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October 30

The A.V. Club reviews Felicia Day's 'Red: Werewolf Hunter'. The movie premiered last night on Syfy. The reviewer says "if you liked her character in Dollhouse, most of Red will be pleasantly familiar." More...
(SPOILER) Trailer for Eliza Dushku's 'The Big Bang Theory' episode. The episode airs this Thursday.

October 29

Eliza Dushku interview at Wonder Woman, Dollhouse, Ghostbusters 3 and much more get discussed.
Horror's Greatest Heroes: The 10 Greatest Monster Fighters. "Sunnydale's champion redefined monster-killing for a new generation."
Obscure Dr. Horrible Halloween Costume Ideas. Last minute costume ideas galore!
Newsarama Interview with Felicia Day. Felicia talks about Red: Werewolf Hunter (airing tomorrow), her stint on Eureka, and the upcoming Guild Comics. She also talked to io9.
New Juliet Landau photo shoot video. This one is in the park.
Mark Ruffalo reveals his approach to playing Hulk in The Avengers. In related coverage, has an exclusive look at Chris Evans as Captain America and Flaunt Magazine has an interview and photoshoot with Jeremy Renner.

October 28

Another top 10 list, must be Thursday: The Top 10 "Monster Shows". Top 10 monster shows: The frightening, the funny and the all-round best beasts on TV. Plus a poll at the bottom where you can show your BtVS love against the likes of Twilight, True Blood and....The Twilight Zone??
10 Of The Best SciFi Sidekicks. Two Whedon alums make the list.
Cover for the Buffy Season 8 Motion Comic (Blu-ray/DVD Combo). As seen on Amazon.
Keith Szarabajka was on Terriers last night. Now available on iTunes, watch Daniel Holtz in "Agua Caliente", in both standard and high definition.
(SPOILER) Promo pics of Eliza Dushku on 'Big Bang Theory'. She is playing an FBI Agent. The episode titled 'The Apology Insuffiency' airs on November 4th.

October 27

Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen on the Dollhouse comic books. "The very mention of a Season Three is giving us the giggles. Giggles that are suppressing our tears."
Ausiello reports that Syfy has cancelled Caprica. The final episodes have been rescheduled to air sometime in the first quarter of 2011.
10 Great Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories That Deal With Death. A list of the greatest tales that help people deal with Death. Features "The Body", calling it the greatest television episode to deal with death.
"Dr. Horrible" and Season 3 "The Guild" charity screening in L.A. on October 30th. The screening benefits the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation, which was selected by Felicia Day.
TV stars share their favorite Halloween costumes. Stars include Nathan Fillion, David Boreanaz, Christina Hendricks, and Alyson Hannigan.
Five days with the Alien Anthology: Day Four. In light of the recent Blu-Ray release, Bleeding Cool revisits Joss' Alien: Resurrection and calls it "the secret weapon of the series."
(SPOILER) Interview with Dark Horse's Scott Allie about Buffy. I'm putting a spoiler warning just in case but I don't think it's too revealing.
(SPOILER) Interview with Mariah Huehner and David Tischman about Angel #38. They talk about wrapping up Bill Willingham's arc, a little about how they tweaked Willingham's story, and where Angel is headed. There's also a short spoiler-free review. Angel #38 is out today!
"Buffy" Perfect for Your Halloween Needs! Sean Decker via Dread Central recommends two of the three Halloween-centric episodes of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" as must-watches for anyone's holiday weekend marathon.

October 26

Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale to be released Nov 3rd. According to Dark Horse's site the release date is now next week.
The Jeff Lewis 5-Minute Comedy Hour. Felicia Day and Jeff Lewis of The Guild co-star in the latest episode.
"Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman was killed by Studio Guys, no, really." Short blog piece about Joss and the author's lack of love for "studio guys." More...
(SPOILER) James Marsters to Reprise "Hawaii Five-O" Role. Also posted on James's Facebook page.
Robin Sachs confirmed for Hallowhedon 2. Ethan Rayne will be appearing at this weekend London convention, which starts this Friday. More...
Ultimate Joss Whedon! SFX are looking for help in creating the Ultimate Joss Whedon show.

