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"Way to go with the keen observiness, Jessica Fletcher."
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February 28

Fangirl Magazine's podcast interviews Alan Tudyk. Various topics are covered, inc. Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil, Firefly, and how he wasn't a geek until baptized by Joss. Starts around 12 minutes in.
Hangin' with Summer Glau & "The Fireflies." As tweeted by Adam Baldwin and previously touched upon here. More...
CTRL-ALT-DEL explains everything. As with Castle, so with life.
Airing Tonight: Tim Minear's Episode of The Chicago Code. "Cabrini Green", the fourth episode of The Chicago Code, airs tonight on FOX. Writers Tim Minear and Jon Worley will be doing a Twitter Q&A on the show, which you can check out by following @TheChicagoCode.
Patton Oswalt to be a guest on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight. Be sure to tune in to CBS.
Final episode of Summer Glau's The Cape airs tonight. NBC have opted not to schedule the following series finale episode, "Endgame". Edit NBC say they plan to stream an 'exclusive episode for online fans' on at a later date. More...
(SPOILER) Preview for Illyria #4. Provided by Buffyfest. It comes out March 2, 2011.
Ten reasons why Buffy owes to a debt to The Lost Boys. It's a feature from the magazine's latest Vampire Special.
Nerdist Podcast with Nathan Fillion. "Nathan Fillion (a fine, fine fellow) makes us coffee, talks about his Canadian improv roots, an unmade pilot he wrote, getting Joss Whedon on Castle, and whether or not he's going to buy Firefly."
The Avengers to be filmed on a Hellmouth? Looks like fans in Cleveland, OH could be in for a treat. More...
Jeremy Renner talks The Avengers from The Oscar's red carpet. He has read the script by Joss and it is massive.

February 27

Shiny New Crew Sereni-Tee & Unisex Fleece Hoodie. New Official artwork from Jason Palmer. More...
Mark Ruffalo speaks "The Avengers". Mark Ruffalo has read the script and says "It's cool, it's gonna be great. The script is a nice combination of funny and was very in Joss Whedon's wheelhouse. "
Voting now open for the Whedon Oscars! Vote on Best Picture, acting, writing, directing, costume design and cinematography. Voting closes at 7 pm EST.
The man they call Jayne turns 49 today! Happy Birthday to Adam Baldwin.
Summer Glau as the Bodyguard? IMDb's poll thinks she should be, but who is the Whitney to her Costner? More...

February 26

18 facts you might not know about "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Some stuff we all know, but some interesting tidbits some just might not, too.
Olivia Williams on BBC's Radio 2 Arts Show with Claudia Winkleman. She talks about In A Forest Dark and Deep. More...

February 25

You 'Can't Stop the Signal' -- Not Even in Canada! The 'Horror Etc' podcast takes a look back at what was "Firefly" as well as its all-too-brief reprieve in "Serenity." More...
Sci-Fi Blast From The Past- David Boreanaz. Interview about David's experience of playing Angel.
Fran Kranz says Cabin In The Woods to be released. Does exactly what it says on the tin.
It's Alexis Denisof's Birthday (sweet tweet from Alyson to celebrate). She wrote: "Happy Birthday to my favorite man, husband & father!!!! (I'm talking about Alexis in case you were wondering)". Happy Birthday Alexis!
NY Times Arts Beat interview with Eliza Dushku. "The Lady Is a Champ: Eliza Dushku Goes a Few Rounds With Fight Night Champion".
James Marsters "The Importance of Being Earnest" audio play nominated for 2 Audies. The award recognizing distinction in audiobooks and spoken word entertainment sponsored by the Audio Publishers Association. The LA Theatre Works production is a finalist in Audio Drama and Multi-Voiced Performance. More...
Morena Baccarin gets nominated for a Saturn Award. She's up for "Best Supporting Actress in Television". Avengers actors Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo got nominated for Best Actor (Iron Man 2) and Best Supporting Actor (Shutter Island).

