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November 28 2007

Interview with Jane Espenson. Jane talks about picketing, BSG, and Finding Serenity. More...

November 19 2007

Battlestar Galactica wraps production. Ron D. Moore blogs about wrapping production of Battlestar Galactica (Jane Espenson is a co-producer) after 13 episodes of Season 4 and about the chances of the season being finished ... More...

November 13 2007

Pink Raygun interviews Jane Espenson about "Serenity Found" and other Janesian projects. This is part of her whirlwind promotional blog "tour." She is articulate and upbeat, as always. More...

November 08 2007

Jane Espenson interviewed over at Slice of SciFi. Jane talks about the "Serenity Found" book, and much more. More...

October 25 2007

SciFi Channel greenlight Jane Espenson's new pilot. Variety reports that 'Warehouse 13' got the okay for a two hour pilot to be filmed this autumn. And as luck would have it, there's a brand new interview with Jane over at

October 17 2007

Jane Espenson announces blog tour to promote "Serenity Found". She will start her tour with "visits" to the Firefly Talk podcast on October 19 and on October 24. will also be announcing the winner of their "Serenity Found" contest that day.

August 07 2007

"The Secret to Selling Sci-Fi" by Jane Espenson. It's all about The Chosen One.

July 27 2007

Andy Barker, P.I. on sale at iTunes for $6.99. All six episodes of the canceled sitcom, which featured Jane Espenson as a writer, are available for seven bucks. More...

June 26 2007

Fan's recount of Jane Espenson appearance at CSTS in TX! Be there vicariously as one fan recounts "The Jane Espenson Experience!" Highlights include: new favorite ep of Buffy, best writer's rooms, and a rarely-used (by Jane) profanity!

June 18 2007

Gray Matters. Jane Espenson blogs about making the good a little more evil and the evil a little more good, and links back to Joss' Whedonesque post on the Du'a Khalil murder.

May 31 2007

"It's unbelievably important": 'Flooded' as a blueprint episode. A major look at this Buffy season 6 episode.

May 29 2007

The thing on Giles' lapel. Jane Espenson blogs about her stage directions in the "Band Candy" script being taken a bit too literally by members of the production staff.

May 21 2007

'Serenity Found' - now on "This follow-up to Finding Serenity takes the examination of Joss Whedon's canceled cult favorite even further . . ." More...

April 30 2007

Jane Espenson talks about Buffy season 8. She's provides a good insight into the creative process for the comic book. And there's also a related interview where you can find out Jane's favourite Buffy episode, character and line.

April 20 2007

Jane Espenson, Doug Petrie and The Batman. Part one of the fourth season Batman finale (written by the two Buffy writers) airs April 28th on Kid's WB! at 10.30am.

April 10 2007

NBC cancels 'Andy Barker, P.I.'. Jane Espenson was a co-executive producer and writer for the show.

March 15 2007

Jane Espenson's Andy Barker praised in NYTimes review. Virginia Hefferen thinks it's fun and "surprisingly beautiful."

March 08 2007

Giving "Battlestar Galactica" a Female Perspective. New interview with Jane Espenson (who will be on the BSG staff full time for season 4) and Anne Cofell Saunders at SyFy Portal (big spoilers for season 3 episodes that have already aired in the States).

March 06 2007

The tax man solveth. The first six episodes of Jane Espenson's new gig, Andy Barker P.I., are now available to watch on NBC's web site. (U.S. only) More...

March 02 2007

Joss Whedon - The L.A. Times interview. The Dark Horse PR offensive for the Buffy comic book rolls on. This feature is well worth reading. There's an excellent look at why season 8 came to be, comments from Jane Espenson and Joss touches upon those ill fated Buffyverse TV movies.
Andy Barker, P.I. premieres on MSN. Watch the first episode of Jane Espenson's new series on MSN TV.

February 21 2007

An Atypical Route to Spexcellence. Jane Espenson blogs about writing spec scripts with a structure that is atypical for the series - and uses Firefly's "Out of Gas" as an example. More...

February 07 2007

CNI has the scoop on Browncoat activities at WonderCon. The California Browncoats will be fund raising, hell raising, and consciousness raising at WonderCon. Direct link here: Podcast Episode 75. More...

