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March 14 2010

(SPOILER) More details about Summer Glau's character "Orwell" in The Cape. Courtesy of KSiteTV. In addition to the Hollywood Reporter's original article, see also for even more info as well as for a script review.

December 15 2009

(SPOILER) The /Filmcast praises Summer Glau, Alan Tudyk and Dollhouse. 14 minutes and 28 seconds into episode 80 of the film news and entertainment podcast, co-host Devindra Hardawar laments the cancellation of Dollhouse. More...

November 15 2009

"Gone too Soon" Sci-Fi Show list with a Joss focus. AOL discusses Joss' seemingly bad luck keeping any series alive since Buffy and lists the Top 12 Sci-Fi shows canceled prematurely. Joss shows appear as well as Whedononians cast in other series.

November 10 2009

(SPOILER) Scoop on Summer Glau's Dollhouse character. E! Online has some spoilers on Bennett. (Spoilers for other shows as well.)

October 24 2009

Summer Glau cast in a Western. The Legend of Hell's Gate: An American Conspiracy is currently filming in Summer's home state of Texas. The film follows three outlaws on the run. Summer plays Maggie Moon, a member of a family who cross paths with the outlaws. More...

October 21 2009

(SPOILER) Spoilers and reviews for upcoming Dollhouse episodes. E! Online has some strong spoilers and good reviews for the next couple of Dollhouse episodes.
(SPOILER) Changes at the 'Dollhouse'. Summer Glau speaks to Zap2it about her recurring role on Dollhouse.

October 14 2009

(SPOILER) Can Summer Glau save Dollhouse? TV squad does not think so.

October 12 2009

(SPOILER) Promotional Photos for Dollhouse 2x05 "The Public Eye". This episode features Alexis Denisof and Summer Glau's first appearance. It will air October 30th.

October 02 2009

(SPOILER) TV Guide Canada's Top 50 Fall Guest Shots. TV Guide Canada's staff have compiled their list of the top 50 guest shots for the fall season. More...

September 29 2009

(SPOILER) 7 years after Firefly: Where are they now? Sci Fi Wire takes a look (minor spoilers for Summer's role on Dollhouse). More...

September 28 2009

Lifetime greenlights 'Deadly Honeymoon'. Summer Glau to star in a Lifetime movie inspired by a true story.

September 25 2009

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon on 'Dr. Horrible,' 'Dollhouse,' his 'Battlestar' guests & Summer Glau. Zap2It's Korbi has nice little talk with "the man".

September 19 2009

Kanye interrupts your favorite Sci-Fi Show. A little Photoshop-fun over at Sci-Fi Wire, with Kanye interrupting - amongst others - Summer Glau's Cameron to tell her that Dollhouse is one of the best low-rated Fox shows of all time.

September 13 2009

(SPOILER) IGN has more info on Summer Glau's "Dollhouse" role. Some very specific information describing who her character is going to be, and what not.

August 28 2009

(SPOILER) Doll or No Doll? - Joss on Summer's new role. TV Guide Magazine features some brief quotage from Joss about Summer guesting on Dollhouse. More...

August 27 2009

Teaser trailer for Good Morning Rabbit. First teaser trailer for the mysterious, Summer Glau-related project - helmed by former Sarah Connor Chronicles media consultant Hadley Klein. More...

August 26 2009

(SPOILER) Summer Glau in the House. According to Dollverse. And there's more details about her character over at

August 24 2009

The Whedonverse at the 2009 Portal Awards. Out of a bunch of nominations, the Whedonverse managed to score some nice wins: Alan Tudyk won the Best Guest Star (Television) category for his work on Dollhouse's "Omega", Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog beat out Jane Espenson's Battlestar Galactica: Face of the Enemy in the Best Web Production category, and Summer Glau was voted Best Supporting Actress (Television) for her portrayal of Cameron in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (beating runner-up Olivia Williams). Also, Whedonesque nearly won Best Web Site.
Promo pics of Summer Glau in "Good Morning Rabbit". The pilot was being filmed just a few days ago.

August 07 2009

Summer Glau Dancing. I found this through A nice compilation of Summer's dance scenes, with a great composition from Greg Edmonson. Enjoy! More...

July 28 2009

Summer Glau shooting comedy pilot, Good Morning Rabbit. Here's what Summer's up to these days. More...

July 24 2009

Happy Birthday Summer Glau! The amazing actress turns 28 today. More...

June 24 2009

FHM releases its 100 Sexiest Women of the World List for 2009. Whedonverse actresses who make the list include Summer Glau at #27 (up 63 places from last year) and Eliza Dushku at #53. More...

