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February 27 2006

Serenity makes Amazon UK #1 spot on day of release. Huzzah. It's number 3 at HMV's charts, which are syndicated as the UK DVD Retail charts elsewhere, and #2 at Play.
Successful Serenity DVD Sales becomes one of Diggnation's Weekly Top Stories. A very popular podcast (~150 thousand listeners) discussed a story about Serenity apparently making more money on DVD then in theaters while giving some love to both the 'verse and Joss himself. More...
Serenity released on DVD in the UK today. So to mark this occasion, here's some glowing reviews from SFX magazine, Empire Magazine and Total Film as well.

February 24 2006

Short negative review of Serenity on dvd from The Guardian. "It plays more like a Dark Angel episode in space with a few bits grafted on from The Matrix, Minority Report and Star Wars."

February 22 2006

Serenity DVD Out Today in Italy with a nice red cover. The contents should be just like the uk version (with Italian audio). Firefly also debuted on Italian television last week, but translators made a very bad decision: they dropped the Chinese.

February 15 2006

Firefly R2 Boxset DVD for under 12 pounds. are selling the Firefly set for 11.95 as part of a sci-fi boxsets promotion. That's the cheapest I've ever seen it anywhere. More...

February 10 2006

Slimmer Buffy R1 DVD boxsets announced. And at a cheaper price too. These'll ship on May 30th.

February 07 2006

Details on the HMV Exclusive Serenity R2 DVD. The HMV version features six Serenity artcards. That sigh you heard was fans worldwide wondering if they should get this version as well.

February 06 2006

Another Serenity DVD cover. (Link opens a PDF) Patrick Foster of Hired Gun Design has produced his own version of the Serenity DVD cover. Check it out!

January 25 2006

German Serenity DVD details revealed. Check out the details and the rather nice cover for the limited edition 2 disc set.

January 24 2006

EzyDVD now offering a chance to win one of five Serenity posters signed by Joss. I know this site has been linked to before, but I thought maybe this competition might be of use to those who have yet to order theirs. Unfortunately it's Australian residents only. More...

January 23 2006

Amazon announces German DVD release for Serenity. Not that release dates on are gospel, but it's supposed to be March 2. No cover art yet.

January 16 2006

DVDFile posts a review of Serenity DVD... finally! Normally I'd think we'd probably had enough of these reviews, but this is a great one from a reviewer completely unfamiliar with Firefly.

January 12 2006

Serenity drops to #9 in overall DVD sales. The BDM is still the highest selling Sci-Fi DVD.
Universal Officially Announce R2 Release of "Serenity" on DVD and UMD. Available to buy and rent from the 27th of February. More...

January 09 2006

UK Serenity DVD Cover. has a new picture of the UK Serenity DVD. More...

January 08 2006

DVD Times on Serenity - "I adore this film". Back last April, a quote from DVD Times ended up on the first Serenity trailer. Find out how much they liked the DVD release in this extremely well written, highly comprehensive review.

January 07 2006

The DVD Archives' Glowing Review of Serenity. Our very own UnpluggedCrazy (Arlo J. Wiley) reviews Serenity for the new DVD review branch of My Film Website, The DVD Archives, citing it as, "just about as perfect a film as could be." More...

January 05 2006

Serenity DVD sales drop to #6 for week ending Jan 1. Per Behind Bandcamp and Into the Blue.

January 03 2006

Buffy Complete DVD collection is one of the top 10 DVDs of 2005. As the DVD Active reviewer rightly puts it "Buffy is one of those TV shows that will stick around for a long, long time".

December 29 2005

Serenity lands 25th in rental chart taking $1.64m in first week. Anybody remember the DVD artwork petition? Although it does look like retailers under ordered Serenity: "(Retailer) conservatively ordered 15 copies of Universal's Serenity, then had to get another 60 sent overnight to meet demand.". UPDATE: VideoBusiness reports 12th position for rentals with $3.53m.

December 28 2005

Robot Chicken Cover Art. DVD cover art for Seth Green's stop-motion cartoon mechanically clucks its way to
Eye Weekly DVD review of Serenity. Another good review. Warning - yet more Lucas bashing. More...

December 26 2005

After last week's cryptic but out of context article, EW reviews "Serenity" DVD. "(...)the wild, wide-open universe that Joss Whedon has created is freewheeling enough to keep things interesting".

