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January 31

Dr Horrible and The Guild make Tuning into SciFi TV's Countdown. It's their Top 100 Genre Shows of All Time podcast countdown, and two Joss family shows are featured this week! More...
AssignmentX interviews Summer Glau. The actress talks her new series plus Dollhouse, Chuck and having something in common with her characters.
(SPOILER) Details revealed about Sarah Michelle Gellar's new show, Ringer. Definitely going to watch this!

January 30

Adam Busch in "Dungeon Master" trailer. Strong language, so the sound is NSFW.
Thrilling Adventure Hour audio podcast starring Nathan Fillion. And it's free! More...
TV Stars in need of of a TV Show. A couple of our favorite Whedon-stars are noted, one that is getting one, and the other hopefully to bounce back because she is a real doll and we know that TV is her 'tru' calling...
James Marsters is married. The news was revealed at yesterday's New Orleans Wizard World Comic Con.
Amazing Dollhouse fan trailer. Might contain spoilers for both Dollhouse seasons.

January 29

Down In Front streaming LIVE commentary for Serenity today. Join the chat room at 3 PM PST to watch and listen as VFX artist, Teague Chrystie (Ark, Life After People, BSG: Razor) and fellow film makers discuss the Big Damn Movie! More...

January 28

Mark Ruffalo not doing motion-capture for The Avengers? A certain tweet by Brandon Molale is causing a fair bit of speculation.
Ten catch phrases you swore you'd never use (and when you used them). The Firefly quotation isn't the one you might expect. More...
Michelle Trachtenberg is latest Buffy alum to join Twitter. Confirmed by her former "Mercy" co-star James Van Der Beek. Please - don't let @ClareBerry know.
Win a Buffy book from Nancy Holder. The author will award five copies of the third Buffy the Vampire Slayer omnibus, plus signed bookplates, in a new contest.
A slice of the Whedonverse in 2011. Scott Allie talks to MTV's Splash Page about the Buffy Season 9, Dollhouse and Serenity comic books.
CNN article on Jane Espenson's sci-fi writing career. Jane discusses her history as a science-fiction writer(including how she became a writer on Buffy) and future projects that she is working on. Written by Suzanne Kelly, CNN.
Whedonverse writers sell Grimm's Fairy Tales pilot to NBC. James Hibberd at says Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt's 'Grimm' is about a "dark but fantastical cop drama about a world in which characters inspired by Grimm's Fairy Tales exist".
Jane Espenson has written almost half of upcoming BBC/Starz series Torchwood: Miracle Day. Also, Dichen Lachman is episode 2 of Torchwood, not episode 1 as previously reported. Many of the Dollhouse cast and crew are shooting the show now.
(SPOILER) The final "Behind Buffy Season 8". Comic Book Resources talks to Scott Allie about the finale. There are some mild teasers/spoilers about what's to come in Season 9.
Interview with Steven DeKnight. It covers Spartacus, Dollhouse and The Man.
Make your own Buffy Season 8 motion comic. It's the demo edtion of the software that's on the Season 8 Blu-ray/DVD combo. It's strangely addictive.

January 27

Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon go back to the Dollhouse. MTV Geek speaks to the J-Mo "hive mind" about the coming Dollhouse one-shot.
Sarah Hagan interviewed at Sundance 2011 for "Jess + Moss". Along with Clay Jeter and Austin Vickers, Christine Vachon talks to Sarah (Amanda from Season 7 of Buffy) about the viral marketing campaign for the film, including Sarah's tiny, handmade jars of moss on necklaces! More...
Brad Meltzer on a Joss-less Buffy. Brad Meltzer who wrote for the Buffy comics is asked his opinion of the new Buffy movie. The question and his answer is about 5 minutes in on this video interview. More...
The best monsters of Buffy Season 4. And yes, the little fear demon is on the list.

