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December 12 2008

James Marsters announces Valentine's event. James Marsters announces a one day event in NJ on February 15th 2009 at the South Orange Performing Arts Centre. Tickets, limited to 150 people, are on sale now. More...

December 10 2008

Dragonball Evolution - High Definition trailer released. The trailer for Dragonball Evolution ( In which James Marsters plays Piccolo) premiered on Japanese TV yesterday. has the exclusive on the high def version. More...

December 05 2008

James Marsters talks Clone Wars. James talks about his role in today's episode of Star Wars: Clone Wars.

November 21 2008

James Marsters to star in Sci-Fi channel original movie "Alien Western". It's described as "... a sci-fi television film about giant, vicious, alien bugs that come to earth to gorge themselves on the uranium deposits found in the ground of an Old West town."

November 20 2008

Steve Himber Has Spoken. On James Marsters' official site, his manager talks about the wildfires, their wellbeing, the 'secret event', and a small spoiler for Smallville (via invisitext).

November 15 2008

James Marsters' November Q and A. Now up on the official site. More...

November 12 2008

(SPOILER) New pics of James Marsters as Piccolo. Good quality stills from the highly anticipated Dragonball movie. In related news, reports that the movie will now be released on April 8th 2009.

November 09 2008

James Marsters is on cloud 9. A new message from James on his website. More...

October 15 2008

James Marsters October '08 Q & A. Items this month run the gamut from board games to shipwrecks to tongue length to books on tape, along with the obligatory acting and musical queries. More...
James Marsters wearing Jayne's hat. In terms of crossover awesomeness, it doesn't get much better than this.

October 03 2008

James Marsters in the Dragonball trailer. Here is the teaser trailer to James Marsters' newest film "Dragonball" based on the anime series.

September 12 2008

Viral Ad for Buzzy Multimedia features James Marsters. Listen to JM (reading the Dresden Files) and others in this viral ad for Buzzy MultiMedia Books. More...

September 02 2008

Dragonball Poster and Movie Trailer Stills revealed. We can see James Marsters as Piccolo. More...

September 01 2008

James Marsters' Audio Interview at Vampires and Slayers. This is the first of three audio interviews V&S Editor Edward Gross conducted with James, the last day of production on the final episode of Angel.

August 30 2008

James Marsters talks Dragon Ball at Dragon*Con. Geeks of Doom has snippets of info from his Q&A.

August 26 2008

James Marsters wins "Best Guest Star" award at Kryptonsite. James' portrayal of Brainiac in Smallville Season Seven won him the lion's share of the votes in his catagory. More...

August 15 2008

James Marsters' August Q+A. New questions and answers for August. More...

August 12 2008

Join James Marsters at a Dragon*Con private party/concert. Sounds pretty awesome, if anyone can manage to get a ticket.

July 25 2008

James Marsters is a doll (again). First look at his Torchwood action figure.

July 22 2008

James Marsters' Q and A with sound clips. James talks about the inspiration behind some of his songs. More...

July 10 2008

"I need a witch, I need a librarian". James Marsters talks about his idea for a Spike movie and his lack of love for the Potentials. All this and much more.

July 09 2008

First Look at James Marsters in Moonshot. Dangerous Films official site has the first glimpses of James Marsters as Buzz Aldrin. More...

July 08 2008

(SPOILER) Interview with James Marsters about his role in Dragonball. Nice interview with James, translated from the August edition of the Japanese magazine Jump Square, with rather charming results. More...

July 05 2008

James Marsters posts cast and crew picture from Moonshot. Nice update and message from James on his official site. More...

June 15 2008

James Marsters Q&A Soundclips. No new questions this month. But, there are three short mp3 soundclips of his answers from previous sessions as well as transcripts of said sessions.

June 09 2008

SyFy Portal awards long list for 2008. Whedonesque gets nominated for best website, Summer Glau for best actress, Adam Baldwin for best supporting actor, Amy Acker and James Marsters for best special guest. More...

May 21 2008

James Marsters to star in "Moonshot". A drama about the days leading to the Apollo 11 launch to the moon. James will portray astronaut Buzz Aldrin. It will air on the History Channel and ITV in 2009.

April 28 2008

First look at "Dragonball" poster! First look at the promotional campaign for James Marsters upcoming "Dragonball" film! More...