December 20 2005

CHUD review of "Serenity" DVD. A newbie's take on the BDM. And a glowing review from DVD verdict. And this is hereby the Serenity DVD review thread. More...

December 19 2005

Inside the Serenity DVD. If you didn't already know, the Serenity movie is out to buy today in three glorious formats. Anyhow, Moviefone has some deleted scenes (plus clips from the gag reel) you can watch and a Q&A with Joss as well. Apparently Wonder Woman could beat Buffy and River in a fight.
IGN's Sci-Fi Brain has interviews with Wash, Book, and Saffron regarding their hopes for the DVD release. This starts their weeklong Serenity coverage. Also, IGN DVD angers Star Wars fans by their review of the Serenity DVD.
Joss chats about Serenity, fan encounters and the franchise's future. A new interview at about the DVD release.

December 18 2005

Check out the Serenity Amazon Ranking Tracker. Haken from has quietly added a Serenity Tracker in addition to the one he made for Firefly. More...

December 16 2005

Serenity DVD - "Not enough extras" says the reviewer at Alternatively Clint at says the extras are "fat, funky and full of browncoaty goodness". And in somewhat related news, Serenity is one of Total Film Magazine's Top 20 Movies of 2005.

December 15 2005

Want to see some exclusive clips from the Serenity DVD? Firstly pop over to Sci Fi Wire who've obtained a preview of an extended scene. And then go to the official Serenity movie site which has a clip of a deleted scene with an introduction from Joss.

December 14 2005

Final packaging for region four "Serenity" DVD. Look Ma, no zombies! More...

December 13 2005

DVD Talk reviews "Serenity" DVD. Movie: 4.5/5, Extras: 3.5/5, Replay: 5/5
IGN reviews the "Serenity" DVD and likes it, scores it at 9/10. More...

December 12 2005

Serenity website relaunched for the DVD. Holidays are comin', holidays are comin'.

December 09 2005

Empire report Joss loves the UK. Or something to do with the Serenity DVD, anyway.

December 08 2005

Why did Serenity go to DVD so quickly? Flickchick at TV Guide gives some interesting insights into why studios are putting movies out on DVD faster than ever.

December 07 2005

DVDWorldUSA shipping Serenity now. It's nice to know studio release dates are important. A great many people report orders being dispatched within 24 hours of ordering the region 1 DVD. It is, however, much more expensive than elsewhere. Edit: Apparently they have mistaken December 20 with December 2 for release date.

November 27 2005

TIME Magazine DVD reviews, including the Buffy CHOSEN collection. "The finest episodes come in the more mature later seasons--especially the Sondheimesque musical "Once More, with Feeling" in Season 6."

November 25 2005

'Likely' details of the Australian & Benelux Serenity disc (s). Universal Pictures Australia have "confirmed the likely disc configuration in terms of content." More...

November 20 2005

Series Might Be Dead but Buffy Keeps Vamping. Long review of the series as part of the box set announcement, including references to continuing fandom and academic activities.

November 19 2005 has special feature clips from the Chosen box set. A couple of new clips from the special features of the Chosen box set including Buffy: An Unilkely Role Model, plus some we've seen before.

November 18 2005

She Saved Pop Culture - A Lot! "But the "Buffyverse" still shines in the hearts and minds of its fans and creators, living on in novels, comic books, video games, action figures and countless other collectibles-and maybe even enjoy a live-action revival in the not-too-distant future."

November 17 2005

Australian Serenity DVD Release Details. The details of the Australia only special features have been released - woo hoo! Sydney Q and A!!

November 15 2005

Buffy: The Chosen Collection DVD boxset out today in the States. Entertainment Weekly calls it "a "colossal missed opportunity" because 20th Century Fox "failed to deliver the mother lode of extras" that the fans expected. Also out today on general release is the Tru Calling season 2 DVD which contains the final episode that Fox never aired.

November 11 2005

Clips from the 'Bonus features' disc on the Buffy Collector's Edition DVD boxset. Some great goodies here. There's Joss Whedon, Marti Noxon, Jane Espenson, Charisma Carpenter and Danny Strong chatting about the love between Buffy and Angel, relationships in the Buffyverse and Willow and Oz too. Not to mention Charisma and Danny discussing their favourite Buffy moments as well.

