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March 31

Firefly: The Arcade Game. New Firefly arcade game announced.
Maurissa Tancharoen: Warrior Princess interview in Lupus Now about Club Mo. With words from Jed, Joss and Nirvana.
Shawna Trpcic auction of many pieces of Whedonverse history. Items from the shows, including concept art for Firefly and Dollhouse. For hilarity check out Bad Horse and Badger.
Buffyfest's World Horror Convention interview with Scott Allie - part 1. Part 2 of this interview will cover Buffy and Scott's upcoming co-writing duty on the next arc starting in Buffy # 8 More...
ECCC12: The Art of the Whedonverse panel. The artists of Dark Horse's Whedonverse titles spoke about their process at Emerald City Comicon.

March 30

(SPOILER) Belgian film festival screening of the Cabin in the Woods (April 17). Slight spoilers in the description, hence the tag. More...
Fran Kranz talks Salesman, Cabin, Lust, and Dollhouse. As in Death of a Salesman, The Cabin in the Woods, Lust for Love, and, uh, Dollhouse.
New Avengers U.S. tv spot! And it's rad. It's similiar to the Brazilian tv spot but has new footage! Via Fandango. Also the official site for the movie has been updated.
Felicia Day talks to the Hollywood Reporter. The interview focuses on 'Geek and Sundry'.
A very rare "behind the scenes" of Buffy. Take a look at the preparation of two scenes from "Helpless". You can also watch some wonderful interviews from 1998 with Joss and the cast HERE and HERE.
(SPOILER) The real variant cover for Buffy Season 9 #8. Not this one after all.
Brazilian tv spot for 'The Avengers' - new dialogue! That Tony Stark scene gets even better on repeat viewing.
Marvel, Disney secure estimated $100 mil in marketing support for The Avengers. Variety reports details about the various promotions for The Avengers including everything from Acura, Dr. Pepper, Visa, Wyndham hotels, Harley-Davidson, Land O'Frost lunchmeats, Farmers Insurance, Hershey, Symantec, Oracle, bracelet-maker Colantotte and Red Baron pizza.
The Cabin in the Woods advance screenings in UK. Showcase cinemas in the UK are showing advanced screenings of The Cabin in the Woods this coming Monday, the 2nd of April. I've got my tickets booked.

March 29

Another tv spot for 'The Cabin in the Woods'. Only two weeks till the movie comes out.
(SPOILER) Joss Whedon Interview: The Cabin In The Woods, The Avengers, Shakespeare... Contains slight spoilers for Cabin, but worth the read for what JW says about Much Ado about Nothing. More...
Joss Whedon answers fan questions about 'The Cabin in the Woods'. Remember all those sites that were looking for questions to ask Joss? Well Lionsgate have now released a video with Joss answering the questions intermingled with clips from the trailer.
Happy Birthday, Juliet Landau! Wish her well in the comments within or on Twitter.
Girls' night out with Buffy and Katniss. Hermione Grainger and Bella Swan complete the quartet. More...
A clip from Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope. A short clip featuring some of the celeb interviews. Joss is at the end.
Bones gets an eighth season. More David Boreanaz coming your way next Fall.
New UK poster for 'The Cabin in the Woods'. It's rather cool. The official UK site has a Twitter competition called (wait for it) "Road Twip" where you can win a trip for two to stay in a luxury tree house in Barcelona.
Joss Whedon: putting the dread back into horror. The Bitter Script Reader discusses a quote from Joss in MovieScope magazine discussing "The Cabin in the Woods" and his disenchantment with the tone of recent horror movies.

March 28

In Memory of Andy Hallett. He passed away three years ago today. A fan of his has organised a charity donations page in memory of him. In her words "I thought that maybe we can do something good together in his name. What better cause to work some simple magic and give clean water to people who are in need of it." More...
Tonight: Mark Ruffalo on the Colbert Report. 'The Colbert Report' airs on Comedy Central at 11:30pm EST.
(SPOILER) Guest Artist Chris Samnee talks Angel & Faith # 10. The artist on June's Angel & Faith # 10 speaks with Newsarama and some new art is included.
Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin reunite on Castle. Includes picture and Nathan and Adam talk a little about the episode and Firefly
TV's Top 9 Warrior Women... Buffy at number 7. Certainly could've been higher on the list, but good shout-out all the same.
The Avengers to close the Tribeca Film Festival. The film will screen to close out the New York based festival on April 28th.
(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith #8. Faith's daddy issues come to a head...
Joss Whedon - the GQ interview. "There are two things that I cannot resist: one is musicals and the other is a spaceship in trouble. But I am smart enough not to combine the two things..."

