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July 31

The Sixth Annual Pajiba Ten: A celebration of the coolest, sexiest celebrities on the planet. Three Avengers actors make the cut.
More video from Eliza Dushku's THRIVEGulu event with Joss Whedon. "What's Trending" brings coverage of last week's fundraiser, including nearly five-minutes of video from THRIVEGulu.
"H+": the future of web series? Indiewire's Valentina Valentini takes a look at the Bryan Singer-produced sci-fi digital series premiering August 8th on YouTube, co-starring our very own Alexis Denisof.
Watch the first post-credits scene from 'The Avengers'. Marvel have also released six other promo clips to promote the Blu-ray/DVD (including this fantastic scene).
Vote for your favourite Dr. Horrible character. Bad Horse sadly not an option.

July 30

The Buffy movie is 20 years old today. It came out in the States back in July 31st 1992. And if you want more nostalgia, read this MovieLine article about the movie (random trivia item: Robert Downey Jr. visited the set).
CW sets air date for 'Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog'. It will make its television debut on the CW on Tuesday, October 9, at 9 PM.
Anna Torv quotes Joss Whedon at The Saturn Awards. "In the speech, she quoted Joss Whedon, much to the delight of everyone in attendance. She somehow recently came across Whedon's famous quote from his 2002 New York Times profile..."

July 29

Drew Goddard talks to Collider at The Saturn Awards. Covers several subjects including Cabin In The Woods and his work on World War Z.
Joss Whedon and Summer Glau on the red carpet. They were at last night's Celebration of Dance gala organised by The Dizzy Feet Foundation (Summer is on the Board of Directors). Pics can be found here.
Call for papers on Dollhouse. If you like writing essays on the Whedonverse then you might be interested in writing a proposal for "Confounding Purpose, Confusing Identity: Examinations of Reality and Fantasy in Joss Whedon's Dollhouse".

July 28

Learn to act from Tara! Amber Benson is scheduled to teach a two-day workshop on acting; cost is $250, plus Dragon*Con membership, and is limited to 20 participants.
The runtime for 'Much Ado About Nothing' gets revealed. According to the updated TIFF page, the film is 107 minutes long (and it's dark and sexy).

July 27

Secret benefactor pays $20,000 for lunch with Joss Whedon. This happened at the recent event for Eliza Dushku's charity ThriveGulu.
Premiere event for Jane Espenson's "Husbands" Season 2 at the Paley Center Los Angeles. "Husbands" is the first online sitcom to be hosted at the Paley Center for the Media. The event features a Season 2 preview screening followed by a look behind the scenes. Jane Espenson is scheduled to appear along with co-creator Brad Bell ("Cheeks"), and others.
Geek, Interrupted. It's Women in Science Fiction Week at Bitch Flicks, and there's an essay about Willow's character arc and its unfinished business. More...
CBR has a short video interview with Joss Whedon at SDCC. There's a transcript on the website as well. Goes into Buffy Season 9 plot points in some depth.

July 26

30 seconds of Joss Whedon at Eliza Dushku's THRIVEGulu fundraiser. Spotted this short clip on Twitter, and thought it might serve as a way into discussing tonight's charity meet and greet Thursday night in San Francisco for THRIVEGulu. ETA: Some of the Q&A can be found here. ETA: And the first five minutes. More...
Dollhouse Complete Series Blu-ray on sale at Amazon UK. Dollhouse complete series on Blu-ray available on right now for a great price of £15.97. It should be region free.

July 25

15 stars who (nearly) showed their naughty bits on MTV's "Undressed". Four Whedon actors make the list.
(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith #12. It's the second part of the Orpheus Family Reunion arc.
Angel: After the Fall Slipcase Edition available for pre-order. Released in September. They are TPBs, so maybe no extras. It can be found cheaper on

July 24

Home entertainment trailer for The Cabin in the Woods. This one abandons all pretense of avoiding spoilers, laying it all out. It actually sort of makes for a better trailer.
Steven S. DeKnight Interview on Forbes about Spartacus Legends Video Game. Video interviews from ComicCon of DeKnight, Liam McIntyre talking about Spartacus Legends, the brand new console game for Playstation and XBox that will be available in January. More...
'Much Ado About Nothing' to have world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival. The festival runs from September 6th to 16th.

