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August 31

We're All Mad Here: Institutionalization in the Whedon-verse. An examination of how Joss explores the idea of institutionalization as a form of controlling and punishing women. It's a good read.
(SPOILER) Buffy Season 9 / Angel & Faith official trailer from Dark Horse. Spoilers only if you're trying to avoid any kind of preview panels.
(SPOILER) More Avengers artwork and speculation about their antagonist(s). Some new promo artwork emerged for the tie-in comic book "Road to the Avengers" (including a new picture of the whole team and also one of Loki) as well as further speculation regarding the films villain(s).
The Making of a Cover: Buffy Season 9 #1 by Georges Jeanty. Dark Horse takes us through the cover creation process for Georges' 25th Anniversary Cover.
Patton Oswalt briefly discusses Dollhouse. Within a long interview, Oswalt answers a question about whether his experience on shows like Dollhouse has "soured" his experience of working on series TV. More...
"Visually, this is very much my own thing...". Some brief comments from Joss about The Avengers.
(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith #1. After the tumultuous events of Buffy Season 8, Angel and Faith have relocated to London. So what did you think of the first part of the 'Live Through This' arc?
Vote for Nathan Fillion in the 2011 EWwy Awards. Vote for Nathan as Best Actor in a Drama in the Entertainment Weekly Emmy Snub Awards (you need to "like" the page first).

August 30

On-site coverage of the Avengers filming in Cleveland. Comics Continuum, a metro Detroit-produced TV series, reports from The Avengers set with some unofficial video. It's the first segment in the episode. Also included are quick interviews with Kevin Feige, Cobie Smulders, Chris Hemsworth, and Robert Downey, Jr., from the Disney D23 Avengers panel. More...
An open letter to the Daily Mail by Eliza Dushku. She takes the newspaper to task for their recent article regarding Hayden Panettiere charging money for autographs at a con.
(SPOILER) A very special guest star on the new episode of "The Guild". They join other Whedonverse alumni, including Doug Jones and Maurissa Tancharoen, in the latest episode of Felica Day's web series.
14 sci-fi gangsters you don't want to cross. Two Firefly references. I could squee, but that would be a tad undignified.
(SPOILER) More preview pages for Angel & Faith #1. The issue is out tomorrow but we've got yet more preview pages that have been released.
A brief interview with Olivia Williams in which she talks about the development of her character in Dollhouse and Sunday afternoon theatre.
18 things you didn't know about Firefly. It's an infographic that's currently doing the rounds.
Larry Bagby Stands up to Cancer. Larry and his band will perform tonight as part of a benefit put together by Stageit, a service that allows artists to perform virtually for fans.

August 29

Eliza Dushku added as a last minute guest at Dragon Con. The annual convention in Atlanta, Georgia USA is being held this year September 2-5.
(SPOILER) Avengers tidbits from a meeting with Joss. Find out which Hollywood actress will be in the movie.
Sarah Michelle Gellar talks about Buffy. She talks about her memories of Buffy and little tidbits of her personal life in a video interview with EW. First of two parts, the second will be posted tomorrow. And there's a new promo of the cast here.
(SPOILER) Alan Tudyk talks "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil" and Dollhouse. Spoilers on his new horror comedy, and a very insightful bit in the middle on how Alpha taught him to embrace his humorous side.
Slayer : the presentation of the unaired pilot of Buffy. This seems to be the very first trailer that either the WB or Fox made for the show, when the network still wanted to call it "Slayer". More...
(SPOILER) Andrew Chambliss talks to CBR about Buffy Season 9. There are some mild spoilers sprinkled in there, including a hint at the nature of the SFPD's relationship with Buffy. Also, the previously released preview pages are included, so avoid if you want to remain completely spoiler-free.
Serenity Soundtrack signed by David Newman. Apparently he was at the signing yesterday.

August 28

The ten most unlikely action heroes of TV and film. Witney Seibold gives his list of actors he just doesn't buy as tough or physically intimidating. Sarah Michelle Gellar comes in at number 4. More...
Assignment X interviews Mark Sheppard on the return of Jim Sterling on Leverage. The actor talks about the Sterling/Nate relationship and working with director Jonathan Frakes.
J. August Richards would like us to wish him a Happy Birthday! I hope he has a very happy birthday (and I'm feeling guilty that I still haven't seen his Warehouse 13 episode yet, it is on my DVR).

