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July 31

Syfy ripping off Amber Benson? It seems that the Syfy channel's upcoming project "Human Relations" bears a suspicious resemblance to Amber Benson and Adam Busch's "Drones." More...
(SPOILER) Brian Lynch talks about his upcoming Spike series. Buffyfest caught up with Brian at SDCC. The Spike series gets discussed, as well as how it ties into S8. Fun interview.
Nicholas Brendon updates his audioblog. He speaks about his upcoming Chicago meet and greet, shares another poem, and more.
Dollhouse season 2 DVD UK release pushed back a month. According to the British Video Association it now has a release date of October 11. More...

July 30

SyFy announce new "National Treasure meets Firefly" show, Orion. Is that description enough to entice you to watch?
Serenity Charity Screening today in Bristol, UK. They have extras and exclusive goodies. Accompanied under 18's welcome. More...
The Adaptive, the Maladaptive, and the Mal-Adaptive. An essay from 'The Psychology of Joss Whedon' exploring the personality traits of Mal and Jayne.
The seven business days of Whedon. Features include The Top 19 Buffy Episodes, The Best Episodes of the Mutant Enemy writers, The Best of Angel, The Top 8 Episodes directed by Joss Whedon and The Five Absolute Best 44 Minutes of Firefly.
Details of the deleted scenes on the Dollhouse Season 2 DVD. Nine scenes in all lasting 9 minutes and 14 seconds. The Looking Back extra (presumably the Joss and cast roundtable feature) lasts 15 minutes 36 seconds. And the Outtakes extra is over 5 minutes long. More...

July 29

Charisma Carpenter hosts The Art of Seduction: Vampire Lore. To be featured as a Blu-ray exclusive for the October 12th release of Lost Boys: The Thirst. You heard me. More...
Pre-Order Dollhouse S2 from Fox, Get the Lithograph. For a limited time, you can get the same limited edition lithograph that was available to those who preordered at Comic-Con. Update: Click here to find out how to get a 10% discount. More...
Eliza Dushku heads to Japan for Dollhouse promotions. Eliza Dushku will be visiting Japan for the first time on Aug 2 to promote DVD release of "Dollhouse". She'll be traveling to Japanese cities Tokyo and Osaka.
(SPOILER) Mariah Huehner talks to Buffyfest about the Spike reveal in Angel #35. Major spoilers about Spike, for those who haven't read #35. This is part 2 of the interview that Buffyfest conducted with Huehner at SDCC 2010; the first part was regarding the new Illyria mini-series.
Christina Hendricks renders KTLA Anchor unable to form sentences. Video with some more love for our favourite interplanetary prevaricator.
Mark Ruffalo: "I look at it as my generation's Hamlet". Ruffalo's take on being cast in The Avengers and what it means to him. He's definitely got the right attitude.
Kaylee's Cupcake - a recipe. This looks scrumptious.
Vote for more Jossword puzzles. More specifically: "More Joss Whedon, Dammit! *cries*" is the option, so far we're coming in behind Disney/Pixar, 2 days to vote.

July 28

Our favorite vampire slayer spoofed in "Vampires Suck". Check out "Buffy" amongst other parodied characters on the poster for the upcoming "Twilight"-heavy parody "Vampires Suck."
Felicia Day on Net@Night. She discusses The Guild, Comic-Con, and the pressure of being a mainstream actress as well as a geek icon. Video version is here. More...
Alana Stone Releases her "Burn" Album. Alana Stone (everyone's favorite Dollhouse wardrobe minion and geeky singer/songwriter) has just released her new album, including her catchy "Gimme a Geek" song. More...
Popcorn Taxi exclusive Sydney meet & greet with Joss Whedon. Popcorn Taxi in Sydney, Australia are offering premium seats and an exclusive after party to meet Joss when he appears at the Sydney Opera House on Sunday August 29th.
Are Comic Book Movies Prime for a Downfall or Have We Only Seen the Beginning? Pretty interesting article on about whether comic book movies can withstand audience fatigue at the cinema. Article contains references to Serenity and Buffy/Angel too. More...
(SPOILER) Preview pages and discussion for today's Angel #35. The preview pages are up for a issue that has a big reveal. Mariah Huehner hinted at it at the IDW board on Sunday.
An Open Letter to Joss Whedon. An academic wants Whedon to focus on what he does best: show us the love, Mr. Whedon!
Vote for Spike and Angel. The EW Sexy Beasts bracket continues. Angel is up on this link.

