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September 30

IMDB's Most Underrated Shows of the Past 20 Years. The number one selection may be of no surprise to folks here. The rest of this special anniversary list also has some more Whedon connections. More...
Still time to Win big by joining CSTS Broadwaves. "Register to win $100 and a Kids Need to Read donation of $1000 worth of books in the winner’s name to a deserving school library or qualified charity organization, like a local chapter of a Boys and Girls Club. "
(SPOILER) The Jo Chen Buffy #39 cover. Part of it is blacked out as Top Secret. I saw the cover yesterday in the Previews Catalog but a crisper hi-res version is now online courtesy of Buffyfest.
Vincent Kartheiser hangs out with some very excited fans at a Minnesota bar. "It was only fitting that the guy who played Connor on Angel would show up unannounced at our weekly nerd night!" Worth the post for the pictures alone. Just thought you'd all enjoy!
Poll: Who are TV's best love triangles? Can Buffy/Angel/Spike or Gunn/Fred/Wesley beat out Kate/Sawyer/Jack? Place your vote!
Eliza Dushku's movie Open Graves to make UK Premiere on SyFy. Open Graves will be shown at 9:45pm on Sunday 3rd of October.
Nicholas Brendon audioblogs! Nick schools all-comers with some impromptu spoken-word, talks Koalas and cons.
SFX "Worlds of Whedon" magazine special now on sale online. The magazine comes out today in the UK. For those outside the UK, you can buy it online at the publisher's website.
Happy birthday Serenity! It's five years to the day that the movie came out in the United States. More...

September 29

Ten shows you should watch now that they've ended. Firefly and Dollhouse make the list!
Vincent Kartheiser cast in Andrew Niccol's new film. He'll be playing the father of Amanda Seyfried's character. The film was called "I'm.mortal", but the title's been dropped. It's about a world where no one ages past 25 unless they can literally buy more time.
Juliet Landau and Michael Hogan in Thrilling Adventure Hour Oct 2. Juliet Landau and Michael Hogan perform onstage in The Thrilling Adventure and Supernatural Suspense Hour in Los Angeles. David Fury isn't listed in this link, but reliable sources report he's participating.
(SPOILER) Sneak peek at James Marsters on Caprica. New clip from Caprica 1.10, "Unvanquished," with James Marsters returning as Barnabas. The episode airs next Tuesday at 10 on Syfy. Also, anyone in the L.A. area might be interested in a private screening of the episode. Go to Jane Espenson's blog for details.
'Veronika Decides To Die' out in Germany tomorrow. The official website has a list of cinemas that will be showing the Sarah Michelle Gellar movie.
Julie Benz's "No Ordinary Family" premiere ratings. The season premiere had ABC's best ratings this season. More...
First episode of Nicholas Brendon's webcomic Very Bad Koalas! Art by Steve Loter and Rafael Santiago.
(SPOILER) IDW editor and writer Mariah Huenher talks about Angel #37. The issue comes out today.
Watch the pilot of Julie Benz's new show 'No Ordinary Family'. The show premiered last night on ABC. More...

September 28

How Sci-Fi and Action Genres Have Changed Over the Years. An interesting look at how the relationship between action and ideology in sci-fi television has shifted over the years.
Twitter based TV shows we'd actually watch. Zap2it list the Twitter feeds they'd like to become TV shows. Our favourite Captain is on the list.
Summer Glau talks playing Supergirl in Superman/Batman Apocalypse. An extensive interview courtesy of on the day of Superman/Batman: Apocalypse's official release. A lot of talk regarding the whedonverse makes it in there as well. More...
ArtsQuest Interviews Touchstone Theatre re: Dr. Horrible. touchstone is a theatre in Bethlehem, PA and a production of Dr. Horrible is part of their 30th Anniversary Celebration. More...
Astonishing X-Men 'Gifted' motion comic now out on DVD. says it "celebrates and highlights what Whedon and Cassaday have done, and brings it to an exciting new level".
Who is researching the role of the Wasp for The Avengers? Could it just end up another mislead like the Eva Longoria (and Nathan Fillion) rumors, or is a Whedon alum being added to the casting? More...
Video Interview with Buffy author Nancy Holder about her career, working with the Slayer. Also includes a few Joss anecdotes.
Article on using iTunes to get hooked on previous TV shows lists guess-what as an example. A writer explaining how NBC's refusal to participate in iTunes TV show rental is idiotic discusses his own late-to-the-party discoveries such as "Castle," which led to "Firefly," which led to... I think we know this song. Great to see the show is still pulling in new viewers, though.

