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December 31

Happy New Year from Whedonesque! Things to look forward to in 2013: Much Ado About Nothing, the S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot (and hopefully a series pickup), more Buffy Season 9 comics, news about In Your Eyes and let's keep our fingers crossed for the filming of Dr Horrible 2 and Wastelanders.
The 20 top grossing movies of 2012. This time last year pundits (and fans) predicted The Avengers would do well but few would have foreseen that it would make $1.51 billion worldwide.
The Cabin in the Woods named 10th Best Movie of 2012 by CNN. Tied with Tim Burton's "Frankenweenie."

December 30

Ming-Na Wen talks S.H.I.E.L.D.. Old video interview from October with AMC Theaters that I don't see in the archives anywhere.
The Avengers was the 5th most visited article on Wikipedia this year. On the English version of the site. Here is a breakdown of the other language versions of Wikipedia's top viewed articles this year. Does anyone here read Arabic? More...
Cabin in the Woods named one of the "Most Overlooked Movies of 2012". The Daily Beast calls Cabin "a bold, incredibly clever take on a well-worn genre."

December 29

Happy Birthday, Eliza Dushku! She who brought us Faith and Echo aims "to bring beautiful LIGHT and LOVE to Gulu." Grant her birthday wish?
The Cabin in the Woods debuts on Canadian tv January 5th. This will be on the Movie Central channel. And the movie will air on The Movie Network (TMN) on January 19th.
Whatever happened to the Metroid Movie? At one point, David Greenwalt was brought in to write the origin story of Nintendo's famous female bounty hunter. More...

December 28

Women of Whedonverse T-shirt. Want to wear Joss's most iconic (and one borrowed) women proudly on your chest? More...
Happy Birthday, Stan Lee! The man who launched a thousand superheroes (including our beloved Avengers) turns the big 9-0 today.
Franco Urru's Xander cover for the first Buffy Season 9 tpb. This special variant edition was released by Panini Comics in Germany earlier this year and was limited to 333 copies. Signed copies by the late, great Urru are available here. More...

December 27

Behind the Magic: "Marvel's The Avengers" - Anatomy of a Shot. Remember getting that incredible head rush when seeing the "tie-in" shot for the first time? Well now you can find out how that scene was created thanks to this Industrial Light & Magic video.

December 26

Kristen Connolly is one of Rotten Tomatoes' Breakout Stars of the Year. Her Performance in The Cabin in the Woods earns her a slot on this list.
Merry Christmas from Down In Front! As a secret, surprise gift, four filmmakers who traditionally record film commentaries provide a track for the Firefly pilot, "Serenity". Contains some adult language. More...
Indiewire chats with Joss about how "Much Ado" compares to "The Avengers." It's a great discussion in which the pleasures of producing "Much Ado" are discussed in detail, and in which other fandoms are jokingly dismissed. More...
MTV's Splash Page's poll results for Top Five Supervillains of 2012. I'm guessing no one's suprised Loki is in 1st place?
The 12 Most Epic Action Heroes of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Guess who made it? I'll give you a hint. She likes shoes. A lot.
(SPOILER) Preview for Buffy Season 9 #17. This issue will be out on the 9th of January.

December 24

Want to join Whedonesque? You can. Sign up is open for the next few days. Happy Christmas!
Read the latest volume of Slayage. Volume 9.2 has discussion of 'Restless', vampires and evil, Harmony, Faith, and the Buffy Season 3 finale.
More concept art from The Avengers. There's character sketches and scenes from the movie.

December 23

Entertainment Weekly Geek Elite of 2012. Joss is first on the list. Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris are in there too!
Listen to Joss Whedon's Q&A from earlier this week. This held after a special Avengers screening on Tuesday night and was hosted and moderated by Jeff Goldsmith. The full interview is now available on the latest episode of "The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith" podcast (iTunes link). Highlights from it can be found here.

