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September 07 2010

Fall 2010 TV Premiere Schedule. The 2010 Fall schedule that includes many returning and new shows featuring our alumni. More...

August 23 2010

Syfy greenlights James Marsters pilot from Fox Television. He has been set in the SyFy channel pilot "Three Inches". James will play the role of 'Troy'; the mysterious leader of a band of unlikely superheroes. More...

August 19 2010

Happy Birthday James Marsters! Crumble up some Weetabix and raise a glass to celebrate. More...

August 16 2010

James Marsters August Q&A. About improv, leather & lace and Alex O’Loughlin. Enjoy!

August 08 2010

James Marsters reveals the secret to playing a great supervillain. He also details his diabolical plan to secure a new role in the Torchwood reboot. More...

July 27 2010

(SPOILER) Caprica season 1.5 trailer & Comic-Con panel video. The extended trailer for the second half of the season (hit preview and open in IE if it doesn't play) and the video of the panel at Comic-Con, both with James Marsters. The trailer is also on YouTube. And the panel videos are on

July 24 2010

James Marsters voices villain in new DC Universe Online trailer. The first voice you'll hear should be very familiar...

July 21 2010

Whedonverse actors to provide voices for DC Universe Online. Adam Baldwin is voicing Superman, Gina Torres is Wonder Woman and James Marsters will be Lex Luthor.

July 19 2010

Attend a private party with James Marsters on Saturday August 21 at Wizard World Chicago. A newly added attraction in Chicago for James Marsters fans...For $250 you can attend a semi-private concert, photo session and intimate Q & A session. Space is extremely limited as they are only selling 75 tickets. More...

June 12 2010

Buffyfest blogs from Philly Comic Con. Covering the panels of James Marsters and Clare Kramer.

May 30 2010

Hawaii Five-O - Exclusive Preview. YouTube video of the CBS remake starring Daniel Dae Kim; also, catch a glimpse of James Marsters in his guest starring role. More...

May 21 2010

James Marsters engaged! Confirmed on his Facebook.

May 19 2010

CBS Picks Up "Hawaii Five-O" For Fall 2010 Season. CBS announced today that the pilot for a new version-- created by Star Trek (2009)/Fringe/Alias writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci--of the iconic series has been picked up for their fall schedule, to air Mondays at 10PM Eastern. Daniel Dae Kim has a starring role. James Marsters will play the villain in the pilot episode, a role which may be recurring. More...

April 18 2010

James Marsters April 2010 Q and A. Questions range this month from favorite fast food to if he is good with tools.

April 15 2010

James Marsters Interview with Herald Sun. He talks conventions, music and playing the villain.

April 02 2010

James Marsters interviewed by Australia's Courier-Mail. He's attending the Supanova expo in Brisbane and Melbourne. And he has a message for attendees: "Come on down to the convention and check us out. It's a wonderful place where you can be cool by being creepy! And there aren't many places in the world where that's still allowable."

March 22 2010

(SPOILER) James Marsters in the Caprica midseason finale (clip). A preview clip with James and Polly Walker from the Caprica midseason finale, "End of Line," which airs this Friday (March 26) at 9/8c.

March 15 2010

James Marsters March 2010 Q and A. Questions range from favorite amusement park ride, food, society vs individual, and dying.

March 08 2010

IFmagazine interviews James Marsters, Pt 2. In this part of the exclusive interview he talks about stage, music, his favorite works of science-fiction and why some Twilight fans don't like Buffy.

March 07 2010

Newsarama interviews James Marsters about Caprica and Other stuff. Including his thoughts about the new vein of vampire shows.

March 04 2010

Amber Benson's "Chance" now on Amazon on Demand. Amber wrote, directed and starred in this 2002 independent movie that also features James Marsters and Andy Hallett. It can be rented for a week for $1.99 or bought for $9.99.

March 03 2010

I still want to play Spike says James Marsters. Though he does point out that there's an expiration date on the return. has a recap from yesterday's conference call to promote James' appearance on Caprica. has details from a separate one-on-one call as well.

March 01 2010

(SPOILER) Clip of James Marsters in Caprica. His debut episode airs this Friday.

February 25 2010

(SPOILER) Podcast Interview With James Marsters. An interview with James Marsters talking about Caprica and other roles. More...

February 12 2010

Being Spike - an interview with James Marsters. This SciFi UK interview was conducted with him last weekend. More...