June 15 2009

Summer Glau turns down role in 'Trophy Kids'. NYPost: A rep for Glau told Page Six, "She passed on the film due to creative differences."

June 04 2009

Vote on who you want to see play the next Lara Croft. The Coventry Telegraph is hosting a poll on which candidate, suggested by its online readers, fans would most like to see as the new, character-driven Lara Croft. Summer Glau is included. More...

May 27 2009

Summer Glau on Dollhouse?'s Ausiello quotes Joss: "If anybody thinks [bringing Summer onto Dollhouse] hasn't occurred to me already then they have not met me." This link contains spoilers for other shows.

May 22 2009

Old hat: WW casting speculation. New and improved: Lara Croft casting speculation! With a reboot of the Lara Croft franchise in the offing, Summer Glau is high on the rumour list. More...

May 20 2009

A 'Thank You' message from Summer. A thank you message from Summer Glau to all her fans post T:SCC via her official (unofficial) website. More...

May 17 2009

The Sarah Connor Chronicles cancelled according to reports. Not much of a surprise, but still news. End Of Show is reporting it as well. Update: Official statement from show creator Josh Friedman and Kevin Reilly's comments. More...

May 06 2009

xkcd: The Race - Part 4. And they're off!

May 05 2009

xkcd: The Race - Part 3. Part 3 of the XKCD comic featuring Nathan Fillion, his Firefly compatriots, and his electric skateboard.

April 14 2009

Ausiello: Fox will not be renewing 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles'. This news comes as no surprise.

April 10 2009

Glau Dancing in the Streets. Summer Glau's ballet will be featured in Tyler Shields' new book "The Dirty Side of Glamour". Photos can be seen here as well as a video. More...
Everything you need-to-know for tonight's Sarah Connor finale. The 2nd season finale Born to Run (hopefully not the series finale) airs this evening. Article looks at this season's major plot points, characters, unresovlved questions and what may be ahead for the Connors tonight. More...

April 01 2009

Video of on-set Terminator prank featuring Summer Glau. To complement the below Dollhouse prank. More...

March 30 2009

Watch Eliza and Summer get April Fooled. They will be two of the Fox stars getting pranked in this April Fool's Day special. More...

March 10 2009

Summer Glau nominated for Saturn Award. She got nominated in the "Best Supporting Actress in Television" category. More...

March 03 2009

(SPOILER) 'Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles' WonderCon Preview Reel. Michael Ausiello has an online exclusive look at scenes from the final 6 episodes of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. More...

March 01 2009

Summer talks Big Bang Theory. Before the T:SCC panel at WonderCon, Summer Glau talked to reporters about playing herself on an upcoming episode of the CBS sitcom.

February 25 2009

Adam Baldwin will be at WonderCon. Signing autographs Saturday/Sunday and he will be on the Chuck panel on Sunday. Also, Summer Glau has been added to the Terminator panel (on Sunday as well).

February 24 2009

TV by the numbers has a system for figuring out what shows are likely to be cancelled and which are safe. T:SCC and Dollhouse are on the danger list, with T:SCC very likely to be cancelled, according to them.

February 21 2009

(SPOILER) Summer Glau talks Big Bang Theory. Access Hollywood chats with Summer about her appearance on the CBS comedy, her genre fame status and if she follows what people say about her online.

February 13 2009

Happy Valentine's Day from Fox. Outtakes from the Summer Glau/Eliza Dushku promos. Also the latest Jossverse video (treadmills are evil).

February 11 2009

Summer Glau in 'Big Bang Theory'. She is going to play herself as the nerds' "favorite sci-fi actress in all the land". More...

February 09 2009

Summer & Eliza hosting Friday's premiere. At least, according to a poster on TWoP, who saw an ad and got this picture.

February 06 2009

Wired examines who could play the next Lara Croft. Wired names Summer Glau as an actress they think has the action chops to play Croft, and cites her work in "TSCC." More...

January 28 2009

Summer Glau is AOL "Star of the Week". Summer Glau is "Star der Woche" with AOL Germany. Probably because Terminator: SCC just started over here. It's a picture gallery with background information on her youth and recent projects. Since the original page is in German, the link is to a google translated page. One picture seems to be wrong, though.

January 09 2009

Buddy TV Lists the 100 Best TV Episodes of 2008. Included are HIMYM, Chuck, Bones, T:TSCC, Dexter, Mad Men, Seth Green's My Name is Earl episode as well as American Dad, and Leverage.