December 22

Browncoat Jersey on sale. A great gift for any Browncoat who loves hockey! Also there's a Jayne jersey . More...
How would Joss Whedon's A Fistful of Wookiees perform at the box office? io9 has some Whedony fun with the latest in Flash-based Star Wars Episode VII not-quite-random review generation technology.
Dark Horse's 2012 Series Launch sale , including Spike #1 and Willow-Wonderland #1.

December 21

'Leverage' gets cancelled after 5 seasons. Bad news for Christian Kane fans.
"How I Met Your Mother" renewed for a ninth (and final?) season. CBS announced the news earlier today.
Charisma Carpenter talks about the new season of The Lying Game. She talks about playing the role of Rebecca and what to expect...and she's wearing a very pretty dress!
An exclusive (satirical) look at the network notes for 'S.H.I.E.L.D.'! Courtesty of Slacktory.
"The Avengers": One of the Most Disappointing Films of 2012? Screen Crave lists "The Avengers" as one of the top five most disappointing movies of the year and explains why.
Spike cited as role model of masculinity. Dan Solomon discusses the perpetual fear of emasculation in our culture today and cites Spike as an example of a man who is both tough and respects women.
'Why Joss Whedon is Hero of the Year' by Jane Espenson. "Being asked about the impact Joss Whedon has had on comic book movies is like being asked about the impact the moon landing had on moon exploration."
Happy Birthday to Samuel L. Jackson! Director Fury turns 64 today.
New video about the Showrunners documentary. The Showrunners documentary has 3 days left in their Kickstarter campaign and have created a new video about the project filmed in a particularly horrible location. The film includes interviews with Joss Whedon, Jane Espenson, and Steven DeKnight.

December 20

Tom Hiddleston unsure if he'll be in Avengers 2. He tells MSN "I haven't spoken to Joss. He's definitely doing it. So I suspect not, only because I think that probably the audiences are tired of Loki being the bad guy. Maybe the Avengers need somebody else to fight."
'Cabin' makes The Daily Beast's list of 20 Best Movies of 2012. Unfortunately, they failed to mention Drew.
Jane Espenson and Brad Bell on the Pop My Culture podcast. Lots of goofy and geeky chat with the Husbands creators.
Paste Magazine's 75 Best Twitter Accounts of 2012. Felicia Day, Neil Patrick Harris, and Patton Oswalt make their list.
She's not the "Angel" she seems. George Takei references Angel on his Facebook page. Pop culture doesn't get much better than this.
Bradley Whitford to guest on "Go On". He will reunite with his "Studio 60" co-star Matthew Perry.
Both CitW and Avengers are on io9's list of best scifi / fantasy movies of 2012. It's this time of the year where best-of lists keep popping up -- in this one, io9 picks The Avengers as the second best scifi / fantasy flick of the year. The Cabin in the Woods comes in 6th.

December 19

The Cabin in the Woods is IGN's Best Horror Movie for 2012. As voted by readers.
Nashville's Chloe Bennet Joins the Cast of S.H.I.E.L.D. More casting news for your new favorite show.
We don't need another Star Wars movie! According to this Salon article, Disney could learn a lesson or three from the great "Firefly" More...
Nick Fury wanted to eat at Los Pollos Hermanos? In this Samuel L. Jackson interview, he talks about how he almost made a cameo on Breaking Bad while filming The Avengers in New Mexico. As well as lots of stuff about his other recent projects! More...
(SPOILER) CBR's Behind Buffy Season 9 with Andrew Chambliss. They talk about Guarded, Billy The Vampire Slayer and the start of Welcome To The Team as well as where the season is building to.
(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith #17. The last issue had quite the cliffhanger, let's find out what happened next. And a review can be found over at Bleeding Cool.
Highlights from last night's Avengers Q&A with Joss Whedon. There was a Directors Guild of America special screening of The Avengers last night in Hollywood and Joss did a Q&A afterwards. Lots of tidbits to be had (including The Wasp being in the first draft of The Avengers, the second Avengers villain that never was and why Buffy Animated never happened). And there's more coverage at Slashfilm and SFX.

