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November 29

The 13 coolest vampire films of all time. Yet another listicle at Salon (originally at IndieWire). This one gives the Buffy movie some love.

November 28

(SPOILER) First Clip for Agents of SHIELD S02E09 "Ye Who Enter Here". We learn a bit more on the City. Where it's located and its nature.
Summer Glau's 'Knights of Badassdom' coming to Netflix. It will be available December 1st.

November 27

Dark Horse unveils its Black Friday Whedonverse megabundle. A rather big digital back catalogue is yours for $99.99.
Happy Birthday, Maurissa Tancharoen! The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. co-show-runner shepherded the televised side of the Marvel universe through tumultuous twists and turns, tangled with a super-villain, and inspired women writers to unite against lupus and fight like a girl. More...
Alan Tudyk and Felicia Day play Forbidden Desert on 'TableTop'. The board-gaming show on Felicia's Geek & Sundry network continues its third season. More...
Andy Serkis talks Avengers: Age of Ultron. He chatted to Empire Magazine about Ultron and The Hulk.

November 26

Morena Baccarin guest starred on this week's 'The Flash'. Spoilers if you haven't seen this week's episode.

November 25

Nicholas Brendon on Faking It tonight. Nicholas Brendon's Episode of "Faking It" is airing tonight on MTV. More...
Dark Shadows actress Kathryn Leigh Scott will appear on Agents of SHIELD. She says "The show is so secretive that I was never given a script, only my dialogue!"
Brett Dalton comments on Agent Ward's actions in last week's episode. A nice insightful chat with Zap2it.

November 24

Fran Kranz and Reed Diamond announced for Vampire Ball 6 convention. They join J. August Richards in London.

November 23

Kids react to Avengers: Age of Ultron. This video is really funny.
The most depressing Firefly gif ever. It's a teaser from Stephen Byrne's fan "The Animated Adventures Of Firefly" effort. There's a making of video as well.

November 22

Let's get this party started, Syfy! The Cabin in the Woods premieres on the Syfy channel tonight, at 9 Eastern time. More...
The enduring legacy of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer writers' room. Blastr looks at the legacy of the room and what the Buffy writers did next.
Vincent Kartheiser In 'Red Knot' Trailer. It's only available on Vimeo for now.
(SPOILER) Synopsis for the Agents of SHIELD winter finale. "What They Become" will air on December 9th. The show will then return on March 3rd.

November 21

(SPOILER) CBR's Behind Buffy Season 10 with Christos Gage. He discusses the first part of the season. More...

November 20

TV writers and showrunners increasingly 'mute' the fans. The New York Observer looks at the current relationship between writers and fanbases. There's a quote from Danny Strong in the article.
Pop-culture holiday dinners suck for everybody, especially Buffy. AV Club's "Internet Film School" column delves into the composition choices that add to the discomfort of the holiday dinner at the heart of "Pangs" More...
Mentions Skye and (early) Willow as examples of a new tech-savvy female stereotype: "women who are smart and competent but in an entirely nonthreatening way." More...
Out in March 2015 - "Firefly Revisited: Essays on Joss Whedon's Classic Series". "Individual essays explore the series' place in the history of the space-Western subgenre, the political economy of the Alliance, and the uses of music and language in the series to immerse audiences in a multicultural future." More...

November 19

Variety interviews Marti Noxon about Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce. The show premieres at 10 p.m. Dec. 2 on Bravo. It is the first scripted endeavor for the network. More...
(SPOILER) It's all connected: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s alien revealed. MAoS EP Jeffrey Bell and Chloe Bennett talks to TV Guide about new exciting revelations upcoming in the show.
Ratings for last night's Agents of SHIELD episode. The show got a 1.6/5 in the 18-49 demo.
(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 10 #9. It's the second part of the "Return to Sunnydale" arc.
'People' magazine names Chris Hemsworth 2014's 'Sexiest Man Alive'. A photoshoot and interview with the actor will be available on the magazine that will be on sale this friday.
(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD bosses answer burning questions about last night's episode. "After the midseason finale, things will never be the same again..."

November 18

(SPOILER) Promo for Agents of SHIELD S2x09 "...Ye Who Enter Here". This episode will air in two weeks time.
Buffy Season 9 HC and Buffy Season 10 TPB Covers. Buffyfest has new covers for the season 9 hardbacks and Season 10 (both Buffy and Angel & Faith) trades.The last ones are new.
(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x08 "The Things We Bury". The episode was written by DJ Doyle and was directed by Milan Cheylov.
(SPOILER) Buffyverse Season 10 solicitations for February 2015. There's details and cover art for Angel & Faith #11, Buffy #12 and the Buffy Season 10 Volume 2 "I Wish" TPB.
Out now - Buffy Season 10 Volume 1: New Rules tpb. This volume collects the first five issues of the current season.

