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July 31

Top 10 TV Shows that should be revived. Two Whedon shows make the cut.
Buffy Summers: Third-Wave Feminist Icon. According to The Atlantic, "the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer illuminates the many promises and predicaments of a contemporary movement".

July 30

Joss Whedon: Buffy would slay at playing 'Pokemon Go'. USA Today has a interview with Joss that was conducted at Comic-Con.

July 29

CSTS event in Pittsburgh, PA today. Serenity, games, raffles and live entertainment. Costumes are encouraged. More...
Adrianne Palicki joins Seth MacFarlane's space drama. The show has been ordered for 13 episodes. This would appear to make a SHIELD return less likely.
Amy Acker will guest star in MacGyver reboot. She'll play a CIA operative in the CBS show.

July 27

Black Widow, Star Wars or Terminator: what should Joss Whedon do next? What ever he wants to do.
Would Joss Whedon write for Doctor Who? His comments made at the weekend have picked up a fair bit of media attention. Second only to what he said about the Black Widow movie.
Grant Gustin would like to see Joss Whedon direct 'The Flash'. Seems that Joss has watched every episode of the show.
Joss Whedon is a guest star on tonight's episode of 'Another Period'. As teased last month by co-creator Riki Lindhome, he appears in this episode titled "Harvard" as a salesman.

July 25

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. casts Lilli Birdsell. According to Deadline Lilli Birdsell will play Lucy, a beautiful woman with a haunting quality. She has a very violent streak in her inner self, because of things that have happened.
Creators, fans and death threats: Talking to Joss Whedon and others on the Age of Entitlement. Hero Complex looks at the "changing relationship between those who create and those who consume".
A recap of the recent EuroSlayage conference. Looking forward to reading the papers from this event.
Read Whedonverse academic essays in the latest issue of Slayage. Volume 14.1 covers Buffy, Dollhouse, Joss, Angel, and Much Ado About Nothing.
'Joss Whedon and Race: Critical Essays' out in September. "This collection of new essays explores his [Joss'] representations of racial power dynamics between individuals and institutions and how the Whedonverse constructs race, ethnicity and nationality relationships". The book is available for pre-order on

July 24

Joss Whedon and others reflect on the state of geekdom. This interview was conducted beside a surreal swimming pool.
Watch the Joss Whedon panel at NerdHQ 2016. The panel was at 11am. There was also a panel with the cast of Agents of SHIELD at 10am. More...

July 23

CSTS event in Raleigh, NC tonight. Serenity, a raffle and a costume competition. More...
Joss talks to IGN about Dark Horse Comics and possibilities of more Marvel. Includes a Twist update. Also, he'd be down for a Black Widow movie.
(SPOILER) Clip from "Once Upon A Time' DVD featuring James Marsters. The Season 5 DVD releases August 16th, featuring James as a new character in "Tales from the Underworld: A Knight with Cruella.'
Joss Whedon on 'The Pleasures of Shakespeare Over Time'. Other Folger Shakespeare Library videos feature Joss talking about acting out Henry IV, Part 1 at Thanksgiving, filming Much Ado About Nothing, and Shakespeare's words.
Watch a Skye/Ward screentest directed by Joss Whedon. This was shown during yesterday's Agents of SHIELD panel. Other videos shown were a Season 3 gag reel, a Fitz & Simmons screentest, and a Season 4 teaser.

July 22

(SPOILER) Gabriel Luna joins Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Ghost Rider. CBR has the details. More...
Discuss today's Whedon-related SDCC panels. There are three panels today: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Joss's Dark Horse panel, and a reunion panel of the Firefly art department. A recap of the Joss panel can be found here. More coverage can be found at Collider, Deadline, and Vulture.
Recap of the Con Man Comic-Con panel with Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion. Looks like everyone had a good time.
Serenity Ship Oversized Plush Slippers to be released in November. No, really. They are an Entertainment Earth exclusive and will set you back $44.99.
Highlights from yesterday's Whedonverse comic book panel at Comic-Con. There's news about Buffy Season 11, whether Angel will be returning, Buffy: The High School Years, and what to expect from the new Serenity mini-series.

July 21

(SPOILER) SDCC16: Christos Gage interview about Buffy Season 11. CBR talks with Christos Gage about the new season.

July 20

New 6-issue Serenity comic series "No Power in the 'Verse" to be published by Dark Horse. It will be written by Chris Roberson and illustrated by Georges Jeanty. The first issue will arrive October 26. EW has a few preview panels.
(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 10 #29. It's the second last issue of the season. Very good read btw.

July 19

The story behind Firefly and Serenity as told by its visual effects supervisor. "If you are a fan of the award-winning science fiction programme Firefly then you won't want to miss Spencer's (very geeky) chat with the show's visual effects supervisor Loni Peristere."
(SPOILER) 'Buffy' comic raises the Slayer stakes with a Season 11. Christos Gage talks to USA Today about what to expect when issue 1 of the new season comes out on November 23rd. And the press release announcing Season 11 (which will be 12 issues long) can be found here.
A first look at the new Buffy board game. Additionally, there is a video interview. It looks fairly different from the Hasbro version. More...