July 23

31 Years of Summer. Today is our beloved psychic killer woman, Dollhouse programmer and reprogrammed Terminator's 31st birthday! More...
Dark Horse's Scott Allie talks Buffy books, possible Firefly comics. There is also a video interview included in there. More...
Happy birthday to Charisma Carpenter! Today our Cordy turns 42 (or yesterday, based on where you're from!)
Chris Hemsworth takes home a Teen Choice Award. He wins for "Choice Summer Movie Star Male".
AMC's Great Film Quotes of the 2000s. A Serenity Quote makes the list, but maybe not the one you expected. More...

July 22

A look at 'The Avengers' Celebration Montage. Courtesy of Logan FX.
(SPOILER) SDCC12: Georges Jeanty video interview with Fanboy Comics. Two pieces of news in this 15 minute interview. One of the pieces of news is spoilery.
Law & Order: SVU casts Adam Baldwin as Cragen's replacement. Adam Baldwin will be playing Capt. Steven Harris, the interim captain, and is to appear in the first three episodes next season.

July 21

Mr. Pointy Award Winners for 2011 Whedon Studies. The winners have been announced for the Whedon Studies Association's annual Mr Pointy Awards, which recognize the best scholarship in the field of Whedon studies. There is a Short Mr Pointy for short works, and a Long Mr Pointy for books, as well as a few special awards. More...
20th Century Fox freezes a fan's CafePress store because of Buffy related items. Question is, is it fair?

July 20

Fran Kranz talks Dollhouse and The Cabin in the Woods. Now's your chance to find out more about a certain movie prop.
Watch GeekNation's video of the 'Buffy Turns 20' panel at Comic-Con. Listening to the crowd react to the tribute video is pretty cool.
'Film Map' plots the landscape of the movie nerd brain. I saw Cloverfield & The Cabin in the Woods in the pictures in the article. I wonder how many other Whedon and "School of Whedon" titles might show up. More...
The very first scholarly article on Joss Whedon has been found. Titled "Educating Buffy:The Role of Education in Buffy the Vampire-Slayer (TV)", this essay dates back to 1998.

July 19

Chris Hemsworth lands lead role in Spielberg's next film,"Robopocalypse". According to Deadline, The Cabin in The Woods and Avengers star is Spielberg's top choice for the apocalyptic robot film due on April 25, 2014. More...
Morena Baccarin's SDCC address to cast and fans. Morena Baccarin filmed a short video for the Firefly SDCC panel from the set of Homeland (which unfortunately wasn't shown!)
Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr expecting a boy! Title says it all :)
Patton Oswalt to appear on "Burn Notice". The Dollhouse actor and Serenity comic writer will guest on two episodes of the series.
Emma Caulfield starts YouTube Vlogging. Already known for embracing the power of the internet, Emma begins her own vlog series in which she shares some random musings and answers fan questions.
(SPOILER) Buffy Season 9 #12 preview. Three-page preview over at Comic Book Resources.
Geeking out about storytelling with Joss Whedon. Comic-Con interview with Joss focusing on storytelling in comics, TV, and movies.
Christina Hendricks and Danny Strong get nominated for The Emmys. Christina (Mad Men) got nominated for "Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series" and Danny Strong (Game Change) got nominated for "Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Dramatic Special".
More details about the "Bonus View Mode" on The Cabin in the Woods Blu-ray. The BBFC website has a list of them plus the lengths of all the extras on the disc.

