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April 30

Trailer for "Would You Rather" Co-Starring Enver Gjokaj. Check out the trailer for the independent horror film "Would You Rather" co-starring our very own former Active Enver Gjokaj.
20 things we love about Angel. SFX Magazine says "It became a phenomenal series in its own right: chock-full of laughs, drama and plot twists so relentlessly twisty it ended up as a completely different show than the one it started out as (something even Buffy didn't really accomplish)."
Alexis Denisof is in the web series Little Women Big Cars. The web series starts May 7 on AOL online! I love that we're seeing Alexis everywhere now. : ) Original Buffy Kristy Swanson and Romy Rosemont from Avengers and Much Ado also star! More...
(SPOILER) Enver Gjokaj guest stars on tonight's episode of Haiwaii Five-O. In an episode written by previous Dollhouse writers Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters. More...
(SPOILER) Richard Roeper reviews "The Avengers". He gives the movie an "A" rating. And in this new clip Joss Whedon does a 1:44 length commentary over a previously released scene.
"The Buffy Project" starts at HitFix. First of an eight-part podcast series covering all of "Buffy" and "Angel". More...
(SPOILER) Belated Media has a video-review of The Cabin in the Woods. It's spoiler-ish, but only about the beginning of the movie. Anyway: very entertaining. More...
Our Mrs. Reynolds - the musical. Staged by the Institution Theater, playing Tuesdays this month at 8pm (The Highball - Austin, TX).
10,000 supporters and Lego could make a Serenity kit happen. Who wouldn't buy one of these either for themselves or a child? More...
Chosen: A Buffyverse Comics Podcast. Dark Horse Comics #MyBuffyLife Runner-ups Lisa and Gina Gomez and their best friend and long-time Buffy fan Josh Luke review the Buffy Season 9/Angel and Faith comics in podcast form. Spoilers only if you haven't read up to the current issues in Season 9. More...
(SPOILER) CHUD's take on The Avengers. Contains possibly the best quote seen so far about the film: "On my deathbed I very well may look back on my life's brightest moments and have to decide if the birth of my first child should be above or below watching Hulk go completely apeshit in The Avengers." A review by AICN's Quint can be found here.
With The Avengers, Joss Whedon masters the Marvel Universe. An interesting profile from Wired that covers more than just The Avengers.
10 sexiest badass fight scenes. lists the 10 sexiest fight scenes from movies and tv. Not exactly the most interesting list but still a certain Slayer is mentioned...
The Cabin in the Woods has solid 3rd weekend. $4.5m dollars and a fall of 43.9% on last weekend. More...

April 29

Small screen, big impact. The Guide includes Buffy in its 30th anniversary list.
(SPOILER) Nordling of AiCN reviews The Avengers. Overtly positive and filled with aggressive love-prose. He only takes two issues which do very little to diminish his praise.
Kids React to The Avengers movie trailer. The video is very funny and the Kids React series is created by the Fine Brothers.
Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo review Avengers on BBC Radio 5 Live. Here in the UK, much-respected Mark Kermode (he's usually right on the money) likes Avengers and CiTW! CiTW is commented on near the beginning, when going through the top 10 current movies, Avengers review is I think about halfway through. It's live, with a few verdicts from listeners too, all of who love it. No spoilers.
Joss Whedon talks about filming The Avengers in Cleveland. "I did have one moment very early on where I went, 'Oh-ohhh-my-goodness.' Then my wife said, 'It's just the next story.'"
The Avengers breaking box office records. Deadline reports that The Avengers has grossed $178.4 million overseas in just five days.
Discuss the CBS Sunday Morning segment about Joss. "You want to see the tiny person suddenly take control. God, my whole career is basically about that." ETA: Watch the video on CBS's site or YouTube (includes the first clip from Much Ado About Nothing). More...
A room of my own: Olivia Williams. "bachelorette pad... my happy acceptance of permanent singledom".

April 28

(SPOILER) The Spectator's Avengers Assemble review. In verse. Really.
Avengers on The Front Row. Top Indian film critic Anupama Chopra discusses The Avengers (and Joss) on the first episode of her new show, The Front Row. More...

April 27

Joss Whedon - The Guardian Q & A. "Cat or dog? Cat! Dog: need need, poop, chew, need, lick, need. Cat: whatev. Meow, yo. Here's a mouse."
Whedon fan Blu-ray pack giveaway. Win a cool Whedon-themed Blu-Ray prize pack from the Expanding the Verse fan video community! More...
(SPOILER) NPR's Pop Culture Discussion of The Cabin in the Woods. Interesting discussion about Cabin in the Woods fast forward to 15:38. More...
(SPOILER) The Avengers' Clark Gregg on Tavis Smiley. The media blitz continues! Marked with spoilers for scene and photos.
Joss Whedon to appear on CBS News Sunday Morning, April 29. I think this may be U.S. viewers only, but maybe there's a way to get the CBS feed via the Internet ...? More...
(SPOILER) Discuss 'The Avengers' - round two. It's out now in even more countries. More...
Avengers Assemble has third biggest Thursday opening in the UK. It collected £2.5m.
Cabin set to pass Serenity's lifetime box office. Cabin is at just over $38m worldwide heading into its 3rd weekend.
Cabin straight to DVD in Australia. Perhaps a fan reaction can overturn this decision too? ETA: Official statement here and there is a screening of the movie on the 29th at the Gold Coast Film Festival.

