issue as Willingham continues his run on the series. More...
(SPOILER) "The Spike Conundrum" - an IDW editor speaks. IDW's Mariah Huehner (current Editor of the Angel line) blogs about the current Angel arc.
Jewel Staite and Sean Maher attending Dragon*Con this year. Jewel tweeted that she and Sean will be at Dragon*Con this year. :D
Nathan Fillion talks Joss and The Avengers. MTV's Splash Page asks him whether he'd want to play one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. And on a separate Splash page, Robert Downey Jr. answers a query about Joss and the Avengers movie.
The Cabin in the Woods gets a 'R' rating from the MPAA. Drew and Joss' movie will be released in the States on January 14th of next year.

April 27

41 Geeky Women to Follow on Twitter. Felicia Day, the "Geek Queen" tops this list of 41 geeky women to follow on twitter, which also mentions Alyson Hannigan, Emma Caulfield, Amber Benson, Julie Benz, and Maurissa Tancharoen.
20 great "all seems lost" moments from science fiction/fantasy! Another list featuring Buffy and Serenity.
Joss Whedon: bridging geekdom's gap? So argues The Geek Beat.
15 TV stars you never knew were Latino. Latina magazine lists some Latino TV stars. Includes Charisma and Morena.
(SPOILER) Cover art and info for the Buffy Season 8 Riley one-shot. Penned by Jane Espenson and drawn by Fray artist Karl Moline, this issue will be out on August 18th. And Comic Book Resources has Jo Chen's cover art for the one-shot.
SFX's greatest flashback episodes ever. Firefly's 'Out of Gas' comes in at no. 13, Angel's 'Darla' and 'Are You Now or Have You Ever Been?' are seventh and fifth respectively and Buffy's 'Fool For Love' takes second place.
(SPOILER) Five page preview of Angel #32. It's in stores tomorrow. More...
Dollhouse Season 2 available for Pre-Order now! Dollhouse Season 2 available for pre-order on Amazon! No release date posted as of now. Just thought all you crazy kids wanted to know!

April 26

Gina Torres Out, Tia Carrere In At 'Warehouse 13'. It looks like, at last, she can retire and give up this life of crime. More...
(SPOILER) Amy Acker discovers the dark side of Happy Town. The actress compares her character to those she's played on Angel, Alias, and Dollhouse and talks about the series' central mystery.
Charisma Carpenter on how Cordelia Chase landed her Stallone's Expendables. Entertainment Weekly interviews Charisma about her upcoming projects.
The Avengers cast from the Whedonverse. The guys over at Geek6 play a little what if with the cast of the upcoming movie. More...
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Game (Act III). Doctor Octoroc's 8-bit tribute to Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is now complete with all three acts.

April 25

Interview with Amber Benson about her new film "Drones". David Chen, managing editor of /Film, talks to Amber about the premise of her latest film and what it was like co-directing with Adam Busch.

UPDATE: A video version of the interview is now available here. More...
Happy Birthday to Gina Torres! Everyone's favorite first mate and the bringer of world peace turns 41 today. Many happy returns!

April 24

Can the Superhero Film Be Saved? Wall Street Journal makes a case on their blog for why Joss's approach to storytelling may be exactly what the genre and the Avengers need. More...
Vincent Kartheiser: 'I definitely do psychopathic. I don't try to, but it just sneaks out'. The Observer speaks to Vincent Kartheiser. More...
"Dr. Horrible" high school production at Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Students at Guilford High in Guilford, CT were chosen to participate this summer in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (the largest arts festival in the world). They will be performing their version of "Dr. Horrible."
Amber Benson is among the authors contributing to Breast Cancer Charity "lisa walks". An autographed copy of her recent novel "Cat's Claw" is being auctioned.
Julie Benz rallies for kids with Cancer. She will be participating in the Scavenger Cup on Saturday, July 31. She is looking for people to sponsor her in this worthwhile cause.

