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April 19 2006

Summer Glau part of ABC Family movie remake, "The Initiation of Sarah." This was one of ABC's Movies of the Week way back in the 1970's, about a girl who's involved in an evil sorority and witchcraft. It's scheduled to be broadcast in late October. More...

March 18 2006

Sam Loeb and (a bunch of) The 26. A quick report from the frontlines -- of awesome! More...

March 16 2006

Buffy versus Batman - who would win? Ludicrously fun poll over at More...
Firefly, Fandom and Revenge. Nathan Fillion speaks to Sci Fi Wire about his character Capt. Mal Reynolds.

March 09 2006

The top 6 best Sci-Fi/Fantasy movies from TV shows. Serenity stands alongside such luminaries as Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan and The Muppet Movie in this list that highlights the top movies that come from genre shows.

March 05 2006

Who Got Snubbed? A Shout-outathon. Forget Serenity (if humanly possible). I want everyone to weigh in with one person -- in any category -- they think did statue-grabbin' work this year that nobody (in the academy) noticed. Be heard!

March 04 2006

Whedonesque is Blog of the Week in the (UK) Times. Our site has been announced Blog of the Week in the Arts Section of The Knowledge magazine free with today's UK version of The Times.

February 27 2006

Vancouver Browncoats produce fan tv-show based on Firefly. The fans have been working on their show called 'Into the black' for several months. Their website has just gone live.

February 17 2006

Jeph Loeb on "Sam's Story". Last June, Sam Loeb died at the age of 17 after fighting a three year battle against cancer. Find out how his father and Sam's friends (such as Joss Whedon and John Cassaday) got together to finish writing and drawing Superman/Batman #26 which Sam was working on. More...

February 16 2006

'Date Movie' Premiere Pictures. Aly, Alexis, Joss and Nick at the premiere of Aly's new spoof movie. And there's video interviews from the premiere over at More...

February 15 2006

Serenity gets nominated for the 32nd Annual Saturn Awards. The movie itself got nominated for Best Science Fiction Film and Summer Glau gets a nomination for Best Supporting Actress. More...

February 14 2006

This explains Joss perfectly. Finally, a site that SAYS something. More...

February 12 2006

(SPOILER) This place can look up stuff! It's crazy! I totally know about John sweden from this website! More...

January 31 2006

Amy Adams (Cousin Beth from the BTVS episode "Family") nominated for Academy Award. She's nominated as a supporting actress for her work in the film Junebug. More...

January 20 2006

The Top Twelve Slashiest Couples in SciFi/Fantasy Fandom. Find out which of our guys from Buffy and Firefly made the list (this thread contains adult themes).

January 19 2006

Joss Whedon/Astonishing X-Men press conference and preview pages from #13. Some of the highlights: a new Joss Marvel project is likely this year, Joss more open to Buffy/Kitty X-Men crossover than Firefly/Starjammers and most importantly of all, major discussion by Joss about the X-Men. Full transcript of Joss' chat at Comic Book Resources.

January 16 2006

Firefly in Belgium. The show is airing on Kanaal 2 at 4.30pm every Sunday. In the print edition of the Belgium magazine 'Humo', it was dubbed "one to watch" and there's also a scathingly hilarious interview with Joss about the show and Fox (English translation provided). More...

December 31 2005

"Whedon is a goddamn genius". Latauro at Ain't It Cool News picks Serenity as one of his movies of the year and comments on the Browncoats as well. (ETA) And Joss pens a New Year's comment.

December 23 2005

A Q& A With Joss Whedon - one of Pop Candy's Top 100 People of the Year. The USA Today columnist Whitney Matheson speaks to Joss (who comes in at #13 on her pop culture list of 2005). Areas of interest that get covered include Serenity, series TV, the Spike movie and Wonder Woman. More...

December 21 2005

New York Magazine names Hannigan's "How I Met Your Mother" the most catchphrase-happy show on TV. Especially from Neil Patrick's character Barney, which include phrases such as "Legendary" or "Suit Up". Now, with Joss' impressions on the show. More...

December 09 2005

Buffy Post-Mortem: The David Fury Interview. David Fury talks Buffy, his role on Angel, the final season and the cancellation.

November 09 2005

Joss to never learn how to work site! Man is complete Melvin! Mock him! More...

November 03 2005

Joss posts about the Serenity DVD artwork. It's short and to the point (reg req).

November 01 2005

"I'm not the boss of this". Joss responds to Israel apparent pulling of Serenity. I believe the letters and artwork Joss is referring to is from cidergirl's Joss Thankyou project book (reg required).

October 14 2005

Joss: "I'm very content". Some bloke posts on the US Serenity forum. Anybody know who he is? More importantly, though, I'd like to highlight this one quote: "I've seen a couple of posts with Browncoats beating themselves up about not having done enough. I never want to hear that again."