February 03 2010

Want to ask James Marsters a question? Sci Fi UK will be filming an interview with James on Friday and are looking for questions. So if any Whedonesque posters have a question for him, post it in the comments section.

February 02 2010

Shout at the Devil - how Tony and James nearly starred in Reaper. Reaper creators Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters (who later went onto Dollhouse) talk about Tony Head and James Marsters auditioning for the role of the Devil on the show.

January 22 2010

(SPOILER) First look at James Marsters on Caprica.'s Ausiello has the scoop.

January 17 2010

James Marsters attending DragonCon 2010. James' official website confirmed today that he will once again be attending the conference being held September 3-5 2010 in Atlanta, GA.

December 10 2009

James Marsters stars in tonight's Radio 4 play "Then We Came to the End". He plays "The Voice". Reed Diamond of Dollhouse fame also appears in it. The play will be on at 9pm, listen to it live here. More...

November 17 2009

DVD Verdict reviews Moonshot, available now. "And Marsters, though I never watched Buffy, is very much tied to that role; but I never once had a moment to let my thoughts wander out of his performance."

November 15 2009

James Marsters November Q and A. This time out he answers questions from crying on cue to whether he's neat or messy.

November 09 2009

Bunch of videos from Hallowhedon. Fan on YouTube posted a bunch of videos from this weekend's Hallowhedon. Nice for those of us who couldn't go.

November 08 2009

James Marsters' Valentine Events Feb 2010. Two Countries, Two Cities, One Man. Details of events in London and New Jersey up on James' official sites . Tickets on sale today. More...

November 03 2009

(SPOILER) New Caprica promo featuring James Marsters. The Jane Espenson series starts on SyFy in January 2010. It includes previously unseen footage and a first look at James Marsters' character, terrorist leader Barnabus Greeley.

October 31 2009

More TV Vampires than you can shake a stick at. Both Spike and Angel get top mentions in this Toronto Star article about the popular movie and TV shows "that continue to vamp it up."

October 23 2009

James Marsters will not be at the HUB 3 event this weekend. From his manager, "James had a spill on the set and took a bump to the head and was advised by doctors not to fly for a few days. He is resting and feeling much better (although somewhat guilty)."
Angel and Spike make #3 in 10 Top Pop Culture Vamps list "As portrayed by the talented (and let's be honest, sexy) David Boreanaz and James Marsters, these obsession-inducing vampires shared a bloodline, a passion for a certain petite blonde Slayer, and a clear love for leather and gel."

October 15 2009

James Marsters answers your October questions. This time questions range from "Do you doodle ..." to "Favorite City ...".

October 05 2009

James Marsters on Lie to Me tonight. James is guest starring tonight and Marc Blucas is on next Monday. If the rumours about a Bones crossover come true, the show will pull a Buffy boyfriend hat trick.

September 24 2009

James Marsters to appear at Boston's Super Megafest. Sat Nov 21-22, 2009 in Framingham, MA. He will be signing autographs, doing photo ops, holding Q & A session each day, and giving a concert on the Saturday night.

September 22 2009

(SPOILER) Promo pics of James Marsters in 'Lie to Me'. His episode will air on October 5th.

September 19 2009

James Marsters joins 'Marvel Super Hero Squad'. He will provide the voice of Mr. Fantastic. Michelle Trachtenberg's role as Valkyrie was revealed back in March.
James Marsters in "The Importance Of Being Earnest " - playing now on radio and MP3. James' recent LA Theatre Works performance as Jack /Earnest airs today and is available on MP3 for the next 6 weeks. Well worth a listen. More...

September 15 2009

James Marsters Sept. Q and A. This month what makes him barf (it's not gross), concerts he has attended, and if he needs glasses.

September 11 2009

James Marsters' Official Facebook page. Which includes the news that Sept 19th will be the radio broadcast of the play "The Importance of Being Earnest", which he recorded back in June. Tickets for next June's "She Stoops to Conquer" are now onsale. More...
James Marsters talks technology. Enjoyable feature over at The Guardian's website.

September 05 2009

James Marsters receives a belated Birthday gift from his fans. At Dragon*con on Friday night, a bunch of James Marsters fans presented him with a very special gift. A complete Stormtrooper outfit. Part 2 of the gift. Elsewhere Felicia Day runs into zombies and Julie Benz has dinner with Charisma and Lou. More...

August 30 2009

James Marsters in "High Plains Invaders", tonight on SyFy. Spike will be donning cowboy boots tonight at 9pm, 8pm central for "High Plains Invaders". It's another of SyFy's ventures into the Art of Filmmaking. James appears to be the main character. It looks to be fun, permaybehaps.

