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March 15 2010

James Marsters March 2010 Q and A. Questions range from favorite amusement park ride, food, society vs individual, and dying.

March 13 2010

James Marsters joins Hawaii Five-O pilot. His Facebook page has announced he'll be the bad guy in the remake of the classic '70s show. He's still expected to be be at Wondercon in San Francisco in three weeks. More...

March 04 2010

James Marsters to attend Wizard World Cons in Chicago, Philadelphia and Austin. Apparently Eliza Dushku was going to attend their Toronto event...but now that is cancelled. Sigh. More...

March 03 2010

I still want to play Spike says James Marsters. Though he does point out that there's an expiration date on the return. has a recap from yesterday's conference call to promote James' appearance on Caprica. has details from a separate one-on-one call as well.

February 14 2010

Greatest TV kisses. AOL Television lists the greatest kisses on TV. Buffy makes the list with one of the hottest vampires out there.

February 02 2010

(SPOILER) Interior art for so-far-unannounced Angel-related comic project. "This one obviously stars Spike and is being drawn by Chris Cross, with inks by Marc Deering".

January 13 2010

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon on Buffy's future, Twilight's reveal and Spike's fate. It's the second part of his Comic Book Resources interview.

November 17 2009

DVD Verdict reviews Moonshot, available now. "And Marsters, though I never watched Buffy, is very much tied to that role; but I never once had a moment to let my thoughts wander out of his performance."

November 15 2009

James Marsters November Q and A. This time out he answers questions from crying on cue to whether he's neat or messy.

November 03 2009

(SPOILER) New Caprica promo featuring James Marsters. The Jane Espenson series starts on SyFy in January 2010. It includes previously unseen footage and a first look at James Marsters' character, terrorist leader Barnabus Greeley.

October 31 2009

More TV Vampires than you can shake a stick at. Both Spike and Angel get top mentions in this Toronto Star article about the popular movie and TV shows "that continue to vamp it up."

October 24 2009

Vampire Wars: Who's the Best Evil (Yet Hot) Vampire? E!Online wants to know which evil, sexy vampire is the best. In this poll, Spike is up against True Blood's Eric Northman and The Vampire Diary's Damon Salvatore.

October 23 2009

James Marsters will not be at the HUB 3 event this weekend. From his manager, "James had a spill on the set and took a bump to the head and was advised by doctors not to fly for a few days. He is resting and feeling much better (although somewhat guilty)."
Angel and Spike make #3 in 10 Top Pop Culture Vamps list "As portrayed by the talented (and let's be honest, sexy) David Boreanaz and James Marsters, these obsession-inducing vampires shared a bloodline, a passion for a certain petite blonde Slayer, and a clear love for leather and gel."

October 15 2009

(SPOILER) Buffyfest's interview with Brian Lynch Part Deux. In this 2nd part Brian discusses 'Last Angel in Hell', Spike, and Drusilla.
James Marsters answers your October questions. This time questions range from "Do you doodle ..." to "Favorite City ...".

October 06 2009

(SPOILER) Comics Continuum has a preview of Angel #26 with an extra page. 6 page preview of tomorrow's issue. For those that haven't seen another vamp with a soul in too long.

September 24 2009

James Marsters to appear at Boston's Super Megafest. Sat Nov 21-22, 2009 in Framingham, MA. He will be signing autographs, doing photo ops, holding Q & A session each day, and giving a concert on the Saturday night.

September 15 2009

James Marsters Sept. Q and A. This month what makes him barf (it's not gross), concerts he has attended, and if he needs glasses.

September 13 2009

The diaries of other vampires revealed. TWOP ponders what other vamps might write in their journals, including entries from Angel and Spike. An amusing read.

September 11 2009

James Marsters' Official Facebook page. Which includes the news that Sept 19th will be the radio broadcast of the play "The Importance of Being Earnest", which he recorded back in June. Tickets for next June's "She Stoops to Conquer" are now onsale. More...

September 05 2009

James Marsters receives a belated Birthday gift from his fans. At Dragon*con on Friday night, a bunch of James Marsters fans presented him with a very special gift. A complete Stormtrooper outfit. Part 2 of the gift. Elsewhere Felicia Day runs into zombies and Julie Benz has dinner with Charisma and Lou. More...

August 19 2009

Happy Birthday James Marsters. He turns 47 today.

August 15 2009

James Marsters August Q and A. Questions range from Spike's vampire make-up, a few words about Andy Hallett, and favorite outdoor activies.