April 26

Joss gets a mention in an otherwise sad XKCD comic. XKCD graphs the causes of his emotions over the last six years. Before his fiancee was diagnosed with cancer, she's doing well by the way, back in ought six, Mr. Whedon caused quite a stir. My guess would be Serenity.
Fringe gets a fifth and final season. David Fury is an executive producer on the show.
(SPOILER) Supernatural's Felicia Day: Fangirl Charlie Was Tailor-Made for Me. Felicia Day discusses her upcoming role on Supernatural.
Sarah Michelle Gellar is pregnant! She and Freddie Prinze Jr. will have a second child. More...
(SPOILER) Aubrey Plaza re-enacts classic Buffy scene. The Parks and Recreations star re-enacts a Buffy and Angel scene from "Graduation Day, Part 2" for Michael Ausiello's spoiler show (clip begins at 3:50 mark). There may be some Parks and Recs spoilers.
(SPOILER) CBR's Behind Buffy S9 feature for the Angel & Faith "Daddy Issues" arc. CBR discusses the arc with Christos Gage. Some spoilers for the next arc are in there. More...
(SPOILER) Preview for Buffy Season 9 #9. This will be officially released on May 9th.
(SPOILER) Why "Cabin in the Woods" is awesome. Spoilers abound, but the Mary Sue's Jamie Frevele nails what makes this movie work. On the other hand, Joey Comeau (of the webcomic "a softer world") doesn't think that Cabin is a horror movie.
"This is the silliest movie I've ever made" - a Joss Whedon interview. This is the unedited, unpaywalled version of the interview that appeared in the Sunday Times a couple of weeks ago.

April 25

(SPOILER) Neill Cumpston returns to review the Avengers. Patton Oswalt's alter ego, "Neill Cumpston" returns from an extended absence to review "The Avengers." Very mild spoilers--like American-Hot mild at a Thai Restaurant.
Hijinks Ensue on Joss' previous TV experiences. Just thinking about this very thing yesterday.
(SPOILER) Watch the full press conference for the Avengers. Super Hero Hype has over 50 minutes of footage from a recent press conference featuring Joss and the cast of The Avengers.
The Avengers smashes international box office records. The blockbuster earned almost $8 million from just the three countries during day one. ETA: Deadline quotes as saying the movie "is pre-selling more tickets for the upcoming release [in the US] than the online ticketing company sold for Captain America, Thor, Iron Man 2, and Iron Man combined at the same point in the sales cycle for each film".
The Avengers premieres on General Hospital. The main link goes to an interview with Jason Cook about going to the LA premiere and his character on GH going to an early screening. There is also an interview with Bradford Anderson, whose character also attends the screening. More...
(SPOILER) New issue of Entertainment Weekly features The Avengers on the cover. Link contains brief description of this issue's content and embedded exclusive roundtable interview with Joss and the cast.
(SPOILER) Animation World talks to Rhythm & Hues about Cabin VFX. Marked for spoilers because you can't discuss the visual effects without actually referring to what the effects are.
Ain't It Cool News interviews Joss on The Avengers. No real spoilers, Joss' desire to do a future big screen musical briefly discussed.
Seth Green's Robot Chicken to take on DC Superheroes. The project will include voice work from Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion.
Serenity will be part of the LA Times Hero Complex Film Fest. Nathan Fillion will introduce the film Sunday, May 20 at 6pm at the Regal Cinemas at LA Live. More...
Streets collapsing in D.C. - residents worry its due to potential Hellmouth. News article lists "hellmouth" as potential cause for street collapsing in the nation's capital. Here's hoping D.C. doesn't join the likes of Sunnydale and Cleveland.
(SPOILER) Interview with Dark Horse's Scott Allie. A lot of it is about BPRD but there is some good chunks about Buffy as well including spoilerish stuff for next issue and bits going forward.
Happy Birthday, Gina Torres! Forty-three should always look so good.
(SPOILER) What The Cabin in the Woods says about the current state of pop culture. An essay from examines what The Cabin in the Woods says about pop culture and entertainment. "The film manages to illuminate the deeply weird cultural moment we find ourselves in, and how it all comes back to John Hughes."
(SPOILER) Discuss 'The Avengers' - round one. It's out now in various countries around the world. If you've seen it, come tell us what you thought.
(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith #9. It's the final part of the "Daddy Issues" arc.
Maurissa Tancharoen makes the top ten of women of color behind the camera. Alyssa Rosenberg lists the women whose careers you should follow.

April 24

The Avengers opens starting today in (among others) Australia and parts of Europe. Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, Portugal and Taiwan get to see the film starting today. The movie's current IMDb rating is 8.9 and it's 97% fresh according to Rotten Tomatoes.
(SPOILER) Extra Hot Great podcast reviews Cabin in the Woods. And they love it! This is a fun listen; it starts at the 18:30 mark.
Exploring the Whedonverse. The Hollywood Reporter takes us inside the cult hero fame of Joss Whedon. "Debates rage in forums, Twitterers spit character quotes, and scenes re-edited in fan videos thrive on YouTube. Leading fan-site is a tireless curator of all news and interviews..."
(SPOILER) The conspiracy and spectacle of The Cabin in the Woods. More analysis of Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard's movie.
Dr. Horrible Freeze Ray Tee available at Thinkgeek. Freeze-Ray. Stops time. Tell your friends.
(SPOILER) Vincent Kartheiser on the Pete Campbell in All of Us. Vincent discusses recent events on Mad Men and his character in general.
Joss Whedon is our leader now. It's a "window display board designed for the Forbidden Planet Avengers movie/Joss Whedon promotion".

