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February 26 2006

Are shows such as 'Buffy' and 'Angel' more fake than wrestling? Comparing the Whedonverse to the world of wrestling. More...

January 12 2006

Buffy RPG revised errata includes a funny correction of the most embarrassing typo. They've also updated the Angel corebook errata.

January 02 2006

Homemade Buffy the Vampire Slayer Mah Jongg set. Make your own? [via] Adds Listing for Serenity: Out in the Black. To ship on January 16. In the past day, it's risen in sales ranking from #315,380 to #7,487. It's an all new adventure for the Serenity Role Playing game. More...

December 23 2005

Buffy Roleplaying Game Revised Corebook details online in time for the book reaching stores.

December 01 2005

Buffy Roleplaying Game Revised Corebook returns from printers and should ship out before Christmas, according to publishers Eden Studios on their official forums.

October 21 2005

Neverwinter Nights Firefly mod converts the D&D computer game to the 'Verse.

October 17 2005

Two Serenity RPG supplements confirmed in the second page of this RPGnet forum thread, by the game's principal author Jamie Chambers. More...

September 30 2005

Serenity Role Playing Game official site is live. So far it contains links to fan-created forums and character sheets, and an updated FAQ including "Where's the gorram character sheet?!"

September 21 2005

Question Serenity RPG author Jamie Chambers on RPG Radio by posting questions before the interview is recorded tomorrow.

September 14 2005

Serenity Role Playing Game FAQ including a question as to where the game's dedicated website is.

August 26 2005

Serenity Role Playing Game interior art depicting some of the crew's hardware.

August 24 2005

The Serenity Role Playing Game cover has been posted by its main author, Jamie Chambers, in this thread on the RPGnet forums about first impressions of the RPG, following preview book sales and demonstration games at GenCon Indy last weekend. More...

August 17 2005

Serenity Role Playing Game to Debut at Gen Con 2005. Jamie Chambers, the creator of the Serenity RPG posts on about the upcoming launch of the highly anticipated game at Gen Con this weekend. More...

August 08 2005

Serenity video game in trouble. One of the people working on the wireless Serenity video game just posted on the official site and asked for Browncoat support: More...

August 04 2005

(SPOILER) Official 'Serenity' cell phone game to be developed. The game is based on the plot of the movie and you get to play Mal. For a press release, this does contain some very major spoilers for the movie.

July 29 2005

Buffy Roleplaying Game Revised Corebook on sale now and available as an ebook from before the print edition reaches stores (hopefully in the next month).

July 09 2005

An eyewitness account of the Serenity tabletop RPG on the RPGnet forums, with a link to a site giving a look at the game's character sheets and an art preview (now reposted here).

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June 01 2005

Art preview of the Angel RPG Investigators' Casebook. Eden Studios manager, George Vasilakos, posted these as a preview of the sample characters that players will be able to pick up and use, from the forthcoming Angel Roleplaying Game supplement on low-powered investigative characters. "We are shooting for an August release."

May 11 2005

Margaret Weis talks Serenity RPG. "It's gorram shiny!" says the acclaimed fantasy author. More...

February 25 2005

Eden Studios Presents 2 released. The second issue of the house magazine for the publishers of the official tabletop Buffy and Angel roleplaying games includes an article on vamps gone good and their uses in the games, as well as rules for introducing the slightly different Vampyres from the designer's Witchcraft RPG. As well as print copies, it can be bought as a .pdf from

January 11 2005

Interview with the author of the Buffy and Angel roleplaying games. C J Carella talks about playing and writing for roleplaying games, and touches on his work for the Buffy RPG.

January 06 2005

Buffy the Cell Phone Game review. The franchise moves into mobile gaming territory. To no great surprise, it's a platformer and Buffy has to rescue Oz who has been kidnapped by Dru.

December 23 2004

Buffy RPG Character Journal preview. Unlike the last preview for Eden Studios' official BTVS Roleplaying Game, this page to write in a game character's possessions will be of little interest to non-gamers. It is a right pretty page though, with a relevant quote and picture and all. 101k .pdf file.

December 03 2004

Buffy Roleplaying Game Revised Core Rulebook due March 2005. Having sold over 16,000 copies of the original Buffy The Vampire Slayer tabletop roleplaying rulebook, the decision has been made to release a new edition with errata, rules updates, and information on the sixth and seventh seasons of Buffy. More...