July 18

Interesting article on Asians in Firefly. An article on a Comic-Con 2012 question about Asians in Firefly. More...
(SPOILER) Angel & Faith #12 preview. Three-page preview on the Dark Horse website.
(SPOILER) Spike leaves Buffy for solo adventure. Interview with the writer of Spike's Buffy Season 9 miniseries.
Learn about "Macbeth" from Armin Shimerman. Armin Shimerman is co-running a symposium on the Shakespeare tragedy at the Antaeus Theatre in Los Angeles on July 21. (Scroll down to "Symposium.") According to the listing, he is also in the Antaeus production of "Macbeth."
A picture of Joss working on Wastelanders. Or as Warren Ellis titled it "Rare Image of Me Making Joss Whedon Work". More...
Premiere episode of Geek & Sundry's new show "Written by a kid" is online. Joss Whedon himself guest stars in the episode titled "Scary Smash". You can find behind-the-scene videos: Animation, Costumes and Casting. More...
CNN's Geek Out! asks, What's next for Joss Whedon? "In comic books, we're all at the top, and if it feels right, it belongs there and you don't have to go through a phalanx of suits. I don't know if [Dark Horse Comics editor] Scott Allie owns a suit."
"Spike: the Complete Series" is out today. The story takes place after "Angel: After the Fall" and before "Buffy Season 8."

July 17

Happy Birthday, Jed Whedon! He's fit a lot of awesome into just 37 years.
The Island Job. Firefly's Sheriff Bourne, Gregg Henry, guested on White Collar in the two-part season opener. Playing a fixer in an island paradise, he's still kinda the law...
For $1,000 Captain Tight Pants will rock your world! A kiss for charity goes out of control when Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin join in the fun! More...
The Whedonverse: This Is War. Another AMAZING fan video from the prolific MrMorda898. One of the presenters showed this at the 5th Slayage Conference that just wrapped up in Vancouver, Canada, to show how the various Whedonverse shows have more in common than at first glance. More...
Work on Wastelanders officially begins! As tweeted by Warren Ellis: "Day One of WASTELANDERS hit-story-with-hammers session over with." More...
Cliff Bleszinski's "What If" take on a Firefly game. Kotaku follows up on a comment Joss made at the NerdHQ panel about meeting Cliff Bleszinski, probably best known for the Unreal series as well as Gears of War.
A Comic-Con minute with Joss Whedon. MTV has a quick chat with Joss. If you're still holding out for a director's cut of The Avengers getting released in the cinema, then prepare to be disappointed.

July 16

TVLine's Best of the Bad Boys - The Captain Needs your help! "Supernatural Vs. Firefly! Sherlock Vs. Fringe! Round 2 of TV's Best Bad Boy Continues!" ETA: There's also a Angel/Spike poll as well. More...
Joss Whedon talks Buffy Season 9, Firefly, The Avengers and more. It's a jam-packed video interview from Comic-Con courtesy of G4 TV.
Forbes interviews Felicia Day, "The Queen Of Comic-Con." "I always buy a new set of dice at the end of the Con, and get signed books from comic artists and authors."
Tahmoh Penikett guest-starred on 'Continuum'. The episode aired on July 15. More...
The Slate's Seth Stevenson finally found his Comic-Con a Buffy panel. He seemed to really hate the show until he found the best fans in the 'Verse.
More details about Nancy Holder's "Buffy: The Making of a Vampire Slayer" book. The "first authorized, fully illustrated retrospective" includes an envelope of spells and prophecies used on the show.
(SPOILER) Fringe cast teases final season:thanks Firefly for getting closure. A nice shout-out to Firefly at TVLine. More...
"Give Me Something To Sing About" - an interpretation. 'Once More With Feeling' like you never seen it before. It's a wonderful effort.
Nathan Fillion's second (and third) NerdHQ panel videos. Nathan charmed his way into getting a second full-on solo panel at Nerd Machine's NerddHQ on Sunday where he auctions off stuff for charity. Also, a video from Saturday's mystery panel with Zach Levi, Nathan, Adam Baldwin and Summer Glau: Part 1 and Part 2. More...

