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November 13 2007

(SPOILER) Disgrace makes "Miracle". Tim Minear discusses ABC's "Miracle Man", divulging more information on the premise and the show's religious themes.

November 01 2007

Tim Minear talks Dollhouse. He tells his fansite "since it's Joss, I'll be involved as much as I can".

October 31 2007

Best News Ever! Joss Whedon Spills Exclusive Deets on his New Series. Joss, Eliza and Tim reunite for new Fox series called Dollhouse. :D Interviews and quotage. Ausiello Report has a rundown on this most awesome news as well. More...

October 29 2007

Happy Birthday Tim Minear! Wishing him the back nine of his next project, and every project after, forever and ever.

August 20 2007

TV Summer School: How to Have an Overall Deal. E! interviews Tim Minear about overall deals, his new secret show, and another possible project with Todd Holland. More...

August 13 2007

Read the shooting script for the Firefly episode 'Out Of Gas'. A great way to start the week.

July 30 2007

The Angel retrospective with Tim Minear. Excellent little interview with Tim about Angel, Joss and his continued love for the Angelverse.

July 16 2007

Last two episodes of Drive online. It's the last two hours of Tim's shortest lived, most accessible show yet. And you can read the shooting scripts here.

July 10 2007

(SPOILER) The post Drive wrap up interview. Tim Minear and Craig Silverstein speak about what have happened had Drive continued. In related news, fans have been getting word back from Ask Fox saying that that the last two episodes will be put online for free in about a week's time.

July 02 2007

PopWatch contemplates the meaning of the word 'Geek.' The post talks mostly about Allyson Beatrice and her book 'Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby' but also mentions Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and Tim Minear.

June 18 2007

(SPOILER) Pics and plot info for the last two episodes of Drive. These'll air on the Fourth of July.

April 30 2007

Podcast interview with Tim Minear. Fanboy Confidental talk to Tim in quite a bit of depth on Firefly (including that semi-famous undeveloped episode), Drive, The Inside and lots more. Starts at 23 minutes.

April 26 2007

Wanna pre-order the next two episodes of Drive? Though episodes 5-13 are listed for pre-order, please remember than only six episodes were ever filmed. You can also purchase downloads of Episode 1 - 4 for $1.99 each. Amazon Unbox only has episode 1-4 for sale same price. More...

April 25 2007

Ausiello says Drive cancelled. Ausiello says Fox just cancelled Drive and that House reruns will take over the time slot. Also mentions a possibility of running the two unaired eps in May. And there's confirmation of the show's cancellation over at Variety. More...
Read the first four 'Drive' scripts. has the final shooting scripts for the first four episodes. So get a cup of coffee and enjoy some Tim Minear goodness.

April 23 2007

Under Starter's Orders: Drive's Tim Minear. Tim talks Drive in an interview with Creative Screenwriting magazine.

April 22 2007

Drive: Does the Race Exist? The Bobby Truax Show (4/13/2007) and (4/18/2007). Host Bobby Truax invites guests to talk about the rumors of The Race. We've all heard about it, but does it exist? More...

April 16 2007

"Drive" Episodes Now Playing on MySpace. Fox has made the first two eps of Drive (which aired on Sunday as the two-hour premiere) available on a MySpace page (USA only). The first two episodes can also be purchased at Direct2Drive. More...
Drive launch event ratings. "The premiere of "Drive" drew only a 3.7/6 for FOX". Which is not good. More...

April 15 2007

(SPOILER) Tonight on Fox - the two hour premiere of 'Drive'. Herc at Ain't Cool News calls Tim Minear's new show "Fox's Best New Series In Years". Drive airs at 8/7c. More...
Drive promo article at the MSN TV Guide Canada site. A nice piece on Drive and includes a reference to Firefly.

April 13 2007

(SPOILER) Inside "Drive" on Howstuffworks. An informative article about the green screen effects for "Drive" (Spoiler tagged only because of general plot and character descriptions). More...
(SPOILER) Drive Time! Tim Minear chats to TV Guide. And more Minear goodness can be found in a new interview over at iF Magazine. There's also a huge cast interview (which includes a chat with Nathan) at Want to read what tv critics think of Drive? Then check out the Variety and The Hollywood Reporter reviews. More...

April 12 2007

(SPOILER) Watching the first hour of Drive with Nathan Fillion....(sort of). Mokibobolink on livejournal attends a Browncoat only preview screening of the new Fox tv show Drive. No, no spoilers. You'll get it when you read it. Edited to add: No spoilers in the linked article, but there are now spoilers in the comments.

