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August 22 2007

Paley Center for Media Fall preview Parties including Chuck, Bionic Woman. Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills is having FREE fall preview parties during the first few weeks of Sept. Stars may or may not show up, it says surprise guests expected, but at the very least it's a way to show our BDH's some support on their new shows. You need to email to reserve seats, first come and all that.

August 19 2007

Adam Baldwin not able to make Dragoncon. His cancelation is due to shooting conflict with his new series Chuck.

August 13 2007

PopWatch's Michael Slezak is buzzing on Chuck. EW's TV columnist loves Chuck, fears for Jezebel James, and loathes Cavemen. Includes a three minute YouTube trailer with glimpses of Adam throughout. Also mentioned are Bionic Woman, Pushing Daisies and Reaper.

August 06 2007

Dragoncon News, have some Friday Night Fun with James Marsters, and another BDH comes aboard the event. 100 fans can spend the evening with James at an informal meet & greet on Fri Aug 31. You must reserve you ticket ahead of time, payment will be made at the door. Also in other D*C news, Adam Baldwin will be joining the line-up for the event.

July 28 2007

James Marsters and Adam Baldwin film special video greetings. The dynamic duo filmed these from Comic-con for the Xbox Live Marketplace. More...
Comic Con Report on Chuck. Starting off with Zap2it, Chuck and Adam Baldwin, who unfortunately wasn't there, Chuck got a standing ovation from the fans. From Zap2it: "The good vibrations were so palpable that even Baldwin's absence couldn't harsh the buzz and the people here love Baldwin like Wade Boggs loved chicken." More...
Sands of Oblivion on Sci Fi US tonight. Reminder for all the US Whedonesquers that Adam Baldwin and Morena Baccarin's movie is on tonight, 9/8C.

July 27 2007

(SPOILER) Newsarama reviews Superman: Doomsday. Some comments about Adam and James' performances in this animated movie.

July 26 2007

A Big Man for Big Blue. Newsarama has an interview with Adam Baldwin on his voice acting on the new Superman/Doomsday animated DVD. They believe he also has the look to play a live-action Superman and are able to work in a few mentions of his Mutant Enemy gigs.

July 19 2007

'Adam Baldwin, it's got to be Adam Baldwin.' Josh Schwartz tells PopGurls that Adam was the top pick for the role of John Casey in the new fall show "Chuck." Also? Looks like Adam may get chances to bring the funny in the role.

July 17 2007

Alec, Steven, Daniel, William, and...Adam? Michael Ausiello notes a stupid question asked of Adam Baldwin at today's Chuck press tour panel. D'oh! A few nice tidbits about the upcoming show as well. More...
Jayne and Inara in Egypt. Adam Baldwin and Morena Baccarin star in Sci-Fi Original Movie, Sands of Oblivion which premieres 28th July.
NBC sends "Chuck" to Monday nights (at 8PM Eastern) this Fall. Adam Baldwin's new series, from the creator of The O.C., has been moved to a new night. More...

July 04 2007

Adam Baldwin talks about Independence Day. Which is quite appropriate given today's date.

May 28 2007

Cover and some release details for Superman/Doomsday DVD. This direct-to-dvd animated release that features the voices of James Marsters and Adam Baldwin is set to be released in September, 2007.

May 14 2007

See a preview of Adam Baldwin's new show "Chuck". Which also features another verse guest, Tony Todd. More...

May 10 2007

Adam Baldwin To Co-Star In NBC Series "Chuck" This Fall. Adam will play the character John. The series, a spy dramedy from the creator of The OC, gets an early pickup from NBC, along with Journeyman, Life, and The Bionic Woman (of which Glen Morgan - writer and producer on The X-Files and Millennium - is looking to join the production). More...

May 03 2007

(SPOILER) DVD Talk Reviews "The Thirst", featuring multiple verse names. The film comes out on DVD(R1) May 15th, with Adam Baldwin, Clare Kramer, and Tom Lenk. The movie calls itself a "Requiem for a Dream meets Near Dark." The reviewer agrees they "steal quite blatantly" from the other films but this is more "campy", observing that, "Most of the actors seem to be having a little tongue-in-cheek fun with the material". More...

March 21 2007

(SPOILER) Bruce Timm on Superman: Doomsday and Justice League: New Frontiers. In the Newsarama interview, Timm talks about both Adam Baldwin (Superman) and James Marsters (Lex Luthor)and just how each came aboard. More...

March 08 2007

'The Thirst' gets a release date. The vampire movie which stars Adam Baldwin, Clare Kramer, Tom Lenk and Serena Scott-Thomas (terrific Whedon alum casting) will be released on DVD on May 15th. Click here to view the trailer.