August 26

Marvel to release 'Road To The Avengers' movie tie-in. It'll collect the movie continuity comic book mini-series 'I Am Iron Man', 'Iron Man Security Measures', 'Iron Man 2: Public Identity', 'Iron Man 2: Agents Of SHIELD' and 'Captain America: First Vengeance'. And Joss' Astonishing X-Men run will conveniently get reissued as two "Ultimate Collection" tpbs.
D.B. Woodside heading to 'Parenthood'. He'll be doing a five episode arc on the show. More...
Catching up with Marc Blucas. Watch the trailer for Marc's new film 'Stay Cool' with Chevy Chase and Winona Ryder, read about his current gig on 'Necessary Roughness' and his status as a San Antonio 'Spurs Groupie.' And I included this ESPN article for the cool photo of Marc playing hoops. (I can't tell if he's about to "finger roll" a basket or if he's rebounding.) More...
(SPOILER) Buffy Season 9 #1 three-page preview. Brought to you by Dark Horse Comics.
Phoenix Examiner movie review of Mercedes McNab's 'Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf'. Joseph Airdo reviews the recently released DVD/Blu-ray. More...
Anthony Stewart Head Talks 'Free Agents' and 'Buffy'. Short interview on the Collider website; ASH talks about his new NBC show (premieres 9-21-11), Comic-Con and answers the inevitable question about a Buffy reboot without Joss.
Angel by the Numbers. A fantastic essay by someone who worked on the show.

August 25

CSTS event in Melbourne this Saturday. Since 2006, CSTS has raised $601,885.29 for charity. More...
Avengers Assemble in Australia one week early. Disney has sent a release schedule showing The Avengers being released in Australia on 25 April 2012. This puts it over a week ahead of the US release date of 4 May 2012. More...
(SPOILER) The full Christos Gage 'Angel and' Faith Twitter Q/A chat. I'm linking to the transcript at Slayalive. More...
Buffy and Veronica would be BFFs. Flavorwire picks out what characters from different shows might be good friends and pairs up our favorite Slayer with the teen detective.

August 24

Scarlett Johansson praises 'Fanboy' Joss Whedon. Superfox Scarlet Johansson (along with Jeremy Renner) talked to TTV about Joss with video to prove it.
Sarah Michelle Gellar dishes about going from 'Buffy' to 'Ringer'. It's an interview with, she's also on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.
(SPOILER) A new "Fright Night": what a difference a female screenwriter makes. Light spoilers for the movie: "Marti Noxon, known for her work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and then Angel, is obviously no newbie when it comes to vampires-nor when it comes to vampire narratives that take on gender norms and critique them."
Interview with Nicholas Brendon at the Chicago Comic Con. An interview by the girl who wants to have sexual relations with Joss Whedon. It all comes full circle.
'Serenity: Better Days and Other Stories' comes out this week. This extended hardcover edition collects the three issues of the Better Days mini-series and also features "the short stories Serenity: The Other Half and the previously uncollected Serenity: Downtime, and the one-shot Serenity: Float Out". More...
A Buffy portrait by Phil Noto. He's drawn Willow, Spike and Dawn as well.

August 23

Add a caption to a picture from the set of The Avengers with Chrises Hemsworth and Evans.
A visit to The Avengers shoot in Cleveland. Someone posted a blog about what they encountered when they made a trip to Cleveland to see the filming of the Avengers. They saw Enver Gjokaj which is further proof that he is in The Avengers and not just visiting the set.
(SPOILER) First Look: Charisma Carpenter on Burn Notice. In the Sept. 1 episode of the USA Network spy drama, Carpenter plays Nicki, the wife of a brilliant physicist.
Patton Oswalt goes Camping with Johnny Knoxville. Dollhouse alum and 'verse comics writer Oswalt has been cast in a new comedy. More...
'Supernatural': Jared Padalecki and Charisma Carpenter on Set. Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters will be both in an upcoming episode of Supernatural. This is a picture from Charisma's first day on set. More...