October 25

Dresden Files narrated by James Marsters on iTunes. First two books in the series on sale on iTunes for only $5.95. More...
Vampires in pop culture. Buffy is among several pop culture texts to be discussed by two Duke University professors at the Durham County Library. More...
"No Ordinary Family" gets full season order. Julie Benz's new show gets picked up on the back end.
The Consolation of Philosophie the Vampyre Slayer. Over on Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog, a description of "The Consolation of Philosophie the Vampyre Slayer", in an entry on "The Aeneid and Zombyes".
"And I think hell would have to freeze over before he would step back in Fox." New Eliza Dushku interview with TV Squad, reflecting on Joss vs Fox, Dollhouse, comedy, and Dancing With the Stars.
Xander makes it into the AV Club's most memorable Halloween costumes list. His "Soldier Guy" costume makes it to number 3. More...
Anthony Stewart Head's show 'Merlin' gets a fourth series. But it's only getting a 10 episode order instead of the usual 13.

October 24

Eliza Dushku is now on FaceBook. According to her tweet, Eliza now has her official Facebook page open.
Dichen Lachman appearing in Hawaii Five-O. You can also meet her in the UK in April, as she has been added as a guest at Echo-2.
Vote for Whedon alums for TV Guide cover. It's Bones vs Castle vs Chuck vs How I Met Your Mother... Voting until November 1st. More...
(SPOILER) Keith Carradine cast in Big Bang Theory. Dollhouse alumnus will appear in CBS's The Big Bang Theory.
Buffy vs. her very mind itself! A look at the season 6 episode 'Normal Again'.

October 23

Last chance for Can't Stop the Serenity auction goodies. There's only five days left to bid for some great collectors items. And it will benefit Equality Now.

October 22

20 Heroic Librarians Who Save the World. Includes everyone's favorite Watcher.
(SPOILER) Enver eyeing Torchwood role? Ausiello reports so, at any rate, but doesn't give any indication as to how likely it is. Spoiler tagged for character descriptions if you haven't seen them yet.
Do we want too much from TV's creators? Deep in the age of television viewers networked by technology, Emily Nussbaum ponders the question. Includes "Heart, Broken" in its discussion.
Sing Karaoke With Nicholas Brendon and Clare Kramer! Concurrent with the Austin Comic Con, tickets are now on sale for this very musical meet and greet.
Confirmed: Steven Spielberg will direct Drew Goddard script. It's an adaptation of the Daniel H. Wilson novel "Robopocalypse".
Very busy Amber Benson makes two San Francisco appearances this weekend. Ms. Benson puts on her author's cap to promote her new children's book, "Among the Ghosts", at two San Francisco Borders locations this weekend.
Amber Benson performs excerpt from "Dracula in Love". A Halloween night promotional staged reading for Karen Essex's novel "Dracula in Love." Scroll down the page to Oct. 31 for mention of Amber Benson and the event.
The future of the Dollhouse comic books. Dark Horse's Scott Allie reveals all.
They're Going to Need a Bigger Stage. Everybody's favorite small-town, big-snake Mayor, Harry Groener will be appearing in the U.S. premier of Athol Fugard's play, "The Train Driver" at Long Wharf theater in New Haven. More...
An interview with the Firefly legend that is Sonny Rhodes. He's playing a couple of gigs in New Jersey this weekend and in this interview he speaks briefly about the Firefly theme song and working with Joss.