April 23

Nicholas Brendon back on Criminal Minds and appearing in France! Nick is slated to appear in the May 12th episode "Exit Wounds". He will also be a guest at UltimArt's Convention: The Musical, August 27-29 in Paris, France.
Buffy Once More With Feeling Metal Art. It looks like those guys at Avitech Graphics are at it again. More...
(SPOILER) Summer Glau: The undying devotion of Whedonverse fans is remarkable. The NY Post's Popwrap talks in depth to Summer Glau about her role in the upcoming Deadly Honeymoon (including significant spoilers) as well as the supportive nature of the whedonverse fandom. More...
Serenity Movie, Costume Contest and Whedony Drinks. Sunday, April 25 at 6:00 pm in Arcata, CA. Not sure how many people on here are close to Humboldt County. More...
Felicia Day guest stars in 'The Webventures Of Justin And Aldin'. The new web series is written by Sandeep Parikh and Tony Janning. More...
Olivia Williams Boards "Hanna". Our former head of the Los Angeles dollhouse is joining the cast of this ""Bourne" meets "Le Femme Nikita" style thriller" starring Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana and Cate Blanchett. More...

April 22

Serenity on original 35mm film on the big screen in Jacksonville, FL Friday and Sunday. Guess what secrets they reveal on their webpage. More...
Syfy original movie, Mothman, starring Jewel Staite premieres this Saturday April 24th. Be sure to tune in!
10 Questions for Spartacus' Steven S. DeKnight. "I come from the Joss Whedon camp, having worked on Buffy, Angel, and Dollhouse, and fully share his love and fascination for strong women. Moving forward I will continue to develop these kinds of roles..." More...
Third Glee LP tracklisting revealed. There's one track featuring Neil Patrick Harris. More...
Summer Glau: From Blushing Bride to Cape Crusader. She speaks to Fancast about her past and present projects.
(SPOILER) A review of Drones - "one indie movie you really need to see". Fandomania praises Amber Benson and Adam Busch's new movie and says Jonathan M. Woodward's performance is "reminiscent of vintage Bill Murray".
Tom Lenk's latest film project debuts at film festival. My Girlfriend's Boyfriend stars Alyssa Milano as 'Jesse Young' and features Tom Lenk as 'David Young'. The movie premieres at the Newport Beach Film Festival on April 24, 2010. More...
ThinkHero discussing Whedon directing the Avengers. Among areas of topics are the studio/business aspect versus creative freedom, the difference between the Avengers and his earlier projects and who will be made the leader of the Avengers.

April 21

HiJinks Ensue on Joss Whedon's "The Avengers". A pretty funny comic strip on the news of Joss directing "The Avengers".
Cultural learnings review of "Prophecy Girl". Myles McNutt finishes up season one of Buffy for the cultural catchup project.
Emma Caulfield's film TiMER reviewed by Movies You May Have Missed podcast. Movies You May Have Missed (a podcast about obscure and indie movies) reviews TiMER, a new film starring Emma Caulfield.
The (possible) redemption of Joss Whedon. Daily Wildcat explores the possible redemption of Joss Whedon.
(SPOILER) IDW's Angelverse solicitations for July. Books in the line-up include Angel #35, the HC edition of Willingham's first arc of the Angel franchise, and Spike: The Devil You Know #2. Some new cover art.
Samuel L. Jackson talks more about The Avengers and Joss Whedon. He seems to believe Joss is actually signed on.
(SPOILER) Joss Whedon's Glee episode 'Dream On' to air on May 18th. Spoiler tagged because of Fox's episode description.
Firefly Mentioned in Virtual Shackles Webcomic. Not much to explain here without ruining the punch line.