August 22

J. August Richards guests on tonight's episode of "Warehouse 13". According to Mr. Richards' Tweet on the subject - Drew Z. Greenberg (aka DrewZachary) tweets the same.
Two Watchers and a Witch. Needs no further description. Update: more, and bigger. More...
Robin Sachs reads The Answers, by Stephen Dunn. (NSFW, language) We don't get a lot of posts here about the man who played Ethan Rayne in BtVS. But here he is, lending his voice to "The Answers," a spoken word piece with voice over artist Xe Sands. "The Answers" appears in "The Insistence of Beauty" by the poet Stephen Dunn. More...
Christos Gage to do live Twitter Q&A for "Angel & Faith" #1 on August 25th. The LIVE session starts 10AM Pacific time and should last about an hour. Make sure to use the #angelnfaithchat hash tag.
Shindig for Equality Now. The folk who bring you Pubcast are taking part in the global "Can't Stop The Serenity" fundraising drive for Equality Now in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. More...
R.I.P. Reza Badiyi. He was a prolific tv director whose credits included the Buffy Season 1 episode "Out of Mind, Out of Sight".

August 20

(SPOILER) Interviews with various cast members of The Avengers. Collider has interviews with the cast from D23. More...
(SPOILER) A recap of The Avengers footage shown at D23. Want to find out what wowed the crowd?
HMV Exclusive Serenity "Reel Heroes" Limited Edition DVD. Saw this in HMV the other day and thought I'd share. It's a limited edition DVD with comic book artwork and comes with an art card, also available on Blu-ray. The video explains all (:
Transcript of the Buffy Panel at Paley Fest from 1998. Or at least a good extract of it. And as it says on the Paley Center website, a recording of the panel is available. More...
The Avengers panel at Disney's D23 expo kicks off soon. There will be live blogging on the Marvel site and Marvel's Facebook page at 10.30am PDT. ETA: It's actually starting now at 1pm PDT. And exclusive footage put together by Joss is being shown. Tom Hiddleston, Cobie Smulders, Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johannson, Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr are at the panel. Huge pic here.
Happy Birthday to James Marsters. He turns 49 today.
Organisers for Women of Wonder Day 2011 seek contributions. They are looking for "Artwork, Collectibles, and Autographed Items featuring ANY "Women of Wonder"" (so Buffy for example). The event will raise money for domestic violence charity programs.

August 19

Spooking Marti Noxon. The "Master of Horror" mentions a few favorite horror movies to the New York Times.
New Ticket Options for the Browncoat Ball available now. Full weekend packages are still available for the Browncoat Ball in Warwick, Rhode Island on October 21-23 and you can now also go just for Saturday, or go for only the ball.
Emma Caulfield to star in Red Scare, a comedic murder mystery webseries. She will play June Cleaver-esque housewife Vivienne Lee in the story of ten strangers who hide in a fallout shelter...only to discover that one of them is a vampire. BUT WHO? More...
Big Announcements from Browncoats: Redemption. Including updates on how much has been raised, a price drop, and where they may be headed.
Clare Kramer Birthday Bash- with Nick Brendon! Party with Clare Kramer and Nicholas Brendon during Dragon*Con. Tickets are $100 for the Sept. 3 event to celebrate Clare's birthday!
Steven Moffat starts watching Firefly. On a train. The current lead writer and executive producer of Doctor Who, @steven_moffat also made Coupling and co-created Sherlock - the much praised BBC series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. He tweets: More...
(SPOILER) Battle scene footage from The Avengers set. Awesome footage from the Medical Center in Cleveland with a bird's eye view of action scenes being shot. More...
Brian Lynch and Franco Urru tackle teenage mutant ninja turtle Raphael. The creative team behind a bunch of IDW's canonical "Spike" and "Angel" comics have been announced as writer and artist for IDW's microseries about the famously short-tempered mutant turtle (Hamato) Raphael. More...
Ain't it Cool News Interviews Marti Noxon. She talks about 'Fright Night', as well as mentions her rewrite of 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies'.
'Alphas' promo pics featuring Summer Glau. Her episode is set to premier this Monday at 10pm EDT.
(SPOILER) New Avengers pics from the Cleveland set. Possibly confirms rumors about the Big Bads, so proceed at your own discretion. More...
"The (Un)Dead Sexy Matrix of Onscreen Vampires". Where do Buffy's leading vampires fall? Somewhere between bloodcurdlingly scary, dead sexy, repulsive or tamer than a pair of bunny slippers...
Macbeth on Audio Download. Download available of James Marsters performing Macbeth for L.A. Theatre Works. More...

