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April 10 2016

James Marsters on Dudes & Dragons, the end of Angel, and having fun with John Barrowman. It's a really thorough interview. A good read to have with your Sunday coffee.

April 08 2016

Tony Head joins Shondaland's 'Romeo and Juliet' sequel. "Still Star-Crossed" is an ABC pilot, Tony will play Lord Capulet in it.

April 03 2016

Eliza Dushku's ass-kicking days are not over. Good to hear.
Sean Maher is married. He announced the news today on Twitter. Congratulations to him and his husband.

March 31 2016

Alyson Hannigan named the new host of 'Penn & Teller: Fool Us.' The 3rd season will be on this summer.

March 30 2016

Anthony Head joins his daughter Daisy Head in Freeform drama 'Guilt.' He will play her stepfather on screen, with possibly shady connections to a crime.
Happy Birthday to Juliet Landau! Our vampire seer turns 50 today!!

March 29 2016

Amber Benson and Adam Busch co-star in web series "Self-Obsessed". The series is based on Sina Grace's autobiographical graphic novel of the same name. The main link goes to today's episode which Amber and Adam appear in. Episode one is found here (may be NSFW).
Wentworth Miller opens up after body-shaming meme goes viral. Gage from "Go Fish" opens up in a moving Facebook post, which is covered by a number of media outlets.

March 28 2016

Jewel Staite pops up in latest Legends of Tomorrow Trailer. Not sure of her role yet.

March 27 2016

Happy Birthday to Nathan Fillion! Our Captain turns 45 today.

March 24 2016

Alyson Hannigan becomes the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. She turns 42 today. More...

March 23 2016

(SPOILER) 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.': Jeff Bell discusses that big goodbye, and what's up with 'Most Wanted'. An interview with Jeff Bell about the latest episode and the spin-off. And now there's an EW interview with Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood.
Watch a clip from Eliza Dushku's new movie "Jane Wants a Boyfriend". The movie is a "romantic comedy focuses on a young woman with Asperger's navigating the pitfalls of finding Mr. Right".

March 21 2016

Joss to sit down with Mark Ruffalo at Tribeca Film Festival. The two are scheduled to have a conversation-style panel on Monday, April 18th, part of a panel series that also includes conversations with JJ Abrams, Alfonso Cuaron, and Tina Fey.
Jed Whedon allowing free access to his Discography. Under a name your price model, funds go to the musicians. But Jed notes you can access the songs for free if you choose. More...

March 17 2016

AV Club interviews Bear McCreary. An interview with a "dominant force in genre TV".

March 16 2016

'Person of Interest' to end with Season 5. Amy Acker stars on the show.
Marti Noxon to make directorial debut with "To The Bone". The movie is described as a "dark comedy inspired by her [Marti's] own experience with anorexia".

March 15 2016

James Marsters to Appear at Wizard World 2016. Spike in Tulsa. Brilliant.

March 12 2016

Julie Benz to co-star In 'Training Day' CBS pilot. According to Deadline, the pilot is " a present-day reimagining of Antoine Fuqua's acclaimed 2001 feature".

March 11 2016

Anthony Stewart Head is in the cast of the "Robin of Sherwood: Knights of the Apocalypse" audioplay. "Robin of Sherwood" was a (IMHO) wonderful ITV series that ran 1984-1986. The late Richard Carpenter, who created the series, left behind an unproduced screenplay. The production company Spiteful Puppet has reassembled the entire cast (except for two actors who have passed away in the interim) to do the screenplay as an audioplay. Anthony Stewart Head plays a character new to the story.
Morena Baccarin has a baby girl! Congratulations.
Sarah Michelle Gellar on 19 years of Buffy. SMG posts thanks to fans on 19th anniversary. No spoilers unless you're unfamiliar with Mr. Pointy.
Amazon orders pilot for 'The Tick' reboot. Ben Edlund, who created the comic, the animated series and the previous live-action comedy, is back as writer and executive producer.
The guest stars of 'The Thrilling Adventure Hour'. There's some fabulous pictures of Whedonverse actors here.

