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January 31

(SPOILER) Pop Candy chats with Neil Patrick Harris. The topic of DH2 closes out the article. Spoilers for fans of How I Met Your Mother.
Teaser for The Avengers Super Bowl commercial. New (brief) footage!
Buffy and Angel complete DVD boxsets for sale on Amazon. The Angel set can be found here here.
The Avengers Twitter Chat kicks off shortly. Joss Whedon, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Samuel L. Jackson will be answering your tweets at 11am PT. We're promised a 10 second clip of the Super Bowl trailer as well. ETA: The session is over and the chat be read in full at the link (the Spider-Man rumour gets addressed).
Vaginal Fantasy Hangout Bookclub! with Felicia Day. Felicia Day likes romance novels. And so do her friends. They recruited the internet to discuss.

January 30

Sport your own Avengers Collectible 3D Glasses. The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America themed glasses will be available at participating movie theaters.
A Map of the 'Verse. Beautifully rendered in HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and XML.

January 29

Serenity built in Minecraft. A "life-size" Serenity built in the game Minecraft. There is also one here, another here, and a giant one here.
R.I.P. Ian Abercrombie. Buffy fans will know him as the Old Man who directed the Gruenstalher Twins in the Season 3 episode "Homecoming".
Bradley Whitford talks about The Cabin in the Woods. He says the movie is "a very original smart take on a very popular genre, and Joss just has a wild kind of wind-tossed imagination" and then discusses why he wouldn't want his kids to see it.

January 28

Dress up as an Avenger for Halloween. For starters, there's an official Thor wig.
"Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal" - a Firefly essay. Lani Diane Rich talks about the arguments she had with her husband whilst watching Firefly and Serenity.

January 27

Avengers Assemble... for a Twitter chat. Get a tease of the Superbowl ad and win prizes during a Twitter chat with Joss, Clark Gregg, and Tom Hiddleston on January 31.
Can we help Joss buy Goners? Prompted by an unrelated story from The Hollywood Reporter, The One True b!X examines whether the script buy-back provision in standard WGA contracts would be applicable to Goners and for how long. More...
Top 25 cult film actors. Nathan Fillion has his own category.
Farewell to an unlikely hero: Why 'Chuck' packed such a potent punch. How fans pragmatically kept Chuck on the air this long--and how organized fandom (something we know a little about around here) is changing TV.
Liz Craft & Sarah Fain on The Nerdist Writers Panel! In addition to the Angel and Dollhouse writing duo, this episode also features Angela Kang (The Walking Dead, Terriers) and Liz Meriwether (creator of The New Girl). WARNING: Contains adult language. More...

January 26

Five new images from The Avengers. Some of these appeared in this month's Empire magazine.
How to avoid causing damage to your body from long periods of sitting. Watching a Firefly marathon? This is good advice for any TV/gaming/desk job marathon that requires a lot of sitting.
The Rodarte Guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The fashion designers list their favourite episodes.
New Avengers 3-D Poster. Watch it move!

January 25

(SPOILER) Buffy's Azura Skye to guest on Grimm. She played Cassie Newton (and The First) in 'Help' and 'Conversations with Dead People'.
(SPOILER) Morena Baccarin to guest star on The Good Wife. Baccarin will appear in episode 17, slated to air in early March. Spoilers for the plot and character she plays in the episode. More...
(SPOILER) Brand new Cabin in the Woods promo pics! One features the main cast and the other features Joss and Drew.
Teaser for planned fan-made Fray live adaptation. This is very (very) short but the promise is tantalizing! This guy made a Fray motion comic that I thought was so great; if only there was a Fray TV Show!
(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith #6. A peculiar figure from Angel's past returns to London with a new friend in tow. More...

