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August 31

Our Mrs. Reynolds makes the cover of Rolling Stone. Christina Hendricks is vamping it up on the latest cover of Rolling Stone with her fellow Mad Man castmates. And now that darn song is stuck in my head. More...
AllMediaNY reviews Jed Whedon's album "History of Forgotten Things". "The compositions are all well-planned and very catchy, and Jed definitely proves his talent". More...
Buffy Season 8: The Story So Far. On the eve of the beginning of the season 8 finale "Last Gleaming", here is a pretty good recap of the season 8 storyline up to now.
Charisma Carpenter cast in the indie thriller "Crash Site". She'll be playing the female lead alongside Ty Olsson (Battlestar Galactica).
James Marsters will not attend Dragon*Con! James Marsters will not be at this year's Dragon*Con as planned due to work commitments. So unfortunately, his private party is canceled as well....bugga'. More...
Joss Whedon talks The Avengers. Ed Gross of Earth's Mightiest spoke to Joss for 13 minutes about the movie.
Whedonistas: A Celebration of the Worlds of Joss Whedon by the Women Who Love Them. Published by Mad Norwegian Press, this book will be out in March of next year.
Angel: After The Fall: Premiere Edition gets listed on The hardcover collects the seventeen issues of Brian Lynch's run. More...

August 30

"In Defense of Riley" by Jane Espenson. Jane Espenson tells us why she thinks that Riley Finn deserved his own one-shot story.
A Q&A with Tim Minear about his new show 'Terriers'. The premiere airs on September 8th at 10pm on FX.
Another Whedon actor gets mad. Danny Strong makes the third Whedon actor to appear on Mad Men, as adman wannabe Danny Siegel. How is Andrew going to react to seeing Jonathan with Don Draper?
(SPOILER) Preview for Spike: The Devil You Know #3. The comic book comes out this week.

August 29

Nicholas Brendon added to Cruise Con guest line up. He will be joining other Whedon related guests, including Julie Benz, Jewel Staite, Clare Kramer and Keith Szarabajka.
Joss Whedon interview with Australia's Sci Fi channel. In which we find out about Serenity being Firefly season 2, get some more insights into Buffy and Angel, learn what Joss thinks of Marvel's hands on approach with The Avengers and uncover who is the most fully developed character in the Whedonverse.
Joss Whedon takes the stage at the Sydney Opera House. By all accounts, tonight's "Joss Whedon: From Buffy to Dr Horrible, Infinity & Beyond" event went down a storm. Reports hopefully to follow soon.

August 28

Gizmodo lists the 10 greatest fictional inventors of all time. Our favorite member of the Evil League of Evil makes the cut.

August 27

CSTS charity events in Chicago & Melbourne, VIC Australia today. Chicago is screening Serenity. And Melbourne, VIC Australia is screening Serenity and Dr. Horrible. There is a non-charity Serenity screening in Louisville, KY .
(SPOILER) Buffyfest podcast interview with Mariah Huehner and David Tischman. An interview with the new writers of Angel's final arc at IDW. It was conducted at Comic Con. More...
Happy Birthday J. August Richards! Here's wishing him a great day, he turns 37.
Jane Espenson coming to Melbourne. She will appear at Film Victoria’s Arresting Audiences, a two-day summit for producers, screenwriters, directors and script editors.
Futurama shouts out to Joss' popularity at conventions. The lines start at 4:02. More...
Tonight in Melbourne - An Evening With Joss Whedon. The keynote event starts at 9.30pm. Hopefully we'll get some sort of coverage as it happens. ETA: danielc2384 put some footage up on YouTube, Gizmodo Australia has coverage as does the Melbourne Writers Festival blog, Rellacafa and Pop Couture and there's official pics up on Facebook. More...
The wonderful Whedon of Oz. Joss talks about his upcoming appearances at the Sydney Opera House and the Melbourne Writers Festival, Glee and the lack of musical numbers in The Avengers.