October 21

Eliza hasn't discussed Avengers with Joss but knows who she wants to play. MTV continues their interviews with Eliza for the Dollhouse season 2 DVD release (on 'Ghostbusters 3', on 'True Lies 2'), with an interview about The Avengers!
Congrats to our very own Harry Groener on his Ovation Award Nomination! The nominations for the 2010 Ovation Awards were announced Monday evening at the Autry National Center for the American West. The awards, organized by the Los Angeles Stage Alliance, are intended to honor excellence in L.A.-area theater productions in the past season. More...
(SPOILER) IDW Releases for January 2011. A busy month with Angel #41, Spike #4, Illyria #3, the John Byrne hardcover collection, plus more. More...
Bandwagonification! Looks like Emma's Bandwagon is finally coming out for us all to see via YouTube! Very excite! More...
Eliza meets the Geeks. First image from the November 4th episode of The Big Bang Theory guest-starring Eliza Dushku.
Tim Minear talks to Kelly Wheeler about Terriers. In the latest video to go along with the latest post on the Terriers production blog, Tim talks about what makes (or doesn't make) the show's characters different. Link is directly to the video, not the spoiler-laden blog post.
Michelle Trachtenberg sets up project at CW. Michelle would star as a young criminology student with a gift for profiling and a dark past . More...
James Marsters cancels Austin Comic Con appearance. According to his official Facebook page, he is pulling out due to a filming conflict.
Cast of Buffy pose for awkward family photos at Wizard Boston Con. James Marsters, Mercedes McNab, Clare Kramer, Amber Benson, Charisma Carpenter and Nicholas Brendon join in on the fun. More...

October 20

More guests at Creation's salute to Firefly, Buffy/Angel & Dollhouse. Scroll down a bit in the events list and you'll see the QMx panels: one with Ron Glass, and another on writing (with Jane Espenson, Drew Greenberg, Andrew Chambliss and Jose Molina).
Jane Espenson tells fellow writers "Write what you want to see." Jane Espenson, who wrote for Buffy and Angel, gives genre writing advice to fellow writers...
Three Buffy/Angel veterans dream up new female heroines for The CW. Vulture reports that Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain are adapting Secret Circle and Marti Noxon is shepherding a drama called 'Chloe'. Both projects are only at the pilot script stage.
'Rock of the Dead' featuring Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia Day now out. It's a guitar based rail shooter that's just come out for the Xbox 360 and PS3. The reviews have been so-so but you watch Felicia chat about the game here. However if you're going to buy only one new video game that stars Felicia, it's going to have to be Fallout: New Vegas.
(SPOILER) Buffyfest preview pages for Angel #38. It's out next week and it's the conclusion of Bill Willingham's run.
Georges Jeanty Buffy interview From NYCC. Talks about the Twilight trade and issue 37.
Buffy to air on Chiller from November. It's part of the US horror cable channel's rebranding.
Enver Gjokaj Guest Stars on NBC's 'Chase'. His episode airs next Monday (25th October). Watch the trailer here.

October 19

Amber Benson & Adam Busch on stage in L.A. Wed. Oct. 20. Amber Benson & Adam Busch perform what is described as "a high school play" as part of the Get Mortified program. Link is to Get Mortified's Twitter feed, which links to their ticket site.
(SPOILER) Discuss the Dollhouse comic book 'Epitaphs'. My season 2 DVD came today and I noticed we haven't had a discussion thread for 'Epitaphs', so come discuss it!
Shawna Trpcic signs on as costume designer for Torchwood Season 4. We already knew that Jane Espenson was writing for it, now Shawna's on board for costumes. Can't wait!
Onion A.V. Club analyzes the sex-scene opening of "Dead Things." The A.V. Club looks at 19 films and TV episodes that open with a sex scene.
Adam Baldwin's "Chuck" gets an eleven episode backorder. Which brings this season total to 24 episodes. In related US network news, the order for the second season of 'V' (which stars Morena Baccarin) has reportedly been cut from 13 to 10 episodes.
Eliza Dushku talks about the Dollhouse comic books. Despite only just finding out about them, she thinks it's cool.
Alan Tudyk is the voice of Green Arrow in new DC Comics animation series "Young Justice". Cartoon Network will show the 1st episode of the show on November 26th, but the series will only properly premiere in the Spring of 2011. More...
Script review of Sarah Michelle Gellar's rejected HBO Pilot. Another one here.

October 18

(SPOILER) Mark Sheppard's 'Doctor Who' Character Revealed. Mark tweeted the link a few minutes ago. More...
First look at the SHIELD Helicarrier from Joss Whedon's The Avengers. Concept art of Nick Fury's flying fortress. In related news, Walt Disney Studios just bought the rights to distribute The Avengers and Iron Man 3 from Paramount Pictures for $115 million. More...
Dollhouse number two on UK TV home video official chart. 'cos we rock.
Writing about Whedon as a director. How would you evaluate a paper about Joss' directing? More...