July 19 2009

Bad boy Spike. Rating of the top 20 'bad boys' of TV includes Spike.

July 08 2009

Deadliest Fantasy Warrior: Joss Whedon's Vampires vs. Anne Rice's Vampires. So which will it be, the furrowed, fu-powered fiends of SoCal or the dangerously glamourific duo of N'awlins? More...

July 04 2009

Photo Gallery: TV's Most Memorable Vampires. Another photo gallery of hot vampires, including two of our favorites.

June 29 2009

Video of James Marsters interacting with fans. The video was taken after his performances in the "Importance of Being Earnest" on Saturday and Sunday.

June 15 2009

Monthly Q and A from James Marsters. This month's questions prompt answers from trying to teach his son a lesson about fame to keys being his favorite item at home.

June 01 2009

High Plains Invaders starring James Marsters starts On Demand today. Check your local on-demand provider for details. You should find it unders movies or search for James' name. This may be US only.

May 15 2009

James Marsters monthly Q and A. Questions range from "What don't you understand about the opposite sex?" to "Would you eat a tarantula for $1,000?"

April 21 2009

James Marsters on IDW's Angel series - "I like what I see". He also shares his experiences on working on a Spike story for Dark Horse. Interestingly enough, Dark Horse have decided to respond to James' comments.

April 09 2009

Dollhouse/Spike crossover cancelled. A well-timed spoof.

April 07 2009

Five Favourite Films with James Marsters. William the Bloody shares his five favo(u)rite films with Rotten Tomatoes!

April 02 2009

March Madness - The Whedonverse Character Tourney FINALE. The final round is Buffy vs. Spike! More...
James Marsters still up for a Spike spinoff. James talks Spike and two of his current projects, Moonshot and High Plains Invaders. More...

April 01 2009

Spike vs. Edward - who would win in a fight? James Marsters diplomatically tries to settle that Buffy/Twilight question.

March 28 2009

Spike: After the Fall is featured on the New York Times Graphic Book Best Seller List. Congratulations to Brian Lynch and Franco Urru!

March 25 2009

James Marsters: From Spike to Brainiac. IGN speaks to James about his roles on Buffy, Torchwood and Smallville. There's also another IGN interview where he speaks about his new movie Dragonball: Evolution.

March 10 2009

Video of the Japanese premiere of Dragonball Evolution with James Marsters. The premiere took place yesterday, the movie opens in many areas of Asia on the 12th before making its way to the US, UK, and Europe in the beginning of April. More...

February 11 2009

(SPOILER) Interview with Brian Lynch. Part 2 of a Buffyfest interview with Brian Lynch. They discuss Angel issue 17 (which came out today) and the future IDW Whedonverse comics. It's very spoilery.

February 08 2009

(SPOILER) Buffyfest video interview with Brian Lynch. Excellent and spoilerific interview with the Angel+Spike writer. Lots of teases and spoilers-you have been warned!

February 07 2009

Buffy on the Top 10 Favorite WB characters. Buffy and Spike make it to the WB Top 10 characters as representatives from Buffy/Angel. In related news, Sunnydale High made it to no.4 on this AOL Kids' Top Cool Schools list.

February 06 2009

(SPOILER) IDW announces major news for the Angelverse. A new Spike series by Brian Lynch and a Dru two-parter by Brian Lynch and Juliet Landau! Also more details about Illyria appearing in Fallen Angel.

February 02 2009

James Marsters announces more personal appearance dates. They are on the eastern shore of the US, as well as the UK and Netherlands. For the first half of 2009. More...

January 12 2009

James Marsters ups the "Numb3rs". Of Whedon related actors to guest star on the show that airs Friday nights on CBS and stars two former verse alums, David Krumholtz and Navi Rawat. More...

January 03 2009

James Marsters' February New Jersey event now offering concert tickets. The ticket info is not yet posted on the main page but if you click buy tickets, they are the only tickets now available. They are $28 w/service charge. The concert starts at 8pm on Febuary 15th.

December 15 2008

James Marsters monthly Q and A. This time out questions range from acting boundaries to dancing ability, what he puts off, and what makes him laugh.

November 30 2008

13 Dangerously Sexy Bloodsuckers. On this list of sexy vampires Vampire Willow makes number 9, Spike takes number 3. More...

November 21 2008

James Marsters to star in Sci-Fi channel original movie "Alien Western". It's described as "... a sci-fi television film about giant, vicious, alien bugs that come to earth to gorge themselves on the uranium deposits found in the ground of an Old West town."

