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June 12 2011

Jane Espenson and Georges Jeanty wrap up Buffy Season 8! A great fan report from the Golden Apple Comics event.

June 06 2011

Jane Espenson and Georges Jeanty talk about Buffy Season 9. This interview was conducted last week.

June 01 2011

Jane Espenson on Game of Thrones, Torchwood and Geek Girls. And Caprica, Once Upon a Time, Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), Buffy and writing in general as well. It's a good interview.
Buffy Season 8 Volume 8 'Last Gleaming' tpb out this week. The final volume collects issues 36-40 and the Riley one-shot.
(SPOILER) Russell T Davies talks about Buffy and working with Jane Espenson. As you'd expect, there's big spoilers for the upcoming series of Torchwood.

May 19 2011

(SPOILER) Jane Espenson's episode of Game of Thrones airs this Sunday on HBO. This new show adapted from George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire books is truly amazing, so finding out Espenson is on the writing staff should come as no surprise. More...

May 18 2011

Jane Espenson to work on 'Once Upon a Time'. The series was picked up by ABC this week for the fall. The show brings fairytale characters to the modern day world. Cinema Blend has some photos and clips here. More...

April 09 2011

Highlights from the Transmedia, Hollywood 2 conference. There's summaries of what Jeph Loeb had to say about Buffy: Animated not getting off the ground, Steven DeKnight on the Buffy fandom and Jane Espenson talking about structuring transmedia narratives.

March 27 2011

Jane Espenson and Drew Z. Greenberg will be at Meltdown Comics in LA tonight. This is the fourth and final part in a series of writing panels featuring guests like David Fury, Rob Thomas, Steve Levitan, and others. Tonight's panel will also feature LOST's Damon Lindelof. $15 at the door (cash only). More...

February 24 2011

Jane Espenson, Drew Z. Greenberg & David Fury taking part in adult writing panels. These panels are taking place Sundays in March in Los Angeles. The moderator is Ben Blacker, of The Thrilling Adventure Hour fame (among others). David Fury is on 3/13, and Jane and Drew on 3/27. Tickets are $12.00. More...

January 28 2011

CNN article on Jane Espenson's sci-fi writing career. Jane discusses her history as a science-fiction writer(including how she became a writer on Buffy) and future projects that she is working on. Written by Suzanne Kelly, CNN.

January 26 2011

Jane Espenson and Jackie Kessler on Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Tales. It's a feature at Comic Book Resources.

January 21 2011

Focus On: Intervista a Jane Espenson. The English version of the interview is at the bottom of the page. It's a good overview of Jane's recent shows (Buffy, Firefly, Warehouse 13, Caprica, Game of Thrones and Torchwood).

January 07 2011

Premiere date for "Torchwood: A New World" announced: July 1st, 2011. The 4th season of the show will premiere on the same date both in the US (via Starz) and UK (via BBC1). Whedon alums involved in the project include Jane Espenson, Kelly Manners, Shawna Trpcic and Todd McIntosh. More...

January 01 2011

A clip from one of the Buffy Motion Comic DVD extras. It features Jeph Loeb and Jane Espenson.

November 03 2010

Creation convention for Firefly, Buffy, Angel and Dollhouse this weekend in LA. Guests include Jane Espenson, Drew Greenberg, Andrew Chambliss, Jose Molina, Miracle Laurie, Morena Baccarin, Sean Maher, Nick Brendon, Eliza Dushku and Ron Glass.

October 20 2010

More guests at Creation's salute to Firefly, Buffy/Angel & Dollhouse. Scroll down a bit in the events list and you'll see the QMx panels: one with Ron Glass, and another on writing (with Jane Espenson, Drew Greenberg, Andrew Chambliss and Jose Molina).

September 02 2010

Jane Espenson talks about writing for Torchwood. In an interview with Blastr, she talks about how she got the gig for the fourth season, coming in 2011 on Starz. She says how this will be a different experience from working on Caprica or Buffy, and what she hopes to do. She's expected to write a third of the fourth-season scripts.

August 30 2010

"In Defense of Riley" by Jane Espenson. Jane Espenson tells us why she thinks that Riley Finn deserved his own one-shot story.

August 27 2010

Jane Espenson coming to Melbourne. She will appear at Film Victoria’s Arresting Audiences, a two-day summit for producers, screenwriters, directors and script editors.

August 18 2010

(SPOILER) For the discussion of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Riley'. The tagline for this Jane Espenson penned Season 8 one shot is "Commitment through Distance, Virtue through Sin".

August 15 2010

Jane Espenson makes a guest appearance at Scriptchat. She answered people's questions about script writing for an hour as part of an ongoing series of monthly conversations on Twitter. Transcript at the link, or you can search #scriptchat on Twitter.