April 20

'Pretty Little Liars' article and trailer. Bianca Lawson is mentioned in the article and her character shows up in the video.
Rona has a record label! Indigo serves as vice president of Artists and Repertoire at Featherperm Records, an indie label she owns with her sister, Voice. There isn't a lot to read, instead, I found something cool for y'all to listen to!
(SPOILER) Bill Willingham talks Angel at C2E2 2010. He drops some pretty big spoilers about what's to come... it pertains to Spike. If you're a Willingham fan, there's also plenty of spoilery stuff about Fables, and his other projects.
Sean Maher to appear at Creation convention. Sean is the first guest announced for the Whedon-themed Creation convention that's happening later this year in Los Angeles (November 6-7).
Charisma Carpenter gets new promotional gig. She joins the Butterfinger Defense League. She appears in Sir-Mix-Alot's "Baby Got Back/I Like Big Butterfingers" music video.
Poll: Will David Boreanaz be remembered as Angel or Booth? So far the poll results are somewhat surprising. More...
Everything you need to know about Buffy Season 1 in 5 minutes. A script courtesy of the Reduced SFX Company.

April 19

Amber Benson returns to Film Snobbery. "One of our favorite guests returns this Tues (10pm). April 20th to FilmSnobbery to talk about the sequel to her book "Death's Daughter". We continue to follow the adventures of Calliope Reaper-Jones in "Cat's Claw", and catch up with Amber and get the dirt on her new movie "Drones" that she co-directed with Adam Busch."
Juliet Landau talks with Christian Kane. "Juliet's Gary Oldman Documentary "Take Flight" Promo series continues!! Juliet interviews Christian Kane!! Lindsey, to all you Buffy/Angel fans, Eliot Spencer to all you Leverage fans!"
Mayor Richard Wilkins and Willow together again. Harry Groener guest starring on last night's How I Met Your Mother.
Christina Hendricks named America's best-looking woman in Esquire. "...the fiery "Mad Men" star won the best-looking title via a poll of over 10,000 women."
Samuel L. Jackson talks The Avengers and Joss Whedon. He says he is looking forward to working with Joss. And over at Samuel says the movie starts rolling in February.
Why fan writing matters - a Firefly web comic. As seen on ComicsAlliance.
Dr Horrible DVD shipped over 60,000 copies in its first 6 months. That's according to New Video's sellsheet (available only in PDF format) for the Blu-Ray. There's also a behind-the-curtains look at how the fans will be targeted for the release.
(SPOILER) Buffy #34 vs Swamp Thing #34. Bleeding Cool ponders the similarities that the Buffy issue had with Promethea #10 and indeed the aforementioned Swamp Thing issue (contains NSFW images).

April 18

Amy Acker joins Twitter! Confirmed by her husband.
(SPOILER) Tahmoh Up a Creek (Well, a Riverworld) without a Paddle on SyFy Tonight. The Dollhouse alum stars in a new four hour adaptation (and possible "backdoor pilot") of Phillip Jose Farmer's "Riverworld" on the SyFy Channel starting at 7 PM ET tonight (and re-airing tomorrow, starting at 5 PM ET). More...
A fan's point of view on Joss directing The Avengers. As seen on YouTube.
Stan Lee comments about Joss Whedon directing The Avengers. "I think it's wonderful. The man is so talented. He's really great. He's gonna do a good job."
James Marsters April 2010 Q and A. Questions range this month from favorite fast food to if he is good with tools.

April 17

"Why Am I Doing This?" DVD available for pre-order at Amazon. Another movie starring Emma Caulfield coming to DVD. This one has a release date of July 13th.
WizardWorld Anaheim:Avi Arad seems to confirm Joss' Marvel movie work. The Live coverage is occuring at Newsarama. More...

April 16

Whedonverse actors this weekend at Wizard World Anaheim Comic Con. Jewel Staite to have Q & A Saturday 4-5 pm. Appearing at booths: Melinda Clarke, Clare Kramer, Miracle Laurie, Elisabeth Rohm, Mark Lutz, Camden Toy, Doug Jones. More...
Amber Benson and Adam Busch's appearance on Stupid for Movies. This is Amber and Adam on Stupid for Movies (they are introduced at about 44:15). They play a trailer for their movie Drones and talk about making it, and then talk about Muppets Take Manhattan.
Edgar Wright tweets that he met Joss Whedon. Pop culture media starts to go into a tizzy over speculation about Ant-Man and Avengers movies.
Press release for the Dr Horrible Blu-ray. As previously reported, this'll be out on May 25th.
Happy Birthday, Sean Maher! Our favorite space surgeon turns 35 today.
Castle: Complete Second Season available for pre-order on Amazon. Available on September 21, 2010. Price: $41.49.
For one night only - crazy credits. Remember the first time when you saw the opening titles for 'Superstar' and 'Once More With Feeling'?