March 27

(SPOILER) Some Buffy Season 9 info from Dark Horse's Scott Allie. It may confirm what you've already guessed or then again, it might not.
MTV USA competition for The Cabin in the Woods. Goodies await.
Happy 41st birthday, Captain Tightpants! In honour of the day, Nathan Fillion is asking for donations to funds clean water projects in developing nations.
SFX Sexiest Characters Poll Results. Lots of Whedonverse favourites and some rather surprising and entertaining pairings.
Firefly is this week's Guardian boxset. I've heard it's quite good.

March 26

(SPOILER) The road to The Cabin in the Woods. Entertainment Weekly has a feature on the movie's complicated backstory. Plus there's new pics! In related coverage, Hero Complex has highlights from Joss Whedon and Drew Goddards' Q&A at WonderCon.
Agnee - Hello Andheron aka The Avengers Hindi theme song. New footage from the movie! More info about the song here.
New Frenemies video with Enver Gjokaj. Round two.
Six new behind the scenes pics from The Avengers. Check out the sixth pic for a certain someone holding Cap's shield.
Hear a sample of the new Soundgarden song from The Avengers soundtrack. Spoiler Alert: It sounds like Soundgarden. The full tracklist of the soundtrack can be found here.
Joss Whedon - the 'A' Magazine interview. Remember that Joss feature that appeared in 'A' Magazine last year? Well an interview is now online and there's lots of good stuff to be had.
Free screenings of The Cabin in the Woods for Sky Movie customers. Two free tickets up for grabs for April 3rd screenings. It also screens tonight at 20something locations across UK.
(SPOILER) Preview for Buffy Season 9 #8. Does it shed any light on last issue's bombshell? There's only one way to find out.
Behind The Scenes Video from Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope. Director and co-writer Morgan Spurlock talks about the genesis of the project and how they filmed it. More...
Behind the scenes video from 'The Avengers'. There's some clips of Joss on set and there's prizes to be won. In related coverage, Disney has released some Fun Facts about the shooting of the movie.

March 25

So what's Buffy's mom really like? Great article about Kristine Sutherland from the writer/producer of her new movie "The Perfect Wedding".
Even more promo images from The Avengers. Featuring dramatic poses and Mark Ruffalo smiling.

March 24

ABC prepping early renewal for Castle. Michael Ausiello for tvline has learned that ABC is in the verge of renewing a bunch of tv shows, including Castle. The news remains to be confirmed officially though.
Whedon Month on Facebook. Celebrate the worlds of Joss by changing your profile picture! More...
And happy birthday to Alyson Hannigan. She turns 38 today. More...
(SPOILER) First look at Amy Acker in 'The Cabin in the Woods'. It seems to be very spoilery for her role in the movie.

March 23

Want to buy Nathan Fillion a gift for his upcoming birthday? This is what he asked for on Twitter. More...
Buy tickets for Frost/Nixon starring James Marsters. L.A. Theatre Works is putting on a production of Frost/Nixon in which James Marsters plays David Frost. More...
(SPOILER) Opinion piece on the current Buffy Season 9 controversy. Article sorta takes Joss to task a little for the perceived bailout on the issue at hand but Allie defends the man and makes it clear that this was the plan all along.
Finalists Revealed for Vulture's Greatest TV Drama Readers' Poll. It's come down to Breaking Bad vs Buffy. You can vote on their Facebook page.
(SPOILER) Watch a clip from 'The Cabin in the Woods'. Not viewable in certain countries.
Name of the third Whedon alumn guest at Supanova 2012 revealed. Morena Baccarin will join Summer Glau and Elisabeth Röhm (detective Kate Lockley in Angel) at the Australian convention.
"More Than Entertainment" - a Whedonverse essay. Find out why Joss' creations mattered so much to this writer. This essay originally appeared in "The Psychology of Joss Whedon" which came out in 2007.