August 06 2010

(SPOILER) Preview of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Riley. This Jane Espenson penned Season 8 one shot will be out on the 18th. More...

July 18 2010

The cultural diary of Jane Espenson. A week in the life.

July 15 2010

'Writing For Television 2010' - a Writers Guild Foundation seminar. Those confirmed to speak at the all-day event include David Greenwalt, Jane Espenson and Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas. It'll be held in Los Angeles on July 31st and tickets cost between $110-$150.

June 07 2010

Inside the TV writers room. Jane Espenson and others talk about what it's like writing for a tv show. It's a fascinating insight into the industry.

June 04 2010

(SPOILER) Jane Espenson talks about the Buffy Season 8 Riley one-shot. Includes some preview pages of art.

May 07 2010

AfterElton loves Jane Espenson. Jane gets some much-deserved praise for her portrayal of GLBT characters and her all-around loveliness.

April 27 2010

(SPOILER) Cover art and info for the Buffy Season 8 Riley one-shot. Penned by Jane Espenson and drawn by Fray artist Karl Moline, this issue will be out on August 18th. And Comic Book Resources has Jo Chen's cover art for the one-shot.

April 06 2010

Jane Espenson returns to her blog. Jane looks like she's going to resume her writing blog, at least for a little while, to continue sharing writing tips. Also, lunch. More...

March 29 2010

Titan Books announce writers for the Firefly: Still Flying book. Jane Espenson, Ben Edlund, Brett Matthews and Jose Molina are each contributing a story. There's also the finalised cover art and more details about what's inside the book. More...

March 02 2010

Buffy Season 8 Vol 6: 'Retreat' released this week. The tpb collects Jane Espenson's five part arc (issues 26-30).

February 25 2010

(SPOILER) Podcast Interview With James Marsters. An interview with James Marsters talking about Caprica and other roles. More...

January 22 2010

(SPOILER) Jane Espenson speaks about Caprica's gay character. "It's time for sexuality to be incidental".

January 04 2010

Jane Espenson's interview with iFMagazine. Talking about the BSG sequel, Caprica, why she's on the show but no longer show runner, Buffy comics, Danny Strong, hiring James Marsters and more.

December 01 2009

Jane Espenson Talks Buffy Season 8 And #30 Ending. Compares the ending of "I Was Made To Love You" to the ending of "Retreat."

November 23 2009

New Firefly short stories in the works? Both Jane Espenson and Jose Molina have tweeted recently about a Firefly short story project of some kind. Also involves Ben Edlund. More...

November 16 2009

Jane Espenson Steps Aside as Showrunner on Caprica. Mo Ryan of the Chicago Tribune updated her blog with a message from Jane "This is actually a pretty subtle shift of duties. Kevin is going to take over running the room so I can spend more time writing as we head toward our big first season finale."

November 15 2009

QMX sponsors a panel with Jane Espenson and Tim Minear: On Writing. At next weekend's Salute to Serenity/Firefly event in LA, the panel will be held at 3 pm on Saturday.

November 04 2009

(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #30. It's the conclusion to Jane Espenson's Season 8 'Retreat' arc.

November 03 2009

(SPOILER) New Caprica promo featuring James Marsters. The Jane Espenson series starts on SyFy in January 2010. It includes previously unseen footage and a first look at James Marsters' character, terrorist leader Barnabus Greeley.

October 19 2009

(SPOILER) Preview for Buffy #30. The final part of Jane Espenson's 'Retreat' arc will be out on November 4th.

October 07 2009

(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #29. It's the fourth part of Jane Espenson's Retreat arc and we're promised manpads amongst many other things.

October 05 2009

Dollhouse Essay Competition > Write > Win > Get Published (And Paid!). Smart Pop Books are bringing a books of essays about Dollhouse and are looking for contributions. The best bit (well apart from getting published and paid) is that the book will be edited by Jane Espenson.

September 16 2009

Jane Espenson comments on Caprica rumours. Reacting to weekend speculation about her show, she told Airlock Alpha that "I'm absolutely thrilled with the work my writers have done".

September 02 2009

(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #28. The third part of Jane Espenson's 'Retreat' arc may provoke a lot of debate.

August 20 2009

Jane Espenson's series Andy Barker, P.I. comes out on DVD, Nov. 17th. The DVD will include the featurette : Writers Class 101 - A look at what it takes to write a series like Andy Barker with the creator and writers, including Jane.

August 11 2009

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8 #28 preview. 2-page preview courtesy of Dark Horse.
Bid for teddy bears signed by Jane Espenson and Felicia Day. The money raised will go to The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Auctions for bears signed by the likes of Nathan Fillion, Tom Lenk and Mark Sheppard are still to come.

