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May 31

Zombies in the Whedonverse. Fun article that talks of shows that could've been saved by the presence of zombies, including one of Joss Whedon's.
VTW Productions interview with Georges Jeanty (Buffy Season 8 main artist). It's a pretty long one (52:32), but it does give a lot of insight into his life in fandom. A lot of geeking out, and yes, there are multiple tangents as a meeting of minds between geeks can result it. Requisite Star Trek, Farscape, etc references. PS: Spoilers up to "Retreat", if I remember correctly.
Joss shares his recipe for Buffy with Sugar, spice, and everything nice? Joss weighs in on one of's 100 greatest characters of the past 20 years.

May 30

Tahmoh Penikett says Joss has a new project. German interviews Tahmoh Penikett at FedCon 2010. More...
Hawaii Five-O - Exclusive Preview. YouTube video of the CBS remake starring Daniel Dae Kim; also, catch a glimpse of James Marsters in his guest starring role. More...

May 29

Dollhouse season 2 DVD is available in the UK for pre-order. lists the release date as September 6th. makes mention of a Complete Seasons 1 & 2 boxset coming out on the same date.
Nathan Fillion attends the Indianapolis 500. His picture is among others in a celebrity photo gallery for the event. More...
Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton discuss The Guild at Phoenix Comicon. Now available as a podcast. Also posted now is the session with James Marsters. More...
Tickets on sale for LA Meet and Greet with Nicholas Brendon! Back by popular demand. Have lunch with Nick on June 18th.
Julie Benz wants to dethrone Eva Longoria Parker (for charity). Eva Longoria Parker and Julie Benz are going up against each other off-screen for a good cause. They're both participating in a scavenger hunt around Los Angeles in The Rally for Kids With Cancer.
5 Best Fight Scenes You've Never Seen. Moviefone shines a spotlight on some underrated movie battles it believes deserve wider recognition.

May 28

Full series rankings for the 2009-10 broadcast season. Find out how Dollhouse got placed for 'adults 18-49' and 'total viewers'. More...
Watch Lifetime's "Deadly Honeymoon" online. The LMN original movie, starring Summer Glau, has been made available - via the network's website - to U.S. residents for free viewing. More...
Serenity continues to 'Float Out' with artist Patric Reynolds. The artist of the Wash one-shot talks to Newsarama about the character, the 'Verse and what it was like working with Patton Oswalt. The comic book comes out next week. More...
Buffyfest chats to Nick Brendon. It's mainly about his appearance on "Robot, Ninja & Gay Guy". But we also find out what he thinks of Xander's latest plot line in the Buffy season 8 comics.
Clare Kramer's NOH8 pic. It's glorificus.
Wil Wheaton Interviews Felicia Day on the set of The Guild. The two discuss Season 3 of The Guild, children's books about hats and other comedy gold on Wil's podcast, Radio Free Burrito.
Best TV Shows of the Last 20 Years. Kristin Dos Santos ranks her list and our favorite slayer comes pretty close to the top. Also VOTE!
Pilots that never made it to air - guess which Whedon show features? Surprisingly not Buffy.
New details about the Dr Horrible Sing-Along Blog Book. It will feature exclusive contributions from cast and crew, sheet music and the full shooting script.
Watcher Junior Issue 5 is now online. There's academic essays that look at Restless and drugs and addiction as seen on Buffy. And if you've been following the debate about Buffy comic book artwork, you might want to check out "The Many Faces of Buffy" feature. It's very impressive.
Coming soon - 'Whedonversed'. It's a documentary project which "looks at the Scholars that study the works of Joss Whedon".