November 17

(SPOILER) Read the (rather thrilling) synopsis for Agents of SHIELD S2x09 "...Ye Who Enter Here". It's all kicking off in this episode.
One-season what-ifs: 14 TV series that should've stopped after one season. This AV Club list includes a certain Whedon show.

November 16

Marty's coffee mug, er, pipe from 'Cabin In The Woods' is now a real thing. Patent pending!
Why you should be watching SHIELD. IGN talks about how SHIELD has improved up to this point in Season 2.
(SPOILER) Preview pages for Angel & Faith #9. The issue is out on December 3rd.
Happy 50th birthday, Harry Lennix. Many happy returns!
Chris Pratt on whether he'd guest on Agents of SHIELD. He tells Zap2it, "I wouldn't rule it out. Marvel would have to decide, but if it made sense for the brand and for the story, yeah sure."

November 15

Watch the trailer for Christian Kane's new show. 'The Librarians' debuts on TNT on December 7th.

November 14

Alyson Hannigan to guest star in 'The McCarthys'. She'll appear in the December 18th episode.
Bradley Whitford cast in Showtime pilot. "Happyish" also stars Steve Coogan and Kathryn Hahn.
19 funniest nude scenes in sci-if and fantasy (work-safe). A few episodes from the Whedonverse appear in all their...umm...glory.
(SPOILER) New Agents of Shield clip featuring Agent Carter. Flashback discussion that hints at the cosmic.

November 13

J. August Richards plays Tokaido on TableTop. Jason Wishnov, J. August Richards, and Chris Kluwe join Wil Wheaton on the TableTop season 3 premiere.
Joss Whedon and Brin Hill's 'In Your Eyes' is now available on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video. So if you weren't able to watch the movie on Vimeo, you now have more options to view it. The Amazon link can be found here.

November 12

Criminal Minds pays tribute to Buffy. Long-time Buffy fan and writer/producer for Criminal Minds Rick Dunkle populates latest CM episode "#Hashtag" with familiar names... More...
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to receive STEM Award. The show (and Elizabeth Henstridge and Iain De Caestecker) will receive an award at the 4th Annual Science, Engineering & Technology SET Awards. Update: Video from the event. More...
(SPOILER) Clip from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x08 "The Things We Bury". Spoilers in the video and the description. Also if you'd like to enjoy a digital wall of FitzSimmons feelings, this is your page. There are a bunch of videos below the clip.
10 TV episodes that everybody pretends never happened. One Buffy and one Angel episode each make the list. More...
Avengers 2: Age of Ultron extended trailer #2. The new extended trailer for Marvel's The Avengers: Age of Ultron.
Ratings for last night's Agents of SHIELD episode. The show got a 1.5/4 in the 18-49 demo. This may be adjusted up once the final ratings are in later on today.
(SPOILER) Clark Gregg on Last night's Coulson revelations. EW has the scoop. More...
Nick Blood on Agents of SHIELD Season 2. "A lot of people have said that, that perhaps my real name is more Marvel than my Marvel name."

November 11

(SPOILER) Promo for Agents of SHIELD 2x08 "The Things We Bury". This episode will air next Tuesday.
The Humble Horror Bundle includes Buffy and Angel omnibus volumes. You can pick up digital versions of the Buffy Omnibus Volume 1 and the Angel Omnibus for less than $10. These volumes collect the original run of Buffyverse comics from Dark Horse (pre Season 8). The offer expires in about 14 hours and includes many other horror books.
(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x07 "The Writing on the Wall". The episode was written by Craig Titley and was directed by Vincent Misiano. Hints from the cast suggest this is a big episode.
Netflix USA sets date for Agents of SHIELD Season One streaming. Americans will be able to watch it from November 20th onwards.
Marvel's three part interview with Mark Waid, writer of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. comic. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. There's a lot of emphasis on the core characters here. The comic debuts December 31.
Don't miss Can't Stop The Serenity's eBay auction. Bidding on their second round of items ends this Sunday (Nov 16th). All profits go to Equality Now.