October 17

James Marsters embraces his inner fanboy. Coverage of his talk at New York Comic Con. There may be one or two tidbits you haven't come across before.
Tom Lenk Live in San Francisco November 13! Thanks to Facebook and Twitter comments, Tom Lenk is going to perform his one man comedy show live in San Francisco on Saturday November 13. More...
Dr. Horrible sells out! The Dark Horse trade paperback is getting a second print run. On its first month of release, the collection stormed in at number two on the Top 100 Graphic Novels list.
64% off the Buffy Chosen Collection at Amazon. The TV Deal of the Week is all seven seasons for $70.99.

October 16

James Marsters' October Q&A. He answers questions about horses and Meryl Streep.
Badger versus the Doctor. Mark Sheppard has been confirmed as appearing in the next series of Doctor Who.

October 15

Greatest actor-director collaborations in sci-fi movies and TV. Joss Whedon and .....?
Mercedes McNab joins Twitter! Clare Kramer recommended her for Follow Friday.
Eliza Dushku on what Dollhouse taught her, and what it can teach us. Eliza spills the beans to io9 as Dollhouse Season 2 arrives on home video.
Neil Patrick Harris welcomes twins. Congratulations to our favourite member of the Evil League of Evil on the birth of Gideon Scott and Harper Grace.
At Echo-2 Dollhouse convention in London, Adelle and Ivy are attending. They join Fran Kranz and Amy Acker for the 2nd dedicated Dollhouse convention, April 1-3.
Newsarama Interviews Scott Allie About The End Of Buffy Season 8. I don't think this needs a spoiler warning.There's nothing really new revealed.It's more about the process of Scott co-writing with Joss on the last arc.
Angel: The John Byrne Collection announced for next year. According to the description, the hardcover "includes the two-part Angel vs. Frankenstein, the four-part Blood and Trenches, as well as the four-page Lorne story Byrne illustrated in After the Fall: First Night".
Seth Green talks to CNN about "ControlTV". Link includes a brief video of Seth and an article containing more details about the new web series he is co-producing with Matt Senreich, his Robot Chicken partner.
Morena Baccarin addresses Avengers casting rumours. "All I will say is I will never turn down an opportunity to work with [Joss]".

October 14

(SPOILER) Chris Ryall reveals Jenny Frison's cover for Spike #5. A very special guest star shares the cover with Spike.
(SPOILER) Preview for Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale. This looks like it could be the best 'Verse comic book to date.
Amazing BtVS/Ats prop replicas on this site (and some originals). Look at this replica of the Shanshu scroll and case.
More on the DH:HD Serenity story. Newsarama has more about the Dark Horse digital comics initiative with USA Today, including a suggestion of what to expect (and not expect) from the Serenity edition.
Enter the world of "Dr Horrible," Touchstone style. Article on Touchstone Theatre's stage production of Dr. Horrible, which opens tonight. Some inaccuracies and misquotes within, but on the whole, a nice feature on the show.
(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8 #38 6-page preview. Courtesy of CBR.
The Many Faces of Shepherd Book. Is a teaser image for The Shepherd's Tale, and claims it comes on October 27. Wasn't it coming in December? (I don't think we've seen this picture before, but I could be wrong.)
Zach O creates a Beast of a Cake. This Whedon fan/baker made an amazing cake in the form of "The Beast" from Angel. More...
Geekscape reviews Dollhouse Season 2 on DVD. Columnist William Bibbiani recounts his troubled relationship with the show early on, but is happy to report the second season results in an overall, highly positive experience.

October 13

LA Times interview Remains music video director Anton King, talks about Dollhouse. The music video, shot by King, Dichen Lachman and Enver Gjokaj for fans is currently number 9 on Youtube charts. Additional writes up at io9, Wired, SFX Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter and the New York Post.
"Red: Werewolf Hunter" preview starring Felicia Day. Felicia just linked a new preview for her upcoming SyFy film.
(SPOILER) Nicholas Brendon on Private Practice. He'll play a deranged patient on the show. Big spoilers for the plot arc.
(SPOILER) Spike #1 gets released today. As does Angel vs Frankenstein II. Come discuss them both.