November 09 2005

'Serenity' Makes Quick Voyage to DVD. "Joss Whedon's short-lived FOX drama 'Firefly' found its greatest success on DVD and it looks like Universal is hoping the same will be true of Whedon's feature 'Serenity.'"

November 03 2005

Joss posts about the Serenity DVD artwork. It's short and to the point (reg req).
The second season of Roseanne is available for pre-order at Season two includes all seven of the Roseanne episodes written by Joss. More...

November 01 2005

Petition to have Serenity DVD cover changed. We've all seen it and screamed in terror over how it looks. So here's a petition to try and change this. And if you haven't seen it yet, here it is. (apparently they didn't enjoy the direct linking)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Chosen Collection. Highlights of the new footage on the 144 episode box set. Also, a nice controversial blurb to get our underwear in a wad over.... good times!
Cover art for the Serenity DVD. Quite possibly the worst Whedonverse DVD artwork ever. More...
Joss Whedon's letter to Angel fans. Find out what was written in the letter included with the Angel: Complete Series DVD Boxset. One goody is discovering a few of the Angel moments that made Joss' life worth living. More...
"Serenity" DVD (R1) Announced Officially. According to "DVD Times" Universal have announced the DVD, confirming the December 20th release date that's been going around for a while. Edit: Now Includes box art and menu screens.

October 31 2005

Angel: Complete DVD Collection Boxset out today in the UK. Just about the perfect gift for Halloween. And if you have some spare cash, 20th Century Fox UK have re-released the complete Buffy DVD Boxset today as well. More...
Sci Fi Wire Polls readers on DVD Premiere movies for the Buffyverse. Aside from James Marsters' Spike, who would you like to see star in their own DVD Buffy film? More...

October 30 2005

Newsweek on TV-to-DVD Boxed Sets. ""We still get requests for something new on 'Buffy'," says Fox's Steve Feldstein."

October 26 2005

Slaying Straight To DVD? According to Marti Noxon, there are serious discussions for straight to video Buffyverse adventures (via Chud).

October 25 2005

(SPOILER) Jeffrey Bell writing/directing episode 6 of Alias S5. The episode is titled "Solo" and has Amy Acker as a guest star. Also, Alias Season 4 came out on DVD today and it features Bell and Goddard on commentary together.
Preorder Serenity on DVD from for $27.99 (delivered) or 15 pounds delivered for UKers. Release 20th December. Includes the great "that sparkles" (shiny) French dubbing as an extra.

October 24 2005

Mysterious Skin available on DVD (R1) tomorrow. Gregg Araki's critically acclaimed film. Stars Michelle Trachtenberg.

October 21 2005

Charts, charts, charts. Firefly enters US 'top 20 DVD weekly sellers' list. Currently at number 17. More...

October 14 2005

A review of the 'Spike: Love is Hell' DVD. Fails to deliver the best Spike episodes according to this reviewer. More...

October 07 2005

Buffy - The Chosen Collection at $129.99 Originally listed at the unbelievably low price of $139.99, Amazon has dropped the price another $10. That's $70 off the list price. More...
Angel - Complete DVD (R2) Collection. Finally the perfect companion to that Buffy ultimate collectors edition dvd set! More...
Point Pleasant DVD Competition. are giving away three DVD boxsets of Marti Noxon's show. More...

October 05 2005

Serenity Now. Joss Whedon talks to CO-ED Magazine about Serenity and hints at a future for the Buffyverse.
Episode List and Extras revealed for 'Curse of the Hellmouth' DVD release which can only be bought at 'Best Buy'.

October 04 2005

Serenity (R2) DVD Extras. Wot, no commentary? More...

October 02 2005

A New Exclusive Buffy 2 Disc-DVD set, Curse of the Hellmouth , available this Tuesday at Best Buy. Another collection of episodes for those who haven't purchased the full season sets. Doesn't seem as though there are new extras, but more info will be provided at a further time.

October 01 2005

Fox Re-releasing "Buffy" and "Angel" Box Sets (R2) - Again. This Monday Fox are rereleasing seasons 1 and 2 of both shows, repackaged and repriced at around 35 pounds. More...

September 26 2005

Latino Review interviews Joss Whedon. They talk about Joss inspiration for Serenity, sequels, DVDs, Buffy Movie, X3 and Wonder Woman. "There will be many deleted scenes, and stuff like that, but there won't be a director's cut. What you saw was the director's cut."Some similar comments from previous interviews. It doesn't contain spoilers.