December 18

Jeph Loeb on SHIELD - "Hopefully we will be on in the Fall of 2013 on ABC!". A brief discussion of Joss' new show in this interview with Marvel TV's Honcho.
(SPOILER) Willow Wonderland #3 preview from CBR. Three pages from next month's issue of the Willow miniseries.
Felicia Day makes an appearance in YouTube's "2012 in Review". A parady/homage to the most popular videos of 2012.
"Joss Whedon is a god. The Avengers was just an incredible achievement." Nice interview with Chris Nolan's brother and a shout out to Joss which might put the whole TDKR vs. Avengers thing to bed.
Joss Whedon is the Greatest Movie Person of 2012. According to Total Film, he's "the worst kept secret in Hollywood. The geek of geeks. And the only guy crazy enough to contemplate taking on the biggest blockbuster Marvel (and 2012, come to think of it) have to offer."
"Free Will in a Deterministic Whedonverse" - an essay. This originally appeared in "The Psychology of Joss Whedon: An Unauthorized Exploration of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly" anthology.

December 17

Nathan Fillion to host the 2013 Writers Guild Awards. The event takes place on February 17th in Los Angeles.
Zack Whedon's "Come and Find Me" makes the Black List. Every year film executive Franklin Leonard puts out a list of the hottest unproduced screenplays; this year the list was voted on by nearly 300 film execs. Zack Whedon's "Come and Find Me" made the cut. More...
Eliza vs Felicia vs Joss? It must be The Streamy Awards. All three of them got nominated for Best Guest Appearance. Felicia also got nominated for Best Writing: Comedy.

December 16

The Cabin in the Woods gets nominated for Fright Meter Awards. The movie has ten nominations ranging from Best Horror Movie to Best Ensemble Cast.
EW names Joss Whedon Winner of the Decade. In looking back ten years to see who was hot then (2002) and where they are now (2012), EW recognizes what Joss has accomplished in those ten years.

December 15

The Best and Worst of 2012 Sci-fi. This list of the best and worst sci-fi moments of 2012 includes a brief mention of The Cabin in the Woods.
Year of the Whedon: a GIF guide. The Weekly Whedon looks back on 2012's Jossness with this handy guide.
Bryan Hitch's one regret at Marvel Comics. "I didn't get to do a good run on Spidey. It was discussed a few times, with Joey Q turning down a Spidey book from me and Joss Whedon. I know, right?"

December 14

Damion Poitier talks about playing Thanos in The Avengers. He's also appeared in Firefly, Angel and Dollhouse.
How costume design reveals the role-reversals in Cabin in the Woods. A brief but fascinating article from Clothes On Film delves into Shawna Trpcic's costume design and what it signifies.

December 13

A Merry Buffy Christmas. The final scene of 'Amends' presented as a 1940s style (fan-made) Christmas movie.
Dec 13th 2002 - Firefly's cancellation announced. Bugger, indeed. Objects in Space premiered the same day.
Seth Green discusses upcomng reunion with Alyson Hannigan. Short interview with Seth about his upcoming episode on How I Met Your Mother and the Christmas special of Robot Chicken. Plus, what's so tacky it's cool ornaments are hanging on Alyson's tree?
Olivia Williams will be on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight. It will air 12.35 AM/11.35 PM CST. Howie Mandel is also a guest. Here is a yt vid of her segment

December 12

TV Guide's Best TV Show Fans contest winners. Firefly and Buffy are #4 and 6, respectively, and Battlestar Galactica and Veronica Mars (both of which Joss has said he's a fan of) are at #20 and 24, respectively.
10 episodes that show how Buffy the Vampire Slayer blew up genre TV. List from the AV Club, recommending the ten episodes that best represent the series. Not necessarily the best episodes, though...
(SPOILER) Cover art for Angel & Faith #20. They're wonderful.
Vote for Avengers for Best Movie at the People's Choice Awards. It has 13 nominations in total. Castle, Bones, HIMYM, Nathan Fillion, and Neil Patrick Harris are also nominated in their categories. More...
(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 9 #16. It's the first part of the "Welcome To The Team" arc.
Did S.H.I.E.L.D. kill off Weird Desk? That seems to be the informed speculation over at Deadline.
Buffy Season 8 Library Edition Hardcover Volume 3 is out this week. It collect issues 21 to 30 and the MySpace Dark Horse Presents stories "Harmony Bites", "Harmony Comes to the Nation" and "Vampy Cat Play Friend".