October 12

Book release party for Dollhouse anthology tomorrow night! To celebrate the release of "Inside Joss' Dollhouse: From Alpha to Rossum", an anthology edited by Jane Espenson, Smart Pop Books is hosting a party tomorrow at 7pm in NYC. Everyone is welcome!
'Remains' - the official music video, made by Dollhouse cast members. Created to celebrate the Dollhouse Season 2 DVD release. Fantastic.
Understanding Buffy in Season 7. A meta on the character's emotional arc in the final TV season. More...
(SPOILER) James Marsters guests on Caprica and Smallville this week. He is back on Caprica tonight (Tuesday) at 10 pm on Syfy and returns to Smallville on Friday at 8 pm on the CW network. Title links to a clip from tonight's Caprica, and SpoilerTV has a Smallville preview.
Big Damn Heroines or Female Stereotypes? Overthinkingit's flowchart of female character stereotypes has a few familiar faces. More...
Angel + iTunes = Finally!! Angel seasons 1 AND 2 on iTunes USA today for those of you who also need all of Joss's work in your pocket.
Yoda was originally named Buffy. Pop-culture revelation of the year? More...

October 11

Dollhouse Season 2 DVD and Blu-ray out today in the USA and Canada. The 'Looking Back' and 'Defining Moments' features are well worth watching.
(SPOILER) Behind Buffy Season 8: "Home Sweet Hellmouth". The latest installment of CBR's ongoing coverage with Scott Allie. Spoilers for #37, of course.
Once More, With Feeling Sing-Along In Brooklyn Tonight. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Best Of Part 2 (featuring a "Once More With Feeling" musical episode sing-along as well as a Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Sing-Along and a live performance from a Dingos Ate My Baby cover band). More...
Willow listed as one of TV's Most Inspirational Gay Teen Characters. In celebration of National Coming Out Day, Buddy TV has listed TV's gay teens that have inspired us throughout the years.
Nathan Fillion Entreats You: Rise, ye Browncoats. Rise, ye Castillions. RISE! Nathan Fillion tweeted a link to SFX Magazine's Tweets of the Week, in which he entreats Browncoats to rise and campaign on his behalf for the lead role in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. More...
Happy Birthday Michelle Trachtenberg. She turns 25 today!
Eliza Dushku on Dollhouse. It's an extended interview taken from the recent SFX 'Worlds of Whedon' special.
Buffy started the modern wave of vampires in pop culture. In the new Paranormal Podcast, host Jim Harold interviews the authors of "Wanted Undead or Alive: Vampire Hunters and Other Kick-Ass Enemies of Evil." Talk of Buffy and how without it there wouldn't be the likes of Twilight, True Blood etc occurs towards the middle of the episode.
Dollhouse Season 1: the bite-sized script. Courtesy of the Reduced SFX Company.

October 10

Dollhouse Season 2 and Complete Series DVD and Blu-ray out in the UK today. The comic book 'Epitaphs' is included with them. The Season One Blu-ray also comes out today.
(SPOILER) BuffyFest interview Scott Allie at NYCC 2010. Some spoilers about things to come... with yet another one word encapsulation of the notorious #39. Some announcements about other Whedonverse stuff too, including Dollhouse comics. Some more details on the Dollhouse book can be found HERE. Also some stuff about the Guild.
James Marsters receives special gift at New York Comic-Con. For those of you who don't Facebook, here is the YouTube link to the video which explains everything.

October 09

(SPOILER) Mariah Huehner & David Tischman talk about the end of Angel at IDW. Major spoilers for the final Angel arc at IDW.
Serenity Charity Screening at Salt Lake City, UT on Sunday. I believe this is the last CSTS event of the year! More...
'Serenity: Downtime' to be published on the USA Today website. The eight page story, written by Zack Whedon and drawn by Chris Samnee, will be online later on this year. More...
Alyson Hannigan to guest on 'Robot Chicken'. Seth Green confirms the news at the Robot Chicken panel at New York Comic Con.
Top ten Buffy monsters. Who (or what) would feature on your list?

