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May 31

Marti Noxon to rewrite 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' script. The director Craig Gillespie is also the director of Marti's latest movie 'Fright Night'.
(SPOILER) Eliza Dushku to guest star on 'White Collar'. Some hints and spoilers in this THR article about Eliza's upcoming guest star appearance.
Whedonesque Burlesque in Seattle: We'll be in our bunk. A Whedon-inspired burlesque show (late of Madison, WI) is coming to Seattle. Tickets on sale June 1.
Morena Baccarin joins Showtime series "Homeland." Series also stars Mandy Patinkin and Damian Lewis. From "24" vets Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa.
Muppets...and Firefly. Not sure if this has already been posted, but figured everyone would get a kick out of this.
Join the Buffy Season 8 wrap party tomorrow evening in Los Angeles! To celebrate the release of the eighth and final volume of Buffy Season 8, Golden Apple Comics are holding a wrap party. Jane Espenson and Georges Jeanty will be be signing in store. More...
Guardian interview with Olivia Williams. It's the latest installment in the newspaper's "Portrait of the artist" series.
An open request to the producers of Castle. Peter David says "You need to start casting other actors from Firefly in Castle.... Oh, and have Joss Whedon write and direct an episode".

May 30

Tiny Doctor Horrible. Maurissa Tancharoen posted on Twitter the cutest costume ever. More...
Nathan Fillion is Jefferson Reid, Ace American in The Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast. The Thrilling Adventure Hour is a monthly live stage show that sends up '40s radio. Writer Ben Acker - @bnacker on Twitter - confirmed that Nathan Fillion plays Jefferson Reid in Episode 21. More...
Custom made Inara figure. Ages ago I posted a link to a fan board where some 1.6th scale figure fans had created their own Firefly custom figures. Here's the latest update on this project and which now includes a simply beautiful Inara as well as updated versions of the rest of the crew.

May 29

Juliet Landau, Fran Kranz & Camden Toy together in new "Goodnight Burbank". A kind of Whedonpalooza in the latest episode of this Web series. (The link goes to the episode page on Hulu.)

May 28

2011 CSTS Los Angeles Logo and Shirts. Popular graphic artist Adam Levermore designed the CSTS LA Logo.
Doug Petrie in The Nerdist Writers Series on May 29th. Doug Petrie, Josh Friedman, Michael Green, and Alexa Junge discuss TV writing, moderated by Ben Blacker of "The Thrilling Adventure Hour" (under the auspices of The Nerdist Chris Hardwick, Joss Whedon's former neighbor). More...
Wish the electric Alexa Davalos a happy birthday. Angel's Gwen adds another year to her resume and hopefully even more success. More...

May 27

New Faith Polystone Statue from Sideshow Collectibles. Full reveal on 5/31 with pre-orders starting 6/2. A very good likeness of Eliza Dushku. More...
A Joss Whedon dilemma: the case For Firefly, Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible. "Of the three pieces here, which is the most re-watchable? Which is the best overall expression of that special "Whedon-esque-ness" (ahem) that keeps us, as fans, screaming for more?"
Trailer for the film 'I Don't Know How She Does it' featuring Christina Hendricks. The movie is in theaters September 16th and stars Sarah Jessica Parker. More...
Loni Peristere cycling for leukemia cure. Loni Peristere, visual effects supervisor for Firefly and Serenity, is cycling in the 11th annual FireFlies Tour in France to find a cure for leukemia. Please support Loni and this important cause.

May 26

Maurissa Tancharoen is now on Tumblr. It's where fandom seems to be migrating to these days.
(SPOILER) Latino Review breaks possible MAJOR spoiler for The Avengers. If this pans out then it's pretty big.
IGN Interview with Sarah Michelle Gellar. SMG discusses Ringer, and is funny. :)
Interview with IDW's Mariah Huehner. She revealed some behind-the-scenes decisions of the IDW Angelverse in this interview with Buffyfest. They also just tweeted that they are putting up an interview they did with Chris Ryall tomorrow.
"It was lightning in a bottle" - an audio interview with Sean Maher. It starts at around the 3:06 mark. Sean chats about Firefly, keeping in touch with the rest of the cast, the fandom, his new show 'The Playboy Club' and his love for 'Dexter'.
Sarah Michelle Gellar wants to honor her fandom with 'Ringer'. A nice interview that also includes what excites her most about her upcoming series.
Joss Whedon and His Creations: Some of the Best Reasons to Watch Sci-Fi & Fantasy. James Sherlock of Den of Geek shares his thoughts on ten things that make sci-fi and fantasy movies and TV shows worthwhile, and both Joss as well as many of his creations are noted as highlights.

