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December 31

Happy New Year from Whedonesque! Things to look forward to in 2012 - The Avengers, Much Ado About Nothing, The Cabin in the Woods, more Buffy Season 9 and Angel & Faith comic books, a brand new Serenity comic book tale and more updates about In Your Eyes.
(SPOILER) Scott Allie Q/A for Angel & Faith #5. Covers a range of topics.

December 30

QMx unveils the Malcolm Reynolds Metal-Plated Pistol. You can pre-order it next year and it will set you back $79.95. More...
(SPOILER) The latest major Avengers rumour. Has HeroClix given away a big plot detail in their product description for the Avengers miniature figurines?
Happy Birthday, Eliza Dushku! Faith/Echo turns 31 and celebrates with a fundraiser for former child soldiers and victims of war.

December 29

Psychiatrist and daughter watch Firefly, discuss family. Steven Schlozman gets his daughter to watch Firefly while stuck at his parents' house over winter vacation. Partially continued in the article comments.
Pirates of Penzance set in the Firefly 'verse. The Stanford Savoyards' upcoming production of Pirates of Penzance will be set in the Firefly 'verse. The mind boggles!
James Marsters in Three Inches tonight on the SyFy channel.
(SPOILER) Georges Jeanty Slayalive Q/A For Buffy Season 9 # 4. Another great Q/A with insight to the creative process of season 9 from the Buffy artist.
Russian trailer for 'The Avengers' has new footage. There's a breakdown of the new scenes over at

December 28

Charisma Carpenter talks 'The Lying Game', 'Haunted High' and the Buffy remake. Collider interviews Charisma about her recurring guest star role on The Lying Game.
(SPOILER) Cover for Buffy Season 9 #8. Cover art by Phil Noto.
(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith #5. This issue features a couple of familar faces visiting London. MTV Geek liked the story, "if you're looking to jump right into a new, great series, this is the perfect issue to get on board".
The band gets back together. Assignment X talks to James Marsters, Charlie De Mars and Kevin McPherson about the Ghost of the Robot reunion.
The top 100 comics of 2011. Comic Book Resources places Buffy Season 9 at no. 72.

December 27

Firefly inspired music video. Cocktail Raiders - Goad & Conviction. More...

December 26

The New Yorker praises Jane Espenson's 'Husbands'. Emily Nussbaum says the web series is "totes adorbs."
Nerdist Year in Review. Nathan Fillion guests on BBC America Nerdist Year in Review. Wil Wheaton reveals something about his wife.
(SPOILER) CBR Interview with Karl Moline about Buffy Season 9 #5. A little more info on the next issue and talk about the creation of Fray.

December 25

Merry Christmas from Jed and Mo. A PG-13, entirely awesome song.

December 23

Dear Nathan Fillion, I am your number one fan. Merlin's Katie McGrath reveals her admiration for the Captain.
(SPOILER) What to expect in Angel & Faith. Christos Gage reveals three key words and more.

December 22

The Avengers to be released in 3D. "The Avengers" has a new superpower: 3D. Walt Disney Studios said Thursday that the movie will be released in the format when it debuts May 4. ETA: Joss comments on it at
"The games are indoors, and they usually play at night." David Boreanaz pens an ode to the Philadelphia Flyers. More...
Buffy reboot gets staked? Hero Complex tweets that the writer has been fired and the project is in limbo. ETA: There's an article that goes into greater detail on the Hero Complex site.
Spend Christmas Day with the Crew of Serenity. The Science Channel is running a Firefly marathon. More...
Tom Hiddleston talks Joss and The Avengers. It's a good interview, a little bit spoilerish for what Loki gets up to in the movie.
Joss Whedon's art features in 'A' magazine. As to what exactly it is, that's anyone's guess (you'll have to buy the magazine to find out).
ITunes Store complete My Season and Firefly. Macworld posted their humorous version of Apple's iTunes Store:Complete My Season FAQ. More...