September 27

(SPOILER) Angel comic books: David Tischman and Mariah Huehner interview. They talk about the final arc of Angel at IDW.
Top 10 sexiest evil twins of all time! Three guesses who.
Novacut, a new open-source video editor, owes its origins to Joss. "We're developing [this] video editor because there's no reason for Joss Whedon to ever have a show canceled." More...

September 26

Mal Maquette prototype signed by Nathan Fillion. "Kids Need to Read has a VERY special auction that commemorates a scene from the Firefly episode called "Trash". We have an exceptionally rare prototype maquette of Nathan Fillion as Malcolm Reynolds, sitting on a rock in all his "glory"."
Become part of the 2011 CSTS Global Team - applications now open. Be a member of the Global Teams that helped raise over $450,000 for charity. More...
Adrienne Shelly Foundation once-in-a-lifetime celebrity experiences Charity Auction. Including a Birthday phone call from Bones stars Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz and Castle Set Visit. Nathan Fillion wrote "Wanna come meet me?" .
Exploring Shepherd Book's back story. Zack Whedon and Scott Allie chat about "Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale".
Serenity 2 painful to think about, says Joss. It's another excerpt from the upcoming SFX Whedon special.
Eliza Dushku on the Faith spinoff that never was. "It's a question I've been asked a gazillion times: 'Why'd you do Tru Calling and not the Faith spin-off?'".
Nominations for SFX Magazine Awards 2011. Nominations include the cancellation of Dollhouse and Buffy season 8.
Familiar face on "Bones" season 6 opener. Melissa Marsala (from "Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been" episode on Angel) guest stars on Bones. More...

September 25

Felicia Day is #30 in the Geek A Week deck. She joins a veritable Who's Who list of cross-disciplinary geek luminaries.
"I would like to put these actors in a room and just make Glengarry Glen Ross". More Avengers talk from Joss.
Joss Whedon and Tony Head talk about 'Ripper'. It's an excerpt taken from the upcoming SFX special.

September 24

CSTS Charity Screenings this weekend. San Antonio, TX, Orange County, CA and Atlanta, GA. More...
20 mad scientists who turned against their creations. Our favorite programmer is on the list. Spoilers if you haven't finished Dollhouse.
Firefly Logo Tee is back. Shiny.
Before the Scene Q & A with Jewel Staite. Let's see if we can break the site again. Jewel did with her twitter announcement.
(SPOILER) Summer Glau to guest star on 'Chuck'. River and Jayne reunited! (mild spoilers for the role she plays). More...
20 of the most epic failures in network science fiction TV. Half of the shows that Joss created made the list. More...
SFX Magazine special "Worlds of Whedon" comes out next week. And packed with goodies it is too, including a brand new interview with Joss. More...
Marc Blucas joins cast of 'Necessary Roughness'. He's the male lead. More...
The best ever cover songs on TV and film. "And I need you today, oh Mandy".

September 23

Alyson Hannigan is providing a Buffy box set signed by Joss, herself and Alexis to the winner of her twitchange charity auction. More...
'Big Bang Theory' books Eliza Dushku. She will play an FBI agent assigned to conduct a background check on Wolowitz. She appears in the 7th episode of the season.
Olivia Williams' episode of Terriers on iTunes. Episode 3, "Change Partners" aired last night and is available on iTunes today. More...
The accuracy of science fiction. Find out how Firefly fared in this feature on whether science fiction actually gets it right.