May 27

"Angel: Last Angel In Hell" Hardcover Available! Includes Angel Issues #23-27 and the first Angel Annual. More...
(SPOILER) Zack Whedon "will be back"! Zack Whedon talks to CBR about the follow-up to his stint writing Dark Horse's "Terminator: 2029".
"A view from the fence" - Buffy Season 8 so far. With #36 not out until September, it's time to take a breath and ponder on what has gone before. This essay examines the reasons as to why the comics could end up being great and the issues that need to be addressed to get the comics to work. All the major talking points get a look in - from continuity to the aftermath of Twilight's reveal.
Twenty character deaths we didn't see coming. Includes several examples from the Whedonverse (obviously), though you won't necessarily see them all coming. Spoilers for some recent shows, including Lost, 24 and Dexter.
Buffy is on the cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly. She's one of the magazine's 100 greatest characters of the last twenty years and the issue will feature "Joss Whedon on the elements that make up Buffy the Vampire Slayer".
(SPOILER) Ausiello talks about Julie Benz's character in Dexter. Michael Ausiello reports Julie Benz is returning to Dexter next season.
Patton Oswalt chats about his 'Serenity: Float Out' comic book. We also get closure on the Tommy Westphall Multiverse theory.
Guardian Glee Blog full of praise for Joss's episode. It's repeated tonight on E4 in the UK, and on Channel 4 on Friday.

May 26

Felicia Day talks comics and Joss Whedon's qualifications for 'The Avengers'. Felicia Day talks with MTV's splash page about The Guild comics and Whedon doing The Avengers.
Leverage - The Fighting fun with Christian Kane. A video about the fighting scenes on Leverage and the fact that season 3 will deliver more kick butt fight scenes with Christian Kane.
Zack Whedon interviewed about Dr Horrible comics. Zack Whedon does a promotional interview with Comic Book Resources about the trade paperback collecting the various comics. He also speaks about the sequel (in no real spoiler detail). There's also interesting comments about Joss and The Avengers movie. More...
(SPOILER) For the discussion of Angel #33. This is out today in the US but *not* in the UK or Ireland - all IDW titles have been delayed a week this side of the pond.
Win a copy of the Dr. Horrible Blu-ray or The Guild Season 3 DVD. The Digital Bits has copies of the new Dr. Horrible Blu-ray and The Guild Season 3 DVD for five lucky winners. Contest open to US and non-US residents. More...
Christina Hendricks to appear in Broken Bells video. Mrs. Reynolds is going to appear in a music video for "The Ghost Inside" by Broken Bells, the side project of James Mercer (of the Shins) and Danger Mouse.
'Firefly: Still Flying' out this week in book stores. To get a wide range of opinion on the book, have a look at the, Bashing In Minds, The House Next Door and SciFi Wire reviews. More...

May 25

Amy Acker was a guest on last night's "The Good Wife". Watch it at the CBS site.
Firefly Blu-ray selling for 69% off at Amazon and has currently knocked the Avatar Blu-ray of the top spot! More...
Rob Simonsen, Dollhouse composer, adds one instrumental piece to his Myspace. It's called "Do You Trust Me". More...
60B-cast's podcast discussion about all of Joss' shows. They rank their favourite moments, episodes, heroes, villains, deaths, and a lot more so, if you're interested, click on the link. More...
(SPOILER) Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale cover art. Cover art for the graphic novel is by Steve Morris. Includes a quick update from Zack Whedon.
An interview with Firefly writer Jose Molina. There's some wonderful insights into his two episodes 'Ariel' and 'Trash' and how 'Firefly: Still Flying' came together. Oh and Jose shares some details of what would have happened had Firefly stayed on the air. There's a similar interview at
Firefly in five minutes. Another script courtesy of the Reduced SFX Company.

