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August 07 2017

Alan Tudyk headed back to Broadway. Steve Martin's new comedy Meteor Shower will open in November and feature Amy Schumer, Laura Benanti, Keegan-Michael Key, and Alan Tudyk.

July 11 2017

Watch Joss Whedon and others perform 'Hamilton' for #Ham4All. Joss channels his inner Orson...or, "two pints of Sam Adams but I'm working on three..."

July 08 2017

Albuquerque, NM CSTS event today. There is also a San Antonio, TX CSTS event at the SciFest today and Sunday. More...

June 23 2017

Philadelphia CSTS event today with Serenity and musician Sean Faust. Also today, Burbank, CA CSTS event is having a craft fair with Serenity. More...

June 10 2017

Salt Lake City, Utah CSTS event today. Serenity, Browncoat, Guilds of the 'Verse' and a cosplay contest. More...

June 03 2017

Dr Horrible is coming to Wizard World in Philadelphia today. Even if you miss the screening, stop at the Browncoat Ball table, Booth #409. More...

May 16 2017

Guests and schedule now up for WhedonCon May 19-21 in Los Angeles. Guests include Tim Minear, David Fury, Nicholas Brendon, stunt coordinator with BtVS behind-the-scenes footage and a lot more. Location is the Valley.

February 12 2017

Alexander Hamilton: The "Buffy Anne Summers" version. This was performed at the Campy Cabaret in New-York last October, and it's awesome.

January 17 2017

'Verses - a park inspired by the works of Joss Whedon. Can you imagine if that was a real thing?

January 06 2017

High school students to include Joss Whedon's work as part of a time capsule for a NASA satellite. The CubeSat will be launched from New Zealand on June 23rd. By a sheer coincidence, this is Joss' birthday.

December 11 2016

Joss Whedon on why he's excited for Rogue One. He made the comments to Variety yesterday at the Rogue One premiere. Another Star Wars related interview with him from the same event can be found here.

November 27 2016

Happy Birthday, Maurissa Tancharoen! Celebrate by making a gift to the Lupus Foundation. More...

November 10 2016

Buffyverse Magazine Covers. Looks like someone had fun creating these. More...

November 03 2016

'Chosen' - a Buffy inspired short film. The production company is looking to do a web series based on this.
Author Sarah J. Maas on why Buffy changed her life. "I was at that age when I was really trying to figure out who I was, and she was one of those heroines that defied easy definition."

October 15 2016

Santa Fe New Mexico CSTS event. First time in Santa Fe. More...

October 03 2016

Pre-Order the "Back to Eden" Album. Lyrics by Joss, melodies by Shawnee Kilgore, pre-sales by iTunes and Amazon. More...

September 30 2016

Brookline, MA CSTS event today. Also Platteville, Wisconsin is having an CSTS event Sunday with Serenity and Dr. Horrible. More...

September 23 2016

Milwaukee CSTS event today. There will be Serenity, Dr. Horrible, "Mal's Target Practice" Nerf event, trivia competition, costume contest, and door prizes. There is also a CSTS event in Denver today as well. More...

September 20 2016

CSTS event in Harrogate, North Yorkshire today. This is Harrogate's first CSTS event with Serenity, a Geek Pub Quiz, a costume contest, Jayne Hat shaped cupcakes and more. More...

September 15 2016

CSTS event in Lawrence, Kansas today. There's Serenity and Dr. Horrible to see. More...

September 09 2016

Norfolk, Virginia CSTS event this morning. Serenity and Dr. Horrible and a peanut butter drive. More...

September 08 2016

CSTS event in Narre Warren, Victoria Australia this Saturday. Many Firefly boardgames and a pun jar. More...

September 07 2016

Chemipalooza! J. August Richards spotted in the latest episode of Everything Is Terrible.
CSTS event in Grand Prairie AB, Canada today. Serenity, costumes, Fluxx, Out to the Black, Shiny Dice, Tall card and a multi day Firefly the board game tournament. More...