August 26

Joss on SOON on Aussie radio on Go there & click on "Listen" - they keep announcing him for "after the news." ETA: The interview is now online. More...
Fandom Charities' L.A. screening of "Dr. Horrible" & Season 3 of "The Guild". On Oct. 30, in observance of All Hallows.
The Musical Stylings of Nicholas Brendon! Nicholas' stunning rendition of I've Got A Theory as performed for two delighted fans at his meet and greet last Friday.
(SPOILER) Preview for Buffy #36. It's the beginning of the final arc of Season 8.
Press release for Three Inches starring James Marsters. It lists all actors and who they will play.
Camden Toy co-hosting Combat Radio today, interviewing Doug Jones. Listen live online from 12:00 until 2:00 PM PST as the two Gentlemen chat. More...
(SPOILER) Sneak peek at the new Dr. Horrible comic. io9 gives a look at a few pages of the new forthcoming story by Zack Whedon, although they put the pages in the wrong order.
Christina Hendricks becomes the face of London Fog Trenchcoats. And doesn't she look smoulderingly hot.
See Dr. Horrible LIVE in Halifax! As part of the 2010 Fringe Festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia, a group will be putting on a live performance of Dr. Horrible from September 4th - September 12th!

August 25

Fantasy Is Not Their Purpose: Essays on Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. It's a special double issue of Slayage with twelve essays to look at.
"Bones" photos from Television Critics Association Fox party. And, relatedly, pics of the casts of "Castle" and "V" at ABC's Summer 2010 TCA Party.
Nick Brendon Will Appear In Two Shows This Fall, and Returns To Santaland Diaries. His latest blog reveals he'll appear in three episodes of Private Practice, and return as Kevin Lynch on Criminal Minds. Also, he'll be back performing The Santaland Diaries for the Blank Theater this holiday season. More...
Happy Birthday Marti Noxon! Raise a toast to celebrate. More...
Top 10 Greatest SF&F Characters. The SFX list features Giles at number 3 and Dr Horrible at number 5.
Dollhouse: Complete Series R2 Box Set (Blu-ray) Cover. I never expected it to be THIS good.
25 Biggest Emmy Nomination Snubs. Sarah Michelle Gellar is featured as number 22 and Buffy as number 3 on EW's list of Emmy snubs. More...
Playing a bad hand well: Adelle DeWitt as abuse survivor. A very thorough look at the Dollhouse character.
From SFX Magazine's archives - 100 Questions with Joss Whedon. With the magazine's 200th issue now out, SFX have put online features from each issue. And as you would expect there's a ton of Whedonverse covers, interviews, reviews, pictures and articles. More...
Fruity Oaty Bobblehead!? Shiny! QMx does it again for us Browncoats with Limited Edition Fruity Oaty Bar bobblehead dolls! Limited Edition of 1,500... More...

August 24

The Sydney Morning Herald gives an overview of Joss' long and varied career. Presumably in preparation for his upcoming Australian appearance, the paper tells the Story of Joss complete with new quotes from the man himself. More...
Scott Allie & Chris Ryall interview about Angel's return to Dark Horse. It offers some new info on the new Angel series role at Dark Horse. Allie seems to confirm that a Dollhouse comic besides the one included with the season 2 DVD is on the way.
OMWF's Hinton Battle directs & choreographs musical for NY Fringe. A friend and I saw this show last night and loved it! Ridiculous, over the top fun. There are 2 performances left.. if you're in NYC I recommend checking it out.

August 23

"The Body" - an example of how to write a crying scene. The Bitter Script Reader takes a look back at one of the most cited and acclaimed episodes of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" as a good example of how to craft a scene that may involve some waterworks. More...
(SPOILER) Chris Ryall answers questions about IDW's Angel. A summary of the Q&A from the IDW forum. Loads of new covers, teasers about what's coming up in the various IDW titles, and more information on how the Dark Horse move went down.
Buffy Quotes for Every Occasion: Librarianship. A list of great Buffy quotes about: libraries!
Syfy greenlights James Marsters pilot from Fox Television. He has been set in the SyFy channel pilot "Three Inches". James will play the role of 'Troy'; the mysterious leader of a band of unlikely superheroes. More...
Joss talks Avengers storyline and the movie's female characters. Quotes from his recent Sunday Herald-Sun interview.