May 24

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog out on Blu-ray today. Reviews of it can be found at and DVD Talk.
Patton Oswalt comic book signing on June 5th . Dark Horse Comics is hosting a special event at House of Secrets in Burbank, CA with Patton Oswalt where he'll be signing copies of his comic, Serenity: Float Out. More...
(SPOILER) Entertainment Weekly's Top 20 Series Finales of All Time. Buffy comes in at #9. Spoilers for other shows.
Behind the scenes of Juliet Landau's London photo shoot. A music video-style tour of London with a terrific-looking Ms. Landau.
Firefly Jaynestown T-shirt. This shirt makes me smile. More...
LA Natives You Ought To Know: A Profile of Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon, with Q&A. A Daily Truffle article about how awesome Mo Tancharoen is. More...
Nicholas Brendon updates his audioblog! Discusses "shenanigans" as well as past and future appearances.
Nicholas Brendon an upcoming guest star on Robot, Ninja and Gay Guy! Evidently, they couldn't get Taylor Lautner.
Howard Gordon talks about the finale for '24', with Fresh Air. The former Bufffy/Angel writer and producer talks about the end of the series, he has help write and produced for 9 years and the impact it has had.
(SPOILER) Five page preview of Angel #33. Courtesy of CBR.
Is the Whedonverse Just a Figment of Tommy Westphall's Imagination? A convincing argument that the shows of the Whedonverse may be connected to over 250 other shows thanks to Tommy Westphall of St. Elsewhere.

May 23

Tonner Convention Browncoats breakfast blog coverage. Tonner has posted images of the new Firefly dolls: Inara "Shinon" and Captain Mal. I love them. More...
(SPOILER) "Totally Lost" talks Buffy finale as Lost's own climax approaches. Spoilers as they discuss all of Lost up to tonight's finale of the landmark series. The comments below also discuss the finale in detail. More...
Robia LaMorte is wed. As per Clare Kramer's twitter. Seems there were peacocks about.
A preview of 'Money' starring Vincent Kartheiser. The television adaptation of Martin Amis' novel premieres tonight on BBC Two at 9pm.

May 22

Ten memorable TV show endings. Guess what Yahoo UK puts at #5.
Mr. Universe gets married! David Krumholtz and actress Vanessa Britting were married on Saturday at The Plaza Hotel in New York City.
Want to appear in the Joss Whedon produced Comic-Con documentary? Read the press release and find out how.
(SPOILER) Full Georges Jeanty Slayalive Q/A for Buffy #35. Last Q/A with Jeanty until Buffy returns in September.

May 21

The Dr. Horrible syndrome (horribly nice guys). The Slap and The Tickle blog looks at why the Doctor put Penny on a pedestal.
Patton Oswalt guests on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher at 10pm tonight (Friday). Features Dollhouse and United States of Tara actor Patton Oswalt, NYU professor and author Nouriel Roubini, author Ayaan Hirsi Ali, radio host and professor Michael Eric Dyson, and columnist John Fund. More...
Wired mag article on Browncoasts: Redemption movie. A positive story on Joss & fandom projects.
TVs most shocking moments. TV squad lists televisions most shocking moments, which features a scene from Buffy at number 15. Before looking, can you guess which?
James Marsters engaged! Confirmed on his Facebook.
Win all six hardcover volumes of Angel: After The Fall. That's quite the treat but you have to tweet. More...

May 20

Buffy writers re-unite for NOH8. Can you name them all?
James Marsters, Emma Caulfield, and Felicia Day at Phoenix Comicon. May 28th through 30th at the Phoenix Convention Center. I didn't see it posted before so I thought I would mention it.
That documentary about Comic-Con is a go. Directed by Morgan Spurlock, executive produced by Joss, Stan Lee, and Harry Knowles. More...
Alan Tudyk's "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil" at SIFF This Weekend. The film has two showings at the Seattle International Film Festival, Friday at 7:00pm and Saturday at Midnight.
Emma Caulfield to appear May 26th in Manhattan Beach, CA. She will be at the event between 6-9 PM.
Titan Books & AICN want to give away "Firefly: Still Flying". They have three copies to award their readers.
(SPOILER) IDW Solicitations for August 2010. Includes Angel #36, Spike: The Devil You Know #3, and the Angel: A Hole in the World TPB. More...
Buffy Season 5 on iTunes! For some reason 5x22 isn't "The Gift" and it is in fact an episode from Season 4, so i'd wait for that error to be corrected before purchasing (if you do).
Director of Browncoats: Redemption at Granite Comic Con on May 23. Mike Dougherty, Director of the independent film Browncoats: Redemption, will be making an appearance this Sunday at Granite State Comic Con in Manchester NH. He is bringing some special footage with him.
Academic Dollhouse essays needed. Slayage is planning to do a special issue on Dollhouse and has put out a call for papers (they have to be submitted by June 14th).
A feature on 'Dr Horrible - Live in Calgary'. Apparently it's the first professional production of the musical and it'll be on from May 27th to June 5th. The poster for it can be found here.