July 27

Christian Kane to appear at WhedonFest in Toronto. He will be joining Nicholas Brendon and Amy Acker. The con takes place October 1-3.
Fran Kranz Praised in "Bachelorette". NY Times theater critic Charles Isherwood singles Fran out specifically on the second page. More...
(SPOILER) Buffyfest's interview with Scott Allie at SDCC 2010. "Scott elaborates on co-writing and also gives us some info on Spike, the Riley One-Shot, Season 9 and more."
EW's take on casting The Avengers. EW's got a photo gallery and poll for opinions on whether the actors cast for The Avengers are right for the part.
Reports from the Girls Gone Genre panel at Comic-Con. Felicia Day and Marti Noxon were on the panel. Whedonopolis has a report as does the San Diego Comic Books Examiner. There is a video of the first 12 minutes of the panel but you will need to crank up the volume to hear what's being said.
Camden Toy, Bonita Friedericy & Steve Tartalia in "Overlords, Incorporated" screening tonight. Camden Toy (Gentleman, Gnarl, Ubervamp, Prince of Lies, overall great guy) posted on his Facebook page that "Overlords, Incorporated," featuring him, Bonita Friedericy (Cordelia's dress shop boss, Patience's assistant and currently Gen. Beckman on Chuck) and Steve Tartalia (James Marsters Spike stunt double) is screening tonight at Action on Film International Film Festival 10:30 PM at Academy Theatre, 1003 E. Colorado Ave. in Pasadena. for tickets/details or $10 at door. More...
The Guild's new music video: "Game On". Zaboo convinces Codex to resume game play via Bollywood-style song and dance. More...
Everything you need to know about Angel Season 2 in 5 minutes. Another script courtesy of the Reduced SFX Company.
(SPOILER) Caprica season 1.5 trailer & Comic-Con panel video. The extended trailer for the second half of the season (hit preview and open in IE if it doesn't play) and the video of the panel at Comic-Con, both with James Marsters. The trailer is also on YouTube. And the panel videos are on

July 26

(SPOILER) John Slattery & Kevin Pollak praise Vincent Kartheiser. An hour and eighteen minutes into Kevin Pollak's Chat Show, the two discuss Vincent's chameleon work on Mad Men and his true nature as a sweet, silly, lovable person. More...
A look at the Buffy Season 8 motion comics. In which we find more about voice casting, what exactly an "action" comic is and the extent of Joss' involvement in the project. More...
Joss explains why Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo are right for The Avengers. In related Avengers coverage, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth speak about Joss and the movie in separate interviews here and here.
Richard Castle discovers a dead body! In this video, "Castle" promotes his new book and stumbles across a murder at the beach in The Hamptons. Contains a nice, meta shout-out at the end. :)
Serenity Knitting Pattern. A knitting pattern for the ship. More...
Warren Ellis' FAQ on Wastelanders. With the typical Ellis humour, he provides some more info on Wastelanders that he's working on with Joss. As previously known, it's on hold until The Avengers is done. However, there's now more info that it's going to be a five-part sci-fi internet series, with no singing or musical numbers. More...
Reviews of "The Cape" starring Summer Glau and "No Ordinary Family" with Julie Benz. A mixture of fan and critic reactions to the pilots seen at Comic-Con. More...
Mrs Reynolds hailed as a role model for girls. Govt minister seeking health warning for airbrushed advertising images uses Christina Hendricks as a positive example. Another journalist objects. In fact it seems like the cat is well and truly among the pigeons More...

July 25

Happy Birthday, Olivia Williams! Raise a toast, she turns 42 today!
Jason Palmer Jayne and Serenity ship Sereni-Tee. Out to the Black and Back! and A Man Called Jayne. More...
'This is the exact crew I wanted for The Avengers' says Joss. He tells MTV what the big reveal at yesterday's Comic-Con was like. And io9 has an inteview where Joss talks about the relationship between Iron Man and Captain America.

July 24

Firefly cast as arigumi dolls. You'll recognize this crew right away. More...
Nathan Fillion G4 interview on Castle at Comic-Con 2010. Always love it when he says "I'll never say never." about Firefly/Serenity. Also, the "Heat Wave" movie trailer form Comic-Con. More...
SDCC10: Marvel Movie Panel. Joss And His Avengers Have Assembled. Joss and the cast of the Avengers take the stage to end the Thor/Captain America panel. Mark Ruffalo confirmed as Bruce Banner/Hulk and Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton/Hawkeye. First video here, and Hitfix has a good photo of the cast all together. There's also a teaser site up showing the logo. And here's the complete video introducing the cast. More...
Miracle Laurie joins the cast of Goodnight Burbank. The webseries describes itself as, "The world's first character driven comedy created for the internet."
Felicia Day, Eureka! Felicia announce she will be doing a guest starring arc on the SyFy series Eureka.
(SPOILER) Dexter Season 5 trailer from Comic-Con. Mild spoilers. Includes our favourite vampire mother.
More Buffy Season 8 DVD details. The news out of Comic-Con is that the motion comic will be released on DVD on January 4th, 2011. It will "include limited edition Jo Chen packaging and a collectible reprint of Dark Horse Comic's first book in the series". There's still no word if the writers and artists are getting royalties.
First look at Tonner's Jayne Cobb doll. Plastic and Plush has posted photos from the Tonner Doll Company booth at this year's Comic-Con, including a look at Tonner's prototype Jayne doll in a tiny cunning hat. There's also another photo of the Mal doll (browncoat not included). More...
Nathan Fillion will NOT play Ant-Man. Nathan Fillion says that he doesn't have time to play Ant-Man and even if he did, Hank Pym wouldn't be his first choice.
(SPOILER) IDW announces a new Illyria miniseries. Buffyfest reports that IDW will be launching a new 4-issue miniseries featuring Illyria. There's a rather gorgeous cover by Jenny Frison and some minor spoilers for the main ANGEL book. The miniseries will be written by Mariah Huehner and Scott Tipton, and will be drawn by Elena Casagrande. First issue is scheduled for a November release. And coverage from today's IDW Comic Con panel (which includes some interesting Spike news) can be found here.
James Marsters voices villain in new DC Universe Online trailer. The first voice you'll hear should be very familiar...
Serenity & Live Performance of Dr. Horrible Charity Screenings today in Lincoln, RI. There will Star Wars stormtroopers and Representatives of the Sky Pirates of Valendor attending. More...
The Joss Whedon Experience - the video. Watch yesterday's Comic-Con event courtesy of Buffyfest.

