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February 28

Doug Petrie talks about working on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's the latest podcast in the Big Bad Buffy Interviews series.
ThinkGeek brings out an official Firefly button-down shirt. For $49.99 you get a "black long-sleeved shirt [which] has the white outline of Serenity in a repeating pattern on it".
Scarlett Johansson briefly discusses the chances of a Black Widow movie, jokes about texting Joss. This MTV video interview is from the Oscars on Sunday night.
Georges Jeanty talks about working on the Serenity comic books. It's a very indepth podcast interview courtesy of Fanbase Feature.
Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Blu-ray finally gets listed on There's bonus features but there's no breakdown of what exactly they are (note that this the UK Blu-ray but it is region-free).
Joss Whedon can help you unleash your post-election superpowers. Find out what Joss is up to these days.

February 27

Dark Horse to bring out a second Buffy Adult Coloring Book. This time you'll get to color in "Big Bads & Monsters".
ECCC programming features Whedonverse panels and signings by Dark Horse. There are signings with the writers from BtVS: Season 11 and High School Years series and 'Throughout the Whedonverse: 20 Years in the Making' panel on March 2nd.

February 26

R.I.P. Bill Paxton. The actor, who played such a memorable role on Agents of SHIELD, has passed away at the age of 61.
David Boreanaz on whether he'd do a Buffy reunion. The answer would be no, which is fair enough.

February 25

Mark Ruffalo on Tackling Miller "In The Price, Ruffalo takes on the character of Victor Franz, who is estranged from his brother, Walter (Tony Shalhoub). NY1 entertainment reporter Frank DiLella recently caught up with the actor to chat about his latest project." More...
15 reasons why Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the most underrated TV show ever. Expect lots more of these types of articles as the 20th anniversary approaches.

February 24

Julie Benz talks about playing Darla on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. This is part of the AV Club's Random Role series. The whole article is a good retrospective look at Julie's career.
Bradley Whitford's new horror movie "Get Out" is certified fresh 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. The "Cabin in the Woods" star and Drew Goddard stand-in character, acts in the new horror movie, highlighted for its social commentary on race, written and directed by Jordan Peele, "Get Out".

February 23

The 15 funniest episodes of Buffy. The most contentious list we've ever had here (probably).

February 22

Drew Goddard reportedly takes over as screenwriter on Deadpool 2. Collider reports that Goddard is working with star/producer Ryan Reynolds to bring the script to the finish line. Update: Though Ryan Reynolds has tweeted that this is not the case. More...
USA Network developing "Suits" spinoff for Gina Torres. Her character was written off the show last year.
(SPOILER) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. bosses on those shocking LMD twists. Spoiler hints for the next episodes.

February 21

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD 4x16 Promo. Returns in April.
(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x15 "Self Control". The episode was written and directed by Jed Whedon. This is the last new episode for several weeks. The show returns April 4.
That moment in Serenity: River takes her turn. An examination of one of the greatest scenes in Serenity.
Joss Whedon comments on his Wonder Woman movie. He told Empire Magazine that "I worked really hard on that movie and it meant a lot [to me], but I don't know if what I was trying to do would fit in with what [the studio's] vision is. I had a take on the film that, well, nobody liked... We just saw different movies, and at the price range this kind of movie hangs in, that's never gonna work."

February 20

Vampire slaying for the soul. When hiding behind a comforting obsession can be the source of strength. AKA what I did in Freshman psych class, instead of studying.

February 19

What 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' would look like if it were written by 4 famous authors. The authors Bustle pick are Haruki Murakami, J.K. Rowling, George R. R. Martin, and Roxane Gay.

February 18

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is taking 6 weeks off. Following episode 15 this Tuesday, the show will return on April 4th; likely placing the season finale on May 16th.
(SPOILER) Dark Horse May 2017 solicitations. Buffy #7, Angel #5 and Serenity: No Power in the 'Verse HC are solicited.

February 17

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD 4x15 "Self Control" Sneak Peek #2. The lovebirds try to play along...

