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June 30

Amber Benson and Adam Busch are guests on The Nerdist Writers Panel. The podcast features a discussion with Javier Grillo-Marxuach, with Amber Benson, Adam Busch, and Edmund Lupinski joining in at about 26:00 to discuss the short film, "Reverse Parthenogenesis".
Pre-order the 'Cabin' HMV exclusive Steelbook Blu-ray. Seems to be a UK exclusive thus far. More...
Were Nick Fury's actions in The Avengers legally justified? The 'Law and the Multiverse' blog gets advice on the matter from military lawyers. More...
'Firefly' appears on "Life After Cancelation". A list of six shows that Tor believes Netflix should resurrect.

June 29

Science Channel marathons Firefly on July 4th. Press release invites "viewers to celebrate by choosing Browncoats over redcoats and tuning in for an all-day marathon of its 2002 hit series FIREFLY". Here is their schedule page. More...
Joss Whedon on Espenson & Bell's "Husband" series.' In an article posted on, Joss discusses the web series created by Jane Espenson and Brad Bell. More...
Amber Benson plays 'Gloom' on Tabletop. Amber weaves the morbid tale of the Blackwater Clan as part of the death and suffering-centric cardgame Gloom with Tabletop host Wil Wheaton. More...
TV Love Confessions Video Mix. And it's not even Valentine's Day! A Flavorwire mix of the best TV love confessions includes a couple of familiar faces. More...
Joss Whedon confirmed for Friday's Comic-Con. He'll be in Ballroom 20 at 5.30pm. There's some other fab looking Whedonverse panels on that day as well (including the previously mentioned Firefly reunion). More...
Nathan Fillion talks about acting choices & being identified with a character. Video interview by BackStageCasting. 3.30 minutes long. They don't say when it was recorded.
"Horrible Music" part one - a look at Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. The second part in this Sequential Tart feature covers Commentary! The Musical.

June 28

Whedonesque is ten years old today. Blogging the Jossverse since 2002.
North American "Cabin" Blu-Ray release date confirmed! According to Arrow in the Head, the North American release of The Cabin in the Woods will be September 18th, 2012 for both the DVD and Blu-Ray releases. More...
Charisma Carpenter talks "Lying Game" season two. After becoming a fully fledged regular earlier this week, Charisma talks about what's in store for her character in the upcoming season.
Clare Kramer did a AMA on Reddit today. Clare answered some questions on the site earlier today. She also said she'll be hosting a Buffy(?) panel at Comic Con on 7/15. More...
'Grampire,' 'Buffy,' 'Dracula' and more Joss movies we never got to see. Description is also the title. ;)
(SPOILER) EW interviews Jane Espenson about Season 2 of " Husbands". The article also features behind-the-scenes pictures with the cast and some of the guest stars from the new season.
(SPOILER) Marvel movie bridging to Avengers 2 revealed. A new addition to the Iron Man, Thor and Captain America sequels that will lead into Avengers 2.
AfterElton's 2012 Hot 100 features several familiar faces. Also check out AfterEllen's Hot 100 for a few more Whedony people. More...
Shiny! Top 10 reasons why seafarers love Joss Whedon's Firefly. The fact that people are still writing great Firefly articles like this is awesome.
Happy birthday to Felicia Day! She turns 33 today.
'The Avengers' Blu-ray trailer. This'll be out in the States on September 25th. And the trailer for the 10-disc limited-edition Blu-ray collection called "Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One - Avengers Assembled" can be found here.
Mal and Jayne: BFFs? Serenity's two alpha-males make Blastr's list of science fiction's most unlikely friendships.
How to run a game of D&D like Joss Whedon. On the official Dungeons & Dragons website, the senior producer offers advice on how to make your game of D&D feel a bit like a Joss Whedon TV show.