April 23

Patton Oswalt to guest star on 'Bob's Burgers'. He will voice a role in the Episode entitled "Moody Foodie", set to air May 6th.
(SPOILER) Joss details his shooting style and James Cameron's influence on The Avengers. And (thankfully) avoiding Michael Bay's style.
Vote for Ringer in E! Online's Annual Save One Show. It has made it to the final round and it's main competition is Body of Proof. Help Ringer claim victory!
Tom Lenk Guests on Felicia Day's Vlog this Week. It's Tom's 'Ode To Carrie Fisher'. More...
Vincent Kartheiser on Chris Hardwick's All Star Celebrity Bowling. Vincent Kartheiser and Team Mad Men go head to head, against Chris Hardwick and Team Nerdist. More...
Television Without Pity's Top 10 TV Politicians. Our favourite Mayor gets a look in. Well gosh! More...
(SPOILER) The Avengers - Black Widow clips and interviews. A short featurette (with some new shots and dialogue).

April 22

(SPOILER) Millennials get Cabin in the Woods in a way Boomers never will. Jessica Goldschmidt explains why "Cabin" and other Whedon works so appeal to the "millennial" generation.
Jane Espenson is interviewed by Raphael Sbarge. The "Buffy" and "Dollhouse" writer talks with the "Once Upon a Time" actor about her new shows and references Joss in the three-part audio interview. More...
(SPOILER) Discuss 'The Cabin in the Woods' - round three. It's the second week of release and some fans have now viewed the movie multiple times. More...
Possession finally released in the UK. After a long wait, Sarah Michelle Gellar's Thriller is now available to purchase.
Eliza Dushku recalls her childhood crush on Mitt Romney. The GOP's presumptive nominee was Eliza's Mormon bishop growing up, but according to NYMag, "It's fair to say that Dushku probably won't be stumping for Romney on the campaign trail this year."
"Cabin" tracking for an $8.2 million weekend. Deadline reports that "Cabin" will only drop 44% (if I've done my math correctly!) in its second weekend - which is relatively good for a horror film, especially considering "Cabin's" CinemaScore from last week. More...
The Observer's "10 best female action heroes" includes... you can probably guess.
(SPOILER) Black Widow meets Bruce Banner. Another clip from the film, also available here. It also was shown at a Q&A with Mark Ruffalo at the Apple store in London and sounds similar to the description of the scene played at New York Comic Con
(SPOILER) Full cast listing for The Avengers. Spoilers for roles and fantastic casting that we didn't know about.

April 21

Joss Whedon: Hollywood's golden boy. The Guardian says Joss is the "hottest property in cinema..." (My take: "Like most overnight successes, this one only took twenty years.") Anyway, we knew him when.
Cabin released in Sweden after fan campaign. Just a quick follow-up to my earlier post. Sometimes a fan campaign works!

April 20

Buffy cake for the win. Geek Mom thinks it's quite possibly the best birthday cake ever.
TV's most divisive love triangles. Two Buffyverse entries make this list from TVLine.
Read a hilarious skit Joss Whedon wrote about sexism and evil robots. Until we have video of the Joss Whedon penned sketches performed at the Equality Now fundraiser this will have to do.
Mark Ruffalo promotes The Avengers (Assemble) on the Graham Norton Show. On BBC One right now. Will appear at iPlayer link in a couple of hours.
Watch Jane Espenson play Settlers of Catan on this week's "TableTop". TableTop is a part of Felicia Day's youtube channel "Geek and Sundry." They bring in various celebrities to play tabletop board games.
Dollhouse's Liza Lapira as 'Robin' in "Don't Trust the B- In Apartment 23". The show airs Wednesdays on ABC.
(SPOILER) The Avengers UK press conference in full. Digital Spy has kindly uploaded a full length video of the UK press conference for the Avengers. More...
Warren Ellis hints that he will start writing Wastelanders next month. Ellis has started a new mailing list which he talks about what he is working on lately which includes: "...a televideowebby sort of thing I'm supposed to start writing next month." More...
(SPOILER) Firefly easter egg in Cabin plus more info from The Visual Companion. io9 gives us a review of the movie tie-in. More...
Joss Whedon celebrates Equality Now with new material. Hollywood Reporter details some of what went down at last night's 20th anniversary event for the organization.
The Avengers Assemble in Shepherds Bush. GQ lets us in on 10 things they learned at the UK premiere of The Avengers. More...
Superheroes movies like The Avengers should not be scorned. Tom Hiddleston, aka Loki, has written a great article for The Guardian explaining why he feels superhero movies should not be overlooked.
(SPOILER) Trade magazines give The Avengers rave reviews. The reviews are full of spoilers, so non-spoiler versions: Hollywood Reporter say "(joss) pulls off a stunning feat in bringing balance to this superhuman circus, engineered to charm the geek core and non-fans alike." Variety say: "'s a clean-burning, six-cylinder entertainment that exudes discipline in every particular, from the script's balance of sincerity and self-effacing humor to the well-integrated visual effects to the keen sense of proportion that governs the ensemble. Whenever the possibility of boredom or excess rears its head, Whedon finds an elegant solution." Empire Magazine say: "A joyous blend of heroism and humour that raises the stakes even as it maintains a firm grip on what makes the individual heroes tick. "
The worst heroic lead characters. Buffy and Dollhouse both mentioned in this AV Club article about the worst heroic leads in otherwise good shows.