January 26

Vote for Tom Lenk - Sexiest Gay Bachelor! Tom Lenk is number 96, so just click on vote now and then scroll down to near the bottom of the list to find Tom's name!. He twittered that he would really appreciate the votes! More...
Robot 6's Four more Fantastic comic deaths to make mainstream headlines. Just a suggestion, but the author's Dark Horse suggestion name checks Whedonesque. More...
(SPOILER) Illyria #3 interview with Mariah Huehner. The new issue is out today. Mariah gives some insight into it.
Jane Espenson and Jackie Kessler on Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Tales. It's a feature at Comic Book Resources.
There's already a trailer for The Avengers! And it was made in 1952. Not really. It's a parody. More...
'Being Human' creator lists his vampiric inspirations. A list of the usual suspects, with an interesting omission . . . of sorts.
Nicholas Brendon to return to Private Practice. He returns to the show on the 10th of February, mark it on the calendar.

January 25

More details about Sarah Michelle Gellar's new pilot 'Ringer'. Peter Traugott, producers of the pilot, talks to about Sarah, the show and the Buffy fans.
Summer Glau visits Attack of the Show. Topics include The Cape as well as her upcoming film the Knights of Badassdom (and what it's like going to LARP-ing school.)
Julie Benz talks about her superpowered new role. Plus Buffy, Angel and Dexter.
Review of Buffy Season 8 motion comic DVD. "For fans who have read the comic books, it's enjoyable to revisit the first 19 episodes, by, well, rewatching them."
Dark Horse announces Angel Omnibus. It's a collection of their Angel comics from 2000-2002 and will be out in July. More...
(SPOILER) Illyria #3 preview. Brought to you by Buffyfest. This comes out tomorrow.
The Avengers' Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo both nominated for Oscars. The Hulk takes on Hawkeye in the Best Actor in a Supporting Role Category. More...
Gay Teens on TV: a timeline. And in 2000, Willow and Tara appeared on our screens.

January 24

(SPOILER) IDW's Angelverse solicitations for April. There's the final issue of IDW's Angel series and the next to last issue of the Spike miniseries. Plus a 100 page retrospective special on Angel's run at IDW.
io9's list of most iconic, stylish and just plain wacky opening credits. Both Firefly and Buffy make the cut.
(SPOILER) Audio interview with Steven S. DeKnight. He and actors Dustin Clare and Manu Bennett discuss "Spartacus: Gods of the Arena." For those who don't know, Steven S. DeKnight is the show runner on this series, which is a prequel to "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" (also showrun by DeKnight).
Dr. Horrible production opens Friday in Seattle. After a sold-out run last summer, Balagan Theatre is remounting their most successful production at ACT Theatre. More...
NPR's Pop Culture blog discusses Buffy Season 8. NPR's comics guy looks over Buffy Season 8, especially in light of the challenge of pacing a comic book series that was formerly a television show. Redacted spoilers but avoid if you are very sensitive. More...
Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Adam Busch - Leader of the Pack. Another previously unseen interview from SciFiAndTvTalk. It was conducted back when Buffy Season 7 was on the air.

January 22

Anthony Head talks music on BBC Radio 2. He's vaguely promoting 'Merlin' and playing some of his favourite songs. More...
Win a copy of the first volume of Buffy Season 8. You can either achieve this through punning or knowledge. More...
(SPOILER) Scott Allie's Slayalive Q/A for Buffy #40. Scott Allie returned to Slayalive to do one last Q/A for the final issue of season 8. More...
Dollhouse parody by olgakay. A slight cheeky and possibly NSFW Dollhouse parody I found today that I don't recall ever seeing posted.

January 21

Fox Friday Night Cancellations. Yahoo TV is asking if "Fringe" will be the latest Fox show to be cut short in the Friday night 'death slot'. More...
Miracle Laurie's new blog post. She reflects on 2010 and talks about upcoming projects for 2011, including the Hulu series "Goodnight Burbank" and a new album from her band Uke Box Heroes.
"Marc Blucas: Big Sweetheart of a Dude". 24 minutes and 12 seconds into the podcast, Writer/Director, Kevin Smith and Actress, Kerry Bishe discuss working with Marc on the upcoming thriller, Red State. More...
Focus On: Intervista a Jane Espenson. The English version of the interview is at the bottom of the page. It's a good overview of Jane's recent shows (Buffy, Firefly, Warehouse 13, Caprica, Game of Thrones and Torchwood).
Bad Wolf. Oz? Huh.
Simon Helberg stars in the LATW production "Doctor Cerberus". The radio play is now available for online listening from the L.A. Theatre Works site.