June 27

See Nathan Fillion as you've definitely never seen him before. QMx brings a t-shirt and poster of the cap'n and a strategically placed gun holster.
Angel's Christian Kane turns 38 today. Christian Kane from "Angel" Seasons 1,2,5 and TNT's "Leverage" turns 38 today. Please message him on Twitter and visit his website all you Kaniacs!
Angel and Spike are up in TVLine's Ultimate Bad Boy Tournament. Against Pretty Little Liars' Noel Kahn and The Vampire Diaries' Klaus respectively.
10 badass LGBTQ characters from television. Tara features on the list.
Hollywood Reporter confirms 10th anniversary Firefly Panel at Comic-Con. Set for Ballroom 20 on Friday, July 13 from 12:30-1:30. Reports that Joss, Tim Minear, Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin, Sean Maher, Michael Fairman and the rest of the Serenity crew will be in attendance. More...
Several Whedonverse alums to appear in Husbands Season 2. Jane Espenson has enlisted some old friends for her web series.
Adam Busch TBS sitcom "Men at Work" renewed for second season. The network has ordered 10 episodes for the follow-up season, slated to launch in 2013.
Planning against the sequel. Why not every genre movie needs to be a franchise. Cabin In The Woods is cited as a prime example.
(SPOILER) Preview for Buffy Season 9 #11. This issue will be out on the 11th of next month.
(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith #11. It's the first part of the "Family Reunion" arc.

June 26

Avengers will reach $600M at the US box office. This is expected to happen today.
Captain Mal vs Captain Jack in TVLine's Best Bad Boy Tourney. Angel and Spike will be featured in future rounds as well. More...
Great Women in Nerdery: A Jane Espenson Interview. Jane is chosen as a Great Woman in Nerdery and she talks about working with Joss again, what it is like to be a woman in the industry, and more... More...
The "Buffy" 2013 calendar is out today. Think they should start using images from the comics as well next year?

June 25

Oz Comic Con premieres in Melbourne this weekend with 5 Whedonverse guests! It'll be an awesome weekend for Aussie Whedonesquers inMelbourne, with five Whedonverse guests attending the first Oz Comic-Con this weekend. Sean Maher, Julie Benz and Fran Kranz will be joined by Jason Palmer and Scott Allie.
Fandomfest - this coming weekend in Louisville, KY. Featuring James Marsters, Nicholas Brendon, and Luke Perry from our little corner of fandom (plus a whole lot of other interesting folks).
"Mutilation Fantasies for Fun & Profit" - thoughts on Dollhouse. In which Joss' writing, misogyny, David Cronenberg and Dr Saunders and Bennett Halverson all get a look in.
Know your Vampire Hunter. Estimated time it would take Buffy (and other vampire hunters) to kill E. Cullen gets featured in this infographic.
Emma Caulfield's online empire. Emma Caulfield talks Joss, Leap Year, Jane Espenson and Once Upon a Time.

June 24

5 lessons for start-ups from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. "Buffy's team encounters many of the problems young entrepreneurs face on a regular basis."
Awesome books to replace your favourite cancelled shows. io9 gives some recommended reading to substitute our Big Damn Heroes and that lovable Vampire with a soul, among others.
Selma Blair auditioned for lead role in TV's Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Mentioned in an Observer interview. More...

June 23

TV's all-time greatest writers. Joss gets included in this Flavorwire list.
Harry Groener will appear in the stage adaption of "The Exorcist". The show begins previews in Los Angeles on July 3rd.
Cliff Chiang's original Joss Whedon GQ article art up for sale. It'll set you back $2500. Alternatively you can buy an art print from the artist's site for $40. More...
"On Wesley and Fred". An article defending the relationship between Wesley and Fred, as well as Fred herself.
Firefly 10th Anniversary panel to be held at San Diego Comic-Con. No other details about it are forthcoming. But it'll probably be awesome.