January 04 2009

Yet another XKCD reference to Summer Glau/Serenity. The comic deals with simplifying metric conversions (Summer is referenced under the length and volume columns). More...

December 15 2008

(SPOILER) TV Guide interviews Summer Glau. Spoiler warning for TSCC. When asked about the move to Friday, the pairing with Dollhouse and the Whedon connection; Glau: "We do, and I think the fans will band together and support us on Friday nights. We had a lot of competition on Monday, so I think this might be a good thing".

December 12 2008

(SPOILER) Summer Glau on Terminator's move to Fridays. Short article on IGN telling us Summer Glau's feelings on the move to friday night. Includes possible minor spoilers on upcoming Terminator episodes.

December 05 2008

Summer and Hat-trick Carlos together again. Carlos Jacott guests on Terminator. Did he and Summer appear together at all in the pilot of Firefly?

November 18 2008

T1 Convention featuring Summer Glau - April 2009. If you live in dear old Blighty and fancy seeing the likes of Summer Glau, Adam Baldwin, Amy Acker, Felicia Day, Georges Jeanty, Jonathan Woodward and Clare Kramer then you might be interested in this upcoming Starfury event. More...

November 07 2008

SciFi says River may be the best Terminator...EVER. "For the loyal cult following of the short-lived Firefly, the discovery of relative newcomer Glau came a while ago."

October 21 2008

The Ballerina vs The Contortionist. A behind the scenes look at the Terminator fight from episode 6 of TSCC.

October 16 2008

Some video of last year's Creation's salute to Firefly and Serenity. To get set for this years Serenity convention, I found a few video clips from last years event about half way down on the left side. 4 videos clips from the Q&A's and further down 3 interviews. Fun to watch. More...

October 13 2008

Joss and Summer on their next project 'The Serving Girl'. Find out if it will ever come to fruition.

October 10 2008

FOX orders two more scripts for T:TSCC. Though still no word on actual production past ep. 13.

October 09 2008

Throw a little Summer in the mix. Fansong about Summer Glau on More...

October 07 2008

Terminator series gets 'Drive' ratings. Uh-oh! Some site I've never heard of says they have sources at Fox. The sources say Terminator: SCC may get canceled due to low ratings and a small number of episodes ordered for the season. Thoughts, anyone? More...

October 04 2008

(SPOILER) Insightful review of Sarah Connor Chronicles "Allison from Palmdale" episode. Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles had a very Cameron (played by Summer Glau) centric episode that really added depth and subtlety to the character. I think that the episode is well worth watching (and is available online, at least in the USA).

October 03 2008

Hollywood Backlot visits the set of "Sarah Connor". LA Times photoblog offers a behind-the-scenes look at TSCC episodes The Mousetrap and Allison from Palmdale.

September 27 2008

One Deadly Summer. Summer Glau looking sinuously slinky in a short stint for GQ magazine. Comes with "hot" photos and a "sexy" video. More...

September 24 2008

Summer Glau talks Terminator at the TCA's. Summer talks Sarah Connor Chronicles, potential role in the new Terminator movie and how kicking ass has helped her career.

September 16 2008

The girl behind the glutes: Summer Glau. Tells Women's Health about her workout moves - aka 'how to build a (literally) killer body'. More...

August 28 2008

SFX previews S2 of The Sarah Connor Chronicles with Summer on the cover and a six page feature inside. Dollhouse and Chuck are also featured, on a smaller scale, in their look ahead to the new season. More...

August 26 2008

The Cast of "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" returns to the Golden Apple comics store. An episode will be screened and a cast Q&A are scheduled for this event on September 13th.

August 19 2008

(SPOILER) Summer Glau talks Sarah Connor. Our favourite future psychic assassin turned future robotic assassin previews what's to come in Season 2. More...

August 18 2008

The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 1 DVD: Behind the scenes. Summer. Mirrored Shades. Homage to T2. And cast pics for the new season can be found over at Grrl TV.

August 13 2008

Summer Glau talks Terminator. She tells SFX all about her character Cameron and what it's like working on 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles'.

August 07 2008

(SPOILER) Have you seen this woman? Missing Person- dark haired, petite, unusually strong for her size, answers to the name of Cameron. If you encounter her, do not approach! Cameron is not quite herself after suffering through this accident. The sooner she is off the streets the better for everyone.

July 30 2008

SyFy Portal BlogTalkRadio Interview of Summer Glau. Michael Hinman interviews the cast of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" at Comic-Con International in San Diego. More...

