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November 30

(SPOILER) Jo Chen's cover for the last Buffy Season 8 trade revealed. has a exclusive sneak peak at the cover to the last trade paperback of the Buffy season 8 series.
Mark Ruffalo to read Joss' Avengers script next week. He's getting his Hulk moves on.
'Torchwood' adds Whedonverse producer. Kelly Manners, who worked on Buffy, Angel and Dollhouse, has joined the BBC/Starz show.
Read an essay from "Whedonistas". It's called "The Girls Next Door: Learning to Live with the Living Dead and Never Even Break a Nail" and it's about Buffy and her fandom.
An interview with Zack Whedon. He'll be doing a Q&A along with Chris Samnee tonight in Portland, OR to promote 'Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale'. If you can't make it, you can always participate via Skype.
Firefly [Blu-ray] available for $25.00 over at Amazon. Get it whilst the price is low! More...
Buffy Season 8 Motion Comic poster art contest. Only for US residents though. Design a poster for the motion comic and get $500 dollars, the Blu-ray & DVD combo and a signed copy of their poster. Four runners-up will also receive the Blu-ray & DVD combo. More...
Will Hollywood ever cast an openly gay actor as a franchise headliner? NPH offered as a prime small screen example of why an actor's sexuality shouldn't matter.
"Take Flight" screening on December 12th. Meltdown Comics is hosting a special screening of Juliet Landau's film. More...
Vote for your favourite Christmas episodes. Buffy's "Amends" is one of the choices in this SFX poll.

November 29

What's Nathan Fillion's secret to staying sexy? Nathan's page in People's 2010 Sexiest Men issue is number 110. More...
Vote for Victor. NBC poll: who is your favorite villain from their freshman drama Chase? Enver Gjokaj makes the lineup as disgruntled worker Carson Puckett.
We need more vampire slayers - just not more Buffy.'s Charlie Jane Anders looks at the bigger picture.
Eliza Dushku lands TNT pilot. Bird Dog, from longtime television director Mike Robe, casts Dushku as a cop who solves mysteries with her cop pop.
Mark Watches Firefly. Mark, of 'Mark Reads Harry Potter' and 'Mark Reads Twilight' fame posted his first review of Firefly today. Please note, he is watching an episode a day and would not like to be spoiled.
Whedonistas Table of Contents revealed. Mad Norwegian Press has released a preliminary version of the Table of Contents for "Whedonistas: A Celebration of the Worlds of Joss Whedon by the Women Who Love Them" with essay titles and contributors' names. More...
Merlin to return for fifth series? The show's producers and BBC are in talks for a fifth season of Anthony's show "Merlin."
(SPOILER) Soulless Sam is as awesome as clueless Anya. "In the last episode of 'Supernatural,' we finally got the humor in Sam's situation that I've been waiting for. And dang it, if he didn't remind me of 'Buffy's' Anya in all her logical (and completely un-empathetic) glory."
Dollhouse Paleyfest Panel now available on DVD. The Paley Center has made several of their Paleyfest and Insidemedia events available for purchase on DVD. More...
Ten SciFi Movies to Catch Up on. MSN presents the Top 10 movies that could turn into the next Tron or Blade Runner -- movies that became 'classics' years after their release. Serenity is 4th on the list, along with Neil Patrick Harris' Starship Troopers. More...
Dollhouse Season 1 Blu-Ray for $9.99 at Amazon. It will be a Lightning Deal beginning at 4:40 AM PST (7:40 AM EST) and will be available for up to four hours after that (or while supplies last).

November 28

From cineplex to console. IFC's list of 26 movies that supposed to be made into video games.

November 27

Happy Birthday, Maurissa Tancharoen! This year brought much Mo than I can fit! More...
Plug In, Turn On, Wipe Out: Dollhouse and the Fractured Psyche of Millennial Sci-Fi. Find out why the show "deserves more attention or analysis than anything from its creator's canon".