March 22

Advance Screening of The Cabin in the Woods at the Atlanta Film Festival. It's the closing night film at the festival on Saturday, March 31st at the Midtown Art Cinema. The entire festival runs from March 23-31st. Day passes can be purchased individually or there are various passes available for certain parts of the festival.
Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon are on the latest Nerdist Writers podcast. Tami Sagher and Eliza Clark are also featured.
Minecraft creator would like to write Firefly-inspired game. We've seen Serenity created in Minecraft before, but now Markus "Notch" Persson, the creator of Minecraft, has said in an interview with PC Gamer that he'd like to write a game based on inspired by Firefly.
(SPOILER) Video interview with Jane Espenson (and Cheeks) about "Husbands the Series." Ms. Espenson also talks "Once Upon a Time."
The Cabin in the Woods to screen at Australian film festival. While we await an actual Australian release date, Gold Coast Film Festival will screen the film on April 27 and April 29. Site currently listing only the second screening, but the tickets site has both available.
The Intermission released a 30 min podcast on Joss Whedon. "Let's just talk some Joss".
The Cabin in the Woods screening in Lincolnshire in UK with Drew Goddard and Jesse Williams. It's tomorrow at 7.30pm, with a Q&A afterwards.
The official Cabin in the Woods website gets a makeover. There's new stuff to discover. Beware of spoilery photos and movie clips.

March 21

Blastr lists favourite werewolves from Sci-Fi. Our favourite werewolf makes a subtle appearance on this top 18 list.
Alan Tudyk in That Beautiful Laugh at La Mama in NYC. More info on the play and a message from Alan with exclusive pics follow. More...
Stan Lee: "The Avengers cameo [...] is possibly one of my best". Stan Lee discusses his upcoming Marvel cameos.
Win a holiday to a Cabin in the Woods. The TV advertising campaign kicked off in the US and UK on Friday. In the UK they're running a several minute advert giving away a holiday to Sweden.
Amber Benson at Writers with Drinks on April 14. Amber will be performing at this spoken-word sensation held monthly at The Make-Out Room in San Francisco. There will be writers and drinks, but probably no making out. Probably.

March 20

Is TV paying too much attention to fans? An article about how the web brings audiences and creators closer together talks to Chris Buchanan, one-time president of Mutant Enemy, about "the early beneficiaries of this new online fan-community model".
Anthony Head replaces Pierce Brosnan. Not as James Bond, but as Chiron in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters.
Making It with Riki Lindhome: Felicia Day. Riki interviews Felicia about having panic attacks during auditions, carving your own path, the previously untold story of The Guild's origins and her new YouTube Channel, Geek and Sundry! Contains mild, adult language.
Buffy is pitted against Mad Men in Vulture's Drama Derby! Go vote before it's too late! (DISCLAIMER: The voting involves commenting on Vulture's Facebook page)
Tickets available for special advanced screenings of The Cabin In The Woods. Screenings include some Q&A with specified cast and crew. Click the entry to see a list of cities and direct links to each. Main entry is to the Facebook page listing them all. More...
A raving review of The Cabin in the Woods. One of their favourite horror movies of all time!

March 19

Twelve new pics from 'The Avengers'. There's some interior shots of what looks like SHIELD headquarters plus some featuring Hawkeye, Bruce Banner, Captain America, Thor, Nick Fury and Black Widow.
"Serenity" - one of the best movies based on a TV show. Brad Brevet of Rope of Silicon cites 2005's big-damn-screen outing of "Firefly" as one of the ten best films based on or inspired by a TV series.
Chris Hardwick talks to Neil Patrick Harris on The Nerdist Podcast. At the 1:11:22 mark into this episode, Chris asks Neil about Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, and they talk about how the internet musical will be airing on television soon. Contains adult language.
Get Husbands season 2 kickstarted. Contribute money to help produce season 2 and get rewards. More...
The ultimate fan battle (round five). Buffy vs Star Wars - who will win?
Twenty-five great superheroine scenes. Two Whedonverse comic books feature in this list. There's the much talked about page from Buffy Season 9 #6 (big spoilers if you haven't read it yet) and the incredible Kitty Pryde scene from Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men #1.
See 'The Cabin in the Woods' early for free in the UK. You could be watching it next Monday but hurry! Tickets are selling out fast. Update: They're all sold out now. Update: But wait! There's a handful available here courtesy of Bleeding Cool.