December 21

Watch the teaser trailer for Danny Strong's "Game Change". Everyone's favorite Superstar, Danny Strong, occasionally writes amazing movies based on real-life American politics. This is the trailer for his newest one.
First Look at Charisma Carpenter on ABC Family's 'The Lying Game'. Her arc begins with the Jan.2nd mid-season premiere.
Astonishing X-Men digital comics sale. This time it's Marvel offering all 25* issues of Joss' run at $0.99 each, until the end of 2011. Also available through Comixology. More...
(SPOILER) CBR interviews Zack Whedon about the Star Wars/Serenity comic book. And Comics Alliance talks with Fabio Moon, the artist for the Serenity comic.
IMDb poll: favourite Christmas episode. Amends from Buffy Season Three is one of the options, based on this Examiner article.

December 20

Patton Oswalt On Comedy, Change, And What Happens If You Never Leave Home. On last Sunday's NPR Weekend Edition, Oswalt discusses with host Audie Cornish his upcoming role opposite Charlize Theron in the black comedy "Young Adult." More...
Sale on digital Buffy comics this weekend. "Season 8 Digital Comics, Issues 1-15 are going to be just $.99 each all weekend long".
Merry Christmas from SFX. A special message from SFX with some Whedon goodness.
Making It with Joss Whedon. Fab one hour podcast interview about how Joss got started in his career, his love of writing and the decisions that defined his career. More...
Emma Caulfield guest stars on TNT's 'Leverage'. 'The Lonely Hearts Job' airs December 25th on TNT. More...

December 19

(SPOILER) Two new official stills from 'The Avengers'. The first pic originally appeared in this month's Empire and the second pic features in the trailer.
Charisma Carpenter talks about Whedon World and Buffy Season 3. This is taken from a conference call about Charisma's new role on the ABC Family show "The Lying Game".
New trailer for 'The Avengers'. There's some lovely new footage to be found in this German trailer.

December 18

'The Cabin in the Woods' trailer is now on iTunes. Relive the glory in HD.

December 17

Ain't it Cool News' Quint recounts his Butt-Numb-A-Thon Experience. He calls The Cabin in the Woods the "clear favorite of the fest".
Jane Espenson on Crazy Sexy Geeks podcast. She discusses Husbands, Once Upon a Time, plus "women breaking into screenwriting, the magic of storytelling, and what is her private geeky pleasure".
(SPOILER) Once Upon a Time casts Amy Acker. Once Upon a Time has dipped into the Whedonverse yet again to fill a guest-starring role. Spoilers if you watch the show.

December 16

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Buffy Season 9 # 5. Early preview of first one off story for Buffy Season 9.
Enver Gjokaj in another hilarious video. This one is Christmas themed. And a little NSFW.
New Greg Edmonson interview. Brand new interview with the composer, covering "Firefly", "Uncharted", his early career, and more.
Alyson Hannigan pregnant! The Denisof household is expecting again. Alyson confirmed it first hand.
Bid to win tickets for the US premiere of The Avengers. You get to meet Mark Ruffalo as well. The auction ends on the 22nd and proceeds go to Water Defense.
Nerdist Writers Panel podcast with David Fury. An in depth chat with David Fury about his career, process, and the choices hes made.

December 15

Patton Oswalt cast as Vizzini in Jason Reitman's Princess Bride Live Read. Could he have picked anyone better?
Parody - Joss Whedon's letter to Santa. From the imaginations at Pop Culture Monster, along with letters from other real and fictional persons. ETA: Link down due to traffic.
Two new UK banners for 'The Avengers'. The movie opens there on the 27th of April.

December 14

Marvel to release a canon prelude to The Avengers. The comics will be written by Chris Yost and Eric Pearson and will span four issues.
How I drew Malcolm Reynolds. Dan Dos Santos takes us through the process of creating the cover art for the Serenity comic book for Free Comic Book Day. More...
The Nine Greatest Nerd Fears Today. No less than three Whedon-related fears pop up in this list. Ah, lists. Here's another one for your amusement. More...
Morena Baccarin on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Morena Baccarin discussed her Showtime show Homeland, her recent marriage over Thanksgiving, 70's downstairs fashion, nude beaches and clowns on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.
Patton Oswalt in a PSA video for Alamo Drafthouse. NSFW language. Patton Oswalt is starring in the just-opened film "Young Adult." He and director Jason Reitman filmed this "be quiet in the theatre" PSA at a screening of the film at Alamo Drafthouse. (The phone call section parodies an actual phone call that Alamo Drafthouse has posted in another PSA.) More...
(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 9 #4. It's the final part of the "Freefall" arc, find out what what Joss and Andrew have in store for us. More...
(SPOILER) Angel & Faith # 5 preview pages. This is the first one-off issue of season 9 for Angel & Faith.
(SPOILER) Marti Noxon wrote this week's episode of Glee. Entitled 'Extraordinary Merry Christmas', this is Marti's first episode on the show.
Firefly fan film, "Cache". We discussed the Kickstarter campaign for this back in June. Now watch the 8-minute film. More...