May 25

Seth Green scheduled for The Late Late Show tonight on CBS. Be sure to tune in.
Read the full issue of Buffy #36 online. In celebration of the coming final TPB of Buffy Season 8, Dark Horse is kindly giving a full preview of Buffy #36 to go with it!
'Not To Say Goodbye' - Scott Tipton looks back on his Angel years. A very timely article, it's a must read for anybody interested in IDW's Angel comic books. And Buffyfest has an interview with him as well.
Captain Jack's 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' makeover. Brief article about Shawna Trpcic's work in redefining Captain Jack's look.
(SPOILER) More preview pages for the Angel Yearbook. It's out today.
Why Supernatural season 6 was kind of like Buffy season 6. io9's Charlie Jane Anders points the similarities. Spoilers for last Friday's Supernatural finale.

May 24

(SPOILER) An extended preview of Sarah Michelle Gellar's 'Ringer'. The final :15 seconds contain what looks to be a major spoiler for the end of the first Episode.
SFX's Top 10 TV Resurrections featuring Buffy, Spike, and also Doctor Who, Supernatural, Star Trek, Stargate and a recent spoiler at number 8.
Eliza Dushku to appear at SFX Canada convention in Toronto. The convention (among the largest sci-fi conventions in North America) will run from August 25-28 this year.
(SPOILER) Patrick Gilmore talks about his involvement in 'The Cabin in the Woods'. His character's title is very intriguing yet spoilerish (hence the tag). The interview is also worth reading for finding out what happens when the relationship between actors and scifi fans goes horribly wrong.
James Marsters draws fangirls to Big Apple Comic Con. Huffington Post coverage of James and his fandom at last weekend's Wizard Con in New York.
Existentialism Meets Feminism in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's an essay taken from "The Psychology of Joss Whedon".
Industrial Light & Magic are doing the VFX for The Avengers. Check out the "in production" section of their website.

May 23

Maurissa Tancharoen in Mortal Kombat Legacy. In her brother's web series, she plays the wife of Scorpion. More...
(SPOILER) Angel Yearbook exclusive preview. Brought to you by the good folks of Buffyfest.
Still shiny: an appreciation of Serenity. Tor examines the film as it looks at the best SFF movies from the last decade.
Alyson Hannigan interviewed on this morning's KTLA News. She talks about How I Met your Mother and the upcoming American Pie movie.
Buff with Silence - Zen Rhetoric in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". 'Hush' gets analysed from a Zen Buddhist perspective.

May 22

Vid of Nathan Fillion on Jimmy Kimmel Live, May 10, 2011. Enjoy!

May 21

Life lessons you can learn from "Buffy". Today's Guardian explains how teen dramas can guide you through all your problems. More...

May 20

Serenity digital comics for 99 cents. Dark Horse is running a sale on all Serenity comics all weekend.
Tropes vs. Women: The Evil Demon Seductress. Feminist frequency explores the overuse of the succubus character in pop culture today. Video mentions a couple of episodes of BTVS.'s Legendary Captains. A list of 25 Legendary Captains. Our captain makes an appearance.
Television Without Pity says 'Ringer' is Number One on the TWoP 10: Most Promising Looking New Shows for next season. More...
Interesting little Thor/Avengers tidbit regarding Joss. Spoilery if you haven't seen "Thor" yet.

May 19

Agent Ballard may not get the girl, but he does get a year older. Tahmoh Penikett turns 36 today.
Eliza Dushku wants girls admitted to Camp Hale. Having co-presented a check to the camp's parent organization, she expressed her goal to open the camp (which her brothers attended) to girls. In addition, she and her family are launching a foundation to fund other charitable initiatives. See also the Boston Globe.
Jesse Williams talks about his work on Cabin In The Woods. In the interview with AssignmentX, he talks about working with Whedon and Goddard. Along with his part on Grey's Anatomy.
The 10 greatest vampire archetypes. Identifies the various ways vampires are depicted. (Maybe small spoilers if you haven't seen everything mentioned) More...
(SPOILER) Jane Espenson's episode of Game of Thrones airs this Sunday on HBO. This new show adapted from George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire books is truly amazing, so finding out Espenson is on the writing staff should come as no surprise. More...
Missed Neil Patrick Harris in "Company"? If you did, it will be shown at movie theaters for a limited time starting June 15th. More...
Promotional photos for 'Ringer'. Three promotional photos of Sarah Michelle Gellar in her new show. The timeslot has also been announced. Update: The promo is now online and there's an interview with Sarah at