March 17

Sad Max misses Firefly during The Internet Song. In this post-apocalyptic musical by VFX artist Teague Chrystie (Fringe), Max laments the passing of the Big Damn Show and wishes it would come back. The relevant lyrics can be heard in the MP3 section of the site, during track 1, "The Internet Song". More...
Geek and Sundry Trailer. This trailer contains clips from 6 new shows that will air on Felicia Day's Web Channel. More...
Buffy is competing in TV March Madness. Best thing about March Madness? The other bracket type polls that come up. Buffy is in the off-air drama division of this particular bracket. More...
"Where Have All the Good Guys Gone?" - an Angel essay. This originally appeared in the 'Five Seasons of Angel' collection of essays that came out in 2004.

March 16

Early screenings of The Cabin in the Woods. Keep an eye on this list, which posts screenings when it hears of them. But this is just a list; you'll have to check local papers, blogs, TV, and radio for passes or codes. More...
'Husbands the Series' Gets a Season 2. Jane Espenson just tweeted from Wondercon news that her web series will continue.
'Grimm' gets a second season. Good news for Buffy/Angel alums David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf.
Alexa Davalos to star in Frank Darabont's new pilot. Gwen's back in LA... L.A. Noir that is! More...
Happy birthday, Alan Tudyk. Our favorite pilot turns 41 today.

March 15

A bunch of Cabin in the Woods interview videos at SXSW! <- That's Joss. Here's Drew, Bradley, Richard and Anna. Youtube's been coughing up SXSW videos left and right. Here's more: Joss & Drew, Joss & Drew, Drew, Anna, Jesse & Kristen, Anna, Joss, Drew, Richard, Bradley Anna, Jesse & Kristen, more of everyone. More...
(SPOILER) Felicia Day to guest on Supernatural. TV Guide had the details.
Is Hawkeye from The Avengers the world's worst archer? Apparently Hawkeye might not be doing too much damage in The Avengers. There's a counter-argument here.
Nathan Fillion to play Hermes in Percy Jackson sequel. This movie will be released next year.
Wait is almost over for new Dr. Horrible, Joss Whedon says. Production could start this summer.
(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Scott Allie talks Buffy Season 9 #6 and #7. In which recent major plotlines get discussed.

March 14

The Japanese trailer for "The Avengers" debuts on Yahoo! With new scenes! And no dubbing!
Saga #1 debuts today. Buffy comic writer, creator of Runaways and all-around Joss Whedon fan, Brian K. Vaughan debuts his new series "Saga" today. More...
(SPOILER) Scott Allie, Christos Gage and Chris Samnee talk Angel & Faith # 10. Plus some art from the issue.
New behind the scenes pic from 'The Avengers'. Featuring Joss Whedon, Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr. and a somewhat suspicious looking oven. And there's also new character posters here.
The ultimate fan battle (round four). Buffy takes on Harry Potter.
(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 9 #7. You've waited a month to see what happens next. Read, and converse.