April 15

Nathan Illustrated. Awesome site illustrates celebrities' tweets. Nathan gets one complete with laser beams, a pony, and jet packs.
How do you feel about Joss directing The Avengers? imdb wants to know (poll now closed). More...
Why Joss Whedon should be your new Marvel Movie overlord. io9 defends Joss as a film writer and director and says why we should trust Joss to handle our comic book movies. More...
(SPOILER) Just what did Buffy say in Buffy #34? ComicsAlliance has some thoughts on what was said in a certain wordless NSFW panel in the latest issue.
Buffy Season 9 planned for mid 2011. That's the latest news to come out of C2E2.
James Marsters Interview with Herald Sun. He talks conventions, music and playing the villain.
The Top 10 Best Genre Musicals. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and "Once More, With Feeling" take the top two positions. More...
8-Bit Dr. Horrible - Act 2 is up! Act Two of the 8-Bit Video Game version of Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog has been posted as of this morning. More...
Joss Whedon to rework the Captain America script? Pajiba seems to think it's a possibility. As we found out two days ago, Joss will be reportedly rewriting The Avengers script as well as directing.
Coming soon - Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Book. Details on this so far are sparse. It's being published by Titan Books and is 200 pages long. Will it be similar in terms of style and content to the Firefly Companion volumes?
First look at QMx's 'Hero of Canton' t-shirt. And if you're in the mood for more QMx 'Verse goodness then pop over to Ain't It Cool. They've got a terrific feature on the company which includes some great pics of the Serenity replica.

April 14

(SPOILER) Amy Acker appears on tonight's season finale of "Human Target". Amy Acker officially joins the already impressive list of guest stars to appear during the show's freshman run. The broadcast starts at 8pm EST on Fox.
(SPOILER) Patton Oswalt: Making Serenity's Wash the "Anti-Han Solo". Newsarama interview with Patton Oswalt.
The top five best Buffy moments. PopWrap picks Sarah Michelle Gellar's finest performances from the show.
Assembling Joss Whedon's Avengers. MTV's Splash Page has a bit of fun casting the rest of the Avengers with Whedon alum. There's similar sort of articles over at Movieline, Television Without Pity and SFX. More...
"TiMER" DVD available for pre-order at Amazon. Emma Caulfield's movie currently has a DVD release date of June 22nd.
More Dollhouse props & costumes up for auction. This weeks items include Echo's leather jacket from "Ghost", Echo's "Omega" costume, Victor's medical file and wedge, Ivy and Dr Saunder's lab coats, Echo's book and note for the storm, and serial killer brain scan and file. More...

April 13

(SPOILER) An update on The Cabin in the Woods from Fran Kranz. "All I know is that at one point I read somewhere that Joss said it was the horror film to end all horror films. I like that. I think that puts it best".
Happy International Sarah Michelle Gellar Day! Celebrate the 33rd birthday of a strong woman character actor.
Miracle Laurie for Wonder Woman? If these peeps were casting agents, she would be.
Richard Roeper says Olivia Williams is the best actress of 2010 so far. Richard Roeper (formerly of Ebert and Roeper) raves about her performance in The Ghost Writer. Starts at 0:55 in this clip from his new show.
Joss Whedon to direct The Avengers says Deadline New York. Update: Variety backs it up (and adds that Joss will rework the script).
Joss Whedon on state of sci-fi: 'Many good shows are canceled early'. This brief interview was conducted at last night's Glee premiere party (spoilerish for Joss' upcoming episode).
Felicia Day announces a fourth season for The Guild. It's not quite "Li'l Guildies", but...
"Let's be bad guys!" QMx offers Jayne shirt replica. After a fair bit of work QMx has managed to duplicate Jayne's "Troublemaker" shirt, seen in Serenity. For one thing, the original type of shirt isn't made any more... You'll be proud to rob banks in it.
(SPOILER) Six page preview of Angel: Barbary Coast #1. The issue is written by David Tischman, with art by Franco Urru and covers by Urru and Dan Panosian and is out tomorrow.
A Horrible Collection. Dark Horse collects the Dr. Horrible oneshot and webcomics in September, adding "a never-before-seen sixteen-page story, about the top secret organization The Evil League of Evil."