November 26

Trailer for Eliza Dushku's movie "The Cover Up". No release date has been set but a trailer has finally been uploaded.
Eliza Dushku & Rick Fox serve Thanksgiving Dinner to the needy in Boston. A nice article on how Eliza and Rick spent their Thanksgiving this year, with some cute pictures included.
The Tenth Big Damn Hero Gets to Be Ninth...and Called a Metal Baby Chicken?! UGO's Jordan Hoffman has compiled a list of the top 100 spacecraft in movies, with our beloved mid-bulk transport pulling ninth place between Sunshine's Icarus II and "Antarea's Vessel" from Cocoon. Though the good Mr. Hoffman basically uses the entire blurb provided to him to remark about Serenity looking like metal poultry. More...
A preview of "Young Justice". Alan Tudyk provides the voice of Green Arrow in the new series premiering tonight on Cartoon Network. From Ain't it Cool News. More...
10 TV series that you can watch in one weekend instead of shopping. For the shopping averse.
6 staples of sci-fi and fantasy television. The Whedonverse goes 6 for 6.
Castle, Bones and HIMYM get the Jump the Shark treatment. TV Guide asks the infamous question about a number of Whedon related shows. More...

November 25

Christina Hendricks makes the Who Weekly's Sexiest people 2010 list.
Eliza Dushku for Ghostbusters 3? With Ghostbusters 3 expected to start production in May 2011, casting rumors have been spreading like wildfire. Dan Aykroyd recently commented on them, and mentions Eliza's name.
Angel: 'After the Fall' Premiere Edition Hardcover for 67% off. Amazon UK has the upcoming book, listed at 432 pages and collecting Issues 1-17, for £24.69. Update: The price is now £63.75.
A fan gives thanks for Buffy during his childhood. He shares his feelings on how Buffy shaped his youth, from start to finish. More...
Joss Whedon talks Firefly, Dollhouse and leaving television. It's an extended interview from the latest issue of SciFi Now.
Dollhouse: Season One DVD for $10.99 on I was looking at some stuff online and I found out that Dollhouse is $10.99 on Amazon, best buy I've seen in a long time for a season.

November 24

(SPOILER) Description for Buffy Season 8 Volume 8 'Last Gleaming'. Want to know how Dark Horse describe the final arc in tpb form? Well now you can.
Underpants beats Tightpants: "Uncharted" lead role cast! It seems our beloved Capt'n Tightpants' efforts to land another major Hollywood project's lead role has come to naught. More...
(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8 Q&A with Georges Jeanty. The latest round of fan questions courtesy of SlayAlive.
Nikki Stafford's Great Buffy Rewatch. Nikki wrote the Buffy companion guide 'Bite Me' as well as several other books about TV shows. She is planning a Buffy rewatch on her blog starting in January 2011. More...

November 23

Kristy Swanson wants in the Buffy remake. "I love everything Buffy. I donít care who's doing it" she says.
(SPOILER) Variant cover art for Spike #6. As painted by Nick Runge.
NPH talks about babies! Neil discusses his twins, Gideon and Harper on The Talk. Video hosted by Perez Hilton. More...
Television Without Pity considers which of Joss' work is better suited for a reboot. Dollhouse, Alien Resurrection, Titan A.E., Speed and Roseanne all get a mention.
(SPOILER) Comic Book Club with David Tischman Live Podcast TONIGHT. David Tischman will be on hand tonight to talk about the Angel comic (True Blood, too) and answer fan questions. More...
Christian Kane Finds Truth in Country Music. In an article on, Christian Kane discusses his music, his fans, and his career.
Emma Caulfield's Lifetime Movie, "In Her Mother's Footsteps" available for limited time on Hulu. This movie originally aired in 2006 and is available for a couple more days on hHlu (sorry all non-American readers). More...

November 22

"I'm with JoJo." Brian Lynch succinctly summarizes his position on the Joss-less BtVS remake. More...
The Joss-man sighs audibly at news of Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie reboot. His email exchange with Kristin Dos Santos is filled with class and a note of bitterness. We sigh along.
Buffy Season 4 "Pangs": A Study of Good Thanksgiving Drama. The Bitter Script Reader takes a look at the only-ever Thanksgiving-centric episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and praises it for its "character interaction and in tweaking the nose of political correctness."
Jeremy Renner talks about the Avengers. He briefly touches on the status of "The Avengers" with MTV in their salute to his breakout year of 2010.
Exploring "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" at Portland State University. Portland State University is now offering a class centered around Buffy through their Chiron Studies program, which offers classes shaped by students for students.
LA Times talks to the writer of the Whedon-free Buffy movie. Meet screenwriter Whit Anderson. "There is an active fan base eagerly awaiting this character's return," says Charles Roven, one of the producers of Batman Begins. More info on the Warner Bros reboot can be found in the official press release.
Dollhouse Season 1 Blu-ray $13.99 at Amazon. One of the Gold Box Lightning Deals for Black Friday week. Set to be even cheaper 11/29. More...
Olivia Williams will star in a new West End play. The play is called 'In a Forest, Dark and Deep', and it's written and directed by Neil LaBute. More...