September 03 2016

Salt Lake City CSTS event today. Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog at the Salt Lake Comic Con seating capacity of nearly 900 seats. More...

September 02 2016

Melbourne Australia CSTS event today. Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog and cosplay at the Alchemist's Refuge. More...

August 29 2016

The 10 best times TV shows completely swapped genres. Number 1 will be no surprise. But does Number 3 really count as 'swapping genres'?

August 19 2016

CSTS event in Edinburgh, Scotland today. Serenity and raffle with various prizes including an original piece from Gary Erskine commissioned especially for the event. More...

August 12 2016

CSTS event in Fairfax (Arlington) Virginia today. Serenity and a costume contest with trivia competition. More...

August 11 2016

CSTS event in Melbourne Australia this Saturday. Serenity, cosplay contest and auctions including a Serenity poster signed by Joss Whedon. More...

August 10 2016

CSTS event in Minneapolis MN today. Serenity, historic Riverview Theater, costume contest, The 501 Legion, Royal Manticoran Navy and USS Nokomis. More...

July 29 2016

CSTS event in Pittsburgh, PA today. Serenity, games, raffles and live entertainment. Costumes are encouraged. More...

July 25 2016

A recap of the recent EuroSlayage conference. Looking forward to reading the papers from this event.

July 23 2016

CSTS event in Raleigh, NC tonight. Serenity, a raffle and a costume competition. More...

July 18 2016

Happy Birthday, Jed Whedon! The writer/show runner/rock star is 41.

July 16 2016

CSTS event in Miami Springs, FL tonight. Serenity, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Whedon games and Whedon themed T-shirt contest. More...

July 08 2016

CSTS events in Albuquerque, Lancaster, San Antonio, and Toronto this weekend. Along with a Serenity screening, Albuquerque will be screening Con Man starring Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion. More...

July 05 2016

Ranking the Whedonverse's most soul crushing moments. That good feeling you got from celebrating the 4th of July? Let this list kindly rip it away from you. And in the spirit of cheeriness, Bloody Disgusting has a "10 Buffy Moments Guaranteed to Make You Cry" list.

June 29 2016

All 12 seasons of Buffy and Angel, ranked from worst to best. A list that almost no one will agree with. If that's the case then let's hear your rankings.

June 17 2016

CSTS event in New York City today. Serenity Charity Screening, Serenity photo booth and live music performance by the amazing and very popular Sean Faust. More...

June 12 2016

'Euro'Slayage Conference on the Whedonverses Schedule available. Lots of fun for academic nerds, but so hard to choose which sessions to attend!

May 26 2016

"My words stayed in folders": life as a fandom lurker. Elizabeth Minkel of the NewsStatesman tells of how becoming a Buffy fan led her to lurking in online fandom communities.

May 21 2016

Can't Stop The Serenity shirts are available for purchase online. There are a variety of styles and colors - not just t-shirts. New this year, you can buy a shirt online to support CSTS and Equality Now. In former years shirts were only available to buy at your local event. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Equality Now.

May 20 2016

First CSTS event of the 2016 season goes to the Utah Browncoats on Saturday. Salt Lake City event with Serenity, raffle, costume contest, and live and silent auctions. More...

May 10 2016

Whedoncon is May 13-15 in Los Angeles. Announced guests include Juliet Landau, Miracle Laurie, and Gentlemen Doug Jones and Camden Toy.

April 28 2016

Saluting geek TV's "Zeppo" episodes. The classic Xander episode features on this Den of Geek list as does Agents of SHIELD's 'Turn, Turn, Turn'.

April 24 2016

Announcing the winner of the 2016 Can't Stop The Serenity logo contest. Shiny! More...

March 29 2016

"It felt like the best kind of Whedon-esque pathos." Supergirl executive producer Andrew Kreisberg name checks Joss when talking about last night's fab crossover episode. Spoilers if you haven't watched it yet.

December 01 2015

A very thorough recap of the Buffyverse 'Vampire Ball 6' convention. This was held last month in England. There's some really interesting insights to be had from the likes of J. August Richards, Charisma Carpenter, George Hertzberg, James Leary, Keith Szarabajka, Clare Kramer, and Georges Jeanty.