May 18

CBS picks up A Gifted Man, featuring Julie Benz. Benz to play sister to a brilliant, charismatic surgeon whose life changes forever when his deceased ex-wife begins teaching him the meaning of life from the "hereafter".
Favourite TV Romance Competition. Buffy & Angel are up against Glee's Kurt & Blaine and they're currently losing. Get over there and vote away! :)
David Fury heads to Fringe. The Mutant Enemy alum becomes a writer-producer for the FOX show, recently renewed for a fourth season.
Jane Espenson to work on 'Once Upon a Time'. The series was picked up by ABC this week for the fall. The show brings fairytale characters to the modern day world. Cinema Blend has some photos and clips here. More...
Vincent Kartheiser also does voice work in LA Noire. The Destroyer also did some motion capture work for the game. More...
Beauty And The Beard. Red Sox fan Eliza Dushku having a bit of fun with Kevin Youkilis at a recent game at Fenway. Eliza Tweets that this was part of an ESPN shoot. More...
CBS President Nina Tassler on how SMG's pilot 'Ringer' landed at the CW. Calls SMG "a force to be reckoned with". More...

May 17

Buffy mention in Mortal Kombat: Legacy. Some fake TV execs are pitching a crime show with a strong female lead, and say a character like that hasn't been on TV "since Buffy." More...
"What Would Buffy Do?" music video. A new Buffy inspired YouTube music video. Pretty neat I'd say.
ABC picks up Suburgatory, starring Alan Tudyk. The 1/2 hour comedy will air Wednesdays at 8:30PM.
'She has no head!' - Joss Whedon's Fray. Comics Should Be Good! examines the Future Slayer mini-series.
Television's best flashbacks. TV Guide's most memorable flashbacks includes Buffy's 'Fool for Love'.

May 16

Simon Helberg and Patton Oswalt are scheduled for The Late Late Show. Mon 5/16 and Tues 5/17 respectively. Be sure to tune in.
Fourteen prominent showrunners discuss their influences. Today's top show runners talk about their influences and inspirations. Not surprisingly, several mention Buffy. More...
The Return of the Cultural Catchup Project. Myles is back for the summer.
Ringer picked up says Deadline. According to one report, the CW has ordered SMG's new series! Rejoice! More...
Trailer for the documentary 'Showrunners'. It's "an in-depth exploration of the making of modern American television". More...
Preview of NBC's upcoming show "Grimm". Written and produced by Buffy and Angel's David Greenwalt.
Do you like to write poems inspired by Buffy? If so, then this call for submissions for 'Buffy Verse' may just interest you.

May 15

Happy Birthday, David! Angel may never age, but Mr. Boreanaz turns 42 today. More...
(SPOILER) Trailer and Poster for the remake of Fright Night, written by Marti Noxon. This modern update of the Horror/Comedy classic from the 80s' stars Anton Yelchin, Colin Farrell and David Tennant (to name but a few). It arrives in both 3D extra crispy and 2D original recipe on August 19th.
First look at NBC's "Free Agents" featuring Anthony Stewart Head. It got picked up earlier during the week. More...

May 14

Buffy Coming to TeenNick. The show is coming to TeenNick in May. More...
A fan made, rather excellent, Dollhouse season two trailer. I miss this crazy little show.
Iconic prom dresses. Buffy gets a place on the OMG! list of most iconic prom dresses. And it is lovely, isn't it?
Marc Blucas' 'Necessary Roughness' set to premiere June 29th on USA. There are a few video interviews from the USA upfronts and details on the series here.