January 24

Anya's Death: One of the Most Undignified? io9's Charlie Jane Anders counts down the top ten most "undignified" deaths in "sci-fi and fantasy" movie/TV history, and cites Anya's unfortunate demise in "Chosen" as one that particularly takes the cake.
Morena Baccarin on 'Conan'. Morena was on "Conan" last night to promote "Homeland," and had funny stories about her mom, a presidential fan and Damien Lewis getting her underwear by mistake!
TFAW Back Issue Sale. It includes Buffy Season Eight and Serenity Better Days (#s 2 & 3) at 70% off. Great time to "tighten up" your collection. Includes some Variant Covers.
Avengers Assemble (In Your Art Textbooks). Wired's Underwire Blog features a cool series of variant Avengers comic book covers produced by Marvel which take their inspiration from fine art and pop art.
Smell like a superhero. Avengers cologne collection coming soon. More...
(SPOILER) New details about a couple of scenes from The Avengers. Courtesy of the Avengers Lego kits.

January 23

Interview with Alyson Hannigan. She talks about S7 of HIMYM, American Reunion film and babies.
Summer in Seattle. Summer Glau will be a guest star on Grey's Anatomy. Will she be a patient, doctor, family member, or a new crush? Which would you like to see her portray?
(SPOILER) 'Avengers' producer Kevin Feige addresses villain rumours with spoilers about the big bad.
Jeremy Jahns reviews Dollhouse. One of the most famous YouTube reviewers make a six-minute comment on how much love he has invested in it. Holy cow!
Being Human promo features Dichen Lachman as the sultry vampire princess Suren. A photo is nice and all... but video is always better. More...
In honor of Buffy's 15th anniversary, starts reviewing series. Looks like there will be a post each Monday on the site.
SFX Magazine's Top 50 Vampires of 2012. The Buffyverse vampires stormed the poll three years ago. Found out how the likes of Darla, Harmony, Vampire Willow, Angel/Angelus and Spike fared this time round.
Empire covers for The Avengers. I often wonder which covers end up selling the most (or are produced in the most quantities).

January 22

Firefly (Blu-ray) on sale at Amazon UK. Thought you should know.
Jenny Agutter speaks about The Avengers. "I'm sworn to secrecy! I wasn't allowed a script until I got there, and when I did, I felt like a complete child being on big sets and a huge parking lot full of Winnebagos."

January 21

Great Digital Film Fest features Serenity. Feb 4 & 7 at selected Cineplexs in Canada.
Poll - What's your favourite recent tv series/movie that features vampires? With Angel and "Sorry, but it has to be Buffy all the way" among the options.

January 20

(SPOILER) Dichen Lachman talks Being Human and... Firefly? Report from a conference call in support of Being Human, so mostly about that show. Includes a brief mention of wanting to be in a scifi-western. More...
(SPOILER) Video interviews with Steven S. DeKnight et al about "Spartacus: Vengeance." From the red carpet premiere at the Cinerama Dome this past Wednesday night. More...
"There's My Boy..." - an Angel essay. This Smart Pop Books essay is taken from "The Psychology of Joss Whedon".

January 19

Happy Birthday, Buffy. The slayer would be 31 today.
Jewel Staite: Firefly's Kaylee vs. Stargate's Keller - who'd win? Very funny blog post from Jewel Staite over at blastr. More...
Baby Thor is on the way. Chris Hemsworth and wife are expecting their first child. Congratulations!

January 18

Fran Kranz in Episode 5 of Dating Rules from My Future Self. The premise of the series is that the main character receives dating advice from her future self by text messages. Fran appears about halfway into the episode. Video seems limited to U.S. viewers, alas.
(SPOILER) Preview pages for Buffy Season 9 # 6. It's the first part of the next arc which is two issues.
The 15 questions keeping Hollywood awake in 2012. Question 1 - "Can Joss Whedon finally conquer the feature film world with 'Cabin In The Woods' and 'The Avengers'?"

