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March 24 2015

Mindy Kaling chooses sides in 14 of pop culture's biggest love triangles. Buffy, Angel, or Spike? Find out which team she's on.

October 27 2014

7 Halloween themed TV episodes that are scary good. This Nerdist list includes two Buffyverse episodes and another special Whedonverse-related mention.

October 16 2014

Celebrating TV music: 15 unforgettable tracks from our favorite shows. Buffy and Angel songs are featured.

March 30 2014

Angel & Faith sale at Dark Horse Digital. All digital issues are on sale for $0.99, and 5-issue bundles cost $4.95. You can purchase the entire series for around $25.

March 04 2014

Which vampire hunter would you trust to keep you alive? IMDb poll featuring our favorite slayer and her bicentennial boy toy.

February 28 2014

This WB promo from 2000 will blow your mind. "Every famous person from late-90s television parties together in this amazing, glorious promo."

July 25 2013

FOX adds Buffy & Angel content to its trivia App, Trivie. Available now on Apple's App Store (currently not available on Google Play).

April 06 2013

Jeph Loeb on Joss and Buffy Animated. 47:45 into Part 2 of this episode of the Fat Man On Batman podcast, Jeph Loeb (Executive Producer of S.H.I.E.L.D.) tells Kevin Smith the story of how he met Joss and what became of Buffy: The Animated Series. Contains some adult language.

March 24 2009

SF2000 Fantrailer : the best Buffy trailers out there. This guy has been making Buffy (and Angel) trailers for years, and they really are the best I've seen. I'm surprised so few people know about it. More...

February 18 2009

Spiritual Atheism: Buffy, Angel, House, & Doctor Who. One of the most insightful trackings of the Whedonverse as an allegory not only for individual journeys, but for the evolution of society through the Industrial Age. More...

December 20 2008

(SPOILER) Scott Allie : "There is talk of doing some animations of the comics". In a Q&A at, Scott Allie reveals that interesting project, but says he won't talk more about it until another time. More...

December 16 2008

More details about Buffy the Animated Series. Eric Wight sheds some light on the aborted spinoff in an interview over at SlayAlive.

November 24 2008

Lost Projects We're Hoping to See. The AV Club lists Ripper and Buffy the Animated Series as two abandoned projects they want to see completed.

November 07 2008

(SPOILER) New Jeph Loeb interview. More info about his upcoming issue of Buffy season 8 on Wordballoon. They start talking about it at 59:50. More...

August 26 2008

The story of Buffy the Animated Series. It was to be shown on Fox Kids. Find out more in this interview with Jeph Loeb.

August 02 2008

Buffy the Animated Series -the pilot presentation thingy is what I think this might be. More...

November 14 2007

What am I doing on this show? TV Gal takes a look at crossover episodes and of course BtVS and Angel get a mention.

July 08 2007

My wish list: Buffy Animated. A writer comments on the success of Buffy Season 8 and wonders if it could lead to a revival of the Buffy Animated series.

November 05 2006

Purdue Honors Class Studies Gothic Art of All Forms. Including televised Whedonesque art. More...

October 07 2006

Before Nerf Herder, the original Buffy theme: "Codo" by 1980s Austrian band, Dof. You'll notice a very familiar melody kick in at 0:50. This song sounds crazily like the Nerf Herder's Buffy theme, but the band had never heard this song. For those that can't get enough of this hilarious song there's a second performance here, also you can sing along with the german lyrics. Or you buy the song at iTunes or here or here. More...

May 11 2006

A Buffy Animated joke courtesy of Jane Espenson. And just for good measure, here's another. More...

April 10 2006

A podcast interview with 'The Master' Mark Metcalf. has some other Buffyverse podcast interviews. There's an interesting discussion with Jeff Marriotte about Joss Whedon, Angel and the IDW comic books. And if you have some spare change, you can find out how good Buffy the Animated Series really was in the premium version of this Jeph Loeb interview.

March 22 2006

Part 2 of The Buffy Season 4 GeekIntertainment BuffCast is Now Online. "Another week, another podcast. in todays episode of the BuffCast, we take a look at the second half of the 4th season."

September 27 2005

MSN lists TV's most shocking deaths. And not one but two Slayerverse characters make the list! More...

July 13 2005

Buffy Animated artist Eric Wight will be at Comic-Con, at table DD11. More...

June 20 2005

Peter David comments on Spike comic coverage in TV GUIDE in his June 17th entry.

February 28 2005

SOS Poll: Bring Back the Whedonverse. Couldn't find anything to vote for in Kristin's annual SOS poll? has an answer.