January 20 ranks Buffy Birthday episodes. "Happy 30th birthday, Buffy! In lieu of a gift, we've ranked our favorite birthday-centric episodes."
(SPOILER) Steven S. DeKnight's Spartacus: Gods of the Arena premieres this Friday. DeKnight gives Joss Whedon a shout out in this article about the six episode prequel to Spartacus: Blood and Sand, and talks about Andy Whitfield's unfortunate departure from the series. More...
Tahmoh Penikett and Mark Sheppard have joined the guest list for C2E2! Come meet them at The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, March 18-20, 2011 at McCormick Place (downtown) Chicago.
Rebekah Isaacs to pencil Buffy Season 9? Bleeding Cool thinks she could be the new artist.
(SPOILER) Angel #41 preview. Brought to you by Comic Book Resources.
Character in new show Fairly Legal is a Buffy Fan. Fairly Legal premieres tonight on USA Network at 10/9c. One of the main characters wears a Buffy Watch.
When Jesse meets Darla, again. Eric Balfour to guest star in 2 episodes of ABC's "No Ordinary Family" (which stars Whedon alums Julie Benz and Kay Panabaker) to be aired around March.

January 19

Buffy Season Eight nominated for a GLAAD award! Buffy Season Eight was nominated in the "Comic Book" category, which I didn't even know they had... More...
Gina Torres and Marc Blucas have new shows. The USA Network picked up both "A Legal Mind" with Gina Torres & "Necessary Roughness" with Marc Blucas.
(SPOILER) IGN interview Dark Horse's Scott Allie about Buffy. He talks about the end of season 8 and season 9. There's also an interview with him over at Buffyfest.
Joss Whedon's letter in Buffy #40. Curious to know what he wrote?
NPH performing in The Thrilling Adventure and Supernatural Suspense Hour and more at the San Francisco Comedy Festival on 22-23 January. He'll be appearing in three shows all together. More...
Brian Lynch talks about Angel, Joss, and his current projects. In this interview, Lynch talks about pretty much everything he's ever written. More...
Seven Joss Whedon projects we'll never see (and one we eventually will). That's according to Blastr. No mention of the animated Dracula musical and the 1998 Buffy movie. More...
Happy 30th birthday, Buffy Summers! The Slayer turns 30 today (or maybe tomorrow, depending on whose calendar you believe). ETA: CNN covers the big day.
(SPOILER) Joss Whedon talks about the end of Buffy Season 8. And drops hints for the future as well.
And the Hottest Babe of Horror Is... Our Favourite Rogue Slayer Faith!
Clare Kramer and Tahmoh Penikett will be at Brisbane/Melbourne Supanovas. Clare and Tahmoh will join Julie Benz and various non-Whedony guests at the events. More...
(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #40. Season 8 comes to an end.

January 18

Marti Noxon io9 interview about "I Am Number Four" and dealing with Internet criticism. Charlie Jane Anders interviews Marti about her new movie coming out this year.
Two Buffyverse Characters Make Buddy TV's List of TV's 25 Best Ghosts. Check out #11 and #6.
So, how old is Buffy in season eight? In a Portland Mercury blog item about Dark Horse's Buffy birthday event in Portland, there's a little exchange tacked on to the end that addresses something often discussed here. More...
Chris Hemsworth on The Avengers script - "It's mind blowing". The actor who plays Thor was interviewed at the Gloden Globes and also said the script was "huge and incredible".

January 17

First images and trailer from "The Pact" starring Jewel Staite. In anticipation of the Nicholas McCarthy directed short film's 2011 Sundance Film Festival debut.
J. August Richards - "giveback". J. August Richards' original song and video inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2011.
Soundtrack for Buffy Season 8. A short but sweet list of songs from the people who brought us Season 8. Includes a track chosen by Joss.
Full length video made available of Andy Hallett at Slayerfest. A previously unreleased video of Andy Hallett at Slayerfest in Grimsby, 2005, has been made available by the event company. More...
"No time for rhetoric" - Characters who strayed from their prepared remarks. Now this is a list worth reading. Dr Horrible's Captain Hammer is amongst some very illustrious company.

January 16

Charisma Carpenter announced for Hallowhedon 3. She has been announced as the first guest at this London convention in October.

