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June 30

Buffy memorabilia to be auctioned off at the end of the month. Premiere Prop's Hollywood Auction Extravaganza 2 will feature teleplays from 'Showtime' and 'Get It Done', a blouse worn by Sarah, a jacket worn by Michelle, jeans worn by Charisma and zombie hands! More...
A list of 10 new shows to look for includes several projects by Whedon alum. 'Ringer' with Sarah Michelle Gellar, 'Free Agents' with Anthony Stewart Head and 'A Gifted Man' with Julie Benz are all included.
(SPOILER) Patrick Gilmore on The Cabin in the Woods. Light on spoilers, as it's mainly just his role that's revealed. But some interesting background on the process of making the film, including the detail that most of the (non-starring) actors only got their own script pages.
Firefly marathon this July 4th on the Discovery Science Channel. Starting at 8 am, Discovery Science Channel will broadcast every episode of Firefly in DVD set order (check local listings). More...
IGN's '10 tv shows we wish got another season'. Hmm, I wonder what could possibly be on this list that has anything to do with Joss Whedon? More...

June 29

DarkCryo talk about their plans for the Firefly MMO. Will they be able to be able to get it off the ground?
Variety reports Dichen Lachman returning to TV series. She's playing a regular in Being Human, based upon the BBC original. She's also in BBC/Starz production Torchwood next month.
Fan film seeks to tell story of Mal/Zoe meeting. Kickstarter campaign has been fully funded. To be based on a short story written by the filmmaker about "what transformed Zoe from a woman just like any other woman to the hard-ass soldier portrayed in the series".
Retailer incentives announced for Buffy Season 9. If you have a penchant for the industry side of the franchise, then this press release will be right up your street.
Dark Horse's Angel Omnibus gets released this week. That's according to Diamond's shipping list. The omnibus collects the comic book tales of Angel and co from 2000-2002. And Scott Allie writes about the comics at the Buffy Zone.
(SPOILER) Clips and pics of Felicia Day on 'Eureka'. has the exclusive.
Tickets now on sale for Karaoke with Nick and Kelly! Something a lot like this is going down in Chicago. More...
"Objects in Space" an Objectively Great Series Finale? The last episode of "Firefly" makes The A.V. Club's list of accidental TV finales that worked well as series-enders.

June 28

'Game Of Thrones': season two dream casting. The writers at the MTV Movie Blog suggest that Christina Hendricks should play Melisandre and Amy Acker play Asha Greyjoy.
Transformers 3 with Alan Tudyk opens today in the US and internationally. Alan gets a surprising amount of screen time. Also, he's great.
Who should be the villain(s) of The Avengers? has their top 10 list of who should be cast as the big bads and why.
Happy Birthday to Felicia Day. She's 32 today.
I Know the Answer! And I bet you do, too!
Julie Benz is engaged! Proposal complete with a "pop-up surprise Mexican fiesta engagement party." Everything is better with a Mariachi band!

June 27

'My Little Serenity' - the trailer. The Big Damn Movie meets My Little Pony.
When adults play teenagers on TV. MSN takes us through a list of actors who were significantly older than the characters they were playing. Features a Buffyverse favourite.
Michelle Trachtenberg to guest star in "Weeds" season 7. She will star in two episodes towards the end of the season as a rival to Mary Louise Parker's Nancy Botwin. The seventh season begins tonight on Showtime.
Sarah Michelle Gellar will be at Comic-Con. Entertainment Weekly confirms our favorite Slayer's first visit to Comic Con since promoting The Grudge in 2004. She'll join the cast of Ringer, which will start on the CW September 13th. Joining her on the panel on July 21st at Ballroom 20 (according to TV Line) will be Nestor Carbonell and Ioan Gruffudd. More...
Fan spends three years recreating 3D Serenity set. He's not finished yet either. There's also the external shots. It's all one 3D object so you can spin the camera out - say - the outside cockpit window and back in through the skylight in the middle.
Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige talks about Buffy and The Avengers. He uses the show as an example as to why the movie won't feel overstuffed.
Pilot for David Greenwalt's new show 'Grimm' to be premiered at Comic-Con. David and fellow Angel staffer Jim Kouf will be taking part in a Q&A after the showing on the Saturday.
Sean Maher interview at Supanova Sydney 2011. Another enjoyable interview at Capsule Computers.