September 22 2005

Firefly DVDs back in the top ten at Amazon. Currently at #8, against some tough competition.

September 15 2005

FOX announces the contents on the bonus disc of the Chosen Collection. This is the BtVS DVD (R1) complete series collection (Seasons 1-7) in a 40 disc set. It is now available for pre-order at for $129.99. To be released Now 15, 2005.

September 09 2005

Joss Q&A's in Australia to be filmed as part of the Serenity DVD. Universal will be filming the entire Q&A to support the release of the DVD next year. And click here to find out Joss' media itinerary whilst in Oz. One highlight is him appearing on Channel Seven's breakfast show 'Sunrise' next Tuesday. More...

September 07 2005

Joss Whedon DVD sale at I'm curious how Universal got 20th Century Fox to cut their DVD prices in half. I'm not complaining though! More...

September 03 2005

Trailer for 'Done The Impossible' DVD now online. The DVD (available for pre-ordering) is a documentary about the Firefly fans and the trailer itself looks pretty darn good. More...

August 30 2005

Buffy "Chosen Collection" Box Art. This is the box art for the upcoming Region 1 (now-to-be called the) "Chosen Collection," to be released on November 15th. (Update): Additional pictures of the exterior and a little more description have been added at the tvshowsondvd site.

August 28 2005

Sept issue of Empire to include Firefly/Serenity DVD! The DVD includes an episode of the series (!), trailers, stills, and a feature on the STARFURY convention. More...

August 19 2005

BtVS DVD Collector's Set (R1) Now on Sale at Amazon. For the really low price of $139.99, with an SRP of 199.98. More...

August 02 2005

David Fury does commentary for Lost DVD. Herc got a early copy of the DVD and reveals some of its contents.

July 28 2005

"Point Pleasant" box art. Art for the Marti Noxon created show DVD release.

July 20 2005

Kristen reports that the Spike DVD rumor is unfounded.

July 14 2005

"Point Pleasant" Coming to DVD. Marti Noxon's short lived series to be released in full (13 episodes) on the 25th of October.

July 12 2005

Artwork for Complete UK Angel DVD Boxset Revealed. As reported in an earlier story, except a picture is now available. More...

July 05 2005

Firefly Hits number 2 on Amazon Daily Sales Rankings. According to Hakenís wonderful Firefly DVD page, Firefly has reached #2 today. Can #1 be far behind?

July 02 2005

Angel Complete Series (R2) Box Set. To be released on Halloween 2005.

June 29 2005

'Veronica Mars' headed to DVD this fall. The new UPN show, which featured Alyson Hannigan in a few episodes, will be released on DVD on October 11th. More...

June 14 2005

DVD cover art for David Greenwalt's Profit. Comes out on August 9th.

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May 17 2005

How much an Angel. Chart affording a rare glimpse at DVD revenues. Shows US sell-through figures for Angel season 5 DVDs and ranking amongst top selling TV shows year to date (mid April 2005). More...

May 02 2005

Firefly makes the top ten DVD sales on Barnes & Noble for Scifi and Fantasy.
Also #38 overall on Amazon. More...
Ice Princess on DVD (R1) in July. Buena Vista Home Entertainment have announced the Region 1 DVD release of Ice Princess for 19th July 2005.

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February 01 2005

Wonderfalls - The Complete Series (R1) is also available today! All 13 episodes, including 9 that never aired are featured in this box set.

November 22 2004

The Grudge on DVD - Feb 1st, with some nice extras. On DVD at the same time as it is released in some markets, Sony seems to be in a hurry. To limit the effects of pirate copies ?

July 15 2004

Wonderfalls DVD Update. The release is still scheduled for Dec. 7, and the eps will be in 16:9 widescreen. Several commentaries have already been recorded. More...

June 03 2004

The TV Showdown. Nick Nunziata of reviews seven recent TV on DVD releases, including Buffy season 6 and Angel season 3.

February 08 2004

Going Through The Motions Buffy Season Six DVD Info More...

January 10 2004

Buffy Season 7, R2 DVD. This will be out 5th April 2004. More...

January 07 2004

Buffy dvd set in top 20 for the year. Also mentions how unreliable the Nielsen ratings are for determining a shows popularity. More...

December 10 2003

Pants Splitter by Gord Lacey - A review of the Firefly DVDs by the webmaster.

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