November 19 2008

Vampires ate your hair. IO9 takes on the issue of vampy hairdos (or hairdon'ts) with comparisons of Angel and Spike to the latest Twilight style.

November 18 2008

(SPOILER) Details about IDW's Angelverse comics out in February. There's the conclusion to After The Fall, the start of Aftermath, Smile Time #2 and the Spike: After The Fall hardcover.
Whedonverse comic book chart positions for October. Buffy didn't come out last month but Angel: After The Fall and Spike: After The Fall entered the top 100 at nos. 66 and 88 respectively. ETA: Estimated sales figures available over at

November 14 2008

Favorite TV and Movie Vampires. And the favourite Buffyverse vampire is... More...

October 29 2008

(SPOILER) Discuss Spike: After the Fall #4. The conclusion to the four issue mini-series is here.

October 28 2008

(SPOILER) Preview - Spike: After the Fall #4. Chris Ryall has posted the first five pages of Spike:ATF #4 at his blog.

October 19 2008

Buffy Season 8 awarded with Best Screen to Comic Adaptation at Scream Awards. The award ceremony was hosted last Saturday in LA, and will be screened on Spike TV this Tuesday, October 21 (9:00 - 11:00 PM, ET/PT).

September 15 2008

Whedonverse comic book chart positions for August. Buffy and Angel stay much the same as before, Spike takes a little bit of a tumble. More...

September 14 2008

(SPOILER) IDW unveil their Angelverse comic books for December. Let see's what we've got. There's Angel: After The Fall #15, Angel: Smile Time #1 and Spike: After The Fall #1 (Comic-Con Edition).
(SPOILER) Spike: After the Fall #4 Finished! Brian Lynch's latest blog update includes cover art and a lightly spoilery description for the final chapter. Issue 3 should come out this week.

September 05 2008

TWoP's six sexiest tv vampires. Half of the vamps on the list are from the Buffyverse! More...

September 04 2008

LA Times asks the question. Vampires : Sexy or not sexy? Take a guess into which category our favourite vamps fall. More...

August 19 2008

Another year older and still looking mighty fine! Happy Birthday to James Marsters who turns 46 today!!! More...

July 31 2008

(SPOILER) Comics Continuum has IDW 'After the Fall' solicitations for October. The 'lucky' 13th issue of the Angel and the final issue of the Spike arrive this month.

July 16 2008

(SPOILER) Spike:After the Fall #1 and Angel:After the Fall Volume 1 Hardcover released today. Let us know what you think of the Spike prequel, and the Angel collected:)

July 12 2008

(SPOILER) First look at Spike: After The Fall #1. Newsarama has a five page preview of Spike's adventures in hell.

July 01 2008

Never say die:'s most beloved pop-culture immortals. Angel and Spike feature in this inspired list.

May 23 2008

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch answers more ATF questions. It is the second part of the podcast. Includes Brian's favourites in several categories and spoilers about two certain blondes. More...

May 21 2008

James Marsters to star in "Moonshot". A drama about the days leading to the Apollo 11 launch to the moon. James will portray astronaut Buzz Aldrin. It will air on the History Channel and ITV in 2009.

May 20 2008

Ten vampires that don't suck. Sadly Spike and Angel didn't top the list but they did get beaten by a couple of legendary vampires.

May 19 2008

(SPOILER) Cover art and info for IDW's After The Fall comic books in August. The Angel cover is incredibly good and the Spike one is a fun nod to a previous issue.

May 18 2008

(SPOILER) has exclusive photo incentive covers for Angel #9 and Spike #1. The Spike cover can be found here.

April 27 2008

James Marsters gets caught in TMZ star catcher video clip. He is leaving the airport and ask about the chance of a Spike movie. His piece is 35 seconds into the clip.

April 10 2008

(SPOILER) Ryall gives preview pages from Angel #9 and Spike #1. This shows art from new Angel artist Nick Runge, and b+w page from Urru on Spike. More...

April 06 2008

(SPOILER) Info and cover art for IDW's After The Fall comic books in July. Comics Continuum has the details for Angel: After The Fall #10 and Spike: After The Fall #1.
James Marsters is coming to Dragon*Con 2008! I was just checking the official list on the con's website again, and look who was just added! More...

March 21 2008

(SPOILER) Another round of Q-and-A with Brian Lynch. Brian once again opens the floor for questions about his projects, including Angel: After The Fall, Spike: After The Fall, and Everybody's Dead. Spoilers are certain to abound in the questions.