July 15

Firefly at Comic-Con, one last thing. It's an utterly brilliant behind-the-scenes pic featuring Joss, Nathan and Alan.
Tahmoh Penikett cast in indie scifi film, Tartarus. Tahmoh will be playing the lead character of Aulus Pateras. The filmmakers are currently fundraising at Kickstarter to finance the remainder of their production budget.
A recap of the 'Buffy Turns 20' panel at Comic-Con. Clare Kramer, James Marsters, Nick Brendon, Jane Espenson, Randall Batinkoff, Scott Allie and Georges Jeanty were in attendance. A live blog of the event can be found here.
Joss Whedon to star in "Written By A Kid". You can see Joss Whedon in the trailer for the Geek and Sundry show "Written By A Kid." He's in the first episode, "Scary Smash," which premieres Wednesday July 18 at 10 am PST.
Joss to guest star in Jane Espenson's Husbands. He'll be in all 3 episodes of the 2nd season, with his biggest acting role to date as Brady's agent.
More details about Steven DeKnight's R-rated space opera incursion. DeKnight reveals details of his upcoming TV series.
A God Among Geeks. So says The Guardian in a piece on Joss Whedon's standing in the geek world from Comic-Con.
Dark Horse's Joss Whedon Comic-Con panel video. This is not the same as the Firefly panel or the Nerd HQ Q&A.
(SPOILER) Dollhouse stars guested on The Glades. Both Dichen Lachman and Reed Diamond were featured in the July 1 episode of A&E's The Glades. Link contains a description of the episode, entitled "Food Fight." More...
"Joss Whedon's Dollhouse: 21st Century Neo-Gothic" - an essay. "But if there is a core identity, a soul, to Dollhouse, it's a Gothic story."
Read the latest issue of Watcher Junior. There's three essays to peruse while you sip your coffee: Kaylee as a complicated depiction of female gender, Dawn the Child Hero and the Buffy fandom.

July 14

A Firefly reunion photo. On Friday put online photos from the Science Channel's Firefly round-table.
Joss Whedon's NerdHQ panel kicks off. Follow it live on ETA: Link changed to a recording of the panel.
Overview of the Robot Chicken Panel at Comic-Con. Seth Green and crew talk about plans for the upcoming 6th season, including a guest spot from Tom Hiddleston.
Morena Baccarin on Firefly's 10 year anniversary, Comic-Con and diversity. She couldn't be at yesterday's panel but to make up for it, there's a very good interview with her at The Huffington Post.
Alexis Denisof explains his role in The Avengers. Did you spot him when you watched the movie?
Watch a video of yesterday's Firefly reunion panel. have the panel up on YouTube as well. And you can watch videos of the post-Firefly panel press conference at the (scroll down to the bottom of the page and yes they were joking about a reboot).

July 13

Joss's Dark Horse panel at SDCC. The panel is scheduled to run 5:30-6:30 PST. Come chat about it here! A live blog of it can be found at ComicBookResources and Newsarama. Things to note is that Dr. Horrible will air on The CW and Joss is scoring Much Ado About Nothing.
Dark Horse is having a SDCC sale on digital comics. Includes Angel & Faith, Buffy season 9, and The Guild.
Nathan's panel on NerdHQ streaming live soon. Follow the livestream at ETA: If you missed Nathan's Q&A, you can watch it here.
Firefly reunion panel at Comic-Con kicks off shortly. Hopefully we'll be getting live updates via Twitter from the likes of @ScienceAt, @lisatwingomez and @Firefly10th. If there's any major announcements, this entry will be updated accordingly. Oh and you might want to check out the reunion photos at ETA: HitFix is live blogging the panel as is Leaky News, hypable and CinemaBlend. has lovely pics of the panel. And if you want to be overwhelmed, check out this recap of what happened at the end of the panel (video of it here). Hypable is also covering the post Firefly panel press conference.
Joss Whedon is working the line waiting for Friday's 'Firefly Reunion'! Evidently there are a lot of Browncoats lined up in the rain overnight waiting for the panel on Friday. At one point (a couple of hours ago) Adam Baldwin walked by to say 'Hi', but about a half hour ago Joss showed up and is taking his time walking the line and signing autographs. More...