June 25

Watch Joss Whedon live tonight at Can't Stop The Serenity LA. There will be a livestream from GeekWeek starting at 6.30pm PST. Felicia Day and Michael Fairman will be at the event as well. Update: If you missed it, you can watch the whole thing here and look who else turned up! Jane Espenson, Tim Minear and Nathan Fillion! The Q&A starts at around 58:00.
The sexiest couples on network tv. Guess which Buffyverse couple and Firefly couple make the cut!

June 24

"I said yes" - Neil Patrick Harris proposes. David Burtka accepts. Following the passage of the Marriage Equality Act in the New York Senate, Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Burtka proposed to each other, and they both said yes. More...
Top 23 things that Joss Whedon should do post-Avengers. Apart from the Dance of Joy, that is.
Firefly MMORPG "revived"... without any licensing. A post on links to the site and the press release (pdf), saying DarkCryo "is seeking official endorsement by 20th Century Fox and Mutant Enemy Inc, however it will proceed in the interim under fair use as an unauthorized canonical parody." BTW here's a trailer for a previously announced Serenity MMO that was in development from 2006-2008.
Marti Noxon to participate in Fright Night Panel at SDCC this year. There will also be a fan appreciation party and preview screening.
Fray - Dark Horse Digital Sale. Every single issue of Fray is going for 99 cents at Dark Horse's Digital Store
"When it comes to storytelling, there is no Web drama I've seen as good as 'The Guild'". High praise from L.A. Times in article about the quality of Web TV. More...
Gina Torres is a powerhouse in 'Suits'! Who watched 'Suits' last night? Gina Torres is smart and sexy, in fact the whole show seems to be. I hope this one is a winner for her. More...
From SlayerLit's archives - a Gene Colan interview. The legendary comic book artist, who illustrated two Tales of the Slayer stories, passed away yesterday. There's an interview on the BBC's Buffy site from way back which has Doug Petrie talking about what it was like to have Gene working on 'Nikki Goes Down!'.
A Bounty of Buffy: an interview with Dark Horse's Scott Allie. With the 'Last Gleaming' tpb currently at no.1 on The New York Times' Paperback Graphic Books list, the paper's Arts Beat section speaks to Scott about Buffy Seasons 8 and 9 and the Angel & Faith title.
47 Reasons to Celebrate Joss. Buddy TV slideshows the purple one.

June 23

New trailer for 'The Guild' trade paperback. "When do you get to reinvent yourself as an adult?"
(SPOILER) New Captain America trailer is online. The lead in film to Joss' Avengers has a new trailer that just went online. Joss also did script work on this film. More...
The introduction to 'Serenity Found'. It's written by Jane Espenson and if you're a Firefly fan, it's worth checking out.
(SPOILER) Buffy Season 9 #1: the artistic process. A Dark Horse exclusive brought to you by Newsarama.
Want to ask Joss Whedon a question? He'll be at the Can't Stop The Serenity LA event on Saturday. So if you have a question for him (and/or Felicia Day and Michael Fairman), just reply to Comic Center's tweet and include the hashtag #CSTSLA.
Call for papers for "Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality in the Works of Joss Whedon". The deadline for the proposals is July 1st.
See Angel do stuff! A fan of Buffy and Angel places life size cardboard cutouts of David Boreanaz and James Marsters in various places. These are their exploits.

June 22

Happy birthday to Joss Whedon. He turns 47 today.
Confirmed: No Avengers Hall H Panel at this year's Comic-Con. The L.A. Times has confirmed that there will be no panel at San Diego to promote The Avengers film. More...
Vancouver fans revive Firefly to go "Into the Black". A feature about the long awaited Firefly fan film.
Buffy Season 8 sketch pages. As seen in the recently released 'Last Gleaming' trade paperback.
Custom made 12" Faith statue. Buffy fan Willowsworlock has made a Faith statue using the original Sideshow 12" figure that was released a few years back as its base. More...