August 19 2009

Happy Birthday James Marsters. He turns 47 today.

August 18 2009

(SPOILER) James Marsters joins Caprica. Michael Ausiello reports that James will join the BSG prequel for a "sizeable arc" (marked as spoiler as brief details are given about the character James will play). More...

August 15 2009

James Marsters August Q and A. Questions range from Spike's vampire make-up, a few words about Andy Hallett, and favorite outdoor activies.

August 14 2009

James Marsters to guest on 'Lie To Me'. His official website has the scoop. And there's also details about James performing in "She Stoops To Conquer" as part of the L.A. Theatre Works 2009-2010 season of play readings.

August 11 2009

Pics of James Marsters' Torchwood figure. Captain John Hart wowed fans in the second series of Torchwood and now his action figure is now available for purchase (try or your local comic book shop if you're struggling to find him). More...

July 30 2009

More from James & Sullivan Marsters. Just added to his YouTube page. James has posted 2 more clips of his son, Sullivan playing some accoustic instrumental songs on his guitar. Titled 'Movie 9' (there is no description since this was just posted) & 'Polar Bear'.

July 15 2009

James Marsters talks about his role as Buzz Aldrin in Moonshot. There are lots of print and online interviews with JM around at the moment in the lead up to the anniversary of the moon landings but this one is especially nice. More...
James Marsters' July Q&A. This month James talks about acting, music, history and, more importantly, about ice cream.

July 07 2009

James Marsters in "Moonshot": U.S. premiere date set for July 20 on History Channel. James Marsters plays Buzz Aldrin in Moonshot, a two-hour television movie about the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. More...
Whedonverse actors featured in E! Online's list of Sham Yankees. You can vote on the accents of Dichen Lachman, James Marsters, Alexis Denisof and Juliet Landau.

July 01 2009

James Marsters announced for SFX Weekender event. This will be held next February in England.

June 29 2009

Video of James Marsters interacting with fans. The video was taken after his performances in the "Importance of Being Earnest" on Saturday and Sunday.

June 15 2009

Monthly Q and A from James Marsters. This month's questions prompt answers from trying to teach his son a lesson about fame to keys being his favorite item at home.

June 09 2009

SFX Vampire Special now on sale. The magazine has exclusive interviews with Juliet Landau and James Marsters. And free Buffy coasters as well! Will they be as awesome as the Buffy Morphers that came free with packets of Sugar Puffs? Only time will tell.

June 08 2009

James Marsters voices new video game. He's part of the voice cast for the Wii game "Real Heroes: Firefighter".

June 01 2009

High Plains Invaders starring James Marsters starts On Demand today. Check your local on-demand provider for details. You should find it unders movies or search for James' name. This may be US only.

May 28 2009

James Marsters to appear in The Importance of Being Earnest. It will be an L.A. Theatre Works limited run, June 17-21.

May 17 2009

Message from James and news about "High Plains Invaders". James Marsters talks about his european tour and thanks the fans. Right under, you can find the air date for his Sci-Fi movie.

May 15 2009

James Marsters monthly Q and A. Questions range from "What don't you understand about the opposite sex?" to "Would you eat a tarantula for $1,000?"

May 12 2009

James Marsters clip from High Plains Invaders. Features him talking about the movie and clips from it as well.

April 30 2009

First look at "Alien Western". Clips from James Marsters' new movie High Plains Invaders (previously called Alien Western) that will be coming out in June.

April 21 2009

James Marsters on IDW's Angel series - "I like what I see". He also shares his experiences on working on a Spike story for Dark Horse. Interestingly enough, Dark Horse have decided to respond to James' comments.

April 19 2009

New James Marsters video interview about "Dragonball: Evolution". The Inside Reel speaks to James Marsters and Jamie Chung about "Dragonball: Evolution". Mostly about their characters in relation to the anime.

April 15 2009

April Q&A from James Marsters. Stormtrooper! Stormtrooper! Stormtrooper! More...

April 12 2009

New James Marsters interview, including his take on fandom. Nice interview with James in which he talks about filming, showing off and fandom. More...

April 10 2009

"That kid is gonna get his @*# kicked." Modesto Bee article recounting James' high school drama days and the drive that made him successful.
Details about next week's FX con in Orlando. Of particular relevance is the "Women of the Whedonverse" panel featuring Julie Benz, Juliet Landau, Jewel Staite, Morena Baccarin and Claire Kramer. Plus there's the James Marsters event "Life After Spike" and Juliet will be screening her new music video. More...