April 12

"One of Us" - Israeli interview of Tim Minear. Includes some Dollhouse spoilers and a myriad of other topics.
Alyson joins that unaging funny yellow family. Via her twitter, she worked on an episode of The Simpsons today.
Alyson Hannigan a guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show tomorrow. Be sure to tune in! More...
Nathan Fillion on Jimmy Kimmel Live! ABC tonight.
Felicia Day on Web TV and Fighting Werewolves. Mashable's video interview conducted after last night's Streamy Awards.
(SPOILER) Full Georges Jeanty Slayalive Q/A for Buffy #34 Some interesting hints at upcoming issues. More...
Why I Adore Joss Whedon - a tumblr blogger explains. A blogger lists the reasons why she Adores our J-Man. More...
Twitter contest for Buffy complete DVD series. Hercules over at Ain't It Cool News is having a Twitter contest for the complete DVD series today between noon and 5pm Pacific time. Open to U.S. residents only.
(SPOILER) Buffyfest interview Bill Williams about Spike:The Devil You Know. Plus two pages of art.

April 11

Happy Birthday To Nicholas Brendon and Kelly Donovan! Nick and Kelly turn 39. Drop a line and wish them many happy returns!
Felicia Day takes home another Streamy! For Best Female in a Comedy series. More...
Eliza Dushku competes in the 3rd annual Nautica South Beach Triathlon. She finished the triathlon, which included a 1/2-mile swim, 19-mile bike trek, and a 4-mile run, in 2 hours and 45 minutes. Great pictures at the link.

April 10

Olivia Williams: 'It can be unnerving working for Polanski'. Interview with Olivia Williams from the Guardian. More...
Cultural Learnings - Buffy Catchup. Internet critic Myles McNutt begins his cultural catchup project with his first foray into the Buffyverse and weekly reviews.
Courage - episode one 'Fight or Flight?'. It's a new Firefly fan web series and more details can be found at More...
In Ballard's Defence. A fan blog which considers the Dollhouse ending with reference to one of the show's central questions - what is a soul? And, as the post title suggests, has a positive take on Paul's fate. More...

