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January 17 2007

Fox announces Spring line up. There's the end date for the current season for Wentworth Miller's "Prison Break", return date for Gina Torres' "Standoff" and official confirmation on start date for Tim Minear and Nathan Fillion's "Drive". David Boreanaz's "Bones", D. B. Woodside and David Fury's "24", Melinda Clarke's "The OC" and Seth Green's "Family Guy" are all also mentioned.

January 15 2007

"Drive" to air on Mondays before "24"? The latest rumor from "a reliable source" is that "Drive" will premiere April 15th with two eps back-to-back, then go to airing Mondays at 8:00 PM, which would make it the lead-in to "24". And Variety has confirmed the airdate. ETA:View the new Drive promo here. More...

January 09 2007

FOX position Drive as mid-season front runner. A press release states "Drive is scheduled to premiere on Thursday, March 1, 2007 on the FOX Broadcasting Network." ETA: However it has been confirmed that this is not the start date.

December 12 2006

Fox site sells Buffy and Firefly for download. Direct2Drive offers Firefly for $24.95 and Buffy seasons 1, 2 can be bought for $19.95 and $39.95 respectively. Individual episodes cost $1.99. More...

November 02 2006

"Drive" races to FOX this Spring. "The Futon Critic" puts the official press release out there. More...

October 22 2006

David Boreanaz is on the tentative guest list for Fox's fall party so e-mail Michael Ausiello questions to ask DB.

September 14 2006

Blue Sun Shirts announces corporate smackdown... Fox sends a cease and desist. Owner asks for help trying to get a contact at Fox for licensing rights.

September 05 2006

A not so positive review for Gina Torres' new show Standoff. "Hostage drama "Standoff" should have been comedy". In related news, there's also a review for Chiwetel "The Operative" Ejiofor new movie "Children of Men" here.

August 19 2006

New preview videos of Gina Torres' series "Standoff." IGN has added new videos (including a tour of the set) to its web page on "Standoff," the new Gina Torres series from Fox, which premieres on Tuesday, September 5 (after the season premiere of "House"). More...

July 25 2006

Shortened season of Melinda Clarke's "The OC", might mean try-out chance for Tim Minear's "Drive". Fox clears the reason to order less episodes for "The OC" and when we might see "Drive" in the screens. Can Tim Minear's new show take on the CSI/Greys Anatomy juggernaut?

July 14 2006

(SPOILER) TV Guide's Ausiello talks with "Bones" Executive Producer, about the new developments for David Boreanaz' Booth and the new character played by "Serenity's" Tamara Taylor.

June 21 2006

Fox announces new season premiere dates. Find out when Fox will premiere Gina's new show and when we'll see new episodes of Bones and Prison Break.

June 14 2006

(SPOILER) The Futon Critic review new seasons pilots. They will review the pilot of every new show for 2006-2007 Season. Gina Torres' "Standoff", Leonard Roberts' "Heroes" and Carlos Jacott's "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" have all been reviewed. More...

May 16 2006

Gina Torres's "Primary" renamed by Fox. New title: "Standoff."

May 12 2006

See 3 pictures from Gina Torres new show "Primary". With some luck, our "friends" from FOX will run it on order and won't cancel it after four episodes. Also features new show "Vanished" featuring the almost but not really Inara, Rebecca Gayheart.

May 08 2006

Fox pick up Gina Torres's "Primary" for full season order. The show was also created by Craig Silverstein who worked with Tim Minear on "The Inside". More...

April 19 2006

It's all about Themes. Article talks about the repackaging of shows on DVD, and mentions BtVS. After the series ends and the season dvds have been released. What do the studios do then? "It's classic catalog marketing," says 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment's Steve Feldstein. "You never run out of product."

April 05 2006

Fox releases early details on DVD release for Alyson Hannigan's "Date Movie". Link contains covers and details for both regular and unrated releases.

March 31 2006

Firefly listed in top 10 DVD sets on lists their top ten DVDs on their home page, including a familiar looking brown cover. How many of those things have they sold, anyway?

March 29 2006

Wentworth Miller's "Prison Break" is renewed for second season. Will they still be behind bars or will they finally run free when season 2006-2007 comes forth? Wentworth played Gage in the Buffy episode 'Go Fish'. More...

March 23 2006

Bring 'Buffy' or 'Angel' Back? The UK branch of FOX Home Entertainment wants to know. Poll asks: "Now we've brought back Family Guy for another series, which of these would you like to see resurrected for another series?" Buffy and Angel are both choices in the poll. More...