December 11

First trailer for 'Inside the Box'. Starring Wilson Bethel, Summer Glau, and Regina King, 'Inside the Box' is a crowd funded short film from writer/director David Martin-Porras about the little-known global draconian phenomenon that is HIV criminalization. Go here for more info or check out the project's official Facebook and Twitter pages.
'Buffy: The Making of a Slayer' is released today in the U.S.. Written by Nancy Holder, the book is "the first authorized, fully illustrated retrospective of the hit show".
Nathan Fillion on Attack of the Show. Cool story about meeting Jonathan Frakes for the first time.
The Avengers and Cabin get nominated for Critics Choice Movie Awards. The Avengers got nominated for Best Action Film, Best Visual Effects and Best Actor in an Action Film (Robert Downey Jr.) and The Cabin in the Woods got nominated for Best SciFi/Horror movie.
Both The Avengers and The Cabin in The Woods in's Top 8 Movies of 2012. A very celebrated year of Joss according to the humour site's 'For Better and Worse' list. Plus they bring up an interesting comparison between Cabin and The Expendables 2. More...
(SPOILER) Partial Buffy Season 9 solicitations for March 2013. CBR has the solicitations and covers for Willow #5, Buffy #19, and the Buffy Season 9 Volume 3 trade.

December 10

Mark Ruffalo tweets about Joss' plans for the Hulk. Tonight on Twitter, Mark Ruffalo sent out two tweets, one stating that Joss Whedon texted him yesterday with new ideas for the Hulk, and the second (found in the same twitter conversation) saying that it is unlikely that there will be a film focusing solely on the Hulk in the near future. More...
Eliza Dushku to star in "The Saint" backdoor pilot. Eliza will play the love interest of "The Saint" . More...
Cabin nominated for Best Original Screenplay. By the San Diego Film Critics Society.
Joss Whedon stops by "Comedy Bang! Bang! Nativity Pageant". He dropped in to "Comedy Bang! Bang! Nativity Pageant" and someone was there to snap a couple photos of his visit.

December 09

Gingerbread Serenity. Awesome image collection of a novel Christmas treat. More...
"Help for the Holidays" staring Summer Glau premieres tonight on the Hallmark Channel. Santa's elf Christine is sent on a special assignment to Los Angeles to help a family in need of a wake-up call. More...

December 08

Tom Lenk stars in 'Christmas is Ruined'. Not for kids who still believe in Santa, because this is too real (and way too funny). I just love Tom Lenk. I particularly love Tom Lenk in elf ears. More...
Lego Firefly Serenity playset now an (unofficial) reality. The set that was originally a huge success on Cuusoo, but rejected by Lego can now be ordered as an unofficial set.
Serenity on Mental Floss' List of Scifi Gingerbread Creations. The shiniest spaceship in the 'verse looks pretty good in cookie form.

December 07

Ask Kaylee Frye. A shiny cosplay Firefly Tumblr.
Gina Torres set to guest-star on Castle, reunite with Nathan Fillion. Zoe and Mal will reunite on screen, for the first time since Serenity.
Interview with variant Willow cover artist Megan Lara. She also did the QMX Firefly nouveau prints.
Spaceship Skeletal Survey: The Serenity. An interesting take on our favourite Firefly class vessel. Another version of Serenity by the same artist can be found here.
How Buffy refutes some of the tenets of modern "dark" television. Alyssa at ThinkProgress blogs about how Buffy managed moral complexity without overdoing the gore or plot turns.
99 cent sale on DarkHorse Digital , including Buffy comics, The Guild, Fray, Husbands and more.