April 19

Michelle Trachtenberg stars in a Funny or Die video. “Rick Santorum Aborts Presidential Campaign”.
Some behind the scenes pics from The Avengers. These set visit pics (some feature Joss) were taken last year in Cleveland. More can be found here.
Out now - Dollhouse Volume 1: Epitaphs TPB. Written by Andrew Chambliss, Maurissa Tancharoen, and Jed Whedon - this mini-series is set during and after the apocalypse. Geeks of Doom calls the collection "a must-read — a satisfying coda to a television series that ended too soon."
Own a Replica Jaynestown Bust. This is being sold from Adam Baldwin's personal collection to raise money for The Gaddes Foundation. More...
Alan Sepinwall's Top Ten Shows in FOX History. One of Joss' shows comes in on the list. Can you guess which one? (hint: it starts with 'F' and ends in 'irefly'). More...
(SPOILER) Five star review for The Cabin in the Woods in Dutch quality newspaper. "No horror movie will ever be the same."
The Hindi theme song for The Avengers is on iTunes USA. Agnee's fab "Hello Andheron" can be purchased. You can also download it at iTunes UK. Watch the video here.
Best Shot in Serenity? Serenity was chosen for this week's edition of Hit Me With Your Best Shot, the series wherein different writers choose the single best shot from a movie and write about it. More...

April 18

(SPOILER) The Avengers reviews start rolling in. Southwest Riverside News rated the film 5 out of 5 stars and states "I can't think of any flaws in this movie." Big Shiny Robot's review is pretty spoilerish but states that "The movie not only sets the bar for summer superhero movies, it may have knocked it so out of the park that it may be a mark that everyone else is constantly chasing" and rated the movie 7 out of 4 stars. And finally a lucky Australian fan on says that "Embedded in these unlikely relationships is Joss Whedon's signature humour. Yes it's a bit of a cliché', but the film is surprisingly funny" and rates the movie 5/5. More...
(SPOILER) Joss Whedon finally talks Cabin In The Woods spoilers. Joss talks about whether he thinks a sequel is possible and the reason for a certain surprise.
Mondo posters for The Avengers. The first two of seven Mondo posters for a little film seeking some publicity.
(SPOILER) First Australian Review: The Avengers is bang for buck. Contains a small plot spoiler, especially if you haven't seen the trailer, but otherwise it is a very positive review on The Avengers. Contains much praise for Joss' work on the writing and direction of the film.
Joss Whedon's Custom Avenger's Diorama Video. This custom designed and built case (by GeekBox, Lance Sawyers, Prop.) was commissioned as a gift to Joss by the stunt crew (I believe Sam Hargrave, More...
Joss is one of io9's "Science Fiction and Fantasy Creators Who Became Their Own Genres". Alongside Anne Rice, Terry Gillam, Philip K. Dick, and a whole bunch of other auteurs is our fearless leader. More...
Eliza Dushku voicing She-Hulk. Eliza Dushku will voice Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk for upcoming animated series 'Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H'.
Help release 'The Cabin in the Woods' in Sweden. At present it looks like Cabin in the Woods will not be shown in Swedish cinemas but go directly to DVD. A Swedish SF bookstore has reacted to this by creating a Facebook page to promote relase of the film. It's in Swedish, but I think you will get the gist of it...

April 17

'How Buffy Learned To Confront Her Fears' - an essay. This is taken from "The Psychology of Joss Whedon: An Unauthorized Exploration of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly".
(SPOILER) Amy Acker to guest star on Person of Interest season finale. She will play an attractive psychologist who caters to the rich and powerful in an episode that will air on May 17th.
The A.V. Club interviews Joss Whedon. The interview covers Avengers, Cabin, Ripper, spoilers and more. More...
The Cabin in the Woods climbs to #2 rank in daily box office. Good Monday $1,192,968. Gross so far $15,936,582. More...
Sean Maher to appear in "Best Friends Forever", if successfully funded. His role in the movie is described as a "scary hick".
The Avengers in Moscow. The cast are over there at the moment promoting the movie.
(SPOILER) Is "Cabin in the Woods" something different, or Whedon repeating himself? Movieline's Maria Aspan claims the movie is a checklist of tropes that Joss uses in his TV shows and Dr. Horrible. The cliches she identifies includes the "banality of evil", a wise-cracking guy, and the Big Bads lurking underneath. More...
(SPOILER) Is The Cabin in the Woods a step backwards from Buffy? That's the question critic Alyssa Rosenberg poses in this piece for Think Progress. (Her headline is different, but the one here is the more provocative way she tweeted the piece.)
(SPOILER) Georges Jeanty's Slayalive Q&A for Buffy # 7. The Q&A is finally up.
How Many Spinoffs Is Too Many? This discussion of spinoffs touches on Buffy and Angel after 12:30 minutes having also considered myriad comic book spinoffs and Lou Grant.