June 22

Happy birthday to Joss Whedon! He turns 48 today. Been a great year for him so far.
Not so dynamite: TNT decides to not pick up Summer's new show. According to Deadline TV - via fan site - TNT has chosen to pass on the pilot for Scent of the Missing, giving the nod to TV legend David E. Kelley's new creation, Monday Mornings in its stead. The proposed series would have been based around the stories from author Susannah Charleston's book Scent of the Missing: Love and Partnership with a Search-and-Rescue Dog. More...
Fran Kranz to introduce a special "The Cabin in the Woods" screening in Melbourne. The screening will be on 1 July at Cinema Nova (Carlton) following Oz Comic-Con (where Fran is a guest). Tickets are $25 and available from the convention. And with Fran being the stand out star of the film, this is an opportunity not to be missed! Oz Comic-Con also features Sean Maher, Julie Benz, Scott Allie and Jason Palmer, as well as STAN LEE!!
Equality Now UK auctions Joss signed and designed shirts. There's not long left to grab a rare treat - one of the shirts Joss designed for Equality Now signed by the man himself! Update: Auctions are currently only open to UK bidders :(
In honor of his 48th birthday, former Joss coworkers discuss the man with MTV. Specifically, Tim Minear talks about how working under Joss is different from other TV showrunners, and Sean Maher marvels at the man's genius.
Amy Berg discusses how she got into TV writing after a chance meeting with Joss Whedon. The secret of her success? Sending him a one-act play about her fantasy of meeting Joss Whedon. Also, she sent wooden stakes. (She definitely doesn't recommend that for future writers.) More...
Buffy studies inspires feminist readings of video games. Videoblogger Anita Sarkeesian cites Buffy studies as influential in her viewing of pop culture from a feminist, non-scholarly perspective. More...
Abraham Lincoln versus Angelus. Who would win in that fight?

June 21

Red carpet, Avengers style. "Marvel"-ous fantasy fashion... More...
Coolest onscreen spaceships. Serenity is #17.
The 50 greatest New York movies. The Avengers comes in at number nine on this Total Film list.
Bearenity - let's be bad bears. io9 tries to prove that every movie is better with added bears.
Buffy characters as My Little Pony characters. There's a theme here.
Culturally Fixated podcast interview with Reed Diamond. Reed Diamond talking about a variety of his shows and singing Joss' praises! More...
"Like a Boss" - an Adelle DeWitt essay. This originally appeared in the "Inside Joss' Dollhouse: From Alpha to Rossum" anthology.

June 20

Charisma Carpenter in discussions to be a regular on 'The Lying Game'. Variety has the story about Charisma being considered for a full time cast member.
Buffy Season 9: Dark Horse lets Buffy grow up. Nice discussion on the Buffy Season Nine comic book series over at
Cover art for Buffy Season 8 Library Edition Volume 3. "This deluxe hardcover edition collects Predators and Prey and Retreat, the fifth and sixth arcs of Season 8, along with three short stories originally published in MySpace Dark Horse Presents".
"Hush" screening in Washington DC this Saturday. It's part of Black Cat's ongoing Hellmouth Happy Hour.
Out today - Angel & Faith Volume One: Live Through This. The trade paperback collects the first five issues and it's a really good read. And Dark Horse has an Angel & Faith Haiku contest where you can win a copy of the trade paperback signed by Christos Gage.
Drew Goddard to receive Filmmakers Showcase Award for 'The Cabin in the Woods'. He'll be receiving it at the 38th Annual Saturn Awards on July 26th. Robert Holguin, president of the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films, says "Drew is one of the strongest voices in genre entertainment. With his directorial debut, he showed strong leadership in bringing his original vision to the screen."

June 19

Season Ending TV Cliffhangers that actually paid off. A brief list of cliffhangers in Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV series that paid off in the following season. Buffy gets a mention.
CSTS screenings of Serenity this weekend. It's Joss' birthday on Saturday and there's nine screenings of Serenity in the US, Canada and the UK on or around that date.
The return of the Slayer - time for more Buffy on the big screen? James Dawson writes about why it's the right time for a Joss Whedon Buffy movie starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and what it might involve.
(SPOILER) Victor Gischler talks to Comic Book Resources about the Spike miniseries. There are also preview pages in the article.
Things to do in Chicago this weekend: Come meet Angel & Faith artist Rebekah Isaacs! Rebekah Isaacs will be at The Rogues Gallery on Friday, June 22nd for the opening of her month-long exhibition featuring artwork from Angel & Faith. There will be 50 pieces of original art from Angel & Faith #1-6 on display and for sale!!! More...
Castle is a no show for Comic-Con 2012. Castle was not invited to this year's Comic-Con.
Avengers opening credits, Firefly style. The cast of "The Avengers" gets put into the Firefly intro and theme song. More...
Christina Hendricks takes home a Critic's Choice Award. This is her second consecutive win for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