May 19

The Webventures of Justin & Alden, featuring Felicia Day. It's all glitz and glamour as Justin & Alden make their way on the red carpet, posing as press. When they catch a glimpse of their dream leading lady Felicia Day, they quickly hatch the perfect plan.
IF Magazine interviews a real Gentleman, Doug Jones. He talks about his role in Legion, "I'm in ninety seconds of the movie, but they're a very crucial ninety seconds." Along with getting constantly asked about working with Guillermo Del Toro on future projects.
CBS Picks Up "Hawaii Five-O" For Fall 2010 Season. CBS announced today that the pilot for a new version-- created by Star Trek (2009)/Fringe/Alias writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci--of the iconic series has been picked up for their fall schedule, to air Mondays at 10PM Eastern. Daniel Dae Kim has a starring role. James Marsters will play the villain in the pilot episode, a role which may be recurring. More...
Happy Birthday Tahmoh Penikett! Light a candle, he turns 35 today. More...
Which TV show's fans get to claim the actor: Joss Whedon edition. In which we must ponder the likes of "should Adam Baldwin be best known for playing Jayne on Firefly or playing Casey on Chuck?" Decisions, decisions.
Neil Patrick Harris talks about his guest spot on Glee. And if you missed last night's episode, it's now up on Hulu.
The New York Times reviews Emma Caulfield's TiMER. The review is short but positive. It includes a picture of Emma.
Trailer for Julie Benz's new pilot "No Ordinary Family" premiering on ABC this fall. The show is about a normal family that develops super powers, and Julie plays the mother.

May 18

The Top 75 Whedonverse Women. "UGO counts down the most Hellish-ly hot women the Whedonverse has to offer".
Comics on Comics on Why Whedon on Avengers is a Slam Dunk. Bob Patterson gives his thoughts on why Joss Whedon is the right choice for "undertaking one of the greatest challenges in cinematic history."
A Buffy review site which you might never seen before. Not sure how I missed this one, but here it is with links to each season and a series of reviews you may or may not agree with.
(SPOILER) Discuss tonight's highly anticipated episode of Glee. 'Dream On' is directed by Joss and guest stars Neil Patrick Harris. More...
A look at Stage 17, the once-home of "Angel". Via Tom Hanks via his Twitter comes a look at the historic Stage 17 on the Paramount lot where our "Angel" was filmed (notice "Angel" (1999-2004) inscribed as one of the many productions to film there). More...
The Big Bang Theory references Firefly. A link to the reference from last night's episode.
"River Tam and the Weaponized Women of the Whedonverse" - an essay on Firefly. Michael Marano talks about how Joss Whedon starts out with women made as weapons and leads them on a path of self-actualization.