April 27 2008

James Marsters gets caught in TMZ star catcher video clip. He is leaving the airport and ask about the chance of a Spike movie. His piece is 35 seconds into the clip.

April 10 2008

Ask James Marsters. SFX Magazine are looking for questions to ask James for an upcoming feature.

April 09 2008

(SPOILER) First look at James Marsters in 'Dragonball'. Well most of him anyhow.

April 06 2008

James Marsters is coming to Dragon*Con 2008! I was just checking the official list on the con's website again, and look who was just added! More...

April 02 2008

James Marsters mention in Gareth David Lloyd interview. Gareth talks to iF magazine about his character arc, as well as a nice little mention of his experiences working with James on the set of Torchwood. More...

April 01 2008

(SPOILER) James Marsters talks Torchwood, Spike and Dollhouse. Find out how much he loves Torchwood, what his ideas were for the Spike movie and whether he'd read for Joss' new show.

March 29 2008

Amber & James perform at San Diego Indie Music Festival. James Marsters plays his music on the Main Stage at 6pm and Amber Benson has a Q&A on the Indie Film Stage at 4pm today!

March 08 2008

(SPOILER) James Marsters' return to "Smallville." March 27th episode info, images, and future episodes. On the same page: previously seen Dark Horse solicitations for June.

March 06 2008

New message from James Marsters. James passes a message to his fans via his official website, including news of more Smallville. More...

March 05 2008

James Marsters' Dragon Ball postponed to 2009. Originally slated to open on August 15th, 2008 the movie will now be released on April 3rd, 2009.

March 04 2008

EW's favorite immortals. Entertainment Weekly's list of their favorite immortals include some of our favorites. More...

February 27 2008

See James Marsters as Ted Bundy on March 30. Lifetime's "The Capture of the Green River Killer" premieres next month. News of James Marsters' cameo role was noted last September, and here it is.

February 16 2008

James Marsters' February Q&A. He talks about luck, Shakespeare and food.

February 04 2008

Those Buffy cast members that'll be appearing at Paley Fest 2008. "Creator Joss Whedon will be on hand; cast members who have said they will join him so far include Amber Benson, Nicholas Brendon, James Marsters, Emma Caulfield, Eliza Dushku and Michelle Trachtenberg". And Seth Green as well.

January 30 2008

James Marsters on Fame, Family and Life After 40. He talks with TV Guide about Smallville and Torchwood.

January 29 2008

Marsters: Captain John 'is like Spike'. "James Marsters has admitted that his Torchwood character Captain John is similar to the role he played on Buffy The Vampire Slayer".

January 25 2008

(SPOILER) James Marsters chats to TV Guide about Torchwood and Buffy. And there's a new Radio Times interview with him as well. So double the reading pleasure. James makes his Torchwood debut on BBC America tomorrow night.

January 22 2008

Another chance to see James Marsters in England... Monday May 5th, 2008, if you happen to be in England, check out one of our sexy vampires (along with a bevy of other Scf-Fi stars) at Collectormania 13. More...

January 18 2008

James Marsters to perform at San Diego Indie Music Fest. James will be performing a 45 minute concert at the San Diego Indie Music Fest on Saturday March 29, 2008 at 6 PM. More...

January 16 2008

New look for James Marsters' official US website. has been revamped and relaunched. More...
(SPOILER) Tonight on BBC Two - James Marsters guest stars in Torchwood. Auntie Beeb has been hyping this episode like nobody's business.

January 12 2008

James Marsters' UK concert date announced for May 2nd. He'll be performing at The Union Chapel Islington, London on May 2nd as part of his " Like A Waterfall" tour. More...

January 11 2008

(SPOILER) Lots of James Marsters behind the scenes pics at the newly revamped BBC America Torchwood website. Behind the scenes pictures of James Marsters as Captain John in the "Gallery" section. Plus yet more new video footage elsewhere on the site. More...

January 09 2008

(SPOILER) More new clips from Torchwood series two episode one. Three video clips from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang guest starring James Marsters as Captain John Hart. The first clip is new. More...

January 07 2008

(SPOILER) New pics of James Marsters in Torchwood. The Sun's website has two new images from the show. Judging by the online reaction so far, they have a wow factor of 11. And the BBC has put up a new image as desktop wallpaper .

January 06 2008

SlayAlive Reviewer Praises the Premium Format Spike figure. More...