June 18

Disney steps up efforts to bring "Avengers" to its parks. Our newest Whedon-related Heroes will be coming to a Disney Park near you.
(SPOILER) Behind Buffy Season 9: The End of the Affair. Specific spoilers up to Buffy #10, with some minor spoilery stuff about the upcoming arc at the very end.
Eliza Dushku's bold 'Leap' online. She chats to The Insider about her upcoming guest stint on the webseries Leap Year, Buffy reunions, her Kickstarter project and Dollhouse being similar to The Avengers.
"Everything's Okay Now" - a video. Amy Acker is featured in this short hilarious YouTube video.
Damon Lindelof talks writing Prometheus, fan fiction and attempting a Buffy spec script. Says he got 20 pages into a terrible "Giles origin story" -- calling it hubris. More...
Chris Hemsworth talks Thor 2, The Avengers and working with Joss. He talks about his recent query at the recent Wizard World Comic Con.
Mercedes McNab talks Buffy and Angel. This interview was filmed at the very recent Supanova con in Sydney, Australia.
The Cabin in the Woods takes $85k from seven screens in Australia. That equates to a per screen average of $12,165. Not too bad for a film that was going to go straight to DVD until the fans made their voice heard.

June 17

CBR Sunday Conversation: Rebekah Isaacs. CBR talks to Rebekah about her work, interests and life in general.
Pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar at the 42nd annual Beastly Ball. As a GLAZA Safari Club patron and an active advocate for various charities, Sarah was honored with the Tom Mankiewicz Leadership Award.
Clare Kramer interviews Amber Benson. Not so much this but more of a fun five minute chat.
Kristy Swanson in 'Operation Cupcake'. The movie premiered on the Hallmark Channel yesterday and will air twice today.

June 16

"All Together Now" - American Cinematographer profiles 'The Avengers'. It's a very good, indepth feature. Previous American Cinematographer issues have covered Dollhouse and Firefly.

June 15

Leverage hosts an Angel reunion. Christian Kane and Adam Baldwin to reunite on an episode of Leverage, titled "The Rundown Job", which is scheduled to air in the fall.
(SPOILER) Scott Allie talks the expanding Buffyverse. Discusses Spike and Willow miniseries.
"Past the brink of tacit support": Fan Activism and the Whedonverses. A journal article about activism by Whedon fans. Includes analysis of Whedonesque posters' responses to Joss's "Let's Watch A Girl Get Beaten To Death" post. The article is part of an entire issue examining activism in various fandoms.
Rose Watches "Buffy." Like Mark, this blogger is watching and discussing the series episode by episode.
Jane Espenson's Husbands to crossover with Buffy Season 9. Well, sort of... Look out for Andrew's Husbands T-Shirt in S9 #10.
(SPOILER) Christina Hendricks Talks to TVLine. As part of their "Eye on Emmy" series, they discuss recent developments with her character on Mad Men.
(SPOILER) Scott Allie's Slayalive Q/A for Buffy #10. Some interesting stuff is talked about.
Neil DeGrasse Tyson investigates the space science of summer movies. Neil deGrasse Tyson briefly talks about the science in three movies, Prometheus, Men In Black 3 and The Avengers. It doesn't seem to be spoilery. The Avengers part starts after 3:40 if you're listening, but it's basically the same as what's in the bottom of the article.
Happy Birthday to Neil Patrick Harris! He turns 39 today.

June 14

Vincent Kartheiser talks punchability of his face. Plus some Mad Men talk. No Whedon content.
The Dark Knight, Interrupted. Earth's mightiest heroes lighten things up in this Dork Tower comic strip.
(SPOILER) Preview pages for Angel & Faith #11. The start of the next arc.
If the Beatles met the Browncoats... ...they might have produced this excellent mashup t-shirt picturing the Serenity space craft in the Yellow Submarine style.