February 24

Nathan Fillion tweets about Firefly movement. Captain Tightpants wants you to save your money.
(SPOILER) Nathan Fillion talks about lack of Castle promotion. He says "I dropped 60 bucks on the lottery [recently], I didn't win. But if I did, my plan was to buy some commercials for Castle so you couldn't watch TV without seeing one". Spoilerish for an upcoming episode. ETA: View the TV Guide video for the interview here.
Jane Espenson, Drew Z. Greenberg & David Fury taking part in adult writing panels. These panels are taking place Sundays in March in Los Angeles. The moderator is Ben Blacker, of The Thrilling Adventure Hour fame (among others). David Fury is on 3/13, and Jane and Drew on 3/27. Tickets are $12.00. More...
Kenneth Branagh praises Joss Whedon. The Thor director calls Joss "a marvellous writer" and thinks he is a "great choice" for The Avengers.

February 23

(SPOILER) Steven S. DeKnight talks 'Spartacus' with IGN. Steven, along with stars Lucy Lawless and Peter Mensah, discuss what to expect from Season 2. More...
Christina Hendricks interviewed at the All-Star Superman premiere. Pics of her begin at 0:15, the interview begins at 0:56.
Sarah Michelle Gellar gets an American Dad. Well a guest spot anyway. More...
25 Things You Don't Know About Eliza Dushku. According to More...
DC finally fets a local production of Dr. Horrible. From March 3-27, Landless Theatre is performing Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog at the DC Arts Center in Adams Morgan. Tix are $25. More...
Get Serenity clean! Firefly soap, what will they think of next?!
Green Lantern: Emerald Knights Trailer! The animated film features the voice of Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan, and will be released in June!
'Smile Time' Writer/Director to tackle 'Supernatural' Ben Edlund gets praise for his 'Angel' work before his directorial debut on 'Supernatural'. More...
CNN covers fans supporting Nathan Fillion buying Firefly rights. CNN posted "Internet-savvy 'Firefly' fans fly back into the fight"about the response to Nathan's off-hand comment about buying the rights to Firefly and restarting the series on the Web if he won $300 million in the lottery ($300 million for the rights? Really? Holy smokes. Hopefully that includes some production costs).
The Search for Spike's Balls. An essay from Seven Seasons of Buffy, by Sherrilyn Kenyon, available to read this week at Smart Pop Books.

February 22

Morena Baccarin to appear on 'The Mentalist'. She is guest starring in an episode to air in April. More...
What it's like to be a young writer working with Joss Whedon. Dollhouse's Andrew Chambliss reveals all.
Sword & Laser Podcast #54: Joss' story telling in Buffy & Firefly praised. Writer Patrick Rothfuss (The Name of the Wind) gives props to Joss in this interview.
Joss' alma mater dissects his work alongside the Greek classics and more. The Wesleyan Argus reports on a student-run forum entitled "CCIV 420: Defining Heroism: From Antiquity to the Astonishing X-Men" which examines how the narratives of the classics can be compared with modern-day comic books.
Amber's Benson's "Serpent's Storm" in stores today. It's the third book in her Death's Daughter pentalogy. It's also available as an audio book read by Amber herself.
Got 50 bucks and some empty wallspace? Then you clearly need this 48" Serenity wallscape.
Minor Firefly reference on Castle last night. Right after the the opening. More...
(SPOILER) Preview for Spike #5 is up. The issue will hit the stores on February 23. More...
Happy birthday to Dichen Lachman! This year she's gone from being Priya in the Dollhouse apocalypse, to car racing in NCIS, to cop buddy in Hawaii Five-O, to fighting aliens on Torchwood.