December 09 2005

Fox's cancellation of Reunion continues in the tradition of Firefly and Wonderfalls says Matt Roush. The last question on the page.

November 29 2005

Fox cancels Alexa Davalos' "Reunion". It's unclear if the network will show all the episodes produced. Also featured in the article is the news on CBS' (almost) cancellation of Threshold, which stars Robert Patrick Benedict, who played Jape in Buffy season 4 episode "Superstar". More...

October 30 2005

Newsweek on TV-to-DVD Boxed Sets. ""We still get requests for something new on 'Buffy'," says Fox's Steve Feldstein."

October 28 2005

Fox reveal details for their shows in November. ME cast and crew related shows include: That 70's Show, The OC, Prison Break, Bones, Reunion and Kitchen Confidential. The link contain brief details for several episodes, it might be too spoilery for some people. More...

October 22 2005

Russian Vampires watch "Buffy vs Dracula". Russian Vampire film, "Nightwatch," features a clip from the fifth season premiere - Buffy Summers coming face-to-face with The Dark Master... bator. More...

October 21 2005

Browncoats 101 - "So you've seen the ads and you're wondering just what in the tian xaio de's so great about this movie Serenity." More...

October 19 2005

Live performance of "Once More with Feeling" halted. 20th Century Fox's attorneys have shut down a planned live performance of the Buffy musical in San Francisco.

September 30 2005

How Fox killed Firefly and brought Universal Serenity. Excellent blog analysis from a professional marketer's pov of Fox's bungling and Universal's smarts in the story of Firefly/Serenity. There are Whedon fans everywhere, evidently.

September 19 2005

World's Worst Angel Trailer. Fox UK have really scraped the bottom of the barrel with this half hearted, inaccurate trailer for the Angel: The Vampire Anthology DVDs (click on Broadband Show and wait till the 'Coming Soon' part has loaded). DVD Answers has reviews for three out of the four DVDs released.

September 14 2005

Bones Wins the Ratings in the 8:00 PM Time Period. Good news for David Boreanaz's new show. It looks like Bones won in the ratings in its time slot. Finally, a show on Fox with a Buffy/Angel cast and crew member that might actually last its whole first season.

September 04 2005

Fox uses innovative tools to promote DB' new show "Bones". Press kit included an evidence bag, containing "Bones" pilot episode. More...

August 16 2005

Firefly? What Firefly? Fox's treatment of "Firefly" is a topic of discussion in last weeks "The Week In Tech" podcast, hosted by former Tech-TV folks. More...
Sometimes, Fox just isn't that into me. Fun little article bemoaning the author's tempestuous relationship with the network. Speaks of the loss of Wonderfalls and The Inside, seems to hint of Firefly. More...

August 08 2005

Interesting article speculating on why "Firefly" failed on Fox. Author considers the reason why "Firefly" failed on Fox, but shows like "Battlestar Galactica" and "Stargate SG-1" do so well on the Sci-Fi channel. More...

July 21 2005

Next weeks 'The Inside' bumped back. Herc reports that next week's episode of "The Inside" has been bumped back for a 'special' 90-minute "So You Think You Can Dance?" More...
PTC file indecency complaint over 'The Inside'. A move which will probably surprise absolutely no one. The show was recently 'honoured' by the PTC as "The Worst TV Show of the Week".

July 18 2005

FOX to keep 'The Inside' through at least August 3rd. TFC has FOX "The Inside" listings for upcoming weeks.

July 06 2005

Save "The Inside" Petition... Help save "The Inside"! Don't know if it will help, but it's not gonna hurt to sign! More...

July 03 2005

It's over for 'The Inside'. Fox tell Tim Minear they won't extend the options on the cast.

May 19 2005

Fox's 2005 schedule has Whedon Alums. Nick Brendon's Kitchen Confidential will be on Mondays at 8:30 after Arrested Development. David Boreanaz's Bones will be on Tuesdays at 8 before House. And Alexa Davalos's Reunion is on Thursdays at 9.

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May 01 2004

Coming this fall: All the deja vu you care to revisit. Article talks about the dwindling state of TV and trys to explains why shows like Wonderfalls disappear so quickly from the airwaves. With an interesting note from some FOX executives regarding the reviews of the series. More...

November 12 2003

Fox act over another fan site. In October, Fox lawyers took action over a German site. This time round they request that the Ducks Fanfic site "immediately remove all image galleries" amongst other things. More...

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