November 10

Henry Simmons declassifies his Agents of SHIELD recruitment. The MAoS mechanic tells of how he became a member of Coulson's team.
(SPOILER) Adrianne Palicki Talks Mockingbird's secrets and previews this week's episode. TV Line has another great interview with the actress about her character, team dynamics and shares information about upcoming episodes. Very similar interviews can also be found on CBR and IGN. More...
What happens to the Marvel Cinematic Universe when Joss Whedon leaves? speculates what will happen to the MCU after Joss choses to leave to focus on different projects.
10 great comics for adolescent girls: graphic novels and collections. The Fray graphic novel from Joss Whedon makes it on Paste Magazine's 10 Great Comics for Adolescent Girls list.
Equality Now proclaims November 10 as Browncoats Appreciation Day! "You just can't stop Joss Whedon's Browncoats-the diehard fans keeping his Firefly and Serenity going strong! As long-time supporters of Equality Now, the Browncoats have raised an astounding $900,000+ since they began their worldwide Can't Stop the Serenity (CSTS) charity screenings in 2006!"
23 one-season TV wonders. You can probably guess which Whedon show made this EW list.
Clark Gregg is answering fan questions on Facebook. There might be spoilers.

November 08

Out now - Serenity: Leaves on the Wind Hardcover. This volume collects the six-issue miniseries set after the events of Serenity, and the 2012 Free Comic Book Day story.
Ruth Negga & Dominic Cooper fight for the Alliance in "Warcraft" movie. Agents of SHIELD's Raina and Agent Carter's Howard Stark are headed to Azeroth.

November 07

Coulson's promo shot from next Tuesday's Agents of SHIELD. Clark himself has posted it on his Facebook page. More...

November 06

Marvel seeks to subpoena Google over 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' leak. That escalated quickly. Don't mess with the Mouse.

November 05

(SPOILER) Clip from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x07 "The Writing on the Wall". It's creepy. Another clip can be found here.
ABC schedules 'Agents of SHIELD' fall finale date for December 9th. They have also announced that Agent Carter will start on January 6th, with AoS returning on March 3rd. Both will keep airing on the current 9pm timeslot.
Watch behind the scenes Avengers: Age Of Ultron footage. ABC's TV special Marvel: 75 Years, From Pulp to Pop! unveiled footage from the forthcoming film and also revealed a behind-the-scenes look at Avengers: Age of Ultron.
Clark Gregg talks about martial arts in his life and on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Some of the fighting you see on the show was done by the actors. Clark Gregg is a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Ming-Na Wen trains in Muay Thai and kung fu. More...
(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith Season 10 #8. A review at Geeked Out Nation said the issue "is still making progress on both sides of the story while upping the stakes at the same time".
"Serenity: Leaves on the Wind" is nominated for a Goodreads Choice Award 2014. It is nominated in the category "Best Graphic Novels & Comics of 2014". More...

November 04

Extended "Agent Carter" trailer. An extended look at "Agent Carter," which aired Tuesday night during the Marvel special.
Sean Maher talks about BFFs at Twin Cities Film Fest. It's only three minutes and only about BFFs. Nice interview though.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. nominated for a People's Choice Award. Jesse Williams, Nathan Fillion, and David Boreanaz also received nominations.
(SPOILER) James Marstars on Hawaii Five-0, Friday November 7. James Marsters reprises his role from the first episode, in the 100th episode of Hawaii Five-0. Wonder if the former Spike and the former Mick St. John trash-talked each other's vampire roles during shooting breaks.
Agents of SHIELD got good by forgetting about superheroes. "It's taken a few more months before I was ready to say it in public, but I'm coming out of the closet: Agents of SHIELD is probably among my four or five most anticipated shows in a given week."
(SPOILER) Joss talks feminism and Avengers leaks with Vulture. "It's an ugly time because change is happening. It would be lovely to be living after the change has happened."
J. August Richards tweets pic with new MCU Black Panther actor, Chadwick Boseman. Aka Deathlok and Black Panther have a photo moment.

November 03

Can't Stop The Serenity's eBay auction is going on now. Bidding on these items ends on Sunday (Nov 9th), after which there will be a second round with new items. All proceeds go to Equality Now.
UC Davis Marching Band does "Dr. Horrible" medley. The songs translate quite well.
Eliza Dushku robbed at Rhode Island Comic Con. So sorry that this happened in my home state, but I'm glad she got her stuff back! More...

November 02

Variety reviews Showrunners: The Art of Running a TV Show. Variety's Brian Lowry reviews the documentary Showrunners: The Art of Running a TV Show, which features Joss Whedon. More...
Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion duel with lightsabers. Pic taken by Britanick’s Brian McElhaney.
(SPOILER) Two other MCU stars shot an appearance in 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron'. Spoiler warning for anyone who does not want to know. More...

November 01

NPH tweets a family photo of Halloween in the DC Universe. Cute pic.
What would happen if 31 Disney characters dressed up on Halloween. Many of Mickey's friends turned into another fantasy haroes. A blonde girl choose Buffy. More...
(SPOILER) Preview pages for Buffy Season 10 #9. The issue is out November 19th.

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