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November 30

Con Man season 2 trailer and release date debut online. Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion's hit web series returns December 8th.
(SPOILER) Discuss Serenity: No Power in the 'Verse #2. The adventures of Mal and his crew continue.

November 29

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD 4x08 Promo "The Laws of Inferno Dynamics" Winter Finale. There's a devil coming.
(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x07 "Deals with Our Devils". The episode was written by DJ Doyle and directed by Jesse Bochco.
Doug Jones cast in Star Trek: Discovery. In alien makeup, of course.
(SPOILER) Chloe Bennet teases why "one of the hardest episodes to film, was also the funniest". This AoS episode is a very unique episode and you'll see why when it airs. She also discuss Daisy's relationship with Ghost Rider with CBR.
How Firefly's Ron Glass quietly helped hundreds of kids reach college. The Hollywood Reporter speaks to Naomi McSwain, executive director of the Wooten Center, about Ron's work with the Center. Information about donating to the Center can be found at

November 28

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD 4x07 "Deals With Our Devils" Sneak Peek #2. Whoa ! I did not see that coming.

November 27

Happy Birthday, Maurissa Tancharoen! Celebrate by making a gift to the Lupus Foundation. More...
Joss Whedon and Firefly cast pay tribute to Ron Glass. Joss tweeted "He got there with grace, humor & enormous heart. He was, among so many other things, my Shepherd. Raise, appropriately, a glass. Rest, Ron."

November 26

Ron Glass has passed away at age 71. In addition to his role as Shepherd Book, he was known for playing detective Ron Harris on Barney Miller. Our condolences to his family and friends.

November 24

Joss Whedon & Shawnee Kilgore will be at The Shakedown in Bellingham, WA on Saturday, December 17th. It's a 21 and over event.
'Buffy' flashback: Thanksgiving, vampire slayer style. Yahoo! TV speaks to Jane Espenson, 'Pangs' director Michael Lange, and Buffy stunt coordinator Jeff Pruitt about working on the Thanksgiving episode.

November 23

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 11 #1. Buffy's back for a 12 issue run.

November 22

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD 4x07 "Deals With Our Devils" Sneak Peek. We pick up with Simmmons' new assignment.

November 21

(SPOILER) Christos Gage pits Demons and Politics against the Scooby Gang in Buffy Season 11. There's also some exclusive preview art to be had in this Paste Magazine article.
(SPOILER) Preview for Serenity: No Power in the 'Verse #2. This will be out on the 30th of this month.

November 18

Big Bad Buffy Interviews chats to David Fury about his time on Buffy. This is their second podcast interview, the first one is with Kristine Sutherland.

November 17

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 11 #1 preview pages. Some new preview pages for Buffy # 1 which is out next week.
Glenn Talbot will return to Agents of SHIELD. Adrian Pasdar, who plays General Glenn Talbot, revealed his return to the role with an Instagram photo captured by the show's key makeup artist Wendi Lynn.
Danny Strong joins 'Billions' as a recurring character. He will play a stylish and smooth hedge fund whale. More...

November 16

(SPOILER) Dark Horse Comics February 2017 Solicitations. Includes descriptions and cover artwork for 'Buffy, the Vampire Slayer: Season 11 #4', 'Angel: Season 11 #2' and 'Serenity: No Power in the 'Verse #5'.
Buffy and Angel roleplaying game Bundle Of Holding offering PDFs of the official RPGs and supplements at a bargain price, including a donation to the American Cancer Society.
Bid on an original sketch from a Firefly painting commissioned by Alan Tudyk for Joss Whedon. This was done by Alan's brother and it's a little bit of Firefly history.
Insight Editions to bring out new Buffy merchandise for the show's 20th anniversary next year. Amazon has listings for a Stationery Set and a Vampyr Hardcover Ruled Journal.

November 15

Lucifer cast reveals why season 2 will pay 'homage' to Buffy. Now this show feels like mandatory viewing.
NBC is developing a series set to star Morena Baccarin. The show is about a former police officer turned high-powered attorney in New York City.

November 14

Marvel casually announces an Inhumans TV show. Marvel's long-in-the-works Inhumans movie has now been reborn as a TV show; speculation ensues.
(SPOILER) Corinna Bechko talks about what to expect in Angel Season 11. It does sound interesting.
How Ghost Rider and Agents Of SHIELD invigorated each other. Den of Geek says Gabriel Luna's character has been a breath of fresh air for the show.

November 13

32 fascinating behind the scenes facts about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Things that you probably already know about Buffy the Vampire Slayer from being a member here, and maybe some that you don't know, and some I'm not convinced are true.

November 10

Buffyverse Magazine Covers. Looks like someone had fun creating these. More...
Call for papers for "Serenity: Essays on Joss Whedon's 'Big Damn Movie'". Proposals have to be in by January 9th of next year.
Joss Whedon will moderate a Q&A for Zack Whedon's new movie in Santa Monica tomorrow. The Q&A will follow the first evening screening of 'Come and Find Me'. This will be held at the Monica Film Center.
The ten funniest TV dramas. Buffy on the list? Of course.

November 07

Ask Joss a question on Tumblr. Joss is doing an Answer Time on Tumblr this afternoon at 4 pm ET (1 pm PT). You can submit your question here.

November 06

Revisiting 'Once More, With Feeling' on its 15th anniversary. On this day in 2001, UPN aired one of the best ever TV episodes of all time.

November 05

37 characters with the best last words in TV history. Fred Burkle makes the list. Spoilers for some recent character deaths in current TV shows.
Twenty-five perfect shots from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. FilmSchoolRejects goes on a superhero visual journey.

November 04

Netflix releases first teaser trailer for 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' starring Neil Patrick Harris. The series will be released on January 13, 2017.

November 03

The floor plans for Buffy's house. Courtesy of
Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Blu-ray & DVD will be out in the UK in January. No word as of yet regarding a US release. More...
Read the latest Whedonverse undergraduate essays in Watcher Junior. Volume 9.2 features essays about roleplaying in the Firefly universe, Joss' heroic characters, vlogging aesthetics in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, and Xander and Shakespeare.
Artwork for the Legendary Encounters: A Firefly Deck Building Game. The game is already out on release.
Five life lessons I learned from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Discover what a man learn from her skills.
'Chosen' - a Buffy inspired short film. The production company is looking to do a web series based on this.
Author Sarah J. Maas on why Buffy changed her life. "I was at that age when I was really trying to figure out who I was, and she was one of those heroines that defied easy definition."
Sarah Michelle Gellar talks about her new company and name recognition. According to her, name recognition is "a double-edged sword".

November 02

Joss interviewed on The Young Turks. The interview took place roughly around 9:30 pm EDT.
Thirty of TV's most triumphant, heartening moments. Two classic Buffy scenes feature on this Den of Geek list.

November 01

(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x06 "The Good Samaritan". The episode was written by Jeffrey Bell and directed by Billy Gierhart.
Time Out Shanghai interviews Nathan Fillion. The legendary Castle and Firefly star talks acting, comics and adventure.

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