September 22

(SPOILER) Amber Benson to guest on Grey's Anatomy.'s Michael Ausiello has the news along with spoilers for other US shows.
Master of the Whedonverse quiz nights. Are you the Master of the Whedonverse? Quiz nights starting this Saturday. More...
Women Connecting Through Buffy. A visual representation of the complexity and depth of women's relationships in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and how it stacks up to other genre shows). More...
Geekscape reviews Season 1 of Glee on Blu-ray. William Bibbiani shares his "Glee" for this series, especially expressing fondness for Neil Patrick Harris and the Joss Whedon-directed episode, Dream On. More...
Buffyverse Comic Reviews interviews 'Spike:The Devil You Know' writer Bill Williams. Big interview on the release day of the final issue of the miniseries.
New Star One Album features song about Firefly. Sci-Fi metal artist Arjen Lucassen has included a song about Firefly called "Earth that Was" in his upcoming album "Victims of the Modern Age." Give it a listen.
An appreciation of Summer Glau's 8 sci-fi roles. A look at Summer Glau's roles in sci-fi.
Rapper Hoodie Allen shouts out Buffy in song "C.R.A.V.E.". It's a quick moment in the song, but it's a reference nonetheless! More...
A Superman/Batman: Apocalypse clip introduced by Summer Glau. She plays Supergirl in this animated feature that comes out on DVD next week.
Amazon Lightning Deal - Dollhouse Season 1 Blu-ray for $26.99. This is at 6 AM PDT for only 4 hours or until they sell out.

September 21

Firefly Forever - a musical tribute. It'll be taking place in the Englert Theatre in Iowa City on October 23rd.
(SPOILER) Preview pages for Spike:The Devil You Know #4. The conclusion of the Spike miniseries is out tomorrow.
Buffy makes list of Primetime's Best Teen Soaps of All Time. MSN recognizes Buffy as one of the best primetime teen soap operas of all time. More...
Our Favourite Fearless Females on TV. Buffy makes the list! And so does River, just not as River. And unfortunately no Echo!
An update on Drew Goddard's script being directed by Spielberg. Spielberg reportedly still very excited on Goddard's draft and may make that his next film.
Bid for teddy bears signed by Whedonverse stars. This year's Project Teddy Bear auctions has bears signed by the likes of Morena Baccarin, Summer Glau, Michael Hogan, Clare Kramer, Sean Maher, James Marsters and Camdem Toy. All proceeds go to The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. More...

September 20

Who will Joss Whedon kill in The Avengers movie? Probably no one. Worth reading if only to find out why showrunners wouldn't read Buffy specs.
Premiere of Hawaii 5.0 on CBS tonight. James Marsters appears in it.
Awesome Sci-Fi LEGO creations. Including a couple of shiny Firefly creations.
Sing Something Sci-Fi. Amber Benson, Adam Busch, James Marsters and David Boreanaz make this list of 15 sci-fi and fantasy actors who have performed extra-curricular vocal duties.
(SPOILER) Preview for Buffy #37. This issue will be out on October 6th.
Revisiting Buffy. The start of a new Buffy revisit blog...
10 Greatest Fictional inventors of All Time. Dr. Horrible makes the list; Ted and Warren don't. More...

September 19

(SPOILER) IDW's Angelverse comic books for December. Coming out that month is Angel #40, The Crown Prince Syndrome hardcover, Angel: Illyria #2, Spike #3 and the Spike: The Devil You Know tpb.
Seth Green joins Twitter! Our favorite stoic werewolf has joined up. More...
Nicholas Brendon updates his audioblog. He talks about more meet and greets and reads a few more of his poems.
(SPOILER) Nathan Fillion interview with He talks about Castle Season 3, Firefly/Serenity and Dr. Horrible. He misses Malcolm Reynolds terribly. More...

September 18

Series Pass debut podcast episode covers Angel. In their first podcast episode, Series Pass delves into Angel Season One. They analyze their favourites and less-favourite aspects, as well, of the entire show. More...
History of Forgotten Things review. Jed Whedon's album gets discussed on Summer Sound Check 2010 Podcast. Scott Carelli and John Pavlich feature twelve new albums to recommend, including track samples.
Video of Rue's "It's My Party" photoshoot featuring Enver Gjokaj. And you can see the pics of him in the magazine by clicking here (he's on pages 143 and 144).

September 17

Christina Hendricks cast as Lois Lane in All-Star Superman. This Spring release will constitute her first animated work.
This weekend's CSTS Charity events. There's screenings in Melbourne VIC Australia, Phoenix AZ, Salem & Cambridge MA and NYC area. Also there is the 3rd Annual Browncoats Backwoods Bash in Southern Indiana.
Locked and Loaded: Chatting with Eliza Dushku. STUFFBoston talks to Eliza about "Locked In" (premiering tonight at The Boston Film Festival), getting ready to turn 30, and her love of all things Boston.
A song for Drusilla. Karuna Tanahashi sings "Wherefore Art Thou Juliet?". And it's rather fab. More...
Full transcript of Joss's Melbourne Writers Festival talk. Covers a wide variety of topics.
Exclusive Dinner with Nicholas Brendon in New York! Concurrent with Wizard World's Big Apple Comic Con. 9 tickets are left for the Oct. 2 event.
Buffy makes EW's list of 10 shows that Changed TV since '90. "It kick-started the vampire craze in 1997, and became the model for cult shows whose influence exceeds their ratings." More...
Harry Lennix is "Mr. Sophistication"; Danny Green directs. One of Danny and Harry's current film projects that is in post-production; I could not find release information beyond '2010'. More...
Film sequels that never happened. Serenity 2. Alas.