November 21

The Skipping Dead. Prolific Angel co-producer Skip Schoolnik has been busy bringing life to AMC's insidious six-parter The Walking Dead. More...
Olivia Williams interviewed by Movie Geeks United. Olivia was interviewed by Blog Talk Radio's Movie Geeks United about working with directors Roman Polanski, Wes Anderson, Joe Wright, and of course, Joss Whedon. More...
Jayne Hat along with other geekie goodies being auctioned for charity. The hat looks pretty Cunning. More decorative than what Ma Cobb made. More...

November 20

Miracle Laurie is married. Confirmed by Alana Stone's tweet.
An early look at the movie "Hop". Brian Lynch wrote the screenplay for this upcoming film with James Marsden and Russell Brand (as the voice of the Easter Bunny). From Bleeding Cool. More...
(SPOILER) IDW Releases for February 2011. Many comics to buy: Angel #42, Spike #5, Illyria #4 and the Angel: ATF premiere edition.
A Bright Center to the Universe: Taking a Second Look at Joss Whedon's Firefly. It's one of the most interesting articles on Firefly in ages.

November 19

'Joss Whedon: Conversations' now available for pre-order on Amazon. The first volume in the University Press of Mississippi's "Television Conversations" series collects a number of Joss' past interviews for reading pleasure. More...
"The Mind Doesn't Matter, It's the Body We Want": Identity and the Body in Dollhouse. An essay from 'Inside Joss' Dollhouse: From Alpha to Rossum.'
A Buffy & Co Jossary. Originally featured in the SFX Worlds of Whedon special.
Competition time! Win a copy of 'Inside Joss' Dollhouse: From Alpha to Rossum'. Head over to to find out how to win this collection of Dollhouse essays.
TFAW presents a Serenity Q&A with Zack Whedon and Chris Samnee on November 30th. Fans not in the Portland area can participate via Skype.
Buffy Season 8 writer Brad Meltzer talks about his new History Channel Show "Decoded". Courtesy of Newsarama. It premieres December 2nd.

November 18

Castle feature with TV Guide. Short Hulu video with Nathan Fillion and cast discussing Nathan's on-set pranks.
"This is the picture". A stunning fanvid comparing all of Joss's shows to each other - showing some unexpected similarities. I wouldn't normally link to a vid, but this is more an analysis of Whedon's overall themes and ideas than anything else.)
Watch last night's season premiere of Human Target. Tahmoh Penikett guest stars.
Mark Ruffalo on the Hulk: "... He's a cross between Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Frankenstein." The thesp talks to IGN UK Edition about his thoughts and preparations for playing Dr. Bruce Banner and his very green alter ego in Joss Whedon's superhero mash-up "The Avengers."
The Joss Whedon Sex Change Art Challenge. Are you of an artistic nature? Then SFX would like you to create artwork where you "recast Joss' TV series and movies, but using actors from other Whedon productions, whilst - and here's the important bit - using male actors instead of female ones, and vice versa." Better get drawing then.

