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July 09 2007

Seth Green rated No. 3 Geek. TV Squad lists their top 7 geeks on TV and puts Seth Green on the list, citing that "Buffy alone gets him on the list." Also mentions Robot Chicken and the Star Wars special.

June 17 2007

Star Wars: Robot Chicken premieres tonight. Seth Green's Robot Chicken spoof on Star Wars airs tonight on Cartoon Network at 10:00 pm.

June 03 2007

(SPOILER) Robot Chicken: Star Wars. New York Times preview of the stop action animation cultural event of 2007 will make your Sunday morning. More...

March 13 2007

Seth Green and Weird Al interview each other. In this video interview over at Artist on Artist, the pair discuss the video Seth’s Robot Chicken team made for Al’s new song, “Weasel Stomping Day,” among other things. More...

March 09 2007

Ask Seth answers are up at his website.

March 02 2007

Seth Green appears in "Ebony and Irony" on Daily Show. In yesterday night's show the Daily Show put together a film trailer for "Ebony and Irony" lampooning the recent Strom Thurmond-Al Sharpton news story. The trailer appears at the end of this video clip.
Put your money where Seth Green's mouth is. Seth Green has joined Kevin Bacon's new website (link on Seth's page) that tells you what charities he supports and how you can, too!

February 08 2007

Happy Birthday to our favorite werewolf! Seth Green turns 33 today, so lets all wish him a great day.

January 30 2007

(SPOILER) Fox reveals their programming for the February Sweeps. Includes information for several Whedon cast and crew related shows such as 24, Prison Break, Bones, The OC and Family Guy. ABC has also unveiled their programming for February sweeps, related shows include Greys Anatomy, Ugly Betty and Lost. Beware that the links do contain minor spoilers about upcoming episodes. More...

January 21 2007

Three cancelled shows that could be worth watching on DVD. Article talks about "the very best of the very cancelled" availible on DVD. Including Wonderfalls, Greg the Bunny, and also mentions the DVD success of Firefly and Family Guy. It's good to see some people still keeping Wonderfalls alive.

January 16 2007

'Ask Seth' on Seth Green's Offical Site. Want to ask Seth Green a question that has been burning in you head for awhile or do you want to read the question other's have asked along with his Greeny answers. Well his offical site is now giving you the opportunity to do that.

January 06 2007

Seth Green videos from the Secret Policeman's Ball. Seth preformed in a few skits at the Amnesty International event. The one linked above is with Chevy Chase and then there's another one called Murder at the Manor.

December 20 2006

Michelle Trachtenberg and Seth Green appear in new Fall Out Boy video. Their cameo is very brief, but how often do you get two completely unrelated Buffy alumni in one music video, much less appearing together in a funeral sequence?

November 17 2006

Vote for Seth Green in Spike's Video Game Awards. He is up for best supporting character in a video game for voicing Chris for the 'Family Guy' video game.

October 28 2006

Seth Green's Robot Chicken will produce a half hour Star Wars special. In a joint venture with Lucas Film, Seth Green's Robot Chicken is producing a half hour special to be air during super bowl Sunday. More...

September 29 2006

Seth Green signs a two-picture deal with Dimension Films. The first picture will be a stop-motion animated Christmas holiday feature titled "Naughty or Nice. More...

September 20 2006

Seth Green cameo in "White & Nerdy". Weird Al's new music video, "White & Nerdy", was officially released recently. It contains a cameo appearance of Seth Green, showing off his action figure collection. More...

September 09 2006

Four Kings Coming to UK. Seth Green's short lived (and critically panned) show 'Four Kings' is making its way to the UK, on LivingTV. More...

September 01 2006

Seth Green lends his voice for Family Guy: The Videogame. 2K Games said that the cast will all be lending their voices for the upcoming video game. It is in development for Xbox and Play Station 2 at High Voltage Games.

August 03 2006

Greg the Bunny: Best of the Film Parodies comes to DVD. "Greg is getting back to his edgy roots with old pals Warren the Ape, Count Blah and the inimitable Seth Green to parody some of Hollywood’s most classic films."