April 09

Felicia Day VS Chad Vader. Chad Vader and Felicia Day face each other in a battle of will...or something like that. More...
New Dollhouse items up for auction. Fox continues its auctions of Dollhouse props and costumes. This weeks items include Echo's long leather coat (from the opening credits), Echo & Whiskey's gold dresses from their flashback scene in "Vows", Alpha's remote wipe device from "A Love Supreme", Ballard's "Keep looking" photo of Caroline, medical files for Caroline, Echo and Victor, and more. Lots of bargains to be had!
Juliet Landau interviews Adam Busch. More in Ms. Landau's "Take Flight" promo interview series about the creative process.
Inara's reaver-fightin' Bow and Arrow set from Serenity is on the auction block. Looking for the perfect weapon to defend yourself in the event of a zombie apocalypse? This might just be the ticket! The auction ends on April 12. More...
Dr Horrible comic available for iPhone/iPod/iPad now. It's written by Zack, and it's currently in the top 100 app downloads. Top ten, anybody?
(SPOILER) Behind Buffy Season 8: "The Sex Issue". CBR continues with its on-going series of taking a look behind-the-scenes of Buffy Season 8.
(SPOILER) Eureka boss reveals which Whedon alum she'd like on the show. Amy Berg says she'd love to have Felicia Day, Mark Sheppard and Nathan Fillion guest (interview is spoilerish for upcoming episodes).
Win Tickets to the LA Premiere and Q&A of Amber Benson & Adam Busch's film DRONES. The event is next week in Los Angeles, Tuesday, Apr 13. It's also a benefit. There is a link to just buy tickets, too, if you don't win.
Open auditions for a stage version of Dr. Horrible in NC. Roles are available for men and women of all ages. Auditions will take place Sunday Apr 11th, 3pm - 6pm at the Browncoat Pub & Theater - Wilmington, NC.
(SPOILER) A page from the Spike: The Devil You Know miniseries. It's up at Chris Ryall's blog.
"Bones" 100th episode gives FOX decent numbers. The one hundredth episode of "Bones" gave FOX good numbers, up from last week's 2.4 demo rating. More...
Wonderflonium makes The Periodic Table of Imaginary Elements. See all of the amazing table created by Russell Walks by clicking here. More...
John Cassaday and Laura Martin nominated for Eisner awards. Sadly, no Buffy nominations this time. More...
(SPOILER) Dan Payne talks about his role in 'The Cabin In The Woods'. A little bit more about the movie gets revealed (starts around the 10:17 mark).

April 08

Sunny and the Dales - "Buffy Bufferson". An original song by a very original couple of singers! Once again it is late and I'm searching youtube for Whedon goodness, and I find something truly silly... almost ridiculous. I think you will all enjoy the argument of canon (at least I did).
Entertainment Weekly's Top 25 Flashback Episodes. Entertainment's Weekly's list of the 25 best flashback episodes includes 2 Whedon favorites. And there's a poll where you can vote for lots of flashback episodes.
Happy Birthday Emma Caulfield. Don't forget to wish a Vengeance Demon happy birthday, best to be on her good side?
Buzzy Multimedia interviews Amber Benson and Adam Busch, Part 1. In the video interview they talk about making "Drones". There is a part 2 as well.
The biggest tearjerkers in the scifi pantheon. This io9 list includes two moments from the Whedonverse. More...
(SPOILER) Bones 100th episode (directed by DB) airs in the US tonight. Also, a Hollywood Reporter article here and a Wall Street Interview with Hart Hanson here.

April 07

MTV's ADAPT THIS asks for Sugarshock the Animated Musical. Right? Right?!!! So do I. More...
The Complete DVD collection of Angel on sale at Amazon UK. Not that long ago, you had tha chance to get the BtVS set, now you can complete your Buffyverse collection with the Region 2 DVD box set containing all 5 seasons of Angel, which has been included in this week's Amazon's special offers and till Sunday is thus sold with a discount of 64% for £49.97 (approx. 57€).
(SPOILER) Behind the scenes with Glee - featuring Joss and Neil. As seen on the Oprah Winfrey Show.
Sean Maher joins Twitter. Jewel says it is him.
Juliet Landau vid-interviews Kitty Swink (actress and wife of Armin Shimerman). The latest in Ms. Landau's "Take Flight" promo interview series.
(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #34. It's the third part of Brad Meltzer's Twilight arc. Are you on tenterhooks to find out what happens next?
The Vampire Ball convention in London. There's Julie Benz, Juliet Landau and Christian Kane to name a few from the land of Joss, along with peeps from True Blood and Being Human. End of November.
Nathan Fillion: I'll leave it to people who can handle the stress. Interview with Nathan Fillion about Castle and his former roles.