December 26 2007

Brand new BBC Torchwood trailer with more Marsters! It's up at a Freema (Martha from Doctor Who) Agyeman fanpage (who, by the way, is pretty awesome in her own right). More...

December 19 2007

James Marsters in Torchwood Season Two trailer. BBC America gets the jump on the BBC itself with a release of this trailer for season two Torchwood. James Marsters featured prominently. John Barrowman's cheesy grin also stars.

December 15 2007

James Marsters December Q and A now online. Questions this month range from censorship to guitar gods to favorite Harry Potter character. More...

December 11 2007

James Marsters joins Creation's Grand Slam in April '08. Marsters will appear both Saturday and Sunday. He will also perform a concert Saturday night. More...

December 05 2007

See the premiere of PS I Love You. James Marsters has a role in the upcoming film, PS I Love You and is reportedly going to attend the premiere on Dec 9. If you can't be there, you may be able to catch of peek of James on the red carpet! Crew arrivals are at 5 pm PST, and celebrity arrivals start at 6 pm.

December 03 2007

(SPOILER) Pics from upcoming Smallville featuring James Marsters. Kryptonsite has a nice slideshow from the upcoming episode 'Persona'.

December 02 2007

An advent gift from James Marsters. James Marsters' UK site has a nifty advent calendar on the front page. Each day from now till December 25th a new link will go live . More...

November 30 2007

James Marsters returns to 'Without A Trace'. James reprises his role as Det. Grant Mars in the episode airing Dec 6th on CBS at 10pm ET.

November 15 2007

November Q and A From James Marsters. Subjects this month include urban myths, the end of Angel, forgiveness (or the lack of it) songwriting, stuffing and why Quentin Tarantino may indeed be at least a partial reincarnation of Shakespeare. More...

November 13 2007

James Marsters cast in Dragonball Movie. James to play Piccolo in the live action Dragonball movie. James Wong to direct, with the movie set for release next summer.

November 05 2007

(SPOILER) Leaving Spike behind - an interview with James Marsters. An interesting interview which covers his roles on Buffy, Without A Trace, Smallville and Torchwood and much more.

October 15 2007

James Marsters October Online Q and A. This time out he is asked about tattoos, confidence, and his favorite Star Wars film.

October 13 2007

Brief clip available from James Marsters' new album. A very short clip of the song 'Looking at You'.

October 05 2007

(SPOILER) Marsters 'steals the show' in Doomsday. Nice review of Doomsday. Reviewer impressed with James Marsters' performance. (Review contains spoilers). More...

September 30 2007

James Marsters shares memories of his theatre days. On his offical website, they have added a section dedicated to his early years in the theatre and the plays he was in as well as the ones produced with his own company.

September 25 2007

(SPOILER) Fall TV Fan Guide. AOL television does an interesting breakdown of some of the most interesting developments in our favorite shows, including the ones that some Jossverse stars will be in and stars from other fan faves. More...

September 21 2007

James Marsters US CD launch party details. Tickets go on sale Saturday the 22nd at noon eastern time. There are only a 100 tickets to the party at $250 ea.

September 20 2007

(SPOILER) First look at James Marsters in 'P.S. I Love You'. The trailer for the movie has finally appeared online. So if you're curious to see what James looks like in the movie, now's your chance.

September 18 2007

Captain Jack (Harkness) Likes to Kiss and Tell. John Barrowman of Torchwood dishes on locking lips with Alexis Denisof and James Marsters. Yowza! More...

September 11 2007

James Marsters cameos as Ted Bundy in new TV movie. In a message from his manager, mentions the cameo appearance as the serial killer in "Chasing the Devil", according to IMDB it will be on the cable channel Lifetime in 2008. More...

September 09 2007

Message from James Marsters on his official sites. James posts a message of thanks to fans who attended Dragoncon. More...

September 06 2007

Recording of the Marsters, Landau, Rohm and Feinberg Q&A from Dragon*Con. A live recording of the Sept 1st panel at Dragon*Con 2007 brought to you by the podcast Upside Down and Halfway to Happyland.

September 05 2007

James tells fans at Dragon*Con in Atlanta that his one-time appearance on the "Doctor Who" spinoff might not be one time after all.

September 03 2007

Pics of the Buffyverse cast at Dragon*Con. If you didn't get to go at the weekend, now's your chance to gaze at some lovely pics of James Marsters, Elisabeth Rohm, Ken Feinberg and Juliet Landau (courtesy of RavenU). More...

