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June 16 2013

Much Ado makes $162,580 in its second weekend. Much Ado averaged just over $7,000 per screen, across 23 screens, for a second weekend total of $162,580, according to Deadline Hollywood.
Love makes Joss Whedon's rep company do the Shakespearean wacky. Great write-up of Much Ado About Nothing in Sight & Sound magazine, it's one of their films of the month. More...

June 15 2013

Discuss 'Much Ado About Nothing'. If you have had the opportunity to see the movie, what did you think of it?

June 14 2013

Joss Whedon and the pop culture canon. The Nation's Michelle Dean on "Much Ado About Nothing" when viewed within Joss's larger body of work and fandom.
Five favorite films with Joss Whedon. Rotten Tomatoes' Grae Drake speaks with our Jossir about five of his favorite movies, as well as "Much Ado About Nothing."
The Making of Joss Whedon's 'Much Ado About Nothing'. Fran Kranz, Amy Acker, Nathan Fillion, Alexis Denisof and Clark Gregg talk to Backstage: "We had some police show up at some point." More...
Filmfest Munich to show Much Ado About Nothing. Original language version on the big screen in Munich June 29, July 5,6. More...
Much Ado About Nothing goes on slightly wider release in the US this week. Roadside Attractions has a list of screens for the week of June 14th. And check out for some of next week's listings (note that is an unofficial site).

June 13 2013

Much Ado About Nothing opens in the UK and Ireland today. The UK website has a list of the cinemas showing the movie. Currently the movie has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 83% and a Metacritic score of 76 out of 100.
Video highlights from the BFI Much Ado Q&A. "Identification is a human thing, it's not gender based." Just one video ("Joss Whedon answers questions from Twitter") from the Q&A following a special screening of Much Ado About Nothing at BFI Southbank. More videos are promised.
Watch part of the Joss Whedon interview from this morning's BBC Breakfast show. There's a new clip from Much Ado at the start, fast forward to 0:47 if you want to avoid being spoiled for the movie. If you live in the UK, you can view the interview in full here.

June 12 2013

Interview with Amy Acker about 'Much Ado About Nothing'. Josh Macuga of Schmoes Know spends about fifteen charming minutes with Acker.
Innovators and Icons: Joss Whedon the genre slayer. Joss talks with USA Today about how he likes to mix it up on screens big and small. Warning: there is a (lovely) video that automatically (annoying) plays when the page loads.
The cast of Much Ado About Nothing talk about how they got involved. InnerSpace chats with Joss Whedon, Alexis Denisof, Nathan Fillion, Sean Maher, Fran Kranz and more about Much Ado About Nothing.
Joss Whedon on Much Ado and what future projects interest him. The most interesting bits to me are toward the end, where he discusses his contract outs for smaller projects, and what interests him at this point. References that Wastelanders, Dr. Horrible 2 are not on his schedule. Also mentions In Your Eyes. More...

June 11 2013

Joss talks Much Ado, Agents of SHIELD, Avengers 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy. This interview with Moviefone includes some good comments from Joss on how he feels approaching Avengers 2.
Joss et al. attend a screening of Much Ado in London. The Daily Mail has photos from the screening at the Apollo cinema tonight. Joss, Amy, Alexis, Tony Head and Tom Hiddleston were among those attending. You can see an interview with Tom Hiddleston, where he says he would be honoured to play Hamlet if Joss asked, here. There is another video of Tom Hiddleston here, although the interview proper doesn't start until about a minute in. There are also interviews with Joss here and here. And more interviews with Tony, Amy and Alexis.
Two new clips from Much Ado About Nothing. The first clip features Alexis Denisof, Fran Kranz and Reed Diamond. The second clip is from a scene with Clark Gregg, Tom Lenk and Nathan Fillion.
Amy Acker on Much Ado About Nothing A Q & A with Amy Acker that covers where she stayed when she came to LA to do Dollhouse, making Shakespeare accessible to students & whether it was more fun to play Fred or Illyria. More...
Much Ado is "the first five-star movie of the summer". That is according to critic Chris Tookey of the Daily Mail. There are also good reviews from The Scotsman, Empire and Den of Geek. More...

June 10 2013

Producer Kai Cole talks Much Ado, Joss Whedon, and more. It's an interview with The Credits ("a digital magazine that celebrates the hard work and creativity that goes into making the movies and television shows we all love" published by the MPAA), which I found via who Joss is following on Twitter.
More from Joss about his latest projects. The UK release of Much Ado About Nothing is this Friday and so begins a new cycle of Joss interviews. First up is There's also interviews with, DigitalSpy, SFX and Click.
Watch the Much Ado Q&A at the Landmark. This was held after the 5pm screening from last Friday. Joss, Amy, Clark, Alexis and Tom were all in attendance.