August 22

New Joss Whedon 'Keynote' tickets on sale tomorrow. From tomorrow morning remaining tickets for Joss' Melbourne Keynote speech will go on sale.
James Marsters Private Party at DragonCon. Not sure if this has been posted yet or if there are tickets still available, but I thought I'd share.
Charisma Carpenter cast in the new movie "The Human Factor". A thriller also starring Sean Patrick Flannery, Danny Trejo, Tom Sizemore, and Michael Madsen who is making his directorial debut.
Trailer for Sunday Punch with Dichen Lachman. "I told you, I'm studying to be a magician."
Nathan Fillion finds his spaceship. Local write up of Nathan's trip up to Eugene to test drive a new all electric prototype car.
Trailer for the Dollhouse premiere in New Zealand. It airs tomorrow night on C4 at 9.30pm.
The complete and most fulfilling Buffy & Angel episode sequence. One fan's guide to watching the two shows.

August 21

NPH wins his first Emmys! Neil won Creative Arts Emmys for his guest spot on Glee and for hosting the Tonys. He's still up for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for How I Met Your Mother -- the primetime Emmy awards are next Sunday. edit: and Seth Green won Short-Form Animated Program for Robot Chicken! More...
ABC makes 'No Ordinary Family' pilot available online. Featuring Julie Benz, and as reported by TVByTheNumbers. For a limited time only - first come, first serve.
When someone dies of old age on scifi TV, it's never natural causes. The Buffy episode "Anne" features on this list from io9.
Featured Sporcle quiz with a question about Serenity. There was even a picture of our dear ship on the front page.
Firefly fan film - 'The Game'. More info about it can be found in this thread over at
'Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale' sketch art. As drawn by Chris Samnee.

August 20

CSTS Charity events in Dallas, Denver & Philadelphia this weekend. Denver is screening Serenity. Dallas and Philadelphia are screening Serenity and Dr. Horrible. More...
(SPOILER) Chris Ryall and Mariah Huehner speak to Buffyfest about Angel leaving IDW. We get the story from the other side. Some spoilers about what's to come in the IDW (and Dark Horse) books.
Georges Jeanty releases 4th Buffy Season 8 Sketchbook. "Collects behind the scenes material from issues #16-25 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 comic. The new Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sketch Book #4 includes a Headsketch on the cover by series artist!"
"Serenity" fine movie to get teens into sci-fi. So says Michael Booth of The Denver Post in his "Family Films on DVD" column. "If [your young teenagers] see 'Star Wars' as a Happy Meal toy series, or 'Star Trek' as a lightspeed vehicle for mega-geeks, the humor, romance and action of 'Serenity' might hook them on the genre."
Doug Jones explains how to bring humanity to an inhuman character. An io9 interview with the Gentleman.

August 19

(SPOILER) Big Buffyfest Interview with Scott Allie about Angel's return to Dark Horse. Also talks about the Riley One-Shot and spoilers for upcoming issues of Buffy Season 8 and Season 9. More...
Happy Birthday James Marsters! Crumble up some Weetabix and raise a glass to celebrate. More...
Tom Lenk Guest Stars in the Upcoming Thilling Adventure Hour September 10. The Thrilling Adventure Hour is put on once a month at Largo in Los Angeles, with different guest stars. Last month Adam Busch made an unannounced appearance with Common Rotation and as part of the show. Juliet Landau was in the audience. Nathan Fillion has also been a guest star. More...
Angel returns to Dark Horse. The announcement you've all been waiting for. Dark Horse and IDW (SPOILER) have both issued press releases. IDW's Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall is answering questions in their forums.
Signing Event with Juliet Landau in San Francisco. Sales of photos (YOU with the artist) at the August 28 event will benefit
Listen to Buffy the Vampire Slayer Theme slowed down 800%. Following the heels of the Justin Bieber song that was slowed down 800% so are some of our favorite sci-fi/fantasy tracks, including the Buffy Theme.
Why isn't Salt star Chiwetel Ejiofor up there with Russell Crowe? Guardian film blog writer calls Chiwetel "one of the best British actors of his generation" and laments his use as a "utility player."
14 kick-ass TV women. TV Overmind gives us a list of 14 kick-ass TV women. Buffy makes the list.
26 True (Fictional) Lovers: Pop Culture's Best Couples. Entertainment Weekly gives us their list of pop culture's best couples. One of our favorite couples comes in at number six.
Nicholas Brendon goes from "Buffy" to web-comics with "Very Bad Koalas". An interview with Nicholas Brendon about his web comic Very Bad Koalas.