March 13

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Buffyverse comic books for June. Most of this has been released already, but there's some new plot details about the Drusilla mini series.
Drew Goddard's SXSW festival diary. A unique insight into what it's like to promote 'The Cabin in the Woods'. The article also features a rather fab pic of Joss, Drew, Bradley Whitford, Richard Jenkins, Kristen Connolly and Anna Hutchison.
Julie Benz in a Anti-Spoiler PSA. A guide to the official rules of spoilers from College Humor.
The Greatest TV Drama of the past 25 years - Round one. Buffy VS Deadwood

March 12

115 reasons to love Buffy. Pajiba's Joanna Robinson counts down her own 115 reasons why she loves "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."
BBC radio 'Game Change' interview with Danny Strong. A five-minute conversation about his screenplay for HBO's Sarah Palin movie. More...
Joss on Dr. Horrible 2: "We plan to be working on it this summer". Crave Online has the highlights from yesterday's Whedon/Goddard roundtable interview.
AMC Theatres' "Ultimate Marvel Marathon". Selected AMC theater locations will be marathoning Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor in 3D, and Captain America in 3D on May 3, all leading into a midnight showing of The Avengers in 3D.
Ultimate Fan Battle (round three). Alas, Firefly was beaten by Star Wars, so now Buffy stands alone against the X-Men.
Indiewire Interviews Joss Whedon at SXSW '12. Indiewire's Nigel M. Smith has a brief but informative sit-down with the Jossir at this year's SXSW festival to discuss "The Cabin in the Woods," "The Avengers," "Much Ado About Nothing" as well as the creation of his microstudio company Bellwether Pictures.
Racialicious Crush of the Week: Gina Torres. Glad to see Gina Torres get some love. Most of the discussion is about her playing Superwoman, but overall it's about strong women roles. And there's a picture of her as Zoe, of course.
TV shows cancelled before their time. Some big damn heroes also make the list.

March 11

The Avengers runtime: 2 hours, 15 minutes. Joss Whedon tells Collider how long his original cut was, how long it is now, and how that happened.
(SPOILER) HitFix live Q&A with Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard. The Ustream page for the EpixHD stream of the HitFix Q&A session with Joss and Drew about The Cabin in the Woods and presumably other things. I think HitFix's Drew intends not to spoil the movie in this, but I've marked it anyway to make sure people decide for themselves about watching.
(SPOILER) Andrew Chambliss interview about the free Buffy comic book. There are also some spoilers in it for upcoming issues.

March 10

Rocket Launcher Buffy Premium Format. Another superb Buffy premium format custom statue as created by Buffy fan artist Willowswarlock. More...
Coverage of the "Conversation with Joss Whedon" panel at SXSW. It's happening right now. So far The Avengers, The Cabin in the Woods and Much Ado About Nothing have been discussed by Joss. The next thing he plans to do is an Internet series. The whole session is just chock full of quotes. More coverage of the panel here (Goners gets a mention as do Serenity and the Buffy comics). There's also cartoon coverage at Unified.
James Marsters talks Buffy. This is a great indepth interview. One of the best he has ever done. More...
Highlights of last night's 'The Cabin in the Woods' Q&A. After the movie's premiere at SXSW, Drew Goddard, Joss Whedon, Bradley Whitford, Richard Jenkins, Kristen Connolly, and Anna Hutchison did a a Q&A with the audience. There's additional coverage at

March 09

(SPOILER) A roundup of the reviews for 'The Cabin in the Woods'. Spoilers in the linked reviews, (huge spoilers in the THR review). SFX Magazine: "This is four-fifths of a brilliant movie". IGN: "An incredibly clever and fun take on classic horror movie tropes". Variety: "One of the most exciting feature debuts of the last few years". DigitalSpy: "Witty, scary and incredibly inventive". Fangoria: "If you love horror, you're gonna love The Cabin in the Woods". Dread Central: "This generation's Scream". Badass Digest: "The anti-Scream". Twitch: "It will either completely enthrall you or piss you off". Sky Movies: "Laugh out loud funny, unerringly creepy and consistently clever". THR: "Not nearly as ingenious as it seems to think". Fearnet: "A love letter that says a lot more than just "horror flicks are cool"". ShockTillYouDrop: "See this movie."
Buffy premiered on The WB fifteen years ago today. Doesn't time fly? Useless bit of trivia - "Welcome to the Hellmouth" was directed by the actor who played Oscar Wallace in "The Untouchables".
A special message from Joss about Cabin In The Woods spoilers as videoed by SFX.
(SPOILER) Two new images from 'The Cabin In The Woods'. Featuring Fran Kranz, Kristen Connolly and more questions raised.
The ultimate fan battle (round two). Firefly tries to avenge Angel's defeat by taking on Star Wars and Buffy goes head-to-head with Nintendo. It's the best poll ever!
New tv spot for 'The Cabin in the Woods'. New footage, new scares. And there's new interviews with Joss and Drew here and here.
Joss Whedon talks Iron Man suit, musical score to Empire. Joss says Alan Silvestri's score for the movie has "blown his mind for the past several days" and talks up the different suits Tony Stark wears in the film.
"Cabin is this weird anachronistic movie" says Drew Goddard. With the movie premiering tonight at SXSW, the PR campaign has stepped up a notch. There's a great interview with Drew at where he chats about studio involvement, special effects, secrecy and the aborted 3D conversion. And Bloody Disgusting has an interview with Brian White where he talks about working with Joss and Drew.
A review of 'The Cabin in the Woods'. "[The movie is] the enemy of the film critic. To describe almost anything that happens in it is to pin the butterfly in the wing. To spoiler reduces it to sand - so what's left to say is how much you need to see this movie if you are interested in horror in any way, shape or form." Update: review taken down due to the embargo. More...
The Cabin in the Woods getting early midnight screening in Manchester, England. It's happening on March 31st.