May 13

io9's handy What SciFi To Watch flowchart. Aside from Whedonverse shows, there's quite a few other worthy choices. More...
SMG's Ringer picked up... by The CW? According to Deadline, the pilot for CBS is headed to its sibling network instead. UPDATE: Complicating matters (same link) ABC Studios has pulled out of the show, "citing that it cannot produce a series for the economics of CW." More...
ABC cancels 'V' and 'No Ordinary Family'. The two shows starred Morena Baccarin and Julie Benz respectively.
One Shot with Eliza Dushku - video. And there's a behind the scenes, too.
Chuck gets a fifth season. Good news for Adam Baldwin fans but it will be the final season.
One-day sale on Firefly Blu-Ray. Our favourite sci-fi western is Amazon's Deal of the Day: the complete series on Blu-Ray for $23.49.
Zack Whedon has 'Talent'. He'll be adapting Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sneigoski's graphic novel into a movie for Universal.
Eliza Dushku to appear in 'Torchwood: Web of Lies' online series? Jane Espenson drops some hints.

May 12

NBC picks up shows involving Whedon alums. David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf (Angel) are the creators of "Grimm", Tim Minear is a Consulting Producer on "Awake", and "The Playboy Club" has both Sean Maher and David Krumholtz in the cast. Update: NBC has also picked up 'Free Agents' which stars Tony Head.
The Cabin in the Woods screened at Cannes yesterday, audience buzz positive. There is another report here.
Juliet Landau is in a staged reading of "A Streetcar Named Desire". It is being held Saturday, June 4 at 8:00pm - June 5 at 8:00pm at the Lillian Theatre in Hollywood, CA. This is a pay-what-you-can event with ALL proceeds going to "Equality Now".
Book & Wash meet Sulu & Worf. (NSFW) Promo video for animated film "Strange Frame: Love & Sax" features Ron Glass, Alan Tudyk, George Takei, and Michael Dorn, as well as Juliet Landau, Claudia Black, Claudia Christian, and Tim Curry. More...

May 11

Vote for Firefly in summer podcast topic poll. The people over at the The Fringe Podcast are taking a poll on what to do their podcast on over the summer now that Fringe has aired its season finale. They've listed Firefly as one of their choices.
(SPOILER) Brief MTV interview with Scott Allie about Buffy Season 9. There is one specific small new spoiler for issue 1 and some gerneral news about the direction of the season. More...
Sarah Michelle Gellar comments on the Buffy reboot. "To try to do a Buffy without Joss Whedon?... It's the dumbest idea I've ever heard".
'Tying up Loose Ends' - a review/recap of the last three issues of 'Spike'. If you haven't been reading them, you've been missing out. LiveJournal's shadowkat67 looks at the major happenings.
Adam Baldwin to appear at Polaris convention in Toronto this July. Fellow Whedonverse actors Armin Shimerman and Melinda Clarke will also be in attendance. In related news, Adam Baldwin and Nick Brendon will be at Phoenix Comicon May 26-29.
Buffy the Illiteracy Slayer. Pics of Sarah Michelle Gellar reading to children at a Los Angeles library for the Nestle Joy of reading program.
Contest: Review 'Angel: Yearbook' and win prizes. Patrick Shand, one of the writers for the yearbook, will give the first five reviewers a Aftermath hardcover and a secret gift.

May 10

Interview with Liza Lapira on Traffic Light and Dollhouse. She talks about her current (now canceled) show, as well as her stint on Dollhouse.
Fox cancels 'The Chicago Code'. Shawn Ryan and Tim Minear's show is no more. Same for 'Human Target', 'Breaking In', 'Lie To Me' and 'Traffic Light'. More...
Whedon topics on Quora. Recently started exploring Quora and found lots of Whedony topics, including BTVS, Angel, Firefly, Nathan. Lots more to find, given time. Oh, and Felicia answers questions on her topic.
Nathan Fillion rocks Castle in this interview with AssignmentX. The actor talks his current series, plus Drive, Desperate Housewives, One Life To Live, Captain Mal and his theory of his personal appeal.
Eliza Dushku planning live video chat with fans today. It's at 5pm PST, which is 90 minutes from this post. As announced on Eliza Dushku's Facebook page.
Sarah Michelle Gellar talks about "Call of the Dead". There's also a clip of her in the studio reciting various lines of dialogue for the game.