April 16

The Avengers rated a '12A' in the UK. Official running time is also 142m 37s.
(SPOILER) New Avengers clip: Iron Man vs. Thor. Iron Man and Thor trade blows in yet another clip from The Avengers. Also: HitFix interviews Chris' Hemsworth and Evans. More...
Downey Jr and Fillion do Avengers promo after Castle. It's on YouTube now. More...
Hollywood Reporter predicts "The Avengers" opening weekend upward of $150M. The Marvel Studios and Disney superhero extravaganza is generating bigger prerelease interest than "The Dark Knight" or "The Hunger Games." More...
Dichen Lachman drags Enver Gjokaj to Twitter. As in literally sitting there getting the account set up. Get in on the ground floor of followers.
Emma Caulfield returns to co-host Indie Intertube. Our favorite former vengeance demon returns to co-host the popular web call-in show on Wednesday, April 18th. More...
Adam Baldwin talks about guesting with Nathan Fillion on tonight's Castle! Another story about our old friends working together again.
(SPOILER) Nick Fury and Loki - a clip from The Avengers. A great scene featuring Samuel L. Jackson and Tom Hiddleston.
(SPOILER) Joss Whedon talks to Vulture about Cabin in the Woods, Avengers and more. Quick hit interview between Joss and Vulture which talks about everything on his plate right now.
Fans react to The Cabin in the Woods. Video of readers of /Film and reacting after seeing a free, early screening. The movie is also reviewed on the /Filmcast podcast and given 9/10 in the site's written review.
Happy Birthday to Sean Maher! He turns 37 today.
The Cabin in the Woods: The Official Visual Companion and Novelization get released this week. The Visual Companion features "in-depth interviews, the full screenplay by Whedon and Goddard, stunning production art, and hundreds of color photos." The novelization is written by horror author Tim Lebbon. More...
(SPOILER) Drew Goddard speaks freely about 'The Cabin in the Woods'. Drew speaks in detail about the reasons behind everything in the film, including why the ending is his favourite part of the movie.
10 horror movies that scare "The Cabin in the Woods" team. Entertainment Weekly asked the cast and crew of "The Cabin in the Woods" what movies scare(d) them the most. Here are their answers.
'Firefly: A Celebration (Anniversary Edition)' book coming out in October. It's a collection of Titan Books' three Firefly Official Companion volumes and is released to tie-in with the 10th anniversary of the show. This hardcover book "is presented in a foil-stamped leather-effect binding with additional behind-the-scenes material from the cult show". More...

April 15

Staged reading of play by "Buffy" writer Elin Hampton starring Juliet Landau. Ms. Hampton wrote on early "Buffy" seasons and Ms. Landau played Drusilla. There are two dates for the staged reading in North Hollywood, CA.
(SPOILER) CNN reviews "The Cabin In The Woods". Tom "Special to CNN" Charity likes TCITW, noting "there's no question that this is one of the most entertaining and invigorating shockers in recent years. It's also one of the best movies of 2012 so far, in any genre." A rather different opinion of the movie can be found in this Guardian article. More...
Fran Kranz talks with AssignmentX about Cabin in the Woods & more. Telephone interview with Fran Kranz about "Cabin in the Woods", working with Drew Goddard, and working on "Lust For Love".
The Cabin in the Woods in 3rd place with estimated $14.85 million opening weekend. Box Office Mojo reports an estimated 3rd place finish behind Hunger Games and The Three Stooges. The site offers a more detailed comparison here. More...
Adam Baldwin talks about his guest star role on Castle. HitFix (main link) and TVLine both talked to Adam about his character and what it was like to act with Nathan Fillion again. "It's like putting on an old, comfortable brown coat or a nice pair of comfortable combat boots." More...
Squidoo lists songs used in the Cabin in the Woods from artists like Nine Inch Nails and Ladyhawke. More...
The film that changed my life by Joss Whedon. Find out how 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' made Joss an existentialist.

April 14

(SPOILER) Discuss 'The Cabin in the Woods' - round two. In which we carry on chatting about Drew and Joss' new movie. More...
"The Cabin in the Woods" OST now on US iTunes. Here's a nice early surprise. More...
The Cabin in the Woods heading for #3 weekend. Deadline reports that CitW grossed $5.5 million on Friday, and is heading for a $13 million weekend, against a budget of $30 million.
(SPOILER) CBR talks with Scott Allie about the Spike and Willow Miniseries. They discuss the two miniseries announced at C2E2.
Kristen Connolly talks surviving the "Cabin". The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision talks with "The Cabin in the Woods" co-star Kristen Connolly about the finally-released horror film from Drew Goddard and Joss. In related coverage, Yahoo! Movies' Movie Talk interviews Drew about his directorial debut. He also discusses the five films that most influenced "Cabin" here.
"Cabin" Illustrative of the Critic vs. Audience Divide? "The Cabin in the Woods" has received quite favorable reviews from most major critics, but CinemaScores (when polled what audiences have rated a movie after seeing it) for it have been less than stellar with the majority giving it a "C" and females in particular giving it a "D+." What do you think audiences aren't connecting with that critics are?

April 13

Happy Birthday, Sarah Michelle Gellar! Our favorite Slayer is 35 today!
"The Philosophy of Joss Whedon" explores higher aspects of the pop culture icon. An interview with the editors of the book.
Spike & Willow mini-series Q&A at Buffyfest. Buffyest spoke to Dark Horse editor Scott Allie just before C2E2 and got the scoop about some new projects that have now been announced at the expo. Not only is a Spike 5-issue Mini-Series launching August 22nd, but Willow's Mini has also been given a release date of November 21.
Jewel Staite, Sean Maher and James Marsters to attend Dragon*Con. They'll be joining Adam Baldwin, Amber Benson and J August Richards in Atlanta over Labour Day weekend.
(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8 Volume 2 Hardcover announced. Solicited in Dark Horse's full July solicitations. Also included are the solicitations for Buffy Season 9 #11 and Angel & Faith #12, which were previously featured on a shorter list. Spoiler-tagged for the new books.
(SPOILER) Watch a Captain America/Thor scene from 'The Avengers'. And there's loads of new promo pics here.
You could be a Master of the Whedonverse. If you're into quizzing check out Geeks Who Drink's upcoming "Masters of the Whedonverse" pub quizzes. More...
(SPOILER) Salon interviews Joss about his two big movies. Not too spoilery conversation, but a little bit.
(SPOILER) Discuss 'The Cabin in the Woods'. Been aching to discuss those oh-so glorious scenes? Now is your chance. More...
Jane Espenson on "Pop My Culture" Podcast. Our very own frequent 'verse writer Jane Espenson visits with Cole Stratton and Vanessa Ragland on their "Pop My Culture" podcast to discuss some of her work as well as touch on some various pop culture-iffic topics.
(SPOILER) Drew Goddard on his "Cabin" finally opening its doors. The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision talks with Drew about today's release of "The Cabin in the Woods" as well as fandom and what may be next in his career. There's also an interview with him at The A.V. Club.
(SPOILER) Extended Interview with Joss from EW Avengers set report from last June. Remember the EW cover story about The Avengers? Well, this is the whole of the interview they had with Joss, from which they pulled quotes. Very meaty and no real spoilers. And a spoilerish Kevin Feige interview in which he explains that Marvel has an option on Joss for Avengers 2 if and when it comes to it. More...
(SPOILER) BBC News asks if The Cabin in the Woods trailer gives away too much. The article has spoilers about the movie (and others).
The Cabin in the Woods may be a career-maker for Fran Kranz. Rightly so.
Extra Avengers scene being filmed? It would seem so.