August 18

Can't Stop the Serenity Wedding Ceremony in Beeston,UK this Saturday. Non-wedding CSTS events Saturday in Chicago, Halifax NS Canada, Portland and San Francisco. More...
Morgan Spurlock on his Comic-Con documentary. "This time, it just might work."
Gina Torres Suits up for new USA series. The actress talks about playing the boss, and her continuing thoughts about Firefly's Zoe.
Maurissa Tancharoen's first episode on The Guild is online. Her role in this episode is small but distinctive. More...
Nicholas Brendon talks with Comics Waiting Room. Nicholas discusses last weekend's Chicago Comic Con, the enduring popularity of "Buffy" and what he's working on now.
Joss' Equality Now T-Shirt Design. See Joss' design for one of Equality Now's t-shirts. Buying one will, of course, help out the organization and its mission. More...
Emma Caulfield on "Pop My Culture" Podcast. Listen to Emma Caulfield's appearance on the "Pop My Culture" podcast in which she and co-hosts Cole Stratton and Vanessa Ragland discuss many-a-thing.

August 17

Seth Green to Star in 'The Story of Luke'. Seth just Tweeted the Variety link - click through for full details, brief plot excerpt below. More...
Elizabeth Craft & Sarah Fain sell a new show to Fox. The writing team from "Angel" and "Dollhouse" are working on a new show for the old network. More...
Heaven's Goodie Basket. Lower right corner. Awww.
Buffy Season 9: Something New. Scott Allie describes how Joss, Scott and other writers broke the arc for the Buffy Season 9 comics. More...
Charity auction - bid on teddy bears signed by Whedonverse actors. Project Teddy Bear has returned and you can currently bid on teddy bears and pictures signed by the likes of Tony Head, Christina Hendricks, Stephanie Romanov, Robin Sachs, Jewel Staite, Alan Tudyk and Olivia Williams. All proceeds from the auctions will go to support The Avon Walk For Breast Cancer.
Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters to guest on the same Supernatural episode. TV Line has the scoop about the fifth episode of Season 7. And don't forget that Jewel Staite will appear in the Season 7 premiere. More...

August 16

Dollhouse's Enver Gjokaj is in The Avengers. A very nice person tweeted us to let us know. And if you look closely, you can make out Enver chatting to Joss in this pic from the set.
(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Whedonverse comics for November. Buffy #3, Angel & Faith #4 and Dollhouse: Epitaph #5 of 5 all come out.
The Avengers kicks off with a bang! Watch Joss and Co. blow up a bit of "New York" yesterday.
Joss Whedon will appear in 'Captured Ghosts'. He got interviewed for the feature-length documentary about Warren Ellis. Presumably the Whedon/Ellis webseries that gets mentioned in the tweet is 'Wastelanders'.
Olivia Williams on being Eleanor Roosevelt. She writes about wearing false teeth, dying her hair grey, and wearing a blonde wig to play Dakota Fanning's mother.
Sky Living buys Ringer. "The BSkyB-owned entertainment channel has signed a multi-year deal with CBS Studios International to air the show in the UK soon after its debut on US network CW on 13 September."
James Marsters' August Q&A is out. A somewhat brief Q&A this month, but interesting nevertheless. More...