July 12

Alan Tudyk cast in Disney movie "Wreck-It Ralph". From San Diego Comic-Con, the announcement that Alan will be voicing a character named King Candy.
Pictures from QMX booth at SDCC including "Little Damn Heroes" cartoony statues of Book and Inara, Penny from Dr. Horrible and a more realistic version of Felicia Day as Codex in the Guild, and a "cut-away" model Serenity where you can lift off the roof and see into the dining room.
Charisma Carpenter at the Thirst Gala. Charisma Carpenter discusses her trip to Africa, her commitment to the Thirst Gala, and her belief that real teenagers are scarier than the characters on The Lying Game.
We're getting the crew back together - Science's Firefly reunion show teaser. This will open the Firefly 10th anniversary panel tomorrow at Comic-Con.
Inside L.A.'s nerdiest offices. The article features Felicia Day amongst others.
Recasting Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Pajiba lists their choices for the actors who should play the likes of Buffy, Oz, Spike etc in a big-screen version of the show.
The Avengers Target exclusive 2-disc combo pack. Includes 90-minute bonus disc. More...

July 11

"Like A Joss" - a rap song. Vamp Slayer! Like a Joss! Browncoat! Like a Joss! An Avenger! Like a Joss!
Firefly Reunion in Nerd Machine's Trailer Park Heroes, Pt. 3. Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk join Adam Baldwin in the epic conclusion.
Browncoats in Bingo! Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying created a bingo card for San Diego Comic-Con, including Stan Lee and a Browncoat!
The Hollywood Reporter interviews David Boreanaz. David shares Comic-Con tips and pointers, his preferred Bones ending, an audition/breakup story, his life in LA, and pals around with Joshua Jackson, Jennifer Carpenter, Ginnifer Goodwin and Stephen Arnell. More...
Starz announces new project with Steven S. DeKnight. Incursion is an epic science fiction action-thriller that follows a squad of soldiers caught in a war against a hostile alien race.
Drew Goddard wrote new ending for 'World War Z'. He was brought on by Damon Lindelof.
(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 9 #11. It's the first part of the "Guarded" arc and it's a change of scene for Buffy.
Firefly Comic-Con Reunion TV special gets title/airdate. 'Browncoats Unite' will air on November 11th on The Science Channel.
First look at the 'Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One - Avengers Assembled' collection. In related Avengers coverage, has the exclusive on a rather familar looking poster for the "Item 47" short.
Digital Spy Interview with Olivia Williams about 'Case Sensitive' Series 2. She talks about the latest two-parter series and her ambition to become an iconic TV cop. More...
Astonishing X-Men Blu-ray Collection announced. It'll be out on November 13th and will collect all four of the motion comics (Gifted, Dangerous, Torn and Unstoppable).

July 10

Alexis Denisof at off-site Q&A during Comic-Con. Out at the nearby YouTube Fan Lounge, he'll be supporting H+ The Digital Series, a Warner Brothers project from Bryan Singer. According to the schedule this will be Friday at 7:30 PM PDT.
Joss Whedon fixes movies. Not all of them, just the ones that have been out in the cinema recently.
QMX unveils a new Codex Figure. You can sign up for a waiting list now for this 1:6 scale figure available in Q3 this year.
What If? - Featuring Firefly. See the end for the reference to the cast of Firefly. More...
Christos Gage's Reddit chat. He answers some Angel & Faith questions. One answer is spoilerish for a future issue.
Preorder Comic-Con Episode IV DVD with Joss Heroclix. I've spent a couple of weeks trying to track down preorders, it doesn't appear like Amazon will be getting this directly. Also found it here. It ships July 25th.
Nathan Fillion on Avengers 2: 'I'm not quite at that level yet'. He tells Digital Spy "The entertainment industry is an industry. I love telling stories but finance does meet art. If I were in charge of an Avengers sequel I would be very concerned about what kind of money I could make back overseas, and these kinds of things."
(SPOILER) First look at Buffy Season 9: Spike #1. Entertainment Weekly has a four page preview of the spinoff mini-series.
A report of the Firefly/Serenity panel at the London Film and Comic Con. Jewel Staite and Adam Baldwin were there and they discussed the upcoming Firefly reunion panel at Comic-Con, favourite moments on the show, who looks best naked, criticisms of Serenity and what they stole from the Firefly set.