June 08 2013

A quick interview with Amy Acker. Amy talks Joss and Shakes over at Ain't It Cool News in a brief interview... minor spoilers for Much Ado, if you consider Shakespeare plot details spoiler territory.
Much Ado soars at the specialty box office. According to The Hollywood Reporter - "Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing soared at the specialty box office, grossing $71,000 from five theaters for a location average of $14,200, the best of any film. The film, marking a victory for Roadside Attractions, is anticipating a $230,000 opening weekend for a theater average of $46,000." Update: Joss has commented on the film's opening weekend.
The cast of "Much Ado About Nothing" share their student film war stories. Just in time for tonight's Student Academy Awards, the cast of "Much Ado About Nothing" shares their student film war stories. ETA: The Oscars YouTube channel also has a video of the panel at Oscars Outdoors. More...

June 07 2013

Lensbaby talks to Much Ado director of photography Jay Hunter. The lens maker (Portland-based!) talks to Hunter and shooting Much Ado About Nothing, for which he used the company's distorting/selective focus lenses. Hunter also shot on Dollhouse.
'Much Ado About Nothing' rollouts in the US today. Deadline spoke to Roadside Attraction's Howard Cohen about the movie's release. 5 screens today in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. On the 21st, there will be a 150 screen run in the top 25 markets. The One True b!X has created an unofficial listings website for the screenings in the US and elsewhere. That can be found at
Choosing Joss Whedon's next literary muse. The cast of Much Ado About Nothing weigh in on what text Joss should adapt next. And Joss himself talks about the problems of adapting Dickens' work.
Even more reviews for Much Ado About Nothing. The New York Post says "[it's] the first filmed Shakespeare comedy in decades that's actually funny". The New York Times describes the movie as having a "has a sly, robust eroticism". The L.A. Times says "the transference of the play's setting to today's Santa Monica works beautifully". "Everyone should see this movie". "[it] possesses that Whedon-esque nerdy energy, fizzing with humor, eroticism, booze and more than a hint of danger". New York Daily News "an absolute delight, as merry as the day is long". "as bracingly effervescent as picnic champagne". "this nimble black-and-white rendition honors a classic text". More...

June 06 2013

IMDB plays match the "Much Ado" actor to their other Whedonverse roles. A photo gallery of the "Much Ado" performers listing their previous Joss Whedon-affiliated credits.
The fairy-tale story of an Avengers extra who became Joss Whedon's big new star. Jillian Morgese talks to Buzzfeed about how she came to star in Much Ado About Nothing. She was also at last night's premiere in Los Angeles. Pics and quotes from that event can be found at The Hollywood Reporter and Babble.
The Much Ado cast on meeting Joss Whedon. Some of the material you'll recognise from previous (roundtable) interviews but it's fun to see Fran, Alexis, Amy, Nathan and Clark interact. Backstage has several more YouTube interviews with the cast and those can be found here, here and here.
An Evening with Joss Whedon. Joss being interviewed on stage in this rather long video from Film Society of Lincoln Center. ETA: Vulture has a good interview with him as well. ETA: Also, TIME has a video interview with 10 questions. More...
The link between blockbuster superheroes and a little Shakespeare adaptation. Whedon explains to NPR that the foundation of all his work is to "draw the life out of every character...that sounds weird and vampiric!" More...
Joss Whedon is the guest on PBS' "Tavis Smiley" airing tonight. In this interview he'll discuss Much Ado About Nothing and the upcoming series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Highlights from Nathan Fillion interview on 06/04 Late Show with David Letterman can be found here and here. More...
'Much Ado About Nothing' score is now available to buy. You can download it at Amazon and iTunes (they have the digital booklet). The soundtrack is scored by Joss and produced by Deborah Lurie. More...
The latest reviews for Much Ado About Nothing. The AV Club says the movie "never loses the spirit of its source material". The Epoch Times calls it "a genuinely entertaining movie". The Associated Press says "moviegoers will likely have few better options this summer for a good romantic comedy". IndieWire describes Much Ado as "Whedon's most emotionally resonant and fully realized feature film to date". The Village Voice says Joss "approaches the story with a tremendous amount of joy". And Yahoo Movies goes with "the film handily accomplishes what Whedon's legion of hardcore fans already know: Joss can do anything". More...