April 09 2007

Serialized Dramas Hope to Reheat Genre. Hollywood Reporter has a little write up about the troubles that Drive (and Traveler) had to face before getting to the air, and what they face when they do get to air. "To maximize the effect, the plot in the pilot was condensed, and several roles, includsing the lead, were tweaked and recast." More...

April 02 2007

Drive Cast to Pump Free Gas at Century City Gas Station. The Mayor of Television is reporting that the cast of Drive will be promoting the show by pumping free gas this Thursday from 9-11 a.m. at the station at 10389 Santa Monica Blvd. (corner of Beverly Glen) in Century City. This report has been confirmed in a telephone conversation with Ishraq, the manager of the gas station.

March 30 2007

FOX to split "Drive" Season. Upcoming five-week/six-episode run wraps on Monday, May 7 with the remaining installments of its initial 13-episode order then airing at a later date.

March 21 2007

(SPOILER) Ask Tim Minear about Drive. E! Online's Kristin is taking questions for an upcoming Tim Minear/Drive interview. Link happens to have spoilers for a variety of shows; Drive item is safe.

March 18 2007

Reason to Drive. Wanna see some surveillance footage of Alex Tully and the others that were selected to drive? More...

March 09 2007

Wondercon Videos and Photos. 23 short Nathan-centric videos taken of the Drive panel at Wondercon. More...
(SPOILER) Very detailed recap of the 'Drive' Panel at Wondercon. Our very own Polter-Cow gives a blow-by-blow recap of the panel on Sunday (including the wonderful news that there will be no talking cars on Drive). More...
Fox has the 'Drive'. Tim Minear offers up a bit more explanation of Drive.

March 08 2007

Timless in San Francisco. Allyson Beatrice's amusing report on the Wondercon "Drive" panel.

March 06 2007

The official Drive web site. Now with actual content! More...

March 02 2007

Katie Finneran of Wonderfalls joins Drive. Tim Minear brings more of his worlds together as he casts Katie Finneran of Wonderfalls and The Inside in Drive. She will play the sister of Alex Tully (Nathan Fillion's character).

February 26 2007

Tim Minear at Browncoat table at WonderCon. Tim Minear is going to be meeting fans and signing autographs at the California Browncoat table at WonderCon. More...

February 20 2007

Drive Panel at WonderCon in San Francisco. is reporting that Tim Minear and Nathan Fillion will appear at WonderCon in San Francisco on March 4 to promote Fox's new series Drive.

February 14 2007

(SPOILER) Tim Minear on Drive (Part 3). The third and final part of the Minear interview. More...

February 13 2007

Tim Minear on "Drive "- Part 2. More of the Geek Monthly interview. launches! And with it comes a bunch of new promos, including this most recent one as well as info for episode 2, "Partners."

February 12 2007

Tim Minear on Drive. Part 1 of an exclusive interview with

February 01 2007

Youtube video of the new "Drive" promo. The first promo with the new cast (including Nathan Fillion!) is now up at youtube, courtesy of Orangepenguino. The quality isn't great, but it's up for viewing, and definitely worth a look.

January 29 2007

Save Tim Minear's Drive: Season 1 to your Netflix movie list. Never too early I say! More...

January 27 2007

Fillion Talks Drive and Lost. Nathan comments on his long-term commitment to Drive and reprising his role in Lost.

January 20 2007

Check out promo pics from "Drive". Also includes some pictures from FOX' TCA presentation. Sadly, Amy Acker is MIA from the pictures.

January 18 2007

Amy Acker joins Drive. She will play Kathryn Tully.

January 15 2007

"Drive" to air on Mondays before "24"? The latest rumor from "a reliable source" is that "Drive" will premiere April 15th with two eps back-to-back, then go to airing Mondays at 8:00 PM, which would make it the lead-in to "24". And Variety has confirmed the airdate. ETA:View the new Drive promo here. More...

January 14 2007

'Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby?' available for pre-order. Book by Whedonesque's own Allyson about her life in online and offline Whedonverse fandom is due in August 2007. More...

January 13 2007

"Drive" recasting complete. Now starring Richard Brooks and Dylan Baker among others.

January 09 2007

FOX position Drive as mid-season front runner. A press release states "Drive is scheduled to premiere on Thursday, March 1, 2007 on the FOX Broadcasting Network." ETA: However it has been confirmed that this is not the start date.

January 08 2007

(SPOILER) Tim Minear talks Drive in Entertainment Weekly's Winter TV Preview special.

December 28 2006

Two more drivers take the wheel. Fillion is just the first of many roles in the process of being recast for "Drive".