February 21

Charisma Carpenter cloned. Moviehole has details about her new movie "Deadly Sibling Rivalry".
Alan Tudyk cast in Suburgatory. An ABC comedy pilot about living in the suburbs.
Voting open for the CSTS 2011 Official Artwork Contest. Go check out the entries, and vote for your favorite. Voting Closes March 6, 2011 11:59 PM PST. More...
Adrian Pasdar confirms rumor that Nathan Fillion is awesome. Former Heroes star Adrian Pasdar gushes on working with Nathan Fillion on Castle. Seems he might have a bit of a man-crush on `ol Captain Mal.
Tim Minear is a consulting producer on NBC's 'REM' pilot. Deadline reports that Jason Isaacs will star in it.
IGN's Top 50 Sci-Fi TV Shows. Firefly comes in at number 10, "Joss Whedon took his unique brand of awesome and put it on a spaceship full of space cowboy pirates who said "shiny" a lot and entertained us even more".
20th Century Fox unlikely to sell rights to Firefly says EW's James Hibberd. He mentions that "one insider said he couldn’t think of a case of 20th outright selling the rights to a property". Hibberd also looks at the possibility of rebooting Firefly (depends on some very big ifs).
'Avengers' filming pulls out of Michigan. It's in reaction to proposed changes to state tax incentives.

February 20

Buddy TVs most epic breakups ... check out #25 and #1.
29 Female TV Characters You'd Date. Several of our favourites make the list. Obviously.
The unacceptable face of fandom. Racheline Maltese, a contributor to the Whedonistas anthology, writes about an ugly incident at a Buffy sing-along event. ETA: The follow-up article which looks at gender and character bashing in regards to the incident can be found here.

February 19

Many happy returns, Mr Head (warning, image contains blood and gore) . Perhaps not the happiest choice of pictures of Anthony Head who turns 57 today, but worth seeing. More...
Seth Green interviewed in the March issue of Playboy's 20Q feature. The page itself seems to be nudity free, but you might not want to visit at work.
Liza Lapira is glad to be caught in 'Traffic'. Dollhouse's assistant-to-Topher "Ivy", who is on Fox's new comedy "Traffic Light", is loving Boston and has some kind words for her former "Dollhouse" co-star Eliza Dushku. More...

February 18

Movie Plot Mash-Ups. Our favorite Captain at #25!!
Marti Noxon talks "I Am Number Four" and more. Marti Noxon talks with about the sci-fi actioner "I Am Number Four" as well as a bit on her work on the remake of "Fright Night" and her writing plans for the future.
Yet another fan campaign to bring back Firefly. The fandom is littered with many failed attempts to get the show back. This latest effort is getting some press in the usual quarters. No word on who the organisers are, so caveat emptor.
(SPOILER) IDW's Angel books for May 2011. The Angel Yearbook, Spike #8 of 8 and the Illyria Haunted trade are released. More...
The Firefly shout-out in last night's episode of Community. If you missed it, you can now watch the relevant clip.

February 17

(SPOILER) Q&A with Georges Jeanty, Session 18 is now online. The last Georges Jeanty Q&A for season eight. A second Q&A with Slayalive, in which he talks seasons eight and nine can be found here.
The Evil Fox Executive strikes again! Firefly will be running on The Science Channel? Wonder how FOX feels about that? [WARNING! Extreme webcomic violence!] More...
Watch Felicia Day's Dragon Age Redemption teaser trailer. Via Kotaku, the trailer (more of a teaser) for Felicia's next web series. Coming next summer.
Nathan Fillion on playing Mal - "It was my favorite job ever". And find out his response to the question "If... Fox said to you and Joss: "We screwed up, let's try doing Firefly again." Would you do it?"
IDW's final Angel book. As posted by Chris Ryall on his blog: "... we're going to be releasing our final issue of new Angel-related material, in the form of a 48-page Angel Yearbook. What's it going to contain? Well, final stories from many/most of the people who've been important parts of our 5-year run on ANGEL."
Shelved: Joss Whedon's 'Wonder Woman'. This article by Reid Ackerman, from Geekshow Entertainment takes a look at the film that almost was, and 'wonders' what could have been. Includes concept art.
(SPOILER) Promo pics of Enver Gjokaj in 'Community'. That's him in the promotional stills for Community 2.18 "Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy," which airs in March. (No exact date yet.)
Why Buffy rocks. An appreciation of the show.