November 17

Ma Cobb's been busy: a fan's take on Jayne's shiny hat. Blastr's Image of the Day shows off just how dedicated we Browncoats can be when it comes to con cosplay! More...
(SPOILER) Buffyverse Comic Reviews interviews Mariah Huehner about today's Angel #39. Plus a review of the issue. This is the start of the final arc of Angel at IDW. More...
Joss Whedon - "For me, Wonder Woman was basically Angelina Jolie". What could have been?
For honor and... Glory! Glory's reached the semifinals of's Villains Cage Match, but she has had fallen behind The Reaper (from the Shannara books) early. Help her avenge Dr Horrible's second round death at its hands! More...
Whedonverse Car: Coming Soon to a Street Near You. Eliza just Tweeted this. Awesome.
Top Five Shows Whose Cancellations Are Wrongly Bemoaned. Find out which Whedon show is on Jack Moore's list of shows that were rightly canceled. Does anyone actually agree??? More...
(SPOILER) Tim Minear wrote tonight's episode of Terriers. If you love "Out of Gas," "Omega," "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been," and too many other Firefly, Dollhouse and Angel episodes to list, treat yourself to the latest written by the man. (Spoiler tag solely because the article mentions the structure of tonight's episode. It gives away none of the story.) More...
Gunn joins Twitter. J. August Richards now tweeting, as confirmed by Charisma Carpenter. More...
Whedonverse stars nominated for Spike TV's Video Game Awards 2010. Nathan Fillion (Halo: Reach) and Neil Patrick Harris (Amazing Spider-Man) are among the nominations for "Best Performance by a Human Male" and Felicia Day (Fallout: New Vegas) got nominated for "Best Performance by a Human Female".
November's Q and A with James Marsters. On the 15th of each month a new question and answer session with James is posted online. More...

November 16

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Angel #39. This is the first part of the final Angel story at IDW and it's out tomorrow. More...
Tuning into SciFi TV Contest to Win Complete Buffy Series on DVD. In celebration of their special episode all on BtVS, the folks at Tuning into SciFi TV are running a giveaway to win the complete Buffy series on DVD. Open to US Residents Only.
Nathan Fillion guest stars in the Thrilling Adventure Hour, December 4th and 5th. It's a staged comedy show in the style of Old Time Radio and has been selling out the Largo Theater for the last 10 months running. More...
Jewel Staite: Stargate stunts, my favorite superpower and more. Your monthly dose of nonsense has arrived!
Subtle Firefly reference in last night's Castle. It's near the end of the episode, about 38 minutes in. More...
Marvel moves the Avengers to LA? BleedingCool reports that in order to cut costs, The Avengers will be doing only minimal shooting in Manhattan, moving the large part of production to LA.
The 100 greatest sci-fi and fantasy TV shows. Find out where Buffy, Angel and Firefly ended up on this Total Sci-Fi list.
Watch the Summer Glau episode of 'Chuck'. It aired last night on NBC.

November 15

(SPOILER) Amy Acker guest stars on "No Ordinary Family" tonight. About 20 seconds into the "Jim's Powers Exposed?" preview clip, you'll see a glimpse of Amy. More...
Juliet Landau Shares Postcards Announcing DVD Release of 'Take Flight'. That being her critically acclaimed Gary Oldman documentary. Screening and signing info included on the pic. More...
New Serenity Bumper Stickers from QMx! Linked is "Serenity in Flight" and there is also "Engineered by Firefly."
Spot the difference, Buffy Season 8! Can you spot all 15 differences? And get this, one of The Puzzle Hub's Mutant Enemy crosswords will be appearing in the finale issue of Season 8.
Buffy fan collection on display at English museum. You can view the memorabilia at the North Somerset Museum in Weston until December 11th.

November 14

Charisma Carpenter on Celebrity Ghost Stories. Charisma gives her own ghost story.
(SPOILER) Summer Glau talks up Chuck's Firefly reunion, Cape crusade. Summer chats with the folks over at fancast. Update: See the promo for The Cape mentioned in the article here.
(SPOILER) interviews Eric Balfour. Discusses/teases Skyline and Haven Season 2. More...
Jed Whedon covers Modest Mouse's 'Gravity Rides Everything'. Perfect listening material for a Sunday morning.

November 13

Nicholas Brendon does the Snoopy Dance. A highlight of today's Austin Comic-Con panel.
Can't Stop The Serenity charity screenings raise over a half a million dollars in 5 years for charity. I can't think of anything else even close to that raised by fans of a TV show. An amazing accomplishment by all involved. More...
'Rubicon', 'Terriers', & 'Caprica' top Save Our Show list. As determined by TV By The Numbers.
Trailer for L.A. Noire featuring Keith Szarabajka. He provides narration for the new game from the creators of Grand Theft Auto, Bully and Red Dead Redemption.
She Stoops To Conquer : Available now to listen to online. James Marsters and Joanne Whalley star in this hilarious recording. More...

November 12

Why do we love Nathan Fillion? A columnist does their best to find out.
TheAvod Horror Uncultured's Nicholas Brendon Week. This week on the online show TheAvod they review 3 separate Nicholas Brendon movies.