July 24 2008

Happy Birthday Summer Glau. "Day" is a vestigial mode of time measurement based on solar cycles. It's not applicable... I didn't get you anything. More...

June 29 2008

(SPOILER) Josh Friedman and Summer Glau talk SCC Season 2. News on casting, a few hints about the direction of the new season, and Thomas Dekker's bangs.

June 26 2008

Top Five Favorite TV Robots. CinemaBlend's Kelly West ranks the television 'bots, with Summer Glau's Terminatrix "Cameron" at #3 spot, and the Buffybot coming in at #2.

June 25 2008

Saturn Award Winners Announced. Summer Glau, Amy Adams and Drew Goddard's Cloverfield are among those honored. Congratulations to the winners! More...

June 18 2008

Summer Glau is Teen Choice to Break Out. Summer is nominated for Choice TV Actress: Action Adventure and Choice TV: Breakout Star Female in the 2008 Teen Choice Awards on FOX this August. More...

June 07 2008

(SPOILER) First set pics of Summer Glau in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2. Courtesy of Giant Freakin Robot, Summer's robot character will be back! More...

June 05 2008

Fox unveils return dates for "Bones" and "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles". Boothe and Cam will be back on Wednesday, September 3rd and Cameron will be back on Monday, September 8th. The complete Press Release can be found here. More...

May 29 2008

"What I Love About Fox". Highly amusing 'mockumentary' asking Fox's stars, both big and small, why they love working for Fox. They even do an after-credits scene (though not with a Whedon actor). More...

May 20 2008

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on DVD. Press Release for the Complete First Season on DVD. To be released August 19th.

May 16 2008

Pics from yesterday's Fox Upfront. Boreanaz! Glau! Dushku! Three Buffyverse alum at the same event.

April 30 2008

Summer Glau is Young Hollywood. Just Jared has some pictures of Summer attending the Young Hollywood Awards. There is also a quote of her about "The Sarah Connor Chronicles". More...

April 25 2008

Summer Glau chats with She talks about her "lucky day", Sarah Connor, The Serving Girl, and if she'll appear in Dollhouse. More...

April 21 2008

Vote for Summer Glau at Spike TV's "Guy's Choice" Awards. She's up against Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil 3) in the "Fiercest Female" category for her work on the Sarah Connor Chronicles. More...

April 16 2008

"We've already started staffing on 'Sarah Connor'". Kevin Reilly, Fox Entertainment President, gives hope for a second season of Summer Glau's new show.

April 03 2008

XKCD and Summer Glau together again. The webcomic shows us a unique way to namedrop.

March 20 2008

Video interview with Summer Glau at Wizard World LA. She's also Vanity Fair's bombshell of the month (pic perhaps not safe for work). More...

March 13 2008

VIP Fan Poll asks: "Which Actor would you most like to interview?". David Boreanaz and Summer Glau among polling choices for potential interview. I believe it's just for fun; I don't think it's part of a real interview.

March 01 2008

ET Canada Interviews Summer Glau. A nice interview with Summer in which ET Canada also reports that Terminator has been picked up for fall, although I can't find confirmation anywhere. More...

February 28 2008

(SPOILER) Terminator Producers Talk. The budget is brought up and they talk about their plans for the future... but most importantly they explain why Summer's performance changed so drastically after the pilot episode.

February 26 2008

Summer Glau artwork up for auction. Summer has contributed a lovely hand painted and signed pet bowl for an auction benefiting the SPCA in Los Angeles (spcaLA). More...
Sci/Fi Magazine to feature "TV's Hot New Super Women". Included in the List: Whedon Alumni Jewel Staite and Summer Glau.

February 25 2008

Summer Glau interviewed at the Onion AV Club. Summer Glau talks to the AV Club about the Sarah Connor Chronicles, Firefly, her first TV role, and camel saddles.
Joss and Summer's ballet project delayed. At a Q&A session at WonderCon, Summer said that the ballet she and Joss are working on will be delayed now that the WGA strike is over and Joss has begun working on Dollhouse.

February 23 2008

Interview with Summer Glau, et al about "The Sarah Connor Chronicles". Total SciFi article and interviews with Summer Glau and other cast and crew of the new scifi hit. Our little River's all growed up! *sniffle*.

February 21 2008

Summer Glau nominated for Saturn Award. She's up for "Best Supporting Actress on Television" for her role in 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles'.

February 20 2008

Summer Glau scheduled for Last Call with Carson Daly. She's scheduled to appear Thursday, February 21st at 1:35/12:35C. More...

February 18 2008

Summer Glau has a heart. No, really. These are fab pics.

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