July 23

Trailer for Felicia Day's Syfy movie "Red". It will air soon according to the website.
Confirmed: Jeremy Renner Is Hawkeye. Joss himself confirms the news in this video interview.The oscar nominee appeared in the first season Angel episode,"Somnambulist" as Penn. More...
Happy Birthday Summer Glau! Raise a glass, she turns 29 today.
Buffy Soda is finally available to order on the Jones site. Just thought people might like to know.
The Joss Whedon Experience kicks off at Comic-Con shortly. No it's not a tribute act, the man himself will be in Ballroom 20 at 3pm PST chatting about all sorts. Give Me My Remote appear to be doing live coverage so try there for updates. Or you could go to Whedonesque on Twitter as we're definitely doing updates there. News so far - Scott Allie will be co-writing the Buffy Season 8 finale and Joss doesn't know what's happening with The Cabin in The Woods. He also expresses interest in doing an epic superhero yaoi tale and decided against the idea of fan funded web work. And Dr Horrible on Rock Band? And is Nathan Fillion Ant Man?
(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8 details from Comic-Con. At today's Dark Horse panel, there was some tidbits about the Riley one-shot and the Season 8 finale.
Joss Whedon JJ Abrams Visionaries Comic-Con 2010 video. Joss and JJ's Comic-Con panel on video has been posted to YouTube. Parts 2, 3, 4 and 5 can be found here, here, here and here. /Film is posting transcripts with the first part here.
(SPOILER) Bones ComicCon Live Chat going on now. Possible spoilers for the show. They also have the teaser reel shown at the panel.
(SPOILER) Salt, co-starring Chiwetel Ejiofor opens in theaters today. The actor has third billing, just under Angelina Jolie and Liev Schreiber. The link provides trailers and clips, including Comic-Con panels.
James Marsters returns as Brainiac for Smallville's 200th Episode. James is the latest former cast member who is returning for Smallville's 10th and final season. More...
Emma Caulfield joins cast of "Life Unexpected". According to Give Me My Remote.
NPH to voice Amazing Spider-Man in upcoming "Shattered Dimensions" game. It looks like the good Doctor will once again be doing whatever a spider can.'s Comic-Con star portraits. Not only is there a great J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon pic, there's also ones of Seth Green and Felicia Day.
(SPOILER) SDCC10: Buffyfest Interviews Angel Editor Mariah Huehner. She gives hints about what's coming up in the Angel monthly.
How Buffy Season 8 got turned into motion comics. It's an interview with Jeff Shuter who adapted and produced all 19 episodes of the series. More...
Mark Ruffalo confirmed as Hulk? Jimmy Martin of SLUGFilmCritic says Joss told him so tonight. More...
Roundup of the reports from the Joss Whedon/J.J. Abrams Comic-Con panel. Comic Book Resources has a very good write-up as does the Hollywood Reporter,, MTV's Splash Page and Newsarama. Maureen Ryan at the Chicago Tribune has an audio recording of the event. There's also this rather cool pic as well. More...