November 11

ABC orders two more 'Castle' episodes. Ups the third season total to 24 episodes.
Dollhouse season 2 DVD giveaway. is giving away the Dollhouse season 2 DVD and all you've got to do is comment the page for your chance to win. The winner is picked November 24th and the giveaway is only open to US residents.
Vote for your Favorite Whedonverse Stars for the People's Choice Awards. Neil Patrick Harris is nominated twice along with Alyson Hannigan, How I Met Your Mother, No Ordinary Family and Hawaii 5-0.
(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8 #39 six page preview. Courtesy of Comic Book Resources.
AMC cancels Rubicon. Zack Whedon wrote two episodes for the show.
(SPOILER) Clip of Summer Glau on the next episode of Chuck. E! Online has the exclusive.

November 10

Buffy Season 8 lunchboxes and pint glasses announced for next May. They'll go well with the coffee mugs.
Clare Kramer Joins the Cast of Goodnight Burbank. She joins Whedon alums Miracle Laurie and Camden Toy (along with other notables from genre TV and movies) for this online comedy series.
Jo Chen's cover art for 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales'. It's absolutely stunning.
Dollhouse Extravaganza! Let's surround ourselves with Joss Whedon-ensued conversations from the fan's point of view in this podcast from SeriesPass! Join J&C in their Dollhouse extravaganza!
Sci-fi motivational posters for geeks; Whedonverse references galore. This Blastr article has 19 demotivating sci-fi motivational posters. Firefly, AtS, BtVS, Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible are all featured, among others. More...
Real Buffy conversations overheard in a comic book shop. As portrayed in the web comic "Our Valued Customers". There's a Firefly conversation too. There's some NSFW language.

November 09

Game Geeks reviews 'Atlas of the 'Verse, Vol. 1'. Kurt Wiegel lauds QMX's terrific tome and highlights its usefulness as an aid for the Margaret Weis RPG.
(SPOILER) Buffyfest reviews Illyria #1. This and Spike #2 are both out tomorrow.
Sesame Street inspired by Buffy musical. As shown in this mashup. More...
Browncoats Redemption DVD raises over $9000 for charity so far. The proceeds will be split between Equality Now, Kids Need to Read, The Dyxlexia Foundation, the Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center and the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation. For more information about the fan film and how to buy it, go to More...
Highlights from Creation's Weekend of Whedon event. Whedonopolis has write-ups and pics from Q&As with Eliza Dushku, Nick Brendon, Ron Glass, Morena Baccarin, Sean Maher and Camden Toy and Doug Jones. More...
Enver Gjokai out of the running for Torchwood gig says Apparently the producers deemed him not to be a good fit. Mild casting spoilers in the article.
Jimmy Fallon debuts new vampire sketch; references Buffy & Angel. Sketch is called "Suckers," and includes amusing discussion of other vampire shows including BtVS & AtS around 5:15.
Amber Benson sings with James Saez. A new song with Amber Benson singing lead.
The second half of Serenity: Downtime is now online. Find out what happens next in Zack Whedon and Chris Samnee's thrilling tale.
L.A. Theatre Works airs 'She Stoops to Conquer' (with James Marsters). This is expanded information from what was posted back in August. Lists radio stations across the U.S. which will air the play.

November 08

Reed Diamond is lending his voice to Firebreather. The LA Dollhouse's (best) Chief of Security is going to be the voice of Col. "Booshwa" Barnes, the Head of the UN-sanctioned Special Operations Strikeforce, in Cartoon Network's adaptation of the the comic series. More...
Hawaii Five-Sierra. Dollicious Dichen Lachman's long-awaited guest turn on the tiki remake airing tonight.
(SPOILER) CBR's Behind Buffy for Issue 38. This month CBR talks with Georges Jeanty about the latest issue.
Guest stars playing against type. Mentions John Ritter's performance as Ted in the season two Buffy episode Ted.
(SPOILER) Preview pages for Illyria: Haunted #1 Of 4. It's out this week. More...
Best in Show: Olivia Williams. The official blog of the Tribeca Film Festival praises our very own Miss DeWitt as one of the under-praised great actresses currently working today, in particular her performance in Roman Polanski's "The Ghost Writer" ("Dollhouse" is also mentioned in high praise).
Wet 2 confirmed. I would assume Eliza is on board for this, although there's no mention of her.
The superb Bleak Expectations returns for series 4 this Thursday on Radio 4. Starring Tony Head. More plaudits here. More...