April 09 2009

"He was a real gentleman, very funny, and I will miss him greatly". James Marsters shares his thoughts on Andy Hallett.
(SPOILER) A James Marsters' Dragonball interview. This is a TV Guide interview with James Marsters promoting Dragonball Evolution, he says a sequel is green-lit. There's another interview with him over at iFMagazine.

April 08 2009

"He is Piccolo, there's no one else that can play Piccolo but James." Article at VH-1 on Dragonball that descibes James' die-hard knowledge of the series on set, and how "it was a little intimidating."

April 07 2009

Five Favourite Films with James Marsters. William the Bloody shares his five favo(u)rite films with Rotten Tomatoes!

April 02 2009

James Marsters still up for a Spike spinoff. James talks Spike and two of his current projects, Moonshot and High Plains Invaders. More...

March 30 2009

James Marsters talks "High Plains Invaders". There's a pic of him from the cowboy/alien Sci Fi Channel movie as well.

March 28 2009

James Marsters to appear at Hallowhedon. This convention will take place in England on the Halloween weekend. Nick Brendon was previously announced as one of the other guests.

March 25 2009

James Marsters: From Spike to Brainiac. IGN speaks to James about his roles on Buffy, Torchwood and Smallville. There's also another IGN interview where he speaks about his new movie Dragonball: Evolution.

March 15 2009

James Marsters' March Q&A. This month's topics include acting, Shakespeare, and personal habits and attitudes.

March 13 2009

(SPOILER) "James Marster is coolness as Piccolo". Ain't Cool News has a review of Dragonball Evolution.

March 12 2009

James Marsters' Piccolo Speaks And Smashes. A new Dragonball Evolution clip featuring James Marsters as Piccolo. More...

March 10 2009

Video of the Japanese premiere of Dragonball Evolution with James Marsters. The premiere took place yesterday, the movie opens in many areas of Asia on the 12th before making its way to the US, UK, and Europe in the beginning of April. More...

February 26 2009

A James Marstersclass. This looks like fun. A one day event in London featuring an acting masterclass with James Marsters and Gareth David-Lloyd. More...
James Marsters makes TV Guide's "Get These Stars a Show Now!" list. "For Pete's sake, give the man his own series. He is extremely versatile, raises the energy on every show he is on, and has a loyal fan base who would love to see him on a more regular basis." In related Buffy coverage, TV Guide readers also picked Buffy/Riley as one of TV's Worst Couples.

February 22 2009

Update on James Marsters' site. Some sad news for those who were fans of GOTR and an update on the recent Valentine's Event. Plus news of the Dragonball Evolution Press tour. More...

February 17 2009

James Marsters' February Q and A. Despite having to leave straight from an event in New Jersey on Sunday to fly out to Korea for the beginning of a Dragonball Evolution World Press Tour. James Marsters found time to answer fans' questions. More...

February 02 2009

James Marsters announces more personal appearance dates. They are on the eastern shore of the US, as well as the UK and Netherlands. For the first half of 2009. More...

January 18 2009

(SPOILER) First photos of James Marsters on the set of "Alien Western". One of the co-stars of the upcoming Sci-Fi Channel movie starring James Marsters posts some behind-the-scenes photos. More...

January 15 2009

James Marsters' January Q+A. This month's topics include: Recording audio books, audition techniques, Hollywood barriers, choosing a guitar and why cows are better than magic beans.

January 12 2009

James Marsters ups the "Numb3rs". Of Whedon related actors to guest star on the show that airs Friday nights on CBS and stars two former verse alums, David Krumholtz and Navi Rawat. More...

January 03 2009

James Marsters' February New Jersey event now offering concert tickets. The ticket info is not yet posted on the main page but if you click buy tickets, they are the only tickets now available. They are $28 w/service charge. The concert starts at 8pm on Febuary 15th.

December 16 2008

James Marsters makes USA Today's top 100 people of 2008 list. The Pop Candy column at USA Today picks James as their #69 top person of 2008. More...

December 15 2008

James Marsters monthly Q and A. This time out questions range from acting boundaries to dancing ability, what he puts off, and what makes him laugh.

December 12 2008

Piccolo and Mai on a Rock. A new picture of James Marsters as Piccolo in the big screen adaptation of the cartoon show Dragonball.

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