October 03 2005

Joss Posts about CHUD article. Joss is decidedly unhappy about the CHUD article (reg req). Devin responds to Joss at CHUD. More...

October 02 2005

Joss wants to know how to get the message out. "Yes, the second weekend will tell all, as we've always known." Reg Req.

September 27 2005

We few, we happy few... Joss posts on the official movie message board regarding the impending release of "Serenity." (reg req)

September 23 2005

Joss Whedon Helming 'Goners'. Universal Pictures has picked up the rights to Joss Whedon's spec script 'Goners,' which he'll also direct for the studio. (Joss has posted in this thread btw).

August 11 2005

Joss Luvs Veronica. More...

August 04 2005

Browncoats raise over $12,000 for charity. The fan table at Comic-Con raised $12,374.79 for one of Joss's favorite charities "Equality Now". (added: Joss posts in this thread). More...

June 30 2005

Joss Whedon says Summer Glau did read for Kitty Pryde in X-Men 3. Very nice insight into the casting process over at the Browncoats forum (req reg). Also, Serenity II and III titles revealed. Heh. More...

April 27 2005

Screenings announced More...

April 25 2005

TV Gal Mourns the Dead. "Most Honest Portrayal of Death: Joyce Summers on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer. From Buffy's numb and disconnected reaction to her friends' utter helplessness, this is the episode that got everything right." Spoilers for Lost at bottom of the page.
(Added) Joss posts some personal thoughts about The Body in this thread. More...

March 21 2005

Joss and Stephen Sondheim: Side by Side (by Side). A quick summary of Joss' (brief) participation in the Stephen Sondheim 75th birthday celebration in New York on March 19th. Joss posts about the Sondheim event in this thread.

February 18 2005

Serenity prequel comic book details and artwork. "Dark Horse Comics confirmed for Newsarama that they will be publishing the three-issue prequel, written by Whedon and Brett Matthews.... Issue #1 is due in July.". And see a sketch of the Serenity crew drawn by the artist Will Conrad by clicking here.

February 17 2005

WonderCon a mix of cults, comics. The author debates the meanings of cult TV shows : "It's a cult favorite. Or a cult hit. Or a cult classic." References to Whedon, BtVS and Firefly. (Reg. Req. and btw Joss posted in this thread). More...

January 22 2005

Carter Burwell is no longer working on Serenity. More details here. (Added) Joss adds his thoughts about this in the thread.

January 01 2005

Faith's Surname. If anybody really wanted to know. Not sure it was needed really. (Joss mentions why he chose it in the comments section). More...

December 31 2004

This year's comic world runs amok with creative glory and ugly disasters. "There are a lot of Hollywood types who think they can write comics (Hi, Kevin Smith), but Marvel's Joss Whedon blew everyone away with `Astonishing X-Men,' one of the few comics to actually live up to its name." (Added) Joss' "Official Holiday Post" inside More...

December 30 2004

David Greenwalt's 'Profit' coming to DVD in 2005. Before he was the showrunner on Buffy and the co-creator of Angel, David was best known for his critically acclaimed TV show 'Profit' which only ran for four episodes. called it "a dark, twisted and pleasurably wicked seriocomic soap" and soon it will be yours to buy on DVD.
(Added) And Joss weighs in on "Profit" too in the comments . . .

December 16 2004

Angie the vampire slayer. An interview with Angie Hart who sang twice at the Bronze in BtVS and who also played one of the outpost whores in Firefly. (Added) And a couple more posts from Joss.

December 15 2004

DarkWorlds' Serenity review. Much praise for what was screened last night. But in complete contrast, a brief and less than complimentary report of the screening at (Added) Joss has posted some brief thoughts on the screening in this thread.

November 27 2004

New 'Serenity' logo. Artwork for the movie has surfaced at the Latino Review website.

November 22 2004

A Firefly anthology out next April. The collection of essays titled "Finding Serenity: Anti-Heroes, Lost Shepherds and Space Hookers in Joss Whedon's Firefly" has Jane Espenson as one of the editors and it features contributions from the likes of Jewel Staite. Looks like a great read. (This is the thread where Joss posts about the Serenity delay btw).

October 20 2004

More X-Men 3 rumors. It looks more and more likely Joss will be Directing X-Men 3, according to (Joss Whedon has posted in this thread about High Stakes 2004).

February 14 2004

Joss Whedon posts at the Bronze. "No, we had no idea this was coming. Yes, we will finish out the season. No, I don't think the WB is doing the right thing. Yes, I'm grateful they did it early enough for my people to find other jobs. Yes, my heart is breaking." More...

May 21 2003

Joss Whedon posts at the Bronze Beta. "I see now that I was shackled by Buffy, and now I'm free. Which, oddly enough, is not how I feel." More...

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