June 21

Knit a Jayne hat cozy for your spirits. Perfect for covering up your Blue Sun bottle.
Watch 'Once More With Feeling' online for free at Syfy UK. It's be there for the next week (UK only). They also have a Buffy musical quiz.
Own a bit of Rocky Horror history and help a charity! Tony Head is auctioning one of only two jackets made especially for him from Rocky Horror to raise funds for a young boy with cerebral palsy. More...
Tony Head talks "Free Agents". He discusses his new NBC series with Digital Spy.
Torchwood: Web of Lies format details. If this report is the totality of it, the ancillary to Miracle Day, featuring Eliza Dushku, will arrive in the form of an iOS app. First part free, all ten parts for $2.99. Not so much the "web series" people keep referring to it as.
Amy Acker interview at Supanova Sydney 2011. The audio quality is a little ropey in places but it's a fun interview and worth listening to.

June 20

Neil Patrick Harris on tonight's Conan. He's on right now on the East Coast, discussing "The Best and the Brightest" and "The Smurfs".
Pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar from the Critics' Choice TV Awards. She was the presenter for Best Comedy Series.
Christina Hendricks ties for Best Supporting Actress at the Critics' Choice TV Awards. She shares the award with Margo Martindale ('Justified').
Eliza Dushku announced as guest at London convention this September. Starfury's 'Vampire: The Ball' convention adds Eliza to the guest list which also includes Whedon alums Julie Benz, Nicholas Brendon, Clare Kramer and Mark Metcalf among others.
Summer Glau Panel from Calgary Expo. Video of Summer Glau's panel appearance from last week's Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. She was also set to appear at this week's Starfury T3 Convention in London, but has had to cancel due to potential business conflicts.
'Ringer' gets a premiere date. According to Deadline, The CW has announced Sarah Michelle Gellar's 'Ringer' to premier Tuesday, September 13 at 9pm.
The twenty worst sci-fi wigs. A Buffyverse pair feature on SFX's list of the worst fake barnets.

June 19

First reaction to 15 minutes worth of Avengers footage. Pretty spectacular by all accounts.
Tony Head speaks to There's some info on what to expect about the next series of Merlin and the US version of Free Agents. And find out why the BBC thought online support for Buffy was a Rupert Murdoch scam and the craziest thing that a fan has done to get Tony's attention.

June 18

(SPOILER) Kristy Swanson stars in "Swampshark". Spoilers that you'd expect from the title. This (tested) link is to Syfy's page for the movie, which airs Sat. June 25.
Buffy 1.6th scale Library set. A WIP 1.6th scale Sunnydale library set made by a fan to go with their Sideshow 12" figures. More...

June 17

More musical scores from Dollhouse. The composer Rob Simonsen has put seven tracks from the show up on his website, five of which are previously unreleased.
Castle quiz: the historic details of cult hero Nathan Fillion. An online Quiz about Nathan Fillion with some quite funny comments along the way. How well do you know our Captain? Created by one of the networks that shows Castle.

June 16

The top five female characters of the Whedonverse. Well according to Daemon's TV. Who features on your list? More...
Dollhouse equals a huge plot hole? io9 counts down their top ten big reveals that have happened in TV that seem to only make matters more confusing, and cite a specific revelation in season two of "Dollhouse" as one of the worst offenders.
Marti Noxon joins Glee. She joins Fox's weekly high school musical as a consulting producer. You may recall she sang a few lines in "Once More With Feeling" and in Dr. Horrible with David Fury.
Buffy Season 1 reviewed. 'The Hat Rack' watches for the first time.
Three minutes of Marc Blucas in the new show 'Necessary Roughness'. Marc appears in an extended clip of USA's new original series about professional football behind the scenes.
Tim Minear on American Horror Story and Terra Nova. In an interview by Assignment X. He's on the staff of the former, and consulted on the latter.
Happy Birthday Tom Lenk! Our favorite storytelling Trio member turns 35 today. He tweets about what he wants.