May 09

J is for Joss Whedon wearing a Jetpack. Someone's made an adorable ABC book for their baby daughter. See all the pics (including the one for the letter 'j') here.
Joss Whedon and Equality Now to speak at SoCal CSTS event. Joss Whedon, Jessica Neuwirth (president of EN), and Amanda Sullivan (director of EN's Women's Action Network) will be the guests at the June 25th SoCal Browncoats Can't Stop the Serenity event in order to thank Browncoats in California and around the world for their past and ongoing support of Equality Now. More...
(SPOILER) Dark Horse solicitations for August 2011. Including the debut of Season 9 book Angel and Faith series and the second issue of Dollhouse: Epitaphs miniseries. Also check out, audio interview with Angel and Faith writer Christos Gage from the Boston Comic-Con. More...
The Avengers will film for two weeks in Ohio. Apparently $30 million will be spent in the state.

May 08

Dollhouse S2 Blu-Ray for $22.49 on, DVD for $16.99. The Dollhouse S2 Blu-Ray is available at Amazon for $22.49! The DVD is also on sale for $16.99. No word on how long this'll be up. I've already pounced!
How Do You Define Web Series Success? Good article talking about independent web successes which went on to conquer in other media. Felicia Day tweeted about this. More...
(SPOILER) Photos of a set for The Avengers. They were taken in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

May 07

New Cabin in the Woods fan poster. As posted by, the fine folks who have been pushing for Cabin's release in the recent past. Victory! More...

May 06

io9's Pop Punishment analyzes the weaknesses of Angel S1's "She". Maybe Bai Ling's character not returning to the series was a good thing.
EW mention of Ringer's Fall chances. "... CBS loves Sarah Michelle Gellar but only likes her pilot.." Ruh Roh.
Joss Whedon took my tropes. An urban fantasy writer talks about the tropes that Joss does best.

May 05

io9's 10 coolest bounty hunters in the galaxy. He may not be number one on this list, but he's number one on mine. Maybe if the category had instead been 10 craziest bounty hunters...
How Buffy made it into Call of Duty. The creative lead of Call Of Duty explains the decision to include horror icons.
(SPOILER) Tonight on BBC Two - Chiwetel Ejiofor stars in 'The Shadow Line'. It's got quite the cast for a BBC drama. Christopher Eccleston, Sir Antony Sher and Stephen Rea are in it as well.
Happy 32nd birthday to Vincent Kartheiser. Actor Vincent Kartheiser, who played the troubled son of Angel, turns 32 today.

May 04

Tim Minear will be at "Screen-Write Right" this Saturday in Memphis, TN. "The panel and workshop will offer advice and guidance to beginning and emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and movie enthusiasts."
Neil Patrick Harris to host Tonys again. Sweet.
(SPOILER) Interview with a villain in The Avengers. Awesome.

May 03

New movie for David Boreanaz. Independent film, Officer Down, shooting during Bones hiatus starring Stephen Dorff, Dominic Purcell and AnnaLynne McCord.
Summer Glau reflects on Joss Whedon, sci-fi women and River's edge. A very cool interview over at Hero Complex.
"The Guild" nominated for American Library Association's "Great Graphic Novel for Teens". Chris Samnee, artist on "A Shepherd's Tale", is also nominated for "The Mighty Thor".
Want to meet or go bowling with Nicholas Brendon? Packrat Comics in Columbus, OH will be hosting Mr. Brendon and others for Free Comic Book Day this Saturday, May 7th. More...
"Oh, Season 7 is GO for Bones". David Boreanaz broke the news earlier on Twitter.
J. August Richards to guest star in 'Warehouse 13'. Eddie McClintock tweeted a pic from the set.

May 02

(SPOILER) Preview for Spike #8. Brought to you by io9. This marks the end of the series, as well as the return of the palindrome (read: Urru).
(SPOILER) Tonight on ITV1 - watch Olivia Williams in 'Case Sensitive'. The first part kicks off at 9pm BST and the second and final part airs at the same time tomorrow night.
"Would you just leave my cheeks alone?" Anthony Head recalls childhood memories. Bless.
SMG's Ringer hailed as one of the best pilot scripts for Fall. With the broadcast networks about to unveil their new fall lineups, Jace Lacob picks his favorite scripts—from the period drama Playboy (with Sean Maher!) to the Sarah Michelle Gellar-starring Ringer.
Rumour - Avengers production halted due to script leaks. According to Film Fan Review, certain scenes have be rewritten due to pics of script pages appearing online last week. Update: However according to Devin at Badass Digest, this is not the case and Marvel said it wasn't true.

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