March 08

'In Your Eyes' wraps in New Hampshire. It will now move to Los Angeles for the other half of the shoot. And if you don't already know, Jennifer Grey (of Dirty Dancing fame) and Nikki Reed (Twilight) are in the movie.
Julie Benz cast in Syfy series Defiance . Julie will play Amanda Rosewater, the mayor of a mining town on a planet where humans and aliens live together which has been ravaged by decades of war .
Redemptioncast Special - Q&A with Tim Minear. Stephanie Smith and Robin Burdge ask Tim listener-submitted questions regarding Angel (mostly), Dollhouse and Terriers. There's also some Firefly and Wonderfalls talk thrown in. Chock full o' spoilers! More...
Director Joss Whedon brings unique style to 'Marvel's The Avengers'. Joss talks to The Philippine Star about his work on the film. Collider also has Drew Goddard's thoughts about the flick here. And there's a snippet of a SFX interview where Joss talks about what an Avengers sequel should be like.

March 07

(SPOILER) Whedon and Goddard talk about Cabin and horror (huge plot reveal). The ending of The Cabin in the Woods gets revealed in this interview so caveat emptor.
(SPOILER) Three-page preview of Angel & Faith #8. Courtesy of Comic Book Resources.
IDW's complete Angel and Spike series coming to digital platforms. Head over to the IDW Store and iTunes to see what's been released so far. In related news, Dark Horse's comics (including Buffy and Serenity) are now available for the Nook and Kobo.
The ultimate fan battle (round one). There's never been a poll like this before. Buffy or The Beatles, Angel or Star Wars and Firefly or Demi Lovato - who will triumph?
The German Facebook page for "The Avengers" has their version of trailer #2. It has 2 new scenes in it that show off that trademark Whedon wit. More...

March 06

Drew Goddard talks about prospects for a Cloverfield sequel. While promoting Cabin In The Woods, he talked a bit about the prospects for a sequel to the film he wrote and J.J. Abrams produced. More...
Cabin In The Woods early screening in Dublin on March 30. The Irish Film Institute's Horrorthon has its hands on a special screening of Joss's new film. More...
The Avengers are F*R*I*E*N*D*S. Very funny Friends parody of the upcoming film.
Pay our respects to our overlord... A fun little ditty about the awesomeness that is Joss.
Joss talks to SFX about his approach to The Avengers. The SFX website has an excerpt from a Joss interview in SFX magazine #220.
Avengers Lego Figures Unveiled. A first look at The Avengers Lego collection on the Empire site.
New Cabin In The Woods trailer. With only a minute, you see a whole lot. More...
Salon interviews Danny Strong. He discusses Game Change and Sarah Palin.
Jane Espenson Speculates on the Scarcity of Women Writers on TV. An interesting look at the dynamics of hiring television writers, especially women writers. More...
Brian K Vaughan AMA (Ask Me Anything). Runaways co-creator and writer of Buffy season 8's "No Future For You" fields all questions on Reddit for today only.
Joss Whedon's heroes and inspirations. Interesting SFX magazine interview with Joss, does what it says on the tin.