June 15

(SPOILER) Scott Allie posts images from 'Angel & Faith'. A bunch of preview images were posted in individual tweets. Not sure if they are going to permanently live on DH's site so that link points to his twitter for now. Anyway, check out the pics! More...
Summer Glau signs with United Talent Agency (UTA). She was previously with William Morris.
James Marsters' June Q&A. In which he talks doing theatre in Chicago, hydrogen technology and nicknames.
Dark Horse's #WhedonWednesday goes Alpha! Dark Horse's new & awesome #WhedonWednesday gave us this 'Dollhouse:Epitaphs' sneak peak!
Harry Lennix to be in Man of Steel? According to the Man of Steel Facebook fan page, he has been offered a supporting role. More...
'Can't Stop the Serenity' events for the summer. This year's CSTS kicked off last weekend. Find out if there's a screening of Serenity in your area in the next few months.
The sci-fi masters of the cameo. "Numfar! Do the dance of joy!"

June 14

He only gets more horrible with age. Neil Patrick Harris turns 38 on this horrible day.
"Once More With Feeling" Returns to Comic-Con... and takes Hall H. That's the news from Whedonopolis, the annual presenter of the Buffy musical screening at SDCC, with details to come.
Movie studios reassess Comic-Con. Despite last year's panel for The Avengers being a highlight, Marvel may join other studios in sitting out the event this year.
First Set Photos from 'American Reunion'. The fourth part of the 'American Pie' franchise (not counting the direct-to-video sequels) reunites Alyson Hannigan with the rest of the original cast.
(SPOILER) Top ten reasons to look forward to Buffy Season 9. Courtesy of Scott Allie at Dark Horse (and there's a panel from Angel & Faith #1 as well).
Pre-Order Buffy Season 9 at TFAW! You can now pre-order all 3 variants of Buffy Season 9, #1, at or start a Season 9 subscription. Some beautiful, amazing artwork by Jo Chen, Steve Morris & Georges Jeanty! More...

June 13

Promo poster for The Avengers from The Licensing International Expo. Artwork gives idea of what the team looks like.
NPH's opening number at the 2011 Tonys. NPH lets us know that the audience for Broadway has broadened.
Joss Whedon Rap - a song about Joss Whedon. A little bit and more bits of fandom & fun from a girl who wants to have sexual intercourse with ours truly. And who loves Fray ^^.

June 12

Robert Downey Jr. talks about Joss Whedon and The Avengers. The actor made a surprise appearance at yesterday's Hero Complex Film Festival.
Jeffrey Bell's new show "The Protector" premieres tonight 10pm on Lifetime in the US. It chronicles the struggles of a divorced mother, who juggles her demanding personal and professional life as a LAPD homicide detective while raising two boys.
Serenity inside Unreal Engine 3. We've covered fan efforts with Lightwave and Blender models before. Now a fan has made a Serenity model in Unreal Engine 3 (a game engine) using the Unreal Development Kit. Also, a still.
Neil Patrick Harris talks hosting the Tonys. In this PopEater interview, he also talks parenthood and movie roles. "Smurf" spoilers (really).
James Marsters: Still buff(y) after all these years. If you can get past the groan worthy newspaper headline, there's a good interview to be had here.
Philosophy explained through Dollhouse. It helped this person study for an exam.
Jane Espenson and Georges Jeanty wrap up Buffy Season 8! A great fan report from the Golden Apple Comics event.

June 11

Firefly reference in Duke Nukem Forever. By all accounts, Duke says "I hope they make another season of that show Lightning Bug. The captain is so dreamy." More...
Harry Lennix is now on Twitter. Confirmed by Miracle Laurie.
Julie Benz to guest on USA's Royal Pains. The episode will air August 3rd. More...

June 10

(SPOILER) Have the villains of "The Avengers" accidentally been revealed? An apparent twitterer who has been working on "The Avengers" may have made a big boo-boo in tweeting from the set. A poster at reports on the possible snafu.
'Serenity' features in MSN's list of Best Science-Fiction Flicks. MSN wonders if new movies such as 'Super 8' can stand up against sci-fi classics like 'Serenity'.
Help Tom Lenk raise money for his upcoming documentary. Tom is raising money via a Kickstarter campaign for Who Do I Think I Am?, a documentary which will follow him to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where he'll be performing his show NERDGASM on August 12th. More...
Tony Head: 'Buffy is still incredibly current'. Short but sweet interview with him at Digital Spy.
(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Whedonverse comics for September. There's Angel And Faith #2, Buffy Season 9: Freefall #1 and Dollhouse: Epitaphs #3 of 5. ETA Comic Book Resources has more covers for the issues.
Andrew's brother to pen Daredevil script. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Brad Caleb Kane (Buffy's Tucker Wells) has been hired to write the Daredevil reboot.
Dollhouse: Epitaphs #1 to get exclusive San Diego Comic-Con cover. "One in every five copies that is picked up at the SDCC will be signed by the creators Jed Whedon, Andrew Chambliss, & Maurissa Tancharoen!"
Whedonesque nominated for 'Best Website' in the 2011 Portal Awards. Summer Glau got nominated for Best Actress/Television, Morena Baccarin for Best Supporting Actress/Television and Chris Hemsworth Best Actor/Film. Voting will begin on June 25th.