June 05 2013

Alexis Denisof appears on Good Day LA. He talks Much Ado, fatherhood, and working with Joss. Included in the video is a new clip from the movie.
'Much Ado About Nothing' and Why the Future of Monochrome Cinematography Isn't Black & White. examines the art of black and white film in an age "where it's even less prominent than it was in the days of the rebellious French New Wave.". Much Ado's cinematographer Jay Hunter describes using the RED EPIC camera and shooting black and white digitally: More...
Much Ado About Slut-Shaming. Feministing talks favorably about Joss's highlighting of the "Slut-shaming" that goes on in Much Ado.
Another Joss video interview on Much Ado about Nothing on the Associated Press youtube channel.
Hero Complex talks to Joss and Clark Gregg. For the second time! Much Ado and Whedon fans discussed.
A Short Chat with Nathan Fillion About Set Life and Shakespeare. Interview at
Charlie Rose interviews Joss Whedon. Just what it says. Unfortunately requires Flash, which means I haven't even seen it yet.
Joss Whedon on Shakespeare, female superheroes and feminism. It's an exceedingly quotable interview.
Win tickets to see Much Ado About Nothing in Adelaide on June 18th. Two double passes are up for grabs.
Watch a new clip from Much Ado About Nothing. MSN Movies UK has the exclusive.
Q&A Screening of "Much Ado" at Arclight Hollywood 6/7 at 8:30pm. This is an additional Q&A and screening to the 7.45pm screening and Q&A. Landmark Theatres screening/Q&A at 5:00pm in West LA not affected (and still has available seats). More...

June 04 2013

Nathan Fillion & Clark Gregg Interview with Jeremy Jahns. The interview is mostly about Much Ado but a few questions are asked about Agents of Shield as well.
More interviews with Joss Whedon about Much Ado About Nothing. The UK Facebook page has part II of their video interview with Joss. There's also interviews with Time Out New York, The List and The Skinny.
David Edelstein from New York Magazine reviews Much Ado About Nothing. "I'd be pressed to imagine a more sure-footed Much Ado. When Shakespeare's done right, you can't imagine him ever being done wrong. The clarity is blinding." Though The Wrap review says "the final results are disappointingly mediocre". The Miami New Times says the movie is "Whedon at his best" and The List says the movie "keeps everything simple to let the dialogue sparkle". JoBlo gives it 8 out of 10 and praises Amy "simply shines as Beatrice".

June 03 2013

'Much Ado About Nothing' score now listed on It's available for download on June 6th (as per Joss' tweet). In the meantime, we can gaze at the names of the 32 tracks scored by Joss and preview the tracks as well. More...
Reduced Shakespeare Company audio podcast with Reed Diamond. And also an online interview with Fran Kranz earlier tonight here at The Huffington Post Live. More...
The "Dark Underbelly" of Shakespeare? writes up a Joss Q&A post Much Ado screening.
Joss talks about casting Alexis and Amy for Much Ado About Nothing. We also found out the answer to that long awaited ice cream question. The video is courtesy of the UK Facebook page. The US page has a couple of cool videos as well. They can be found here and here.

May 31 2013

Video interview: Amy Acker talks about Much Ado About Nothing. As well as some other stuff.
'Much Ado About Nothing': a DIY film project at the Cole/Whedon home. The L.A. Times profiles Much Ado About Nothing and speaks to Kai, Joss, Amy and Alexis.
Much Ado About Nothing theater listings in the US. Looks like Roadshow Attractions has heard some of the nudging and opened a page for listing where the film will be playing, starting with its June 7 limited release.
Much Ado About Nothing out in New York, San Fransisco and Los Angeles on June 7th. It will roll out to the rest of the United States on the 21st. More...

May 30 2013

Alexis Denisof talks Much Ado, Avengers 2 and How I Met Your Mother. This interview is with PopSugarTV.
'Much Ado' about a set visit with Joss Whedon's family and friends. Film extra/Whedon family friend Lisa Rosen describes her on-set experience for Written By, the magazine of the Writers Guild of America, West. Alternate text-only link to the story is here.
Another Much Ado About Nothing Q&A in London. Joss Whedon, Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof will be at the Apple Store on Regent Street in London on 11 June.

May 29 2013

A clip from Much Ado About Nothing. This footage was originally shown when Joss was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
Joss Whedon presents the Much Ado About Nothing fan art contest. The Regal Cinemas competition is only open to those in the US (via ComingSoon).
Shakespeare, comic books - for Joss Whedon, it's all the same thing. The Village Voice speaks to Joss about Much Ado About Nothing and more.

May 28 2013

Much Ado About Adelaide. Much Ado About Nothing is coming to Adelaide, South Australia for an advanced screening! Tuesday 18 June at Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas at 1830. More...

May 27 2013

TV spot released for Much Ado About Nothing. The movie is rated PG-13 in the States.
Emma Bates talks Much Ado About Nothing. She talks about her role of Urusla and how she came be in the movie.

May 24 2013

Joss speaks to the New York Times about 'Much Ado About Nothing'. It's a handy recap of how he came to film the movie. Plus there's a nice quote about The Avengers 2.
Empire Magazine review of 'Much Ado About Nothing'. They gave the movie four stars out of five and said "Whedon and Shakespeare are a perfect match."