November 28 2015

The 13 best episodes of the Whedonverse. What are your choices?

November 14 2015

Linking it all together. How Buffy, Cabin In The Woods and Firefly are all in the same universe.

November 04 2015

The 25 best onscreen female superheroes. Several Whedonverse and Marvel Cinematic Universe heroines made this list. #1 needs no introduction.

October 29 2015

CSTS event at Hal-Con in Halifax, NS Canada today. Serenity, Dr. Horrible, Hero of Canton sing along and an Evil Laugh competition.

October 24 2015

CSTS 'van Gogh' inspired event at Southlake TX on Sunday. It is a 2 hour class to paint a Van Gogh inspired version of Serenity. More...

October 14 2015

Engineer makes homemade Thor's hammer that only he can lift. Then challenges people in the streets to see who's "worthy".

October 12 2015

CSTS event in Adelaide, Australia this Wednesday. Here is the find another event page.

October 08 2015

CSTS events in Fort Douglas UT, Jenkintown PA and Paris this weekend. Loni Peristere will be at the Utah event. More...

October 02 2015

The 13 best villain songs of all time. Three Whedonverse songs made this list.

September 29 2015

CSTS events in Crest Hill IL, Fort Worth and London this Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Fort Worth is doing a Serenity Quote Along. More...

September 18 2015

CSTS events in Alameda CA, Surrey BC Canada and Tucson AZ this weekend. Surrey's event features a talk by Mariam Nasrri. She will talk about emigrating from Afghanistan and her trips back to the area to rescue women and girls in threatening situations, demonstrating how important the work of Equality Now is. More...

September 16 2015

Hollywood's 100 favourite TV shows. The Hollywood Reporter asked 2,800 industry people to choose their favourite tv show of all time. Firefly and Buffy make the list and there's quotes from Nathan Fillion and Joss Whedon.

September 12 2015

Joss Whedon will be at Whedonopolis' Halloween Event. This year's event in Hollywood, CA will benefit Kids Need To Read. Tickets go on sale tomorrow.

September 11 2015

CSTS events this weekend. Five events in three countries, Arcata CA, Cleveland OH, Grand Prairie Alberta, Milwaukee WI and Narre Warren Victoria. More...

September 08 2015

The bloody funniest horror comedies ever made. TV Guide cites two Whedonverse works.

September 06 2015

CSTS event in Newtown, CT tonight. Nerd Night in Newtown. More...

August 27 2015

CSTS event in Albuquerque, NM today. Dr. Horrible and some cool raffle items. More...

August 21 2015

CSTS events in Edinburgh UK, Lawrence KS, Melbourne Australia this weekend. Happy 10th Melbourne. More...

August 15 2015

Stars and producers pick the shows they'd revive. Find out who'd want to see Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel back on the small screen.

August 14 2015

A Can't Stop the Serenity Debut this Saturday in Fairfax, VA. Congratulations Fairfax. More...

August 13 2015

Pluto TV has a Joss Whedon Shows channel. It's USA only because the content is coming from Hulu. But still, how cool is that?

August 11 2015

Shutterstock posts an Infographic: The Influence of Star Wars on Film and TV. With titles such as "The Sci-Fi Cowboy", "The Chosen One", and "The Strong Female Badass", you can probably predict which Whedonverse characters will be on the chart. More...

August 05 2015

CSTS events in Minneapolis and Perth this weekend. Minneapolis has 3 nights of events starting Thursday and Perth has two events Saturday. More...

August 01 2015

CSTS events in Pittsburgh and Seattle today. Serenity on the big screen, Serenity soaps, Ariel Ambulance, Sean Faust, Jewel Staite and Lee Stringer. More...

July 31 2015

28 fantastic words and phrases from sci-fi and fantasy. Guess which Whedonesque word makes the cut?

July 22 2015

What the hell are you wearing: the science of tacky formal dresses. Featuring at least two examples with which you are most likely very familiar.

