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September 26 2014

CSTS events in Atlanta, Grand Prairie, Nowra, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Toronto and Tucson this weekend. Three countries, 7 Cities, Serenity, Dr. Horrible, Browncoats: Redemption, "Zoe's Shootin' Gallery" game, "Joss Whedon Jeopardy" hosted by Captain Hammer. More...

June 25 2012

Oz Comic Con premieres in Melbourne this weekend with 5 Whedonverse guests! It'll be an awesome weekend for Aussie Whedonesquers inMelbourne, with five Whedonverse guests attending the first Oz Comic-Con this weekend. Sean Maher, Julie Benz and Fran Kranz will be joined by Jason Palmer and Scott Allie.

February 27 2011

Shiny New Crew Sereni-Tee & Unisex Fleece Hoodie. New Official artwork from Jason Palmer. More...

July 25 2010

Jason Palmer Jayne and Serenity ship Sereni-Tee. Out to the Black and Back! and A Man Called Jayne. More...

August 29 2009

Jason Palmer's jumbo Serenity banner prints. Got wall? Also the Kaylee tee is now in a "breezy white, muscle tee raglan, with shimmery silver background motif". More...

October 16 2008

A familar face to the fans. Turns out that the final portrait in Jason Palmer's Serenity Portrait Series features someone who is pretty darn cool.

July 15 2008

Jason Palmer finishes his Serenity print series. The last of Jason Palmer's licensed Serenity character portrait prints are now complete, and the full set (with a snazzy album carrier) will be available at ComicCon or on the web site. More...

April 04 2008

Nathan and Ron are coming to Australia! The Hub Productions presents Nathan Fillion, Ron glass and Jason Palmer, May 10-11! More...

October 28 2007

Fan reporting in on Creation Firefly/Serenity Convention. I love reading these. More...

February 11 2007

An interview with Firefly artist Jason Palmer. SerenityStuff conducts a great interview with the man who draws the really cool portraits of the Firefly cast. Find out about Jason's love for the 'verse and what Joss thinks of his work as well.

January 02 2007

Jason Palmer's Shepherd Book print is now available. Shepherd Book is the fourth print to be released in the limited edition series. Already available are Mal, Zoe, River and Kaylee. Coming soon are Jayne, Wash, Inara, Simon and Serenity. An Operative print will also be available, but only when you order the complete set. More...

December 04 2006

Jason Palmer's limited edition Mal & Zoe prints to premier at Flanvention. Each limited to 300 Giclee prints and 100 Canvas prints. Next week Book, Kaylee and Jayne will be released. All 10 (including Serenity) will be out by the end of the year. More...

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