August 15

Marti Noxon picks The Cabin in the Woods as a favorite horror comedy. The writer of Fright Night puts the forthcoming Whedon/Goddard flick on a top ten list. The US and UK find out for themselves on April 13, 2012.
Tonight on Lifetime - Charisma Carpenter stars in 'Deadly Sibling Rivalry'. She plays identical twin sisters, one of which.... well you'll see from the official synopsis.
Today's "HD-Hottie": Michelle Trachtenberg! highlights MT as the hottie to watch for in hi-def for her new role on tonight's "Weeds."
Summer Glau in country music video. Keith Urban's new video clip "Long Hot Summer" featuring Summer Glau has been released.
SFX's "Worlds of Whedon" interviews now on Kindle. If you couldn't get a hold of the magazine, you can now buy the interviews as a standalone eBook at Amazon.

August 14

Happy Birthday Robin Balzer! Cheers for the Minder of Buffy S8 Issue 10, the only character in all the 'verses who's got the same name in our 'verse! More...
Happy Birthday to Zack Whedon! He turns 32 today.
Hitfix's early look at the pilot of Sarah Michelle Gellar's new series 'Ringer'. Spoiler-free, but mostly negative.
"Count Jeff" - a new web series from Amber Benson & Adam Busch. It's about life as a new vampire when you work in a dead-end job and have little to look forward to.

August 13

(SPOILER) Set photos from the Avengers. Bunch of cars suffering some abuse. Might be spoilery if you don't wanna know which city Cleveland is doubling for.
10 comic book bad guys gone good. One of our vampires with a soul makes the list at #5.
Tonight on Syfy - Jewel Staite stars in 'Doomsday Prophecy'. There's an interview with Jewel and her fellow lead A.J. Buckley about the movie over at Blastr.

August 12

Sing Along with Dr. Horrible by Joebot. The artist who did "River Tam and the Fireflies" creates a design based on Dr. Horrible. More...
(SPOILER) Preview of Angel and Faith #1. There's three pages we haven't seen before. The issue is out at the end of the month.
The Geek Bucket List. "Accept Joss Whedon as your dear and fluffy lord." More...
TNT renews Christian Kane's "Leverage" for a fifth season. It got a 15 episode order.
Nerdist Writers Panel #2 with David Fury. Recorded on March 13th, 2011, the panel also includes Jeff Greenstein (Friends, Will & Grace, Desperate Housewives), Emily Cutler (Community) and Cathryn Humphries (Mad Men, V).
Gina Torres' "Suits" picked up for second season. Series picked up for second 12-episode season, seven episodes into its first.
Trailer for "A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas". It stars Whedonverse alumni Neil Patrick Harris and Kal Penn. More...
Marti Noxon on GEEKTIME! on SiriusXM. I don't have an a good link for this at the moment, so the link goes to the schedule page for Channel 101 (the show is live from 12PM-2PM EST US time to today). More...

August 11

A Joss Whedon story. David Rhodes tells of his experiences of being a Buffy extra on the final day of the filming of the show.
Alan Tudyk on Tucker & Dale, Firefly, and other things. It's mostly about Tucker & Dale, but has Alan's latest thoughts on whether or not anything Firefly could ever happen again.
The thirteen most hilarious moments in Angel. That's according to one writer at
"Team Buffy" by Miles Sounds. The "chuggy tune with a catchy loop" got released the other month. If you want more Buffy with your dance music, there's always the Buffy Dance Mix Game.
Five questions with Buffy artist Georges Jeanty. He talks about the challenges he faces in Season 9 and what superpower he'd like.

August 10

(SPOILER) The art process for Angel & Faith. Rebekah Isaacs takes us from script to the final coloured page for a page from the first issue. There's also a related interview with her as well.
Minneapolis CSTS event starts Thursday at the beautiful Riverview Theater. Three nights of Serenity & Dr. Horrible. With The Guild on Thursday only.
(SPOILER) A review of Dollhouse: Epitaphs #2. The issue came out today in comic book shops and Comics Bulletin gave it 4 1/2 bullets out of 5 saying "Overall, it was a really great issue, even by Dollhouse standards."