July 17 2015

CSTS events in Albuquerque, Beeston UK, Miami Springs and Raleigh this weekend. Serenity, Dr. Horrible and Big Hero Six. More...

July 04 2015

Fan Friction - an improvised live Whedon show. On July 14th, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina by self-professed super Whedon fans (including Whedonesque's own Kiba) at the Dirty South Comedy Theatre - dreaming up and performing an episode of Firefly you only wish you got to see. More...

July 03 2015

CSTS event at Montreal Comic-Con today. Jewel Staite a guest at the con. More...

July 01 2015

Watch 'Sidekicks', a fab sketch from 'HitRecord on TV'. This video features Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anne Hathaway, Brian & Nick from BriTANick and a very special Whedonverse cameo.

June 26 2015

CSTS events in Norfolk, VA and Brake, Germany this weekend. Norfolk has Serenity and a Browncoat geek rocker comedian and Germany has songs written for episodes of Firefly and a special surprise. More...

June 25 2015

Mobilizing Fandoms for Charity panel at SDCC. Panelists from charities (Whedonopolis/Fandom Charities, Inc.) & (California Browncoats) etc.. discuss how fandoms help non-profit organizations. More...

June 20 2015

Rock band releases second EP of Firefly-inspired music. The Fallen Stars' Leaves on the Wind collection continues with "No Power in the 'Verse Can Stop Me". More...

June 18 2015

CSTS events in Denver, NYC and Vancouver this weekend. Hero of Canton sing along, Whedon Trivia Bingo, Evil Laugh contest, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and of course, Serenity. More...

June 12 2015

CSTS events in Portland and Toronto this weekend. The Ariel air ambulance will be in Portland. Toronto's Serenity screening will be at the Royal Cinema, an historic Art Moderne movie house. More...

June 09 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron and Agents of SHIELD get nominated for Teen Choice Awards. There's four nominations in all for the Avengers sequel and one for Agents of SHIELD.

June 06 2015

Schedule for the 'Joss in June' conference. This year the 'Joss in June' conference is being held in Murfreesboro, TN on June 26th and 27th. In a related note, there's a call for papers for the 2016 Slayage Conference which will be held in Kingston upon Thames, England.

May 13 2015

The trailer for Joss Whedon's remake of "The Sound of Music". How would "The Sound of Music" remake look if Joss made it? It involves a Baroness, Nazis and alien tentacles.

April 27 2015

Avengers Age of Ultron - Speed Painting l "Ultron". A skilled artist named Bunny Girl speed paints Ultron.

April 17 2015

L'ennui Pour La Buffy (A Weariness for Buffy). A very good little short film about a troubled Buffy fan. Contains spoilers on "Serenity".

April 11 2015

Hulu launches Perfect GIF website. If you don't mind the branding, you can now choose GIFs from the likes of Buffy, Angel, Firefly or Agents of SHIELD.

April 01 2015

Keith Szarabajka's play "In Search of doG" episode 2 is on tap April 4 in LA at the Atwater Village Theater! Check it out - he guarantees you'll laugh!
'Avengers' director announces 'Godfather' remake. Check the date.

February 23 2015

Wil Wheaton joins Firefly Online. He'll be providing the voice of the male player character.

February 06 2015


February 05 2015

Live Chat With Anthony Head this Saturday. Noticed on Twitter that ASH will be holding a live chat on February 7th. Details/Register at the link.

January 20 2015

The top 8 best female Joss Whedon characters. Ranked according to how unstoppably awesome they are. More...
Cross Whedonverse universal Slayer theory. A quick, fun fan theory linking some whedonverse properties together. More...

January 19 2015

Live event in Atlanta GA Jan. 28: "Whedon Need No Education". The link is to the FaceBook event page, which describes this as "a night of music, comedy, and writing based on the works of Joss Whedon!" More...

January 16 2015

An artist's tribute to 9 kick-ass ladies of sci-fi and TV. A couple of Whedonverse favorites are given a great tribute.

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