August 18

io9 has a gallery of geeky weddings. This heartwarming gallery shows many browncoats getting hitched and how they celebrate.
IDW to address Dark Horse's Angel series. More on this news as we get it. More...
(SPOILER) Covers and solicitations for IDW's Angel books In November. Angel #39, Spike #2 and Illyria #1 are all out that month.
(SPOILER) For the discussion of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Riley'. The tagline for this Jane Espenson penned Season 8 one shot is "Commitment through Distance, Virtue through Sin".
(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #36. Was last issue's cliffhanger the real deal or just smoke and mirrors?
Down In Front provides audio commentary for Alien Resurrection. Last month, the podcast tackled this cinematic "head scratch". Accomplished film makers Teague Chrystie, Michael "Dorkman" Scott, Matt Vayda and Eddie Doty discuss Joss at length here, especially his greatness, despite this movie. NSFW. More...
The results of the SFX Top Character polls. The people have spoken! Find out how the likes of Lorne, Giles, Topher, Dr Horrible, Jayne, Spike, Angel, Drusilla, Darla, Malcolm Reynolds, Wesley, Buffy, River, Willow, Faith and Kaylee fared in their respective categories. And vote for the Ultimate Character by clicking here.
Firefly and Wonderfalls make "Too Late To Save" list from EW. Entertainment Weekly had an interesting list of "top 19 shows fans discovered too late to save". They include Firefly and Tim Minear's "Wonderfalls". More...

August 17

Joss talks about his work writing on Captain America. Hells yeah. I just made that expression up. This confirms the rumour from April 15th, fact fans.
Felicia Day reroutes her career with web series "The Guild". "With her groundbreaking web series, actress Felicia Day took control of her own career -- and shook up the world of Web video in the process".
Whedonverse gay characters celebrated. Four of blastr's "20 gay characters we love from sci-fi movies and TV" come from BtVS and Firefly.
Has "Genre" Become A Bad Word on Television? The "genre" label is getting a much wider berth than ever before, as science-fiction itself continues to expand. But where are the lines drawn? Quotes from Summer Glau denying "The Cape" is genre.
Dead of Night similar to Buffy? This independent horror-actioner based on the "Dylan Dog" comic series is getting a lot of comparisons (and unfavorably so) to our favorite television series about the chosen one.
Did you know the Devil built a robot... which made a band? Looks like everyone's favorite throwaway line became an alt-country band in Brooklyn. More...
Felicia Day on the Nerdist Podcast. Felicia also features in the new music video "You Get What You Pay For" by Jason Charles Miller. And there's the new episode of The Guild. More...
Buffy and the Class of 2014 mindset. Buffy makes the Beloit College Mindset List for the Class of 2014 at #6... More...

August 16

Jewel Staite answers Twitter questions for her new blog. She talks about Firefly, Stargate: Atlantis, and her experiences with fans. More...
Syfy breaks silence, denies former 'Buffy' star's claim. 'Human Relations' is not derivative of 'Drones' in any way, cable channel says.
Can't Stop The Serenity global auction kicks off this week. From the 17th till the 24th, you have the chance to bid for some great collectors items including Serenity: Float Out cover art signed by Joss Whedon, Jo Chen and Alan Tudyk. Proceeds go to Equality Now. More...
20 Real-Cool Fake Bands from TV and Movies. Dingoes Ate My Baby gets a shout out at number 18.
Showblockers!: 22 characters who stop good TV shows in their tracks. Buffy's "showblocker" was also the key.
James Marsters August Q&A. About improv, leather & lace and Alex O’Loughlin. Enjoy!
Win Buffy Season 8 soda. are giving away ten six-packs at 10am ET. More...

