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February 21 2013

Robin Sachs contributed voice work to the final piece of Mass Effect 3 story content. It will be released March 5th.The "Citadel" DLC mission includes voice work from most of the cast from the series, including Robin Sachs' character Zaeed Massani. Also, the next weekend multiplayer operation is dedicated to Robin Sachs. More...

August 22 2011

Robin Sachs reads The Answers, by Stephen Dunn. (NSFW, language) We don't get a lot of posts here about the man who played Ethan Rayne in BtVS. But here he is, lending his voice to "The Answers," a spoken word piece with voice over artist Xe Sands. "The Answers" appears in "The Insistence of Beauty" by the poet Stephen Dunn. More...

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