September 16

Ask Nathan Fillion a question for Good Morning America. He'll be on this morning's show. If you twitter and know what the weather is like in NY, Nathan is asking how he should pack. ETA Watch the interview here.
Alyson Hannigan's Lily Aldrin is the 4th hottest teacher on TV According to BuddyTV.
Jeremy Renner talks about Joss and his work with him on Angel. In this little video interview, Renner talks about knowing Joss for a long while and enjoying working with his Avengers director on Angel. Thinks Joss has a good grasp of The Avengers and on the Marvel Universe.
The first of five "The Guild" one-shot comics due out in December. Written by Felicia Day and Jeff Lewis, the first issue stars Vork (the man behind the rule book). Variant covers by Darick Robertson and Gilbert Hernandez.
MGM delays 'The Cabin in the Woods'. ComingSoon.Net reports that MGM has pushed back "Cabin in the Woods" (as well as "Red Dawn") to an undetermined date, despite the Spyglass Entertainment acquisition.
Nathan Fillion says he's proud to be a geek. USA Today has an interesting feature of our favorite space captain, He talks about how he was an avid comic book collector, and how he's close to his family. More...
Joss Whedon - "I think of myself as a writer, first and foremost". Excellent interview recorded at his recent appearance at the Sydney Opera House. If you're interested in writing, it's a must-see. You also get to hear Joss' Agent Smith impersonation.
The best SF/fantasy cliffhangers ever shown on television. Buffy and Angel make their obligatory appearances. Spoilers for Tuesday night's Warehouse 13 finale.

September 15

Complete Serenity crew peg people. I keep finding the crew cunningly crafted in various ways.
Jimmy Kimmel Live with Nathan Fillion guesting tonight. @jimmykimmel tweeted "tonight on JKL... @drphil @nathanfillion and @traceadkins - fight to the death” " Nathan tweeted back "I fight dirty!" Watch it online. More...
(SPOILER) Kali Rocha in Buried trailer. I would recommend this film to anyone, but Kali as the 911 operator is a nice bonus for Buffy fans.
Felicia Day Guest DJ Interview on KCRW. KCRW's Guest DJ project invites various individuals to pick five songs and talk about why they're important to them. Today they have Felicia Day. Felicia plus my favorite radio station equals happiness.
(SPOILER) Preview and Story about Zack Whedon's upcoming Terminator 1984 Series. It's an interview at USA Today.
Is Nathan Fillion the new Bruce Campbell? Solid observation with a whole lotta love for some of our favourites.
New Jewel Staite blog over at Blastr. In which Jewel divulges how she would have ended Firefly and promotes drinking while watching her act.
(SPOILER) Buffy #39 variant cover and info. As seen on
Jane Espenson on Buffy Season 8 and more. A must-read interview.

September 14

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch talks about his upcoming Spike mini-series. "I'm looking at this as what would happen if Spike headlined his own TV show."
Which Vampire Hookup is Hottest? Options include parings from "True Blood", "The Vampire Diaries", "Buffy", and "Twilight".
Pajama Brunch with Nick Brendon and Clare Kramer! For folks headed to Wizard World's New England Comic Con, you can have Sunday brunch in your PJs with Glory and Xander.
Which Whedonverse alum do you want following you on Twitter? Auction to raise money for Whedonverse actors available to bid for: Alyson Hannigan, Felicia Day, Jewel Staite, Julie Benz, Eliza Dushku, Nathan Fillion and Christopher Gorham. More...
Dollhouse Season 2 DVD has an Easter Egg. What it is, well we'll just have to wait and see. In related news, has a Season 2 DVD trailer on their website.
'Firefly' Rewind - 'Serenity' (the motion picture). TV critic Alan Sepinwall offers a "rewind" review of Serenity.