August 15

Joss talks about The Avengers to "...well, I'm a little stunned. I'm still waiting for the real director to show up".
Jane Espenson makes a guest appearance at Scriptchat. She answered people's questions about script writing for an hour as part of an ongoing series of monthly conversations on Twitter. Transcript at the link, or you can search #scriptchat on Twitter.

August 14

Neil Patrick Harris LIVE today on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show. The chat will stream live, starting at 3pm, Pacific time. Alternatively, the episode should be available to watch the following day, in the Archives section.
When did Buffy end? Some interesting thoughts on what you might at first blush think is an obvious answer.
Jed Whedon Interview, by Joss "no relation" Whedon. IN WHICH Jed talks about his new album, and Joss asks the kind of probing, thoughtful questions that are the benchmark of his minutes-spanning career as an ace reporter. More...
Two Bundles of Joy in the Doctor's Future. Neil and David are expecting twins!
Avengers news from Movie-Con III. At the BFI event held in London, Thor director Kenneth Branagh reveals that he has spoken to Joss, the Avengers logo teaser trailer got played and there was even a specially recorded message from Joss.

August 13

Happy Birthday, Robin Balzer! Lift a glass to the only hero of the Buffyverse who exists in our very own 'verse! More...
Happy Birthday to Zack Whedon! He turns 31 today.
First trailer for Tim Minear and Shawn Ryan's Terriers. Former Angel writers Tim Minear and Shawn Ryan are teaming together for Terriers, a new detective show that will premiere September 8th on FX. More promos can be found here.
When Fandoms Collide: Dr. Horrible and A Very Potter Sequel. A fun little mash-up of the Bad Horse Chorus and A Very Potter Musical/Sequel. Spoilers for A Very Potter Sequel if you haven't watched it yet.
Learn Firefly Swear Words. Ma Jung Hwa.
Summer Glau added to guest list for Dragon*Con 2010. She was added to the official guest list on the Dragon*Con website earlier today! Other Firefly guests who are scheduled to attend include Jewel Staite, Sean Maher and Morena Baccarin.
Charisma Carpenter's new movie 'The Expendables' opens today! She plays Jason Statham's love interest in the film.
Vote in EW's last Sexy Beast Semi-final matchup: Edward Cullen vs. Cameron Phillips. You knew it was inevitable. More...

August 12

Serenity & Dr. Horrible Charity Screenings today in Halifax, NS Canada. And Saturday is Hamburg, Germany's turn. More...
Top 10 craftiest smugglers from science fiction. Captain Tightpants is second only to Captain Solo himself.
Jed Whedon's album now available on iTunes. "History of Forgotten Things", by Jed Whedon and the Willing, has 12 tracks, plus a bonus digital booklet.
SFX Magazine poll - Who is your favourite Vampire of all time? And while you're at it, vote for your favourite anti-hero too. There's Whedonverse choices galore.

August 11

David Boreanaz and Nathan Fillion make TV's Top Salaries. From TV Guide. Fillion makes as much as the Hamm himself.
(SPOILER) IDW Press Release about the Spike series. Has a couple of newish spoilers.
Author China Mieville opines on J.J. Abrams & Joss Whedon. "[Joss] is on some cultural level my brother and comrade". More...
Neil Patrick Harris gets last-minute Emmy nomination. His missing name was added to the list of people collectively nominated for CBS's 2009 Tony Awards broadcast (which he hosted), bringing his nomination total to three.