April 12

The Cabin in the Woods opens today. Go see it and we'll chat about it later.
(SPOILER) Ain't It Cool News interviews Joss about The Cabin In The Woods. Spoilers are not heavy but for those who want to know nothing about the film prior to release, tagged. More...
(SPOILER) Details on Spike and Willow miniseries for Buffy Season 9. Description of the two comic mini-series, one starring Spike (Aug. 22nd) and the other starring Willow (Nov. 21st). Article also includes previews of the lovely covers. More details at Comic Book Resources. More...
Box office predictions for The Cabin in the Woods vary between $10-15 million. EW predicts that The Cabin in the Woods will earn $15 million this weekend in the US, leaving it as the second highest grossing movie behind The Hunger Games. More...
(SPOILER) Watch the B-Roll footage from The Avengers. There's twenty mintutes worth of fantastic behind the scenes footage here (plus Alan Silvestri's score).
(SPOILER) Preview: Angel and Faith #9. Three-page preview courtesy of Comic Book Resources.
No 'Catching Fire' for us say Whedon and Goddard. Variety's Showblitz asked Joss and Drew if they fancied directing the second movie in Suzanne Collin's trilogy.
Marvel's The Avengers tracking for huge opening weekend. Remember trying to shove people out to see Serenity?
'Avengers' Director Joss Whedon on his creative setbacks. Joss talks about Firefly, Dollhouse, Alien: Resurrection, and other projects that didn't proceed as hoped. Includes some interesting tidbits about Dollhouse scripts that didn't go anywhere.
(SPOILER) Bleeding Cool tries to explain how Buffy #9 was leaked. There is a spoilerly image from #9 in the article.
(SPOILER) The latest clip from 'The Cabin in The Woods'. It features a Chris Hemsworth introduction.
Eliza Dushku and Emma Caulfield to guest star on Leap Year Season 2. TubeFilter has a video interview with Eliza chatting about her role on the web series.
(SPOILER) First look at Felicia Day in Supernatural. Her episode will on the 27th of this month.
(SPOILER) Roger Ebert reviews The Cabin in the Woods. And he positions it, without overtly stating it, right into my favorite internet discussion topic! :-)
(SPOILER) A NON-Review of Avengers from Extremely positive and hints of spoilers.

April 11

(SPOILER) Entertainment Weekly Reviews "The Cabin in the Woods". EW's Lisa Schwarzbaum gives a mildly positive review to the film.
Happy Birthday, Nicholas Brendon! 41 Today! Also, Happy Birthday to his twin, Kelly Donovan.
Early reactions to The Avengers. Critics in LA have seen, and have therefore tweeted. Screen Crush collects early short-form response.
(SPOILER) Interview with Scott Allie about Buffy Season 9 #8. Part two of Persephone Magazine's interview.
EW suggests Whedon as Catching Fire replacement. Since Gary Ross has dropped out, Catching Fire is going to need someone who can handle a strong female character. More...
The Avengers World Premiere - Watch the Live-Stream. Lost your ticket to tonight's world premiere of The Avengers? Don't worry, is live-streaming the events so you can watch the red carpet. It begins at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT.
Thor - The Avengers TV spot. Yet more snippets from the forthcoming film.
Joss Whedon's Total Film social media interview. Total Film fires off a series of fan-submitted questions to Joss on everything from "The Cabin in the Woods," "The Avengers" and much more.
The Lost and Unsung Joss Whedon Projects. The Playlist's Drew Taylor looks back on both the lost/forgotten and under-appreciated projects of our Jossir.
(SPOILER) Drew Goddard on Cabin in the Woods, Brainstorming Monsters, and the Horror-Movie Whore. Spoilers for various scenes/aspects of the movie. Drew seems to be loosening his tongue in these pieces now that we're a mere 48 hours away...
(SPOILER) Buffyfest talks to Scott Allie about Buffy #8. They talk about Buffy's current state, zompires, hint at what's to come in the future in regards to Xander and zompires (not necessarily related), and two minis to come (no titles, but deets will be forthcoming at C2E2).
(SPOILER) The New York Times interviews Joss about The Avengers and his career. There's an overview of his career to appear in this weekend's Art & Leisure section and a more Avengers-focused Q&A that looks like it's from today's paper.
(SPOILER) Stark and Loki - an Avengers clip. A clip of the verbal confrontation between the two.
(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 9 # 8. It's the start of the new arc,"Apart (of Me)" Part 1 of 3.
(SPOILER) Joss talks about working on Cabin and a lot of behind the scenes stuff. A lot of subjects are covered and very mildly spoilery. Also, check out the talks from director Drew Goddard and cast members: Richard Jenkins, Kristen Connoly, Jesse Williams, Fran Kranz, Amy Acker, Anna Hutchison, Bradley Whitford, Brian White and Chris Hemsworth. Plus, there's also some Behind the the scenes footage.