August 25 2007

A fan tribute to James Marsters, in photos of expression. This book (filled with the many faces of James taken by the fans over the years), will be given to Mr. Marsters at Dragoncon next weekend. If you are going to Dragoncon and you want to sign the book you can find out when here. More...

August 24 2007

James Marsters talks upcoming projects with EW. James talks about current projects and what he would like to do in the future.

August 22 2007

James Marsters at the Mile High Club. He will be doing a concert at the club in LA, CA on October 27, 2007. Tickets go on sale Monday, August 27. He will also be in Cardiff, Wales on November 17, 2007 for a concert. In other Marsters news, the futon critic reports Marsters will be on the season premiere of 'Without A Trace' on Thur Sept 27th at 10pm ET. More...

August 15 2007

James Marsters August Q and A is now online. This time out he answers questions ranging from best decision he ever made, Leno or Letterman, the fairness of love and war, and the potential for "President Marsters".
(SPOILER) James Marsters joins cast of "Without A Trace". He's landed a recurring guest star role in CBS drama "Without A Trace". The extended description of his role contains spoilers for character and plot. More...

August 12 2007

James Marsters on comic books and voicing Lex Luthor. has an exclusive video interview with James about his role in the DVD Superman: Doomsday release, in stores Sept 18th. More...

August 06 2007

Dragoncon News, have some Friday Night Fun with James Marsters, and another BDH comes aboard the event. 100 fans can spend the evening with James at an informal meet & greet on Fri Aug 31. You must reserve you ticket ahead of time, payment will be made at the door. Also in other D*C news, Adam Baldwin will be joining the line-up for the event.

August 02 2007

James Marsters answers a few more questions. Outside of his monthly Q&A, here are some bonus questions and answers. Including, the secret to starting a conversation with a stranger, and his favorite Saturday Night Live personality.

July 30 2007

James Marsters on "Saving Grace" tonight. The episode airs tonight at 10pm ET on TNT and should be up on iTunes by tomorrow if you miss it. Although he is in the episode he is not in the trailer for the episode, so I guess we will find out how big his part is tonight.

July 28 2007

James Marsters and Adam Baldwin film special video greetings. The dynamic duo filmed these from Comic-con for the Xbox Live Marketplace. More...

July 27 2007

(SPOILER) Newsarama reviews Superman: Doomsday. Some comments about Adam and James' performances in this animated movie.

July 24 2007

You can help stroke James Marsters, well his ego anyway. Over on a Marsters' fan site, a fan is putting together a photo book to give to James at Dragon*Con for his Birthday. She's looking for submissions of photos of James taken by fans, as well as some James stories to add to the book. More...

July 17 2007

James Marsters July Q and A. This time out he dicusses gadgets, guitars, and world peace.

July 16 2007

(SPOILER) First look at James Marsters in Torchwood. The BBC confirms his guest spot and release a promo pic along with some quotes from him as well.

July 13 2007

For a good time call, James Marsters. For those people waiting for their Sunday Photo Op from Fangoria with James Marsters the photos are now up at Creations site for claiming. For those who couldn't make it check out the fun you missed.

July 10 2007

James Marsters Sunday Q&A from Fangoria. "Nobody can accuse James Marsters of not being gracious to his fans." More...

July 09 2007

Whedonopolis covers James Marsters appearance at Fangoria. Find out what the Spike movie would have been about. They also cover his concert at the Crazy Donkey in Long Island.

July 07 2007

(SPOILER) James Marsters leaks some delicious info about his Torchwood episode. And if fangirls didn't want to watch before, they sure will now (minor spoilers for his episode).

July 05 2007

His Marsters voice. Dreamwatch covered James Marsters' appearance at the Creation Grand Slam. They made some of the article available on their site.

June 22 2007

James Marsters takes Center Stage in Atlanta, Sept 1st. He will be in concert at Center Stage Atlanta on the Saturday night. Tickets on sale June 23rd. Plus they've posted the James Q&A from the April Creation Event.

June 18 2007

James Marsters to guest star on Torchwood. According to James Marsters Live, his episode of the Doctor Who spinoff series should air sometime early next year on the BBC. There's also details of a one-off gig on Cardiff, Wales on July 21st. More...

June 15 2007

James Marsters' June Q&A posted. This month he discusses Spike's taste in music, his work on Superman: Doomsday, and the benedictive properties of rain.

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