August 02 2006

Official Seth Green Website Q&A from July 24. The Official Seth Green website has a few fan Q&A's with Seth. More...

July 28 2006

Seth Green reveals new details about Freshmen II at Comic-Con. Seems like the biggest news is interest from Gale Anne Hurd in producing a TV version.

July 21 2006

The 1 Second Film. Project to make the shortest film ever. Yup, its 1 second long. And partly produced by Seth Green. More...

July 07 2006

Seth Green's 'Best Man, Worst Friend'. Airs Sunday, July 9th at 8:00p.m. EST on ABC Family. More...

June 27 2006

Freshmen 2 to hit stores in November. Freshmen two will hit stores in November with a new artist in Will Conrad who previously did the art for issues of both Buffy and Serenity comics.

June 26 2006

Do Snakes or Fireflies Have Longer Tails? Media scholar Henry Jenkins analyzes Serenity and Snakes on a Plane and explains why Internet buzz translated differently for the two films. More...

May 19 2006

Seth Green's NBC Sitcom won't be shown this summer. NBC has decided not to show the remaining unaired episodes of Seth Green's sitcom, "Four Kings". It was scheduled to be shown May 25th, but that's been changed. It's also unlikely they will show the remaining unaired episodes of "Joey" and "E-Ring".

May 15 2006

"Four Kings" Cancelled. NBC announced their 06/07 season today, and Seth Green's Four Kings isn't in it. More...

May 06 2006

Seth Green's 'Four Kings' returns to NBC to burn off remaining episodes. You can see the 6 remaining episodes starting May 25 at 8:30pm ET. The show is considered a long shot to be renewed for another season.

April 16 2006

The Comic Wire discusses the "Freshmen" trade paperback with Seth Green, Hugh Sterbakov and Leonard Kirk. "You've got these kids who are all away from home for the first time, dealing with being outcasts or misfits of one kind or another, and then you add the physical deformity of super powers." More...

April 15 2006

Meet Seth Green at The Freshmen TPB signing this Wednesday in Los Angeles.
"Greg the Bunny" (with Seth Green) starts on ITV4 tonight. Probably the first showing of this comedy series on UK terrestrial TV. More...

April 11 2006

How to succeed in business by being Seth Green. Great interview with him, there's some fascinating answers as to why he left Buffy.

April 02 2006

Seth Green & Matthew Senreich interviewed on (site is potentially Not Safe For Work) Among other things, Green and Senreich discuss Robot Chicken's production process, differences between season 1 and season 2 of the show, and the first season DVD set + extras. Green hints that the trade paperback edition of his comic book Freshmen will be out in the second half of April.

March 28 2006

Seth Green profiled by Neat overview of the influence that Star Wars had on Seth Green throughout the years, culminating with an opportunity to meet George Lucas.

March 25 2006

Seth Green on next Friday's (March 31st) "Real Time with Bill Maher," on HBO at 11 PM. The show's HBO website still has this week's guests listed. Just saw Seth Green's name on the "next week's guests" crawl.

March 22 2006

Toon Zone reviews Robot Chicken DVD set. Great review describes an "insane" amount of special features, including Seth Green commentary on every episode, and SMG commentary as well.
NBC pulls Seth Green's 'Four Kings' from its schedule. There's no word on whether the remaining six unaired episodes will be shown.

March 01 2006

(SPOILER) My next Buffy person would be Seth Green says Veronica Mars' Rob Thomas in the second part of this iFMagazine interview. Part one has Rob talking about emailing Joss about fan phenomena (contains spoilers for the latter half of Veronica Mars season two).

February 17 2006

Museum of TV & Radio Festival gets festive with some verse members. Talking about their new shows, at this year festival they have panels featuring the cast of Family Guy (Seth Green) on March 9th, and How I Met Your Mother (Alyson Hannigan) on March 13.

February 08 2006

Happy Birthday Seth Green. Seth's birthday is Feb 8th (which it is still here in Canada). More...