January 17

US Network picks up Canadian Original "The LA Complex". The CW will be airing a Canadian show starring, among others, Jewel Staite.
Phase 4 acquires all rights to "The Legend of HellGate: An American Conspiracy". Summer Glau's film set in her Home State of Texas will evidently be released On Demand and to Theaters this coming Spring.

January 16

Dr. Horrible kawaii fan-art. Boulet, a french cartoonist, did several kawaii fan-arts about show he likes, including a Firefly one in october. Now it's Dr. Horrible's turn.
Firefly designs on merchandise. Stumbled across this Firefly inspired design by Nana Leonti. Available on a T-shirt, hoodie, iphone case, art print, and more. There is also a "Keep flying and stay shiny" design by Perdita on the same site here. More...
Gina Torres has a question for American women. "Why not you?" is a video promoting The 2012 Project, "a national, non-partisan campaign to increase the number of women in [the US] Congress and state legislatures".
Abigail Spencer signs on for Joss Whedon's next movie. Vulture says it's a secret project but could it be "In Your Eyes"?
Sarah Michelle Gellar glows at the Golden Globe Awards 2012 Red Carpet. Is the first time Gellar steps on there, since she was nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Drama, in 2000. And pics of Morena Baccarin on the Red Carpet can be found here.

January 15

Firefly Drinking Songs: a new CD by Bedlam Bards and Marc Gunn. A collection of Firefly-inspired live-recorded songs, including "Hush Little Citizen" and Marian Call's "It's Good to Have Jayne on Your Side", as well as some completely new pieces, is now available in CD and MP3 format. More...
SMG to present award at Golden Globes on Sunday. This will be her first appearance at this ceremony since her nomination for Best Actress in a Drama for BTVS in 2001.

January 13

Weekend sale on digital Angel comics. 99 cents per issue. More...
Nicholas Brendon 2012 appearance roundup. Nicholas is hosting an L.A. event, will be at Megacon with Charisma Carpenter, and back on Criminal Minds. More...
Joss Whedon - "The Avengers is seen through one superhero's eyes". Find out who it is in this Entertainment Weekly interview.
(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Scott Allie talks about Buffy's big changes. Find out what will happen as a result of the revelations in Buffy Season 9 #5.

January 12

Jose Molina on The Nerdist Writers Panel. In addition to the Castle and Firefly writer, this episode includes Sarah Goldfinger (CSI, Grimm) and Hart Hanson (Bones, The Finder). More...
The Cabin in the Woods to open SXSW festival. With added jossness. Film pass holders get to see it a month early.
A Witch, a Watcher and a Captain. Fab pic of Alyson Hannigan, Alexis Denisof and Nathan Fillion at last night's People's Choice Awards. If you want more, then there's this pic of Neil Patrick Harris, David Boreanaz and Jaime Bergman.
The inside story of what happened to the Buffy and Firefly MMO developer. A fascinating read about the closure of Multiverse. And if you're wondering about the Buffy and Firefly games, the rights have reverted back to 20th Century Fox.
The Death of Buffy. An essay looking at the experience of seeing The Body and positioning it in an historical context.
Top sci-fi and fantasy Goths. Drusilla and Vampire Willow feature in this SFX list.

January 11

Nathan Fillion is the People's Choice. He won the award for 'Favorite TV Drama Actor'. Neil Patrick Harris won the Comedy Actor award.
CES 2012: Actress Eliza Dushku talks tech. Eliza reveals her gadget geekery.
Maven of the Eventide reviews the Buffy Movie. Blip TV's first ever vampire review show takes on the Buffy movie. More...
Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston shortlisted for BAFTA Rising Star award. Two stars of The Avengers have been nominated for the Orange Rising Star award which is voted for by fans.
Serenity [Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy] on offer. You can get it for the bargain price of $8.49 at
Firefly Blu-ray giveaway. You can enter via Twitter or Facebook. Details are over at Monster Popcorn.
(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 9 #5. The details for "Slayer, Interrupted" are out thanks to the digital release of the issue at midnight and as Sam Beckett used to say, "oh boy".