October 08

Whedonverse news from the Dark Horse panel at NYCC. Buffy Season 9 likely to start in August of next year, it looks like Angel and Spike will be getting their own titles, there will be a Dollhouse series and maybe a Faith title too? Update: Dark Horse tells ICV2 that Buffy Season 9 will be joined by an Angel monthly and Spike and Willow spinoffs. Dollhouse will initially be a mini-series.
(SPOILER) Buffyfest report on IDW Panel. Includes spoilerish Angel covers and a video.
New teen vampire show article mentions Buffy as influence. From the Toronto Star regarding the first live-action show made by Teletoon.
Download Dark Horse Comics for iOS devices for free this weekend. Includes Serenity: Better Days #1. More...
Dollhouse fan thank you organised on Whedonesque shown on Season 2 DVD. Enver is shown reading the book. The idea to send a cake to the crew (which went with this book) was originally suggested by Whedonesque's Simon the day the show got cancelled, and then theonetruebix, QuoterGal and friends ran with it, with bobw1o delivering to set. More...
Interview with Vincent Kartheiser. Small mention of Angel in this Vulture interview.
Another behind-the-scenes clip from the Dollhouse Season 2 DVD. This one is from the "Defining Moments" extra, SFX has a clip too. Related (old?) promotional interviews with Eliza and Joss can be found here and here. More...
(SPOILER) Buffyfest's very spoilerish review of Spike #1. They've read the first issue of Brian Lynch's 8 issue series and spoil all. More...
Lots of Whedonverse comic books on the horizon. Buffy Season 9 will bring us two to four monthly books and a Dollhouse mini-series is in the works too.

October 07

Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk at the Upright Citizens Brigade in LA this Sunday. They'll be there as part of some kind of Halo: Reach event. Tickets are only five bucks! More...
Image of Summer Glau on set for 'Chuck'. Can you say "awww, yay!"?
(SPOILER) Cover art and info for the final issue of Buffy Season 8. The fortieth issue will be out in January.
A clip from the Dollhouse Season 2 DVD outtakes reel. If you didn't already know, the DVD will be out on release next week.
Young Simon Tam makes EW's list of 15 Best Adult TV Characters Seen as Kids. Zac Efron played young Simon Tam, which can certainly be a little disconcerting if you know him as the star of High School Musical.
The Avengers to be filmed in Long Island, New York. At the Grunman Studios in Bethage to be precise.
(SPOILER) Season 8 Behind The Scenes: An Interview With Dark Horse Editor Sierra Hahn. Buffyfest interviews one of the editors working on the the Whedonverse titles. Very mild spoilers on her feelings after reading the infamous #39. More...
(SPOILER) Scott Allie interview about the end of Buffy Season 8. He talks about co-writing with Joss, yesterday's issue and hints at things to come at the end of season 8 and in season 9.
Eliza Dushku to guest voice on new animated series "Robotomy". Cartoon Network's new animated series "Robotomy", premiering Oct. 25, will see Eliza guesting in the first season. More...
Angel Collector's Set is's Gold Box Deal of the Day. If you have not picked up the complete series for yourself or a loved one yet, has it on sale for today only.

October 06

Miracle Laurie (and her mom) open The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. From the Wednesday night show, which hasn't even quite yet aired here on the West coast of the U.S.. Miracle had tweeted a reference to this earlier.
Dread Central posts a Dollhouse S2 DVD Deleted Scene. Dichen tweeted it. Btw the website is giving away the DVD. More...
Letter to the editor of The Onion about their article on Julie Benz's summer home.
Buffy Season 8 Volume 7: 'Twilight' tpb out this week. It collects issue 31, Brad Meltzer's controversial arc (issues 32-35) and the Willow one-shot.
(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #37. It's the second part of the 'Last Gleaming' arc (and it's written by Joss and Scott).
Nicholas Brendon interview on Buffyfest. Nick Brendon on tattoos, dating fans, Buffy Season 8, webcomics and much, much more in this interview with Buffyfest.