August 10

The A.V. Club does Random Roles with Richard Jenkins. The Onion's sister site takes a look back at the various roles he's played in his career, including the briefest and least informative of bits on the upcoming The Cabin in the Woods.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Vol. 2 released by Simon & Schuster today. This collects the previously published Halloween Rain by Christopher Golden & Nancy Holder, Bad Bargain by Diana G. Gallagher and Afterimage by Pierce Askegren.
Tour of Dark Horse Comics with Tom Lenk. Wherein Tom looks for pictures of himself in Season 8 comics and many exclamation points are used.
Launch date for Nick Brendon's web comic Very Bad Koalas announced. The latest blog from Very Bad Koalas also discusses Nick's upcoming promotional tour.
The Avengers begins filming in February. Backstage confirms the rumored Feb. 2011 filming start of Joss Whedon's Avengers. Showbiz411 says it will be in 3D.
Jed Whedon's new album to be released today. History of Forgotten Things by Jed Whedon and the Willing drops 8/10/2010.
Felicia Day in Fallout game. She has lent her voice to Obsidian's sci-fi RPG Fallout: New Vegas.
Elephant Project charity auction. David Boreanaz and Summer Glau participate in The Elephant Project to help fight Alzheimer's Disease. More...

August 09

Win a set of Firefly books. Titan Books are giving away The Official Companion Volumes 1 and 2 and Still Flying. And their blog has an excerpt of an interview with Christina Hendricks talking about Saffron.
Five Video Games That Must Become Movies. Courtesy of Screencrave. See #1 - just because.
Comics Alliance reviews the Astonishing X-Men motion comic. "The voice acting doesn't make up for the fact that the visuals actually lose a lot of what makes them so striking in print".
Nathan Fillion 'Agrees' to Serenity 2 with Bob Stencil. A surprise Bob $tencil interview from Comic Con with a certain individual known for wearing very tight pants. More...
Joe Blann summarizes Firefly in comic form. In 27 short panels, Blann lays the template for every Firefly episode ever.
The Evil League Of Evil Villains' Ball. You don’t have to be an evil mastermind, supervillain, mad scientist, or evil genius bent on taking over the world to attend the Evil League of Evil Ball, but it certainly helps! More...
Juliet Landau as an "Action Hero" Photo Shoot. This YouTube clip shows Juliet Landau as an action hero, and she certainly looks the part. She may have been inspired by role she had years ago on the old USA Network show, Le Femme Nikita.
'Illyria' miniseries #1 cover by series artist Elena Casagrande. IDW editor Chris Ryall has posted the 2nd cover to issue # 1 of the Illyria mini coming this winter.
Nathan Fillion makes an appeal. He's doing it on behalf of the Loma Linda University Children's Hospital in California. More...
Dr Horrible and Serenity screenings this weekend in Minneapolis. The screenings will run from the 12th to the 14th at the Riverview Theater. Proceeds raised will go to Equality Now. More...

August 08

Joss Whedon Makes a Cameo Appearance in Dante's Internet. A special hell.
James Marsters reveals the secret to playing a great supervillain. He also details his diabolical plan to secure a new role in the Torchwood reboot. More...
Slaying in Heels - the fashion of Buffy Season One. The Syfy UK blogger also covers Season Two.

August 07

(SPOILER) Steven S. DeKnight on "Spartacus" prequel. Short but informative, from today's Television Critics Association press tour.
James Marsters probably not on season 4 of Torchwood. So says Russell T Davies at today's Television Critics Association Press Tour.
Christina Hendricks featured in celebrity yearbook then and now feature. Did we know she was Goth back then? She was still adorable!
Gina Torres lends her voice to Transformers: Prime. Our favorite first mate will be heard in the upcoming Transformers cartoon. More...
EW reviews NPH's Rent. Spoiler Alert: It does not suck! More...
A review of Tom Lenk's Portland show. A pretty accurate summation of Tom's side-splittingly hilarious performance last night. He brought the house down. I was laughing so hard my face hurt. I hope I get the chance to see him perform again. More...

