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"You people are so petty... and tiny."
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January 14 2009

Whedonesque named one of 30 essential Twitter feeds for TV fans. Let the self-ref-fest begin. More...

May 22 2007

"Let's watch a girl get beaten to death" writ large? Joss's essay/rant/brilliant polemic treatise about the honour killing death of Dua Khalil and the trailer for Captivity is looked at in the Arts & Entertainment section of the May 22nd edition of The Toronto Star. More...

December 31 2006

Whedonesque gets its own MySpace page. Is it self-linking for a Whedonesque poster to point out that Whedonesque now has a MySpace page? Add The Big W to your Friends list!

February 12 2006

(SPOILER) This place can look up stuff! It's crazy! I totally know about John sweden from this website! More...

December 15 2004

USA Today ranks Whedonesque number 70 in Top 100 People of 2004. Whitney Matheson's Pop Candy column lists Whedon Fans ahead of SpongeBob, and just behind Regis -- with a special plug for this fine site! (That's not a self-link, is it?)

April 14 2004

Two new Categories on Whedonesque. Please read the info inside. More...

December 21 2003

"To all - Slayer's Greetings, and to vampires - beware!" Happy Christmas, More...

April 25 2003

Whedonesque banners. Collect them all. :-) More...

February 04 2003

The people's choice? Vote now. While is still up for the SXSW weblog competition, the festival also has a People's Choice award. Voting's pretty easy. Just go here, and follow instructions.

January 31 2003

WHEDONesque finalist in 2003 SXSW Interactive Festival Website competition. We've been selected as a finalist for the 2003 SXSW Interactive Festival Website Competition in the "Weblog" category. Being selected to the finalist round is a "significant" honor, or so we're told. So, um, yay us! More...

January 28 2003

Vote for There are three days left to vote for us in the 2003 Bloggies, the publicly chosen Weblog awards. Please vote for us in the Best Topical and Best New weblog categories. More...

January 22 2003

Vote now. nominated in the 2003 Bloggies, the annual awards for weblogs. You can vote for us in the categories "Best Topical" and "Best New" weblog.

January 08 2003

Survey: We tend to post episode news under a spoiler heading here at Whedonesque. Most people have spoilers switched off so they'll never see the post and only spoilerhoors end up discussing the episode, even after it has aired in North America. More...

July 23 2002

Howzabout HTML privileges in the INFO field? More...

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