June 13

SDCC Panel: Once More, With Comics. Subtitled "How the Whedon Universes Continue in Comic Book Form", the July 12 panel will discuss just that with Katrina Hill, Jennifer K. Stuller, Traci Cohen, Amber Benson, Jane Espenson, Scott Allie, Mariah Huehner, Clare Kramer, and Tom Lenk.
Best TV Spaceships. My favorite Firefly class makes the top 8 TV spaceships.
(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 9 #10. It's the final chapter in the Apart (Of Me) arc.
(SPOILER) Discuss 'The Cabin in the Woods' - round four. It's finally out in Australia on limited release. So if you've only just seen the movie or want to chat about it some more, then this is the thread for you. More...
A report of the "Buffyfest 20th Anniversary" Q&A at Philadelphia Comic Con. Kristy Swanson, Clare Kramer, James Marsters, Amber Benson and Mark Metcalf were on the panel that was held two weekends ago. There's some video footage as well and indeed more footage at GeekNation.
How The Avengers Director's Cut rumour came to be. There's reports all over the place that a Director's Cut of The Avengers will be released in the cinema in August. This actually started off as mere speculation at three days ago. It got picked up elsewhere as a "rumour" and things got out of hand accordingly. It led to the slightly ludicrous situation where a Hollywood "source" is reported as saying that they had heard the rumour too. This, of course, was seen in some quarters that the rumour was true and now more column inches are being devoted to the story. More...

June 12

Gemeni's album released today, featuring Buffy-inspired song "A Stake In My Heart". Dark Horse's #MyBuffyLife contest runner-ups and Buffy Season 9 Comics Chosen Podcast's Lisa and Gina Gomez's album was released on iTunes today, featuring Buffy inspired song "A Stake In My Heart" and an instrumental song called "Something Effulgent" based off of Buffy episode "Fool for Love". More...
Willow and Wesley welcome their second baby! On May 23, daughter Keeva Jane Denisof was born.
GeeksOn talks Avengers and Cabin In The Woods with editor Lisa Lassek. The podcast is also available on iTunes.
Where Firefly and Beowulf intersect. Not quite as exciting as the title describes, but still interesting nonetheless.
Christos Gage talks Angel & Faith. No new spoilers that I could see. More...
"Then we walked down the aisle together to the theme song from Angel". Awesome wedding? Certainly looks like it. And the bride and groom did change their last name to Reynolds.

June 11

Jewel Staite gets meta in her latest SyFy Q&A. Jewel once again holds court at Blastr, dispensing tidbits on what's been up to recently. More...
There really almost was a Spider-Man crossover in The Avengers. Nope not that debunked rumor from a while back.This was something much smaller but still very cool. More...
Nathan Fillion interviewed by Paul F. Tompkins in Speak Easy. In this episode of Speak Easy, Nathan Fillion talks about working as an actor, what he learned from soap operas and what Firefly was for him.
Felicia Day, Country Music Star. This popped up in the Geek and Sundry channel at YouTube. She has a duet with singer Jason Charles Miller, who's also lead singer for Godhead, called "Gamer Girl, Country Boy". Pretty good song, and having her playing a Rock Band guitar is a nice touch. More...
(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Buffyverse comics for September. Solicitation info and covers for Buffy #13, Angel and Faith #14, Spike #2 and the second Angel and Faith TPB.
Drew Goddard reflects on why The Dark Knight matters. As featured in this month's Empire Magazine. More...
Which pop culture property do academics study the most? They write about Buffy. A lot.
QMx reveals Inara Collectible Maquette. Next up in the Little Damn Heroes line is the Big Damn Companion herself, coming Q3.
Problem solving: What do Rod Stewart, Jane Austen and Kelly Donovan have in common? I'm sure some of you are going to say, "I knew that!" More...
Sci-fi films with a true-to-life portrayal of women are all too rare, says Emily Jupp. Guess who the author uses as examples of the obligatory strong female characters?
Juliet Landau heads to South Africa to film Field Station Africa. The film is directed by Rudolf Buitendach and co-stars Isaach de Bankhole. More...
Sarah Michelle Gellar in a 1999 David Duchovny tribute video. Singer-songwriter Bree Sharp recorded "David Duchovny," as an ode to the The X-Files star. Two members of the X-Files crew then created a video as a gag for the show's Christmas party. SMG is one of the many celebrities featured in it. More...
Anthony Head sings 'Cry' by Marina Florance. Preview the song by watching the footage of Tony recording the song in the studio and download then buy it in support of Barnardo's, a charity for disadvantaged children. It's a competition - so buying it will cast a vote towards Tony and Marina Florance's song. More...
'The Making of the Slayer' - the official guide. It's written by Nancy Holder and it seems to tie-in with Buffy's 15th birthday. According to the blurb "this full-colour, lavishly illustrated book includes quotes from the cast and crew and behind the scenes tidbits from all seven seasons of the show and beyond". More...