April 06

Jane Espenson returns to her blog. Jane looks like she's going to resume her writing blog, at least for a little while, to continue sharing writing tips. Also, lunch. More...
(SPOILER) Morena Baccarin interview. Interview by bloggers Tom and Lorenzo, formerly of Project Rungay, who became fans of the show through Morena's character's sartorial style. More...
(SPOILER) Buffyfest advanced review of Buffy Season 8 #34. They got to read it early. More...
Buffy opening, How I Met Your Mother. The Buffy opening is made to look like How I Met Your Mothers. And, if you're interested, there's also a HIMYM opening made to look like Buffy.
Trailer for 'The Expendables' featuring Charisma Carpenter. She appears at the 1:40 mark. More...
"Look Where Free Will Has Gotten You" - an Angel essay. An interesting look at the Angel Season 4 Jasmine arc and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.
Lost and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Interesting comparison of Lost & Buffy the Vampire Slayer outlining some similarities between the 2 shows. Although there are no spoilers for Lost, the article does talk in detail about the current season.
(SPOILER) One big clue about Joss Whedon's 'The Cabin in the Woods'. Not as spoilery as SCI FI Wire would lead you to believe. But the good news is that, according to Amy Acker, the cut is finished.
Neil Patrick Harris is in Time Magazine shortlist for 100 most influential people of 2010. You can rank/vote for him using the slider scroll on the side.

April 05

"Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Game". An 8-bit interpretation of "Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog" as a theoretical Nintendo game - part 1 of 3.
(SPOILER) MTV Splash Page Buffy Season 8 interview with Brad Meltzer. Talks of 'the final taboo' in the Buffyverse. Includes (NSFW?) preview panel from this week's issue #34.
Seth Green involved in new Star Wars T.V. Series? This would be a Star Wars sitcom. More...
Marvel source say Joss Whedon linked to Runaways movie. That's what Access Hollywood report. Does Joss ever actually sleep? Is any of this true? Why am I still typing? Edit: and then Nikki Finke waded in to say that Peter Sollett is in talks for the gig. More...
(SPOILER) Cover art for Buffy #37. Wasn't expecting that.
(SPOILER) A First Look at Happy Town! This is the first 15 minutes of the Pilot. Looks awesome.

April 04

"Epitaph One" nominated for a Hugo Award. It will be up against several episodes of Doctor Who and one of FlashForward.
Amber Benson tweets the Premiere date for "Drones" in the UK. The film she co-directed with Adam Busch and starring Jonathan Woodward, will premiere at Sci-Fi-London Expo.
(SPOILER) Wondercon Recap: Happy Town Pilot, Amy Acker's new series. They showed the pilot for the series, before the panel.
Buffyfest has some updates from Scott Allie on WonderCon reports. Some clarifications about the Buffy Season 9 and Dollhouse stuff.
Dr Horrible 2 is being organised and written. Whedonopolis has the scoop from some Whedony people last night in LA.

April 03

New Buffy "Throne of the Slayer" Maquette available for pre-order. Available for Sept. 22nd, 2010 from Things From Another World. More...
Cruise the Caribbean with Julie Benz and Clare Kramer in 2011. CruiseCons announces its plans for the 1st Celebrity Cruise Convention, set for June 11, 2011. Set sail on this 7-night voyage aboard Carnival's new "Dream".
"Inside Joss' Dollhouse" available for pre-order. The Smart Pop book filled with Dollhouse essays is up on Amazon.
Trailer for "Hell's Gate: An American Conspiracy". The independently produced Tanner Beard film that recounts the events behind why 'Hell's Gate' at Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas came to have it's name, featuring Summer Glau and Buffy alum Eric Balfour, currently has no set release date.
An NPH musical biography. A clever montage of NPH singing moments. It includes several clips from Dr.H.
Wondercon 2010: Dark Horse confirms Buffy: Season Nine comic. "Previously, Dark Horse had announced it hoped to do a Season Nine, but now the publisher explained that not only will it definitely happen, but, unlike that of Season Eight, its story won't take three years to tell."
L.A. Times confirms that Joss Whedon is on The Avengers short list. Here's the quote that's doing the rounds, "After some checking, insiders at Marvel Studios say no director has been signed yet but that Whedon was on the short-list and conversations took place. This could be promising, Whedonites."