July 18

The Buffy Adult Colouring Book can now be pre-ordered on Amazon. It'll be out on January 17th of next year but it should be available in comic book shops on December 28th.
Happy Birthday, Jed Whedon! The writer/show runner/rock star is 41.

July 16

CSTS event in Miami Springs, FL tonight. Serenity, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Whedon games and Whedon themed T-shirt contest. More...

July 15

Dark Horse's Buffyverse solicitations for October. Nothing about Season 11 yet, but a Buffy adult coloring book is on the way and confirmation that the short story from the Dark Horse sampler will be collected into the 'Own It' trade paperback.
Agents of SHIELD panel at 'Conival' event. This SDCC offsite event is free to the public and is associated with Felicia Day's Geek & Sundry. More...

July 14

Joss Whedon will be doing a Conversation for a Cause panel with Nerd HQ. This will be on July 24th at The New Children's Hospital in San Diego. Tickets will go on sale tomorrow.
Marti Noxon nominated for 'Outstanding Writing For A Drama Series" at the 68th Emmy Awards for her work on 'Unreal'. Other Whedon project alums of note nominated for this year's award include double nominated Sarah Paulson (Serenity), Tom Hiddleston (Avengers), Idris Elba (Avengers: Age of Ultron), Bradley Whitford (The Cabin in the Woods), Constance Zimmer (Agents of SHIELD), Riki Lindhome (Much Ado) and Robert Duncan (BtVS). The Emmy winners will be announced on September 18. Marti talks about the nomination and her current involvement with the show on Vulture. More...

July 13

Patton Oswalt is a Little Pony. He will voice a pony named "Quibble Pants" in the mid-season premiere of "Friendship is Magic".

July 12

Check out the trailer for Fran Kranz new Netflix movie 'Rebirth'. The movie premieres this Friday, July 15th, which is part of a series of indie movies the streaming service recently acquired. More...

July 11

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Buffy Season 10 #29. The issue is out next Wed. on July 20.
While we weren't looking, a 'Buffy' baddie became a national treasure. Tom Lenk gives us more Lenk Lewk For Less.

July 10

Joss Whedon will help train storytellers on the convergence of multiple platforms. More information about this six-month residency training program can be found at the R/O Institute website.

July 09

There will be a 'Reunion of the Firefly Art Department' panel at Comic-Con. That would be a shiny thing to go to. This'll be held on the Friday at 7pm in Room 29AB.

July 08

CSTS events in Albuquerque, Lancaster, San Antonio, and Toronto this weekend. Along with a Serenity screening, Albuquerque will be screening Con Man starring Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion. More...
Ten Buffy novels you should read (if you haven't already). What no "The Lost Slayer" or "Spike and Dru: Pretty Maids All in a Row"?
Joss Whedon will be doing a panel at Comic-Con. It's the traditional "Dark Horse: Conversations with Joss Whedon" event . This will be on the Friday at 3.45pm in Hall H.
'Welcome to the Whedonverse' - a Dark Horse Comic-Con panel. This will be held on the Thursday at 12pm in Room 23ABC. "Buffy Season 10 writer Christos Gage, Buffy the High School Years Kel McDonald, and surprise guests" will be in attendance.

July 07

Think you know your Buffy The Vampire Slayer season finale episodes? Well do you? You might think you do. More...
Call for papers: "War in the Whedonverses". It's subtitled "Essays on Warfare and Military Studies in the Works of Joss Whedon" and abstracts have to be in by September 30th. McFarland, who are publishing that book, have announced a new book series on the Whedonverses and are looking for proposals. Details of that can be found here.
The strong female standard: an interview with Joss Whedon. This interview was conducted at the HeForShe media event in Los Angeles back in May.
Brian K. Vaughan talks about being influenced by Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The Buffy Season 8 writer also chats about his comic book 'Saga', diversity, and fixing injustice in the comic book industry.
SciFi Now's top five greatest sci-fi series ever created. Is Firefly on the list? Yes. Will this give us something to talk about as we wait for any kind of news coming out of Comic-Con? Might do.

July 05

Ranking the Whedonverse's most soul crushing moments. That good feeling you got from celebrating the 4th of July? Let this list kindly rip it away from you. And in the spirit of cheeriness, Bloody Disgusting has a "10 Buffy Moments Guaranteed to Make You Cry" list.

July 02

Esquire Mag opines on 10 shows that were "saved with one fix". Agents of SHIELD and Angel make the list (with some possibly dubious reasoning). Possible spoilers for non-Whedonverse shows.

July 01

Directed by Steven DeKnight, Universal announces 'Pacific Rim 2' release date. Produced by Thomas Tull, Guillermo del Toro and Mary Parent, the sequel will hit theaters on Feb. 23, 2018. More...

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