August 05 2009

(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #27. It's the second part of Jane Espenson's 'Retreat' arc.

July 26 2009

(SPOILER) Jane Espenson urges Whedonites to watch Caprica. Jane Espenson is quoted at the bottom of a BSG-related article, urging Whedon fans to watch Caprica.
(SPOILER) A Comic Con interview with Jane Espenson. She speaks to SCI FI Wire about the Cylon mindset in Battlestar Galactica's 'The Plan' and what it's like working on 'Caprica'.

July 21 2009

Jane Espenson, The Plan, Caprica, Dollhouse. The Flick Cast talks to Jane about, well, those things. Dollhouse bits at the end, mostly about smaller budgets in television.

July 17 2009

Dark Horse Comics booth signing events at Comic-Con. Amongst the Dark Horse booth signings are Jane, Georges, Joss, Zack, Jed, and Maurissa. The schedule means Joss et al are there on Saturday as well, not just Friday.

July 11 2009

Drew Z. Greenberg joins Jane Espenson's Caprica. So says Jane herself on Twitter just a couple of minutes ago.

July 09 2009

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8 #27 preview. 2-page preview courtesy of Dark Horse.

July 01 2009

(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #26. Titled 'Retreat', it's the start of Jane Espenson's brand new Buffy season 8 arc.

June 26 2009

(SPOILER) The third preview of Buffy #26. This particular sneak peek has one more page of Espenson goodness than the last preview.

June 15 2009

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8 #26 preview. 3-page preview courtesy of Dark Horse.

June 04 2009

(SPOILER) Cover art and plot details for Buffy #28. This'll be out in September.

May 20 2009

(SPOILER) Jane Espenson talks Buffy Season 8. She tells Comic Book Resources about her upcoming arc and there's some preview art from #26 as well.

May 07 2009

(SPOILER) Cover art and plot details for Buffy #27. The second part of Jane Espenson's arc will be out in August.

April 20 2009

(SPOILER) Jane Espenson talks Caprica: The Series. On the eve of the Caprica pilot's DVD release, Televisionary posts its interview with Jane about what to expect from the series itself.

April 13 2009

(SPOILER) Death Becomes Them: The Role of Character Deaths in Television. Televisionary talks to Jane Espenson about how dying is depicted in TV shows, and how some characters' deaths are "earned." Recent developments in "House" and "Desperate Housewives" are mentioned - so avoid if you're a fan, spoiler-averse, and behind on those shows . . .

April 08 2009

Jane Espenson will be on the Battlestar Galactica panel at Paleyfest. If that isn't exciting enough, Seth Green will be the Special Guest Moderator.

March 28 2009

Up to the Minute Coverage of the Streamys Red Carpet. Twitter reports from Tabz, who is in the press pool awaiting to speak with Joss, Felicia, NPH, Jed, Maurissa, Zack.... And the MANY others from the Whedonverse who are there. ETA: A list of who won what can be found at Tubefilter, official pics can be found here and interviews with the winners can be found at

March 13 2009

Streamy Awards nominations are finally announced. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is nominated for most qualifying categories. It faces off against Felicia Day's The Guild. Jane Espenson is also nominated for writing the BSG webisode. "The live Awards Ceremony will be live broadcast online on March 28, 2009 at 7:30 PM. Head to to watch."

February 05 2009

Jane Espenson's BSG Caprica to Premiere Exclusively on DVD. More...

February 03 2009

Jane Espenson talks BSG, Caprica, Buffy and Dollhouse. "Even a small fame-flame keeps you warmer than none at all". Quote of the year?

January 20 2009

Bruce Bethke posts essay from Serenity found on his blog. On his blog, author Bruce Bethke posts the essay originally published in Jane Espenson's Serenity Found, titled Cut 'em Off at the Horsehead Nebula!. More...

January 13 2009

Jane talks about BSG and its debt to Buffy fandom. In an interview with Newsarama, Jane Espenson talks about fandom from Buffy to BSG. (And a nice description of Star Trek fandom later on.)

January 07 2009

(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #21. Does everything change with this issue? Find out and see. ETA: Read a special blog by this issue's lead character over at MTV's Splash Page.

January 06 2009

Los Angeles Times interview with Jane Espenson. Fun little interview with Jane concerning her work on Buffy and BSG plus a mention of Dollhouse. More...

January 05 2009

(SPOILER) More preview pages for this week's Buffy #21. Also a preview page for the MySpace Dark Horse Presents tie-in to the issue by Jane Espenson and Karl Moline.

December 21 2008

Jane Espenson speaks about her career to date. A very enjoyable audio interview. If you're into fandom, writing and scooters then you'll love this. There's some great insights into Star Trek, Buffy, Battlestar Galactica and Dollhouse. More...