September 13

David Fury no longer attached to 'Terra Nova'. Deadline has the news.
Get free Studio Audience tickets to see Nathan Fillion on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Taping on Wednesday 9/15/2010 to air that night. More...
WhedonFest (Toronto) cancels convention. Due to low ticket sales, this first time convention has been canceled 3 weeks before the event was to take place.
Nicholas Brendon added to Wizard World's Big Apple Comic Con roster. The con is being held Oct. 1-3 in New York. Clare Kramer will also be in attendance.
First Terriers ep free on iTunes! Get Tim Minear's new pilot for free. Season pass is out too.

September 12

"I Heart Wesley W-P" - blogging on Angel. While away your spare time by going through the back entries of this blog. Some very interesting thoughts to be had on Angel the series and After The Fall.
Nathan Fillion to voice character on "Venture Brothers". Jackson Publick had announced that he took a "short trip" to Los Angeles in order to record Nathan Fillion's voice over for an episode that will air later this year.
Cunning hat sighting on an owl? Probably not, but, it was the first thing that I thought of.
True Blood fan does another Bill/Edward/Angel comparison. "Bill Compton's recent bad behavior on the HBO show upends what we learned from Twilight and Buffy". More...
Buffy Epic Trailer. A must-watch fan trailer. More...
Firefly Blu-ray is's Gold Box Deal of the Day. You can get it for $26.99.

September 11

Nathan Fillion Clone Contest. Nathan will "think of something, prize-wise." More...
Anthony Head on Saturday Kitchen on BBC1. In a few minutes at time of posting.

September 10

It's Joss - Not Josh! A blogger describes her reaction when someone gets Whedon's name wrong.
The "Geek and Gamer Girls" song by Team Unicorn. Featuring Seth Green and Michele Boyd of the The Guild fame. And at least one Whedonverse reference too. Possibly NSFW, just saying.
Caprica returns October 5 at 10PM. Originally planned to return in January, Syfy has decided to air the back half of season 1 of Caprica in the fall instead. More...
Fifty-nine & Holding. Harry Groener, a politician who keeps his promises, kicks off his five-dozenth decade today.
Titan Books feature on the Firefly fan film "Into The Black". A great interview with one of the stars of the film.

September 09

The next stage of Dark Horse's Whedonverse comic books. Scott Allie speaks to FEARnet about the Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, Serenity and The Cabin in the Woods comic books.
Nathan Fillion's guest wishlist for Castle. Vote for the person you'd wish would guest star on Castle.
Serenity & Dr. Horrible Charity screenings this weekend. There's ones in in Newhall (LA) CA, Austin TX & Plainview NY. Austin, TX has special Guest: Ron Glass! More...
Eliza Dushku to attend convention in Los Angeles. It's Creation Entertainment's Buffy/Firefly/Dollhouse event.
The Horror and Beauty of Ballet. Ruminations on the apparent relationship between depictions of ballet dancers found in film and television and the horror genre, in anticipation of director Darren Aronofsky's upcoming ballet-themed psychological thriller The Black Swan. The Angel episode "Waiting in the Wings" appears as a featured example. More...
Angel's house up for sale. For a mere $7 million, the mansion used for filming Angel's living quarters can be yours! More...
Buffy the Butt-Kicking Babe. Buffy is the tops, the pinnacle, the apogee of butt-kicking babes... More...
(SPOILER) Dark Horse Buffy teaser pokes (more) fun at "Twilight". "Don't get Emo, Get Even".
10 of the best science fiction TV episodes that ever aired. The list from Blastr includes the Buffy episode "Hush" and the Firefly episode "Out Of Gas".
(SPOILER) Preview Pages for Angel #37 from Buffyfest. It's out on September 22.

September 08

Sean Maher joining ABC Family's "Make It Or Break It" for its second season. According to Sean on Twitter. More...
(SPOILER) A Review of Marti Noxon's script for "Fright Night" remake. Carson Reeves takes a critical eye to a draft for the forthcoming redo of the 1980s horror-comedy penned by none other than the Whedonverse's very own Marti Noxon. Note: major spoilers!
(SPOILER) IDW's Angel finale "The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart". David Tischman and Mariah Huehner tell Comic Book Resources what the last six issues of Angel will be like.
Will Captain Mal ever cross over? "Nathan Fillion may be a recognizable name to cult movie and TV geeks, but does he have what it takes to break into the mainstream?"
Buffy Season 8 Motion Comic now on iTunes UK store. Available to download is the trailer and issue 1.
5 Reasons To Be Excited About Knights of Badassdom. Props to reason #4 - although #1-3 and #5 aren't half bad either.
Terriers premieres tonight at 10/9 Central on FX. Show your support for Tim Minear and his new cable show by tuning in.
Dr Horrible trade paperback out this week. It includes a brand new Evil League of Evil story. Also available from Dark Horse this week is a $1 dollar reprint of the original Buffy #1 from 1998.