May 17

Felicia Day and James Marsters to appear at FanExpo convention in Toronto. Felicia Day and James Marsters are announced guests at the FanExpo convention in Toronto, Ontario from August 27th to 29th, 2010. More...
Felicia Day is interviewed on The Mortified Shoebox Show. Felicia Day shares embarrassing poetry and pictures from her past. More...
High Def Digest reviews Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Blu-ray. The 'movie' receives a perfect 5/5 star review and the audio is considered decent, sadly the video is lackluster.
First look at the "Big Damn Hero" River Tam maquette. According to a QMx Insider tweet, "Our BDH maquettes differ from the Little Damn Heroes by offering larger statues with more detail in a more traditional Anime style".
Video Portrait of Vincent Kartheiser. By Tyler Shields, also features Alessandra Torresani. More...
Friends with Benefits trailer, with Fran. Does what it says on the tin. More...
AfterEllen Hot 100. Eliza Dushku, Christina Hendricks, and Alyson Hannigan make the list.
Liza Lapira to star in Fox's Mixed Signals. Dollhouse's Ivy is coming back to Fox! Now with a trailer! More...
Trailer for Summer Glau's new NBC show, The Cape. Airs midseason next spring. More...
Terra Nova, a new drama from David Fury and Steven Spielberg "yet to earn slot" on Fox's fall schedule. It's a time-traveling drama back to prehistoric earth from executive producers Steven Spielberg, Peter Chernin, Brannon Braga and David Fury.
Online comic Unshelved references Serenifly. Unshelved creators give a nod to Firefly as well as 2 other big SF fandoms.
Original artwork from Buffy Season 8 and Fray for sale. If you have the spare cash you can buy Karl Moline and Georges Jeanty's Buffyverse artwork. Prices range from $40 to $3500.
Buffy versus The New York Times. Watcher Junior recaps what the press thought of Buffy's first season back in 1997.

May 16

David Boreanaz scheduled to be a guest on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon tonight. Be sure to tune in.
'The Cape's' Summer Glau: "Call me Pashmina." Zap2it gets a couple of words in with Summer Glau about her upcoming show - currently slated to premiere sometime mid-season - early preview clips of which may be found here. More...
Your chance to ask Summer Glau a question. Ausiello is meeting with Summer and many others tomorrow and is asking for questions.

May 15

Happy Birthday David Boreanaz! Raise a toast, he turns 41 today.
Season 4 of Buffy finally on iTunes! Maybe 5 through 7 and Angel are finally on their way to the store as well? More...
Fran Kranz departs Friends With Benefits. Fran's great. Not all networks are.
Chris Hemsworth on The Avengers - 'I sat down with Joss recently'. He thinks the movie is "going to be a hell of a ride". More...

May 14

Felicia Day bows out of Supanova Australia. Due to scheduling conflicts, Felicia has pulled out of the Sydney/Perth Supanova Expo. More...
Nathan Fillion as Hank Pym in The Avengers? Marvelous News is reporting that an "unconfirmed insider source" says that "Nathan Fillion is pretty much locked to be Henry Pym, and should be announced before any other new additions to the cast (think around Comic Con)." More...
(SPOILER) Ten awesome things about Joss's Glee episode. From Maureen Ryan. Includes the 5 minute video posted previously.
"Mercy" cancelled by NBC. The show also starred Michelle Trachtenberg and Jaime Lee Kirchner, who played Rayna in the third episode of Dollhouse. More...
The literary tastes of Joss Whedon fans. Literature Map uses artificial intelligence to map how likely it is that fans of a certain writer will read other writers. The closer a name is to the central figure (in our case, Joss), the more likely that writer will be read too. More...
Angel praised in Concordia U. magazine. See Vampire lit. article on Page:10 (Statey Abbott loves Darla). She had written an Academic book on Angel. More...
NBC picks up Friends With Benefits and The Cape. Our very own Topher Brink and River will be regulars! More...
Joss Whedon on directing Glee. Excerpts from this morning's conference call with reporters. More coverage can be at iFMagazine, Collider, and Zap2it.
Marc Blucas on Tim Duncan. An outtake from the DVD of Jane Austen Book Club in which Marc Blucas makes fun of his good friend, former college teammate, and two-time NBA MVP Tim Duncan. More...
(SPOILER) Five page preview of the Serenity: Float Out comic book. This Wash one-shot is penned by Patton Oswalt and will be out on June 2nd. We're promised "tantalizing hints" about the Serenity universe's future.
(SPOILER) Fox video of Joss Whedon talking about 'Glee'. We find out why he's a Gleek. If you can't access the video due to your location, you should be able to view it on the show's home page. More...
(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Buffy comics for August. We get the previously released details for the Riley one-shot and the finalised cover for the Buffy Season 8 Volume 7 'Twilight' tpb (first glimpsed back in January).
Cinema's best bar brawls. The Guardian's Clip Joint includes the The Maidenhead fight scene from Serenity as part of their "best clips of drunken filmic fisticuffs".