March 04 2007

Jayne and Spike as Superman and Lex Luthor? Warner Home Video announces Superman: Doomsday DVD featuring the voices of Adam Baldwin and James Marsters.

February 27 2007

Happy Birthday (on Feb 27) Adam Baldwin! More...

February 19 2007

Austin, TX Serenity Charity Screening hopes to have Adam Baldwin as guest! That will change the landscape won't it. Celebrity Serenity Charity Screenings! More...

February 08 2007

Variety reveals Adam Baldwin in NBC pilot. He's part of the cast of "Chuck", which is produced by the creator of "The O.C." and will be directed by McG. Not much about what the show is about. However, it says that Adam was part of "The Nine" rather than "Day Break".

January 29 2007

Big Damn Heroes, blueprints, crowds, and a cheerleader. SerenityStuff goes to the FX con in Orlando and meets Ron Glass, Adam Baldwin and Christina Hendricks. See pics of the actors with fan made dolls plus there's an intriguing glimpse of QMX's Serenity blueprints.

January 16 2007

Pulled ABC "Day Break," ... to See Light Again Online. Good news for all the Jayne fans! More...

December 20 2006

Adam Baldwin added to FX Show line-up. He'll be appearing at the Orlando convention, January 26-28, alongside fellow Whedon-alums Ron Glass, Christina Hendricks, Sam Anderson, Andy Hallett and Bianca Lawson. More...

December 06 2006

Changes for ABC's shows featuring Jossverse cast and crew. According to TV Guide's Michael Ausiello: Jeffrey Bell and Adam Baldwin's "Day Break" might be canceled. Drew Goddard and Daniel Dae Kim's "Lost" will get a new time slot. And on related news David Arquette's "In Case of Emergency" debuts in January. More...

November 23 2006

'Day Break' Appears Broken. Adam Baldwin's new show Day Break "appeared truly broken Wednesday night, as it drew a meager 3.4 rating and a 6 share in the 9:00 p.m. hour." More...

November 09 2006

What if you kept reliving Adam's new show 'Day Break'? "In support of the premiere, ABC is having ABC affiliates, ESPN and SOAPnet participate in simultaneously airing a thirty-second promo to create a road block at 6:17 AM during a two-day window on 11/14 and/or 15." More...

October 30 2006

Adam Baldwin finds Day Break Nov 15th. When his new show starts on ABC in a 2 hour premiere at 9pm ET. The show stars Taye Diggs as a guy who keeps living the same day over and over. Reminder: Standoff (with Gina Torres) is back tonight at a new time 8pm ET on FOX. More...

September 16 2006

Nathan Fillion posts for Rings of Orbis RPG and "The Softwire" book. The Captain excited the crew over at the OB by logging on and pimping giving good publicity for an online RPG called Rings of Orbis (free reg req to play the game), and for a new book (on which the game is based) that Nathan's friend PJ Haarsma wrote, called The Softwire. More...

August 28 2006

Adam Baldwin's appearance at Dragon*Con has been cancelled. On the official Firefly board, Adam posts that he was unable to attend due to his work schedule and apologies for the late notice and the inconvenience it may cause (req. reg). Summer Glau, Alan Tudyk, Andy Hallet and Nicholas Brendon are still scheduled to attend.

August 26 2006

Shindig script raises $2,750 for charity in California Browncoats eBay auction. After hovering at around $760 for several days, generous Browncoat bidders raised the final price for Adam Baldwin's autographed original shooting script for the Firefly episode Shindig to an amazing $2,750, all for charity. Currently up for bid: Safe, which at the moment has a bid of around $960. More...

August 16 2006

Winner of the Serenity pilot script posts details including a physical description and all of Adam's notes.

August 15 2006

One week left to vote for the SyFy Genre Awards! A plethora of Serenity, Firefly, Acker, and Whedonesque nominees await your choices. More...

August 04 2006

Adam Baldwin Auctions "Firefly" Pilot Script On eBay. He's putting all 14 of his shooting scripts (signed by the cast and crew) up for auction over the next four months. It's to help raise funds for the Marine Corps - Law Enforcement Foundation which provides financial aid for disabled kids of Marines.
(SPOILER) A day on the set of Adam Baldwin's Day Break. A fan who worked a day on the set of Adam's new series reports on the LJ Firefly Fans group that the actor seems to be enjoying himself in the role...and with guns. ;)

July 21 2006

Collectormania 10 featuring Adam Baldwin, Amber Benson and Juliet Landau. They (and Supergirl) will be visiting Milton Keynes in September/October this year.