July 22

Happy Birthday Charisma Carpenter! Raise a toast, she turns 40 today.
It's finally official. Joss is directing The Avengers.
The Joss Whedon/J.J. Abrams Visionaries Comic Con panel starts soon. If you're at the Entertainment Weekly event, why not post about it in the comments section? And if you're not at it and find some relevant coverage, why not post about that in the comments section? More...
The Rise of the TV Nerd. Includes a snapshot of everyone's favorite red-headed witch.
20th Century Fox not paying artists or writers for using their work in Buffy Motion Comic? Well that's what Bleeding Cool claims.
"TiMER" and "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil" will be screened at Fantasy Filmfest in eight German cities! "TiMER" stars Emma Caulfield and Kali Rocha, and "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil" stars Alan Tudyk. More...
Caprica Season 1 to return with new episodes January, 2011. Syfy confirms that Jane Espenson and Drew Z. Greenberg (and, presumably, James Marsters) are back in the saddle. SciFiNow suggests 5 ways to improve it.
I was a stand-in on Firefly. Danny Nero talks to Titan Books about what it was like working on the show and what the very last day of filming was like. And if you buy Firefly: Still Flying at the Titan Books booth at Comic-Con, you get a free replica bill of the currency used in the show (while stocks last).
J.J. Abrams talks about today's Whedon/Abrams panel at Comic-Con. "I'm thrilled to hear what he [Joss] has to say. I have no idea what the panel's going to entail, but I was very flattered to be asked to be a part of it". And Doc Jensen previews the panel over at

July 21

Buffy Season 8 soda to be given away at Comic-Con. has a preview of two of the flavours, "Dawn's a Centaur! Root Beer" and "Giles' Grape Potion". And FEARnet has the "Willow's Green Apple Witch's Brew" flavour. We've got the Xander's Strawberry Lime Elixir flavour. And ShockTillYouDrop has the Twilight's Old Moon Orange & Cream pic. And the bottles will be available for ordering at this myJones webpage. More...
Preview of Jed Whedon's album due out August 10, 2010. Title of the album is "History of Forgotten Things". 3-song preview, including "Drones".
Buffy: Season 8 Motion Comic Blu Ray / DVD combo pack up for Pre-Order at Amazon. Artwork included, no release date yet.
What Would NPH Do? Shirt. A new T-shirt available from Snorg Tees wonders WWNPHD? Save $4 off the normal price this week only.
"Cinemax's new show "Femme Fatales" kinda makes us miss Buffy". holds up Buffy and Veronica Mars as empowering role models that *don't* rely on sex.
Whedonverse actors to provide voices for DC Universe Online. Adam Baldwin is voicing Superman, Gina Torres is Wonder Woman and James Marsters will be Lex Luthor.
Marti Noxon on the future of Buffy. Find out what she thinks of the possibility of a Joss involved TV reboot and the Joss-less reboot movie.
(SPOILER) IDW solicitations and covers for October 2010. Includes Angel #38, the first issue of Brian Lynch's Spike monthly and Angel Vs.Frankenstein II by John Bryne.

July 20

Pics of new Firefly merchandise from QMx at SDCC. Shirts, statues, and more.
Douglas Fargo's Password. 33 minutes and 24 seconds in, the latest episode of Eureka contains a shout out reference to Buffy. Literally. More...
Advanced Review Of Spike: The Devil You Know #2. Newsarama has a spoiler light review of tomorrow's Spike: The Devil You Know #2.
Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour is Out Today. It includes the following quote from Joss on the back cover: "Scott Pilgrim is the best book ever. It is the chronicle of our time. With Kung Fu, so yeah: perfect." I couldn't agree more. More...
LA Times talks to Thomas Tull about Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope. That would be the Comic-Con documentary on which Joss Whedon is one of the executive producers. Tull is of Legendary Pictures, which is behind the film. More...
Marti Noxon talks about her new movies 'The Defenders' and 'Bad Baby'. FEARnet has an interview with her where she talks about Fright Night and the Girls Gone Genre Comic-Con panel.
Buffyfest and Scott Allie on Dollhouse, Buffy, SDCC. Clears up some things re: the Dollhouse comic (it will not be available at SDCC), discusses the Buffy motion comic, and talks a bit about Joss at the con.
Some pics from the set of Firefly. As seen at the new Titan Books blog.
Nicholas Brendon Audioblog - Part 1. Nick answers questions from his fans. All of them. Every. Last. One. Part 2 has him reading his poetry. No, seriously. More...
Watch the first episode of the Buffy Season 8 Motion Comic. has it and so does iTunes. Btw it's USA only.

July 19

Who is the ultimate Sexy Beast? Help the editors of answer the question by voting in an old-fashioned, single-elimination tournament pitting 64 recent, pop culture relevant film and tv characters against each other. Whedonverse associations galore. Part 2 found here.
Happy Birthday Reed Diamond! Raise a toast, he turns 43 today.
Dollhouse comic coming with Season 2 DVD and BD. So sayeth UGO, complete with artwork. The limited edition book is entitled "Epitaphs", is written by Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon and will be included in the initial shipments of the DVD/BD. More...
Caprica actress Alessandra Torresani says James Marsters will be on the show's Comic-Con panel. As confirmed on the official James Marsters Facebook site.
New QMX Jayne-themed T-shirts. Including this one about, well, horses.
Attend a private party with James Marsters on Saturday August 21 at Wizard World Chicago. A newly added attraction in Chicago for James Marsters fans...For $250 you can attend a semi-private concert, photo session and intimate Q & A session. Space is extremely limited as they are only selling 75 tickets. More...
"We couldn't keep up with demand". 20th Century Fox gives a unique interpretation of last year's farce that was the Comic-Con Dollhouse Season 1 DVDs.
Buffy Season 8 Motion Comic trailer. Available free on iTunes (or will be once the sound problems are fixed). Episode one should be out sometime today.