January 10

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Buffyverse comic books for April. Now we have the official write up for Buffy Season 9 #8 (beware of the very spoilerish cover art for that issue) and the first Angel & Faith TPB. More...
Charisma Carpenter to return in "The Expendables 2"! She will be reprising the role of Lacy, Jason Statham's girlfriend.
A candid conversation with Jewel Staite. She talks to the TV addict about her new show "L.A. Complex" and her early days in Hollywood (including what it was like auditioning for Firefly).

January 09

The Philosophy of Joss Whedon - now shipping from Amazon. According to the blurb "The Philosophy of Joss Whedon" examines Whedon's plots and characterizations to reveal their philosophical takes on the limits of personal freedom, sexual morality, radical evil, and Daoism.
(SPOILER) Concept art of the Quinjet in 'The Avengers'. In your face, Batwing!
Vote for the greatest Buffy episode. This Syfy UK poll has twenty episodes to choose from.
(SPOILER) Bianca Lawson joins MTV's "Teen Wolf". Kendra the Vampire Slayer will recur on Teen Wolf for at least four episodes as Ms. Morrell, Beacon Hills high school's guidance counselor.
Anthony Head cast in Stephen Poliakoff's 'Dancing on the Edge'. "Set in the early 1930s, Dancing on the Edge follows black jazz musicians, the Louis Lester Band, as they find fame amongst the parties and performances of London's upper class society." More...
Monster Popcorn Interviews Angel & Faith artist Rebekah Isaacs. She talks about her work, Buffy, Angel and what interests her as a geek.

January 08

Anthony Head: "I had to put padding on my hips and thighs... so that when you put your legs together they don't quite meet." More...

January 07

Happy Birthday, Amber Benson! Yes, I own a Tara Maclay action figure. In the original package. Autographed. With a personal inscription. So what?
Small relic from the SFX gender bender contest in comic style where not only the gender was switched.

January 06

TV Surveillance's Joss Whedon theme week. The site's writers have been looking at the pilots for Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse in great detail. There's some interesting points raised.
(SPOILER) First look at the cover art for Angel & Faith #9. Plus there's the solicitation info as well. This issue will be out on April 25th.
Jewelry from Dollhouse. Now you can own jewelry just like the pieces worn by Summer Glau in Dollhouse. More...
Active Architecture: A Dollhouse Retrospective Podcast. This new audio podcast takes an in depth, spoiler-ish look back at the series in air-date order. Not for new Dollhouse viewers, the hosts are attempting to discuss all aspects of the production.
"It's A Stupid Curse" - an Angel essay. Did the gypsies curse the wrong guy?
"I Like My Scars" - Claire Saunders and the Narrative of Flesh. This essay is taken from the book "Inside Joss' Dollhouse: From Alpha to Rossum".
Brand new image from The Avengers. USA Today has a promo still of Thor and Captain America.

January 05

A Buffy pair makes the list of 10 great love/hate relationships. It's not the one you think. Mal and Inara are also on the list.
Serenity Ship Tribute - A Fan Computer Case Modification. An Amazing Serenity PC mod which is featured in the newest issue of CPU Magazine. Absolutely Gorgeous. More...
Ain't it Cool News interviews Christophe Beck. The "Buffy" composer talks about scoring "The Muppets" and "Tower Heist".
Equality Now thanks Can't Stop the Serenity and Browncoats. Yasmeen Hassan, Global Director for Equality Now, talks about what has been achieved thanks to fan support.
(SPOILER) First look at Dichen Lachman in Being Human. Season begins 16 January.
Tony Head - 'I would jump at the chance to do a Buffy reunion'. He tells MSN UK "If Joss Whedon was involved, I would jump at the chance. I would do anything. I would even just do one line, just because I think that the man is a genius and I love him."