February 03 2007

Jane Espenson's episode for "Battlestar Galactica" scheduled. Jane Espenson's second episode for Battlestar Galactica is tentatively scheduled for February 18th. It's titled Dirty Hands and is co-written with Anne Cofell Saunders. And a heads up from Pliny, according to The Futon Critic Jane 's new show "Andy Barker, P.I" will air March 15th. It'll replace "30 Rock" for its initial run of episodes. More...

January 14 2007

'Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby?' available for pre-order. Book by Whedonesque's own Allyson about her life in online and offline Whedonverse fandom is due in August 2007. More...

January 03 2007

It's back - Dark Horse's Buffy Zone returns. And to kick it all off, there's a wonderful insight from Scott Allie on how the Buffy season 8 comic book came to be. More...

December 20 2006

Espenson Back On Battlestar. Called "Dirty Hands", the episode was co-written with Anne Cofell and will air in February 2007.

December 06 2006

Jane Espenson answers questions about writing for Battlestar Galactica. Fan favorite Buffy writer/producer answers questions about writing this week's Battlestar episode "The Passage." No spoilers.

December 01 2006

(SPOILER) What does Jane Espenson think of tonight's new Battlestar ep? Ms. Espenson, who wrote next week's episode of BSG, has high praise for tonight's edition. More...

November 30 2006

Quaking in her stylish yet affordable boots. Jane Espenson continues to blog about comedy writing - using a quote of Buffy to explain the subordinate, the superordinate and cognitive science. Leave it to Jane to delve this deeply!

November 16 2006

What is Uranus? Jane Espenson joins Bob Harris in an interview about his book, Prisoner of Trebekistan, for Television Without Pity.

November 13 2006

A Second Espenson Galactica Episode? Yes, according to Anne Cofell Saunders. More...

November 04 2006

Giving with One Hand, Taking with the Same Hand. Jane Espenson's latest screenwriting blog describes a storytelling technique painfully familiar to Buffy, Angel and Serenifly viewers. More...

October 18 2006

When NOT to go for the funny. Jane Espenson tackles the question "How to write jokes that aren't funny" and uses Xander as an example.

October 14 2006

Plowing the Untouched Field. Jane Espenson blogs about developing a spec script based on an underdeveloped show character. In her ongoing on-line screenwriting seminar, using Buffy episodes "Superstar" and "Storyteller" as examples, Jane discusses focusing TV scripts on secondary and tertiary characters, centering on their relationship to the main characters. More...

October 11 2006

Getting Some Action. Jane Espenson blogs about the difference between writing action scenes for "Buffy" and recently for "Battlestar Galactica".

October 04 2006

An Open Smile on a Friendly Shore - Jane Espenson blogs about dividing the writing of single TV episodes among writing staff. In her ongoing on-line screenwriting seminar, using Buffy and other examples, Jane explains several ways that one episode's writing chores can be split among multiple TV writers. More...

October 01 2006

The Vague and Winding Road - Jane Espenson blogs about developing a TV show's mythology. In her ongoing on-line screenwriting seminars, Jane answers a Buffy/Angel fan's questions about story arcs, mythology, and other questions of seasonal development. More...

September 30 2006

(SPOILER) More info about Jane Espenson and Doug Petrie on 'The Batman'. Looks like the folks at KidsWB roped in a couple of writers we know and love for the much-improved "The Batman".

September 22 2006

"Prisoner of Trebekistan: A Decade in Jeopardy!" now on sale. Jane Espenson says "I think Buffy fans in general would love it too. The book actually discusses Bob's interaction with Buffy writers and actors as well, providing a rare little glimpse into that world from a unique perspective, as a friend of those making the show." More...

August 26 2006

Jane Espenson blogs from WorldCon in Anaheim, CA about the Hugos, and spec scripts, including a Steve De Knight script for the Buffy/Angel 'verse.She touches on her upcoming Whedon-related & other panels, spec scripts, Steve De Knight, other cool spec scripts, and, of course, her lunch. More...

August 16 2006

Twenty questions with Jane Espenson. A lovely insightful read over at PopGurls. No love for Colin Firth as Mr Darcy but some interesting comments on how a writer reacts to message board criticism.

August 06 2006

"Still, Most Of Them Smell Fine." Jane Espenson blogs about adding dimensionality to character development. In her ongoing online screenwriting seminar, the former Mutant Enemy writer discusses the introduction of contradictory character traits, using the character of Cordelia (among others). More...