June 10

Eliza Dushku fundraising to complete documentary on her Albania travels. Says the Kickstarter: "With production complete and over 20+ hours of footage in our hands, we need YOU to help us get through the edit and delivery of our documentary to non-profit public television networks."
Did Joss slip a Firefly Easter Egg into The Avengers? The article suggests that during a moment in the film when Hawkeye shows a picture of Iridium to someone, that the "rock" Iridium is shaped like the Serenity. More...
Harry Lennix running Kickstarter project for Shakespeare's Henry IV set in Los Angeles. They believe this is the first time on film where Shakespeare has been set in a world representative of the Black Experience.
Classic novels and the filmmakers who were born to direct them. Flavorwire reckons Joss would be the perfect choice to direct a 'Lord of the Flies' movie.

June 09

Joss can now count British royalty among his fans. Prince William went to see Avengers Assemble with his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge. More...
Dark Horse's "Post Apocalypse" sale. Dollhouse: Epitaphs digital comics are 66% off.
(SPOILER) Vincent Kartheiser talks Mad Men finale. Q&A with Vincent Kartheiser about the Mad Men finale and his character Pete Campbell.

June 08

Nathan Fillion on Stan Lee's "Cocktails with Stan". Nathan is featured on this week's episode of Cocktails with Stan on "Stan Lee's World of Heroes" YouTube channel. More...
Favourite non-original cast members - a poll. Vote for up to 10 late additions that you love, including a slew of our favourites from Buffy and Angel. More...
A shirtless Nathan Fillion is on the cover of Parade Magazine. Nathan Fillion is on the cover of this Sunday's special summer reading issue! He talks books in the interview and much more in the behind the scene video plus an extras page where he talks about Much Ado About Nothing and Firefly revival buzz.
James Marsters' 50th birthday celebration! And a Chicago Comic Con roundup. Here's your chance to meet Juliet Landau, James Marsters, Amy Acker, Doug Jones, Camden Toy, Amber Benson and Luke Perry! PLUS, come celebrate James Marsters' 50th birthday with a special concert event! For more details visit the show's Facebook page. The show runs August 9-12, 2012 in Rosemont, IL, USA. More...
The Avengers available for pre-order on DVD/Blu Ray at Amazon UK. It's out on September 17th. Superb. Ordered, will look fantastic on Blu Ray.

June 07

Celebrity cameos in Felicia Day's 'The Guild': Behind the scenes video. Featuring Nathan Fillion, among others. More...
10 reasons not to bring someone back from the dead. "Buffy" has several lessons that apply here, it turns out, especially when it comes to Reason #8.
Avengers Assemble becomes the UK's biggest superhero film of all time. Although still only the 18th overall in terms of UK box office I'd say it's done pretty well.
Dichen Lachman - "I would work with Joss Whedon in a heartbeat". She also talks about Dollhouse, Being Human USA, her new movie Lust for Love and missing out on appearing in Much Ado About Nothing.
Dollhouse finally set to air on Australian free-to-air channel Eleven on June 11 which has taken quite some time since the initial announcement.
The Arc of Joan. Collected pieces on Christina Hendricks from the new Mad Men-centered issue of The Hollywood Reporter she graces the cover of.
NPH on the Colbert Report. Neil Patrick Harris chats with Stephen Colbert. Entertaining interview, but no Whedon-y content.

June 06

Roundtable with Nathan Fillion and six other TV performers. Jenelle Riley talks to seven "Emmy-Worthy" stars for Backstage magazine, including our Captain. More...
Premiere date for Season 2 of 'The L.A. Complex' with Jewel Staite. The new season starts on The CW on July 17th.
(SPOILER) MTV Geek talks to Scott Allie about the state of the Buffyverse. Lots of cover art (from the Buffy, Angel & Faith, and Spike books) and hints about what's to come in the future issues.
11 Great Geek Wedding Dresses . Mental_floss compiled a picture list of their favorite themed weddings. Check out the third entry.
The making of 'The Avengers'. Great feature on the VFX used in the movie.