January 04

Firefly MMO not quite dead after all? A new company has acquired the Multiverse source code and intends to make the Firefly MMO if there is enough interest from fans. More...
McWeeny discusses "Evil Dead" remake, mentions "Cabin in the Woods". In the last paragraph of his HitFlix blog, Drew mentions that he can't do a review of "The Cabin in the Woods", but then makes some very flattering comments. More...
Kickstarter for Dichen Lachman's film "Sunday Punch". Sunday Punch is a short film that Dichen starred in. Originally made for the film festival circuit, they're raising funds to license the music so they can release it on DVD. Rewards are in short supply, so act quick if you want one.
Donate to St Jude Children's Research Hospital and you could win a prize! The Supernatural fansite Winchester Bros have set up a fundraising page in honour of Jared and Genevieve Padalecki's new baby. If you donate, you could win some rather exclusive items which include a Dark Willow figure signed by Alexis, a signed pic of SMG and David Boreanaz and a book signed by the Buffy cast and Joss.
QMX's photo shoot of the 12 foot Serenity filming miniature. As promised, pictures of the model are now up and you can get a better look at how shiny it is. A video of the miniature being filmed for the movie can be found here.
(SPOILER) Preview pages for Angel and Faith #6. Three exclusive preview pages.
Behind the scenes with Neil Patrick Harris on The Price is Right. His episode airs today and is part of Celebrity Charity Week.
The Avengers is an allegory for Americans says Mark Ruffalo. "That's really what the whole movie is about: subjugating your own best interest momentarily to further that of the whole".
(SPOILER) When Buffy met Hellboy - that game-changing sketch. Dark Horse's PR campaign for Buffy Season 9 #8 continues with this highly spoilerific Duncan Fegredo sketch.

January 03

Buffy & the Scoobies - "Chosen". From the creator of River Tam & the Fireflies comes...Buffy & the Scoobies! More...
Fran Kranz cast in Broadway Revival of Death of a Salesman. Fran will be playing Bernard, a great role. Congratulate him on his Great White Way adventure! More...
The 50 best covers of 2011. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 #1 by Jo Chen and Angel & Faith #4 by Steve Morris are considered amongst Robot 6's 50 best comic book covers of 2011.
(SPOILER) Sneak Peak of Emma Caulfield as the Blind Witch. Pictures of Emma Caulfield as the Blind Witch from the upcoming January 15th episode of Once Upon a Time. See pictures 6 and 7.
Buffy comics nominated for Gem Awards. The Diamond Comic Distributors' nominations are out and Buffy Season 9 #1 got nominated in the "Licensed Comic of the Year" category. The Buffy Season 8 Vol 8 'Last Gleaming' tpb got nominated in the "Reprint Trade Paperback or Hardcover of the Year" category. More...
Avengers reshoots in Los Angeles this week according to Bleeding Cool. Apparently a casting call has gone out for extras. More info at On Location Vacations.

January 02

Video interview with Amber Benson & Adam Busch about "Drones". Benson and Busch talk their feature directorial collaboration, which also stars Jonathan Woodward (of "Buffy," "Angel" & "Firefly" fame).
(SPOILER) Huge Buffy Season Nine Spoiler! BuffyFest have exclusively released the alternate cover for issue 8. Be warned, huge spoilers -- so don't click unless you want to know.
Multiverse ceases operations. So if you were still holding out for the official Buffy MMOG that was announced back in 2008, you'll have to wait for someone else to pick up the reins. More...
Joss Whedon's Fray: Motion Comic Book Part 1 - a fan effort. Found this with my first iPhone-search on YouTube. More...

January 01

(SPOILER) Video interview with Anthony Head about "The Iron Lady." ASH talks about playing Sir Geoffrey Howe in the film, which stars Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher and opened Friday in some U.S. cities.
More Avengers merchandising including the cuddliest Hulk I've ever seen and the team assembled on a table tennis bat. But no spoilers this time.
The Ultimate Serenity. QMxInsider tweets a pic of the 12' Serenity filming miniature. More...

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