November 07

USA Today has the first part of Serenity: Downtime. USA Today's front web page has an article and the first five pages of the comic. Downtime is a story writen by Zack Whedon. This page will be updated tomorrow with the second half.
Tara for Trevor. Amber Benson is helping to raise money for the Trevor Project through sales of signed "Triangle Tara" action figures. More...
Felicia Day interviewed about The Guild. In this video interview, she discusses several aspects of the property, including her preparations for the Streamys and her work on the comic. More...
From Sherlock to Angel. An article from Journal of Popular Culture, October 2009 (academic/institutional membership required to view it). More...
(SPOILER) Buffyfest previews Illyria #1. They'll be previewing the issue more over the week.
Gimmicky commentary tracks - Dr Horrible's Commentary! The Musical. As featured on a list at The A.V. Club.
Joss Whedon is cursed. A theory why Joss' projects always in danger of cancellation.
The Han Solo vs Malcolm Reynolds debate (with a very special guest). A certain someone decides to add his opinion on who was the better captain (the fun starts at 24:10 of the podcast, tons of swearing throughout). SFX has a write-up of the Hal-Con debate.

November 06

Girls are asking Joel Grey to show them his tail because of BtVS. The Paley Center has a very short clip from their interview with Joel Grey in which he is asked about his work on BtVS. More...
Tom Lenk bringing his live show to the UK for the first time. Tom Lenk will be performing his live stand-up show in London on the 6th-8th of January 2011. More...
(SPOILER) Five page preview of Spike #2. Brought to you by Buffyfest.
Buffy Season 8 Vol 6 'Retreat' - one of Amazon's best selling comics of 2010. The trade paperback came seventh in Amazon's top ten best selling comic books of the year.

November 05

Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie art by Drew Struzan. As seen in his recently published book. Click here to view a second page. Thanks to Mr. Savath Bunny for pointing these out.
Buffy in the Classroom: Essays on Teaching with the Vampire Slayer. Now available! This collection combines the academic and practical aspects of teaching by exploring the ways in which Buffy the Vampire Slayer is taught in international classrooms.
Trailer for new film by Mark Sheppard. It's an adaptation of Jules Verne's 'Mysterious Island', which was directed by and features our very own Badger.
Chiller network airs Buffy marathon this weekend. Starting on Sunday at 6 a.m. ET, the horror channel will be airing Season 1 in its entirety... More...
Dollhouse season 1 finally gets a Dutch DVD release in 2011. At last the Dutch get to watch Joss' latest show as of January 24th 2011. More...
(SPOILER) Revealed in full - Jo Chen's cover art for Buffy #39. A censored version was released at the end of September, the full version was seen on the back page of this week's release of Buffy #38. Scott Allie explains to Buffyfest why the cover was censored.
Report and pics from last weekend's Hallowhedon 2 Convention. Tony Head, Robin Sachs, Stephanie Romanov, Jewel Staite and Alan Tudyk were the guests and the event looked like a lot of fun.
Christian Kane Acoustic. Christian played live in the K102 Roadhouse. Photos and videos of the performance.

November 04

New Preview of Nicholas Brendon in The Santaland Diaries! Tickets for the November 19-December 19 run are available here.
(SPOILER) Tonight on US network tv - a Whedonverse guest star extravaganza. Eliza Dushku is on 'The Big Bang Theory' at 8pm EST on CBS, Amber Benson guests on 'Grey's Anatomy' at 9pm EST on ABC followed by Nick Brendon appearing on 'Private Practice' at 10.01 pm EST.
(SPOILER) Buffy #40 pushed back two weeks? The 'Upcoming' page on Dark Horse's Website shows it as a January 19th release, not coinciding with the usual release dates (first Wednesday a month) and the date given on the Season 8 Wikipedia page. Spoilers for the cover art.
Buffy and Dollhouse: female empowerment and disempowerment, respectively. The writer argues that Dollhouse is "an extraordinary exposé on structural, systemic oppression and its implications for feminism".
Robert Downey Jr. on Radio 1. He's being interviewed on Radio 1 right now. He has been talking a little about The Avengers. Link to live broadcast and also will be available to Listen Again some time after 19:00 GMT tonight (via same link).
Whedon's Dollhouse re-opens with Dark Horse. Jed and Maurissa chat to Newsrama about what to expect from the Dollhouse: Epitaphs comic books that are coming out in 2011.