October 05

"It Gets Better" - a video campaign. Julie Benz participates in the "It Gets Better" video campaign (sparked by the recent suicides of gay teens) and endorses The Trevor Project. More...
Buffyfest covers Nicholas Brendon and Clare Kramer at Big Apple Comic Con. Nick and Clare answered fans' questions in New York on Sunday. Buffyfest has video of the whole thing.
5 screenwriters who could do justice to the Google movie. Danny Strong is mentioned on the list.
(SPOILER) James Marsters talks Caprica (back tonight at 10 on Syfy). Just a reminder that James guest stars in Caprica 1x10, "Unvanquished," which airs a few hours from now. ;).
It's 'The Guild' Season 4 finale! There's a special guest star...
Which ten comics would you save? This ComicsAlliance writer includes Buffy #5 amongst their picks, saying "it's probably one of the best issues of comics of all time".
Nathan Fillion in New York Magazine. More of Nathan's Buchananity revealed. And stuff.

October 04

(SPOILER) Georges Jeanty Slayalive Q/A for Buffy #36. Lots of info.
Zack Whedon Wrote This Week's Rubicon, "A Good Day's Work". Rave review from the AV Club contains spoilers. Download the episode from iTunes.
Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon confirmed for w00tstock L.A.. This'll be on the 27th of October.
Dollhouse comic 'Epitaphs' to come with Season 2 DVD in the UK. As confirmed by HMV. It also comes with the Season 2 Blu-ray and the Complete Series Blu-ray and DVD boxset.
ABC Family cancels Gina Torres' "Huge". It comes after abysmal ratings.
Mutant Enemy monsters Buffy never used. To celebrate their Worlds of Whedon special, SFX has fun with the only monster to appear in every Buffy episode.
The marketing of 'The Avengers'. What to expect from Marvel's promotional activity for Joss' movie.

October 03

Dollhouse to be shown on Channel 2 in Iceland. Finally we get to watch Dollhouse too!
Dollhouse to be shown on Eleven in Australia. It's featured in the station's promo video. Since Eleven is a free-to-air digital channel, hopefully this means that that the DVDs can finally get released in Australia. More...

October 02

Spike, Xander, and Glory bound for Austin. James Marsters, Nick Brendon, and Clare Kramer will be guests at the Austin, Texas ComicCon, which will run November 12-14. Artist Brian Denham of the Angel comics will also be there.
Neil Patrick Harris talks about bullied gay youths. Presumably in response to the suicide of the Rutgers freshman.
Charisma Carpenter joins Twitter! Really this time. Confirmed by a tweet from Julie Benz who says "we just spoke this morning".
Charity ebay auctions with Whedon merchandise. It's for the SickKids Foundation. They're selling a sideshow statue, signed books, props, CDs...
Karuna Tanahashi's new Buffy baddie song "Ooh, Mr Mayor" is up on Youtube. A new song about Buffy baddies by Karuna Tanahashi. This time it's "Ooh, Mr Mayor", a splendid Marilyn Monroe inspired piece.

October 01

Spike #1 to get exclusive New York Comic Con cover. It's a wrap-around cover and will be available at the IDW booth from the 8th to 10th of October.
Buffy Season 8 writer Brian K. Vaughan is working on a new pilot for Fox. It's called "Smokers", and is being developed in conjunction with Sam Raimi's production company.
Shawn Ryan talks Terriers with Kelly Wheeler. In this entry from the official production blog from early last month. Ryan, of course, worked on Angel. And you might remember Wheeler as the production blogger on FOX's official Firefly site, back in the day.
Official Video for Christian Kane's "The House Rules." Now up at for their "Big New Music Weekend." More...
James Marsters is one of TWOP's 10 Reasons You Should Be Watching Caprica. Television Without Pity admits this is pandering to the Buffy fans, but if it gets you to watch Caprica Tuesday night at 10 on SyFy they are not above pandering.
Steven S. DeKnight - one of TVs Top 50 showrunners. Our former "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Angel" and "Dollhouse" scribe is included on The Hollywood Reporter's list of the top 50 showrunners currently running a series on the small screen. On a side note, check out a certain other showrunner who names a particular scene from "Buffy" as her favorite TV moment.
The Soul in Buffy and Angel. Part one deals with how the soul is portrayed, part two examines the implication of that portrayal. More...

September 30

Ghost of the Robot plays Oct. 2 in Santa Monica. James Marsters' band, with James Marsters, has reformed in a new configuration and is giving a concert in Santa Monica, CA, on Sat. Oct. 2. Venue is for 21 and over.

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