June 05

On the set of Metal Hurlant. James Marsters interviews Michelle Ryan on the set of Metal Hurlant.
Tom Lenk shares 'Much Ado About Nothing' experience. "It was just a bunch of peeps that I was already friends with," said Lenk, "and then the people that I didn't know were all just really cool."
Busy week for NPH starting with Letterman tonight. Then The Colbert Report June 6th and co-hosting Live With Kelly on June 7th. More...
The best Firefly anecdote ever? At a panel at last weekend's ATX Television Festival, Firefly writer José Molina told a tale of what Nathan got up to the set of 'Trash'. More coverage of the festival (including some comments from Jane Espenson) can be found here.
Season 2 of "Franklin and Bash" premieres tonight. Reed Diamond is back on your TV screens as Damien Karp tonight on TNT at 10|9c.
Christina Hendricks nominated for a Critics' Choice Award. She picks up a nod for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. More...

June 04

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 9 #10 preview. Three-page preview is up on the Dark Horse website.
'Spartacus' to end next season. Steven S. DeKnight says "I would much rather end a series with the audience wanting more than limping to the finish line, with only the die-hard fans sticking around for the wrap up."
Sequential Tart discusses 'The Cabin in the Woods'. There's some interesting observations to be had. Spoilers if you haven't seen the movie.

June 03

Does Buffy really want to be "normal"? explains why they believe Buffy doesn't really want a normal life. More...
Five by Five interview with Julie Benz - part one. Clare Kramer and Tory Mell interview Julie Benz on their podcast Five by Five. More...
Interview with Buffy Season 9 and Dollhouse Epitaphs writer Andrew Chambliss. Some interesting upcoming tidbits for season 9.
A&E premieres new drama "Longmire" starring Bailey Chase tonight at 10/9c. This is a contemporary crime thriller set in Big Sky country, based on the Walt Longmire Mystery novels by Craig Johnson, Chase plays Branch, an ambitious, young deputy who decides to run for sheriff. It also stars Robert Taylor, Katee Sackhoff, Lou Diamond Phillips and Cassidy Freeman.
Sale on digital vampire comics at Dark Horse. For Season 9: Buffy, Angel & Faith. The Strain, Baltimore and House of Night.

June 02

R.I.P. Kathryn Joosten. Best known for playing Mrs. Landingham on The West Wing, she also played Genevieve Holt in the Buffy episode "Where the Wild Things Are".
'The Avengers' is the third biggest movie of all time. The worldwide total now stands at $1,331.3M.
Happy birthday to Morena Baccarin. She turns 33 today. It's also Jewel Staite's birthday, she's 30.

June 01

'Buffy's Search for Meaning' - an essay. The Slayer gets some existential therapy.
Felicia Day has cocktails with Stan Lee! They talk about comics, games, The Guild and more.
Survey Request: What Are Angel's Values? Watcher Junior is requesting help with surveys on Whedon's work. This week's survey will have you examine the values expressed by Angel, the television series created by David Greenwalt and Joss Whedon. (The comic series will be the subject of a later survey.) More...
Writer Ken Levine's reaction to the Avengers. Ken Levine, writer on M*A*S*H, Cheers, and Frasier, discusses the Avengers, and gives a suggestion the Avengers II.
Results of Watcher Junior's Avengers survey. Regarding perceived values in The Avengers. (Rokeach Values Survey)
Ain't it Cool's Nordling examines Alien: Resurrection. Joss' script gets several mentions. More...
The Cabin in the Woods receives a prize at the 13th Annual Golden Trailer Awards. It won in the category of "Best Horror TV Spot".
New details about Marvel's Phase One Blu-ray collection. Snappily titled "Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One - Avengers Assembled", this limited edition Blu-ray collection features six movies (The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers), collectible packaging and a bonus disc called "The Phase One Archives".

May 31

Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka talk parenthood (video). Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka will be on the Oprah Winfrey Network Sunday June 3 at 9 PM ET/PT (in the U.S.) talking about being parents. NOTE: TV Guide now says 8 PM, so check your listings for time. This is a preview clip from the Oprah Winfrey interview. More...

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