August 06

(SPOILER) Preview of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Riley. This Jane Espenson penned Season 8 one shot will be out on the 18th. More...
Take My Lego, Take My Land: Lego Serenity. Epic Win FTW features a Lego-fied Serenity as part of their Interlocking Brickathon series. And lego models of the crew can be found here.
Jane Espenson writing for new season of Torchwood. She and several other writers new to the Torchwood fold are hard at work with Russell T. Davies on the fourth season.
Rock out with Felicia Day on Rock Band 2! The Guild's "(Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar" hits Rock Band Network. If you've got an Xbox 360, Rock Band 2, and 80 Microsoft spacebucks it's time to dust off the plastic guitars(drums and/or mic)and rhythmically tap along to Felicia's MMO pop smash single. And the new Guild song 'Game On' can now be purchased at iTunes on video and MP3 format.
Enver Gjokaj and Tom Lenk star in "The Golden Guys". A play based on two episodes of The Golden Girls & Executive Produced by Jane Espenson. Click here to buy tickets.
True Bromance. Spike and Angel are in the Guardian's top 6.
5 vamps that are more kissable than Edward. Two Buffy vampires make the list, one of them might surprise you.

August 05

Bid on a Blackberry Bold 3G signed by Julie Benz. Includes a photo and video gallery chronicling her favorite shops, daily haunts and must visit hot spots. Money raised goes to the Motion Picture & Television Fund.
Dr. Horrible at the Calgary Fringe Fest this Saturday. Thanks to @MoTancharoen and @NathanFillion for the tip.
CSTS charity events this weekend in Pittsburgh and Scottsville, KY. Pittsburgh's Serenity screening is Friday and Whedonites United are having a 3-day Whedonfest in Kentucky (across the border from Tennessee) . More...
Midnight's Summer Dream. Summer Glau caught during a casual moment on set for the Knights of Badassdom - courtesy of director Joe Lynch and his KOB Shot of the Day.
Dr. Horrible DIY action figures at CustomCon by MsBigPileOfDust.
(SPOILER) Video interviews with Nathan Fillion and other "Castle" folks. Video interviews from Comic-Con (*not* from panel) with the "Castle" cast(le).
When Firefly met Star Trek. To boldly go, gorramit. More...

August 04

Tom Lenk Interview. Tom talks about Broadway, Rock of Ages, being part of the Whedonverse and a tiny bit about Cabin in the Woods. There's also an inteview with him at the Portland Mercury where there's a poem and hair.
Behind the scenes at Neil Patrick Harris' Rent. Includes interviews with and effusive praise of NPH, who's directing the production of Rent opening this weekend at the Hollywood Bowl.
Zombie Penny or Robot Penny: How can Felicia Day return in Dr. Horrible? io9's round-up of their Dr. Horrible related coverage from SDCC including conversations with Felicia Day and Simon Helberg - as well as some Guild stuff for good measure. More...
The Avengers logo reveal. This teaser trailer was shown at Comic-Con. Awesome Samuel L. Jackson voiceover.
Brian Lynch's Movie is Showing in LA. "Big Helium Dog," a film written and directed by Brian Lynch (Angel: After the Fall, Spike on-going) is showing at Kevin Smith's Smodcastle in Hollywood on August 14th. More...
Newly Repackaged Angel and Buffy Complete Series. In case you don't already own these... ;). Buffy link: here.
Alan Tudyk's Transformers 3 Role. Reveals his character and role in next summer's third Transformers film.
Oregonian interview with Tom Lenk. Published yesterday, timed to coincide with Lenk bringing his one-man show to Portland this Friday night.
Eliza Dushku at Tsutaya Roppongi in Japan for Dollhouse S1 promotions. Pictures of Eliza in Japan promoting the season 1 release of Dollhouse. Seems like the DVD is going to do really well there. Here is the Japanese cover art. More...
The Ugly Truth About the JJ Panel. In which Joss clears things up, corrects oversights, and maketh the lame to walk. More...
Robin Sachs narrates "How to Become a Mars Overlord". You can listen to the sci-fi short story in streaming format or download it as a MP3 file.
Vote for Giles or Topher. SFX are doing a bunch of polls to celebrate their 200th issue. Under "Sages, Boffins and Mentors" you can vote for either Giles or Topher.
Artwork for the Dollhouse Season 2 R2 DVD and Blu-ray. It's a variation of the US cover. The Dollhouse Complete Collection will also be released on DVD and Blu-ray.
Is SyFy's "Human Relations" really a "Drones" ripoff? Amber Benson and Adam Busch stop by The Wrap to personally delve into the curious situation they find themselves in with their indie film "Drones" and the previously-mentioned SyFy pilot. And over at Airlock Alpha, the creator of Human Relations puts forward his side of the story.