January 15

Terriers episode guest-starring Olivia Williams named Best of 2010. Terriers episode 3 "Change Partners" takes the top spot in The Futon Critic's annual list of the 50 best episodes of each year.
'Pygmalion meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer' by The Open University. It's a podcast album that explores "'I Was Made to Love You', in which Warren creates an artificial perfect girlfriend, just as Pygmalion sculpts an ivory statue to be his partner in Ovid's Metamorphoses". It's also available for free on iTunes.
James Marsters' January Q&A. In which he talks teachers, working in theater and Star Trek.
Alyson Hannigan weighs in on Buffy reboot. "I would crap on that. Joss was Buffy."
The Nicest TV Bad Guys. has a list of the nicest baddies from television. Whedon characters galore.

January 14

Joss Whedon's review of Patton Oswalt's new book. "Zombie Spaceship Wasteland" was released at the start of the month. More...
CBS picks up drama pilot starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. She will star in the new CBS pilot "Ringer". More...
Buffy Character Quiz featured on Sporcle. How many can you name?
Tony Head to play Geoffrey Howe in Thatcher biopic. He'll be appearing alongside Meryl Streep and Richard E. Grant in 'The Iron Lady'. More...

January 13

Amber Benson talks Buffy and Tara, among other things, on Ross Carey podcast. Much to say here from Amber Benson, in this very interesting interview. Drones, Buffy, Tara, and so on...
Elisabeth Rohm's blog: Notes on Being Non-Reactive. Elisabeth is the newest celebrity blogger on, where she will be blogging about motherhood and other things.
Jewel State has a new blog entry on Blastr. She explains why seeing Serenity makes her cry, recounts her recent visit to Maui, and lists some of the the things she'd like to do.
11 Horror Movies To Watch Out For In 2011. According to Includes Cabin in the Woods as well as Summer Glau's Knights of Badassdom.
Jane Espenson and Drew Z. Greenberg are developing a new show for Syfy. Looks to be an American take on a UK series that some of you (not me) might be familiar with.
Charisma Carpenter tweets on Buffy reboot movie. Charisma Carpenter, on Joss-less Buffy movie: "Stupid". More...
Facebook Marketing Lessons from Buffy the Vampire Slayer No, really. If you're curious there's an interview with the author or you could explore these blog posts which further examine the Buffy, Faith, Giles, Angel , Cordelia, Xander, Willow and Spike Principles.

January 12

The most exciting severed hands of all time. Buffy and Angel can seemingly appear on any list these days.
Top Sci-Fi/Fantasy movies to watch out for in 2011. Smurfs and Super, a movie involving Nathan Fillion, are listed. More...
Morena Baccarin joins Twitter! As confirmed by a tweet from Jewel Staite.
Buffy Screening in DC Tonight. It's at the Black Cat club - looks like they're doing "The Pack" (and PBR pitchers specials).
Buffy Themed Cupcake Contest and a live karaoke of "Once More With Feeling."
Gail Simone on Dark Horse's offer of working on Buffy Season 9. She talks about how she would prepare for the job if she took it. More...
Word Balloon podcast speaks with Brad Meltzer about his work on Buffy Season 8. The relevant section starts around 50" of the interview, he talks about planning and writing his arc and it includes a quote that might strengthen season 8 detractors.
Syfy UK's top ten Whedonverse episodes. What episodes feature on your list?

January 11

Morena Baccarin interviewed by G4TV's Kevin Pereira on Attack of the Show. She's interviewed on the first 2011 episode of G4TV's Attack of the Show. Morena discussed the new season of V, New Years resolutions and joining Twitter among other topics.
"The Cabin in the Woods" - one of the most anticipated horror events of 2011. FEARnet has chosen Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon's long-delayed "comedy-horror" vehicle "The Cabin in the Woods" as one of their most anticipated genre offerings of the new year.
Buffy is one of the Guardian's six TV superhero shows to watch. Buffy makes yet another TV list.
Eight things you may not have known about Firefly. And if you're thinking "pics or it didn't happen" when you read about Han Solo appearing in every episode, well here's the proof.
(SPOILER) First look at Danny Strong on 'How I Met Your Mother'. His episode will air next week. Spoilers for the episode description.
(SPOILER) Georges Jeanty throws a Buffy birthday bash! To get in on the festivities, Jeanty is throwing a birthday contest to commemorate Buffy's birthday, where one lucky person will win a page of original art from Buffy Season 8. More...
(SPOILER) Dark Horse solicitations for April 2011. Contains solicitations for the final Buffy Season 8 TPB (coming June 1). For those interested, Allie's (co-writer) B.P.R.D.: The Dead Remembered is also solicited, with the first book to come out on April 6. Featuring art by Karl Moline and covers by Moline and Jo Chen.
Happy Birthday to Marc Blucas. He turns 38 today.
Nicely balanced review of Dollhouse Season 2 Blu Ray boxset. It's a review. More...