December 20 2006

Firefly Star and Producer Reuniting To Drive. Cinescape says that Tim Minear saved Fillion from "Bruce Campbell rejected direct to video trash"

December 18 2006

The Browncoat Backup Bash - the documentary. Lovely Quicktime feature done by QMx Tv which includes interviews with Camden Toy and Tim Minear.

December 15 2006

Tim Minear Vid from the Backup Bash. Someone's posted a video on YouTube of Tim from the Backup Bash, including the whole "tighter pants" thing.
Nathan Fillion 'tapped' for Drive. Confirmation over at The Hollywood Reporter.

December 12 2006

"One More." Tim Minear's posted another video on YouTube with clips from all his shows, plus him from 1985.
Official forums for Tim Minear's "Drive" open. Notice how I'm not saying "race on over"? I think I've grown.

December 11 2006

"Minear's stuff" - A fan video by Tim Minear. No, really. It is by him and was shown yesterday by Tim at the Backup Bash.

November 25 2006

(SPOILER) Coming Attractions at USA Today: Tim Minear's 'Drive'. "I shot Hell in Los Angeles for several years, and we put horses in space... This one should be a cinch."

November 16 2006

Fox orders three more episodes of "Standoff." Fox's hostage drama, starring Gina Torres with Tim Minear as a consulting producer, has been given six more episodes -- upping its first season to nineteen episodes in total.

November 02 2006

"Drive" races to FOX this Spring. "The Futon Critic" puts the official press release out there. More...

October 24 2006

An interview with Tim Minear. So many goodies in this interview, it's unbelievable. A must read. Drive, The Inside, the Buffyverse tv movies (not dead after all?) and comics all get covered and there's lots, lots more as well.

October 12 2006

Fox has picked up three additional scripts from "Standoff". As reported earlier Tim Minear has also recently come aboard this show. More...

October 02 2006

Report of a "Drive" test screening. "Kept me on the edge of my seat, didn't want to get up for a moment. Not many TV shows out there like that, and I feel this really blew LOST out of the water!!" Also, Joss loves it too.

September 26 2006

Tim Minear joins 'Standoff'. He comes in as a consulting producer and is tapped to run day-to-day operations. He'll be given time to catch up as "the production on the series was suspended this week in order to let the writers "catch up"". More...

August 27 2006

Tim Minear is my Master now. More fun at the Corner on National Review as Tim Minear sets the record straight on the libertarian influence on Firefly (and pokes gentle fun at Joss too). And in related news, Serenity won a special Promethus Award awarded by the Libertarian Futurist Society at WorldCon on Friday.

August 17 2006

Drive pilot episode reviewed. Drive Blog (which covers Tim Minear's new show - currently on the front page of Blogger as their blog of the day), reviews Drive's pilot script. "With seventeen characters and the mythology of the premise all needing to be established the script doesn’t waste anytime and by the end of the episode not only are we aware of the race and its rules and trappings, but each character is also given a moment to shine"

August 15 2006

Tim Minear scheduled to appear at WorldCon 2006. He'll participating in three panels. One of which is "Crafting the Whedon-verse" which also has Marti Noxon, Loni Peristere and Jane Espenson on it. How cool would it be to go to that?

July 25 2006

Shortened season of Melinda Clarke's "The OC", might mean try-out chance for Tim Minear's "Drive". Fox clears the reason to order less episodes for "The OC" and when we might see "Drive" in the screens. Can Tim Minear's new show take on the CSI/Greys Anatomy juggernaut?

July 18 2006

Tim Minear signs new deal with 20th Century Fox Television. According to the Hollywood Reporter, "Minear will work on existing series and develop new drama projects for the studio". The article also has a lot of praise for him from the 20th Century Fox TV prexy (and rightly so).

July 10 2006

Tim Minear to attend Screenwriting Expo 5. Tim Minear will again host his Breaking the Story seminar where the audience will break an episode of Angel, Firefly or Wonderfalls. Warning: link goes to a lengthy pdf - see page 11.

July 01 2006

Tim Minear talks about Drive. A Drive blog interviews Tim on filming the pilot, his influences, how the concept evolved and more.

June 25 2006

Remaining "The Inside" scripts posted online at Also available is the shooting script for the Firefly episode 'Bushwhacked'.

June 21 2006

Casting complete for Tim Minear's Drive. Ivan Sergei and Nicholas Lea cast in Tim Minear's pilot.

June 10 2006

More Drive Casting News. "All but two people have been cast".