July 12 2006

(SPOILER) The Futon Critic previews 'Day Break'. Adam Baldwin and Jeffrey Bell's new series set to bow midseason.

July 04 2006

Celebrate Independence Day with Adam Baldwin. Not in person, sadly. But don't forget his excellent portrayal of Major Mitchell in this 1996 film. What better way to spend the holiday than by sitting back and watching Earth That Was get invaded? More...

June 29 2006

ABC's preview of 'Daybreak.' Adam's new show, set to debut in January, puts him on the other side of the law as an LAPD officer. ABC includes a video preview. More...
Adam Baldwin interview from Adventure Con. "At a muscular 6'4", Adam can seem quite imposing and is probably one of the reasons why he has been cast in many tough-guy roles, but his real-life persona belies a heart of gold."

June 16 2006

Clare Kramer joins in on the Adventure in Knoxville, Tn, June 24-25. For a day at least, Clare will be there Saturday June 24. She will be joining Adam Baldwin who will also be at the event for Saturday and part of Sunday. More...

May 20 2006

Trailer for the horror movie 'The Thirst'. It stars Whedonverse alums Adam Baldwin, Clare Kramer, Tom Lenk and Serena Scott Thomas. No word on a release date yet but if you want to see some extremely bloody pics of Clare and Adam, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

May 16 2006

Official: 'Day Break' and 'Brothers and Sisters' get picked up by ABC. Jeff Bell's new show which stars Adam Baldwin (seemingly best known for his guest stint in NCIS) looks to air mid-season. However Marti Noxon's latest show will air this Fall on Sundays at 10pm. Update: In other news, Veronica Mars got renewed. More...

May 11 2006

Good news, bad news on pilots. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the early word about pilots is that ABC is "handing a series order" to "Day Break," the Taye Diggs series that co-stars Adam Baldwin, but that "Him and Us," the sitcom starring Anthony Stewart Head, is a "no-go" but might be shopped elsewhere. The article also reports that Christian Kane's "Close to Home" is "looking good to return next season" on CBS. More...

May 08 2006

What does Adam Baldwin have to do with Law and Order? What if Law and Order were set in space and starred Adam Baldwin? Check out this article if not purely for the awesome graphic at the beginning... Actually, you should read that whole thing, it's pretty interesting.

April 20 2006

(SPOILER) 'How I Met Your Mother' Gets UK Airdate. BBC Three have finally given the details on when they will air How I Met Your Mother after having the rights for many months. Warning: The link contains spoilers to several other shows. In other UK news, FX UK will be showing Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a 7pm slot starting from May 1st as well. And Adam Baldwin will be on tonight's episode of Bones on Sky One. More...

April 19 2006

Adam B. hosts & Jewel S. voices on Done the Impossible Documentary. The production of the DVD is almost finish. There is a whole slew of extras listed besides the actual documentary, including DVD-ROM features(for the computer only). And it is announced that Adam Baldwin and Jewel Staite have contributed their talents to this. More...

April 17 2006

Coverage of the Firefly/Serenity panel at the SciFi summit which was held in Pasadena last month. Questions ably answered by Summer Glau, Adam Baldwin and Morrena Baccarin, including the one about the River recast rumour.

March 28 2006

New Whedonverse Dragon*con Guests Confirmed! Summer Glau, Adam Baldwin, Andy Hallett, and James Leary have been added to Dragon*con's confirmed list of guests! More...

March 15 2006

Pics, Glorious Whedonverse Pics. Extemely lovely photos of Tony Head, Summer Glau, Morena Baccarin and Adam Baldwin from the recent "Grand Slam XIV: The Sci-Fi Summit".

March 14 2006

The six degrees of Adam Baldwin. Day Break, Joss and why David Boreanaz is such a nice guy all get a mention in this interview.

March 10 2006

Jeffrey Bell to Executive Produce Day Break. He's signed on to be an Executive Producer on Adam Baldwin's new show Day Break.

February 28 2006

(SPOILER) Adam Baldwin has some Bones to pick. Adam will play Agent Kenton, a fellow FBI agent of David Boreanaz's character Booth on the March 15th episode of Bones called "Two Bodies in the Lab".

February 27 2006

Adam Baldwin signs on for new ABC pilot. According to Variety, he'll be playing "grizzled police vet Chad Shelton" in 'Daybreak'. And Adam has posted about the pilot over at the Official Firefly board (reg req).

February 26 2006

Happy 44th birthday to Adam Baldwin. Also, Drew Goddard turned 31 yesterday.

February 09 2006

Poseidon Adventure Comes to The UK. Adam Baldwin's four part series of Poseidon Adventure comes to UK channel SKY One next Wednesday. More...