January 10

UGO List of TVs Most Shocking Deaths. Two Buffy deaths make it on the list.
Charisma Carpenter is on tonight's episode of "Greek". The show airs on ABC Family, and is on right now if you are on the East Coast.
Olivia Williams reads Ruth and Road to Emmaus from the King James Bible as part of a BBC podcast project about "one of the great English literary works."
From Bonkers to Badass: Whedon darling Summer Glau channels Alias on The Cape. The Cape's creator, Tom Wheeler, said he modeled Summer's character after Alias's Sydney Bristow.
(SPOILER) Preview for Spike #4. Brought to you by Comic Book Resources.
UGO's Most Dramatic TV Rain Battles. The final scene from 'Not Fade Away' gets listed as does a certain Buffy/Angel fight.
Felicia Day interviewed at the Video Game Awards by Angry Joe (who should really be called Excitable Joe, or in this case Flustered Joe). There is also an interview by a representative of The Game Heroes.
Castle gets renewed. Good news for Nathan Fillion fans.

January 09

(SPOILER) 'The Cape' premieres tonight on NBC. The show stars Summer Glau and you can read reviews of the two hour premiere at, Comic Vine, TV Squad and
Serenity and Buffy Cakes. The most incredible Serenity cake I've ever seen, and a rocking Buffy cake too over on Cake Wrecks Sunday Sweets.
20th Century Fox send Cease & Desist letter to Firefly RPG club. Ajje Games' 'Serenity Leaf on the Wind' is now closed (via

January 08

According to Critics, Olivia Williams Was the Best of 2010. The National Society of Film Critics has anointed our former Dollhouse head-honcho with the 'Best Supporting Actress' award for her work in last year's political thriller "The Ghost Writer."
What To Expect When Expecting Joss Whedon's Avengers. Writer Elisabeth Rappe's take on the hype surrounding "The Avengers".
Happy Birthday to Amber Benson. She turns 34 today. More...

January 07

Amy Acker's cameo on last night's CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Amy plays the ex-girlfriend of a motorcycle crash victim in this short cameo. More...
(SPOILER) TSCC writer discusses what it was like reuniting with Summer Glau on The Cape. He also goes into what we can expect from the new series that launches this Sunday on NBC.
(SPOILER) Dollhouse Star joins Community cast as a love interest. Enver Gjokaj will play an "attractive, accent-y, oily Eastern European fella." Seriously. That's what it said.
Gail Simone to write for Buffy Season 9? The comic book writer comments on being asked by Dark Horse (via Bleeding Cool).
(SPOILER) The final artwork for Georges Jeanty's cover for Buffy #40. The somewhat ambiguous cover we previously saw in pencils form is now confirmed and in colour.
Seth Green comments on Joss Whedon and the Buffy reboot movie. And there's some info about what to expect from the fifth season of Robot Chicken which premieres this Sunday.
CSTS needs your creative brain-pan for Equality Now. Enter the 2011 Can't Stop The Serenity promotional art contest. More...
Some rare Firefly behind-the-scenes photos. Kelly Wheeler, one-time producer's assistant, show blogger, and Blue Sun girl, has been tweeting some pictures. Here's another. And yet another.
Premiere date for "Torchwood: A New World" announced: July 1st, 2011. The 4th season of the show will premiere on the same date both in the US (via Starz) and UK (via BBC1). Whedon alums involved in the project include Jane Espenson, Kelly Manners, Shawna Trpcic and Todd McIntosh. More...