February 09 2005

Eric Wight on the status of Buffy Animated. The animator tells USA Today "It just kills me that it hasn't happened yet, but it's such a hard thing, because Buffy is so ... it breaks all boundaries of entertainment, you know?". More...

February 04 2005

Lots of New Information about Buffy Animated! From this month's official Buffy Magazine, including a possible actor from the Whedonverse joining the team, and more news on that pilot. Link to Titan Magazines homepage. Click on "More" for all the information. More...

January 28 2005

Buffy the Animated Series. A good quality fan - site for the new Animated Series has been made which promises news, rumours and wallpapers on Buffy: Animated. As it's the first of its kind, and a good quality site, it's worth checking out. More...

December 31 2004

Jane Espenson and Eric Wight on Buffy: Animated. A great interview about the Buffy series that never was.

December 24 2004

"Once More With Feeling" #7 in the (UK) Times list of 50 feel good films. It beat out such classics as "Singing in the Rain" and "The Sound of Music"!

November 18 2004

Interview with Jeph Loeb mentions Buffy Animated revival. Jeph talks a bit about Buffy Animated in this interview. "Buffy fans everywhere will very soon have something to rejoice about".

October 21 2004

Sarah Michelle Gellar on Buffy: Animated and by gosh, she has very strong opinions about it. More...

October 07 2004

Animated Buffy may end up on DVD. According to Moviehole "we should be seeing some inked-up Slayer action" the coming year.

September 30 2004

Eric Wight explains why voice-over work is so easy in this article from the Sun Herald, which focuses on why so many actors are choosing to record roles in films and cartoons in the wake of the release of the animated feature of "Shark Tale".

September 20 2004

Buffy Magazine to have Regular Updates from Jeph Loeb. The producer of BtAS will apparently be giving us more news on the series each month. By the way in this issue JL says that the whole thing is on schedule and that the first animation is being sent off for scoring. More...

September 14 2004

Live-action launches cartoon renaissance. "Animation artist Eric Wight has created concept drawings for the proposed animated "Buffy" series, which is being shopped around to networks but could also turn into a DVD film." More...

July 22 2004

Jeph Loeb talks Buffy Animated. Tantalizing insights into the animated series from the co-executive producer in this interview with CFQ. More...

June 17 2004

Jeph Loeb Spills News About Buffy The Animated Series... Interview with Jeph Loeb (Supervising producer on Smallville and writer of DC's Superman/Batman) about the Buffy Cartoon. More...

June 15 2004

Listen Up, Buffy fans. TV Guide Online says there is some "major" BtVS scoopage in the new issue of TV Guide magazine. (Update) It's about the animated series. Potential distributors will get a look at the pilot next month. More...

June 14 2004

The New Voice Of Buffy Speaks. Giselle Loren talks to MediasharX about providing the voice of Buffy for the pilot of the animated series. "Working with Joss and the other producers for the pilot was fantastic". More...

June 13 2004

New Main Character for Buffy Animated? Slayerverse claims to have details of a new main character, who isn't exactly new, but hasn't been seen for a while and it is...........go see the article. More...

June 07 2004

When Is Buffy Really Buffy? A MediasharX columnist wonders if the much rumoured animated series would be the same without Sarah Michelle Gellar. More...

June 01 2004

BBC on "Buffy Animated". The BBC interview Jeph Loeb about the possible new spin-off. Sounds like it's definitely happening. More...

May 29 2004

Buffy Animated Voice Work. TV Tome has got news on who might be playing Buffy in the series. Unfortunately it's not Sherilyn Fenn. More...

May 27 2004

Buffy!! X-Men!! Serenity!! Wonderfalls!! Herc's Strong Box!! More news on the Buffy animated series (looking more and more likely), learn who else is going to be in the Firefly movie and lots more at Ain't It Cool News.

May 26 2004

Buffy Resurrected! Developing news of a possible Buffy animated series.

May 24 2004

"Buffy The Animated Slayer" Artwork. This has been posted before a while back, but with all the rumors about the show at the moment, thought people might like to see it.

May 23 2004

Animated Buffy On The Way! According to aintitcool, Alyson has recently recorded some voiceover.

May 03 2004

Cleveland Convention Q&A with Nicholas Brendon reveals posibiltiy of ressurecting the Buffy the Animated Series? More...

March 09 2003

Eric Wight interview. speaks to the Art Director of the Buffy Animated Series. More...

February 06 2003

Buffy the Animated Series artwork. Stunning designs for the spinoff that never happened.

December 14 2002

Buffy: The Animated Series to be aired after all? Marilyn Beck at E! Online says that Fox will premiere the series in January. More...

October 31 2002

BtVS animated series dead in the water "We just couldn't find a home for it which will baffle me to the grave," says Joss Whedon. More...

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