January 09 2006

Why "Four Kings" is worth watching. Entertainment Weekly lists Four Kings starring Seth Green as one of the ten midseason shows worth watching. They also lists Dick Wolf's upcoming Law & Order offshoot Conviction, starring J. August Richards, as one of The Best of the Rest. More...

January 05 2006

Review of Four Kings pans the show, praises Seth Green. "Green is a highly skilled and incredibly distinctive comic actor." And AICN's Herc offers more reviews.

January 04 2006

Do Not Disturb Seth Green. Is Seth Green the new hardest-working man in show business? More...
Seth Green talks "Four Kings" to TV Guide. Short article at with quotes from Seth and co-star Josh Cooke about their new show, "Four Kings," premiering on NBC Thursday 1/5. More...

December 28 2005

Robot Chicken Cover Art. DVD cover art for Seth Green's stop-motion cartoon mechanically clucks its way to

December 17 2005

Get tickets to see a taping of Seth Green's new comedy. Audience Unlimited has tickets availible for the taping of the Four Kings, co-starring Seth Green.

December 07 2005

20th Century Fox acknowledges the Internet. Good news for Seth Green fans as all new mini episodes of the 'The Family Guy' will be put online next year.

November 30 2005

NBC (bare bones) site for 'Four Kings' up. NBC has put up a placeholder site for Seth Green's new comedy 'Four Kings.' The only features available so far are a photo gallery and a video preview which showcases Seth quite nicely.

November 15 2005

Greg the Bunny makes Keith Olbermann's 10 Shows worth watching list. The news commentator for MSNBC blogs about the 10 shows he finds are worth watching.
NPR's Terry Gross Interviews Seth Green. An NPR audio clip of the "Fresh Air" interview back in February with Seth Green where he discusses Robot Chicken and more. More...

October 11 2005

Seth Green to do new Austin Powers movie? Dark Horizons reports on a UK video rental magazine interview with Michael York that Seth Green might be starring in a new Austin Powers movie as a younger version of Dr. Evil (via IMDB).

October 07 2005

The Pulse interviews Seth Green and his partner, Hugh Sterbakov about their comic book creation "Freshmen". More...

October 04 2005

Stars of the Buffyverse Are Back on TV. A nice little roundup on's front page featuring a brief synopsis of the former and new television characters of several of our Buffyverse alums, as well as predictions for the future of their new shows. More...

September 24 2005

Seth Green at Habitat for Humanity. Pictures of Seth Green pushing wheelbarrows and handling shovels. WireImage account needed for full-size pics.

September 17 2005

Robot Chicken comes to DVD. Seth Green's stop-motion cartoon, which had SMG as a guest star for a few eps., heads to DVD.

August 30 2005

Charisma and Seth relate their greatest concert experience at's 'Tribute to the Greatest Concerts'. Windows media required.

August 04 2005

E! Online's Kristin gets some ex-scoob scoop. In her weekly column, Kristin covers Fox's TCA Press party and gets a interview video with Nicholas Brendon and Seth Green where Nick comes up with an interesting proposal...

July 11 2005

All the Rage comments on Spike second comicbook one shot. There's also some information on Seth Green's comicbook project "The Freshman". More...

July 05 2005

Seth Green Interviewed in Wizard. The August issue of Wizard: The Comics Magazine, which hit stores last Wednesday, has an interview with our very own Oz, Seth Green. More...

March 07 2005

Seth Green talks about his new comic book 'The Freshmen". Starring in a cult genre show, successful movie roles, his own tv show and now writing a comic book. Is there nothing this actor can not turn his hand to?

May 26 2004

'Family Guy' crowd heading to Montreal yukfest. Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green and Mila Kunis are to do a live script reading of the series at the July 15-25 Just for Laughs Festival.

April 16 2004

Oz becomes a Crank Yanker, Seth Green joins the cast of Comedy Central's Crank Yankers this season as the voice of Travis Grummin. More...

July 28 2003

Seth Green not a "money-grubber" Last part of interview with Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy, on which Seth Green (Oz) voiced the son character. More...

April 10 2003

Seth Green's latest role Seth Green plays '80s gay club kid James St. James in the film "Party Monster".

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