July 09

The Avengers in fifteen minutes. Ish. A rather entertaining summary of the film. Here be profanity. More...
The Modern Comic Book Movie. NY Times critics A.O Scott and Manohla Dargis have a lengthy discussion about how the superhero genre has dominated American cinema and the positive and negative effects of it.
(SPOILER) Cover art for Jane Espenson & Drew Z. Greenberg's Buffy Season 9 story. That would be issue 14 which is out in October (Georges Jeanty's variant cover can be found here). The cover art and info for Spike #3 , which is also out that month, can be found here and here. More...

July 08

Calling all Browncoats: vote for the coolest fictional spacecraft! A poll at
Jeremy Renner interviewed by Esquire magazine for their August 2012 issue. He is also featured on the cover.

July 07

Henry IV, Part 1 premieres tonight on BBC Two. With Jeremy Irons as Henry IV, Tom Hiddleston as Prince Hal, and Simon Russell Beale as Falstaff. Trailer at the link. More...

July 06

Joss Whedon speaks out on Firefly anniversary panel. Speaking to Geoff Boucher of the LA Times, Joss expresses his excitement about next week's event at San Diego Comic-Con. More...
Screening and discussion for Dr. Horrible & Commentary: The Musical at Slayage Conference. This July 14 evening event is open to the public (RSVP required) and will be taking place at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.
Vampirella parodies Buffy, Archie parodies Vampirella And Buffy in the same month's comics, as reported by Bleeding Cool.
Tickets go on sale for the Eliza Dushku/Joss Whedon cocktail meet-and-greet. It'll set you back $300 (late bird) or $200 (early bird) a ticket plus fee. All of the ticket sales will be donated will be donated to Thrive Gulu (a not-for-profit organization that is building and operating a trauma healing and reflection center in Gulu, northern Uganda).
Adam Baldwin in web series Nerd Machine: Trailer Park Heroes Pt1. Cosplay creatures run amok and terrorize a trailer park outside of San Diego during Comic-Con International. More...
(SPOILER) Dark Horse October first look: Angel & Faith #15, Buffy S9 vol 2. Solicitation for Angel & Faith #15 as well, gorgeous Jo Chen covers for Buffy S8 Library Edition No 3 and Buffy S9 On Your Own.
Nathan Fillion on 'Firefly', 'Dr Horrible' sequel and Joss Whedon. Video interview with Digital Spy.

July 05

Summer Glau to return to "Alphas". She will guest in three episodes during Season 2.
Off-Site NerdHQ to host Nathan Fillion, Joss Whedon events during SDCC. Conversations for a Cause this year include Nathan Fillion at 4:30 PM on Friday, and Joss Whedon at 3:00 PM on Saturday. Tickets go on sale Friday morning, July 6 at 9:00 AM PDT.
Dark Horse announces signing and panel schedule for SDCC. Including many big Whedonverse names like Joss Whedon, Shawna Trpcic, Felicia Day, Christos Gage, Andrew Chambliss, Jane Espenson, Georges Jeanty and Drew Greenberg!
Hopes For Captain America. After seeing Joss Whedon's work on The Avengers, Captain America 2 could definitely use his touch.
'The Avengers theme' violin cover. As played by Taylor Davis on YT.