March 18 2008

Spike and Buffy make number one in list of TV Guide's Hottest Love Scenes. "According to American TV guide editors, who have put together the top ten list of steamy TV scenes, Sarah Michelle Gellar and James Marsters' lovemaking scene in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' has been named TVís hottest ever love scenes".

March 11 2008

(SPOILER) Spike:After the Fall-coming in July from IDW! A 4 issue spin-off of Angel:After the Fall from Lynch,Whedon and Urru. More...

March 04 2008

EW's favorite immortals. Entertainment Weekly's list of their favorite immortals include some of our favorites. More...

February 13 2008

Pucker Up . . . TV's Best Kisses. TV Gal's list of best kisses for Valentine's Day include Buffy and Spike.

January 30 2008

James Marsters on Fame, Family and Life After 40. He talks with TV Guide about Smallville and Torchwood.

January 29 2008

Marsters: Captain John 'is like Spike'. "James Marsters has admitted that his Torchwood character Captain John is similar to the role he played on Buffy The Vampire Slayer".

January 06 2008

SlayAlive Reviewer Praises the Premium Format Spike figure. More...

December 24 2007

(SPOILER) reviews Angel:After the Fall#2. "This book takes just about everything that was great about the show and gives us fans exactly what we wanted: More." More...

December 21 2007

(SPOILER) Angel After the Fall Interaction: Issue 4 winner announced. Time & Space Toys interactive cover experience coninues, with Irish artist Stephen Mooney providing the cover for the winning entrant. More...

December 12 2007

Spike:Shadow Puppets TPB released today. From the artistic team behind Angel:After the Fall comes the puppetastic adventures of Spike and Lorne.

December 05 2007

See the premiere of PS I Love You. James Marsters has a role in the upcoming film, PS I Love You and is reportedly going to attend the premiere on Dec 9. If you can't be there, you may be able to catch of peek of James on the red carpet! Crew arrivals are at 5 pm PST, and celebrity arrivals start at 6 pm.

November 30 2007

James Marsters returns to 'Without A Trace'. James reprises his role as Det. Grant Mars in the episode airing Dec 6th on CBS at 10pm ET.

November 29 2007

IDW Angel/Spike TPB's 2nd printings released this week. To celebrate the release of After the Fall, IDW is releasing 2nd printings of the TPB's of their Angel line up until now. More...

November 27 2007

'PS. I Love You' images online. James Marsters and original Buffy movie cast member Hilary Swank star along side Gerard Butler for this romance movie. More...

November 20 2007

Angel's Past... In Order! This amazing fan put together a chronological take of Angel (and Spikeís) past. More...

November 05 2007

(SPOILER) Leaving Spike behind - an interview with James Marsters. An interesting interview which covers his roles on Buffy, Without A Trace, Smallville and Torchwood and much more.

September 30 2007

James Marsters shares memories of his theatre days. On his offical website, they have added a section dedicated to his early years in the theatre and the plays he was in as well as the ones produced with his own company.

September 26 2007

TV Without Pity Talks to James Marsters. Television Without Pity has added interviews to its posting board where people comment on all things TV. Here's an interview with Marsters on his career, including Buffy, and why he decided to be part of Without A Trace this season.

September 21 2007

James Marsters US CD launch party details. Tickets go on sale Saturday the 22nd at noon eastern time. There are only a 100 tickets to the party at $250 ea.

September 15 2007

James Marsters Sept. Q and A online now. This month covers advise to Spike, bacon or sausage, what does generosity mean, among others. Also there is a snippet about upcoming news on his US album launch. More...

September 11 2007

James Marsters cameos as Ted Bundy in new TV movie. In a message from his manager, mentions the cameo appearance as the serial killer in "Chasing the Devil", according to IMDB it will be on the cable channel Lifetime in 2008. More...

August 25 2007

A fan tribute to James Marsters, in photos of expression. This book (filled with the many faces of James taken by the fans over the years), will be given to Mr. Marsters at Dragoncon next weekend. If you are going to Dragoncon and you want to sign the book you can find out when here. More...

August 22 2007

James Marsters at the Mile High Club. He will be doing a concert at the club in LA, CA on October 27, 2007. Tickets go on sale Monday, August 27. He will also be in Cardiff, Wales on November 17, 2007 for a concert. In other Marsters news, the futon critic reports Marsters will be on the season premiere of 'Without A Trace' on Thur Sept 27th at 10pm ET. More...

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