December 13

Could Netflix bring Firefly back from the dead? I can hear the groans before I even post but the article is interesting all the same.
Jane Espenson discusses TV writing in the Huffington Post. Turns out it's the best job ever.
Call for papers on Joss Whedon and theology. I don't know anything about the trio behind it, but they are soliciting submissions examining the theological significance and implications of Joss' "explorations of religion, family, friendship, sexuality, forgiveness, redemption, hope, love, and other dimensions of the human condition".
Malcolm Reynolds by Dan Dos Santos, via Nathan Fillion. Our captain tweets a picture of himself in comic book form, presumably (although I'm not certain) from the forthcoming Free Comic Book Day story.

December 12

Alyson Hannigan reveals why Willow was a redhead. It's from an interview to mark the launch of Head and Shoulder's "The Good Girlfriend Guide". More...
Mark Watches Buffy. The first-time watcher behind Mark Watches Firefly starts off season one. More...
Felicia Day and Sandeep Parikh on what's cooking with The Guild. Also, an exclusive preview of the next Guild comic.
George Takei asks Buffy to broker star peace. This is a funny meme on bringing Star Trek and Star Wars together by fighting off the power of Twilight, using Buffy and Blade to help.

December 11

The Cabin in the Woods screens at Butt-Numb-A-Thon. Looks like the vague tweets out of Austin this weekend were true. According to Nordling at AICN, Cabin did indeed screen at this year's BNAT. Nordling's advice? "Go in blind. There are movies that it's okay to be spoiled a little bit on. This is not one of those movies. "
Out soon - The Big Damn Firefly and Serenity Trivia Book. Released on the 21st, this book has over "1,000 questions that delve into the detailed elements that have made Firefly and Serenity beloved by millions". There's also an introduction from 'Jaynestown' director Marita Grabiak. More...

December 09

New info about the free Buffy and The Guild flip book on Free Comic Book Day. Newsarama has some more information about Dark Horse's offering for Free Comic Book Day 2012 (May 5).
(SPOILER) TFAW interviews Felicia Day. She talks about the upcoming Guild One-Shot, Dragon Age, and the FCBD flipbook with Buffy. More...
Schrodinger's Spoilers: How 'The Cabin in the Woods' trailer redefines spoilers, but spoils nothing. There's some fab analysis about what was revealed in the trailer.

December 08

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Whedonverse comics for March. There's covers and blurbs for Buffy #7 and Angel & Faith #8.
ABC orders additional episode of 'Castle'. This brings the current season order up to 23 episodes.
David Krumholtz raising money for cancer charities this weekend. Our very own Mr. Universe is receiving thyroid cancer treatments this weekend, and will be tweeting and posting videos to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital and others. "You all will be the only contact I am able to have with anyone for those 3 days. It starts [Friday] morning."
Eliza Dushku on The League tonight. Interview with her about her guest spot and what she is up to these days.
American Reunion poster. Alyson Hannigan's return to the American Pie franchise. More...
Zack Whedon On the Nerdist Writers Panel Podcast. The most recent episode features Zack Whedon, Jeremy Carver and John Rogers and it was recorded September 25, 2011. More...
"I think Joss Whedon was the right guy to direct this". Brief video snippet featuring Robert Downey Jr. about The Avengers.

December 07

A Dollhouse reunion on the set of 'Lust for Love'. It's a pic of Fran Kranz, Miracle Laurie and Enver Gjokaj (plus Beau Garrett) taken by Dichen Lachman. The movie even got a mention in yesterday's Variety.
New promo pic for 'The Cabin in the Woods'. This is one of the first official images from the movie. Spoilers if you don't want to know the facial hair status of Chris and Fran's characters.