October 19 2004

A new version of the Miss Kitty Fantastico game is now available. Miss Kitty finally makes it out of the cemetary! If you're like me, you've been dying to try the new levels.

October 14 2004

Welcome To Sunnydale: Buffy RPG sourcebook preview. The long-awaited Sunnydale book for the Buffy RPG will hopefully be out before the end of the year, and the first chapter - the history of Sunnydale "from early prehistory to the end of Season Seven" - can now be downloaded free. More...

September 23 2004

Faith and Kendra's last names to be revealed next year. Eden Studios, publishers of the official Buffy and Angel tabletop roleplaying games, contacted FOX to find out the Slayers' surnames and, since they'd never been published, FOX asked Mutant Enemy. And no, they aren't telling yet... More...

August 13 2004

Slayerline 'spot the errors' game. This is a cool flash game, created by fans. You must search for errors in the images. Hope you have fun!

July 31 2004

Miss Kitty Fantastico game. A cartoony 3D-arcade-puzzle-game based on the kitten from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Lost in Sunnydale, this little cat must escape monsters and various puzzles on her quest to find Willow and Tara. More...

June 22 2004

New petition for an Angel console game. In order to generate interest for a spin-off to the two successful Buffy games More...

June 10 2004

'Buffy: Chaos Bleeds' behind the scenes feature. The game has been out for a while now but Eurocom recently launched a 'making of the game' website. There's also a 'better late than never' review of the game at Creature Corner. More...

January 25 2004

Buffy mod. For Freedom Force. More...

January 16 2004

The Battle of Serenity Game. Neat wee Flash game at Go destroy those Alliance Skiffs. More...

December 12 2003

Angel Role-Playing Game Corebook released. According to the press release: "It's up to you to fight the good fight, to become a crusader for the Powers That Be." For more details, go to the official website. More...

November 04 2003

Chaos Bleeds cast interviews. Turns out you don't have to buy the game to view the extras. Dear old Auntie Beeb has some fantastic clips of Joss Whedon, Robin Sachs, James Marsters, Tony Head, Amber Benson and Nick Brendon talking about the game plus individual interviews with Joss, Tony and James talking about seven years of Buffy and more.

October 24 2003

'Chaos Bleeds' goodies. Try your luck at the Hellmouth Central competition to win 'Chaos Bleeds' for any of the three platforms plus loads of promo stuff for the game as well. More...

September 02 2003

Chaos in Words Contest Create your own idea for a Buffy video game, and submit it for your chance to win... More...

August 29 2003

IGN Games Reviews 'Chaos Bleeds,' Awards It a 7.7/10 "If you love Buffy, get this game. If you dig action games, this one might be better served as an extended rental." More...
The BBC Cult Guide to 'Chaos Bleeds'. Includes an in-game action clip, screenshots and interviews with the executive producer and the scriptwriter, Chris Golden. More...

August 26 2003

Gamespot Reviews 'Chaos Bleeds,' Awards It an 8.2/10. "Chaos Bleeds is an excellent, well-put-together action adventure game that most fans of the genre should be able to enjoy and any Buffy fan will love." More...
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds has shipped! The videogame is now available to buy on all three systems. More...

August 21 2003

What to expect from 'Chaos Bleeds'. A Q&A with Greg Goodrich, vice-president and executive producer at Vivendi Universal Games. More...

August 12 2003

Vivendi Universal Announces That 'Chaos Bleeds' Has Gone Gold. Looks like it's indeed set for release at the end of the month.
The official 'Chaos Bleeds' website which features Willow and Xander trailers with amusing commentaries. More...

August 08 2003

Video Interview With Greg Goodrich, Executive Producer of the 'Chaos Bleeds' Videogame. It will be released on August 29th for the Playstation 2, Gamecube, and Xbox consoles. More...

August 03 2003

Billy Frontier A game that has the same premise of Firefly, maybe what a Firefly game would've looked like if it had become as successful as Buffy.

July 15 2003

So who wants to play? I mean just cuz the show's over doesn't mean the fun has to end right? Or does it? More...

July 10 2003

Sims gets Magical expansion. I know this isn't strictly Buffyverse material, but yet ... More...