May 13

The AV Club's memorable character deaths. AV Club mentions a shocking character death from Buffy. Can you guess which one? Possible spoilers for other shows and films.
Help get Nathan Fillion to host SNL. Facebook movement to get Nathan Fillion on SNL. More...
Fan faves 'Chuck' and 'V' to return next season. So says the Hollywood Reporter's Livefeed as well as EW here and here. More...
Alan Tudyk joins Transformers 3. The says the cast list for Transformers 3 now includes our favorite Active and spaceship pilot, Alan Tudyk. No word yet on what he'll do or what the plot will be. And in related news, says that NBC has passed on The Rockford Files pilot (which co-starred Alan). More...
Your exclusive first look at Firefly's original ship designs. Another peek into Titan Book's upcoming Firefly: Still Flying courtesy of io9.
(SPOILER) SFX interview with Jane Espenson about "Firefly: Still Flying." Ms. Espenson talks about her short story for the book (spoilers for what story is about) and what she'd like to do if she writes more "Firefly" short stories. Article also has some behind-the-scenes photos and production art that are included in the book.
The five gayest Buffy episodes ever. There's love for episodes that rarely feature on 'best of' lists.
Serenity in Rotten Tomatoes' "Top Ten Movies You Didn't Know Were Westerns". "The film chronicles the adventures of a roving band of outcasts, who traverse the galaxy aboard the Serenity, which is essentially a stagecoach in space."
Two storyboards from 'Firefly: Still Flying' plus a competition too! Titan Books have very kindly provided us with two storyboards of 'The Battle of Serenity' that appear in 'Firefly: Still Flying' (out on May 25th). They've also provided us with three copies of 'Firefly: Still Flying' to give away in a competition. To win a copy of the book, head over to the competition thread at

May 12

Win a copy of the Dr Horrible DVD signed by Joss Whedon. If you want to double your chances, there's another similar competition on New Video's Facebook page (why should you be inducted into the Evil League of Evil?).
No Ordinary Family, a pilot starring Julie Benz, is going to series at ABC. Show is a drama about a family of superheroes and stars Michael Chiklis (The Shield).
Wonderful Maladys Petition. A petition to ask HBO to allow us to see the pilot episode of The Wonderful Maladys. More...

May 11

How Buffy dropped the F-bomb. In the Season 6 episode 'Older and Far Away', you can indeed hear "and Mexico can fucking wait" being sung in the background. More...
A scene from 'TiMER' featuring Emma Caulfield and Kali Rocha. SciFi Wire has a clip of the Buffy alumni in Emma's new movie.
(SPOILER) Preview for next week's episode of Glee. This episode is directed by Joss and guest stars Neil Patrick Harris.
Happy Birthday Lindsay Crouse! Take the 'initiative' to celebrate. More...
ABC pulls 'Happy Town'. Amy Acker's new show will get burnt off during the summer.
Felicia Day answers questions from reddit. 30 minutes of Felicia-goodness. More...
TV Series Finales: How to Do Them Right. The Buffy and Angel finales are both mentioned in this list from TWoP.
Nicholas Brendon checks into rehab. Following his March arrest, the actor seeks treatment for alcohol abuse.
Snafu comics' Avengers teaser. Spoilers if you haven't seen the very end of Iron Man 2.
Artisan replica of Mal's Holster announced by QMX. Preorders begin on May 14th.