July 18

The cultural diary of Jane Espenson. A week in the life.
An Evening with Joss Whedon at the Sydney Opera House confirmed. The event will take place on Sunday 29th August in the Concert Hall. Tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday 23 July at 9am. More...

July 17

Happy Birthday, Jed Whedon! Another quiet year in the life. More...
Christian Kane Shows his Musical Side on "Leverage". The actor talks Eliot, music and why Sunday night's episode (9/8c on TNT) is close to his heart.
(SPOILER) Georges Jeanty talks Buffy Season 8 (and 9). It's an extended interview taken from the recent SFX Vampire Special Magazine. There's some insights into what it was like drawing the Twilight character and symbol and Georges drops some hints about the finale.

July 16

Serenity & Dr. Horrible Charity Screenings today in Seattle, WA. And there will be live music by Vixy & Tony and Marian Call. More...
Win Dr Horrible Blu-ray and The Guild DVD in Whedonopolis Twitter contest. Whedonopolis is hosting a contest with "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" Blu-ray and "The Guild" Season 3 DVD as prizes.
Nicholas Brendon attending Creation Entertainment's Whedonverse Convention. Nick will be appearing at the Los Angeles event on Saturday, November 6.
(SPOILER) Futon Critic's early review of Tim Minear's new show, Terriers. The comedy/drama series about Private Investigators premieres in September on FX.
Is "avoiding tropes" the same thing as telling fresh stories? An article from io9 about the use of tropes (cliches) in TV, using examples from BTVS and Supernatural.
Video Interview with Charisma Carpenter looking back on Buffy. She talks about her Character on Buffy & Angel and why Buffy was as great as it was. More...
Titan Books interview with Firefly writer Jose Molina. Apparently this went up a couple of days ago but I don't see it in the archives. Talks about the series, his story for Still Flying, and some stuff he didn't get to do.
It's an "airsoft scenario roleplay event set in the ‘Verse described in Joss Whedon’s TV series Firefly, about three years after the end of the Independence War."
Nice interview with Bianca Lawson (Kendra) on AfterEllen. The interview mainly focuses on her role as a lesbian in ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars. There's also mention of BtVS (and a cute photo).
Christian Kane to perform one of his songs in Sunday's Leverage episode. According to the article, Kane may also be going on a radio tour once Leverage filming has wrapped.
Vote! Pick your favourite Whedonverse episodes. SFX wants to know what your favourite five episodes are out of all the episodes from Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dr Horrible and Dollhouse. The results will hopefully be included in the SFX Whedon Special Edition magazine out in late September.

July 15

'Writing For Television 2010' - a Writers Guild Foundation seminar. Those confirmed to speak at the all-day event include David Greenwalt, Jane Espenson and Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas. It'll be held in Los Angeles on July 31st and tickets cost between $110-$150.
Amber Benson added to San Diego Comic-Con. She's participating in a panel discussion on Thursday the 22nd, about the Power of Myth. Also taking part is Buffy/Angel novelist Tom Sniegoski, and the panel is moderated by Watcher's Guide co-author Maryelizabeth Hart.
Charisma Carpenter interviewed on 'Psychosis', 'The Expendables', Wonder Woman and more. It's from her recent press tour to promote her new movie 'Psychosis'.
30 TV Stars with Two Classic Roles. The gallery features David Boreanaz and Alyson Hannigan.
Nathan Fillion: Captain Tightpants or Captain Hammer? Nathan Fillion has been blessed with several fan favorite roles. Considering all the options, which role will you best remember him for?
James Marsters July 2010 Q&A. On the 15th of each month a new question and answer session with James is posted online.
(SPOILER) CBR reports that "The Guild" comics will be back in 2011. The official announcement by Dark Horse will be at Comic Con, but eh... cat's out of the bag. Some minor spoilers about the previous comics and S4 of the wildly successful web-series.
Hot Topic has a new line of Buffy clothing. They have a few new t-shirts and the Gelaskin iPhone covers. These can be found online or at the store. More...
This week's Entertainment Weekly has a sneek peek at "The New Buffy". By all indications, it's a first look at the Buffy Season 8 motion comic which will debut on iTunes on July 19th.
Bryan Hitch's Ultimate Comic Studio to feature Joss Whedon introduction. Joss also did one for the first Ultimates hardcover.
'Why I Am Doing This?' starring Emma Caulfield now out on DVD. The website for the indie film can be found here. More...