September 07

Armin Shimerman on September 7's "Warehouse 13" episode. Our favorite "spaz"-calling principal plays a Warehouse agent in this back-in-time (1961) episode of Warehouse 13. More...
More Dollhouse items listed with VIP Auctions. Another round of Dollhouse items are up for grabs.
Fall 2010 TV Premiere Schedule. The 2010 Fall schedule that includes many returning and new shows featuring our alumni. More...
Dracula's Daughters vs the Space Brains available on iTunes. A few months ago, NPH took the lead role in this short film, produced by Teller (of Penn & Teller fame). It's finally available for the public to watch, on iTunes. More...
(SPOILER) interview with Georges Jeanty at Dragon*Con 2010. Some spoilers about what to expect from #39 (the issue that's been mentioned by both Scott Allie and Jeanty as where some major stuff happens). The "Buffy Season 8: Looking Back" panel can also be viewed in its entirety HERE.
Motivational Monday - Buffy the Vampire Slayer Edition. A playful take on (de)motivational posters using BtVS...can you think of any others?
Simon Helberg joins Twitter. Nobody wants to be Moist, but everybody wants to follow him. (Confirmed by a tweet from Maurissa.)
Whedonverse writers working on The Vampire Diaries. Kansas City Star interview with Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain.
Buffy is so whiny. Except she's not.

September 06

"No Ordinary Family" poster. Check out the poster for ABC's new superhero-y TV series "No Ordinary Family," co-starring our favorite blonde bombshell of a vampire.
Felicia Day's SyFy Movie "Red" will air October 30th. As part of its "31 Days of Halloween" festival, Felicia Day's movie Red: Werewolf Hunter, a twist of the "Red Riding Hood" story, will air October 30th. More...
Cover versions of music from Buffy and Angel. The covers album "Twilight, New Moon, Love & Vampires" features several tracks from Buffy and Angel. If that doesn't sate your appetite, then you can also get cover versions of "Close Your Eyes" and "Buffy's Sacrifice". More...
BBC Radio 5 Interview with Tony Head. Begins around the 35 minute mark- he discusses amongst other things sport, Merlin, OMWF and his short lived pop career.
Small interview with Joss from Media Geek. Exactly what it says on the tin.
Angie Hart on Good News Week - Aussie TV. One of Joss' faves and Buffy/Firefly guest star has a singing spot on Aussie TV at the moment. More...
Joss Whedon a God? An article from The Australian covering Joss' recent visit and featuring a brief re-cap of his career. More...

September 05

The Dollhouse promo we never saw. International airings, for the win. There's also a batch of three Australian promos here, which include a Rossum TV spot.
Cute Dollhouse Fan Vid. Nice little fan-made parody. The disclaimer at the end is fun.

September 04

Art Nation: Buffy as a Guilty Pleasure. Aussie TV series Art Nation has featured a segment on Buffy being a Guilty Pleasure where writer/performer Casey Bennetto discusses the influence of OMwF on his own musicals.
Dragon*Con: Firefly cast panel coverage. A small article from Dragon*Con Daily on the Firefly Panel. Videos of the panel can be found here.
(SPOILER) Buffyverse Comic Reviews: Scott Tipton and Elena Casagrande Interview. Buffyverse Comics Reviews does an extended interview with Angel writer, Scott Tipton, and Angel artist, Elena Casagrande. More...
Stand Up 2 Cancer features Whedon stars. The one-hour television event, which will air on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and just about every other channel imaginable, is September 10. More...
Women Want More Shows Like Buffy. Today show segment on "What Women Want" from television characters. Buffy used as prime example of a strong female lead. More...