December 06

(SPOILER) Christos Gage podcast interview with Why I Love Comics. A hour long interview. The Angel & Faith talk is towards the beginning. The middle section is his Marvel work and there is one little Angel & Faith thing towards the end. More...
Danny Strong nominated for a Writers Guild Award. The ceremony is on February 13th.
Danny Strong on Going from Acting to Writing. Short but interesting interview on how Danny Strong first started writing scripts.
Olivia Williams plays Eleanor Roosevelt in "Hyde Park on Hudson". The movie, starring Bill Murray as Franklin Delano Roosevelt, opens theatrically in the U.S. this Friday.
12 Men Joss Whedon Made Me Find Attractive.

December 05

Joss Whedon made a masterpiece (and also The Avengers). End of year praise for The Cabin in the Woods from The New York Times.
Nicholas Brendon currently shooting The Morningside Monster. Apparently the cast and crew are making a big impact on the Lawrenceville, Georgia economy. The horror flick also stars Amber Chaney (The Hunger Games), Robert Pralgo (Revolution) and Tiffany Shepis (The Violent Kind). More...
(SPOILER) Angel & Faith # 17 preview pages. Courtesy of Comic Book Resources.
(SPOILER) New pics from Seth Green's episode of How I Met your Mother. The special 1 hour episode airs December 17th. Spoilers for HIMYM.
(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow - Wonderland #2. Willow's journey to restore magic continues in the second installment of Jeff Parker's tale.
Out this week - Buffy Season 9 Volume 2 'On Your Own' tpb. It collects issues 6 to 10 and the Free Comic Book story "In Space No One Can Hear You Slay!".
Alan Tudyk has been nominated for an Annie Award for Voice Acting in an Animated Feature Production. Alan's great performance as King Candy in Wreck-It Ralph earned him a nod over some pretty tough competition this year. More...
Happy Birthday, Amy Acker! A true staple of the Whedonverse, Amy Acker turns 36 today.

December 04

Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris reunite! Nathan has appeared in the latest episode of Neil's new webseries "Neil's Puppet Dreams".
Joss Whedon talks about his reaction to his most Marvel-ous year. This is part of Entertainment Weekly's "Entertainer of the Year" feature on Joss (and yes, the outline for Avengers 2 is done).
Not Always Right goes Firefly. A Firefly fan working retail has to explain the verse to a newbie. More...
Joss meets with some Heads in London. Mr Whedon enjoyed a rendez-vous with Tony Head, his partner Sarah and their two children. Single picture Facebook link.

December 03

(SPOILER) David Boreanaz's Bones celebrates 150 episodes tonight. The producers talk to TV Guide about the episode.
'The L.A. Complex' not renewed for third season by Canada's MuchMusic Channel. According to the Hollywood Reporter. The ultimate fate of the Canadian-produced show, which co-stars Jewel Staite, remains uncertain at this point since it's producers are said to be in active talks with its U.S. distributor the CW as well as other Canadian networks about possible continuation scenarios.
Henry Jenkins on Joss Whedon, fans, and independent media. This description will just echo the title, since that pretty much sums it up.
Serenity voted second favourite sci-fi spaceship by SFX readers. It got beaten to the number one slot by the TARDIS.

December 02

Angel: Series Trailer. A really good fan trailer for Angel. Highly recommended.
'Dreams in American Television Narratives: From Dallas to Buffy' - out next year. Buffy gets included as a case study in this book that is "the first comprehensive analysis of one of American television's most frequently utilized tropes, the dream." More...

December 01

Original concept art from Firefly, Angel, Dr. Horrible and The Cabin in the Woods up for auction. These are by Shawna Trpcic and provide a unique insight into the shows and the movie (especially the drawing of Joss as Badger).
Tony Head's painted horse is up on eBay in support of HorseWorld, "one of the leading equine charities, rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing horses, ponies and donkeys in need." More...

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