July 14

Bring It On: 10 year anniversary event with Clare Kramer. The New Beverly Cinema is hosting the event this Saturday, the 17th. Clare will be in attendance for the screening, followed by a Q&A session. More...
Dollhouse season 2 DVD and Blu-ray extras revealed. Bonus material on both versions includes Outtakes, Deleted Scenes, "Defining Moments", "Looking Back" and Audio Commentary on 2 episodes: a "Vows" commentary by show creator Joss Whedon, and also a "Belonging" commentary by writers Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen. More...
Get the first episode of Buffy (not the unaired pilot) free on iTunes. Download "Welcome to the Hellmouth" on iTunes for free. The whole first season is also on sale for $19.99.
Dark Horse signings schedule for SDCC. Posted earlier today, it's just been updated to include a Dollhouse signing at the Dark Horse booth on Saturday afternoon. Full list after the jump. More...
Melbourne Writers Festival presale on now. If you subscribe to the newsletter you can start buying tickets for Joss' keynote now. Ticket sales open to the general public tomorrow at 11am. See you there!!
Mark Ruffalo offered role as Hulk in Avengers? According to multiple websites Mark Ruffalo is in talks to take over the role of Bruce Banner in The Avengers. More...
Adam Baldwin as a psychiatrist in In/Sight. Today Aaron Ginsburg (@DrLawyerCop on Twitter, currently writing for The Good Guys) revealed some of the cast for In/Sight, a new movie he wrote with Wade McIntyre currently in postproduction. The linked tweet includes a twitpic to a great photo of Mr Baldwin. More...
Dr. Horrible White Lab Coat Shirt. QMX is now offering a Dr. Horrible Lab coat t-shirt. Maybe time to start thinking about your Halloween or CSTS outfit... More...
(SPOILER) Buffy S8 #37 solicitation. The Dark Horse site has been updated with the official solicitation for this issue. Spoilers abound!
D.B. Woodside signs up for role on CW's 'Hellcats'. D.B. just signed on for a role on Tom Welling-produced cheerleading drama 'Hellcats.'

July 13

Joss Whedon at the Melbourne Writers Festival. Joss will deliver the keynote address -- "about his ongoing love affair with the popular, and his fascination with outsider heroes, strong women, and the uses and abuses of power" -- at this year's festival, on August 27. Tickets go on sale Friday at 11:00 AM.
There will be door prizes, raffles, auctions and more! And this is just Melbourne's Launch Party. More...
Jonah Hex animated short with Michelle Trachtenberg to be released July 27. It will appear as part of the Blu-Ray and two-disc special edition DVD for Batman: Under the Red Hood.
(SPOILER) Preview clip of Jewel Staite and Sean Maher in tonight's Warehouse 13. The episode starts at 9/8c on Syfy.
Felicia Day Profile and Interview by Maureen Ryan. Nice profile and interview by M. Ryan on the lovely Miss Day and the Guild.
(SPOILER) The Cabin in the Woods is a "cult-builder". Chud's Devin Faraci recalls his visit to the movie's post-production office and says "everything I saw that day was kind of great and pointed to a movie that could exceed its low budget boundaries". And like the rest of us, he wonders if the movie will ever see the light of day. Spoilers for the movie's premise and the very cool t-shirt.
Amazon has the Serenity DVD listed at 57% off. Though it's pretty unlikely you don't all own it already.
Firefly 12" custom figures. Check out these wonderful 1.6th scale custom Firefly figures. More...

July 12

Season 4 premiere of The Guild now online. It's titled 'Epic Guilt'. More...
Alan Tudyk added to Fantasia Festival guests, presenting Tucker & Dale VS Evil. Alan Tudyk to join previous announced Tucker & Dale VS Evil guests to present at the sold-out screening for the Fantasia Film Festival. More...
Happy Birthday Fran Kranz! Raise a toast, he turns 27 today.
The Cape: Superhero + Summer Glau = Us Interested. IGN talks to Summer Glau and her co-star David Lyons about the upcoming series.
Serenity screening at Comic-Con 2010. With possible special guest(s)! It's about 5 blocks from the convention center. All money raised goes to Equality Now. 10pm on Thursday 22nd July. Are you going? Update: Tickets on sale now.
QMx "Inevitable Betrayal" Wash Little Damn Hero Maquette Sneak Peak. In advance of the upcoming SDCC.
Edward Norton issues statement about his departure from The Avengers. Norton make a classy statement about his disappointment that things hadn't worked out but thanking Marvel for the chance to be allowed to play this character and add to its history and for extending the offer for The Avengers. He also thanks the fans for their enthusiasm. More...
Firefly theme song in 16 bit. Get your retro on.
Adam Baldwin coming to Baltimore's Farpoint Convention in Feb. Adam Baldwin has been announced as a guest at Farpoint, which takes place just outside of Baltimore, MD on Feb 18-20, 2011.