March 05

Mark Watches Angel. The first time watcher begins Angel season one alongside Buffy season four.
Watch the SXSW Cabin In The Woods Q&A with Joss and Drew this Sunday. Hitfix moderator Drew McWeeny says we will be able to watch it in several places that day livestreamed. You can leave questions at the FB page.
The results of Syfy UK's "Buffy: The Greatest Episodes" poll. Back in January, you could vote for the greatest Buffy episode from a pre-selected list of twenty. The episodes aired at the weekend and the results are now online.
Marvel: Avengers Alliance game. The Avengers Facebook game is now online.

March 04

"Relive it" : A must see Buffy Tribute Trailer. There are a lot of fan trailers out there, but this is one of the best I've ever seen. A great tribute to the show.
Runaways will appear in Avengers Academy this week. The group will appear in two issues of Avengers academy, written and created by Christos Gage. The art is by Karl Moline of Fray fame. More...
KCRW Talks with Danny Strong about "Game Change". KCRW's "The Business" chats with our very own Danny Strong and director Jay Roach about "Game Change," which Danny adapted from the book "Game Change" by John Heileman and Mark Halperin. It premieres on HBO on March 10th.
The A to Z of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. To mark Syfy UK's "Buffy: The Greatest Episodes" marathon that's airing right now, the Radio Times has produced an alphabetical look back at the series.
Olivia Williams cast in 'The Seventh Son'. No word yet on her role, but she joins Ben Barnes, Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore in the cast. More...

March 03

Preview of Amy Acker in ABC's "Once Upon A Time." Amy will be guest starring in this weeks episode - airing tomorrow at 8/7c.

March 02

Fanmade 'The Avengers' music video. The movie isn't even out yet, but many great fanvideos have been made from the trailers and previous Marvel movies. More...
Marvel's 'Avengers' trailer nabs most-watched record (again). The trailer promoting Marvel's upcoming superhero flick The Avengers has earned the title of most-watched on Apple's iTunes and movie trailers apps. More...
Tim Minear on Redemptioncast. The Angel-themed "Introcast" (a podcast featuring hosts that are new to a series, recording their impressions after initial viewing, while being spoiler-free) is joined by Tim Minear to discuss the Doyle-focused episode, "Hero".
New Stills of Cobie Smulders as Agent Hill in The Avengers. Better look at the S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform.
Christina Hendricks Dressed to Kill... and to Thrill! Some great shots of YoSafBrig with a compound bow, the surprising news that she can still walk around LA and go unrecognized, plus some brief updates about the new season of Mad Men (premieres 3/25).

March 01

Firefly reunion on Castle as Adam Baldwin guest stars. Baldwin is set to guest star this spring as Detective Ethan Slaughter, "a rough and tumble cop from the city's gang unit who lands a case that Castle is desperate to follow". More...
Equality Now holds 20th anniversary event. It will be April 19 in New York. Joss is an honorary co-chair, and Eliza is an honorary committee member.
Amber Benson to appear this Friday at Midtown Comics' Grand Central NY location. She will be attending a launch party for her newest book 'How to be Death'.
Danny Strong on how he wrote' Sarah Palin' for 'Game Change'. The former Jonathan Levinson writes an article for The Hollywood Reporter discussing his latest HBO telepic. In other Danny news, he'll be adapting Dan Brown's 'The Lost Symbol' for Sony Pictures.
James Marsters' exclusive interview with "Supernatural" magazine. Our favourite vampire poet discusses his role on the show and finally getting to know Charisma Carpenter while doing their third TV show together.
Avengers/Toy Story mashup YouTube video. They took scenes from Toy Story and set it to the audio from The Avengers trailer. It's pretty neat.
Who Would Win in a Fight? Dr. Horrible vs. Axe Cop. Cast your vote.
(SPOILER) A very close look at 'The Avengers' trailer. Includes speculation based on known spoilers.

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