June 07 2006

For the love of Firefly and Wonderfalls. A PopMatters columnist ponders on why it seems "like every interesting, innovative series that you adore and worship gets yanked before its time".

May 02 2006

(SPOILER) Yet More "Drive" Casting News. Andres Saenz-Hudson and Shahine Ezell have been cast. Spoilery character descriptions below... More...

April 26 2006

Scripts and correct viewing order for Tim Minear's The Inside. Most (nine of thirteen) of the scripts for the show's run are posted in .pdf format for folks to check out. Note: These are drafts, not shooting scripts. More...

April 06 2006

(SPOILER) More "Drive" Casting News. Alan Ruck and Melanie Lynskey are the latest to join Tim Minear's drama pilot. (Note: Contains plot spoilers for the pilot episode). More...

April 03 2006

Breaking the Story with Tim Minear now available on DVD. Breaking the Story is an exercise in breaking a single episode of a one-hour drama, with active audience participation. Armed with a white board and marker, Tim Minear guides the class through teaser and act breaks of an episode of the long-running WB hit television show, Angel. Edited to add: Tim is donating his share of the DVD sales to My Friend's Place.
Getting Inside with Tim Minear. Excellent overview of Tim's career and that late, lamented show of his "The Inside".

April 01 2006

A Tim Minear Q&A. Hey kids, shake a leg and go and read all about Drive and parking issues. More...

March 28 2006

Casting news and plot details for Tim Minear's pilot 'Drive'. Tantalising hints about which direction the show will be taking.

March 15 2006

Breaking the Story with Tim Minear. This issue of Creative Screenwriting magazine has articles involving former verse writers, Tim Minear and Shawn Ryan. If you're interested in how ideas are created behind the scenes and how writers minds work, this is an excellent read. More...

February 25 2006

Instapundit interviews Tim Minear in this podcast. Tim's segment starts about 21:10. More...

February 14 2006

Variety confirms Tim Minear's new pilot 'Drive', gives details. In Variety speak, the pilot is "a sudser revolving around an "Amazing Race" competish, but on acid" (best phrase ever!). In normal everyday English, it's about a bunch of people competing in an illegal cross-country road race.

February 07 2006

Fox Latin America will show final "The Inside" episode today. Fox Latin America has shown all 13 episodes produced since November 15th, 2005. Linked page is in Portuguese. A full description of the episode can be found in Fox Latin America official website: Mundo Fox.

January 18 2006

UK Channel showing 'The Inside'. UK Channel ITV4 starts showing Tim Minears' The Inside on Friday 20th January. More...

January 11 2006

Breaking the Story with Tim Minear...this time with video. An account of the Screenwriting Expo class along with bits of video.

January 02 2006

Herc's Top 10 Scripted Hourlongs of 2005!! Yet another end of year article but it does have a big shout out for Tim Minear's 'The Inside'.

December 12 2005

Minear on Whedon - "The driving creative force on Angel". Tim puts forward his own take on the David Fury interview and amongst other things reckons Angel would have been cancelled regardless. There's also a mention that he's got a commitment from Fox on his new pilot. And if you didn't already know, David Fury has been posting at Whedonesque. More...

December 10 2005

Why Tim Minear would do the Spike movie justice. An article over at SyFy Portal gives reasons why Tim is "the perfect person" to write and direct the Spike gig. Assuming, of course, if it gets greenlit and put into production.

November 27 2005

Wonderfalls gets some blogosphere notice. In Instapundit, no less. You can't keep a good show down!

November 21 2005

ITV4 picks up The Inside. A very small mention of ITV4 (a UK TV channel) acquring the rights to the existing episodes of Tim Minear's excellent The Inside. I believe this includes the unaired episodes. More...

September 16 2005

Tim Minear joins the Screening Writing Expo 4. He will be holding a class on "Breaking the Story", Joss Whedon will also be at the event as one of the guests of honor.

August 20 2005

An update on the Spike TV movie. It was only the other day that Joss Whedon asked Tim Minear if he wanted to "write and direct some blonde vampire movie thing". Tim said yes. It's still very early days though as nothing is signed. More...

August 09 2005

Tim Minear talks "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" in the final part of the iF Magazine interview. And there's some more post-mortem analysis of 'The Inside'.

August 04 2005

Minear Feels 'Inside' Must Die to Live Again. does an interview with Tim Minear and how he wants Fox to not air the show anymore. Plus some stuff we already know.

August 03 2005

(SPOILER) Part Two of Tim Minear's IF Magazine Interview. Cancellations, dead babies, and just whose job it is to bring it. More...

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