December 17 2008

Jane Espenson comments on her five-issue Buffy arc. "The next thing I'm going to do is finish this Dollhouse script, then we get into that comic" (minor spoilers about the character arc).

December 15 2008

Jane Espenson says Dollhouse is "now rolling along glitch-free". Talking to Sci Fi Wire, she also says she's working on the script for episode 11, her first solo script for the show.

December 12 2008

(SPOILER) New Interview With Jane Espenson. She discusses the Battlestar Galactica webisodes she wrote. More...

December 10 2008 set dates for BSG webisodes written by Jane Espenson. Titled "The Face of the enemy", the webisodes will debut on December 12th with 2 episodes every week.

December 09 2008

Jane Espenson Bids Her Gentle Readers Farewell, Not Goodbye. Ms. Espenson regrets to inform us that she has said just about everything she (thinks she) has to say about television writing. More...

November 28 2008

Jane Espenson appearing at LosCon 35 this weekend. She'll be taking part in various panels and will be signing autographs this Saturday and Sunday at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott. More...

November 22 2008

Jane Espenson blogs about writing comics. She says Georges Jeanty "is a genuine genius -- fantastic".

November 06 2008

Heroes: 6 writers who can fix things. With the ousting of the show's showrunners, IGN looks to 6 writers who can still salvage "Heroes," most of whom are connected to Joss.

November 04 2008

Drew Z. Greenberg announced as part of production and writing team for "Warehouse 13". The show is slated to debut in July 2009, with the pilot which was penned by Jane Espenson, who left the show earlier this year. More...

October 27 2008

Creation's Salute to Firefly/Serenity goes Galactic with Jane Espenson. Jane will be doing a panel on Sunday afternoon, Nov 23rd, about writing for BSG. The panel is presented by QMX.

September 28 2008

Jane Espenson proclaims Emmys wonderful! Well, sort of... Jane attended the ceremony, and talks about some of the wonderful things that did happen that night. Also, she shares some extremely interesting advice that she gave Danny Strong about his Recount script...

August 06 2008

Jane Espenson Confirmed to Write BSG TV Movie. The L.A. Times has a piece about the upcoming TV Movie, directed by none other than Edward James Olmos. More...

July 02 2008

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon talks Buffy #16 and beyond. He tells MTV News, "Buffy lends itself to a comic book universe more than anything I've ever done. Buffy is a comic book." Also first details on the season 8 arc Jane Espenson will be writing.

July 01 2008

Jane Espenson to write next Battlestar Galactica tv movie. Well that's what Galactica Sitrep says.

June 24 2008

Jane Espenson podcasts "The Hub". Jane, Ron Moore and others podcast her masterpiece BSG episode.

June 10 2008

(SPOILER) Jane Espenson talks Battlestar Galactica. She speaks to about her recently aired episode 'Hub'. And there's also more Q&As with her over at TV Guide and Comic Mix.

June 04 2008

A Day in the Life of a Buffy Editor. Scott Allie updates the Buffy Zone with some new information and Jo Chen's cover for issue 20. More...

April 04 2008

Inside Jane Espenson's frakkin' amazing job. TV Guide chats to Jane about Buffy, Battlestar Galactica and which of her characters she'd have lunch with.

February 10 2008

'Pencils up?' Jane Espenson weighs in after attending Saturday night's WGA membership meeting at the Shrine Auditorium: "I'll be checking in with friends, to make sure that I'm not missing anything, to make sure that this is the right deal at the right time, but as of this moment I'm feeling very hopeful that this is a deal I'm ready to take."

January 16 2008

Why We Write essay by Jane Espenson. Buffy alum, JE adds her essay to this web blog highlighting striking writers. She also gets commented on by fellow Battlestar Galactica writer Mark Verheiden over at his blog. More...

January 07 2008

Join Jane Espenson in Vegas! Jane like you've never seen her! Which would be in Las Vegas tomorrow night picketing for the Writers Strike at the Consumer Electronics Show. More...

January 01 2008

Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica Coming to DVD in March. Universal Studios finally released an official date (March 25) for the third season R1 DVD release of "Battlestar Galactica" after months of keeping fans in the dark. This set will include Jane Espenson's premier episode. More...

December 10 2007

Jane Espenson's latest interview and latest blog. Jane Espenson has been busy with her online tour promoting Serenity Found, and gives another great interview. More...
Whedon fans et al. make Wall Street Journal. An article about fans meeting their favorite writers on the WGA picket lines. More...

December 05 2007

Interview with Jane Espenson by Shanna Swendson at Trashionista. A chat about Serenity Found and Jane Austen.

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