July 04

Is Juliet Starling this generation's Slayer? More than likely not, but the article tries to make a case for it.
Marvel Phase One Boxset release date confirmed as September 25th. Hopefully this hasn't been posted earlier - I just got an email from Amazon in the last day to confirm the shipping date.
Cabin in the Woods to be released in South Africa. To be released on July 27th.
Analysis of Summer Glau's acting performance in Firefly and TSCC. The author looks deeply in Summer's acting to deliver a great profile and showcase the viewers' fascination with Summer.
Slayage conference brings Joss Whedon academics to Vancouver. "The fifth biannual Slayage conference occupies UBC's Allard Hall from July 12th to 15th. Academics from around the world and across disciplines will be in town to discuss the multiplicity of Whedonverse creations."
Buffy Season 9 Volume 1: Freefall is out today. The trade paperback collects the first five issues of the current season and a short Spike story.

July 03

"Fruity Oaty Bar! The Motion Picture." "It's like nothing you've ever seen before... except for that one 30-second ad from Serenity. It's totally like that." (A small bit of sketch comedy.)
10 best movie inspired tv shows. Buffy makes EW's list of the 10 best(and 5 worst) film to television projects.
John Cassaday to draw "Uncanny Avengers". The "Astonishing X-Men" artist and "Dollhouse" director is returning to Marvel to draw this new book launching in October.
Felicia Day and Tom Lenk salute Independence Day in silly but oh-so-patriotic video. Costumes! Violin! Patriotic Pants!
Science Channel wants your Firefly questions. Over on Facebook, the host of the show's 10-year anniversary panel at Comic-Con wants to know what you'd ask the cast. Your question might get answered. More...
Angel & Faith Nominated for a Best New Series Harvey Award. The Harvey Awards, one of the comics industry's highest honors, will be announced September 8, 2012 at Baltimore Comic-Con. More...
(SPOILER) First look at The Avengers short film "Item 47". This short, which is 12 minutes long, "will be available Sept. 25 on The Avengers Blu-ray, with a special screening planned for San Diego next week during Comic-Con".

July 02

Geek & Sundry (read: Felicia Day) schedule at SDCC. While there will be a Geek & Sundry panel Saturday in the Indigo Ballroom, the bulk of their panels and signings -- this includes Felicia Day and The Guild, obviously -- will be off-site at Belo. ETA: And here's Felicia's personal schedule.
Clark Gregg on Paul F. Tompkin's Speakeasy. First we had Nathan Fillion, now Avengers MVP talks Marvel and Joss Whedon.
Vote for Joss Whedon or Mark Ruffalo for "Game Changer of the Year". As part of their "All Access Live" coverage of Comic-Con, Spike TV will present someone with their Game Changer of the Year Award during the convention on July 13.
Cocktail meet-and-greet with Eliza Dushku and Joss Whedon. An opportunity to attend such on Thursday, July 26, in San Francisco. Tickets, according to Eliza's Facebook, go on sale this Friday. More...
Special features on The Cabin in the Woods DVD/Blu-ray get revealed. And yes there's Drew Goddard/Joss Whedon commentary.
Flyers fan David Boreanaz was in New Jersey to play in a charity hockey game. The Courier Post Online covers David's recent charity hockey game and his obsession with the Philly Fliers. More...
Joss Whedon: an underrated auteur. Joss is listed among many other helmers of note on Criticwire's polling of other online writers' opinions on who are particularly underrated auteurs of film and TV.

July 01

50 comics and characters that resonate with LGBT readers. Relevant titles: Buffy Season 8 (#24), Runaways (#10), X-Men (#13). More...
20-year Buffy panel at SDCC includes Kristy Swanson. On the final day of San Diego Comic-Con 2012, "[s]tars from the hit TV series Buffy... (Nicholas Brendon, Clare Kramer) join forces with Dark Horse editor Scott Allie, writer/producer Jane Espenson, illustrator Georges Jentry [sic], and the original Buffy herself (Kristy Swanson, star of the 1992 motion picture), not to mention a surprise guest or two."
Why Jane Espenson supports 'Can't Stop The Serenity'. In related Jane coverage, she has her own panel at Comic-Con on the Sunday. More...
Sean Maher talks Much Ado & Firefly 10 years later. Sean is asked if there will be a special announcement at the SDCC Firefly panel, (he has no idea), how he first heard about Serenity being made and playing a villain in Much Ado About Nothing.

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