March 08 2016

New album from Jed Whedon and the Willing. The new album, "Like Snow", apparently dropped on March 1. The main link is to Amazon, and it is also available from Google Play, Bandcamp and Spotify.
Summer Glau guested on last night's "Castle". Link is to the episode's promotional video on YouTube; Summer appears in one small bit of it (in a killer LBD). Her role is as a competing private investigator working the same crime. I'm not sure of episode availability on streaming services except for Hulu+ subscribers.

March 04 2016

Gina Torres to topline ABC drama 'Death of Eva Sofia Valdez'. The pilot is described as Macbeth with a Cuban twist.

March 03 2016

Planned Parenthood challenge grant. Joss Whedon has issued a second Planned Parenthood Challenge Grant. He will donate $80,000, if 500 new people will donate any amount. Deadline is midnight tonight.

February 29 2016

D.B. Woodside talks about his new show 'Lucifer' and being on Buffy. "It was an honor to work for Joss Whedon and to work with that cast."
J. August Richards gets cast in ABC's 'Notorious' pilot. The show is described as "a provocative look at the interplay of criminal law and the media".

February 25 2016

'Bones' gets renewed for a 12th and final season. David Boreanaz's post-Angel show will have aired 246 episodes by the end.
Sarah Michelle Gellar officially on board for Cruel Intentions TV series pilot. She will play Kathryn Merteuil, the role she originated in the original '90s film.

February 24 2016

Steven S. DeKnight to direct Pacific Rim 2. The sequel to the Guillermo del Toro film will be his feature directorial debut.

February 23 2016

Actors of the Marvel Movies - Intertwined. Connections between the frequently-intertwined actors of the Marvel movies outside of the Marvel comic franchise. Some verrrrry long ago.
Alan Tudyk joins NBC's DC Comics workplace-comedy pilot. 'Powerless' is about ordinary people in the world filled with super-heroes.
(SPOILER) Sarah Michelle Gellar guests on "Those Who Can't". This is a YouTube clip of SMG's appearance on the Feb. 25 episode of the half-hour comedy "Those Who Can't" on TruTV in the U.S.

February 20 2016

How The Guild revolutionized the Web Series. Just a nice tribute to Felicia's Web Series. More...

February 19 2016

The LA-based Antaeus Theater Company is Kickstarting funds for their new space. Armin Shimerman (Principal Snyder) makes a compelling and funny case in the video for why we should donate -- and one of the higher-level backer rewards is a dinner with him and fellow Buffy alum Harry Groener.
Den of Geek celebrates The Fades. The 2011 BBC series starred Iain de Caestecker.

February 18 2016

Gina Torres talks about 'systemic prejudice' in Hollywood. She was talking about diversity and other issues in a live chat with HuffPost Live on Tuesday.

February 17 2016

Marti Noxon signs an overall deal with Skydance. She'll be creating and developing new projects for the independent studio.

February 15 2016

Morena Baccarin's new movie breaks February box office records. 'Deadpool' is doing far better than pundits and tracking predicted.

February 11 2016

Danny Strong returning to 'Gilmore Girls.' He joins a number of actors recently confirmed to return for the Netflix revival.

February 09 2016

Buffy begins baking. Sarah Michelle Gellar has started a baking company called Foodstirs. There's a video of her talking about the company on and a promo video at Enjoy.

February 04 2016

Alan Tudyk asks fans to send him fan fiction. Firefly, Con Man or Spectrum fan fiction. More...

February 03 2016

WGN America's Manhattan cancelled. There won't be a season 3 for this show starring Olivia Williams.
Eliza Dushku speaks at Bernie Sanders event. Mentions fighting demons, slaying vampires, and something scary: paying college bills.

February 02 2016

Nathan Fillion will appear on the Late Late Show tonight.

January 31 2016

Nathan and Alan discuss Con-Man with Kevin Smith. Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk are the first guests on Kevin Smith and Mark Bernardin's new show, Fat Man on Batman. More...

January 29 2016

MTV's Finding Carter cancelled. The show starring Alexis Denisof won't come back for season 3.

January 28 2016

Gina Torres talks to TVLine about her roles on Firefly, Angel, and more. "Coming out of the fog and a sand storm with a shotgun with Mal saying, 'What does that make us, Zoe?' 'Big damn heroes.' It doesn't get better than that!"