December 06

(SPOILER) Rebekah Isaacs's Q/A for Angel & Faith #4. Conducted at SlayAlive.
Comic-Con: Episode IV picked up for Spring 2012 release. According to Deadline, Wrekin Hill Entertainment and National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA) will release the film theatrically, "in conjunction with a multi-city tour of the film with major events for film and merchandising fans across the nation".
Watch Enver Gjokaj in YouTube short Frenemies. Fun to be had.
Vote in SFX's Greatest Vampires Poll. The Buffyverse did really well last time round (Spike topped the poll), can it happen again?

December 05

Ghost of the Robot's new album "Murphy's Law" now available. Sixteen-song album featuring reunion of original Ghost of the Robot band members James Marsters, Charlie De Mars and Kevin McPherson, with new drummer Jordan Lathan and new guitarist Sullivan Marsters (James' son).
Our first look at 'The Cabin in the Woods' trailer. It's finally here, the first trailer for Joss and Drew Goddard's horror film, 'The Cabin in the Woods', at long last freed from development hell.
The Cabin in the Woods international release dates. b!X has compiled the (distributor supplied) Rentrak data to give current release dates for the UK, Bulgaria, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil.
The Cabin in the Woods visual companion reannounced. Now with artwork, foreword from Drew, and afterword with Joss. Does not come with a cabin. In the woods.
Happy birthday to Amy Acker. She turns 35 today. Don't forget that you'll be seeing her next year in 'The Cabin in the Woods' and 'Much Ado About Nothing'.

December 04

Adam Baldwin on guitar. The hero of Canton rockin out.
Common Rotation interview posted at Huffington Post. I've been a huge Adam Busch fan, and Common Rotation fan, since my first Buffy Convention. This really gives an insight into Common Rotation's music and the members of the trio. More...
First Look at Jeremy Renner in 'Hansel & Gretel:Witch Hunters'. The film featuring the 'Avengers' star opens March 2nd.

December 03

Eliza Dushku's birthday wish. For her birthday she wants help to raise money for THARCE-Gulu. Her goal is $31,000. Will you help? More...
Dark Horse reveals details for Buffy Season 8 Hardcover collections. The first volume of the "deluxe, oversized, dust-jacketed" season eight collections will be out on May 30, 2012. It'll contain the first 10 issues, and includes two one-shots, a cover gallery, and exclusive, never-before-seen sketch material!

December 02

IMDB's best origin stories. Two of our favorite origin stories make the list.
First Buffy Season 9 tpb announced. Plus a tease of the cover.
(SPOILER) Once Upon a Time producers talk about Emma Caufield. Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, Executive Producers of ABC's Once Upon a Time and writers from LOST, discuss Emma Caulfied's upcoming role on the show. The linked article includes a funny comment, a Buffy reference and may be spoilerish.

December 01

Juliet Landau sees "The Yellow Wallpaper". Check out an international teaser trailer for an adaptation of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's gothic horror tale "The Yellow Wallpaper," co-starring our very own previously-undead-and-crazy Juliet Landau.
The official website for The Cabin in the Woods. It's now live! Featuring the poster graphic but this version is spookier.
Eliza Dushku to guest star in FX's "The League". TV Guide article teases Eliza's appearance as a Krav Maga instructor next week
'Geek The Halls' - geeky craft fair is this weekend in Portland, OR. It's being organized by the PDX Browncoats.
'Geekfest' - a concert and vendor fair this Sunday in Lynnwood, WA. It's being organised by the Seattle Browncoats Charities and a ticket will set you back $10.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer gets the porn parody treatment. "I guess you're really not a pop cultural phenomenon until someone makes a porn parody about you so... congrats Buffy! I can't even tell you how much I love that the writer's name is Josh Wheldon..." (Link is safe for work, but the original source is not.)
Brand new poster for 'The Cabin in the Woods'! Ain't It Cool News has the exclusive.
New York Film Academy students worked on Much Ado About Nothing. So says the Academy's blog. There's quotes from a couple of the students as to what it was like working with Joss.
The Cabin in the Woods trailer to drop Monday? So says independent distributor Dutch FilmWorks (in Dutch). This caps a week in which other film outlets have been saying a trailer was on its way this week or next. According to the the government of Alberta, it's 2m:17s long. More...

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