May 23 2013

New Melbourne Browncoats giving away "Much Ado" passes. The New Melbourne Browncoats have some double passes to give away to next week's Much Ado About Nothing Advance Screenings in Melbourne and Sydney on Thursday 30 May.
Another Much Ado screening gets a Joss Q&A. Joss will be at the Arclight Hollywood for the 7:45pm screening of Much Ado About Nothing on June 7th. ETA: It sold out, so they moved it to a much larger screen, but now it is sold out again!
Adelaide, Australia to get Much Ado About Nothing in July. Palace Nova Eastend will be showing the movie.
'Much Ado About Nothing' will be shown at the New Zealand International Film Festival. The movie is "confirmed for the full NZIFF tour after premiering in Auckland and Wellington in July".

May 22 2013

Much Ado About Nothing screening in LA with Joss Whedon and some of the movie cast. It's on June 7th at 5pm.
Advance screenings of Much Ado About Nothing in Melbourne & Sydney. This'll be on May 30th. More...

May 21 2013

Joss, Amy and Nathan chat about 'Much Ado About Nothing'. This interview was conducted before the screening of Much Ado About Nothing at the 39th Seattle International Film Festival.

May 19 2013

SIFF Much Ado About Nothing Panel Q&A. "An excerpt from the Q&A after Much Ado About Nothing; the Seattle International Film Festival's Opening Night Film. Joss Whedon explains why it wasn't bad shooting in his own home and the actors weigh in on their favorite moments of the film".

May 18 2013

Joss Whedon's 'Much Ado About Nothing' kicks off Seattle Film Fest with great fanfare. covers Thursday's screening in Seattle. A video of the red carpet event featuring interviews with Alexis, Amy, Clark and Joss can be here and some fab pics from the Q&A can be found on Flickr.

May 16 2013

Joss Whedon to appear on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' next Friday. He'll be promoting Much Ado About Nothing on the 24th.
Much Ado About Nothing cast on a Seattle morning show. Alexis, Amy and Nathan graced the set of a Seattle morning TV show in advance of tonight's premiere of Much Ado at the Seattle International Film Festival. More...
Joss Whedon to speak at the Lincoln Center Film Society (NYC) on May 29. Tickets and details for "An Evening With Joss Whedon" in the link.
Joss Whedon will be at the British Film Institute's 'In Conversation' series on June 12. For tickets and details hit the link.

May 15 2013

"Much Ado About Nothing" screening kicks off the Oscars Outdoors 2013. The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will open its summer movie screenings with "Much Ado About Nothing" on June 5th.

May 14 2013

Much Ado About Nothing UK website live, includes details where to see the movie. There's also a bunch more pictures and such on the website.
'Much Ado About Nothing' gets a 12A certificate in the UK. The movie will be coming out on the 14th of next month.

May 13 2013

Australian release for Much Ado About Nothing - July 11! It will be a limited release.

May 06 2013

Check out the official 'Much Ado About Nothing' website. You've probably already seen the trailer but there's several pics you may not have seen before.

May 01 2013

'Much Ado About Nothing' wins Audience Award at IFFBoston. Independent Film Festival of Boston granted 'Much Ado' with the Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature of 2013. More...
Much Ado About Nothing screening and Q&A in Los Angeles. The University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts will host a free screening of the film, open to the public, followed by a Q&A with Amy Acker on Tuesday, June 4th, at 7pm.

April 30 2013

Much Ado About Nothing screening and Q&A at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Billed as "An Evening With Joss Whedon", Choire Sicha, editor of The Awl, will moderate a Q&A with Joss after the screening of Much Ado About Nothing at BAM on Thursday, May 30, at 7pm. Serenity will also be screened and introduced by Joss at 9.40pm on the same day. Tickets can be ordered from the website now. More...

April 29 2013

Much Ado About Nothing gets Australian distributor. Sharmill Films have announced that they have acquired the film.
Amy Acker talks about 'Much Ado About Nothing'. She was back in her hometown of Dallas for a screening of the movie at the USA Festival. Another interview with her can be found here.

April 27 2013

Colour still from 'Much Ado About Nothing'. Not long to go until the movie comes out.

April 26 2013

Much Ado wins Belfast Film Festival's Audience Award. As suggested by the award's name, the winner is chosen by audience members who saw films in the festival's new cinema category.

April 23 2013

UK trailer for 'Much Ado About Nothing'. New footage! Dramatic music! Big pink writing!

April 18 2013

Watch the Much Ado About Nothing Panel at WonderCon. The approximately 48-minute panel is available on YouTube. More...

April 11 2013

New England premiere of Much Ado. The Independent Film Festival Boston is having a showing on April 27th. Tickets are only $10!
New 'Much Ado About Nothing' poster! has the scoop along with an interview with Alexis Denisof.

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