September 03

How to get into 20 classic science fiction shows: The ultimate guide. An inherently controversial guide for the un-initiated.
Final Dollhouse Auction Items on eBay. The final Dollhouse auction on eBay from VIP auctions.
Happy Birthday Clare Kramer! She turns 36 today. There just aren't human words fabulous enough for the occasion. More...
(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Scott Allie on Buffy #36. It's the return of Comic Book Resources "Behind Buffy Season 8" series.
The Whedonverse Season Finale Tournament. A September Silliness tournament over at Buffyfest.
Portraits of Nicholas Brendon autographed for charity. Portraits were autographed this past weekend at the UltimArt Convention in Paris. Proceeds from sales will go to Stand Up 2 Cancer.
World premiere of Browncoats: Redemption at Dragon*Con this Saturday. It'll be shown in the Westin Peachtree Ballroom at 7pm. In related Dragon*Con fandom film news, 'Horrible Turn' will be screened today in the Hyatt Learning Center at 10am with the panel happening at 4pm. More details can be found here.

September 02

Kristine Sutherland gets soapy. Buffy's mom has signed on to a new recurring role on the One Life to Live soap opera.
Jane Espenson talks about writing for Torchwood. In an interview with Blastr, she talks about how she got the gig for the fourth season, coming in 2011 on Starz. She says how this will be a different experience from working on Caprica or Buffy, and what she hopes to do. She's expected to write a third of the fourth-season scripts.
Rick Fox wants to make the Whedonverse proud. Eliza Dushku's boyfriend, LA Lakers legend Rick Fox (who had a cameo in Dollhouse), is competing on season 11 of "Dancing With The Stars". Today he tweeted a reply to Mo Tancharoen how he hopes his run on the show makes the Whedonverse proud. Good luck Rick!
What Comic-Con Means to Me: The Joss Whedon Experience. A long-time Joss Whedon fan describes her (mostly underwhelming) experience at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.
(SPOILER) The uncensored Buffy #37 cover art. Jo Chen's artwork gets revealed in full. Big spoilers if you haven't yet read Buffy #36.
(SPOILER) RyallTime Posts Five Page Spike #1 Preview. Chris Ryall (IDW Publisher/EIC) has just posted the pages on his blog. Enjoy!
Video: Nicholas Brendon dancing at Paris con. Nick takes part in a glorious dance finale with the other guests at last weekend's Ultim'Art Convention in Paris.
Dragon*Con Documentary. In time for Dragon*Con 2010, a one hour documentary about Dragon*Con 2009. Footage includes the parade with prominent shot of the Browncoats and giant Hands of Blue, and interview with Georges Jeanty.
GeekDad teaches how to play the Firefly theme on guitar. started a bnew bi-weekly video feature where GeekDad (John Anealio) teaches you how to play "your favorite Geeky/Techie/Sci-Fi influenced songs." First up: Firefly. I like him already.

September 01

(SPOILER) Slayalive's Scott Allie Interview about Buffy Season 8. Covers many topics.
Shonda Rhimes tweets about Nick Brendon. The Private Practice creator talks about his guest appearance, in under 140 characters.
Spike Scream Awards 2010 Open for Voting. A few of our peeps are nominated! Julie Benz, Morena Baccarin and Fabio Moon! Go vote! Btw Joss Whedon was on the advisory board that chose the nominees.
UGO To Host Superman/Batman Apocalypse Screenings in NYC and LA. Tickets for the animated film co-starring the voice of Summer Glau are being distributed for free on a "first come, first served" email response basis. Voice cast attendees are expected but not yet confirmed.
Seth Green producing online interactive reality show. Along with his Robot Chicken partner, Matthew Senreich, Green has been tapped to do "ControlTV." More...
Serenity Architectural Cutaway Set now available for purchase. It's very lovely indeed. The QMx website has a 'making of' video and a free sketchbook for download as well.
Going to Dragon*Con? Don't miss Marian Call. After years of requests, Marian Call is coming to Dragon*Con! The 'verse's favorite songstress (she of the "Got to Fly" CD, featuring songs inspired by Firefly and BSG) will be performing this Friday night at The Warehouse Therapy Band Space in Atlanta. Come one, come all! Information at her website, tickets on sale now.
(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #36. The Season 8 finale kicks off with the first part of the Joss Whedon penned 'Last Gleaming' arc.
David Tischman talks Angel: Barbary Coast. The trade paperback is out today and the writer talks to Buffyfest about the mini-series. More...

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