January 25 2016

Capt. Tight Pants takes a ride. "Nathan Fillion, who plays the title role in ABC television's detective drama Castle, will reign as monarch in the Krewe of Orpheus' Lundi Gras parade in New Orleans, the krewe announced Monday (Jan. 25)."

January 18 2016

(SPOILER) What Agent Carter has in store for Season 2. TV Guide interview with the showrunners Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas (Dollhouse) ahead of tomorrow's premiere.
Drew Goddard to direct Mike Schur NBC comedy series 'Good Place'. Goddard will make his TV directing debut with "Good Place" which was created by Mike Shur (Parks & Rec) and stars Kristen Bell & Ted Danson.
Charisma Carpenter books recurring role on Chicago PD. She's playing a lawyer-turned-marijuana dispensary owner who's appearing first on the Episode 15, titled "A Night Owl", which will be broadcast mid-February.

January 16 2016

Neil Patrick Harris in negotiations to star in "A Series of Unfortunate Events". The show will air on Netflix and is based on the Lemony Snicket books.
"Supergirl" episode promo guest starring Emma Caulfield. She will portray DC Comics character Cameron Chase, in the live action debut of the character. More...

January 15 2016

Bones' eleventh season may be its last. David Boreanaz's long running series may be coming to a end. If this is its last season then it had a great 11 year run.

January 14 2016

Drew Goddard and Mark Ruffalo get nominated for Oscars. Drew got nominated in the Adapted Screenplay category for his 'The Martian' script and Mark in the Supporting Actor category for his role in 'Spotlight'.
B.J. Britt cast in major role for 'UnREAL' Season 2. A few of SHIELD's departed cast will be sharing another show.

January 07 2016

Summer Glau to guest on Castle! She'll play a private eye on the show.
Jewel Staite will guest star in Legends of Tomorrow. She's cast as tech genius and roboticist Rachel Turner. She will appear in episode ten of this season.
Chris Hemsworth and Nathan Fillion win People's Choice Awards. Chris got Favourite Action Movie Actor and Nathan Favorite TV Crime Drama Actor.
Christina Hendricks joins "Bad Santa 2". Hendricks will play a new character who runs a charitable organization. Billy Bob Thornton, Tony Cox and Brett Kelly will reprise their roles. Kathy Bates has also been cast. More...

January 06 2016

Den of Geek rounds up underrated film performances of 2015. Nicholas Brendon is praised for his performance in Coherence. "It's by far the best thing Brendon has done post-Scoobies and in a complex ensemble sci-fi story, he delivers the most nuanced performance."
Agent Carter Season 2 Cast Photos. Includes Enver Gjokaj as Daniel Sousa.

January 04 2016

The Q&A Podcast interviews Drew Goddard about his work on 'The Martian'. A great in-depth 80-minute podcast interview, including great behind-the-scenes stories from Buffy and Firefly.

December 30 2015

Happy Birthday, Eliza Dushku! You know her best as Faith, Echo or, quite possibly, Eliza Dushku! Celebrate soulfully with a gift to THRIVEGulu.

December 22 2015

Alan Tudyk is getting married. Alan is engaged to performing artist Charissa Barton.

December 14 2015

Drew Goddard and Vincent Kartheiser nominated for the 2016 Critics' Choice Awards. Drew is nominated for his work on Adapted Screenplay for 'The Martian', Vincent is nominated for his work on NGC's 'Saints & Strangers'. Marti Noxon's work is also recognized for the show 'UnReal' nominated for Best Drama.

December 10 2015

Neil Patrick Harris may reunite with Felicia Day in Mystery Science Theatre. The kickstarter for the revival of the show is ending soon. NPH is being courted for a cameo. More...

December 09 2015

Jewel Staite gives birth to a baby boy! After documenting her pregnancy for months on Twitter, she finally gave birth to her son early this morning.

December 05 2015

(SPOILER) Jane Espenson (and others) discuss Jessica Jones. Insightful interview of some of the women who brought the amazing Jessica Jones to life on Netflix.