February 16

(SPOILER) Amber Benson to return to Supernatural. She'll be back for episode 19.
Eliza Dushku coming to Chicago. Attending the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo with Tahmoh Penikett.
Danny Strong writing for HBO. Tackling the 2008 presidential election called "Game Change". More...
Wish Nathan a happy birthday with a scrapbook page & KNTR donation! Do something unique for our favorite Cappy in anticipation of his birthday in March.
Shiai Mata interview about SlayerLit. Nice interview with the creator of the SlayerLit website.
Whedonverse couples in IMDB daily poll. Today's poll features couples from BtVS and AtS. The poll runs only 24 hours. More...
Nicholas Brendon announced for Dragoncon. Nicholas will be a guest of the convention Sept. 2-5.
New Juliet Landau behind the scenes photo shoot video. This apparently just went up yesterday (Feb. 15). The photographer is Mike Powers, who has photographed Harrison Ford, among others.
Felicia Day to appear on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight. She will debut a teaser trailer for Dragon Age: Redemption. ETA: The interview and trailer can be found here and here.
Joss Whedon and Scientific Facts. Brief article on some of the science related to Dollhouse.

February 15

Tahmoh Penikett in Mortal Kombat. He's been cast in the new web series made by Maurissa Tancharoen's brother.
Science Channel to air Firefly in March. Discovery's Science Channel has picked up the rights to air Firefly. More...
(SPOILER) Angel #42 preview pages. The issue is out tomorrow.
Nonprofit Leadership: 5 Lessons Learned from Buffy. The President of a small nonprofit organization discusses five things she learned from the Slayer that helped her become a better leader.

February 14

'The Avengers' fan-made trailer. It features footage from the two Iron Man movies, The Incredible Hulk and the Thor and Captain America trailers. More...
Felicia Day to make Dragon Age: Redemption web series. USA Today has the scoop.
25 Great TV "I love You's". Another lovely Buffy-Angel 'verse mention in honor of Valentine's Day.
In honor of Valentine's Day, some kisses. Many Buffy alums involved here, all enjoying a kiss or two.
(SPOILER) Six page preview of the upcoming Dollhouse comic book. If you've read the mini-comic that came with the Dollhouse Season 2 DVD then there's nothing new here. But if you didn't then the preview is worth a look.

February 13

Amber Benson's book signing tour. "Serpent's Storm," the third installment of Amber's Calliope Reaper-Jones series, comes out next Tuesday. More...
Trailer for 'Atlas Shrugged Part 1'. Featuring the high school principal we most love to hate and our favourite conspiracy bookstore owner.
A reading from 'Whedonistas' this Tuesday in Los Angeles. Teresa Jusino will be reading her essay from the "Whedonistas: A Celebration of the Worlds of Joss Whedon By the Women Who Love Them!" anthology at The Talking Stick on the 15th. And the book will be officially launched at a panel at next weekend's Gallifrey One convention. More...

February 12

"I am not a food critic. Or a chef." - Jewel Staite's food blog. Jewel Staite's started a food blog called 'Happy Opu'. She says: "[I'm not] even a professional writer. What I am schooled in the art of, however, is enjoying myself. And this blog is going to be about just that: the art of enjoying yourself. Through food. And drink."
Be cast as an extra in the Avengers. If you live in New Mexico, or are like me and would gladly relocate if possible -there's a Film and Media day hosting open casting calls for the Avengers, as well as a few other shows.
Jennifer Beals reveals her love of BtVS in an interview with Craig Ferguson. Start watching around 7:40.
Nathan Fillion to Mingle with David Letterman. Captain Tightpants arrives on the 'Late Show' on Thursday; will share the hour with Paris Hilton. ETA: And Nathan will also be guesting on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show today (i.e. Sunday) at 3pm PST.
Vertically Challenged Villains in BtVS. The Deadly Doll's House of Horror is celebrating a month of villains in small packages. Up today, some familiar faces from BtVS.
Live commentary of Dollhouse 1x12 - Omega with Tim Minear. Set TV volume to 0 and turn up your PC volume.

February 11

Buffy & Serenity make up 8 of the top 10 Dark Horse graphic novels in 2010 via Bookscan data. More...
The Guild Officially Renewed for Season 5. So sayeth the official twitter feed. GigaOm has an article with more!
Olivia Williams is London Critics Circle's Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Ghost. More...