August 09

The Avengers panel at D23 2011 confirmed. The Disney's D23 Expo runs August 19-21 at the Anaheim Convention Center. On Saturday, August 20th, The Avengers will be part of the films presented. Kevin Feige and cast members from The Avengers will be present at the presentation. More...
When we pretend we're dead. What's it like for an actor when he or she has to "play dead"? Interviews with eight different actors, including Azura Skye, who talks about "dying" on BtVS, and in other movies. More...
Eliza Dushku Talks Batman: Year One. talks to Eliza about voicing Catwoman in the recent animated adaptation. More...
How Joss is Feeling. High on Agent Coulson, but not so sleepful. Another Comic Con interview, but all new except for the shirt. More...
Michelle Trachtenberg is guest starring on Weeds next Monday. You get a glimpse of her in the trailer for next week's episode.

August 08

Nerdist Writers Panel #1: Damon Lindelof, Jane Espenson, Erin Levy & Drew Z. Greenberg. This is a podcast, hosted by Ben Blacker in front of an audience at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles. More...
Trailer for 'Drive'. Not the late, lamented Tim Minear/Nathan Fillion show but, rather, a new flick starring Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston, and our very own Christina Hendricks.
Reports of an unofficial Firefly prequel are incorrect. Originally it was reported in the The Westmorland Gazette that 'Lost Transmissions' was "a science fiction film based on cult television series Firefly". More details (including a poster) at the film studio's website. Update: However it turns out that the newspaper got it wrong, the film's director said "All I ever told the journalist was that some of my inspirations came from various shows".
(SPOILER) Preview for Dollhouse: Epitaphs #2. The comic book comes out on Wednesday.

August 07

Coverage of the filming of The Avengers in Cleveland. The Plain Dealer has a series of articles about the movie being filmed in the Cleveland area this month. More...
"Roger Wyndham-Pryce" cast in Game of Thrones. Roy Dotrice, who portrayed Wesley's father in the Angel episode "Lineage" has been cast in GoT. More...

August 06

Want to own the chair from Dollhouse? Go Printy shopping.
Limited Buffy Lithograph by Mark Texeira exclusive to Wizard World Chicago. It will be given away as part of a BTVS VIP package, or can be purchased at Texeira's booth at the show. More...
Joss Whedon interview about The Avengers. He was talking to Poptimal. More...

August 05

One last Dr. Horrible stage production this weekend. It turns out there's one last post-licensing stage production of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog after all, this one in North Carolina, as a fundraiser for tornado relief. More...
Sarah Michelle Gellar, David Boreanaz and Alyson Hannigan to guest star on American Dad. They will be providing their voices for guest appearances on American Dad this Fall.
The Q Ratings love Nathan Fillion. According to recently released Q ratings, Nathan Fillion is "The 6th Most Popular Star on Television". More...
(SPOILER) Buffy Season 9 sketches by Georges Jeanty. Courtesy of Dark Horse's Facebook Page.
Sarah Michelle Gellar: 5 Things to Know. The Hollywood Reporter does a short focus on SMG.
'Freedom in an Unfree World' - a 'Verse essay. This libertarian examination of Firefly and Serenity comes from the 'Serenity Found' collection of essays.

August 04

CNET video interview with Joss Whedon from Comic-Con. It's 4:22 long with a bit of Season 9 and a bit of Avengers. There's also a Whedonopolis/Fanboy Comics interview with Andrew Chambliss. The Andrew video is 8:26 in length with a bit about Dollhouse comics and a bit of Season 9.
Angel & Faith #1 variant cover by Rebekah Isaacs. Exclusive for her New England signing tour. Artist cautions, NSFYF (Not Safe For Yankees Fans!).
Drew Goddard was on short list to direct Thor 2 according to Variety. Drew was on a short list with James McTeigue, Noam Murro and Breck Eisner to take over the director's chair from Kenneth Branagh on 2013's Thor sequel. Game of Thrones director Brian Kirk is the front runner now and is in early talks for the job. More...
Christian Kane's video release for "Let Me Go". On Christian's facebook page, he is calling on all Kaniacs and other fans to check out his new video and help him get it charted on CMT.
Confirmed: Sarah Michelle Gellar will guest on 'All My Children'. She said at the Ringer TCA panel, "I called up the casting director and told her I wanted to do something, that I want to be a part of it.".
The Cabin in the Woods gets a UK release date. I've checked the date with the distributor. This makes my brain happy.
Eliza Dushku talks about her guest spot on "White Collar" and tries to answer the question of which character she'd like to play again. About such character she says: "People to this day tell me the impression she made on them personally, so of course I want to give them some more of her at some point, if I ever can".