January 06

Sarah Michelle Gellar voices "CARE Canada" commercial. She has been the ambassador for the Care Organization for years, but I do not think this commercial has been posted.
Amy Acker cast in USA pilot "Common Law". Amy will play a therapist in USA's buddy cop dramedy.
Danny Strong to rewrite "Earth Defense Force" for Sam Raimi. It seems our Jonathan will be delving back into some of his geeky roots in the form of rewriting the Sam Raimi-produced sci-fi actioner "Earth Defense Force."
(SPOILER) "It was something that Buffy had. And yet the WB never, never ever explored it." The Huffington Post quizzes Anthony Head on Merlin and the Buffy Remake. Spoilers for Merlin S3 and the comics. More...
Hottest Babes of Horror Contest. Eliza is currently winning against Danielle Harris.
Random Roles: W. Earl Brown. Best known as Deadwood's hot-tempered yet gregarious henchman Dan Dority, Earl Brown talks about the various roles he's played (including Menlo in the Angel episode 'The Shroud of Rahmon').

January 05

Dichen Lachman to guest star on the season premiere of 'Torchwood'. Courtesy of
Adam Busch to guest on Grey's Anatomy. His episode will air on January 13th.
The Hot Guys of Hard Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Crushable slideshow of crush-worthy sci-fi men. More...
Tom Lenk chats about his one man stage show. It will be running from the 6th to the 8th of January at the Soho Theatre in London.
NikatNite Great Buffy ReWatch now underway. This may have been posted back when it was announced, but it's a great time to re-watch, or introduce newbies. More...
Buffy's 30th birthday parties. There's parties in comic shops in GA, OR, TX, NY and MT, some with special guests George Jeanty, Scott Allie and Sierra Hahn. More...
Joss Whedon's 'The Write Environment' interview airs tonight on KCET. So if you live in Los Angeles and haven't seen the interview from 2008, do tune in.

January 04

Television as art and literature. Such is the subtitle of Smart TV, a course at the University of Utah. Shows include Buffy, Firefly, and Dr. Horrible. Amber Benson and Jane Espenson are listed as guest speakers (although whether in person or electronically isn't clear).
Angel vs. Spike, who would win? Which vampire would win in a fight? It says nothing about assuming weapons or timeframe.
(SPOILER) Scott Allie shares Buffy S8 finale panels. Dark Horse offers up a sort of trailer in the form of individual panels from the forthcoming final issue of Buffy's eighth season.
Christian Kane talks to about "Let Me Go". Christian talks about begging the song writer for the song and then he performs it. On tomorrow they will have another performance by Christian and Steve Carlson of "One More Shot".
Buffy Season 8 Motion Comic now out on Blu-ray/DVD combo. The two disc collection has the first 19 issues of the Season and includes various extras as well. More...

January 03

Firefly on Ovation Channel Starting Now! Starting 8 p.m. ET, "Firefly" is airing till 2 a.m., and then again on January 8 and 9.
Summer Glau Gets Physical as a New Superhero on 'The Cape'. MSN's Wonderwall chats on set with Summer about her background as a dancer, becoming a superhero, and having loyal fans. Update: For a companion article from MSN TV go here. More...
"Wall Down" by J. August Richards. The actor who played Gunn on Angel posts a video of a song he wrote and performed, and 2011 is off to an awesome start! More...

January 02

Parental Guidance - Kristine Sutherland talks Buffy. A previously unseen interview from back in the day.
Asiance interviews Maurissa Tancharoen. And does so "to catch up with the Thai-American Angeleno to get her thoughts about working in Hollywood, working with Jed, and her new and exciting projects." More...
(SPOILER) Preview pages for Buffy #40. This will be released on January 19th.
Love YA Lit loves Buffy. Love YA Lit offers their "must reads' for 2011, including both Buffy and Angel.
Anthony Head: "Oh stop. It's appalling." talks to Mr Head about Merlin Season 3 and tags on a question about the prospect of a Joss-less Buffy movie.

January 01

Nicholas Brendon's upcoming Wizard World Comic Con appearances. Our favourite one-eyed Scooby is already scheduled for New Orleans, Miami, Toronto, Anaheim, Columbus, and Winnipeg this year.
A clip from one of the Buffy Motion Comic DVD extras. It features Jeph Loeb and Jane Espenson.

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