February 10

Summer Glau is the March Esquire's cover girl. She'll be featured in her own provocative photo feature.
Jonathan Woodward leads an able cast in A Rude Awakening. The play has been reported on here - found a couple of reviews. More...
Nathan Fillion will be a guest on the Kevin Pollak Chat Show. They are looking for more questions and tweet 5's. It streams live at 3pm PT this Sunday at the Kevin Pollak Chat Show site.
Watch Eliza Dushku talk about the role of the celebrity online. She's on a Twiistup panel right now chatting about celebrities as brands. It's been streamed online at TechZulu (pic). More...
Michelle Trachtenberg is Maxim's newest covergirl. After long declining to pose for any 'lad mag', she finally consents.
Just announced! James Marsters will be joining several Verse favorites at Chicago Comic Con , August 11-14. James joins Julie Benz , Felicia Day, Mercedes McNab, and Angel cover artist Jenny Frison at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont. More...
The world according to Buffy. Another look at Buffy in academia. This time round, it's a class called "Research Mode: Critical Approaches to Buffy (and Stuff)" which is taught at the University of Washington.

February 09

The Trailer for "Hop" written by Brian Lynch, is now online. Via Bleeding Cool. More...
(SPOILER) Jed and Maurissa talk about returning to the Dollhouse. Interview with Comic Book Resources about the upcoming one-shot. Some spoilers about the main players of the miniseries, and perhaps a hint or so about what's to come.
Pop Classics: Buffy's 'I Was Made To Love You'. Still wondering if that particular episode is a retelling of Pygmalion? Well you might want to consider reading this blog post.
More details about Kevin Pennington's role in The Avengers. He'll be playing Quasar. Also, there will be some publicity event in NYC during filming where you can meet various cast members. More...

February 08

See Marti Noxon's "I Am Number Four" in Austin--free! The Alamo Drafthouse hosts a free screening of the sci-fi thriller (which Noxon co-wrote). More...
Cabin in the Woods might finally be released! A new distribution deal with Sony and MGM might increase our chances of seeing Cabin in the Woods!
Dollhouse's Liza Lapira returns to TV tonight with Traffic Light on FOX. I've seen the pilot, it causes me to raise two of my thumbs up.
Illustrating the final issue of Buffy Season 8. Georges Jeanty talks to Comic Book Resources about "the process of Buffy". There's spoilers if you haven't read the last two issues.
Adam Busch announced for Hallowhedon 3. He joins Amber Benson and Charisma Carpenter. More...
Seth Green turns another year older. Our favourite pint sized werewolf celebrates the day of his birth right now.
Cobie Smulders confirmed for The Avengers. She will be joining the star-studded cast as Agent Maria Hill. More...

February 07

Morena Baccarin appearing on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight. Be sure to tune in! More...
First look at Green Lantern: Emerald Knights featuring Nathan Fillion. The Green Lantern: Emerald Knights animated movie comes out 10 days before the live action film. More...
First round guest line-up announced for Sydney and Perth Supanova Expo. Whedonverse stars include James Marsters, Morena Baccarin, Sean Maher and Luke Perry. More...
Shawn Ryan & Tim Minear return to TV with The Chicago Code. They've worked together on Angel and most recently, Terriers. Their new series, The Chicago Code premieres tonight on Fox at 9/8 Central.
Amber Benson announces "Drones" contest. Design the cover for the movie's soundtrack CD!
Fansite says Chuck's Yvonne Strahovski is Ms. Marvel in 'The Avengers'. And that's your casting rumour of the day.

February 06

Brian Lynch's 'Angry Naked Pat' reboots. Brian Lynch's 'Angry Naked Pat' airs its rebooted episode online.
Amber Benson announced for Hallowhedon 3. She joins Charisma Carpenter as the second guest scheduled.
New international trailer for Olivia Williams' 'Hanna'. The film is slated to release April 8th 2011.
It's time to Avenge tonight during the Superbowl. A preview of Captain America, which as we've previously covered Joss worked on, airs tonight during the Superbowl. Linked is the movie one sheet, which says simply "Avenge". Update: Yahoo! has the trailer online.
Seth Green wins an Annie award. Seth and his Robot Chicken cohorts won an Annie award last night for Writing in a Television Production. More...