May 10

Maxim Hot 100 2010. Eliza Dushku is the only Whedonverse lady to crack the list this year, coming in at #26.
Starfury's Echo One Video. Clips from last weekend's Dollhouse convention, uploaded by Sean Harry. More...
A Look into Emma Caulfield's Webcomic Contropussy. An interview with the writers of Contropussy, Emma Caulfield and Camilla Rantsen, as well as illustrator Christian Meesey and editor Christian Beranek.

May 09

(SPOILER) Has Morena Baccarin's "V" been renewed? TV Guide talked with executive producer Scott Rosenbaum this week and it seems like there is good news over in V-town.

May 08

Opening Ceremony Of Starfury: Echo-1. The opening ceremony of the world's first Dollhouse convention, featuring: Miracle Laurie, Dichen Lachman, Fran Kranz, Enver Gjokaj, and Tahmoh Penikett.
(SPOILER) The revamped cover art for Buffy #36. Courtesy of Jo Chen.
Nicholas Brendon Headlining Whedonfest! October 1-3 in Toronto.

May 07

AfterElton loves Jane Espenson. Jane gets some much-deserved praise for her portrayal of GLBT characters and her all-around loveliness.
(SPOILER) CBR's Behind Buffy Season 8: "The Power of Love". Brad Meltzer talks about Buffy #35 with CBR.
Bookfair for Nathan Fillion's charity Kids Need To Read. Last B&N bookfair raised nearly $2,000. Make a purchase May 7-12 at Barnes & Noble Bookstores and Online. More...
The Next Ten TV Actors Who Should Become Movie Stars. Our captain is number one. More...

May 06

Auction for Autographed Limited-Edition Serenity Blueprints by QMx. The prints are autographed by Geoffrey Mandel, Timothy Earls, Nathan Fillion, and Alan Tudyk. More...
More behind the scenes photos from Joss's episode of Glee. They're from the Glee page on Facebook.
(SPOILER) Brad Meltzer's full Twitter Q/A for The Twilight Arc. "That's it. Done. Did em all. Thanks to all who asked." More...
Lisa Lassek talks Cabin in The Woods on GeeksOn Podcast. Cabin in The Woods editor Lisa Lassek briefly discusses the film, including issues with the studio and the 3-D conversion. More...
The Sexiest Mutants, Cyborgs And Posthumans Of All Time. io9's round-up of their top sixteen. Enver Gjokaj's Victor comes in at number 13 while a certain other familiar face is somewhere in there as well.
(SPOILER) Jo Chen cover and solicitation for Buffy Season 8 #36. This'll be out in September. And MTV's Splash Page has the Georges Jeanty cover.
Special offer on Joss Whedon and Tim Minear DVDs. Creative Screenwriting are offering a 20% discount to Whedonesque readers on their Joss Whedon: The Master at Play and Tim Minear - Breaking the Story DVDs. Details are as follows. More...
10 things you didn't know about Firefly. Television Without Pity recaps some of the highlights from the upcoming "Firefly: Still Flying" book. One of the plots from the short stories get discussed, so stay away if you don't want get spoiled for that.

May 05

The best and worst act-outs of Buffy Season 3. If you're not quite sure what an act-out is or want to be reminded of all 66 of them, then the author has a handy summary in a previous post.
(SPOILER) EW's 20 Most Shocking TV Deaths. "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" comes in at #6. Major spoilers for other shows.
(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #35. It's the final part of Brad Meltzer's much-talked about Twilight arc. And if you're interested, he'll be taking questions about his Buffy run on Twitter today. Brad also talks about the issue in the second part of his Buffyfest interview.
Preview Art from Nick Brendon Webcomic "Very Bad Koalas".