June 09

Want to be an extra in The Avengers? There will be an open casting call in Independence, Ohio on July 15th and 16th.
Can't Stop the Blues... a mighty fine shindig. Fandoms colliding. A Firefly themed blues dance workshop. The video shows the dancers taking on the crew's roles. The signal continues to cross boundaries and create community!
Michelle Trachtenberg guests on NBC's "Love Bites". It airs tonight (6/9/11) at 10PM.
Simon & Kaylee know No H8. A beautiful reunion shot for the anti-prejudice project. More...
Alternate lineup features Whedonverse characters. In the midst of a 9-game losing streak, a baseball blog dedicated to the Oakland Athletics proposes a new lineup, which happens to feature a couple of our favorite characters.
Why did the world go to hell? A Dark Horse teaser for the upcoming Dollhouse: Epitaphs mini-series.

June 08

Watch the new Joss Whedon PSA Video for "Equality Now". This video will be shown in the Can't Stop the Serenity screenings in 2011. ETA: The video has now been set to private.
Magnolia acquires Sundance pic 'Tucker & Dale Vs Evil' starring Alan Tudyk. Company plans to release the film on demand on August 26th, prior to a theatrical release on September 30th.
Eliza Dushku and others talk about "Batman: Year One" animated movie. Eliza Dushku has been cast as Selina Kyle in the new animated Batman movie adapted from the acclaimed classic Frank Miller comic book, and she can here be seen talking about the character and movie. Or so I've been told. ETA: It looks like the video has been removed due to copyright reasons.
Olivia Williams tipped to play Eleanor Roosevelt in 'Hyde Park on the Hudson'. Deadline says "she is in talks to join Bill Murray, who plays Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Laura Linney, who'll play FDR's distant cousin and mistress."
First look at Eliza Dushku on set of White Collar. Eliza Dushku with Matt Bomer on the set of White Collar's 9th episode of season 3. More...
(SPOILER) Angel & Faith #1: The Artistic Process. A Dark Horse exclusive brought to you by Newsarama. Contains the initial rough sketch, pencils, inks, colored page, and final page with text of a page of the book. Also, the script for that page.

June 07

The top five male characters of the Whedonverse. Well according to Daemon's TV. Who features on your list?
In the hot seat with Neil Patrick Harris. He chats to Time Out New York about Broadway, Dr Horrible, the Muppets and the Smurfs.
From Vampire to Theology Prof, Mr. Trick I Hardly Knew You. K. Todd Freeman, BtVS's Mr. Trick, plays a hyper-articulate, gay, theology professor whose partner's father, a disenchanted, retired longshoreman and former communist activist is planning to commit suicide in Tony Kushner's "The Intelligent Homosexual's Guide to Capitalism etc" currently onstage in New York. More...
Chris Evans 'geeked out' at seeing Avengers cast in costume. talk with Chris Evans about life off the set in Albuquerque and they ask him if all of the world's mightiest heroes have filmed together yet. The interview is in text and video form. More...
Trailer for the second episode of Franklin and Bash. It's Reed Diamond (Mr. Dominic)'s new show on TNT. More...