April 02

"We Are Mighty" - a look at Browncoats: Redemption. A very good feature on the upcoming fan film.
Castle Season 2 DVD price and cover art revealed. The release date will be September 21st.
Possibility of Dollhouse comics. There may be a graphics version of the universe, according to this article.
(SPOILER) Interview with David Boreanaz. David talks about the 100th ep of Bones, Angel, Buffy and fans. Also a bit about Andy Hallett.
New Dollhouse items up for auction. This week's items include Adelle's tea set, Victor's attic body suit, and a set of watercolours from the Dollhouse's art therapy sessions.
Amber Benson and Adam Busch on Stupid For Movies April 8. Amber Benson and Adam Busch are on a live web show called next week. They assigned homework to watch The Muppets Take Manhattan and you can skype in and discuss the movie with them. This link is the video of them giving the assignment.
(SPOILER) Newsarama is LIVE at the Dark Horse panel at WonderCon 2010. Still on-going right now. Mentions of the Wash one-shot, the Book graphic novel, Zack Whedon's Terminator series, and of course the requisite Buffy Season 8 news. Some spoilers about S8, regarding some fan favorites. I think that covers all the expected Whedon-ish stuff, but there may be more in a bit. As I said, it's live.
James Marsters interviewed by Australia's Courier-Mail. He's attending the Supanova expo in Brisbane and Melbourne. And he has a message for attendees: "Come on down to the convention and check us out. It's a wonderful place where you can be cool by being creepy! And there aren't many places in the world where that's still allowable."
According to the Hollywood Reporter, American Pie 4 is "in high gear". The planned reboot is intended to reunite the original cast.
New look for the German Buffy and Angel DVDs. Rest of Europe to follow? For a better look at the boxart, check the trailers for the Buffy and Angel DVDs on YouTube. Or go to the respective Buffy and Angel listings on
Plea to Marvel Studios: Let Joss Whedon helm The Avengers! The Guardian's Ben Child states his reasoning behind vouching for Joss to get behind the camera for the much-anticipated superhero tentpole of 2012.
New Jason Palmer Art: River vs Reavers. New Official Serenity artwork from Jason Palmer studios. Want.

April 01

Gina Torres joins new ABC Family show 'Huge'. It's a drama series set in a weight-loss camp for teens. The Hollywood Reporter also reports that Alexis Denisof has been replaced by Chad Lowe on the ABC Family series 'Pretty Little Liars'.
(SPOILER) Full Georges Jeanty Slayalive Q/A for Buffy #33 is up. Lots of interesting things including some new spoilerish stuff for upcoming issues.
Blizzard's new matchmaking site has a Firefly reference. Enter your criteria and click "Find matches now". Watch the progress text carefully and see if you can spot the reference. :)
Preview for the film "Deadly Honeymoon". The Lifetime Movie Network original film based on the 2005 case of disappeared newlywed George Allen Smith IV, starring Summer Glau and Chris Carmack, is set to premiere on April 25 at 8pm EST on LMN. For those outside the US, the preview may also be found here.
The Guild meets Muppet Babies. An official spinoff of The Guild, titled Lil' Guildies has been announced. More...
Dollhouse Essay Contest Winners Announced! Jane Espenson selected the best essays for "Inside Joss' Dollhouse," a Smart Pop Book. More...
Netflix comes through! We knew it was promised, but now it's here. Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse are now available for instant viewing at
Zack Whedon interviewed by A Comicbook Orange. Find out which movie he would rather watch the rest of his life on a deserted island -T3 or T4. And if you go to the Dark Horse website, you can read the making of issue 1 of Zack's new Terminator comic book.
Petition to stop Season 8 writer Brad Meltzer from ever writing again. Contributors include Patton Oswalt, Brian K. Vaughan and John Cassaday.

March 31

IESB - Joss Whedon is on short list to direct The Avengers movie. They say it's not an April's Fools joke.

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