February 07 2006

Fox Latin America will show final "The Inside" episode today. Fox Latin America has shown all 13 episodes produced since November 15th, 2005. Linked page is in Portuguese. A full description of the episode can be found in Fox Latin America official website: Mundo Fox.

February 03 2006

Nathan Fillion to attend Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors in Chicago. Universal will also be screening 'Slither' for free to 300 attendees on Saturday. In other Firefly star news, Adam Baldwin will be at Flanvention II.

January 10 2006

Serenity stars at Moonlight Rising Con. Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin on the East Coast in June. More...

January 08 2006

Serenity and cast are all over IMDB Best of 2005. Serenity #5 on the Best Picture list. More...

December 21 2005

The Man they call Jayne - an Adam Baldwin interview. The latest in the top notch Serenity interviews from Finally the fandom can get closure on the question about "Who would play whom in a Mel Brooks' version of Firefly?".

December 16 2005

Watch Adam Baldwin play a sarcastic star pilot (req required). Yes, this one is quite strange - a Star Wars fan film claims to have signed Adam to appear as an acquaintance of Han Solo. They want 25 people to meet them on the day of shooting. A bit more info here.

November 27 2005

Pics of Summer Glau promoting Serenity. And here's some of Jewel Staite, Adam Baldwin, Morena Baccarin, Sean Maher and Nathan Fillion as well (all via UIP Germany).

November 01 2005

The best Vampire movie for Whedonverse fans ever? Well 'The Thirst' does star Adam Baldwin, Tom Lenk, Clare Kramer and Serena Scott Thomas (Gwendolyn Post). More...

October 18 2005

Relive Booster Bash Memories. Booster Events has the photo CD from the Bash for sale now. Lots of candid pics, including Joss, Alexis and Adam! More...

October 17 2005

(SPOILER) Adam Baldwin Q &A at Dallas Comic Con. 7 1/2 minutes of video clips of Adam Baldwin's Q & A at 16 October 2005's Dallas Comic Con. MAJOR Serenity SPOILER ON PAGE and in video. More...

October 06 2005

Adam Baldwin's 'The Poseidon Adventure' premieres Sunday 9th October. Strangely enough, Australia is the telemovie's World Premiere location, showing on Network Seven @ 7:30pm. The US airing follows on the 20th November.

October 04 2005

Adam Baldwin's 25-year acting career. Nice interview-based piece with Adam Baldwin on his early success then long struggle as an actor, playing Jayne, and the Firefly fans.

September 29 2005

(SPOILER) Resurrecting Firefly with Adam Baldwin. 20 minute documentary, I presume this is what Sci-Fi US aired. More...

September 28 2005

(SPOILER) Serenity Cast Interviews from the Premiere. Video interviews with the crew (minus Gina) on Morena is asked about Wonder Woman. Callout and link to these appeared prominently today's daily eMail, which has massive list of subscribers. More...

September 20 2005

Great SMRT-TV interview with Adam Baldwin about Serenity. Teaser quote: "My challenge with Joss was to bring in too much stuff, be too broad and let him say bring it back; 'Ok, that's too much.'"
Diamond Select Serenity Action Figure Contest. Due to the good grace of Diamond Select, Raving Toy Maniac presents a contest in which you can enter to win a signed Jayne action figure, among other nifty things. More...

September 07 2005

Adam Baldwin Central site is looking for Real Heros. They are working to raise money for the American Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund. Also to celebrate the 9/30 premiere of SERENITY, they are giving away a copy of the soundtrack sampler.

August 25 2005

Go figure - Stars, Toys, Fandom and Sci-Fi. Toronto Star article featuring Adam Baldwin and James Marsters. There's also Joss Whedon, Serenity and AtS mentions. Registration may be required to read. More...

August 08 2005

Summer Glau & Adam Baldwin Talk Serenity. Little snippets from interviews with Summer and Adam in Dreamwatch.

August 01 2005

Adam Baldwin: Debunked. Very nice profile and interview with him over at MillarWorld Magazine.

July 28 2005

The Signal #4 podcast is up. Includes a shiny interview with Adam Baldwin.

July 25 2005

Poseidon Adventure, co-starring Adam Baldwin, on Nov. 20. NBC has picked up Poseidon Adventure and skedded it for Sunday, Nov. 20. It's a lead role for our lovable lug. Check out the trailer at Hallmark. More...

March 19 2005

Adam Baldwin's staring in a new Adventure. He is set to star in the Hallmark 4 hour mini-series updated remake of the Poseidon Adventure that will to air on NBC next fall. More...

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