August 03

'Verse Easter eggs on "Futurama". Take a close look at the names on the heads in the jars in the latest episode, "All the Presidents' Heads," and you'll find that a few Big Damn Heroes apparently went on to rule the world ... plus a few mash-ups like "Summer Maher" and "Nathan Krumholtz." (Links to the iTunes "Futurama" page.)
Tim Minear joins the writing staff of American Horror Story, as Consulting Producer. The series will premiere on FX October 5th, with a 90-minute episode.
Felicia Day: Mogul in the Making. David M. Ewalt at Forbes writes about Felicia's many successes.
Joss Whedon speaks about "Buffy: Season 9" & "The Avengers" to CBR TV. Juggling his work on “Avengers” with the comic’s new season and his plans to dial back the widescreen action from “Season Eight,” returning to the character’s roots as well as the level of interaction fans can expect between the various Buffyverse titles.
Comic-Con: Episode IV to premiere at 2011 Toronto International Film Festival. It's part of the documentary line-up for the festival, which runs September 8 to 18. More...
90210 snags Buffy alum Sarah Hagan. Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Sarah Hagan (Potential Slayer Amanda) has booked a recurring role on 90210.
Support Club Mo! Friends of Maurissa Tancharoen have started a team in her honor for the Walk for Lupus Now in Los Angeles. You can donate to the cause on the team's page. More...
'Marvel One-Shots" short films to expand the cinematic universe. The first two star Clark Gregg as Agent Coulsen and take place before 'The Avengers'. More...

August 02

A geek dream team. Morgan Spurlock talks about "Comic-Con Episode Four: A Fan's Hope", documentaries, and much other geekish and non-geekish stuff. More...
How Tony Head feels about what happened to Giles. Obviously there's spoilers for what went down in Season 8. And then there's this tidbit "Head adds that he's heard there are "interesting ideas afoot" for the Buffyverse."
Eliza Dushku live chat and "White Collar" viewing. Eliza will be hosting a Tinychat watch party tonight during the airing of her "White Collar" episode on USA Network at 9pm Pacific time. More...

August 01

Tony Head has "no idea" why the Buffy reboot could be happening. He gives a private interview during the Television Critics' Association's press tour, and mentions having dinner with Joss during Comic-Con. More...
Ten questions for Drew Z. Greenberg. The former Mutant Enemy writer talks about Buffy, Smallville, Clone Wars, Warehouse 13 and more.
Dollhouse Is Feminist - a 16 part video deconstruction of Dollhouse season one. GoingRampant looks at everything from the overall messages and publicity down to breaking down and analyzing how each and every episode treats female and male characters, and what Dollhouse is trying to examine about using each other.
An Avengers/Buffy comic? Joss Whedon drops knowledge. Another Comic-Con interview courtesy of io9.
(SPOILER) Marti Noxon interviewed by Latino Review for "Fright Night". Has some plot details on the film of course. And she's asked how she avoids writing in BuffySpeak on her current projects.
James Marsters narrates The Vampire Empire trilogy. Buzzy Multimedia has put out a press release about their latest audiobook. More...
Read Jane Espenson's 'Spike' digital comic for free. Today, August 1, the first little tidbit of Season 9 is now available through the Dark Horse Digital store, free of charge care of a special code that you can only get through comic shops. More...
Jane Espenson discusses her new web series 'Husbands'. A must-see for anyone interested in the current state of television.
Sci-fi and fantasy spin-offs we'd loved to have seen. Besides the usual Whedonverse suspects of the Faith and Ripper spinoffs, SFX comes up with the idea of a Jubal Early show.
No more about tv shows being turned into movies. Vulture's Margaret Lyons condemns the never-ending talk of TV series possibly being considered for feature film adaptation or spin-off, and (not surprisingly) brings up "Firefly" as a key example.

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