February 16

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD 4x15 Sneak Peek "Self Control." I am now scared of Aida.
Can't Stop the Serenity art contest is now open. You have until the 6th of March to come up with a design for this year's CSTS official promotional artwork.
A Firefly Hardcover Ruled Journal will be out later on this year. It's made by Insight Editions who are also bringing out a Buffy journal. The Firefly notebook will include "iconic art from the show and "found" writing from the characters".

February 15

Tom Lenk's "Lewks" reaches the New York Times. An interview with Tom Lenk about his red carpet instagram parodies is featured in the Fashion & Style section.
(SPOILER) Jed Whedon directs next week's Agents Of SHIELD. "Self Control" is Jed Whedon's directorial debut on the show. More...
(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 11 #4. How safe is the Safe Zone?
(SPOILER) Discuss Angel Season 11 #2. Angel and Fred continue their adventures back in time.

February 14

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD 4x15 Promo "Self Control." Fight the machines...or become them.
(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x14 "The Man Behind the Shield". The episode was written by Matt Owens and directed by Wendey Stanzler.
The 10 best Valentine’s Day TV episodes. USA Today includes the Buffy episode "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered" on their list with the caveat "It's funny until it's not funny at all". Digital Spy features the episode on their 'you're better off single' list.

February 13

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD 4x14 Sneak Peek #2 "The Man Behind the Shield." A nightmare version of This is Your Life...

February 12

Alexander Hamilton: The "Buffy Anne Summers" version. This was performed at the Campy Cabaret in New-York last October, and it's awesome.
S.H.I.E.L.D on the Bubble: Keep or Cut? TVLine look at the show's current state, creatively strong but falling in the ratings.

February 11

"Maybe the only time I that I cried in earnest at narrative television was on Buffy". SNL alum (and current King George on Hamilton) Taran Killam tells Stephen Colbert on The Late Show about his fanboy reaction to meeting Sarah Michelle Gellar backstage after a performance of Hamilton. More...
The scariest Buffy monsters and creatures. Gachnar fails to make the cut.
(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD 4x14 Sneak Peek "The Man Behind the Shield." Mace's true nature has been exposed...

February 10

Why (and why not) Fox should produce a Firefly reboot. Quite a few pop-culture sites in the last couple of days have picked up on what Fox's David Madden said about a Firefly reboot last month and blown his comments all out of proportion. The Verge, however, has taken a different approach and wonders if Firefly should come back or if it should just be left alone. More...

February 09

Sean Maher talks about his career and his new film "Beyond the Edge". The movie came on out on VOD and DVD this week.
James Marsters will be be appearing in Marvel's Runaways. He'll be playing Victor Stein, one of the Pride.

February 08

A special hardcover collector's edition of the Buffy Watcher's Guides will be out this year. Yes, it's more 20th Anniversary tie-ins for the TV show. We're promised "all the best content from Volumes 1-3 of the original Watcher's Guides, as well as exclusive new content, including never-before-seen interviews with the cast and crew".
(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD 4x14 Promo "The Man Behind the Shield." Kill Phil?

February 07

(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x13 "BOOM". The episode was written by Nora and Lilla Zuckerman. It was directed by Billy Gierhart.
Nathan Fillion to guest on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He'll play an actor playing a detective. And Nathan will also be appearing on Modern Family tomorrow night.

February 06

Alan Tudyk on being Van Wayne. He loves playing characters who'll say anything...
(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD 4x13 Sneak Peek #2 "BOOM." Quake taking the lead.
Buffy Season 2 composer needs our help. After being hospitalized this week, a GoFundMe page has been set up to help Shawn Clement in his time of need.

February 03

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD 4x13 Sneak Peek "BOOM". What nefarious plans are the villains hatching?
Alan Tudyk's new show 'Powerless' aired yesterday. Alan plays Bruce Wayne's cousin Van Wayne.

February 02

Emma Caulfield has joined Fear the Walking Dead. She'll recur in the upcoming third season.
(SPOILER) Preview Pages for Buffy Season 11 #4. This issue is out February 15th. More...
SciFiNow's top twelve LGBTQ+ TV genre icons that inspire and entertain us. Willow makes the list as does Felica Day's character in Supernatural.
(SPOILER) Preview pages for Angel Season 11 #2. This is out on the 15th.

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