July 11

The AV Club lists 38 stories that take place largely within dreams. Guess which Buffy episode makes the list.
Poll of most missed TV characters. Huffington Post poll of TV's most missed characters, including Jenny Calendar.
Veronika Decides to Die German theatrical release on 30th September. Germany is the next country to give a theatrical release to the SMG movie VDTD . More...
Edward Norton's agent responds with statement about The Avengers. Things continue to get more ugly with this Edward Norton Situation. Calls Kevin Feige's comments a "purposefully misleading, inappropriate attempt to paint our client in a negative light." In a further development, Chud reports on a rumour that Joaquin Phoenix could be Norton's replacement. More...
Why Simon Tam was left out of the 80's Firefly theme. io9 gives an update, and a video for Simon Tam, M.D.
Gina Torres discusses her new series. Gina talks about her new show Huge, and views on obesity.
Seth Green's guest spot on Warren The Ape. This aired on MTV last week, but I didn't find a posting about it. There's even a Buffy shout-out near the end. The video may only be playable in the States. Not sure.
Tom Lenk is looking for Portland, OR show attendees. And has set up a Facebook Group accordingly. More...

July 10

12 great sci fi and fantasy speeches. Featuring not one but two occasions from Buffy.
Marvel confirms new actor being hired for Hulk in The Avengers. "We are looking to announce a name actor who ... is passionate about the iconic role in the coming weeks."
Saturday's Whedonverse panels at Comic-Con. Adam Baldwin will be at the Chuck Screening and Q&A at 10am. At 1pm you can see Jose Molina at the "Write Stuff: Creating Genre Television" panel and Morena Baccarin will be chatting about V at 2.30pm. At 3.15pm, Julie Benz will be at the screening of her new show "No Ordinary Family". Felicia Day will be talking about The Guild and the Legend of Neil at 2pm and 7.30pm respectively. And Jane Espenson appears on the "Her Universe: Shining The Spotlight on Female Fans" panel which starts at 6.30pm.
Serenity & Dr. Horrible Charity Screenings today in Madison WI . There's another CSTS event in Birmingham, UK. More...

July 09

Simon Helberg (Moist) stars in L.A. Theatreworks' "Dr. Cerberus". Mr. Helberg toplines one of L.A. Theatreworks' live radio plays. From the description, it sounds like a horror comedy. There's an alternating photo of Mr. Helberg and a costar on the main LATW page.
Edward Norton out as The Hulk in The Avengers? Hitfix reports that Joss wants him, Norton wants to do it, but Marvel has decided to cheap out and go with an unknown. More...
Happy Birthday Ron Glass! Raise a toast, he turns 65 today. And it's Chiwetel Ejiofor's birthday too!
Final two episodes of Amy Acker's Happy Town will not air on ABC. The episodes have been made available on Hulu.
Warehouse 13 episode with Jewel Staite & Sean Maher. The episode airs on Syfy on Tuesday 9/8c July 13.
The Joss Whedon Experience announced for Comic-Con. Joss' Q&A session will be held on the Friday at 3pm in Ballroom 20. Before that at 11am Shawna Trpcic will be talking about "Costume Designers: Designing for TV Production" and at 1pm, Nathan Fillion is on the Super panel followed by David Boreanaz chatting about Bones at 2pm and Summer Glau talking about her new show "The Cape" at 2.15pm. If you can't make Joss' event, Steve DeKnight will be at the Spartacus: Blood and Sand panel at 3.15pm. And Felicia Day and Marti Noxon will be on a "Girls Gone Genre" panel at 5pm and Morena Baccarin is on the "TV Guide Magazine: The 2010 Hot List" panel at 6.30pm.
Tickets now on sale for Boston meet & greet with Nicholas Brendon! The Saturday night event will take place during the weekend of the New England Comic Con.
Christina Hendricks On Her Well Deserved Emmy Nomination. Alan Sepinwall on his HitFix blog has word from our very own Yosaffbridge on accordions, chemistry, why she didn't expect a nomination this year of all years and more.
Win tickets to the London premiere of Charisma Carpenter's new movie. 'Pychosis' may be coming out on DVD in the UK on the 19th but there's a premiere presentation on the 13th. FilmShaft and Bleeding Cool both have competitions to win tickets for the event.

July 08

Buffy Fashion Roulette: "Buffy Vs. Dracula". Another in depth examination of the Scoobies' fashion sense. I always hated those pink leather pants myself...
Firefly title sequence goes 80's. io9 decided to re-do the opening credits in a synth-happy super-80's style. Just because.
Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams Comic-Con panel confirmed. The "Entertainment Weekly: The Visionaries" panel will be on the Thursday at 3.30pm in Hall H. Later that evening, there's going to be a Dr Horrible screening hosted by the California Browncoats. On the Sunday, Tony Head will be on a panel to promote the third series of Merlin.
YoSaffBridge has gotten something extra from the success of her new gig. Designers are making clothes her size again.
Neil Patrick Harris nominated for two Emmy awards. He got nominated for "Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series" and "Outstanding Guest Actor In A Comedy Series" i.e his Glee spot. Christina Hendricks got nominated for "Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series" and Seth Green features in the "Outstanding Voice-Over Performance" category.