June 04 2003

Buffy: Wrath of the Darkhul King. First look at the Buffy game for the Game Boy Advance. More...

May 21 2003

Chaos Bleeds: Chris Golden sets the record straight. Fans' confusion and outrage over a recent interview by a Vivendi games exec, has led Golden to clarify what is really happening. More...

May 18 2003

Chaos Bleeds game footage from the recent E3 2003 event (Quicktime required).

May 11 2003

Chaos Bleeds @ E3 An overview & list of features of the game. More...

May 09 2003

Press release for the Chaos Bleeds video game. It's out in August, it's multi platform and you get to play Faith, Willow, Xander, Spike, Sid the Dummy and obviously Buffy. More...

April 08 2003

End of Buffy the Vampire Slayer CCG. Score, makers of the BtVS Collectible Card Game, have announced that there will be no more card sets for the game. More...

March 20 2003

Buffy Game Sequel "Reports circulate the net suggesting Buffy 2 is on the way - we uncover some of the rumours behind the game thus far."

March 14 2003

Angel RPG announced. "Bright eyes, beautiful people, and broken promises fill the fabulous parties and elegant conference rooms. Loneliness, despair, and hunger haunt the city streets and tenement apartments. In Los Angeles, the facade makes the heartache all the more bitter."

February 14 2003

Dance Buffy Dance. Choose your mixes and make Buffy dance in this truly bizarre Flash game from the Dark Horse Comics website. More...

December 21 2002

I of the Beholder. A complete fully playable Buffy RPG courtesy of the BBC Buffy site and Eden Studios.

December 12 2002

BtVS Roleplaying Game reviewed at ScoopMe!. "The real joy, of course, is in the detail" says the reviewer. More...

November 28 2002

Sequel to BtVS Xbox game in development. It's also rumoured to be appearing on several game platforms. More...

November 15 2002

A Buffy web game with a difference. The BBC Buffy site has a Flash game based on Top Trumps. Will you be able to beat the computer?

October 29 2002

Buffy Scmuffy. (Flash animation) Who needs Buffy? Play along and YOU can be the Slayer!
Trick or Treat from The Lady Pele!
Buffy game feature: interview the Collective (developers of the BtVS game) and David Stalker (producer at Fox Interactive)

October 22 2002

A Buffy-universe immersive online game. Could it make money? Would it be successful? Weblogger Tom Coates asked the question, Dan Hon replied and others joined in.

October 15 2002

Which Buffy Character Do You Identify With Most? Take the quiz. More...

October 09 2002

(SPOILER) Cheat Planet has the X-Box Cheats for the BtVS game X-Box's version of BtVS is interesting---and I found some cheat codes at Cheat Planet, for those who also like to be *spoiled* in their gaming. More...

September 19 2002

That Buffy Xbox game in full Interviews with Christopher Golden and the makers of the game.

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August 27 2002

Like Angel? Like Bowling? Then why not play WB's Angel Demon Bowling game? More...

August 24 2002

(SPOILER) Buffy Xbox Game review. IGN reviews the Xbox game and gives it an overall score of 8.2. Oddly, they think SMG's voice double does the best job portraying the character despite the fact that all the other voices are done by the original actors.

(Rest of post contains possible spoilers for S7) More...

August 18 2002

Welcome to Simmydale... Screenshots of The Sims a la Buffy. More...

August 08 2002

Buffy role-playing game to debut today at this year's GenCon. Brought to you by Eden Studios. (Eden's editor-in-chief, Alex Jurkas, discusses the game here.)

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July 23 2002

BVTS Gaming has two pages of screenshots from the upcoming BtVS XBox game, the storyline of which is "an actual lost episode from season three."

(Especially for prol, here's a screenshot of Giles.)

July 22 2002

Despite the misgivings of the writer of this piece, the fact that this game is coming soon almost makes want to buy an XBox. More...

July 19 2002

For consistency and clarity , the game master in this game is called the "Buff Master," and is always referred to as being of female gender...

[ edited by ZachsMind on 2002-07-20 06:40 ] More...

July 07 2002

Eden Studios are developing a roleplaying game (RPG) based on BtVS. The game is slated to hit shelves in Summer 2002. Its Core book will have a foreword written by Christoper Golden.

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