December 01 2015

Alan Tudyk scores his 2nd Annie Award nomination. It's for his voice work in Star vs the Forces of Evil. Alan won the Annie in 2013 for voicing King Candy in Wreck-It Ralph. More...
Lisa Edelstein praises Buffy. Joss has a cameo on tonight's Season 2 premiere of Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce. She also mentions her ending on 'House.'
Patton Oswalt is the evil henchman in "Mystery Science Theater 3000" revival. He'll be playing TV's Son of TV's Frank, working for Felicia Day's Kinga Forrester (daughter of Dr. Forrester).

November 28 2015

Happy Birthday, Maurissa Tancharoen! She co-shepherded Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. through its 50th episode with husband Jed Whedon, inspired record-breaking fundraising to fight Lupus, and gave birth to a girl who, letís get real, will probably rule us all one day. More...

November 25 2015

Nathan Fillion is on tonight's Drunk History. It's their season finale, and it's about space exploration. It airs on Comedy Central at 10:30 pm Eastern. It seems Nathan is a fan and asked very nicely.

November 23 2015

Joel Hodgson confirms Felicia Day's involvement in Mystery Science Theatre revival. Felicia is slated to play Kinga Forrester, the Mad Scientist tormentor. More...
Can Hollywood handle decent, modest, good-humored Chris Hemsworth? A very complimentary profile in Vanity Fair. The Cabin in the Woods gets a mention.

November 20 2015

Alexa Davalos talks about her new show 'The Man in the High Castle'. The new show from Amazon debuts its full season today, November 20 adapted from the book by Philip K. Dick.
Getting intimate with Nathan Fillion. Great interview with Nathan at The Advocate website.
(SPOILER) Gina Torres joins the cast of Star Wars Rebels in the latest episode. A new character was introduced last night, and she's voiced by Gina. Spoilers for Rebels. I'm not sure if the role is recurring. More...

November 19 2015

Felicia Day in talks to join the cast of a revived "Mystery Science Theater 3000". She apparently would be playing the offspring of the mad scientist character Dr. Forrester. Creator Joel Hodgson has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring back the series. More...

November 18 2015

A Horse Tale, starring Charisma Carpenter, released on DVD today. "Saddle up for the adventure of a lifetime!" More...

November 17 2015

"Whedon fans in particular are devoted and loving" says Summer Glau. She was speaking to ahead of her first trip to Adelaide for Supanova Pop Culture Expo.

November 14 2015

Brett Dalton to narrate the final audiobook in "Tales from Shadowhunter Academy." The "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." actor is narrating the final ebook in the series, "Angels Twice Descending," authored by Cassandra Clare.

November 10 2015

Brett Dalton plays Until Dawn. In this fun video from IGN, he plays the game for the first time in which he voices and provides likeness for the character Mike. Spoilers for the game if you plan to play it yourself.

November 06 2015

James Marsters talks new project Metal Hurlant, Buffy and more. Marsters met with Be for an interview while he was in Paris.

November 05 2015

Christophe Beck discusses his Peanuts movie score. Beck discusses the differences in scoring for animation as opposed to live action, and discusses how to make an orchestral sound appeal to kids who are more used to pop music. More...

November 04 2015

Emma Caulfield to guest on Supergirl. She will be playing Cameron Chase. More...

November 03 2015

Candidates for Captain in the Star Trek tv reboot. Two Whedonverse alumni make the wishlist.
Felicia Day's Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' Video. Discussion on acting, writing, community, and other topics including Whedonverse references. More...
The name's Bond, Sarah Michelle Bond. Time has the Slayer in 12th place in its list of possible replacements for Daniel Craig (if he chooses to leave 007). A little bit further down the list, Chiwetel Ejiofor would be an excellent choice. More...

November 02 2015

Jesse Williams - Holden in "Cabin" - talks racism with the New Yorker's Scene. It's a video interview.

October 29 2015

Happy Birthday, Tim Minear! The Man Called @CancelledAgain By Himself No Less failed to live up to his Twitter name by bringing his genius to bear on the fourth and fifth (that's four more than one) season of American Horror Story.

October 28 2015

"Muzzled the Musical" Season One. Juliet Landau plays the Black Matron in this YouTube musical comedy about singing princesses. More...

October 27 2015

Juliet Landau launches crowdfunding campaign for vampire doc. This film features an interview with Joss himself. The link to the Indiegogo page can be found here.

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