February 05

Buffy Season 8 wins SFX Award. It beat 'Batman and Robin', 'The Walking Dead' and 'The Marvels Project' in the 'Best Comic or Graphic Novel' category. ETA: Watch Scott Allie's acceptance video here.
Serenity screening tonight in Seattle, WA . Have fun Seattle Browncoats! More...
Cobie Smulders closes in on "Avengers". Deadline reports that "How I Met Your Mother"'s Cobie Smulders is the frontrunner to play S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Maria Hill in "The Avengers," and that a deal may be reached by the end of the weekend. More...
Jonathan Woodward starring in a play at the New End Theatre, London. He is currently starring in the play 'A Rude Awakening' which is playing at the New End Theatre, London until 6th March.
Dollhouse opening a new branch in Slovakia. Add another country to the list of international broadcasters of Joss' youngest show. Slovak TV JOJ will start airing Dollhouse from 15th February under the ridiculous title "Tender Killers". More...

February 04

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - Live in Vegas. A live version of the online hit is scheduled to open in May of this year.

February 03

Great Whedon show memorabilia from Ausiello. Michael Ausiello is auctioning off a bunch of TV memorabelia he has collected over the years, including things from Angel, Buffy, and Firefly. All proceeds go to support the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. More...
io9 lists every potential scifi/fantasy series for U.S. networks this fall. There are some former Mutant Enemy scribes working on pilots and scripts that might go to pilot for potential new shows this fall. The list includes: Marti Noxon (Chloe), Sarah Craft and Elizabeth Fain (Secret Circle), and David Greenwalt (Grimm).
10 Good Things About Buffy Season 8. Sex, Slayers, Dark Witches and More! Oh My!
AssignmentX interviews Steven DeKnight. Part Two of the interview, Spartcus creator/showrunner DeKnight talks about casting, nudity, sword fights, working around the illness of leading man and more.
Morena Baccarin among actresses on 'Avengers' shortlist. "Marvel is conducting screen tests Friday for one of the final roles still looking to be cast in The Avengers, the all-star superhero ensemble being directed by Joss Whedon." More...
Another Firefly comic strip from Our Valued Customers. It depicts what comic book customers say in real life.
(SPOILER) Samuel L. Jackson talks The Avengers on Jimmy Fallon. Nick Fury himself talks about the start of filming and another interesting detail that was rumored a few months ago and now seems confirmed here.He also lets slip some spoilerish stuff about this summer's Thor and Captain America. More...

February 02

How to dress like Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sparklife has written an amusing article instructing readers on how to dress like our beloved Spike. More...

February 01

Summer Glau's "The Cape" gets back order cut. According to Deadline, NBC has cut the order for "The Cape" from 13 episodes to 10. That, coupled with declining ratings, means "The Cape" will probably not get past the first season.
Cast your vote in TV Guide Magazine's Fan Favorite Awards. Nominations include Nathan Fillion, Castle, HIMYM and Eureka (Felicia Day will be in it so that counts, right?)
Results are in for Dark Horse's Angel vs Spike poll. Spoiler: Spike won. More...
Buffy comic sales review at The Beat! Buffy remains #1 in sales for "indie" comics (indie books are not published by Marvel or DC) but the sales figures show a consistent and significant drop from year to year. (i.e. December, 2010 sales are down 55% from December 2007). More...
Emmy winning Buffy effects artist on Face Off. Glenn Hetrick, who won Emmys for his work on Surprise & Innocence, is one of the judges on this fun new Syfy reality show. "Face Off is a competition/elimination series exploring the world of special-effects make-up artists and the unlimited imagination that allows them to create amazing works of living art." More...
Richard Jenkins - "Cabin in the Woods was such a ball". Though still no word as to when the movie will actually get released.
Marti Noxon on the Buffy reboot and her two new movies. 'I Am Number Four' and 'Fright Night' seem to be coming along nicely.

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