June 06

Video Interview with Nathan Fillion on Green Lantern: Emerald Knight. Various video bits from the interview with Nathan at Warner Bros on his GL:EK recording day have been edited together into a longish video including bits that I hadn't seen reported before. (It's the big center video on the web page.) More...
ThinkGeek has Serenity Schematic T-shirt. A new way to enjoy the midbulk transport, standard radion-accelerator core, classcode 03-K64, "Firefly."
Jane Espenson and Georges Jeanty talk about Buffy Season 9. This interview was conducted last week.
California Browncoats' Los Angeles CSTS event to be streamed live. The CA Browncoats Can't Stop the Serenity event (with special guests such as Joss and Felicia!) will be broadcast live on June 25th.
Filtering Firefly for Family Friendliness. If you've ever wanted your DVD player to automatically skip or mute scenes from the show because of undesireable content, well now you can. You can also do the same for Serenity (via the ClearPlay blog). More...

June 04

Eliza Dushku tweets "White Collar" photo. Tru & Luc together again. <3

June 03

Olivia Williams cast in Joe Wright's Anna Karenina. She will play Countess Vronskaya. More...
Alyson Hannigan as the perfect mother. Aly remains as sweet as ever in this article from Huffpost about her role in the new AP movie and on motherhood in general.
"Teen Wolf" remake inspired by "Buffy." The creator of MTV's Teen Wolf remake has revealed that the series is inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer. More...
Julie Benz on The Nerdist Podcast! In episode 94 of the podcast, Julie Benz talks to Chris, Matt and Jonah about Star Wars, puppies, TV ratings and being a child figure skater. More...

June 02

Amber Benson remixes 'Under Your Spell'. She did it to thank fans for posting 'Cat's Claw' reviews on Amazon.
Overlords, Incorporated Part 1. A short film featuring some Whedonverse alums. Camden Toy, Bonita Friedericy, and Steve Tartalia co-star in this short film that is an offshoot of web series "The Humted". Here's a link to Part 2.
Sideshow's Faith statue up for pre-order. Also, this exclusive version with interchangable arm. More...
SFX's top 10 guest stars. James Marsters, Brian Thompson and Tony Amendola get honorary shoutouts, Felicia Day is tenth and Mark Sheppard is number one.
Happy Birthday Jewel Staite. And Morena Baccarin! A two-fer! More...
(SPOILER) CBR talks to Andrew Chambliss about "Dollhouse: Epitaphs". There are some pretty decent sized spoilers regarding central characters as well as the direction of his 5-issue arc. There's also more preview pages from the first issue at Dark Horse's blog.
Eliza Dushku to star in online "motion comic" series of Torchwood. "Titled Torchwood: Web of Lies, Dushku will be front and center in the short-form story". More...
Alyson Hannigan talks 'American Reunion'. Interview with Alyson Hannigan about the sequel to American Pie.
Amy Acker to play in our 'Dollhouse' while Morena Baccarin stays 'Home(land)'. Bad wordplay aside, Firefly's Inara has regrettably cancelled her Sydney/Perth Supanova appearence and Amy Acker has stepped in to take her place.

June 01

Buffy digital comic to be part of Dark Horse retailer exclusive. It will be 8 pages long and out in August, so I am assuming some tie-in with Season 9. More...
Seth Green and Michelle Trachtenberg join 'Sexy Evil Genius'. The indie drama also stars Katee Sackhoff.
Netflix CEO acknowledges Firefly's popularity with streamers. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, Reed Hasting said that it would be impractical to create new episodes, given the actors have aged and the sets no longer exist.
David Boreanaz spotted in the wild. David was spotted heading into the Fox 2011 Upfronts by Jason O'Mara, star of the upcoming "Terra Nova."
Jane Espenson on Game of Thrones, Torchwood and Geek Girls. And Caprica, Once Upon a Time, Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), Buffy and writing in general as well. It's a good interview.
Buffy Season 8 Volume 8 'Last Gleaming' tpb out this week. The final volume collects issues 36-40 and the Riley one-shot.
Jonathan Ross wants to know if there are any Joss Whedon fans out there. He's been watching Dollhouse, which he and his wife (she co-wrote Kick-Ass) love. He also jokes about going to a Dollhouse convention. If anybody is confused, he's the guy behind the great BBC Film 2005 review of Serenity, where it went on to win their Film of the Year award.
(SPOILER) Russell T Davies talks about Buffy and working with Jane Espenson. As you'd expect, there's big spoilers for the upcoming series of Torchwood.
The Avengers quiz with Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo. Do you know how many Oscar nominees are in the movie? More...

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