November 03

Jed and Maurissa Whedon at wOOtstock 2.6. On October 27th in LA Jed and Maurissa performed one song from Doctor Horrible and one song from Dollhouse. More...
(SPOILER) Eliza Dushku goes for big laughs on The Big Bang Theory. A TV Guide interview with Eliza on her Big Bang guest appearance.
Creation convention for Firefly, Buffy, Angel and Dollhouse this weekend in LA. Guests include Jane Espenson, Drew Greenberg, Andrew Chambliss, Jose Molina, Miracle Laurie, Morena Baccarin, Sean Maher, Nick Brendon, Eliza Dushku and Ron Glass.
The Avengers reportedly having money issues at Marvel. Since it's already doing the rounds across different websites.
Blue Sun's spokesmodel co-wrote tonight's Terriers. Kelly Wheeler (also Gareth Davies' assistant on Firefly and Buffy, and Firefly's production blogger) gets her first writing credit on tonight's episode, which airs at 10/9c on FX. More...
Life Unexpected fails to get full season pickup. Sad news for Emma Caufield, as it means the show is essentially cancelled. More...
Writing Shepherd Book's past by Zack Whedon. A very timely interview on Dark Horse's Facebook. And Zack Whedon and Chris Samnee will be doing a Q&A about the comic book on November 30th in Portland, OR, more information about that event can be found here.
Tim Minear's new show gets Fox premiere date. The Chicago Code (formerly Ride-Along) will air on February 7th.
MGM files for bankruptcy. Cabin In The Woods future still uncertain. More...
(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #38. It's the third part of the 'Last Gleaming' arc.
(SPOILER) Discuss 'Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale'. The Whedonverse's most intriguing mystery gets resolved courtesy of Zack Whedon and Chris Samnee.
Promo photos of Summer Glau on the next new episode of Chuck. In which she plays an apparently very pissed off Greta. More...
(SPOILER) The latest Buffy Season 8 Q&A with Georges Jeanty. Fans ask, Georges answers. Last month's issue gets discussed in detail and there's big hints dropped for the last three issues of Season 8.

November 02

Robert Downey Jr. comments on Joss Whedon's Avengers script. He's a bit piss-takey but it's strangely endearing.
(SPOILER) Buffyfest's early Buffy #38 & Serenity: A Shepherd's Tale preview. Both issues are out tomorrow and Buffyfest gives some little teasers of both which they have read.
Amber Benson talks Grant Morrison. She's one of the many notable people who attempt to decipher the enigma that is comic book scribe Morrison. The film is being screened in several cities in upcoming weeks, and the DVD will also be for sale. More...
(SPOILER) Emma Caulfield talks her character on 'Life Unexpected'. And there's even a Anya mention too. Spoilerish for upcoming episodes.

November 01

Dark Horse HD Presents a New Serenity Tale. The new story, Serenity: Downtime, will be available online for free on Monday, November 8th. It comes to you from the creative team behind the upcoming Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale (Zack Whedon and Chris Samnee). More...
"I played more villains on Buffy than anyone else". Camden Toy talks about the show and his new acting gigs 'The Bay' and 'Good Night Burbank' (which also stars Miracle Laurie).
Marti Noxon a Part of Bringing DreamWorks to Better, Bigger Health? Marti Noxon is quoted and mentioned (as she is a co-writer on the forthcoming DreamWorks sci-fi actioner "I Am Number Four" as well as the scribe for the horror-comedy remake "Fright Night") in a write up via The New York Times on the reenergizing of DreamWorks Studios.
Funniest Signs at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. Over the weekend, at the big rally on the mall in Washington DC - a Whedon reference! Now if only we could get it on the ballot...
Awesome new fan-trailer for Angel season 3. And for Buffy Season Six .
More Dollhouse Season 2 DVD/Blu-ray reviews. Thinking about buying the boxset? See what,, Blogcritics, Daemon's TV, DVD Verdict and TV Overmind have to say about the final season.

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