May 04

Dollhouse Ebay auction updated. Items up for sale include: Summer Glau's boots, Caroline's Wedge, File, & Photo, Wipe Gun Drawings, Amy Acker's Suit, Echo's Jewelery, Miracle Laurie's Night Gown, and many more outfits worn by Olivia Williams, Fran Kranz, Eliza Dushku, Dichen Lachman, and others.
Ignore Stephen Baldwin, restore Joss Whedon. An enthusiastic pro-Joss response to "Restore Stephen Baldwin".
Happy Birthday Vincent Kartheiser! He turns 31 today. More...
(SPOILER) Preview pages for Buffy #35. Cutting it close since it's out tomorrow but better late than never.
(SPOILER) Part 1 of Buffyfest's interview with Brad Meltzer. Part 2 will be about Buffy #35.

May 03

(SPOILER) Six page preview for Angel: Barbary Coast #2. This issue will be coming out tomorrow.
Adam Baldwin is number one with a bullet. IFmagazine talks to the actor about Season 3 of Chuck, guns, Stone Cold Steve Austin and 'Leverage'.
Felicia Day interviewed about The Guild. She discusses the origins of the show, the DVD's, the music video and the comics.
Emma Caulfield and her Contropussy collaborators to appear in celebration of the comic's debut. The event will be in Los Angeles this Wednesday evening.
Eliza Dushku & Tahmoh Penikett to appear at Australian Supanova conventions. Two appearances in Perth and Sydney a week apart.
Pictures of Joss Whedon directing Neil Patrick Harris on Glee. Check them out. More...
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Final Hour. A fan tribute to Buffy. The video is one of the best I've seen on YouTube. More...
(SPOILER) io9 interview with Buffy Season 8 writer Brad Meltzer. Some minor spoilers about what to expect (one-liners, and a teasing "I will reveal nothing").
Emma Caulfield talks about "turning down" a 'Battlestar Galactica' role. She also discusses what she's been working on lately.
Jon Favreau talks Joss Whedon 'allegedly' directing the Avengers with MTV. Thinks Joss would be a great choice.
The top ten tertiary Whedon characters. Some love for the unsung heroes of the Whedonverse.
New webcomic from Nicholas Brendon! Coming in September, "Very Bad Koalas"! More...

May 02

Happy Birthday Christina Hendricks! Beauty personified was born today. More...
Extended Serenity gagreel which didn't make on to the DVD. Ten minutes of 2004 for your pleasure.
Zap2It Inaugural TV Show Smackdown: Bones vs. Castle. "You may have noticed that "Bones" and "Castle" have a few things in common: Passionate fans, grisly (but sometimes funny!) murder cases, leading men who previously starred on Joss Whedon shows." More...
Buffy Season 5 : new amazing trailer. And the very epic Angel Season 2 trailer is here. Every fan should see this. More...
A Thousand Blooms: Inside Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. One of the best articles you will ever read about the show.
Joss Whedon sings 'Heart, Broken' on Return To The Scene Of The Crime. "In a live episode of This American Life, filmmaking legend Joss Whedon makes his very brave musical theatrical debut". More...
Iqbal Theba posts a great Glee wrap party photo of him, Joss, and their wives. AWWWWWWWW. More...

May 01

Seth Green Married? Weird Al says YES! According to Weird Al's Twitter post, he attended Seth Green and Clare Grant's nuptials today! Congrats to the lovely couple!
Patton Oswalt joins Twitter! Patton Oswalt, who had a recurring role as Joel Mynor on Dollhouse, and author of the upcoming comic series about Wash from Firefly, "Float On", has joined twitter! Screenname is pattonoswalt.
Morena Baccarin interviewed on Brazil late night talk show Programa do Jo. Conducted during her V promotion tour and aired last Friday night, with some mentions of Firefly/Serenity (in Portuguese). More...
Sarah Michelle Gellar - Scream Queen. Sarah Michelle Gellar is ranked among MSN's 13 top scream queens.

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