August 03

Nathan Fillion American Library Association Poster finally available for purchase. So you can stop bothering the poor people at ALA about where is the NF poster. More...
CSTS Cosplay Celebration today in Melbourne, VIC Australia. "Also featuring the Australian premiere of Megabot, starring Fran Kranz (Topher, Dollhouse)." More...
FX President Landgraf talks about that legendary lunch with Joss. Remember the one? Find out what it was really all about!
Joss wants to direct more Glee. In an interview about plans for Glee Season 2, Ryan Murphy explains that Joss wants to direct another episode of Glee -- after Avengers wraps. More...
(SPOILER) Cover art and synopsis for Buffy #38. Well now.
Buffyfest interviews Whedonverse costume designer Shawna Trpcic. This continues their series of interviews from Comic-Con.
Gina Torres reveals her Firefly fantasy. She also chats about her new show Huge and even Cleopatra 2525 in this interview with the New York Post's PopWrap.
Resistance forms against Hollywood's 3-D Push. Joss and J.J. Abrams quoted from Comic-Con in the context of a larger discussion of Hollywood's 3-D phenomenon. Cabin in the Woods and Avengers mentioned.
Scott Allie apologizes to crew behind the Serenity fan film "Bellflower". The Dark Horse editor acknowledges the unintentional influence of the fans' work on the comic Serenity: Float Out.
David Fury's Terra Nova pushed to Fall 2011. The pilot will air as a preview in May. The show is executive produced by Stephen Spielberg and stars Jason O'Mara (Life on Mars).
Can you name the episodes of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'? No clues, just 20 minutes to rattle off the title of EVERY episode of "Buffy." Aaaaaaand... GO!
Out next year from Dark Horse - Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales. Looks like it's going to be a hardcover collection of the Tales of the Slayers and Tales of the Vampires comic books plus Becky Cloonan and Jackie Kessler's Season 8 stories.

August 02

Christina Hendricks on the cover of the September issue of British GQ. Be sure to pick up a copy, it hits stands this Thursday.
Fox's Kevin Reilly comments on Dollhouse at the TCA press tour. When asked about the show, the network's Entertainment President said "Well, Joss does his own thing anyway and by Season Two, there was an understanding, we're going to do the show and see what happens".
Richard Jenkins talks about his love for The Cabin in The Woods. He tells Bloody-Disgusting that he nearly turned down the movie until his agent convinced him to read the script. "I read it and said, 'Okay. This is fabulous'".
Marvel's Kevin Feige says Joss is on the verge of greatness. Talks about how Joss got The Avengers directing job.
Dichen Lachman On Female Empowerment in Dollhouse and Being Asian in Hollywood. This interview appears in Honi Soit, a Sydney student paper.

August 01

Feliciaesque interview with Michael Ausiello. Felicia Day tells Michael Ausiello that there will be plot twists, but gives away no Guild spoilers. More...
(SPOILER) Scott Allie interview about end of Buffy Season 8 and plans for Season 9. Gives more info on season 9.
Superman Batman: Apocalypse - First Look. A behind the scenes look - featuring interviews with the cast and crew including Summer Glau - on the DCAU's upcoming release. For a sampling of the films' unique visual style see here.
Jones Soda has a clip of the Buffy Season 8 motion comic. For Wolves at the Gate to be exact. More...
Happy Birthday Miracle Laurie! Everyone's favorite sleeper turns 29 today.

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