July 07

Firefly boys reunited - for a picture. There's a ship up there somewhere. Also James Gunn was there, and comments on a certain movie.
Happy Birthday Robia LaMorte! Raise a glass to celebrate. And it's also Iyari Limon's birthday on the 8th.
Joss Whedon and JJ Abrams panel at Comic-Con? So says the LA Times. What's a cool version of squee?
Jewel Staite confirmed for Hallowhedon. She'll be joining Anthony Head, Alan Tudyk and Stephanie Romanov at the London event in October.

July 06

College Humor's Ode To Canceled TV Shows. A song about our love for great, canceled-too-soon TV, featuring scenes from Firefly and Serenity and a reference to Angel.
Dollhouse Season 2 DVD gets US release date. According to Fox Home Entertaiment, the Blu-ray (and presumably the DVD) will be out on October 12th. They also tweeted that you can pre-order a limited edition lithograph version at Comic Con (so that'll go well). The ordinary DVD artwork can be seen here.
Cabin In The Woods: Land of the Rising Terror. It's a manga book, due to be released next year, with story by Troy Lewter and art by Josue Acevado. presents a Buffy Boston Bash at Wizard World New England. James, Charisma, Nick, Amber, Clare and Mercedes will be there.
Whedonites United host their second annual "WhedonFest" charity convention/camp-out. This year it's in Scottsville, Kentucky, August 6-8. More...
10 Vampires more dateable than Edward Cullen. These people speak the truth.

July 05

Buffy Fashion Roulette. The author says "I choose an episode of Buffy, pore over it carefully, and judge compelling examples of the characters' fashion by today's standards". The episodes that have been skewered so far are Pangs, Triangle, Tabula Rasa, Ted and After Life.

July 04

"Eliza Dushku is Wonder Woman", jokes Kevin Smith. At the beginning of Smodcast #123, recorded live on June 23rd in Madison, Wisconsin, filmmaker (and Eliza's buddy) Kevin Smith casts the actress in his dirty version of the superhero movie. NSFW! This podcast is very dirty! More...
Eliza Dushku talks about her time as Faith at the Supanova Pop Culture Expo.

July 03

'Ultimate' Spike Available for pre-order. Latest release from the Tooned Up series. More...
Shawna Trpcic's take on Wonder Woman. In light of DC's recent Wonder Woman costume change, Shawna has posted photos of the Wonder Woman costume designs she created while pitching for Joss' version. More...
50 Movie Twitterers You Should Follow. The list from Empire includes Eliza Dushku and Nathan Fillion.
IF Magazine interviews Emma Caulfield about 'Timer', now on DVD. "The actress talks about her love for her new movie, the comic book she's co-created and what she got out of years on Buffy."

July 02

Is Angel like Spider-Man? Blogger doing an analysis of thematic content in Spiderman references Buffy and Angel at the end, suggesting that Angel's journey is similar to Peter Parker's.
100 Greatest Movie Insults (NSFW). NSFW due to some rather strong and offensive language. Includes a clip of Julie Benz from "As Good as it Gets" (4:25) and a clip from "Dodgeball" (7:35) though it is sans Alan Tudyk. More...
Chris Cross interview at Newsarama about Spike:The Devil You Know. Light spoilers if you haven't read issue 1 yet. More...
Lebanon, TN All-Day CSTS Charity Event this Saturday. There's a Scavenger Hunt, barbeque, Dr. Horrible sceening with Kara-Yucky singing along, Serenity Screening, Belly-Dancing Showcase, Browncoats: Redemption screening & bonfire. More...
Is Eliza Dushku going to be in Free Enterprise 2? I hope so. More...
Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters join David Fury on Fox's Terra Nova. Unveiled by Deadline Hollywood within production drama for CBS' Chaos which wanted the duo in writing staff. More...
Now more than ever - Whedonesque needs your quotes. The linked page contains all the quotes that appear on the top right of all the pages at Whedonesque. What other great quotes from Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Serenity, Dollhouse, Dr Horrible, Commentary! The Musical, Runaways, Fray, Sugarshock and Astonishing X-Men would you like to see appear there?

July 01

The Art of Drew Struzan book coming in September. Will include previously unseen poster concept for Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie. More...
(SPOILER) Spike #1 Q&A at Slayalive. Brian Lynch is doing a Q&A for the upcoming Spike ongoing (which will be solicited next month). More...
Low Resolution interviews Drew Z. Greenberg. Part 1 (of '3ish') includes discussion of Buffy and Warehouse 13. UPDATE: Part 2. UPDATE: Part 3. More...
Firefly Talk Podcast may return. Long time host Eric has posted an item on their blog asking folks if they are interested in having the podcast back on the air. If so, there's an email address where he's asking folks to drop him a message at so he knows there's still interest.

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