April 10

The Avengers "Isolated" tv spot. Worth watching just for Captain America's line at the end. In related coverage, 15 new stills from the movie have been released. One of them features Jenny Agutter.
Cabin in the Woods Review. The Schmoes Know brings you a spoiler-free review.
Buffy tops list of shows that get reinvented in final season. Angel also gets a mention.
Bid on things that are not dinner with Joss Whedon, to benefit Equality Now. Two opportunities to be the winning bids on dinner with Joss this summer. Also a chance to win tickets to the NY premiere of Avengers. Dinner auctions close on May 1, Avengers on April 20. More...
Joss Whedon's Reddit Q&A kicks off shortly. Questions have already been fielded. And Joss' answers can be found here (click on "context" to see what he is replying to).
Chiwetel Ejiofor signs on for "Twelve Years A Slave". He'll be playing Solomon Northup.
Pop Candy interviews Joss in advance of his live Q&A this afternoon on Reddit. He addresses the all important Buffy vs. Black Widow question, among others.
Cabin in the Woods soundtrack gets a cover and a release date. The soundtrack will be released May 1st worldwide. More...
Fran Kranz discusses Much Ado About Nothing. Fran says that while he hasn't seen it, he trusts in Joss and thinks it's going to be awesome.

April 09

(SPOILER) Another clip from 'The Avengers'. Featuring Nick Fury and Maria Hill, this clip premiered on The Late Show with David Letterman.
The Cabin In The Woods is "fresh", has 94% positive reviews from 31 sources. So say Rotten Tomatoes. That currently places it in their top 50 reviewed horror movies of all time.
Help Buffy slay Supernatural. Buffy is in the final round of the Ultimate Fan Battle against Supernatural.
Dichen Lachman, Eliza Dushku and Felicia Day attending convention in London. May 11-13 weekend. And for geek bonus points half the cast of The Guild will be there.
Win Some Cool Cabin in the Woods Swag! Prizes include a T-Shirt, a Signed Poster, and other goodies.
Cliff Chiang's "Joss Whedon: The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth" art for GQ Magazine. The Whedon themed issue is for this May.
Joss Whedon talks about Fran Kranz, Amy Acker and Tom Lenk. They're appearing in The Cabin in the Woods (and Much Ado About Nothing). SyFy UK also has another clip of Joss talking about horror cliches.
Audience tracking of Cabin in the Woods is looking better. Tracking numbers are looking good; there is definite awareness and interest in the general audience for the movie. More...

April 08

(SPOILER) Interview with Drew Goddard and Amy Acker on Cabin in the Woods. Goddard talks about the writing process and Acker talks about her involvement. Find out Amy's unusual reaction to seeing horror films.
(SPOILER) Cabin in the Woods spoilery 'Glitch' trailer. If you've already decided you're going to watch the movie, skip it.
Tickets sold out for special "Ultimate Marvel Marathon" screenings. Tickets have sold out a month in advance for screenings at 10 North American locations that will show Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers as a single 12-hour event.
Dutch premiere of The Cabin in the Woods. I thought we had to wait untill the beginning of May, but I presume this is true... More...
"A World Without Love" - an Angel essay. This Smart Pop Books essay looks at the failure of family in Angel.

April 07

(SPOILER) Joss talks to The Sydney Morning Herald about The Avengers. "I felt like I really want to show the idea of being a hero as something more than powers." More...
Five years on - the murder of Du'a Khalil Aswad. On this day in 2007, Du'a Khalil Aswad was stoned to death in an honour killing in Iraq. It led to Joss writing his "Let's Watch A Girl Get Beaten To Death" essay a month later. Organisations like Equality Now campaign against honour killings but they need your support.
How Buffy got her groove back! Comic Book Resources' article about Season 9.

April 06

Joss Whedon et al red carpet interviews for "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope". A short one on one with Mr. Whedon, plus other interviews at the event this past Wednesday night. Spoilers for the documentary in question.
Help Buffy slay Kristen Stewart in The Ultimate Fan Battle - The Final Four. Kristen Stewart is back along with Glee (who is up against Supernatural) after the Wild Card Round. Vote for Buffy in the Final Four! More...
Jewel Staite returns to television with the new CW drama "L.A. Complex". A few quick preview clips can be found at the link, including one featuring the ever-lovely Jewel.
Watch Joss Whedon, Morgan Spurlock and others talk about "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope". The programme starts at around the 0:20:31 mark. The movie is out today in various formats (including iTunes and Amazon Instant Video).
(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Buffyverse comic books for July. The line-up includes Buffy #11 and A&F #12. Covers and descriptions are very spoilerish for guest stars.
(SPOILER) Joss Whedon interview at The Guardian. Video interview covering The Cabin in the Woods and recent developments in the Buffy comic.
Crave Online reviews Comic-Con: Episode IV: A Fan's Hope. William Bibbiani (the site's film channel editor), calls the documentary, "A heartfelt reminder of just how meaningful Comic-Con can be... I've seen strains of herpes less infectious." More...