July 28 2006

Jane Espenson and Doug Petrie will write episodes for The Kids' WB "The Batman". Scroll to midway of the page.
(SPOILER) Ron Moore's Blog Discusses the Episode Jane Espenson will be writing for Battlestar Galactica, among other things, for the upcoming season.

July 26 2006

"End Titles" -- Jane Espenson blogs about titling TV series episodes, including several Buffy episodes. In her ongoing online screenwriting seminar, former Mutant Enemy writer Jane Espenson talks about nailing the perfect title. More...

July 17 2006

"The Heady Thrill of Obeying the Law" -- more screenwriting tips from writer Jane Espenson. In her blog, Jane explains that learning some of the rules of screenwriting, especially spec scripts, need not take all the fun out of creation, and likens the joy a screenwriter first experiences when they realize that they are controlling the characters' behaviors to "Whee! It's like making your Ken dolls kiss each other!" More...

July 10 2006

Jane Espenson reports that Joss had a pink mesh backpack, which she found adorable. This is from Jane's ongoing online seminars about screenwriting, and it's used to explain the power of analogies in stage directions and dialogue. More...

July 08 2006

But did their penises get diseases? Ok, I totally accept that this may be too tenuous a connection to keep up here, but if you read the article, you'll get it. Let's just say that Jane Espenson probably did a little research about Californian tribal history! More...

July 07 2006

Jane Espenson has a new gig on Andy Richter's new show, "Andy Barker, P.I.", according to today's blog entry.

July 01 2006

From Slayers to Cylons. Jane Espenson talks Battlestar Galactica. (ETA - If you haven't seen the end of Season 2, this contains massive spoilage - so say we all!)

June 01 2006

Jane Espenson will write an episode of Battlestar Galactica ... !!!

May 11 2006

A Buffy Animated joke courtesy of Jane Espenson. And just for good measure, here's another. More...

April 26 2006

Jane Espenson signs 2-year deal with NBC.

March 06 2006

Jane Espenson gives insight into a tiny bit of Joss screenwriting. More...

February 27 2006

Jane Espenson Referenced on '24'. On tonight's episode of '24,' Audrey uses the alias "Jane Espenson". More...

February 09 2006

Jane Espenson solicits Joss' opinion on "novelty spec" scripts. The latest entry of Jane Espenson's fantastic blog includes some input from Joss on the issue of writing spec scripts for shows that have long been off the air.

January 25 2006

Jake's in Progress, and apparently is NOT cancelled. (At least, not officially . . .)

January 22 2006

"Jake in Progress" no longer. Jane Espenson blogs about losing another job to a network swinging the axe. More...

January 18 2006

Jane Espenson has a brand new site with a blog. "Writing for Buffy was unusual among TV writing jobs, in that it actually results in writers -- not just performers -- having fans. This is, I must say, lovely." Also, she had ribs, baked beans, and a Caesar salad for lunch, today.

August 24 2005

Jane Espenson makes with the funny. She's joined the writing/producing team of the ABC comedy Jake In Progress. More...

July 11 2005

Gloomy, moody shows brighten summer TV. Five shows to watch this summer according to MSNBC. 'The Inside' inside. More...

June 29 2005

It's a Jane Espenson penned episode of 'The Inside' tonight. One of the Whedonverse's most acclaimed writers returns to the small screen (minor spoilers for the episode). More...

April 04 2005

Jane Espenson's "Finding Serenity" is on the shelves! Haven't started reading it yet, just now opened the box. But I can give you the back cover description. More...

August 19 2004

Jane Espenson joins David and James for Halloween. Jane is more than likely the final guest at the Halloween convention unless someone has to drop out. More...

March 02 2004

(SPOILER) Jane Espenson penned tonight's "Gilmore Girls" Want to see what Jane's been up to lately? [Contains spoilers for "Gilmore Girls"] More...

May 07 2003

Buffy writers discuss the show tonight at the Succubus Club. Listen to Drew Greenberg, Jane Espenson and Rebecca Rand Kirshner chat about Buffy online from 6-8pm Pacific time (9-11pm Eastern).

November 12 2002

The writing process: Mutant Enemy writer Jane Espenson explains how breaking, developing and writing a story works in the Jossverse. (Careful, it's spoilery for tonight's episode of Buffy - S7x07) More...

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