April 05

Does that book say what I think it says? Apparently, Greendale Community College gets their books from UC Sunnydale.
"The Cabin In The Woods" Mondo/Alamo Drafthouse poster. A special poster for "The Cabin in the Woods".
Joss Whedon interview at Collider. He "talks The Cabin in the Woods, The Avengers, his writing process, Comic-Con, collecting and more".
(SPOILER) Drew Goddard and Jesse Williams talk to Bleeding Cool. They discuss The Cabin in the Woods. More...
Joss Whedon will be answering fan questions on Reddit on April 10th. Reddit will be featuring Joss Whedon in an "Ask Me Anything" forum where users can ask the man himself any question they want! More...
The 20 Greatest TV Pilots Since 2000. Firefly clocks in at #20, with the real pilot, not the one Fox aired.
Captain America 2 gets a release date. It'll be out on April 4th, 2014. There was a new Captain America image from The Avengers included in the Disney press release. There's speculation that The Avengers 2 might be coming out on May 16th, 2014.
"Reverse Parthenogenesis" screening with Amber Benson and Adam Busch. Javier Grillo-Marxuach is screening his film, Reverse Parthenogenesis, in LA on April 23 and stars Amber Benson and Adam Busch will be there to meet and greet.
Summer Glau is X23. Well at least in someone's mind. Comic Book Artists draw their interpretations of dream casting for Comic Characters.
One of us is a Valued Customer: The latest sketch from the popular webcomic Our Valued Customers hits pretty close to home.

April 04

Preview Alan Silvestri's score for 'The Avengers'. It will be released on April 20th. ETA: The preview option is no longer available.
(SPOILER) Tahmoh Penikett to appear on 'Castle'. He will appear in the May 7th Episode, in a potentially recurring role.
(SPOILER) Brand new clip from 'The Cabin in the Woods'. You've seen a snippet of this already if you've watched the first trailer.
Live To Rise, Soundgarden's song for the Avengers, is out. It's the band's first song in 15 years.
When Minneapolis saw 'The Cabin in the Woods'. Bloody Disgusting readers give their reaction to the movie (they loved it).
Buffy Season 9 Drusilla mini-series cancelled Bleeding Cool says the Juliet Landau penned spinoff is now off the schedules due to "unavoidable scheduling issues". Update: A statement from Dark Horse can be found here.
Joss Whedon reenacts his greatest Comic Con fangasm. It's a clip from "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope". The good news is that Joss did get to work with the person concerned. Seth Green features in the clip as well.

April 03

(SPOILER) Watch the first clip from 'The Avengers'. See the Black Widow in action.
Another tv spot for The Cabin in the Woods. An exclusive new TV spot for the Cabin in the Woods from Cinema Blend.
'Lost Girl' isn't 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'-and that's okay. Progressive pop culture blogger Alyssa Rosenberg explores the purported similarities and differences between the Buffyverse and the Canadian series "Lost Girl."
Felicia Day: A rising star for the Internet geek. The Washington Post profiles Felicia Day. "If you are a geek-a proud, noble reclaiming-the-word geek-then Felicia Day is your deity." Pegged to this week's launch of her new YouTube channel, Geek & Sundry.
Amber Benson turns a page with 'How to Be Death'. Interview with Amber about her new book. There is also an adorable video of her reading the first chapter.
Will 'The Cabin in the Woods' be a hit? Box Office Mojo gives their thoughts on the upcoming April releases. They think that the Three Stooges remake is going to beat out Cabin. More...
Neil Patrick Harris to revisit Tony Awards. Neil Patrick Harris will return as the host of the 2012 Tony Awards.
Phil Coulson, Agent of Shield. Clark Gregg finally gets his own character poster.

April 02

Early Avengers screenings for LA, NYC, Chicago, Houston and Miami on April 14. The cities were chosen based on which had the most FB Avenger fans and Marvel plans to announce another 5 cities based on lobbying etc on the Avengers FB page.
Alyson Hannigan on 'How I Met Your Mother', 'American Reunion', and 'Buffy'. Redhead talks about her hit CBS series, revisiting the American Pie cast and of course, a little "Buffy."
(SPOILER) More reports from the set of 'The Avengers'. Now that the press embargo has been lifted, the reports from last summer are starting to appear online. AICN's Quint has an excellent write-up plus there's some new behind the scenes pics. Collider, Slashfilm, IGN, moviefone and SuperHeroHype have some good reports as well with links to individual interviews with Joss and the cast as well.
Celebrating Joss Whedon's birthday on the set of 'The Avengers'. Dan Fienberg's HitFix write-up of a press interview with Joss on the Avengers set. It just happened to take place on his birthday. Includes some cast quotes.
Joss Whedon's favourite horror movie. "To celebrate the release of The Cabin in The Woods on Friday 13th of April, Joss Whedon talks about his favourite horror movie".
The Guild - "I'm the One That's Cool" music video. The song is written by Felicia Day and Jed Whedon and the video is directed by Jed.
The Avengers: We are at war. A further TV spot - and, as Scarlett Johansson says, it's going to be fun.

April 01

Join Felicia Day for a 12 hour live stream show right now. It's a Google+ Hangout for Geek and Sundry, which launches tomorrow (with surprises). Nothing like this has been tried before so expect tech fun. Live chat here.
Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige talks to SFX. He discusses the lead up to The Avengers, the film, and the greater Marvel universe.
Fran Kranz on his belief in The Cabin in the Woods. Some very minor details about his character. Also a fun story about Fran and his faith in the movie after the jump. More...
The ultimate cheerleader fail! Viral marketing for The Cabin in the Woods, spoilerish if you've never seen the trailers.

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